Xen users - Sep 2011

Friday September 30 2011
3:56PM 1 XCP : Storage configuration question
2:33PM 3 question re xen bridging: how would I enable different names for xen bridge and dom0 ethernet interface?
2:25PM 0 HVM domain crash
5:27AM 0 how to install debian squeen domU under centos5.6 dom0(xen3.4.3)?
Thursday September 29 2011
10:46PM 1 Can not download XCP source code
7:32PM 1 Strange messages in xl dmesg
4:43PM 3 xvda I/O errors in linux 3.1 under XCP 1.0
4:37PM 0 CentOS domU hangs on "Restarting system" - didn't you have that one, too?
Wednesday September 28 2011
7:30PM 1 Issue with the Console View on Browser.
6:33PM 0 (no subject)
2:19PM 1 [XCP] Error creating snapshots with lvm2 updated
8:46AM 5 Help with Windows guest and vncviewer
12:50AM 4 Restrict XCP use XenCenter?
Tuesday September 27 2011
11:19PM 4 Please help: DomU creation problem
10:37PM 0 VGA Passthrough on a laptop with hybrid graphics?
3:24PM 5 create DomUs using virt-install.
6:58AM 3 Is there anybody ever build XEN for centos6 successfully?
Monday September 26 2011
5:24PM 1 warning trace while starting domU
2:11PM 0 R: Re: performance problem with more than one domain U
2:10PM 1 R: Re: performance problem with more than one domain U
11:46AM 0 How can convert .cfg files into xml using libvirt?
11:08AM 0 xen+windbg..
10:32AM 3 how do you create domU partitions?
5:01AM 5 Viewing the content of *.img file
Sunday September 25 2011
8:11PM 5 [Xen-API] FT for XCP
7:12PM 2 combine DRBD and LVM for live migration and snapshot capabilities
2:04PM 2 (U)EFI Dom0 Installation
12:49PM 8 Unable to get IP address in guest OS through DHCP
10:37AM 1 Xen Host Load Average
Saturday September 24 2011
12:39PM 3 XCP: Support for driver domains
Friday September 23 2011
10:06PM 11 Debian 6 as Dom0 not booting on Xen 4.1.1
10:04PM 3 Problem with windows 2008
9:55PM 0 building a simple xen guest kernel
4:23PM 1 Problem for start virtual machine - alarm clock
2:50PM 2 performance problem with more than one domain U
11:50AM 7 Storage Recommendations
3:55AM 0 [Xen-API] 2TB limitation - bug?
1:14AM 0 DomU kernel panic
Thursday September 22 2011
11:02PM 1 XCP 1.1 error: Error code: INVALID_SOURCE
8:10PM 3 [XCP] in place upgrade (yum) from 1.1 beta to 1.1 RC
7:44PM 2 XCP unable to migrate Fedora15 VM (tools installed, but don't show to be)
6:37PM 2 The saga of Heterodyne's PCI Passthrough
4:40PM 1 run domU w/ higher kernel version as dom0
1:06PM 58 Xen document day (Oct 12 or 26)
1:06AM 16 Is xen planning to support hvm guests booting under UEFI?
Wednesday September 21 2011
7:05PM 12 old RHEL3 domu kernel
2:15PM 0 HXen start up error.
11:02AM 4 [Xen-API] XCP 1.1 RC
6:53AM 0 HXEN - How to setup ?
Tuesday September 20 2011
9:54PM 1 XCP iscsi storage pool problem
9:27PM 3 kernel panic in domU
9:02PM 5 47s clock skew in domUs every so often, Debian squeeze packaged hypervisor 4.0.1-2
7:16PM 1 Convert SLES 10 hvm to pv
6:27PM 0 Fwd: Checkpointing avec Xen
6:25PM 2 Checkpointing avec xen
5:11PM 1 XCP Your license has expired
4:31PM 7 FreeBSD 8.2 XENHVM Kernel on Xencloud
4:16PM 1 What file system type ought I give disk.img files on OCFS2 file system?
