zfs discuss - Jan 2010

Sunday January 31 2010
7:12PM 0 Odd ZFS resilver time
4:38PM 4 demise of community edition
4:29PM 0 ? NFSv4 and ZFS: removing write_owner attribute does not stop a user changing file group ownership
3:07PM 5 server hang with compression on, ping timeouts from remote machine
2:55PM 3 ZFS Snapshots
Saturday January 30 2010
7:53PM 12 Home ZFS NAS - 2 drives or 3?
7:22PM 0 baseline on snv_130 for SUNWstc-fs-zfs?
4:58PM 3 why checksum data?
12:34AM 3 Checksum fletcher4 or sha256 ?
Friday January 29 2010
10:15PM 5 Obtaining zpool volume size from a C coded application.
8:01PM 3 Verify NCQ status
4:14PM 1 Can ZFS update disk drive firmware
1:50PM 2 send/received inherited bug?, received overrides parent, snv_130 6920906
3:06AM 2 ZFS Flash Jumpstart and mini-root version
12:58AM 19 Media server build
Thursday January 28 2010
10:23PM 20 zfs rpool mirror on non-equal drives
10:13PM 16 Large scale ZFS deployments out there (>200 disks)
8:12PM 5 Sun Storage J4400 SATA Interposer Card
6:24PM 0 ZFS and EMC Replication Software
3:53PM 2 Need help with repairing zpool :(
3:26PM 13 ZFS configuration suggestion with 24 drives
5:46AM 4 ZPOOL somehow got same physical drive assigned twice
5:17AM 2 zvol being charged for double space
Wednesday January 27 2010
10:47PM 2 primarycache=off, secondarycache=all
10:26PM 16 cannot attach c5d0s0 to c4d0s0: device is too small
7:41PM 0 zpool import failure
7:21PM 7 Performance of partition based SWAP vs. ZFS zvol SWAP
6:55PM 5 raidz using partitions
12:07PM 2 Strange random errors getting automatically repaired
11:10AM 13 zfs destroy hangs machine if snapshot exists- workaround found
8:22AM 11 Building big cheap storage system. What hardware to use?
Tuesday January 26 2010
10:44PM 0 compression ratio
5:08PM 2 RAW Device on ZFS
12:56AM 1 zfs root pool on upgraded host
Monday January 25 2010
11:28PM 5 backing this up
6:16PM 24 Going from 6 to 8 disks on ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard
2:21PM 6 Best practice for setting ACL
Sunday January 24 2010
8:20PM 1 Degrated pool menbers excluded from writes ?
3:26PM 2 optimise away COW when rewriting the same data?
12:18PM 2 ZFS backup/restore
9:21AM 4 zfs streams
9:10AM 2 Drive Identification
9:07AM 0 Forum Suggestion: Sticky Threads
4:50AM 8 sharesmb name not working
3:44AM 1 What is the normal operating temperature for consumer SATA drive?
1:27AM 1 experience with sata p-m''s?
12:33AM 2 customizing "zfs list" with less typing
Saturday January 23 2010
10:00PM 0 Trends in pool configuration
7:21PM 0 zpool status -x not as documented
6:23PM 0 zfs destroy snapshot: dataset already exists?
5:44PM 5 nfs mounts don''t follow child filesystems?
10:40AM 1 ZFS Defragmentation - will it happen?
Friday January 22 2010
7:00PM 18 zero out block / sectors
2:22PM 0 Removing large holey file does not free space 6792701 (still)
1:33PM 1 Remove ZFS Mount Points
11:28AM 0 ZFS raidz2 on Aberdeen SCSI DAS problems
8:55AM 4 etc on separate pool
8:42AM 0 Old quota tools
4:17AM 3 ZFS loses configuration
4:03AM 1 question about which build to install
3:33AM 3 zfs zvol available space vs used space vs reserved space
Thursday January 21 2010
10:14PM 1 Zpool is a bit Pessimistic at failures
7:58PM 13 2gig file limit on ZFS?
