samba - Oct 2006

Tuesday October 31 2006
9:33PM 1 Home shares not mapped with netlogon
9:22PM 0 Suse+Yast+Webmin
8:23PM 2 again on file corruption
5:53PM 0 Samba Wins Problem
3:56PM 0 Some accounts getting locked after server upgrade
2:05PM 0 Subject: Samba 3.0.23c + Win2K AD, can't mount shares (PANIC: internal error)
1:35PM 1 CIFS mounting - can a remote directory be specified?
1:14PM 0 winbind error
1:03PM 1 Winbind mappings change over time
12:52PM 0 samba server suddenly denies loggins
10:43AM 0 Problem saving opendocument files
2:30AM 0 On Solaris8 install samba show error: open failed: No such file or directory
12:00AM 2 severe problem with ms-word 97-2000 read only saving files
Monday October 30 2006
9:21PM 4 Samba-OpenLDAP and AD question..
9:18PM 1 Samba + Mac OS 9
8:45PM 0 problem's from Rehat to OSX
8:34PM 2 Cant Login - Config && Logs
8:30PM 0 What is the difference between 3.013 and 3.020?
8:20PM 1 Samba not authenticating AD users on shares
8:20PM 0 Password from Windows XP
7:04PM 2 Samba locking fails over NFS
6:59PM 1 Documentation Inconsistency - enable privileges
6:32PM 4 Excel Read only file bug back on 3.0.23x?
4:03PM 1 Cant login to Samba PDC
3:58PM 3 Samba Breaks with ACLs
3:39PM 0 net ads join segfault (samba 3.0.23c)
3:30PM 0 3.0.23c Profile issues
2:48PM 0 Followup re: pam_winbind and "never expires" passwords
11:43AM 0 RE How do I ask samba to synch database with ldap?
11:06AM 0 Limiting smbd process / active sessions of Samba server
10:41AM 0 namecache_shutdown: Couldn't close namecache on top of gencache
12:23AM 0 SMB share visible but not its work group
Sunday October 29 2006
9:39PM 0 windows nt4, 2k cannot join samba domain
6:07PM 0 pam_winbind fails with "never expires" password in v. 3.0.23c
4:41PM 3 Solved for 1/1300?
4:27PM 1 dmapi doesn't work on aix; possible fix included
4:22PM 0 Samba quit working
3:28PM 1 Resolve Domain
Saturday October 28 2006
10:03PM 0 share subdir (permission problem)
5:33AM 0 How do I ask samba to synch database with ldap?
4:48AM 0 Authentication problem netbios vs ip address
4:47AM 0 Samba cant detect other windows computers
4:47AM 0 Slow Write from XP to SAMBA 3.0.22
4:47AM 0 Account lockout - Bad password count
4:47AM 0 getent shows only local information
4:47AM 1 samba problem
4:47AM 0 subscribe
Friday October 27 2006
8:58PM 2 Join Samba Server to Windows 2003 domain
3:43PM 0 Users Losing Data - Excel Files Not Locking Properly
3:29PM 0 Unable to save permission changes on share access is denied - urgent due to live server !
1:20PM 0 Browse Domain users from XP client -not possible - urgent!
12:39PM 0 pdbedit uses debug level from smb.conf
8:00AM 0 Re: Tell Samba, it should not allocate disk memory before copying a file
7:28AM 2 Freebsd 6.1 and Kerberos in rc.conf
4:11AM 2 Telnet and SSH login problems with Red Hat Enterprise ES4
1:01AM 0 lib/util.c:smb_panic(1614)
Thursday October 26 2006
10:00PM 0 Re: Copying Files from XP to Samba (help needed)
9:57PM 1 samba slow writing from XP except w/VNC in background
9:31PM 0 invoke smbcacls with RAP protocol?
