R help - Feb 2003

Friday February 28 2003
11:47PM 0 [despammed] RE: multidimensional function fitting
11:40PM 0 How do I find the first derivative from the cubic natural spline
10:19PM 1 Splitting survivor episodes
10:10PM 2 lattice and fitted function error
8:19PM 0 Yahoo ecological monitoring group
8:12PM 1 gprof / prof of shared library
7:54PM 1 Error bars for interaction plots
7:12PM 0 How to determine the #,means and variances of 1-D Gaussian Mixture Model
6:55PM 2 R Graphics Crash Problem
5:53PM 2 Help on rpart
5:47PM 2 Lexical scoping question
4:21PM 0 chi square
2:21PM 2 show numbers not rounded
2:06PM 1 summary.glm() print problem(?) with cor = TRUE
12:10PM 3 Tabulating
11:22AM 0 (multiway) percentage tables
10:52AM 1 Pam and Fanny vector length problems
9:55AM 2 optim
8:20AM 1 Mean Squares
7:42AM 1 R (external ?) reference
6:23AM 1 How to generate multiple squre Orthogonal matrices?
4:07AM 3 NULL object, R programming
1:29AM 1 axis annotation
1:04AM 2 File opening error after 1020 files opened
12:01AM 1 Concerning the clustering tree
Thursday February 27 2003
10:10PM 0 [despammed] RE: multidimensional function fitting
9:39PM 2 interval-censored data in survreg()
9:32PM 2 qda plots
8:53PM 1 R problems
7:59PM 2 multidimensional function fitting
5:41PM 1 NA in dummy regression coefficients
3:18PM 0 Nested analysis with non-normal errors
2:12PM 0 spatial evolution and variance after rotation of Principal components
1:37PM 2 PRESS again
11:34AM 1 Factor Analysis
6:12AM 0 PRESS
4:18AM 2 epoch time conversion in R
Wednesday February 26 2003
10:04PM 3 horizontal high-density lines?
9:51PM 0 FW: DLL Advice
9:07PM 2 colours change in barplot
8:58PM 0 DLL Advice
6:29PM 0 Re: R-help digest, Vol 1 #89 - 53 msgs
6:17PM 0 help in writong an EViews programme
6:05PM 1 COURSE***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques***March 2003/Boston
3:39PM 1 calculationg condition numbers
1:56PM 2 na.action in model.tables and TukeyHSD
1:05PM 1 plot mutiple graphs in one .eps
11:04AM 1 plot as .ps file: where are the axes and labels gone
8:53AM 0 IDW (inverse distances weighted)
7:51AM 4 waveform plotting
7:42AM 3 multiple plot overlay - dataframe
5:13AM 1 Odds ratio in fisher.test()
3:21AM 2 error message
12:26AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday February 25 2003
11:14PM 0 Potential-Residual Plot (Hadi, 1994)
10:57PM 3 R performance, labeling questions, etc.
10:22PM 1 Re: A tcltk question
6:58PM 1 Exporting Splus Data to R
6:49PM 1 How to calculate the closest distance from a point to a curve?
6:35PM 2 push/pop on a stack
5:52PM 1 plotting question: filling area between two lines
4:24PM 3 cat in windows vs linux
4:19PM 2 syntax rules
3:19PM 0 COURSE: Prof. Brian D. Ripley on Statistical Data Mining, Zuerich, April 3/4
3:16PM 0 COURSE: Bill Venables on Advanced Programming in S, London Mar 17/18
3:08PM 1 Error analysis
2:17PM 1 Wavelets correlation test
2:00PM 0 Variance Decomposition Proportion (Belsley, Kuh, Welsch)
12:23PM 1 linear trend
11:46AM 1 How to modify XML documents and save changes
10:44AM 1 summary(polr.object)
5:35AM 1 question on - build R as a shared library
12:17AM 1 Forcing plots to "adjust-to-data"
Monday February 24 2003
9:49PM 3 Test suites
8:55PM 1 creating a plot legend
8:11PM 5 exact range of axes in plots
6:02PM 2 printing decimal numbers
5:45PM 3 bwplot stats question
5:26PM 2 segmented regression
5:17PM 3 Legend in plot: symbol for mean and standard deviation
4:38PM 1 convert Splus mapproject() in R
3:20PM 0 Rcgi or better
3:15PM 0 gap statistic
2:42PM 3 nlm constrained minimization
12:09PM 0 Rcgi ?
