Xen users - Aug 2011

Wednesday August 31 2011
10:39PM 1 Removing second boot menu
10:33PM 0 Virt-manager
6:42PM 3 CPU soft lockup XEN 4.1rc
5:24PM 10 Yet Another PCI passthrough question
5:04PM 1 xen-platform-pci
4:15PM 2 How to expand LVM without create new drive?
3:30PM 0 Xen v4.x on a i686 arch systems
9:49AM 2 Pathcs for VGA PassThrough for xen-4.2 unstable revision 23799
Tuesday August 30 2011
8:14PM 1 Windows 2008 on Xen 3.1 (CentOS 5.x)
6:55PM 1 PCI devices forwarded but does not work
6:54PM 1 "update-grub" adds line to "multiboot"
4:47PM 4 Ramfs
1:39PM 2 using a drbd device
1:14PM 1 Why the data got from "top" and "xentop" are different?
1:14PM 1 xcp licence and yum update/upgrade
4:56AM 0 caching (was Re: Re: Live VM migration)
1:41AM 0 xen pv guest
Monday August 29 2011
11:59PM 3 Inter-VM Shared memory with HVM DomUs
11:38PM 0 Good news on the cloud front.
10:10PM 4 virt-install error
5:36PM 7 XCP slow install, start and stop vm on IBM X3650 server
3:50PM 6 "xm/xl shutdown" doesn''t work for CentOS6
12:37PM 1 with heavy VM IO, clocksource causes random dom0 reboots
9:18AM 5 remus problem
Sunday August 28 2011
11:14PM 2 Re: Odd behavior on Phenom II X6 (Scott Damron)
1:21PM 5 nvidia-drivers
1:12PM 1 Process blocked errors
11:31AM 1 XCP eccentric, "embedded" install on small system disks
Saturday August 27 2011
11:52PM 1 Status of primary AMD GPU passthrough?
11:04PM 6 Improve speed virtual machine
9:16PM 5 debian wheezy interface bonding (dom0) / xen 4.1.2*
2:09PM 1 [Q] #error SECTIONS_WIDTH+NODES_WIDTH+ZONES_WIDTH > BITS_PER_LONG - NR_PAGEFLAGS and git branch xen/stable-2.6.32
Friday August 26 2011
10:35PM 1 TAP adapter created for windows domU but not linux?
9:28PM 0 Network interface VM stop comunicate
6:19PM 7 Odd behavior on Phenom II X6
4:48PM 1 CentOS 5.6 xen local install option greyed out (was RE: Easiest OS to use for xen 4.0?)
10:55AM 7 [Project Kronos] XAPI on Debian
7:20AM 0 Using of bonded interfaces for xen dom0 (debian)
6:13AM 13 virbr0/bridge: No such file or directory
Thursday August 25 2011
6:56PM 1 XCP - how to login to VM locally on host machine (not using XenCenter)
6:43PM 0 XenCloud SDK
4:23PM 1 Problem of modifying grub to boot kernel
3:16PM 0 Xen bridge virbr0 won''t work
2:34PM 2 CLI VM Creation on XenServer??
10:46AM 2 OT: Staging startups for dependent machines
10:17AM 2 2.6.18-xen pv kernel config
5:34AM 2 firewall in domU
1:26AM 1 How to obtain a stable Dom0 kernel with pciback.
12:58AM 3 Help with Citrix XenServer
12:20AM 4 guest to guest communication
12:02AM 5 Easiest OS to use for xen 4.0?
Wednesday August 24 2011
8:37PM 2 how to list vnc port in xen 4.1
4:21PM 0 Is there any xen cross reference available online?
12:50PM 0 XenSummit Asia : Accepting Topics
12:47PM 0 [Xen-API] XenSummit Asia : Looking for PMC members
11:15AM 5 vcpus and the virtual machine manager
Tuesday August 23 2011
11:57PM 0 xe vm-export fails on debian squeeze
10:16PM 2 Kernel parameter to emulate hdd, connected to xen vm, as sda and not hda
9:36PM 4 Network problems (Xen 4 +Debian Squeze 64bits).
