zfs discuss - Dec 2009

Thursday December 31 2009
1:08PM 1 Help on Mailing List
9:10AM 5 ZFS extremely slow performance
4:55AM 6 zvol (slow) vs file (fast) performance snv_130
3:23AM 2 Zpool creation best practices
Wednesday December 30 2009
8:19PM 3 file expiration date/time
8:12PM 3 what happens to the deduptable (DDT) when you set dedup=off ???
3:59PM 1 Boot from external degraded zpool
1:08PM 18 best way to configure raidz groups
10:34AM 67 Thin device support in ZFS?
Tuesday December 29 2009
10:37PM 3 raidz vs raid5 clarity needed
9:47PM 0 Scrub slow (again) after dedupe
3:04PM 7 OpenSolaris to Ubuntu
Monday December 28 2009
6:38AM 0 [storage-discuss] high read iops - more memory for arc?
3:05AM 0 cannot receive new filesystem stream: invalid backup stream
12:52AM 7 Extremely bad performance - hw failure?
Sunday December 27 2009
9:35PM 7 [osol-help] zfs destroy stalls, need to hard reboot
8:05PM 3 How to configure simple RAID-Z on OpenSolaris?
5:57PM 1 Upgrading from snv_121 to snv_129+
4:44PM 4 Can I destroy a Zpool without importing it?
9:25AM 7 How to destroy your system in funny way with ZFS
5:52AM 29 repost - high read iops
Friday December 25 2009
11:49PM 1 adding extra drives without creating a second parity set
5:57PM 45 ZFS write bursts cause short app stalls
Thursday December 24 2009
8:57PM 1 high read iops - more memory for arc?
11:15AM 2 zfs pool Configuration "calculator"?
2:27AM 0 what is the best way to hook up my drives
Wednesday December 23 2009
9:31PM 14 Moving a pool from FreeBSD 8.0 to opensolaris
9:09PM 3 ZFS- When do you add more memory?
5:04PM 2 ZFS pool is in a degraded state and I need some suggestions
4:27PM 17 Benchmarks results for ZFS + NFS, using SSD''s as slog devices (ZIL)
4:24PM 0 ZFS crypto video
3:36AM 1 invalid mountpoint ''mountpoint=legacy'' ?
3:17AM 6 Recovering ZFS stops after syseventconfd can''t fork
2:02AM 19 Zones on shared storage - a warning
1:56AM 2 image-update failed; "ZFS returned an error"
Tuesday December 22 2009
11:38PM 1 cfgadm, luxadm changes in OpenSolaris Development snv_128a
9:37PM 13 getting decent NFS performance
8:14PM 4 Why would some disks in a raidz use partitions and others not?
8:12PM 2 Mirror of SAN Boxes with ZFS ? (split site mirror)
10:19AM 0 zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 48, Issue 129
12:50AM 3 zpool FAULTED after power outage
Monday December 21 2009
10:36PM 1 CIFS Strange Problem
6:29PM 0 Mirror config and installgrub errors
6:17PM 0 ZFS dedup memory usage for DDT
6:07PM 0 EON ZFS Storage 0.59.9 based on snv 129, Deduplication release!
5:39PM 0 Emulex HBA fails periodically : ZFS, QFS, or the combination??
4:48PM 4 directory size on compressed file system on Solaris 10
9:56AM 4 SSD strange performance problem, resilvering helps during operation
6:09AM 1 FW: ARC not using all available RAM?
Sunday December 20 2009
8:25PM 5 ARC not using all available RAM?
5:56PM 3 iSCSI with Deduplication, is there any point?
5:50PM 0 On collecting data from "hangs"
4:53PM 31 raidz data loss stories?
Saturday December 19 2009
3:50PM 0 ZFS filesystems not mounted on reboot with Solaris 10 10/09
11:56AM 1 ZFS receive -dFv creates an extra "e" subdirectory..
10:54AM 0 slog / log recovery is here!
1:19AM 2 Zfs upgrade freezes desktop
Friday December 18 2009
9:02PM 1 part of active zfs pool error message reports incorrect decive
3:55PM 1 zfs zone filesystem creation does not mount if root of pool is not mounted
Thursday December 17 2009
9:12PM 4 Confusion over zpool and zfs versions
6:57PM 21 How do I determine dedupe effectiveness?
3:44PM 0 Upgrading a volume from iscsitgt to COMSTAR
1:53PM 5 compress an existing filesystem
Wednesday December 16 2009
8:22PM 0 number of filesystems
8:21PM 0 Mismatched replication levels
7:42PM 0 ssd for zil and boot?
7:18PM 1 ZFS performance issues over 2.5 years.
6:40PM 0 zfs receive bug? Extra "e" directory?
5:49PM 0 ZFS performance issues
4:57PM 0 FW: Import a SAN cloned disk
3:56PM 2 Single Instancing across the entire pool or only per filesystem
3:41PM 14 Troubleshooting dedup performance
3:35PM 9 force 4k writes
2:29PM 1 Import a SAN cloned disk
1:15PM 7 dedup existing data
1:03PM 2 new zpool-rpool process ?
11:15AM 27 zfs hanging during reads
9:08AM 14 zfs zend is very slow
7:04AM 5 iscsi on 2 hosts for mutual backup
1:31AM 1 force 4k writes?
