samba - Nov 2006

Thursday November 30 2006
11:35PM 1 Samba 3.0.23c won't let NT4 access shares
10:50PM 1 Compatability Issue?
10:10PM 0 Password sync between Windows servers
10:09PM 1 Sharing GDI printers
7:22PM 1 samba 3.0.23d on ubuntu - ADS member -failed to verify ticket
7:13PM 0 Can't connect to vfat Share
6:36PM 1 Failed to set socket option SO_KEEPALIVE (Error Invalid argument) error on Samba 3.0.10 on Solaris 8
5:42PM 1 Error: Failed to open /etc/samba/secrets.tbd
3:30PM 0 intermittent login problems (netbios related perhaps ??)
3:02PM 2 Samba File Shares growing out of control
12:56PM 1 Strange behaviour with shares
7:19AM 1 howto force file deletion with restricted permissions
4:28AM 1 cannot share directories other than on root mount?
4:28AM 0 Samba 4's Embedded Kerberos and LDAP Server
Wednesday November 29 2006
7:57PM 1 Basic Read ONly share with admin write access?
5:41PM 0 Joining xp client to samba nt4 domain problem
5:33PM 0 Commands made by SAMBA when users log in and out...
3:35PM 1 usrmgr.exe issues
3:25PM 0 Samba with windows XP user acl
9:22AM 2 75 seconds timeout when negotiating with smbd.
9:14AM 0 Unable to create directory
6:18AM 2 Samba and Heimdal Kerberos V Authentication
2:53AM 3 Access to home drive
Tuesday November 28 2006
11:36PM 6 Disconnected network drive
10:20PM 0 Fwd: Prayer "For Fiji Ever Fiji"
10:05PM 2 PPP + ntlm_auth
7:15PM 0 suggestion: hide Unix UGO permissions when mode is 0
6:19PM 5 Shadow Copy Client blank, with error in logs
6:16PM 1 Windows security policy
5:29PM 1 Windows XP share charset problem
5:01PM 0 Ntlm_auth Problem (resend)
4:25PM 0 Samba 3 PDC Home Folder
3:55PM 1 Duplicate Icons on Desktop after Upgrade
2:00PM 1 to AD or not to AD
6:30AM 1 Cannot rename file
5:33AM 0 joining windows machines to samba 3.023c + openldap 2.3.11
Monday November 27 2006
11:19PM 0 ntlm_auth problem
7:19PM 1 Log levels
5:05PM 0 Samba 3.0.x to HP CIFS Server move
4:42PM 1 Samba Domain Problem
3:22PM 1 Problem with Samba 3.0.23c-d
3:04PM 2 Problema ao Logar no Dominio
3:04PM 0 (no subject)
2:08PM 1 Samba 3.0.23d & /etc/krb5.keytab
1:26PM 2 Shares problem
1:07PM 0 HP Photosmart C6180 and smbclient (and other unix based smb clients)
12:17PM 3 Migrate a Samba 3.0 PDC from Redhat 9 to Debian Sarge
3:01AM 1 cd rom cannot share in my workgroup
Sunday November 26 2006
11:39PM 0 Each new version of samba has new ways of not working for me: 3.0.23d - some iconv trouble
7:40PM 1 starting Samba and removing PCNetlink
12:29AM 2 Samba Install Dependencies - ADS Security Mode
Saturday November 25 2006
8:22PM 0 share issues..
4:22PM 2 Impossible to change Primary group
10:54AM 0 Full domain name vs NetBIOS domain name
10:19AM 1 Migrating to samba from windows NT domain
5:25AM 0 machine account isn't created in LDAP database&In-Reply-To=
1:21AM 1 Possible memory leak in smbd?
1:19AM 1 Preference of local or domain profile
12:42AM 1 changing passwd on ms machine as well as server
Friday November 24 2006
8:28PM 1 Domain controller problems
7:14PM 0 Question regarding logging of account deletion and disablement from smbpasswd
6:17PM 2 Files mysteriously are limited around 2GB
1:53PM 0 Trouble compiling 3.0.23d
11:31AM 0 samba-3.0.23d server doesn't join in domain
8:32AM 0 PASSDB: LDAP and domain account
7:40AM 1 Samba + LDAP + ┬┐Kerberos?