10:54AM 4 error-handling question
2:42AM 1 Mass: lda and collinear variables
2:31AM 2 fill prob. in legend
1:17AM 2 trellis.datasets help
Sunday February 23 2003
11:46PM 0 time series outbreak detection
6:40PM 0 A Guide for the Unwilling S User
3:18PM 0 expression for simple EM
10:15AM 2 Extracting the dispersion parameter
12:50AM 0 spherical coordinates and quadratic regression
Saturday February 22 2003
5:50PM 4 faraway tutorial: cryptic command to newbie
5:27PM 0 "deriv" and chain rule and matrix derivatives
4:42PM 3 question
2:44PM 1 program always halt
1:18PM 0 moving-window analysis
6:07AM 0 R in other languages
3:50AM 1 printf() in C
3:37AM 2 4-parameter logistic model
Friday February 21 2003
11:25PM 1 Help needed regarding acf
8:47PM 1 more mulitpage postscript problems
8:41PM 1 calculating mean direction (CircStats)
7:36PM 1 Copy-paste graphics from R to Word on Mac OS X
7:30PM 2 Help on a simple function.
5:17PM 5 Problem Writeing a pipe using R (stdin is consumed)
4:13PM 0 Linear mixed effects models
4:00PM 0 Var problem
3:37PM 2 expanding out date and time
3:32PM 1 help.start() error:
3:16PM 1 Help Var passing in function
3:07PM 1 how to turn axis labels for trellis/dotplot
2:36PM 2 how to chage values in data frame to NA iside a function
2:16PM 2 GARCH with t-innovations
2:08PM 5 help
10:47AM 1 grid.grill?
10:38AM 2 Robust Regression
10:22AM 1 question about XML (package)
2:43AM 0 Managing size of plots with many points
2:12AM 0 XLS Course***R/S-plus Programming III-Intermediate with Advanced Topics***New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia.
Thursday February 20 2003
11:45PM 4 group means
9:06PM 0 Odd scheduling behavior of R on Windows
8:52PM 0 Conversion to S4 classes and methods
7:56PM 0 R and Factset
6:34PM 3 outliers/interval data extraction
5:03PM 0 how to get std from loess
4:37PM 0 Latin Hypercube Sampling in R?
4:31PM 1 loess
3:53PM 3 Why does 'exists' need a quoted argument?
2:17PM 3 ClustPlots part 2
1:00PM 0 Sobol Sequence Generator
12:02PM 1 inserting an extra row into an array
11:57AM 0 ClustPlot question
10:59AM 2 is.numeric
10:41AM 1 Using evaluate-deparse-substitute
3:09AM 2 Who to decide what a generic function should look like?
2:47AM 1 proxy setting RedHat Linux
2:12AM 2 subset with NA
1:03AM 1 Variable selection in Cox proportional hazards model?
Wednesday February 19 2003
10:40PM 5 Subpopulations in Complex Surveys
10:03PM 3 removing leading/trailing blanks
8:12PM 1 Markov switching models
8:07PM 1 trouble using CGIwithR
7:33PM 4 Help in separate window under X11
6:48PM 0 simulating correlated vars
5:29PM 1 Nested Design Coding Question
4:55PM 1 RODBC problems
4:23PM 1 Multiple Logit/Probit
3:47PM 3 working with list
3:12PM 1 getting/storing the name of an object passed to a function
1:26PM 2 GLM for Beta distribution
8:24AM 2 plotmath
7:23AM 1 assign value to slot of S4 object
5:45AM 3 Rcmd check does not recognize formal generic function as code object
5:33AM 1 nls
3:58AM 6 function
2:40AM 3 Pretty onscreen plots?
