samba - Sep 2006

Saturday September 30 2006
7:03PM 0 why are nmbd browser elections classed as err
6:40PM 1 mssql, problem authenticating from stored procedure...
5:25PM 1 wbinfo -u not working against Windows 2003 DC
1:21PM 1 Accesserror when using smbpasswd
Friday September 29 2006
9:18PM 1 Sync unix and samba passwords
9:16PM 0 permissions behave differently from different programs
9:16PM 1 How can i handle LOGOUT event?
9:16PM 1 smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum - Access denied
6:59PM 1 need %u parameter for lpq command
6:39PM 1 unable to create symlinks on PDC Samba/Ubuntu
2:27PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Samba print problem (everything looks right)]
12:45PM 1 What controls the Read AndX Request byte size?
9:40AM 1 samba in centos 4.4: samba-3.0.10-1.4E.9 versus the latest from sernet samba3-3.0.23c-30
2:09AM 1 Change system/samba password via webmin
12:25AM 0 pam_winbind causing local user login failures on 3.0.23c ... and a couple of other things
Thursday September 28 2006
10:44PM 1 Yet more printing troubles
9:18PM 1 Password Change On Windows
4:17PM 0 FW: Cant correctly join windows 2K3 domain with Gentoo
3:32PM 3 Cannot connect to a windows network
3:31PM 1 How do I force other domains to work?
2:55PM 1 Autentication against BDC first
10:57AM 1 windows AD member
8:41AM 1 problem with cups and samba: printing is disabled
8:11AM 1 initialise_wins failing - failed to open wins.tdb
7:53AM 0 net getlocalsid Segmentation Fault
7:52AM 1 cannot get samba 3.0 to work
7:52AM 1 Password protecting sharing
7:52AM 1 About access controlling of sub directories of a shared directory
3:17AM 1 WINS over subnets
Wednesday September 27 2006
11:50PM 1 samba breaks during user authentication after it was updated
9:18PM 1 samba & ACL questions
8:54PM 1 my samba clients keep randomly dropping out of domain trust
8:34PM 1 PAM vs smbpasswd oddity
8:33PM 2 Problem restricting the access of a particular workstation to a single user
8:24PM 1 AD replication with samba4
4:46PM 1 "refuse machine password change" policy
3:54PM 1 Cannot connect to other domains...
3:38PM 2 GFS and samba
3:27PM 1 Samba for VMS 5.5
2:45PM 2 Truncated username error?
1:22PM 1 Intermittent ACCESS DENIED
12:08PM 3 Critical Bug in Samba 2.0.23c-1 Debian ?
12:01PM 1 Big bug with vfs recycle causing bugs and frequent "Delayed write failure"
9:04AM 1 ypbind
5:31AM 1 The system cannot log you on now because the domain "name" is not available
2:34AM 1 how to add unicode support to samba-2.0.6
2:13AM 2 Samba 3.0.23c panic
12:15AM 2 prevent users from logging in as "nobody"
Tuesday September 26 2006
8:11PM 1 Migrating users
4:16PM 1 Samba cannot
3:55PM 1 Cant correctly join windows 2K3 domain with Gentoo
3:39PM 2 PLEASE HELP! Can't add machines to domain!
2:02PM 1 extended ACLs and Samba
12:57PM 1 Bad magic on Winbind authentication
12:34PM 3 Samba ignores groups for ACL !
12:04PM 1 Domain problem...
11:54AM 4 winbindd cause system hang
10:00AM 0 Trouble cups+samba 3.0.21c
6:54AM 1 password sync unix
3:59AM 1 Automatic Group Shares
2:07AM 0 POSIX ACLs (not Windows)
Monday September 25 2006
11:06PM 1 Windows password change issue
11:05PM 1 Access to admin shares on clients
11:05PM 1 Allowing Domain Admins root access
11:04PM 0 Can't ccess to share disk by XP pro neighboring with samba 2.2.12
11:04PM 2 Can't access to share disk by XP pro neighboring with samba 2.2.12
11:04PM 1 doubt : Samba error mensage (samba version 2.2)
11:04PM 0 NT4/samba question
8:57PM 1 hello and question on Mac OS X Server use of Samba
6:36PM 2 Samba 3.0.23c-1 breaks my home network
6:13PM 1 Fwd: RE: Welcome to the "samba" mailing list
4:41PM 1 Timestamp issues
4:21PM 1 Qustion about shares
3:18PM 2 SAMBA and 2 form factor auth
3:07PM 1 Special Characters
2:09PM 0 Re: XFS and Group Quotas
1:38PM 2 idmap ad and sfu anyone?
1:38PM 2 winbindd and groups
7:21AM 1 Samba/LDAP - using Poledit for security templates.