6:35AM 1 Know all user of one group with winbind/wbinfo ?
6:20AM 0 Winbind and Multiple ADS.
2:50AM 1 Configuring interfaces for Samba-By-Example Ch 3
1:34AM 0 Software for AIX available [WAS: AIX Testers Needed].
Thursday November 23 2006
1:24PM 2 Do anyone know the solution...
1:17PM 0 Samba With Errors
12:43PM 0 Migrating from Samba 2 to Samba 3
11:50AM 2 smb + nfs lock problem
7:06AM 1 samba crashing on startup
6:33AM 0 samba connection problem when volume is under LVM snapshot
6:09AM 3 Problems with wins server
5:11AM 4 Windows XP refresh Problem
12:19AM 0 execute-open access in samba
Wednesday November 22 2006
7:05PM 1 Confused about Active Directory, Winbind, and Kerberos
7:04PM 0 (no subject)
7:00PM 3 new to samba question
5:50PM 0 RES: Acess windows 2003 to samba 3.0.10
5:20PM 0 security at user level and public access
3:05PM 0 Join to AD and different problems
2:32PM 0 vs Samba
11:51AM 0 lib/sysquotas.c:sys_get_quota(421) Error
11:36AM 1 Strange behavior when join a domain
10:55AM 3 Permissions on Domain Admin created files
9:44AM 1 smb_panic
8:36AM 0 Setup advice needed from new user
6:48AM 2 How do I trim messages.tdb??
6:21AM 0 message command
Tuesday November 21 2006
11:27PM 1 pdc on linux and not 200 server
10:57PM 0 Question on profile precidence
10:51PM 0 Winbind against a Netware PDC
9:22PM 1 SRV RR in DNS
9:21PM 0 question about dcpromo
9:21PM 3 need unix to windows solution
9:21PM 0 samba: /etc/hosts.allow file example please
9:21PM 0 Samba on LAN
9:21PM 0 Strange language problems with roaming profiles
9:21PM 2 Cant access shares with netbios name
9:21PM 0 intermittent NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
7:22PM 3 Strange nslookup results and can┬┤t join ad domain
6:50PM 11 what OS do you use for Samba?
6:39PM 3 Cannot change any password
5:15PM 0 samba domain planning questions
4:01PM 0 Can samba mount to SBS2003?
3:18PM 2 PDC/BDC problem - clients not authenticating against BDC
2:43PM 2 XP clients cannot find Samba
2:27PM 0 3.0.23d - unix sync passwd & passwd program
2:25PM 0 "disk full" error message (again, again)
12:11PM 0 Mount to SBS 2003
10:57AM 1 lock problem solved?
10:25AM 3 Acess windows 2003 to samba 3.0.10
5:04AM 2 Sluething
1:34AM 1 Samba selectively obeying pam restrictions
1:34AM 1 User administrator problem
1:34AM 0 Problem with Swat
Monday November 20 2006
7:39PM 0 FW: "I have no name!" shown as username
4:50PM 2 Slow printing between subnets
3:55PM 0 chdir (/export/share) failed, Access is denied,just went into production!!
3:17PM 0 chdir (/export/share) failed, Access is denied, just went into production!!
3:11PM 1 Winbindd and idletimeout on the LDAP server
3:01PM 1 Machine trust relationship failed
12:32PM 0 Question rgearding gdb and samba
11:23AM 12 Samba fileserver limited to 50 MB/s on gbit
10:49AM 0 Samba 3.0.21c searches trusted domains even if allow trusted domains=No
10:20AM 0 problems mounting Win2003 Server Share - smbclient is working smbmount is not
3:45AM 1 protected file list
1:03AM 0 Compile error
Sunday November 19 2006
9:48PM 0 XP visibility on samba browse master
11:16AM 0 Access Denied Message
11:16AM 0 Problem With Groups in Samba 3.0.23 ?