1:11AM 1 groups of boxplots
1:01AM 0 tkrplot file ps save
12:55AM 0 Non-parametric predictive modelling consultant required
12:43AM 0 S for the Unwilling
12:35AM 4 fitting a curve according to a custom loss function
12:05AM 1 How to use Cox PH model to select genes from DNA gene expression profiles?
Tuesday February 18 2003
11:57PM 1 power.t.test function
11:27PM 0 Graphing Tools?
11:05PM 1 Solaris 8
9:20PM 0 Combining shared libraries (*.so files) directly?
8:59PM 2 functions different in R and S
6:54PM 0 R interface to Qt-Embedded?
5:52PM 0 Wavelets analysis
3:01PM 1 coplot with boxplot panel function
12:09PM 4 glm and overdispersion
2:26AM 0 Norton AntiVirus detected and quarantined a virus in a message yo u sent.
12:28AM 0 compile R on i386-sun-solaris
Monday February 17 2003
11:35PM 0 Plotting POSIXct data: Is this error message for real?
11:31PM 2 returning argument names
9:17PM 1 PL/R - R procedural language handler for PostgreSQL
8:48PM 2 Graphing
8:09PM 1 R environment advice?
6:59PM 2 shipro.test
2:21PM 3 grid: clipping points to viewport?
2:17PM 0 Re: R-help digest, Vol 1 #80 - 14 msgs
2:05PM 2 Call to glm inside a function
1:51PM 4 inserting elements in a list
11:59AM 0 LRT in arima models
11:16AM 2 Q: libreadline.so.4.1 problems on Alpha/Linux
9:58AM 4 installation of RODBC
4:29AM 1 lda on curves
Sunday February 16 2003
1:40PM 2 download CRAN packages and proxy config.
7:34AM 0 [SUMMARY] Converting coef(lm) to SQL/VBA/etc
6:18AM 1 multivariate sampling question again
6:12AM 3 RMySQL installation and loading errors
5:33AM 1 __stdcall funcitons called using .C() on win32 chokes
4:06AM 1 Rgui crash and Macro Magic
3:24AM 0 create buttons dynamically
2:06AM 1 Help with tabs, and importing data
12:20AM 1 rownames as parameter in functions
Saturday February 15 2003
9:55PM 3 logit regression / propensity scores in R
7:54PM 3 Perl on Windows XP for Rcmd build
7:50PM 2 (no subject)
6:51PM 1 tests for spericity
5:45PM 2 print with no array index
12:50PM 2 How to code a bootstrap version of the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test (and variants)?
6:10AM 1 how to do regression analysis for multiple dependent variables at once
Friday February 14 2003
11:39PM 1 using locator with xyplot() result
11:08PM 2 function editing?
9:01PM 0 error in unique(pkgs) (fwd)
6:21PM 2 matrix from sequences
5:52PM 2 How to solve A'A=S for A
5:21PM 2 RODBC connection failed
5:16PM 1 programs for genetics - haplo.score for R
4:58PM 1 pairlists (was: data manipulation function descriptions)
3:53PM 1 Numeric Coerceing
1:35PM 0 FW: [Fwd: Re: [S] Exact p-values]
12:15PM 0 two lme questions
11:54AM 1 time series missing 0 counts
11:29AM 1 FW: [Fwd: Re: [S] Exact p-values]
10:48AM 0 off topic: sharing of software in the life sciences
10:43AM 2 factorial function
9:56AM 3 Change array size
9:20AM 1 How to keep two Vectors to be
7:49AM 0 removing dropouts (setting the values to NA)
6:38AM 5 Translating lm.object to SQL, C, etc function
2:29AM 0 masking polygons (formerly no subject)
12:16AM 0 example methods for "whatis"
Thursday February 13 2003
11:38PM 6 generic handling of NA and NaN and NULL
11:17PM 1 pie charts?
10:46PM 5 position of an element in a vector
10:05PM 1 modeling interaction of continuous vars
8:57PM 1 fixed and random effects in lme
7:47PM 2 How to solve A'A=S for A ?