5:35PM 37 preferred XEN dom0 OS
10:43AM 2 live migration
5:04AM 1 XCP: disk2vhd -> xenconvert (to ovf) -> xe vm-import
4:56AM 0 Windows 7 Processor Device cannot start. Code 10
4:51AM 0 (no subject)
Monday August 22 2011
9:33PM 1 Storage related issues || Cannot export/import/clone etc..
5:53PM 0 XCP slow reboot after import vm to new pool
1:12PM 5 Problems removing GPLPV - blue screen
10:49AM 1 XENBUS: Timeout connecting to device
7:41AM 8 Reserved Memory release
6:46AM 0 How to find out if the installed NIC supports SR-IOV?
1:47AM 6 NFS goes down, XEN hangs
Sunday August 21 2011
1:51PM 4 [PATCH 1/4] xen: Take into account Xen control interface changes since Xen Ver. 4.1
11:19AM 1 openvswitch?
Saturday August 20 2011
11:09PM 2 Anyone using xen with full disk encryption?
1:03PM 3 Can you put more than one physical nic on a bridge?
Friday August 19 2011
2:54PM 0 Guest woking set size
2:09PM 0 vTPM-Manager
2:05AM 8 Why is XenCenter telling me to register my XCP box?
1:43AM 3 Installing the GPLPV drivers in windows
Thursday August 18 2011
10:57PM 1 Passing USB controller via USB passthrough
9:06AM 3 Debian Squeeze server running 2 Ubuntu (Lucid) vms blows up under large NFS network load
7:09AM 0 vcpu-set online/offline vcpus automatically (xen4.0.1 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64)
6:31AM 1 (no subject)
1:54AM 2 XCP running upgrades
Wednesday August 17 2011
11:19PM 3 Xen bridge swallowing packets?
10:07PM 7 XCP GUI management
3:16PM 11 Blktap2 in Debian Squeeze
3:16PM 0 (no subject)
12:58PM 0 XCP : No networking from domu
10:44AM 14 Copy files from Centos Guest to Host
7:35AM 9 xen 4.1 missing memory
5:12AM 1 Xenstore: how to set permissions of a key to be accessed by all domU''s
Tuesday August 16 2011
11:56PM 1 Device Model not ready
8:55PM 4 PV DomU kernel warnings
2:59PM 2 SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
2:19PM 3 storage unplugged
10:42AM 2 [XCP] XAPI on openSUSE
12:30AM 1 XCP source disk iso
Monday August 15 2011
9:12PM 11 Re: [Xen-devel] xen 4.1.2* dhcp issue/bug when installing/booting HVM domU domains (CentOS 6, unbuntu 11.04 server). Debian/OpenSolaris work fine.
9:08PM 0 XenStore path entries
6:22PM 3 Xen - Operating System or Application
5:10PM 1 shared HD
3:03PM 1 XCP Upsizing vm memory
11:48AM 4 Kernel 3.1.0-rc2 hangs on boot, Xen 4.1.1
5:07AM 0 Problem importing virtual disk
Sunday August 14 2011
4:30PM 2 [Project Kronos] XAPI and XenCenter
2:37PM 0 XCP 2 network cards Static Public IP / Static Private IP
1:16PM 3 Xen on VMware, possible?
Saturday August 13 2011
4:04PM 0 XCP - Static IPs for Hosts / DHCP for Instances
3:22PM 3 XCP - Linux Pack Disk
5:15AM 3 kernel 3.0 and dom0 native
Friday August 12 2011
6:58PM 2 sr_backened_failure_73
4:27PM 2 XCP - Using XenServer Web Self service portal
1:53PM 0 DomU access to dual-ported memory area on PCI card
12:33PM 1 change HVM to PV with root on logical volume
12:07PM 0 (no subject)
Thursday August 11 2011
8:30PM 0 migrating from old config file format to sxp
6:25PM 0 encrypted LVM for dom0?