11:15AM 3 host allow
11:15AM 0 map a subdirectory
11:15AM 0 problem authenticating to domain member server
7:56AM 2 upgraded to samba-3.0.23c = continous password prompts on shares
Saturday November 18 2006
8:13PM 0 crashing smbd spawns
8:27AM 0 assigning letter in smb.conf other than logon drive
8:15AM 0 problem connection with XP pro client
8:12AM 2 can't join samba to win2k3 domain - please help
Friday November 17 2006
10:16PM 1 Error "process_local_master_announce error"
9:49PM 1 Unable to Save Permission Changes on "share" on "server" Access Denied.
9:04PM 0 W2000 AD - Samba-3.0.23d authorization problem
7:50PM 0 Groups not working with Security=ads
7:33PM 1 Excel 2003 open/save problem
1:50PM 3 Very slow changing permissions from Windows client
1:27PM 2 Logging to MySQL
10:23AM 0 how to block a folder with password
7:14AM 0 Power Users group mapping doesn't work
5:21AM 1 Groups not emulating in Samba3.0.23d-SerNet-RedHat
2:20AM 3 "I have no name!" shown as username
1:57AM 0 Samba Issue (Error 1240 - The Account Is Not Authorized to Login from This Station )
Thursday November 16 2006
9:25PM 0 Hosts allow, SSH and DSL dynamic IPs
9:25PM 0 reg Linux system integration with windows network
7:50PM 3 STATUS_INVALID_LOCK_SEQUENCE when writing to a file....
5:14PM 1 Last Modified Date different on files after Daylight Savings
4:48PM 1 [3.0.23d] winbind: ads_connect for domain X failed: Operations error
4:13PM 0 wbinfo -g problems
2:59PM 0 stale locks
12:26PM 0 time delay in group listing on win-machines
11:18AM 2 Samba -> Linux copies fine, Samba -> Windows hangs all existing connections
10:45AM 0 Incorrect handling of group permissions
10:12AM 0 Linux export always RO to PC no matter what
2:16AM 3 password strength
Wednesday November 15 2006
9:29PM 1 Permission denied errors when accessing shares on second DC after upgrade to 3.0.23c
9:09PM 0 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 10 (Samba v. 3.0.10 in OS X 10.4.2)
9:09PM 1 Uploading printer driver
9:09PM 0 NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS if Domain Controller is absent
9:09PM 2 script for VFS module shadow_copy
9:09PM 2 Samba 4 TP3 won't configure
9:09PM 0 3.0.23c , excel locking problem
8:00PM 1 winbind: getent passwd displays the user, but SAMBA says Get_Pwnam_internals didn't find user
7:21PM 0 Linux export always R/O to PC no matter what
6:41PM 7 Samba 3.0.23d Available for Download
5:50PM 1 PAM authentication to Active Directory
5:46PM 3 AutoCad and ArcView
5:03PM 1 Multiple interfaces problem
4:28PM 0 Documented format of smbusers file??
3:42PM 2 samba3.0.23c + cups1.1.23 unexpected pause on some printers
3:42PM 0 3.0.22-3.0.23 upgrade -> problems with session closing unexpectly
2:37PM 1 different mask for directory inside another share
2:17PM 0 Windows printer status update fails
12:05AM 0 3.0.22 becomes non-responsive
Tuesday November 14 2006
8:42PM 2 IP-to-Username lookups
7:35PM 0 proper usage of copy= parameter
4:29PM 0 Does Samba cache it's initial netbios name?
2:07PM 1 unix group membership -- broken in 3.0.23c?
1:11PM 2 cant save to smb from apps?
12:42PM 1 Javascript to access AD?
9:51AM 1 Samba 3.0.23c PANIC with LDAP
9:49AM 0 Samba 3.0.23c PANIC during registering computer into domain
9:41AM 4 Samba 3.0.14 (Debian Sarge) Memory Leakage
Monday November 13 2006
11:45PM 0 Following directory symlinks across partitions
11:01PM 4 Trouble Renaming Computer
9:37PM 0 Inherited permissions problem
8:13PM 0 apache, apache's mod-auth-pam, and pam_winbind : no nested groups
4:59PM 1 again about "Account is not authorized to login from this station"
4:37PM 0 Do I need nmbd with AD samba?