5:14PM 0 (no subject)
5:06PM 0 (no subject)
5:02PM 3 OO programming in R
4:40PM 1 (no subject)
4:02PM 0 Cook's distance in lm (1.6.1 vs 1.6.2)
3:05PM 0 RODBC
2:36PM 3 search contrasts tutorial
1:39PM 2 ROC
1:02PM 5 ESRI shape file import and time-space models
11:48AM 1 Fax numbers
10:51AM 2 Function update problem
9:36AM 0 Distribution function of Kolmogorov Smirnov and Anderson Darling
5:00AM 0 Urgent Help on Cumulant computation on two R.V's
3:53AM 2 multi-color plot
2:13AM 1 k- means cluster analysis
12:58AM 1 sorting in lmList object
12:27AM 2 legend
Wednesday February 12 2003
9:50PM 4 Matrix formatting
9:42PM 2 rl_callback_read_char error on Solaris 7
8:12PM 0 Debugging in R
7:38PM 2 Various Errors using Survey Package
7:24PM 1 Three questions - loading(sourcing a file??), summaries to bitmaps, and error messages
5:50PM 1 Poesia
5:18PM 1 `UNPROTECT' and `return'
4:02PM 2 rbind.data.frame: character comverted to factor
3:23PM 0 GLMMGibbs crashes R
2:12PM 1 models for square tables
2:05PM 0 Receiving Rnews by mail
11:54AM 4 Interpolation
12:57AM 1 Na/NaN error in subsampling script
12:30AM 1 rpart v. lda classification.
Tuesday February 11 2003
11:44PM 4 How "else" works
10:40PM 2 configure can't get readline to work
9:55PM 4 postgres
7:31PM 3 Problems with Rcmd check on Win 2000 & rw1062
6:50PM 1 Dynamic Linear Models for Times Series - Implemented?
5:39PM 2 Periods instead of spaces in dataframe names?
5:20PM 2 problems with ess and xemacs on win32
3:47PM 3 Tcl/Tk support is not available on this system.
3:42PM 0 rpart- error rate for survival regression?
8:47AM 1 RPgSQL W2K
7:12AM 1 Covariance matrix for GMM
4:12AM 0 Parallel Processing Interface for lapply()
2:08AM 2 geoR question from new R user
Monday February 10 2003
10:27PM 2 multilm for simseg/acm
9:40PM 1 Type of multi-valued variable
9:04PM 3 non-SQL sqlQuery error
5:22PM 0 (no subject)
5:08PM 1 lda
5:04PM 1 Zero rows/cols in the hessian matrix
4:03PM 1 Memory allocation, IBM-AIX and R-1.6.2 - addendum
3:50PM 0 Importing e-prime data
3:44PM 2 problems using lqs()
3:34PM 2 shapiro.test
2:37PM 1 DSC 2003: Workshop on Distributed Statistical Computing
2:09PM 1 Factor level comparisons in lme
12:06PM 0 hashmaps/hashtables and R
10:50AM 0 Memory allocation, IBM-AIX and R-1.6.2
3:12AM 0 calling sweave function from LaTex re directories, formatting
12:51AM 1 nomogram
12:20AM 2 Wireframe (lattice) questions
Sunday February 9 2003
10:31PM 1 label storage and conversions: DBMS and R
9:22PM 1 postgres/R access problems
5:28PM 0 Help for to use tkbutton
12:34PM 3 Clustering partition and memory
9:08AM 0 to modify a matrix : Summary
6:51AM 2 install error
5:34AM 2 installation on FreeBSD
2:30AM 1 is.finite() of a list
Saturday February 8 2003
8:50PM 3 Find strings in a array
7:58PM 1 Repetitions in array
7:20PM 1 mirroring R
4:05PM 3 to modify a matrix
7:43AM 3 to modify a vector
3:14AM 4 converting to a language object
Friday February 7 2003
11:39PM 2 Data manipulation
5:49PM 0 arrays when calling C++ from R
4:57PM 0 nested anova
4:14PM 1 hierarchical partitioning in multiple regression
3:05PM 3 RMySQL
2:27PM 2 My remark on libraries
11:05AM 1 a question regarding s-plus libraries and R
5:21AM 0 Postscript linewidth errors
4:17AM 3 Importing Packages Using OS-X
3:02AM 0 Command line completion?
