zfs discuss - Feb 2010

Sunday February 28 2010
11:58PM 4 ZFS compression and deduplication on root pool on SSD
1:05PM 2 Clear vdev information from disk
7:09AM 10 Pool vdev imbalance
Saturday February 27 2010
9:21PM 5 device mixed-up while tying to import.
8:34PM 1 slow zfs scrub?
1:40PM 1 copies=2 and dedup
12:24PM 1 recover from missing slog (ssd)
11:48AM 3 fat32 ntfs or zfs
Friday February 26 2010
8:25PM 0 Slowing down "zfs destroy"
7:43PM 4 Recommendations for an l2arc device?
7:42PM 17 Freeing unused space in thin provisioned zvols
2:03PM 5 Help, my zone''s dataset has disappeared!
1:46PM 11 ZFS Storage system with 72 GB memory constantly has 11 GB free memory
8:36AM 2 upgrading ZFS tools in opensolaris.com
12:56AM 74 Who is using ZFS ACL''s in production?
Thursday February 25 2010
8:31PM 6 application writes are blocked near the end of spa_sync
3:44PM 3 ZFS replace - many to one
8:05AM 4 zvol and zpool
4:11AM 1 raidz2 array FAULTED with only 1 drive down
4:08AM 2 Moving dataset to another zpool but same mount?
1:44AM 7 Oops, ran zfs destroy after renaming a folder and deleted my file system.
Wednesday February 24 2010
9:35PM 3 How to know the recordsize of a file
7:45PM 0 disks in zpool gone at the same time
4:56PM 0 snv_133 - high cpu - update
12:05PM 27 ZFS with hundreds of millions of files
11:35AM 0 opensolaris COMSTAR io stats
10:57AM 1 Recommendations required for home file server config
2:24AM 1 snapshot and space reservation
2:11AM 9 Import zpool from FreeBSD in OpenSolaris
Tuesday February 23 2010
11:08PM 0 [storage-discuss] Horribly bad luck with Unified Storage 7210 - hardware or software?
7:11PM 1 Help with itadm commands
5:16PM 17 controller cache instead of dedicated ZIL device
3:58PM 0 panic: assertion failed: 0 == dmu_buf_hold_array(os, object, offset, size, FALSE, FTAG, &numbufs, &dbp), file: ../../common/fs/zfs/dmu.c, line: 591
9:00AM 7 zfs sequential read performance
3:55AM 10 Adding a zfs mirror drive to rpool - new drive formats to one cylinder less
Monday February 22 2010
9:16PM 0 Another Problem
8:53PM 2 ZFS Pool problems
5:46PM 3 USB 3.0 possibilities
5:06PM 1 mountpoint or dataset is busy
3:06PM 2 chmod behavior with symbolic links
9:22AM 50 future of OpenSolaris
7:08AM 5 Sharing Issues
5:22AM 3 ZFS dedup for VAX COFF data type
12:23AM 8 Listing snapshots in a pool
Sunday February 21 2010
6:47PM 7 More performance questions [on zfs over nfs]
4:24PM 2 Observations about compressability of metadata L2ARC
10:46AM 1 File created with CIFS is not immediately deletable on local file system
Saturday February 20 2010
7:56PM 1 scrub in 132
4:12PM 4 performance problem with Mysql
11:39AM 0 [storage-discuss] Disk Issues
10:14AM 2 Is there something like "udev" in OpenSolaris
1:45AM 6 l2arc current usage (population size)
Friday February 19 2010
9:28PM 1 rule of thumb for scrub
7:09PM 3 Lost disk geometry
5:28PM 19 Poor ZIL SLC SSD performance
3:43PM 4 ZFS unit of compression
2:11PM 3 Growing ZFS Volume with SMI/VTOC label
12:54PM 2 Disk controllers changing the names of disks
6:32AM 4 ZFS mirrored boot disks
Thursday February 18 2010
10:21PM 5 Idiots Guide to Running a NAS with ZFS/OpenSolaris
8:23PM 3 improve meta data performance
7:08PM 0 zfs -e
6:50AM 0 Solaris Test Framework.
4:32AM 2 Killing an EFI label
3:19AM 1 Problems with sudden zfs capacity loss on snv_79a
Wednesday February 17 2010
9:33PM 4 false DEGRADED status based on "cannot open" device at boot.
8:11PM 1 naming zfs disks
9:35AM 1 getting tangled with recieved mountpoint properties
4:33AM 1 Duplicating a system rpool
3:57AM 0 Bonnie++ stats
3:06AM 32 Help with corrupted pool
12:47AM 25 Proposed idea for enhancement - damage control
Tuesday February 16 2010
8:27PM 1 zfs snapshot of zone fails with permission denied (EPERM [sys_mount])
7:06PM 0 zpool import hang - possibly dedup related?
3:40PM 2 ZFS Mount Errors
3:04PM 2 Speed question: 8-disk RAIDZ2 vs 10-disk RAIDZ3
Monday February 15 2010
6:37PM 5 Shrink the slice used for zpool?