6:09PM 0 zvol/xen question
5:09PM 2 ZFS filesystem lock after running auto-replicate.ksh - how to clear?
4:04PM 8 Dedup memory overhead
2:55PM 2 Degraded Zpool
2:28PM 18 Does OpenSolaris mpt driver support LSI 2008 controller ?
11:33AM 10 zones and other filesystems
6:23AM 1 Hang zpool detach while scrub is running..
2:06AM 15 x4500...need input and clarity on striped/mirrored configuration
Wednesday January 20 2010
8:21PM 1 Filesystem Quotas
7:38PM 2 can i make a COMSTAR zvol bigger?
1:15PM 4 ZFS default compression and file size limit?
11:17AM 21 L2ARC in Cluster is picked up althought not part of the pool
Tuesday January 19 2010
10:24PM 5 ZFS/NFS/LDOM performance issues
7:37PM 1 ZFS System Tuning - Solaris 10 u8
7:30PM 8 Panic running a scrub
2:48PM 5 Unavailable device
1:43PM 15 New Supermicro SAS/SATA controller: AOC-USAS2-L8e in SOHO NAS and HD HTPC
6:16AM 9 "NearLine SAS"?
12:37AM 1 how are free blocks are used?
Monday January 18 2010
6:50PM 1 [nfs-discuss] Two pools, one flop-
6:22PM 1 Boot Disk Configuration
3:55PM 18 Is ZFS internal reservation excessive?
Sunday January 17 2010
11:57PM 2 Root Mirror - Permission Denied
9:52PM 1 raidz2 import, some slices, some not
9:29PM 0 ZFS automatic rollback
8:00PM 3 opensolaris fresh install lock up
7:59PM 5 Recordsize...
5:21AM 4 Snapshot that won''t go away.
5:19AM 3 I can''t seem to get the pool to export...
Saturday January 16 2010
5:47PM 95 Best 1.5TB drives for consumer RAID?
12:54AM 2 Zfs over iscsi bad status
Friday January 15 2010
10:23PM 0 Finito: Glassfish V3 Pet Catalog sample DEMO in VM Template - Internal Download
8:07PM 1 Can I use a clone to split a filesystem?
7:49PM 1 Add disk to raidz pool
7:47PM 14 Backing up a ZFS pool
4:03PM 3 Is the disk a member of a zpool?
2:10PM 104 zfs send/receive as backup - reliability?
9:44AM 0 Writing faster than storage can handle crashes system
1:42AM 1 ZFS ARC Cache and Solaris u8
Thursday January 14 2010
8:46PM 3 Invalid zpool argument in Solaris 10 (10/09)
7:09PM 2 2-way Mirror With Spare
6:58PM 14 ZIL to disk
6:08PM 1 PCI-E CF adapter?
4:07PM 0 Lycom has lots of hardware that looks interesting, is it supported
3:44PM 5 4 Internal Disk Configuration
Wednesday January 13 2010
9:09PM 0 NexentaStor 2.2.1 Developer Edition Released
7:20PM 3 Recovering a broken mirror
5:51PM 28 New ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) device available - Beta program now open!
2:35PM 7 zfs fast mirror resync?
11:03AM 1 ZFS shareiscsi and Comstar
Tuesday January 12 2010
10:54PM 3 set zfs:zfs_vdev_max_pending
9:50PM 0 ZFS auto-snapshot in zone
4:46PM 11 How do separate ZFS filesystems affect performance?
2:11PM 3 Permanent errors
1:52PM 1 iSCSI Qlogic 4010 TOE card
12:17PM 0 dmu_zfetch_find - lock contention?
10:53AM 6 x4500/x4540 does the internal controllers have a bbu?
12:42AM 8 rpool mirror on zvol, can''t offline and detach
12:17AM 9 opensolaris-vmware
Monday January 11 2010
10:59PM 5 internal backup power supplies?
