wine users - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
7:58PM 1 Tranlations needed
7:45PM 0 Getting Valve Hammer to work
7:38PM 4 A resource for which things I need on Wine to run games?
6:24PM 1 Steam and Luxor
3:19PM 6 Map a network CD Drive
12:02PM 1 Can't play Last Chaos on Ubuntu 9.04 With newest wine 1.01
9:29AM 1 WMI and Wine
5:28AM 0 LIBPQ.dll problem
4:22AM 1 Re: wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000001 at a
1:24AM 2 Joystick axis swap order
12:42AM 1 ubuntu 9.04-Wine 1.0.1-Windows Apps/Games do not run...Help
Monday June 29 2009
11:45PM 1 i have a problem wit the program
11:18PM 2 Update wine?
10:04PM 2 java application with db2 fail with:A communication error ..
10:01PM 1 Using VB Macros in Word 2003
7:43PM 0 FPS near freeze on some games
5:23PM 1 wine/RosettaStone breakage from recent kernel commit
4:14PM 0 wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000001 at address 0x7ef6c7aa (thread 0044), starting debugger...
3:13PM 1 debian wiki link
1:19PM 0 Visual Studio 8 command line C++ compiler and linker.
12:49PM 1 Program database manager mismatch; please check your installation
12:42PM 1 Wine installed - but it's not there
12:37PM 1 Visual Studio 2008 / .NET 3.5
12:14PM 2 Unable to use alsa, unusable driver for winecfg
10:53AM 4 Internet Explorer
8:45AM 3 Help me out installing RatDVD
8:45AM 4 wine / vcvarsall.bat
7:19AM 2 programs limit
Sunday June 28 2009
1:56PM 1 How do I get this app to write to database
10:31AM 3 Windows Setup.exe fails on Program Group creation
9:38AM 1 Wine worsening
3:39AM 4 World of Warcraft and Wine.
12:55AM 0 Re: Wine crashes with ~/.wine on mount point with noexec set ind
Saturday June 27 2009
8:25PM 1 interact with native linux programs?
6:55PM 1 Re: Wine crashes with ~/.wine on mount point with noexec set ind
3:40PM 2 Chrome setup - Invalid address, FreeBSD
12:31PM 1 Valve Hammer Editor Crashes
11:07AM 1 Does wine bottleneck framerate?
8:51AM 3 Is any way to time (measure) the compiling time?
5:44AM 2 AutoCad 2008 on Ubuntu
4:26AM 2 installed full tilt poker
12:53AM 0 Wine crashes with ~/.wine on mount point with noexec set indirectly
12:03AM 1 wine apps back from systray in background
Friday June 26 2009
7:43PM 6 Company of Heroes Installation problem
7:07PM 1 can't import WINE repository gpg key
8:17AM 5 Running Cubase with wine - HOW?
7:13AM 1 Fedora 11, Wine Crash - Is it Just Me?
4:46AM 0 Mac donation request
Thursday June 25 2009
10:07PM 1 modem not initialised
8:57PM 1 "make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'." error
6:05PM 3 Beginner's Guide to Wine? (mac user)
5:23PM 2 installation problems
3:45PM 9 WINE install of Dreamweaver MX fails
10:08AM 6 Problems getting workaround for Fallout bug #6033
9:01AM 1 Compiling and linking QT project with Wine libraries
5:29AM 1 error: ‘FT_MulFix’ undeclared here
2:07AM 1 Help with Wine and PPRS
Wednesday June 24 2009
11:23PM 2 Re: Shameless call for game testing
9:07PM 0 Error Message: Failed to Initialize Direct Music Audio
7:56PM 0 Fwd: Shameless call for game testing
7:38PM 2 Script to run Wine and save log
7:24PM 2 Message from Wine: IOPL not enabled (again)
7:11PM 8 Steam Games Don't Work. Please Help!