9:24PM 1 Suse Linux Enterprise 10 and Samba PDC
7:56PM 0 NT coexistence scenario with kerberized SAMBA and MIT single-signon
6:49PM 0 smbd Process Changes Ownership - lsof output
5:38PM 1 Wrong groups with 'wbinfo -r user' but right groups with 'id user'
5:32PM 3 wbinfo -u works, getent passwd doesn't, not nsswitch.conf
2:13PM 1 File size limits with samba 3.0.20b and FreeBSD 5.3
10:54AM 2 netlogon error
10:06AM 1 group policy editing
8:46AM 0 Please help! Samba + MS Word
5:40AM 8 Problem mounting with credentials file
1:14AM 0 Problem building 3.0.11on AIX 5.2
1:14AM 1 smb_add_request: request timed out!
1:14AM 0 timeout (?) w/ winbindd auth in samba 3.0.23c
1:14AM 1 Mapping unix users
1:14AM 0 latest version for HP-UX 11.22 (11i Version 1.6)
1:14AM 1 SAMBA under DEBIAN Problems
Wednesday October 25 2006
10:22PM 1 smbldap-tools, gecos, & displayName
4:58PM 0 Some curious problems migrating from 3.0.10 to 3.0.23c on new server
4:24PM 0 files are getting saved as tmp files on the first save on Samba shares
4:02PM 0 Joining ADS with 3.0.23a-c
3:03PM 0 Windows XP Pro can not join Samba 3 on RHLE4
2:08PM 1 Group Account Operators does not work
1:42PM 0 smb.conf man page "kernel oplocks" on Linux 2.4 only.
1:33PM 0 Tell Samba, it should not allocate disk memory before copying file
12:30PM 3 Samba 3.0.23c Install on Solaris9
12:26PM 1 net ads join problem
10:45AM 2 Logon script with Administrator rights
12:40AM 0 Problems with samba on RHEL4 (was ok on RHEL3)
Tuesday October 24 2006
8:44PM 0 Win XP Pro x64 and roaming profiles
8:43PM 0 RE: Space information (free or used) of samba share not shown in windows
7:57PM 1 samba pdc with ldap backend setup problems
4:27PM 0 Backup Exec 10.0 & Samba samba-3.0.6-2.3E
4:04PM 2 Question about Case Insensitivity
11:32AM 0 samba becomes unreliable on upgrading to SOlaris 10
11:29AM 2 Alternative to smbldap-tools
10:39AM 0 upgarde from 3.0.14a -> 3.0.23c issues
7:51AM 0 Howto merge two domains
7:39AM 0 Samba 3.0.22-11 as PDC with openLDAP 2.3.19 => Problem with Shares
1:49AM 0 Drivers D-link DFE-530TX Fash Ethernet
1:49AM 0 smbd not terminated after user logout
1:49AM 0 samba authentication problem
1:49AM 1 Samba config
Monday October 23 2006
10:31PM 0 problem with winbind and samba, share1 works but share2 doesn't work.
8:33PM 0 smbclient problem plz help!!
8:02PM 2 Windows Vista RC2 can't delete Samba Directories
3:38PM 1 compile samba 3.0.23c statically
3:32PM 0 slow file open
3:22PM 1 Getting users and groups through winbind on FreeBSD
12:58AM 0 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11
Sunday October 22 2006
11:26PM 0 failing to browse unix shares with samba 3.0.2a
5:46PM 1 Shares Work, Browsing Doesn't
10:13AM 0 Migration of Samba Accounts to Active Directory
7:49AM 1 Arc Serve Backup
7:38AM 0 Port options in FreeBSD 6.1
Saturday October 21 2006
4:45AM 0 Usrmgr cannot add groups with ldap backend
2:06AM 0 The share name is a valid user?
Friday October 20 2006
11:52PM 1 CIDR prefix with a non-multiple of 8
7:53PM 2 could not read attribute 'msSFU30UidNumber'
4:22PM 0 Roaming Profile Folders Pulled Over Read-Only
2:56PM 1 user can't logon to specific computer: creds_server_check failed
12:04PM 2 PDC: client has "profile.pds" trouble
10:05AM 0 Samba with multiple locations
8:45AM 0 samba domain member server
8:06AM 0 changing default profile folders
7:56AM 1 Samba3.023c host can't join 2003AD on Freebsd6.1 AMD64
6:44AM 1 Mounting XP box - ERRnoaccess
6:24AM 1 Which ports for samba?
