Xen devel - Sep 2007

Sunday September 30 2007
8:19PM 5 early crash with xen-3.1.0 and auto_translated_physmap
8:11PM 6 Switching to user mode from domU kernel
5:15PM 0 [Patch] xend_config_list take2
5:07PM 7 Some questions about PCI-passthrough for HVM(Non-IOMMU)
9:23AM 2 Xen 3.1.1 -- Final call for patches
7:29AM 6 [VTD][PATCH] a time out mechanism for the shared interrupt issue for vtd
5:10AM 0 [VTD][PATCH] Setup 1:1 mapping page table for dom0 in domheap
Friday September 28 2007
5:49PM 1 permit_access functionality
4:40PM 0 DTM Cient on DomU Vista 64 and Vista 32 fails
4:25PM 3 Question on save/restore mfn canonicalization
4:04PM 1 [Xense-devel] [XSM:ACM][PATCH] null dereference bug fix v2
2:48PM 0 [Q]Can events be lost between dom0 and domU?
10:24AM 0 [Xen-3.1.0] Network transmission loss between dom0 and domU
8:45AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww39]
7:10AM 6 Xen 3.1.1 RC2 testing report. -- 1 Blocked issue.
7:05AM 1 VMX Exit Reason 3
5:26AM 6 [VTD] 1:1 mapping for dom0 exhausts xenheap on x86/32 with 4G memory
12:49AM 18 [makedumpfile] extract vmcoreinfo from /proc/vmcore for Xen
Thursday September 27 2007
9:12PM 6 [PATCH][HVM] fix migration from NX-capable machine to non-NX-capable machine
4:50PM 15 PATCH: Fix name uniqueness check
4:43PM 9 [XSM:ACM][PATCH] null dereference bug fix
4:38PM 2 ANNOUNCE: Xen 3.1.1 Second Release Candidate
4:28PM 0 PATCH: Don''t clobber VIF ''type'' field when starting a HVM guest
2:21PM 1 Unsigned bug in rdmsr_hypervisor_regs/wrmsr_hypervisor_regs
12:10PM 3 Can''t unbind PCI sound card
11:35AM 5 [PATCH][TOOLS] ioemu: Build fixes for BSD and bug fixes from BSD
10:55AM 5 get_callback_via for Windows PV drivers
9:51AM 9 non-zero order allocations in shadow code may prevent live migration
8:57AM 0 VMX status report against changeset 15967 linux-xen:217 -- 2 new issues
7:31AM 2 [patch 01/16] sysctl: implement CTL_UNNUMBERED
7:08AM 3 Reporting a traceback
7:02AM 2 question on c/s 15964
2:12AM 9 [PATCH][RFC] making "xm dump-core" paralell
Wednesday September 26 2007
11:27PM 0 [PATCH] fix dummy security_policy_dir
4:43PM 0 migration, shared storage
4:40PM 0 ''memory_dynamic_max must be greater than zero'' when using xend.domain.create via xml-rpc
3:53PM 3 Does latest xen-unstable build failed?
2:26PM 0 [PATCH][TOOLS] libaio: Fix build for *BSD
12:37PM 2 is HYPERVISOR_console_io implemented for HVM domains?
11:03AM 1 Intel VMDq & Xen Platform
10:21AM 4 about development environment for customizing
10:03AM 0 More questions on implementing hypervisor access in Windows...
3:16AM 0 [VTD][PATCH] Fix dom0 crash issue on 32-bit
2:52AM 1 Want to Learn how Qemu works in Xen and dom0
Tuesday September 25 2007
10:05PM 2 FW: Xen Kernel Debug Tools
8:31PM 1 Xen Kernel Debug Tools
8:25PM 3 auto-translated-physmap resume
8:22PM 0 [PATCH] [BIOS] Improve the way the RSDP is found in the BIOS extension
6:09PM 5 Report Xen-3.1.1-rc1 make install does not install /etc/hotplug
2:14PM 0 [PATCH][libxen] add xen_xspolicy.h to libxen includes file
1:25PM 12 Cpufreq on k8 with xen dom0
11:55AM 0 [PATCH][TOOLS] firmware: fix romimage generation
8:50AM 3 [PATCH] xen-tools dependency check fix
8:37AM 2 Xen watchdog?
3:02AM 4 [XSM:ACM] When cw is used, dom0 reboots.
2:52AM 0 [PATCH] Fix free() in balloon.py for shortening response time
Monday September 24 2007
7:13PM 1 update_va_mapping() question
5:10PM 0 [PATCH] [Xend/ACM] Automatic loading of policy after xend has started
3:08PM 1 Crashing a guest domain
2:32PM 0 [PATCH] Trivial build break
2:01PM 0 [PATCH] xenstat/xenstore: NetBSD specific pieces
1:27PM 4 testing hypercall from windows - what''s the most basic call I can make to test
9:36AM 0 [PATCH] libxc: Add NetBSD specific pieces
7:10AM 5 Hiding pci devices from dom0 drivers
6:07AM 0 Bios virtulise in DomU
Sunday September 23 2007
11:01PM 7 [PATCH] Default serial console to BAUD_AUTO
7:33AM 0 Xen Summit #5 : November 14-16, Santa Clara CA
5:29AM 9 Confused about start of day setup
Friday September 21 2007
11:39PM 2 [VTD][patch 1/1] vt-d hardware check
10:26PM 0 [Xense-devel][PATCH] XSM:FLASK support for domain management under Xen-API
5:23PM 3 hypervisor crash look familiar?