7:09PM 2 Installing a Multiple Disc Program
5:28PM 1 Installing Adobe Flash CS4- Wine 1.1.23
5:22PM 1 Installation From CD's
4:09PM 1 Need help with La Tale
3:28PM 6 Question about installing DirectX
10:35AM 4 Wine auto update under Suse 10.3
9:57AM 3 Windows services
2:23AM 1 Can''t get utorrent to install
Tuesday June 23 2009
1:55PM 1 winedevice error after winetricks wmp9
12:33PM 7 Installing VC++ 2005 SP1 Redistribution using wine
12:08PM 1 Installing JRE1.6.0.b105 using wine
9:38AM 2 Bigpond Media Downloader works with Wine
9:37AM 1 Dependencies
9:33AM 0 How to Convert All Videos to .MP4/.AVI/.FLV/.3GP/.WMV/.MOV/.
9:23AM 2 Shader error with GMA 950 in The Sims 3
8:42AM 5 Individual Wineprefixes
5:57AM 1 Need Help With Installing Windows Games/Apps Under Wine
1:29AM 3 Conflicts between kde and wine games - workaround
Monday June 22 2009
9:55PM 1 Re: Call for volunteers
9:44PM 2 photoshop cs2 runs, but seems laggy
7:44PM 1 Debugging the crash of native dll
7:29PM 2 use unc printernames
5:20PM 1 Allods3:Evil_Islands freezes every 10 sec
5:20PM 1 TomTom Home under Wine?
4:11PM 1 ATI driver needed to run D3D games?
2:21PM 1 project entropia freeze and wrong keyboard
2:14PM 5 Further .NET woes
1:54PM 1 wine is not showing chars when typing
7:48AM 4 ArmA2
4:09AM 2 Problem occured on ie4linux
2:30AM 2 Problem running anything in Wine.
Sunday June 21 2009
9:17PM 2 CitiFX Pro installs but won't run
7:27PM 1 Re: Call for volunteers
6:55PM 0 Successful install of BibleStudyPro but no text displays
5:23PM 3 problems installing tally
3:46PM 0 How can I detect WINE from my program?
3:36PM 8 Wine 1.1.24 .deb Packet
1:06PM 0 Far Cry 2: Help me to manage to get it working...
12:12PM 2 Prince of Persia The 2 Thrones
12:01PM 2 Problems Installing .Net 1.1 SP1
7:08AM 1 Re: Call for volunteers
5:15AM 3 unable to find a volume for file extraction
1:47AM 2 guild wars disappears
12:46AM 2 Not a single program works
Saturday June 20 2009
11:08PM 3 Usb drivers and linux apps
8:17PM 2 Mouse cursor disappears while moving in Wine window
8:13PM 11 Isolation?
8:13PM 4 MacPorts version can't run 16-bit programs
7:59PM 0 Noob problem with WineHelper
5:57PM 2 Execute a pgm on windows lan server . How to map it
1:01PM 2 3Dmark 2006
12:37PM 1 Guitar Rig 3 strange behaviour
10:52AM 3 Linux sound article -- looks like OSS might be a good option for wine
8:37AM 2 How To Run Flatout 2 In Wine?
Friday June 19 2009
10:44PM 1 How do I unsubscribe to this email service
9:51PM 0 RegLoadKey Question
9:48PM 1 Debugging Symbols compile options
9:07PM 1 Where to report DIB engine bugs?
8:47PM 2 Problemas with AppDB?
6:22PM 1 Install software to another hdd
6:03PM 3 Exception when running QIP 8092 in wine 1.1.24
1:32PM 1 Assassin Creed
1:07PM 1 Re: Call for volunteers
12:07PM 3 Wine and serial port again
11:33AM 2 Winedevice.exe has caused a serious problem and Flash 8
11:29AM 0 Where to get help?
10:26AM 4 Newb needs help with Lotus Ami Pro
3:12AM 7 Best OS
1:13AM 2 Problem starting Runs of magic game
Thursday June 18 2009
11:56PM 1 Network share prevents running Wine?
11:47PM 1 dxdiag equivalent for online activations??