Thursday October 19 2006
11:09PM 0 Unable to log on (authenticating) to a Samba NT Domain
8:12PM 0 Browse Domain users from XP client -not possible
5:05PM 1 3.0.14 to 3.0.23c Invalid SID
11:45AM 0 AIX 5.2 Samba 3.0.23c Samba peculiarities
10:09AM 2 URGENT: erreur "oplock_break: receive_smb timed out after 30 seconds" ???
8:43AM 1 trouble with samba access and groups
1:58AM 0 LDAP Authentication (Linux Documentation Wiki)
Wednesday October 18 2006
11:02PM 0 FreeBSD 6.1 ACL support
10:22PM 0 samba member server auth issue
10:05PM 0 Samba BDC rejected or stuck waiting
9:51PM 2 nss didn't list winbind user/groups
9:24PM 1 winbind separator
7:34PM 0 When trying to attach to Samba shares Forced to Authenticate from Windows XP box as guest
6:31PM 1 Profile permissions issue? Samba and FDS problem
6:01PM 0 Charset problems ...
3:20PM 2 LDAP with SAMBA not as PDC
12:19PM 1 FW: Re: Migration NT4 domain to Samba/LDAP howto
10:52AM 0 mapping SID - UID, GID with SFU 3.5
8:56AM 1 samba 4
5:05AM 1 Slow browsing
1:30AM 2 net rpc password?
12:36AM 1 Samba binaries for HPUX 10.20
12:36AM 0 Can't start new version of Samba
12:35AM 1 Strange Samba permissions
Tuesday October 17 2006
7:15PM 1 Permissions and CIFS
6:50PM 1 NT4 to Samba Migration and Trusted Domains
6:06PM 0 Strange Log messages after Samba upgrade
2:42PM 0 Problem with extra accounts
2:25PM 0 Winbind(?) woes after hard disk full
2:19PM 0 domain-member and groups
11:30AM 4 Migration NT4 domain to Samba/LDAP howto
11:17AM 1 Sambas as PDC, remote and mobile users question
10:23AM 1 winbind: wbinfo -g sees "domain users", getent group does not
6:48AM 1 Vampire and spaces
Monday October 16 2006
8:58PM 0 Windows Clients unable to browse NTFS disk via samba
8:11PM 1 no frills samba server
5:43PM 0 Samba 3.0.23/AIX5.3.03/Windows 2003 Server
4:50PM 0 Problem registering printer driver files with samba
8:46AM 0 Best practise when adding AD users from Samba
1:36AM 1 domain PDC problem
12:19AM 1 Problem with Samba PDC LDAP backend and groups
12:19AM 0 MS PhotoDraw save problems
12:19AM 0 Valid users not working
12:19AM 1 Samba and MySQL Integration
Sunday October 15 2006
8:05PM 0 nmbd problems with secondary lo
12:43PM 0 multiple smbd/nmbd on one machine
10:08AM 2 Domain Groups missing
4:19AM 0 Samba interview on FLOSS weekly podcast.
2:29AM 3 open(2) O_DIRECT on smbmount gives EINVAL
Saturday October 14 2006
6:37PM 1 rrd tool to make samba usage graphs?
4:02PM 2 (no subject)
2:47PM 0 Samba can't recongize machine account stored in LDAP
12:31PM 0 Error ldapsam
12:21AM 0 ADS authentication in disjointed, multiple forest
Friday October 13 2006
10:16PM 1 smb.conf ignores "ldap user suffix"
9:18PM 0 joining AD issue
8:41PM 0 Samba Default ACL
7:50PM 2 Samba 3.0.22 disconnects workstations
7:13PM 1 Windows 2000 Authentication
4:11PM 4 Home Directories on the fly?
1:36PM 0 FreeBSD fileserver and NT4 domain
11:28AM 0 IdealX Samba Console on Debian Sarge
9:49AM 2 ADS help
Thursday October 12 2006
7:56PM 1 OT again--using NT system policy editor
7:46PM 1 install failing on bsd
4:56PM 0 WINS hook does not work okay.