4:00PM 1 when 3.0.24???
2:41PM 2 Only admin user can print?
2:35PM 2 notepad selfstart on login
1:31PM 0 need special chars in file & dir names (\)
12:51PM 2 URGENT problem in production enviroment 3.0.23c-1
11:13AM 0 Reducing spurious change notifications on a mounted Win XP share
10:06AM 1 Windows 2003 AD <-> Samba 3.0.23c
6:56AM 1 Line Breaks in Logon Banner Text
4:28AM 2 Samba 3 and Windows 2003 Active Directory
3:59AM 0 Access denied when trying to copy a file to a samba share
Sunday November 12 2006
7:01PM 2 Winbindd Question
4:44PM 2 Problem in production enviroment 3.0.23c-1
4:34PM 1 Samba Team Asks Novell to Reconsider
1:11PM 1 Netbios Problem
Saturday November 11 2006
11:12PM 1 Bug in Samba 3.0.23c-1
4:38PM 1 Netbios and Zeroconf?
2:39AM 0 can't start smbd
12:43AM 1 getting linux to authenticate with windows 2003
Friday November 10 2006
11:15PM 2 Checklist for eDirectory back-end?
7:14PM 3 getent passwd
6:05PM 2 problem with authentication of groups(users) on share directories
6:05PM 1 problem with files in excel when opened with the samba
4:27PM 0 "net ads keytab create" failing
1:54PM 1 Problem following symbolic links Samba 3.0.23c-1
1:39PM 0 Problems in getting files from FreeBSD server
1:35PM 0 Problems with getting files from Samba
10:09AM 1 Strange problem with accounts
8:56AM 2 SAMBA don't start
1:58AM 0 libsmb/cliconnect.o build/build/krb5/lib/
Thursday November 9 2006
10:47PM 7 Weird Samba upload performance on Gigabit network
7:52PM 3 Newbie looking to move from Netware to Linux/Samba
6:36PM 1 User/group mapping
5:58PM 0 unix alias and Samba
5:53PM 0 Usernames with mixed case problems
10:20AM 1 netbios name resolution stops working after device change
5:35AM 0 share problem
5:18AM 0 net view \\machine\Admin$ fails with "_net_sam_logon: creds_server_step failed. Rejecting auth request from client ..." on the samba pdc side
Wednesday November 8 2006
7:21PM 0 No space left on device (mounted windows share)
6:15PM 0 redhat 8 and large files
5:54PM 1 BDC nmblookup and net getlocalsid not working
5:34PM 0 Mapping of Windows SID to existing UNIX users not work
4:28PM 0 Small error in samba 3.0.24 cliconnect.c code
10:59AM 1 Samba 3.0.23c: possible bug when printing to WinXP printer
5:02AM 1 what is this error
4:45AM 4 Trouble doing a remote shutdown of a linux machine through samba
1:37AM 2 doc and settings on a linux machine
Tuesday November 7 2006
11:42PM 0 some directories not accessible
11:06PM 4 Samba v3.0.23c + FreeBSD 6.1 - Failed to set servicePrincipalNames
9:11PM 0 3.0.23c with LDAP: 'valid users' not working
7:10PM 0 Shared resources with SAMBA+OpenLDAP
5:14PM 0 Can't change passwords samba 3.0.23c
4:58PM 0 deadtime parameter does not work ?
4:52PM 1 smb + ldap: changing passwords from windows: SSHA instead of CRYPT
2:43PM 0 Support of Multiple Server Hosting
11:40AM 0 tdb_reopen_all failed
10:55AM 1 samba & MS Access problems
9:20AM 0 PDC of several domains
4:32AM 0 AD groups to unix groups
2:15AM 0 Samba on FC5, "smb" script has problem?
Monday November 6 2006
11:16PM 1 noobie winbind question
10:42PM 2 Samba 3.0.10 / Solaris 8 / Windows 2003
7:05PM 3 Changing expired NT password
5:43PM 2 Samba PDC and Share Folders
5:37PM 0 Locked read/only files problem
4:42PM 2 FC6 and winbind separator ignored?