3:59PM 5 how is possible ?
3:34PM 5 Different issues with Xen PV drivers and GPLPV drivers
9:28AM 2 Xen in Xen
5:02AM 0 Problem in installing XCP
Monday September 19 2011
9:50PM 2 Launching a PV Centos6 DomU crashing at "kernel BUG at fs/sysfs/group.c:65!; Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception"
4:53PM 2 vlans over a bond (was Re: [Xen-API] no connectivity vlan)
10:19AM 1 Testing HVM domU SBS2003 virtualization
5:12AM 1 Migrating PV guest from XCP to Xen Hypervisor 3.0.3
1:54AM 2 DomU kernel panic due to run-init: /sbin/init: No such file or directory
Sunday September 18 2011
4:08PM 4 Guest launches manually OK, not on System reboot when config is in /etc/xen/auto ?
Saturday September 17 2011
10:40PM 4 Should VMs' IP addresses be on the same subnet as the Dom0 and other boxes on our LAN?
10:30PM 0 XCP autostart and LVM disabled
4:03PM 12 Yum repo for XCP (ex: XCP acpi shutdown)
Friday September 16 2011
11:51PM 2 Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit HVM on xen-unstable 23842
9:31PM 0 XCP acpi shutdown
4:24PM 3 KVM -> Xen migration
12:39PM 0 Scale x10 CFP open until Dec 3rd
4:20AM 1 about CentOS5.4 + Xen3.4.2
2:51AM 0 XENBUS: unable to read cpu state
Thursday September 15 2011
8:30PM 1 Xen Cloud Platform: Dead?
7:45PM 1 Windows paravirtualization drivers
4:20PM 0 HVM Windows Disk devices
12:25PM 9 debian squeeze PV domU with vfb limited to 800x600?
12:21PM 2 centos 6 + myoung xen
9:47AM 1 Error: xm save
9:30AM 0 Xeon E3 1235 and Asus P8B (Intel c206)
9:17AM 2 Xen on Xeon E3 1235 and Asus W8P WS
6:02AM 4 XENBUS waiting timeout
12:15AM 1 xm sched-credit not work
Wednesday September 14 2011
11:52PM 1 Mounting blktap2 images
2:43PM 0 XCP memory management
12:28PM 0 [Xen-API] Fedora 16 Virtualization Test Day!
11:25AM 18 Re: Virtualization Test Day for F16 and Xen
7:34AM 7 Re: XCP which management console to use - plus XenServer question
3:50AM 3 Debian - DomU on ZFS
Tuesday September 13 2011
9:15PM 5 current xen linux kernel branch?
4:37PM 2 Intel DX58S02 Mobo
2:42PM 11 change file: to tap:aio
6:15AM 4 Root filesystem on NFS
12:11AM 7 Xen + Storage
Monday September 12 2011
10:57PM 1 Xen CP maximum configurations and features list
8:53PM 3 Can anyone share xen kernel 2.6.32 stable version?
6:42PM 0 Xen Guest - multi CORE cpu vs multi cpus
3:20PM 5 High use CPU
11:17AM 0 EMC storage
9:52AM 15 Help with the migration to XEN-4.1 please
7:21AM 0 DDK import problem
2:16AM 0 virbr0 is the only bridge
Sunday September 11 2011
11:07PM 0 easy way to break pygrub on oneiric amd64 dom0
7:26PM 3 Help in installing XEN
2:55PM 1 [XCP] primary/primary DRBD 8.4.0-1 LVM-based shared SR (xcp 1.1) preformance tuning
Saturday September 10 2011
10:19PM 4 XCP which management console to use
6:35AM 1 Ubuntu 11.04 + Xen-Hypervisor 4.1 Instalation
12:32AM 2 xen 4.1.1 missing veth0 <--> vif0.0 pairs
Friday September 9 2011
7:07PM 17 High Number of VMs
7:01PM 1 Problem with Windows on Xen
4:41PM 0 LVM (lvcreate -s) snapshot hangs when trying to access /dev/dm-X
7:50AM 20 Signed GPLPV drivers available for download
7:12AM 2 XEN console commands hang
4:45AM 0 vga passthrough, Code 10 this device cannot start
3:21AM 11 New to Xen: safety concerns (Linux Dom0, Windows DomU)
Thursday September 8 2011
12:49PM 4 xen-create-image:ALERT! /dev/xvda2 does not exist. Dropping to a shell
11:54AM 15 correct steps to add XEN bridge to Debian squeeze?