4:07PM 0 suggestions for eventlog feature
3:47PM 0 issues adding XP clients to domain
12:42PM 1 Error message - what does it mean ?
11:50AM 2 Group Policies
10:58AM 0 Problem with samba and mounted devices.
8:27AM 0 WG: Samba ignores groups for ACL !
7:28AM 0 After some time win98 clients hangs - samba 3.0.23c
6:42AM 1 Samba 3.0.23c, ACL and Debian Sarge
6:38AM 0 Workgroup or domain
5:46AM 1 Problems on FC4 with roaming profiles
3:03AM 0 Problem: samba refuse my user with error message : NT_STATUS_NO_ SUCH_USER
2:57AM 0 Failed to set servicePrincipalNames 3.023rc3
2:55AM 0 Cannot conect LDAP to Kerberos
Wednesday October 11 2006
9:35PM 1 dynamic shares
8:37PM 0 Connection denied due to security descriptor
6:55PM 0 suggestion for svcctl
5:39PM 1 smbclient sending output to stdout
4:19PM 0 "test page failed to print" - How to I resolve this?
3:04PM 3 PLEASE HELP - MAC NEWBIE - MAC OS X 10.4.8 (Intel) compiling errors of Samba 3.0.23.c
12:32PM 0 smb_offset_t
9:18AM 0 acl and force directory mode 3775 issue
9:06AM 1 Problem adding printer drivers
9:06AM 0 Re: Problem adding printer drivers
9:06AM 0 Re: Problem adding printer drivers
5:11AM 1 Architecture VPN and Samba with ADS 2003 help needed
3:17AM 1 Can I provide Samba file sharing to machines on many subnets
Tuesday October 10 2006
8:13PM 2 somewhat OT--windows logon script
7:05PM 1 cannot join to domain
6:38PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Authenticating Linux Against AD with Winbind]
5:35PM 0 Samba share and --ghost'ed automount hierarchy
4:41PM 3 Can't map ntgroup to unix group
4:38PM 1 smdb crash with parameter "force user" using Windows AD user (DOMAIN+user1)
4:05PM 2 Can't Write to Samba Share
2:19PM 1 Profiles utility not obtaining SID
1:13PM 0 Need for in 3.0.23c?
12:45PM 1 how to modify or remove a post?
12:19PM 2 slow profiles
11:55AM 1 Upgrade Samba version
10:39AM 0 Combining mod_auth_winbind with other authorization modules
10:00AM 0 Best way to do simple Samba for very small office.
9:30AM 1 Providing samab services to multiple subnets?
6:37AM 1 [Follow-UP] samba BDC + LDAP slave Referral errors
12:36AM 1 failure to add a machine to domain
Monday October 9 2006
9:41PM 1 Login to domain.
8:10PM 1 Authenticating Linux Against AD with Winbind
8:09PM 0 svcctl service names
7:26PM 1 Unable to add an xp machine to my domain
6:57PM 1 multiple groups by the same name
6:15PM 1 "x" permission interpretation under Windows
4:54PM 1 windows doesn't show groups in security tab of file properties
4:46PM 0 Mandriva Upgrade / Migration path from 3.0.14a
4:06PM 0 session setup failed: NT_STATUS_REQUEST_NOT_ACCEPTED
2:45PM 0 Indexing and searching samba shares in a windows environment
2:25PM 0 wbinfo -r returns only 16 groups (sometimes)
2:06PM 1 member server 3.0.23c drives me nuts
8:56AM 2 GetDC got invalid response type 21
8:11AM 1 AW: AW: Samba ignores groups for ACL !
Sunday October 8 2006
5:24PM 0 User auth + pc check
6:35AM 1 how to remove debug info in the source code
12:18AM 0 Problem with Samba 3.0.10 as PDC & WinXP clients
Saturday October 7 2006
1:40PM 0 smb_add_request problem
11:45AM 0 Any howto about "single sign on" available?