5:56PM 8 Plan for upgrading a ZFS based SAN
4:31PM 5 ZFS Volume Destroy Halts I/O
1:28PM 0 [networking-discuss] Help needed on big transfers failure with e1000g
6:58AM 3 zfs questions wrt unused blocks
Sunday February 14 2010
11:12PM 9 Painfully slow RAIDZ2 as fibre channel COMSTAR export
5:24PM 8 ZFS slowness under domU high load
Saturday February 13 2010
8:13PM 2 Oracle Performance - ZFS vs UFS (Jason King)
5:28PM 3 available space
2:06PM 27 ZFS performance benchmarks in various configurations
1:23PM 4 Oracle Performance - ZFS vs UFS
10:23AM 3 Another user looses his pool (10TB) in this case and 40 days work
Friday February 12 2010
1:03PM 13 SSD and ZFS
9:55AM 2 cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
3:55AM 5 Removing Cloned Snapshot
12:20AM 0 Victor L could you *please* help me with ZFS bug #6924390 - dedup hosed it
Thursday February 11 2010
7:50PM 3 Detach ZFS Mirror
4:40PM 5 Whoops, accidentally created a new slog instead of mirroring
3:15PM 14 Reading ZFS config for an extended period
11:01AM 6 zfs import fails even though all disks are online
12:45AM 5 /usr/bin/chgrp destroys ACL''s?
Wednesday February 10 2010
11:53PM 4 What Happend to my OpenSolaris X86 Install?
10:06PM 50 Abysmal ISCSI / ZFS Performance
9:06PM 3 zfs promote
6:31PM 10 ZFS replication primary secondary
5:36PM 0 Performance metrics and benchmarking of an OpenSolarisTM NFS fileserver
9:35AM 0 lofi crypto pools and *cache properties
5:41AM 5 zfs receive : is this expected ?
1:58AM 0 alternative aclmode options -- ignore? deny?
Tuesday February 9 2010
7:12PM 3 ZFS ARC Hits By App
6:55PM 17 verging OT: how to buy J4500 w/o overpriced
3:04AM 3 [OT] excess zfs-discuss mailman digests
1:34AM 4 Anyone with experience with a PCI-X SSD card?
1:03AM 6 Dedup Questions.
1:01AM 0 zpool/zfs history does not record version upgrade events
Monday February 8 2010
9:35PM 8 zpool list size
9:21PM 1 Install/boot OS from ZFS iscsi target
5:05PM 2 Drive failure causes system to be unusable
5:00PM 0 f20 & x4540
4:41PM 5 zfs send/receive : panic and reboot
1:35PM 1 Big send/receive hangs on 2009.06
12:55PM 10 Intrusion Detection - powered by ZFS Checksumming ?
3:58AM 17 ZFS ZIL + L2ARC SSD Setup
1:48AM 5 Disk Issues
Sunday February 7 2010
8:07PM 3 Different Hash algorithm
5:20PM 2 move ZFS fs to a zone
12:41PM 0 disk devices missing but zfs uses them ?
11:48AM 2 help with zfs send/receive
2:11AM 1 acl''s and new dirs
1:52AM 9 Workaround for mpt timeouts in snv_127
Saturday February 6 2010
4:21PM 6 most of my space is gone
4:04PM 3 list new files/activity monitor
Friday February 5 2010
10:13PM 1 Hybrid storage ... thing
8:49PM 12 ZFS ''secure erase''
8:26PM 1 Identifying firmware version of SATA controller (LSI)
4:43PM 2 Autoreplace property not accounted ?
4:35PM 9 Recover ZFS Array after OS Crash?
1:41PM 1 Keeping resilver&scrubbing time persistently
11:11AM 9 ZFS send/recv checksum transmission
12:17AM 9 Mounting a snapshot of an iSCSI volume using Windows
Thursday February 4 2010
11:43PM 6 Impact of an enterprise class SSD on ZIL performance
11:19PM 38 Cores vs. Speed?
10:06PM 1 Pool disk replacing fails
6:15PM 0 How to get a list of changed files between twosnapshots?
5:10PM 0 [ha-clusters-discuss] data corruption
3:30PM 1 zfs/sol10u8 less stable than in sol10u5?
1:46PM 0 Booting OpenSolaris on ZFS root on Sun Netra 240
11:31AM 5 What would happen with a zpool if you ''mirrored'' a disk...
2:09AM 18 unionfs help
Wednesday February 3 2010
11:52PM 1 cannot receive incremental stream
9:45PM 4 What happens when: file-corrupted and no-redundancy?
10:04AM 31 How to get a list of changed files between two snapshots?
Tuesday February 2 2010
11:31PM 2 CR 6811542: that''s interesting
11:24PM 5 Version to upgrade to?
8:05PM 7 Help needed with zfs send/receive
3:40PM 11 How to grow ZFS on growing pool?
11:32AM 0 ZFS: Cannot Restore zvol
4:58AM 89 verging OT: how to buy J4500 w/o overpriced drives
12:12AM 2 b131 OpenSol x86, 4 disk RAIDZ-1 scrub performance way down.
Monday February 1 2010
6:41PM 1 ZFS ARC
3:02PM 26 zpool status output confusing
11:03AM 4 ZFS compressed ration inconsistency
10:04AM 1 ZFS confused about disks?
9:43AM 6 3ware 9650 SE
6:15AM 4 mimic size=1024m setting in /etc/vfstab when using rpool/swap (zfs root)
1:57AM 0 quick overhead sizing for DDT and L2ARC