1:28AM 20 zpool fragmentation issues?
Tuesday December 15 2009
6:47PM 2 Convert from FBSD
4:26PM 2 raid-z as a boot pool
3:07PM 2 snv_129 dedup panic
11:08AM 0 FYI: NAS storage server in OpenSolaris JeOS Prototype
7:02AM 7 ZFS Dedupe reporting incorrect savings
Monday December 14 2009
11:05PM 0 Gluster Storage Platform 3.0 GA Release
1:16PM 4 Space not freed?
Sunday December 13 2009
11:46PM 1 Weird ZFS errors
8:51PM 31 DeDup and Compression - Reverse Order?
9:05AM 1 solaris 10U7
Saturday December 12 2009
10:06PM 7 compressratio vs. dedupratio
6:05PM 6 all zfs snapshot made by TimeSlider destroyed after upgrading to b129
2:48PM 0 Messed up zpool (double device label)
2:17PM 4 ZFS - how to determine which physical drive to replace
12:35PM 0 ZFS Kernel Panic
8:59AM 5 ZFS send/recv extreme performance penalty in snv_128
3:27AM 1 Dedupe asynchronous mode?
12:22AM 10 ZFS Boot Recovery after Motherboard Death
Friday December 11 2009
10:56PM 0 Status of 6574286 (removing slog)
3:02PM 8 X4540 + SFA F20 PCIe?
7:37AM 7 Doing ZFS rollback with preserving later created clones/snapshot?
Thursday December 10 2009
10:09PM 2 Force file read even with checksum error
9:56PM 6 Confusion regarding ''zfs send''
7:49PM 4 quotas on zfs at solaris 10 update 9 (10/09)
2:53PM 0 iSCSI PGR
12:44PM 63 hard drive choice, TLER/ERC/CCTL
9:50AM 3 ZFS incremental receives fail
8:35AM 1 Encryption
4:02AM 1 CR#6850837 "libshare enhancements to address performance and scalability"
Wednesday December 9 2009
4:56PM 1 zfs allow - internal error
12:41PM 2 How to destroy ZFS pool with dump on ZVOL
12:25PM 9 Planed ZFS-Features - Is there a List or something else
11:40AM 9 will deduplication know about old blocks?
1:23AM 1 my ZFS backup script -- feedback appreciated
Tuesday December 8 2009
8:12PM 0 Remote synchronization of two pools: synchronizing ZFS properties
7:48PM 3 panic when rebooting from snapshot
6:32PM 1 Seagate announces enterprise SSD
5:15PM 15 Changing ZFS drive pathing
12:00PM 5 Deduplication - deleting the original
4:07AM 83 ZFS pool unusable after attempting to destroy a dataset with dedup enabled
1:19AM 1 Live Upgrade Solaris 10 UFS to ZFS boot pre-requisites?
Monday December 7 2009
9:41PM 4 Pool resize
8:48PM 0 nodiratime support in ZFS?
5:22PM 6 Expected ZFS behavior?
3:44PM 7 SMC for ZFS administration in OpenSolaris 2009.06?
2:28AM 9 freeNAS moves to Linux from FreeBSD
Sunday December 6 2009
10:29PM 3 Problems while resilvering
9:17PM 1 OpenSolaris 2009.06 ZFS - COMSTAR iSCSI - NFS Reboot Issue
5:27PM 20 Accidentally added disk instead of attaching
4:14PM 2 Zpool problems
Saturday December 5 2009
6:13PM 4 Using iSCSI on ZFS with non-native FS - How to backup.
2:26PM 1 How can we help fix MPT driver post build 129
11:47AM 16 Transaction consistency of ZFS
7:59AM 11 zfs on ssd
12:18AM 0 zfs send/receive with different on disk versions
Friday December 4 2009
9:57PM 2 USB sticks show on one set of devices in zpool, different devices in format
7:19PM 4 Permanent errors on two files
6:39PM 1 zpool version
4:50PM 30 ZFS send | verify | receive
3:47PM 1 has a new prefetch implementation been putback ?
7:06AM 10 SSDs with a SCSI SCA interface?
5:55AM 5 b128a available w/deduplication
2:02AM 5 Supermicro AOC-USAS-L8i
Thursday December 3 2009
10:26PM 0 Quota information from nfs mounting linux client
8:40PM 0 Re: Petabytes on a budget - blog
7:05PM 0 EON ZFS Storage 0.59.5 based on snv 125 released!
6:10PM 0 L2ARC re-uses new device if it is in the same "place"
5:38PM 5 L2ARC in clusters
11:57AM 43 file concatenation with ZFS copy-on-write
6:45AM 0 ZFS ACL hell..Cannot figure it out.
6:35AM 5 ZIL corrupt, not recoverable even with logfix
Wednesday December 2 2009
8:12PM 0 Any way to remove a vdev
7:30PM 0 Heads-Up: Changes to the zpool(1m) command
3:17PM 3 Any recommendation: what FS in DomU?
11:57AM 10 Separate Zil on HDD ?
12:57AM 4 zpool import - device names not always updated?
Tuesday December 1 2009
4:20PM 8 How many TLDs should you have?
4:30AM 5 Is write(2) made durable atomically?
2:46AM 27 mpt errors on snv 127