7:47AM 0 Starting tcpdump increases Samba performance 20 times
2:59AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 46, Issue 2
Friday October 6 2006
10:28PM 0 Samba and Win 2003 AD Question
5:26PM 4 Samba Anonymous LDAP Authentication
4:39PM 1 On Machine Accounts
2:38PM 1 Samba 3 LDAP password policies
2:23PM 0 Samba and NFS file access problem.
1:37PM 0 Problem with ntlm authentication - Please help!!
1:14PM 1 XP start menu
1:04PM 0 Re: Samba 3.0.23c and libiconv on AIX 5.3
12:28PM 2 Office: File currently in use by user xyz problem!
12:22PM 1 [Fwd: Interdomain Trust: winbind not working]
8:39AM 1 Samba as PDC, LDAP-based authentication for windows & linux clients
8:09AM 0 couldn't find service print$.
3:43AM 0 ADS authentication issues.
1:42AM 2 smbd hanging on OS X 10.4.8
Thursday October 5 2006
11:59PM 0 6713 auth requests from single user
7:36PM 1 Winbindd and getent group problem
11:01AM 0 How to map locked account connection to guest ?
10:08AM 2 Issues after Samba updating a Samba PDC to 3.0.23c
5:12AM 0 Getting "Specified network name is no longer available" on large (>100MB) files...
Wednesday October 4 2006
9:14PM 1 smbstatus
9:14PM 1 Samba 3.0.21 and after creates ldapsam:trusted display problems in User Manager?
9:14PM 1 GFS and samba problem, again
9:13PM 1 SAMBA - Windows XP Long Filenames
9:10PM 2 Windows client does not recognize password change...
8:01PM 1 NT Workstation and Samba PDC
5:46PM 1 wins.dat file
4:51PM 1 problems adding a computer to LDAP domain in 3.0.23c
3:36PM 3 I have to keep removing and readding systems to my domain:
2:38PM 1 Researching possible windows solutions...
8:27AM 3 PDC as wins server
7:41AM 1 Samba - CUPS - Fax
Tuesday October 3 2006
10:06PM 2 Samba PDC...need help granting domain admin access
9:39PM 0 Problems after replacing Domain Controller
9:01PM 0 Help! Newbie
8:13PM 1 way to make files not show up until completely transferred?
6:50PM 0 no ads join with samba3-3.0.23 whereas 3.0.12-5 works
5:46PM 0 Access denied when joining
3:09PM 0 Sid S-0-0 is not in a valid format
2:53PM 1 Samba 3.0.23c memory usage increased ten fold to over 70Mb / smbd process
2:02PM 0 Ldap
1:54PM 0 Joining windows client to Samba Domain
1:47PM 1 Fatch user's from LDAP
11:54AM 0 Samba Compile Error
10:12AM 2 Two domains on one network?
9:43AM 1 XP/W2K on Samba 3
9:20AM 1 HP Toolbox kills Samba
7:52AM 0 eDirectory vs Samba+OpenLDAP
6:09AM 0 Some help needed in Romania with some settings
6:09AM 0 problem accessing Windows XP computer
6:09AM 2 Samba 3.0.23c-1.fc5 problem - groups
6:09AM 0 Problem with groups - Samba panic - update 3.0.23c-1.fc5
Monday October 2 2006
11:45PM 1 problem accessing Windows XP as a client
10:50PM 1 change passwd from windows--more grief
9:41PM 0 ridmap info has changed
6:03PM 0 Kinit failed: Clients credentials have been revoked
3:26PM 0 Samba not expanding AD groups
1:12PM 0 Invalid Pipe Handle
10:32AM 1 Auth Problem
10:01AM 2 fully qualified usernames ??
7:31AM 6 Horrible write performance from XP to Samba
6:56AM 3 How to copy a file from linux to window pc
4:22AM 0 Samba AD support with openldap and SASL
Sunday October 1 2006
8:38PM 0 slow wan to wan samba connection
7:56PM 0 inverse veto files
7:56PM 0 [Fwd: Re: How to tell Samba not to use the passwd file]
7:28PM 1 vfs object recycle: could two shares use the same repository?
12:23PM 1 How to handle domain logout?
2:04AM 1 How to handle domain logons if users using same accountname are logged on the same time?