10:18PM 1 Re: Call for volunteers
10:07PM 1 Wine forum bug: incorrect closure of quotes
1:23PM 2 Re: Call for volunteers
1:00PM 3 Ultima Online - Kingdom Reborn
9:25AM 0 Helpful: Share an easy way to rip DVD to MP4, AVI, MP3, WMV,
2:48AM 4 Kubuntu and Wine Problems
Wednesday June 17 2009
11:33PM 1 Star Wars Racer 3D
10:03PM 2 Gurps Character Assistant 4
3:29PM 3 [GERMAN - ENGLISH] Wine can not started the Game (Dragonica)
3:21PM 1 Dawn of War alert sounds not working
1:37PM 3 Operation 7 under Wine 1.0.1
12:01PM 0 Re: flatout2 multiplayer -- cedega yes / wine no
9:58AM 0 Re: Everest Poker in Wine
7:55AM 0 Adobe Photoshop 7
6:59AM 5 Error on first run
4:57AM 0 Repository wine & debmirror
4:09AM 1 run time error '2004' -- out of memory
12:15AM 1 Game shrinks virtual desktop
Tuesday June 16 2009
10:05PM 0 Microphone in World in Conflict
4:55PM 3 Swap Memory in Oracle Developer Suite installation
9:14AM 1 trackmania united4ever 2.11.15 can't control.
8:11AM 4 Re: Unable to install anything
6:05AM 4 Maize-Sampler Gui is only a white box
5:19AM 2 Newbie here, need help w/ MS photodraw
Monday June 15 2009
10:00PM 1 New To WIne Need Steam Help
9:38PM 4 applying a patch (select-dup.diff) to wine to fix TF2
8:12PM 3 Corporate Communications Through Screensaver Push
5:21PM 4 Error compiling Wine 0.9.53 - Please Help
3:39PM 3 Having trouble as a new linux user
1:34PM 2 Playing Games with Wine while listening to music
12:43PM 3 How to make joystick completely worked
12:23PM 0 Error 0x80040708
5:18AM 3 Kubuntu and Call of Duty 2
3:22AM 0 Status of Running Photoshop CS3 with Wine
2:06AM 1 help to actialice wine
12:56AM 1 photoshop elements 2
12:37AM 1 Wine + WoW = having graphical issues
Sunday June 14 2009
10:16PM 5 Key always pressed (sticky or blocked)
10:09PM 2 Rosetta Stone suddenly stopped working
6:56PM 1 How do I do core dumps and backtraces?
1:50PM 1 Wine-Version 1.1.23 Windows-Installer Problems
1:25PM 0 wine error! help me.thanks
12:42AM 0 DInput/Gamepad issue with ePSXe.
Saturday June 13 2009
5:48PM 7 Keylogger question
5:09PM 2 Need Help running GCFScape
4:41PM 1 Terminator Salavation
4:23PM 1 More Wine and WOW problems
1:28PM 0 Any updates on wineon64bit page?
10:31AM 0 Re: FIFA Manager 09 with Wine
9:06AM 1 Linux, wine and lightroom
6:55AM 5 Mouse move out of the game window
2:57AM 1 Forcing Wine To Use Audio Device/Mixer
Friday June 12 2009
10:25PM 4 Wine just changes screen resolution.
10:11PM 1 Re: Usage of "wine" s/w to open a windows based applic
6:37PM 2 Subpixel by default?
6:03PM 1 Is anyone getting ntdll errors with today's git or is it just me?
5:58PM 0 Usage of "wine" s/w to open a windows based application "Zoom text" in Linux environment
5:54PM 4 Wine 1.1.23 Crash on Install
1:39PM 2 Wine-linux-ppc32 working status and future enchantments
11:42AM 0 No alsa mixing device shows in winecfg
11:39AM 3 Problem with Wine at install a hardlock driver
10:02AM 3 WoW not working - crash at start after ug to fc11
9:03AM 1 Problem
6:10AM 0 Gecko Installation Problem
4:24AM 0 Rise Of Legends and Other Games errors
3:52AM 1 Help for a dummy running wine on OS X
12:04AM 3 Can't run Mercedes Benz Star Service Manual Library CD
Thursday June 11 2009
9:05PM 2 Steam games stopped working
3:16PM 1 Error: Target $TARGET returned: shell command - What?!?