2:21PM 2 nfs storage
11:57AM 5 newbie questions: copying and cloning xen vm
9:54AM 0 xcp 1.1 - target release date?
9:40AM 2 resizing filesystem in a VM
8:54AM 1 Xen 4.0.1 DomU vbd timeouts under pvops dom0-kernel
3:48AM 1 [XCP] Connect to XCP from VLAN
12:55AM 1 Problems with Kemari
12:49AM 0 (no subject)
Wednesday August 10 2011
8:50PM 2 xen 4 debian squeeze routed mode
8:16PM 2 Can''t load dom0 on eeepc 1201nl
5:29PM 2 xend fails on Open SUSE 11.4
2:33PM 4 Calculate free memory
2:30PM 1 Problems with Network Bridge HVM DomU Debian Squeeze running over Kernel 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 Debian Xen 4
2:27AM 1 GUI suggestions for XCP (archipel?)
1:00AM 3 XCP 1.5 Beta availability
Tuesday August 9 2011
11:33PM 2 XEN 4.0 and dual interfaces
10:57PM 24 mmap in PV xen-4.0.1
4:22PM 3 xen on AMD failed to identify SATA disk
9:48AM 4 Restarting xend while domU are running
2:19AM 0 Windows HVM guest xen driver
12:08AM 1 PCI passthrough
Monday August 8 2011
9:09PM 3 Xenserver Debian VM''s
6:00PM 1 port mapper failer
3:12PM 15 KVM vs XEN source
2:56PM 0 CFP PDP 2012 - Special Session on "Cloud Computing" - Deadline 15th August 2011
12:50PM 2 Is possible use guest machines inside Xen from the host machine
11:57AM 0 (no subject)
2:03AM 0 Xen 4 + CPUID
12:35AM 0 Changing emulated USB controller
Sunday August 7 2011
11:56PM 0 CPU Usage
8:25PM 0 Fedora 15 Xen Kernel Make w/Mutex Errors
Saturday August 6 2011
6:07PM 4 xen 4.1.1 get error "device eth0 does not seem to be present delaying initialization".
4:59PM 2 Dom0 on a NFSRoot Environment
Friday August 5 2011
10:53PM 3 image-based VM to LVM-based VM
3:42PM 5 Xen Templates from my site
12:39PM 0 dying domain (-b-s-d state)
8:28AM 6 Does anyone try Xen on Kernel 3.0?
Thursday August 4 2011
8:17PM 2 Unable to connect the VNC display
1:50PM 0 random reboots on Debian Squeeze + Xen 4.02 on top of OCFS2 1.4.4-3
1:36PM 3 shared storage
11:31AM 1 XEN | kernel 3.0 vs 2.6.34-xen - no pci backend?
9:19AM 3 [Q] VmError: Disk isn''t accessible with tap2:tapdisk:vhd
8:39AM 2 about dom0 disconnection when domU reboot
5:22AM 1 Which kernel for Dual GPU Passthrough?
2:25AM 2 xenstored.pid not found after installing xen-4.1.1
Wednesday August 3 2011
8:41PM 9 Live VM migration
7:46PM 1 Question about Debian install
5:55PM 4 Xen 4 + Debian Squeeze + one VM in route mode and another in nat mode
5:44PM 4 default domu settings?
5:16PM 0 openvswitch on xen 4.x
5:12PM 0 Fwd: VM''s vif didn''t work in Xen 4.2 unstable
2:48PM 1 Xen 4.1 on Debian Testing - missing memory
12:52PM 2 Xen on ARM Cortex A9 with GPU
12:55AM 0 how to debug dom0 randomly reboot
Tuesday August 2 2011
11:48PM 3 [XCP] Network confusion
6:01PM 0 GPLPV driver release notes
1:49PM 1 How to configure vif in Xen?
Monday August 1 2011
11:38PM 3 DomUs and hard disks
9:34PM 2 Use always the same DomID
5:04PM 2 Maximum limit for xen virtual servers
2:19PM 0 HVM ignoring vcpus parameter
3:52AM 2 about cloud computing and xen