3:16PM 3 smb.conf 3.0.7 -> 3.0.23c domain master problem
2:34PM 1 Samba with AD
1:13PM 0 problem with windows 98 and dbf?
2:16AM 2 About Microsoft/Novell accord
2:16AM 3 Winbind and AD groups containing groups
Sunday November 5 2006
8:50PM 0 unix password sync not working: "Error was : RAP86: The specified password is invalid"
8:01PM 1 Crippled file list on samba 3.0.23-c2. Debian Etch x64 (files randomly not showing up)
3:02PM 2 Can't set ACL with Windows XP - why?
1:38PM 2 windows 2003 authentification on SAMBA PDC
Saturday November 4 2006
10:54AM 2 Samba, Word and WIN XP
4:35AM 1 SAMBA with PDC
Friday November 3 2006
7:23PM 0 not picking up AD user password change
7:21PM 0 samba stops when cups is giving up
6:33PM 0 FreeBSD 6.1 - winbind - ssh pam problem
4:11PM 1 Cupsaddsmb fails
3:03PM 0 oplocks causing more trouble than benefit ?
2:49PM 1 Netlogon Problem and 3.0.23c
2:30PM 0 cannor browse workgroup
2:12PM 4 Roaming Profile gets deleted
1:45PM 0 smbd server panics, client says connection refused
11:49AM 1 Logging AD domain name in access.log
9:19AM 0 I've upgraded and seem to have SID problems
7:03AM 0 smbtar and smbmount fails, mount -t cifs works
5:42AM 0 User nobody in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!
3:39AM 0 "force user" of domain user fails in 3.0.23c
1:43AM 0 Join to ADS seems to succeed, then immediately fails
1:05AM 3 profile on a remote server
Thursday November 2 2006
10:29PM 1 XP Home can't print to Samba
8:54PM 0 "... is a domain, not a user" error
8:54PM 0 Problems attaching new XP box to samba domain esp. with Roaming Profiles
7:04PM 0 Net use statements hanging at execution after upgrading to 3.0.23c
5:50PM 0 Samba As An Exception to Mirrored Development/Production Env's
5:14PM 0 Question about Printing
4:53PM 0 configuring smb, winbind, kerberos & password snych
1:52PM 1 Problem with copying large amount of files fromw2k3/sp1 to Samba 3.0.23c
1:46PM 0 Samba-ldap permission and access using Microsoft Management Console - persmission to change folder and file access with MS full accees option
11:48AM 1 Problem with copying large amount of files from w2k3/sp1 to Samba 3.0.23c
1:03AM 2 Password change
12:20AM 2 Windows cannot create profile directory
Wednesday November 1 2006
11:38PM 0 Help on symbolic links
10:41PM 1 Request for Feature: Debug IP List
10:34PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.1.1 released
9:35PM 0 Nmblookup
9:35PM 1 Unable to open most files within Linux from a windows share
9:35PM 1 Samba 3.0.23c + Win2K AD, can't mount shares (PANIC: internal error)
9:35PM 1 Call a script after every file modification
9:35PM 0 intermittant browsing / connection problem with imb laptops
9:34PM 0 Re: help with samba
9:34PM 0 machine account isn't created in LDAP database
8:12PM 0 Samba PDC on Gentoo Linux, missing
5:55PM 0 Misunderstanding samba [homes]
5:35PM 0 1 WIN_DOMAIN/2 subdomains
5:01PM 2 object class 'sambaSamAccount' requires attribute 'sambaSID'
3:34PM 1 Windows != Samba - NETBIOS name handling
3:09PM 1 add a 5si jetdirect printer to share
2:52PM 1 Re: Samba 3.0.23c + Win2K AD, can't mount shares (PANIC: internal error)
11:50AM 0 Linux OK, Windows Bad - sharing Linux-hosted SMB files
6:27AM 0 How to stop creation of read-only files?
2:48AM 0 ADS and Winbind problems with joining domain and listing users/ groups
1:53AM 1 Samba can't spool to CUPS. Data not sent to printer