12:31AM 0 confint.lm in MASS
Thursday February 6 2003
10:06PM 0 UltraEdit R Syntax Highlighting File
9:53PM 0 Looking for R-1.3.0 binary
8:01PM 5 options(chmhelp = TRUE)
7:08PM 1 svm
7:04PM 6 Confused by SVD and Eigenvector Decomposition in PCA
6:24PM 2 Fw: Plotting in subareas using par(fig=) parameter
5:02PM 1 rdbi segmentation fault (fwd)
12:23PM 2 Graphical display problem
9:40AM 2 function 'silhouette' in package 'cluster'
9:22AM 1 Réf. : About STEM Plot in R
7:06AM 0 About STEM Plot in R
4:53AM 1 Call C routine problem
3:57AM 2 .Rprofile, .Rfirst, and .Rdata
1:19AM 0 rdbi segmentation fault
Wednesday February 5 2003
11:37PM 2 postscript: can't center plot
10:56PM 2 clustering and stratification
10:47PM 0 commandArgs() prints warnings to STDOUT - correction
9:56PM 0 commandArgs() prints warnings to STDOUT
9:22PM 2 R 1.6 crashes if ² in object displayed on console
8:38PM 1 (no subject)
4:03PM 1 Bug in recording (Windows graphical device)
3:56PM 1 Package: cluster -- plot.partition() change title: main=""
3:16PM 1 simplify a data frame
2:36PM 1 attr function
2:32PM 3 R as a `script'
2:01PM 4 barplot default colors
12:19PM 3 tcltk installation problem
10:27AM 2 big ps-files
1:21AM 1 rearranging rows
Tuesday February 4 2003
10:43PM 2 testing slope
9:18PM 1 About Cumulant Generating Functions
9:03PM 2 UltraEdit syntax highlighting
7:49PM 0 forecast
5:51PM 5 SORTING Arrays by index value
5:44PM 0 Help with NLME
5:20PM 1 Background color of plot
4:31PM 1 downloaf.file
3:24PM 1 test for two samples
9:49AM 3 basic question
12:38AM 0 Plotting Venn diagrams in R
Monday February 3 2003
10:49PM 2 Mtext and xyplot
9:11PM 3 binary scatterplot
8:54PM 0 FW: unable to open connection
8:50PM 0 extension of generic functions in methods package
8:46PM 0 (Off topic.) Game theory.
6:19PM 0 problems with sd()
6:00PM 1 Installation problem - No X interface
5:26PM 1 Problems with table
4:36PM 4 convert from seconds to date-time objects
4:23PM 2 [Out off-topic] SJava under Windows
3:37PM 3 Bus error with xyplot
1:48PM 1 Lattice not plotting within loop
12:31PM 4 Overlaying a moving average curve on top of a barplot
11:03AM 2 interpolation and 3D plots
10:52AM 1 correspondance analysis & clustering
7:58AM 0 R tcltk modal dialog box with radio buttons
7:14AM 2 plot.gam for glm objects.
3:52AM 2 itanium
2:33AM 1 Option pricing
Sunday February 2 2003
9:28PM 1 nomogramme
8:28PM 1 A good DBMS for R?
4:03PM 1 printing reals from C with digits -- once more
6:10AM 3 Finding Missing Data Patterns
12:21AM 1 unable to open connection
Saturday February 1 2003
10:12PM 3 LDA newbie question
9:37PM 1 Try for to use in read.pnm()
8:33PM 1 Reading fixed format file
6:29PM 1 matrix subscripts in replacement
5:58PM 1 c/cbind/rbind of factor variables
5:36PM 1 Overlaying histograms
6:28AM 1 [Summary] Problems for 13 year old
3:35AM 2 Re-assigning vector elements based on their initial values.
3:25AM 3 Read.table problem
2:56AM 1 Trouble with optim
1:45AM 0 Do not understand: log10(-0.04)