8:10AM 0 Cdrom problem on Natty domu pv
7:53AM 4 CentOS 6 domU on Debian 6 dom0 not working
5:30AM 1 Ubuntu as DomU
5:04AM 0 Can I specify a physical memory region for a domU
12:48AM 3 blkfront: barrier: empty write op failed
Wednesday September 7 2011
10:18PM 3 HVM XVDA or HDA ?
7:01PM 4 XCP Timeout trying to do quiesced snapshot of Windows Server 2008 Standard
4:20PM 1 iSCSI performance drop after Linux 2.6.38 ( tested 2.6.39 and 3.0.1 )
3:02PM 1 cloning machine
2:11PM 0 XCP 1.0 and Ubuntu 10.04 domU - memory ballooning not working
10:09AM 4 how to get pvgrub of pygrub onto Debian Sqeeze XEN?
9:59AM 0 [Xen-API] Job opportunities at Citrix Systems (Cambridge, UK)
9:16AM 0 xen with pygrub and drbd do not work anymore
1:56AM 4 How to start a GUI in Xen PV DomU
1:30AM 0 No upstreams on domU, but downstream works fine
Tuesday September 6 2011
5:10PM 0 Maximum hard drives in domU?
2:25PM 2 HP DL380G6 Debian Squeeze and esata
9:59AM 0 can''t passthrough usb devices to domU (Unexpected error: <class ''xen.util.vusb_util.UsbDeviceParseError''>)
Monday September 5 2011
10:45PM 5 Unable to connect
7:03PM 2 [Xen-API] XCP - How to compile IBM Mpp-rdac driver in XCP
4:04PM 6 XCP : Failed load VDI information on NFS shared repo
3:48PM 0 Intercepting Xen domU shutdowns/reboots etc.
9:48AM 2 How to PVUSB with xen-sources-2.6.34-r4 and xen-4.1.1 on gentoo
9:47AM 6 Using the Xen GPLPV drivers
9:15AM 3 Not show the network interface
8:21AM 1 lvm as raw disk and barriers
Sunday September 4 2011
8:58PM 1 XCP storage questions
2:46PM 0 Sound on hvm problem
1:59PM 0 Xen 4.2 or 4.1.1 with remus problem
Friday September 2 2011
8:49PM 1 Xapi Problem
2:14PM 3 CentOS 6 + XEN problem
12:34PM 2 XCP change IP of NFS shared repo
10:51AM 0 Task Blocking / Domu Lockups
6:53AM 4 ATTN: Michael Young: RHEL6 dom0 kernels
6:49AM 2 PANIC: early exception 0e rip 10:0 error 10 cr2 0
Thursday September 1 2011
9:40PM 0 Even Yet Another PCI passthrough question
8:43PM 0 Any PCI passthrough success stories with SATA-RAID HBAs?
11:21AM 1 query on GPU passthrou
10:54AM 10 Question about NFS domUs
9:07AM 1 Partition Manager for Xen
9:02AM 2 Opensuse 11.4 domU hang on boot
8:31AM 1 XCP NFS SR issues
8:20AM 9 Physical memory not fully available to DomU''s
6:43AM 0 remus error: suspend event channel unavailable, falling back to slow xenstore signalling
4:36AM 0 No buffer space available - loses network connectivity
4:12AM 0 Fwd: Loadable Hypervisor Modules