3:12PM 1 Error compiling Wine on Fedora 11
2:27PM 4 Forcing Application Resolutions
2:00PM 1 How to add application dependant on a bug?
10:10AM 0 Free Slideshow Maker Comparison and Brief Tutorial
9:51AM 1 Last Chaos dosn't install
7:33AM 0 Status of multilingual support?
2:49AM 1 WOW on Dell
Wednesday June 10 2009
9:50PM 1 EVE Online fails to start
6:58PM 2 IL2 Sturmovik 1946 install failure - Ubuntu 9.04 (64) 1.1.23
6:55PM 3 libXext not in ia32libs for some reason
5:40PM 1 [expect deadlock] on MAC OS X
5:33PM 5 Unable to start SPORE installer
5:00PM 3 Want to improve WINE!
1:51PM 1 Getting programs to detect my soundcard
1:20PM 3 WINE does not recognize mounted ISO
1:07PM 1 Debugging .a library created with winegcc
11:47AM 2 winetricks doesn't work for me
11:26AM 3 Juniper network--Ran under 0.9.58, fails under 1.1.23
10:12AM 4 Wine path-association
7:49AM 1 Proxy for "winetricks"
5:52AM 1 I need some help
4:08AM 0 Image Viewer Shifts Image Up After Loading
2:19AM 1 Limit Applications Wine Can Run
Tuesday June 9 2009
7:16PM 1 Tomb Raider - Underworld (anyone got it working?)
5:22PM 3 Wine won't work anymore
3:57PM 1 HEADER_WindowProc unknown msg ?
3:38PM 2 Wine debug trace log makes things better?
11:44AM 1 Building 1.1.23 on Red Hat WS 4.6 fails
7:44AM 7 Can not connect to server in Streamster Marketiva
12:43AM 4 sound issues
Monday June 8 2009
7:38PM 0 Forum <=> list interaction bug?
7:17PM 2 Prince of Persia Big BUG
7:16PM 1 strange bug with font rendering
7:05PM 4 access another drive
6:06PM 4 Shades of Doom
4:39PM 6 wine wont run some .exe files
11:52AM 3 running program with .exe that does not need being installed
11:17AM 4 wineboot has encountered a serious problem and needs to clos
9:10AM 0 How to convert DVD to iPod/iPhone/Sansa/PSP/Zune/iRiver/Goog
5:13AM 6 Display of Photomatix GUI Has No Buttons, Checkmarks
2:54AM 0 Bordeaux for OpenSolaris Released
1:16AM 1 now supports OpenSuse 11 and Fedora 10
12:49AM 0 New winetricks 20090607: new verbs d3dx9, fontsmooth-foo, vb2run, vcrun2008sp1, wme9, xact
Sunday June 7 2009
4:42PM 3 Help with Spore
10:19AM 0 Calling code allocated in memory crashes wine
10:01AM 1 RummyRoyal
9:08AM 8 I offer to donate $50 to wine...
6:47AM 2 Purpose of DIB Engine?
4:43AM 0 Accessible Games in Wine
3:18AM 1 Finding Wine Updates for Fedora 10 (not at Fedora site)
1:36AM 1 Virtual Desktop isn't working.
Saturday June 6 2009
11:44PM 2 Installation of wine not working on fedora 10
10:26PM 3 Punkbuster Support...
6:46PM 4 Wine Package Manager
3:17PM 4 Team Fortress 2 Issues
1:24PM 1 Run wine in the second screen with one XServer
11:52AM 1 Memory Leak when using winsock.shutdown ?
10:25AM 1 common controls 6.0
8:16AM 0 Text corruption in DAoC Labyrinth - no error?
5:37AM 2 time of writing
5:00AM 2 Is it possible to set/fake Mac Address / HWaddr ?
2:20AM 2 Wine Crash and Total Failure
2:05AM 1 Re: Compatibility regression after migrating to 64 bit Linux
Friday June 5 2009
10:09PM 3 Sims 3 stopped working
7:35PM 2 Re: Memory Leak when using winsock.shutdown ?