7:43PM 3 Does ZFS use large memory pages?
5:53PM 4 HW raid vs ZFS
3:13PM 1 Help needed backing ZFS to tape
1:57PM 25 Is LSI SAS3081E-R suitable for a ZFS NAS ?
8:06AM 2 ZFS import hangs with over 66000 context switches shown in top
Sunday January 10 2010
11:05PM 3 ZFS Cache + ZIL on single SSD
8:38PM 0 ZFS, xVM and NFS file serving
6:22PM 13 ZFS cache flush ignored by certain devices ?
3:40PM 5 Repeating scrub does random fixes
9:23AM 2 possible to remove a mirror pair from a zpool?
Saturday January 9 2010
5:45PM 8 x4500 failed disk, not sure if hot spare took over correctly
12:37PM 0 Activity after LU with ZFS/Zone working
7:25AM 24 ssd pool + ssd cache ?
3:49AM 26 I/O Read starvation
1:30AM 1 unable to zfs destroy
Friday January 8 2010
6:00PM 9 ZFS Dedup Performance
3:54PM 0 ZFS partially hangs when removing an rpool mirrored disk while having some IO on another pool on another partition of the same disk
2:55PM 1 I/O errors after zfs promote back and forth
2:30PM 3 zpool iostat -v hangs on L2ARC failure (SATA, 160 GB Postville)
1:07PM 0 Detecting quota limits
Thursday January 7 2010
11:52PM 4 link in zpool upgrade -v broken
9:19PM 2 ZFS upgrade.
7:35PM 2 ZFS Web Administration?
7:09PM 2 corrupted error after zpool scrub
7:04PM 5 Disks and caches
6:49PM 1 ZFS Tutorial slides from USENIX LISA09
12:51PM 2 abusing zfs boot disk for fun and DR
9:11AM 0 40Gb SSD "boot" drive
7:55AM 1 ZFS and LiveUpgrade
6:23AM 3 opensolaris lightweight install
Wednesday January 6 2010
6:59PM 0 zpool split
2:28PM 2 ZFS iSCSI volume problems
1:26PM 3 Solaris installation Exiting (caught signal 11 ) and reboot crashes
12:01PM 2 Problems with send/receive
7:53AM 0 ZFS filesystem size mismatch
Tuesday January 5 2010
9:53PM 15 (Practical) limit on the number of snapshots?
10:34AM 29 Clearing a directory with more than 60 million files
9:52AM 2 send/recv, apparent data loss
Monday January 4 2010
11:51PM 6 Solaris 10 and ZFS dedupe status
11:17PM 4 raidz stripe size (not stripe width)
6:26PM 3 Can''t export pool after zfs receive
6:00PM 26 need a few suggestions for a poor man''s ZIL/SLOG device
2:40PM 11 zpool destroy -f hangs system, now zpool import hangs system.
7:27AM 27 rethinking RaidZ and Record size
Sunday January 3 2010
11:58PM 2 Restricting smb share to specific interfaces
10:52PM 1 zpool import without mounting
9:49PM 2 "zpool import -f" not forceful enough?
2:11PM 0 zpool i/o failure
Saturday January 2 2010
7:58PM 27 Pool import with failed ZIL device now possible ?
12:40PM 7 how do i prevent changing device names? is this even a problem in ZFS
Friday January 1 2010
9:52PM 4 Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 -- cfgadm won''t create attach point (dsk/xxxx)
8:59PM 0 trying to buy an Intel MLC SSD
3:31PM 0 ZFS not working in non-global zone after upgrading to snv_130
3:17PM 26 preview of new SSD based on SandForce controller
12:57PM 8 (snv_129, snv_130) can''t import zfs pool
2:37AM 14 $100 SSD = >5x faster dedupe
2:02AM 1 raidz1 pool import failed with missing slog