4:51PM 2 Xen 3.1.1 RC1 testing report.
4:04PM 0 [PATCH 2/2]Add AMD IOMMU support into hypervisor
4:01PM 0 [PATCH 1/2]Add AMD IOMMU support into hypervisor
3:56PM 0 [PATCH 0/3]Add AMD IOMMU support into hypervisor
12:39PM 7 [PATCH] libfsimage: Make it build on NetBSD
12:18PM 0 [PATCH] libxc: improve error message
8:00AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww38]
7:46AM 5 [NEO 1:1] Nativedom 1:1 Mapping
6:54AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm dump-core : Doesn''t unpause a domain if crash option is given
4:04AM 2 How to determine if I am running under Xen?
2:09AM 3 Windows DDK and GPL
Thursday September 20 2007
2:23PM 0 [PATCH] console fixes
2:17PM 0 [PATCH] libelf portability
11:37AM 0 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] Fixes a parameter to the external tools used
9:37AM 12 ANNOUNCE: Xen 3.1.1 First Release Candidate
9:34AM 0 [PATCH] bug fix in blktap script
9:15AM 2 Re: [PATCH] kexec/kdump: statically allocate xen_phys_cpus
1:00AM 0 [VTD] dynamically determines whether to link with libpci or not in QEMU
12:52AM 1 Query about Stub Domain Status
Wednesday September 19 2007
3:14PM 0 [PATCH] linux/i386-PAE: avoid temporarily inconsistent pte-s
1:52PM 0 NativeDom 1:1 support for x86_64, 32bitbios reloc bug fix
1:46PM 1 [PATCH] Re: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] Using "make install" causes a distro specific script
1:19PM 9 [PATCH] libxc portability fixes
12:13PM 2 How to get access of the CVS Repository
8:02AM 0 Check scripts and which...
6:21AM 0 [Repor] xm list command in chageset 15880
6:14AM 0 [PATCH] sysctl: implement CTL_UNNUMBERED
Tuesday September 18 2007
7:15PM 1 OSError Exception
7:50AM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: match native behavior of ''make install''
4:42AM 0 [PATCH] Extend width of ID in ''xm list --label'' to 5 digits
12:07AM 4 Kernel Panic in booting Xen 3.1 on Dell PowerEdge Server 1950
12:04AM 3 [PATCH][VTPM] re-send:Fix vTPM function in HVM domain
12:03AM 0 [PATCH][VTPM] re-send:VTPM manager :Fix parameter check]
Monday September 17 2007
11:40PM 1 [VTD] linux 1.6.18 patches
7:20PM 1 Capping i/o ops
5:43PM 0 Re: [Qemu-devel] qemu vnc.c
2:00PM 0 [PATCH] Fix build error for PV guests
2:19AM 4 Xenstored: eliminate double free and fixes for memory leak
Saturday September 15 2007
12:19AM 0 Problem to compile ant to use the xenstat perl/python binding
Friday September 14 2007
10:51PM 4 Hunting down an oops in Xen 3.1.0''s 2.6.18 kernel
9:01PM 1 FYI: xend extremly slow when on nfsroot due to xenstored
8:26PM 0 [PATCH]
7:26PM 0 Xen Stability Testing - 320 guest domains on ES7000
12:05PM 13 [RFC] Xen NUMA strategy
9:06AM 0 [PATCH] x86: fix NUMA code for 32bit
8:35AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww37]
7:27AM 7 [Patch][RFC] xend config list
Thursday September 13 2007
6:27PM 3 Hardware Assisted Paging Param and Message
3:09PM 0 32-bit DomU Save/migration on 64bit dom0/host
10:23AM 2 [PATCH] qemu-dm: Fix Raw Block IO Debug Print
9:07AM 0 usage of irqbalance
8:11AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm dump-core command for paused domain
6:41AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 15880 linux-xen:208 - No new issue
5:10AM 0 [PATCH] Fix minor memory leak in xend
4:55AM 0 [PATCH] Fix memory leak in xend
3:01AM 3 How to get domU IP address
12:21AM 0 [PATCH] Fix ''xm reboot''
Wednesday September 12 2007
5:48PM 3 Xen Summit #5 : 14/16 Nov 2007 Santa Clara
5:24PM 0 Starting many VMs concurrently causes vif connect errors
12:45PM 0 Few things from Roadmap
9:30AM 0 vmx status report against changeset 15875 linux-xen:206 - 2 bugs fixed
8:53AM 0 [PATCH] Build fix with gcc 4.1
8:34AM 3 limitation in the process address space size,
1:22AM 9 Readonly memory for guest domain
12:57AM 0 [PATCH] manual typos
Tuesday September 11 2007
7:01PM 1 [PATCH][Xen 3.3.1 mq tree] Add cs 15185
7:00PM 0 [PATCH][Xen 3.3.1 mq tree] Fix non-ascii chars in patch
3:07PM 1 [PATCH] Page scrubbing
11:06AM 7 Regression in serial console on ia64
7:17AM 6 xs transaction
7:17AM 11 3ware 9650 and Xen 3.1
Monday September 10 2007
9:55PM 3 [PATCH] Prevent incorrect optimization of read_crx()
9:07PM 0 [PATCH] Add ''type vnc'' to vfb device sexpr for HVM guest
8:52PM 0 [PATCH] Fix ''memory leak'' in xend
12:16PM 2 [Patch] fix checking strtab length in xc_core.c
8:56AM 25 [XenPPC] Xen 3.1.1 -- initial patchqueue
8:36AM 12 [Q]What are the build rules for Xen?