5:40PM 0 Sroking bot silkroad online
5:24PM 1 escape from monkey island direct3D problem
2:50PM 5 Warcraft 3 ubuntu 9.04 wine 1.1.20 crash
1:47PM 1 Audio in OpenSolaris 2009.06 x86
1:44PM 2 Oracle 6i on Wine
1:37PM 2 Ubuntu 9.04. Wine totally removed and now impossible reinst
12:25PM 7 [] Error 2 in Hardy 64bit
5:34AM 1 Installation Issues RE Counterstrike
5:14AM 1 Problems with pbuffers
5:08AM 3 microsoft powerpoint won't start on fedora 10.
4:31AM 1 Non-english character issue with uTorrent
3:22AM 1 Video Card
2:00AM 7 Reporting a Complaint
Thursday June 4 2009
8:43PM 1 Sims 3 issue
7:58PM 1 workaround for MSVCRT_operator_new in 64bit wine
7:58PM 0 pXRF software installs but generates Run-time error 380
7:27PM 10 vm86 mode is not supported
7:02PM 2 Problem compiling Wine with Freetype on Ubuntu Hardy 64
4:26PM 5 Error code definitions and resolutions ...
3:37PM 0 Ubuntu Wine build parameters
3:36PM 0 Anybody else having a problem installing programs with today's git?
1:04PM 3 Wine menu dont show in application menu
11:42AM 0 Blade of Darkness and intel945
11:07AM 2 Accessing NTFS folders
9:32AM 0 How to rip DVD, convert video, transfer iPod music and make
8:00AM 0 CounterStrike Source / TF2 Hard Lockup
4:49AM 0 Re: The meaning of L"\??\C:\Program Files..."?
2:00AM 2 take and look and give your opinion
Wednesday June 3 2009
10:34PM 0 The meaning of L"\\??\\C:\\Program Files\..."?
9:31PM 1 Unreal Tournament 3 Mouse Bug
7:07PM 3 Wine Installation Error
5:18PM 5 World of warcraft shuts down
2:38PM 1 Start of programs processing expansions in cmd.exe
11:12AM 1 Personal Composer
9:29AM 2 How to Rip DVD, Convert Video to iPhone, backup iPhone info,
9:12AM 2 Crashday: RakNet.dll failed to initialize
8:48AM 1 installing latest wine
7:06AM 2 Noob: Program ran on wine in Ultimate Ubuntu, and not Mint?
6:54AM 2 FC10_64 nvidia drivers and openGL D3D problem
2:16AM 3 Getting a Simple Direct X program to Run.
Tuesday June 2 2009
7:25PM 2 Two wine in one pc.
7:17PM 5 (Dar)Wine and The Bat!
7:15PM 0 printing issue?? what could be wrong?
6:49PM 1 How to see what Wine is detecting my VRam as
5:59PM 1 [b]WINE X SLED 10[/b]
5:43PM 1 switching between 2 applications in Wine quickly
5:24PM 1 Google SketchUp 7 won't start again.
3:37PM 2 Help setting graphics in "configure wine"
2:51PM 0 Brand new Unlocked Apple iPhone 3G For sale at Just $280usd
2:50PM 1 Call of Duty 4 Won't Run
9:03AM 2 Aiding Wine
8:47AM 1 Run time error '5'
1:27AM 1 Program sees RAM as a negative number
1:21AM 2 How to install Mass Effect in wine
Monday June 1 2009
10:31PM 3 Another app that crashes InstallShield
7:47PM 9 Noob Hyperlobby help please.
6:31PM 0 Day of defeat 1.3 mic issues
6:21PM 12 Gecko issues
5:48PM 5 Changing a Regedit and Half Life/CS Out
1:20PM 1 Super Newb Question
12:09PM 3 Problem EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)
10:51AM 5 A Sims Oddity
9:57AM 5 class not registered
1:27AM 7 unable to satisfy dependacy on wine-bin?