7:12AM 0 [PATCH] remove dead code
7:11AM 1 [PATCH] Fix evtchn rebind
2:27AM 4 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [ww36]
2:14AM 0 BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!
Saturday September 8 2007
1:48PM 0 [PATCH] [libxen] Compilation fix
1:29AM 5 update_va_mapping_otherdomain
12:45AM 4 [PATCH] Unified shutdown code
Friday September 7 2007
7:35PM 0 [PATCH] Install xsm headers
5:51PM 4 Xen linux error message: PCI-DMA: Out of SW-IOMMU space for 65536 bytes at device 0000:02:01.0
10:41AM 1 LVM/DRBD8/Xen - issue(s) in block-IO implementation?
4:08AM 4 Is it possible that Xen starts without Domain0
1:35AM 0 [PATCH][RESEND] Bind different tasks'' evtchns to different vcpus of Dom0
Thursday September 6 2007
10:02PM 1 Likely VMX Assist Issue from Ubuntu bug report
6:46PM 1 Race condition leading to VMError : Device 0 not connected
5:43PM 0 [PV-onHVM][PATCH 3/3] Fix bad symbol reference
5:43PM 0 [PV-onHVM][Xen][PATCH 2/3] Fix kthread_create
5:43PM 0 [PV-onHVM][linux-2.6.18-xen.hg][PATCH 1/3] Fix kthread_create
5:43PM 1 [PV-on-HVM][PATCH 0/3] Fix Live-Migrate problems
2:38PM 0 [PATCH][XSM] correctly rename, relocate and patch the security.py file
1:44PM 6 [Q] Allow rdpmc access from DOM-0
1:37PM 0 How Xen 3.1.0 HVM do time keeping?
1:29PM 0 [PATCH] [TOOLS] Check for libxml2 if security tools are to be built
8:07AM 0 Question: xm reboot and waitForDevices
7:05AM 2 [PATCH] Fix one dead loop case in host S3
6:12AM 1 [Q] domU boot time debugging using xen-gdbserver
Wednesday September 5 2007
7:12PM 0 disks appearing twice in HVM domains
3:39PM 0 [PATCH] fix xenstored''s dup2() usage
8:43AM 1 which version of xen supports intel trusted execution technology
6:13AM 2 Question: PV and HVM device list
4:07AM 0 Test
3:17AM 8 xen-staging...
12:09AM 5 [VTD-NEO][patch 6/6] Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
12:09AM 8 [VTD-NEO][patch 5/6] Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
12:09AM 0 [VTD-NEO][patch 1/6] Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
12:09AM 0 [VTD-NEO][patch 4/6] Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
12:09AM 0 [VTD-NEO][patch 3/6] Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
12:08AM 0 [VTD-NEO][patch 2/6] Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
12:08AM 12 [VTD-NEO][patch 0/6] Intel VT-d/Neocleus 1:1 mreged code for PCI passthrough
Tuesday September 4 2007
6:58PM 1 [PATCH][XSM] correctly located update_va_mapping hook within x86 ifdefs
6:16PM 6 console changes in cs153 on 2.6.18-xen
4:51PM 12 VM start time slows with large number of VMs
2:57PM 6 [PATCH] [ACM/Xen] Fix policy buffer layout changed with XSM
2:07PM 3 Re: [Xen-staging] [xen-unstable] Xen Security Modules: XSM
10:48AM 0 [PATCH] Fix error message and wait time for xm block-detach command
6:08AM 0 [PATCH] Fix error message for xm trigger command
Monday September 3 2007
3:08PM 0 Bind different tasks'' evtchns to different vcpus of Dom0
2:34PM 10 RFC: Xen 3.1.1
10:50AM 2 Segmentation Fault
7:45AM 5 Dom0 <> DomU clock sync
Sunday September 2 2007
7:12AM 4 dom0 vs non-dom0 differentiation inside Xen hypervisor