7:20AM 2 FC5. Samba 3.0.23a Win XP Pro SP2. Cannot logon from XP to samba on Fedora
7:20AM 1 Authentication
7:20AM 1 Internal error-Panic
2:17AM 1 Migrate nt4 domain to samba
Sunday September 24 2006
5:26PM 1 Problems with printing
9:44AM 1 id mapping and tdbsam
9:10AM 1 Can't login into shares
Saturday September 23 2006
5:04PM 1 Apache problem accesing SMB Symlink - OS X 10.4.7
2:00PM 1 can't add computer to domain LDAP SAMBA
1:54PM 2 samba 3.0.23 integrating with Active Directory + Failed to set ServicePrincipalNames
12:30PM 1 Dissapearing printer drivers with 3.0.23c
6:20AM 0 Performance on a home fileserver
3:53AM 0 Openldap-sasl-server versions and how to compile samba in Freebsd
12:36AM 1 Mac can't connect to debian after upgrade to Samba 3.0.23
Friday September 22 2006
7:16PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 45, Issue 29
4:47PM 2 Write list problem
4:33PM 1 Can't get guest users to see a drive without logging in
4:25PM 1 ssh login through AD solution
3:55PM 1 unable to change passwd from win XP
3:14PM 2 Linux Samba to Mac OSX: resource fork lock problems?
9:50AM 3 Problem making directory that already exists from an OS2
9:38AM 1 can't access Samba share when clocks skew is too great
9:12AM 0 error, when searching in AD database
5:47AM 0 Fwd: Force group gid
4:57AM 0 Manually authenticate single user?
4:57AM 2 samba printer share
4:56AM 0 Poor performance getting lots of small files with WinXP/Win2k vs OS2
4:56AM 0 Using samba server on a tiny embedded system
4:17AM 1 Force group gid
Thursday September 21 2006
10:27PM 0 Intermittent problems connecting to Samba share-Domain Ctlr issue
8:36PM 2 Windows Application Overriding Samba Settings
5:26PM 0 Creating many subgroups in my domain
5:17PM 1 smbmount failed
4:50PM 1 current master browser = UNKNOWN / failing WINS test #1 on 3.0.23c
4:29PM 0 Winbindd 3.0.23c crash after 'getent group'
4:12PM 0 Failed to add computers to domain since samba 3.0.23
2:13PM 1 Other domain sequence numbers are -1
12:06PM 1 Unable to connect samba server using hostname [2]
11:29AM 1 Foreign SID's and winbind use default domain
10:34AM 1 winbindd + mod_ntlm_winbind, why do we need "net join ..." ?
9:32AM 1 Fw: Poor performance getting lots of small files with WinXP/Win2k vs OS2
9:27AM 1 net command and modifying groups in AD
8:56AM 1 grant access to a file inside a forbidden directory
8:54AM 1 create_builtin_(administrators|users): Failed to create (Administrators|Users)
6:49AM 1 No group in usermanager for NT (usrmgr.ese)
2:49AM 1 LDAP/Samba issues when replacing server
Wednesday September 20 2006
9:59PM 0 tls support
7:49PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.1.0 released
6:03PM 0 RE: Samba/AD and AIX (WAS: Dependent module /usr/lib/libiconv.a)
4:16PM 1 How do I hide [Homes] share?
4:02PM 3 Leased Based Locking
3:30PM 1 Excel Save Problem
2:06PM 2 migrating smbpasswd backend to ldap backend
1:54PM 1 Finding Accounts inside Trusted Domains
10:40AM 1 ADS & getent
7:01AM 1 anybody got a soft copy of
5:45AM 1 Memory leak
1:53AM 1 permissions problem with adding a machine
1:26AM 5 Transfer rates faster than 23MBps?
Tuesday September 19 2006
9:02PM 1 Re: smbmount hangs Linux if Windows server goes down
9:02PM 1 Hung XFS filesystems on Samba server
7:19PM 1 restrict ssh login by Win2K AD group SOLVED!
5:02PM 1 about the new built-in groups
4:28PM 1 Mounting home directories on NAS
4:02PM 1 Adding Printer via "Run" vs "Printers and Faxes"
3:27PM 3 File Locked
2:43PM 0 Interdomain Trust and Logging In
2:26PM 1 CryptoCard - PAM or RADIUS?
11:34AM 1 samba and share quota
11:33AM 1 Setting Initial Passwords
11:20AM 3 Setting Windows drivers gives access denied error
11:10AM 1 Problem with large files
10:39AM 1 administrative shares
9:35AM 1 workgroup drive mapping
5:32AM 1 unsuccessful Samba install on AIX 4.3.3.
5:32AM 0 cifs connect to Samba...permissions error
5:32AM 1 Samba Permission
5:32AM 6 Problem logon to PDC
3:58AM 2 file locking question
2:52AM 2 Question about SWAT
Monday September 18 2006
11:17PM 1 issue with adding machines to new domain
10:45PM 1 Cases where Samba modifies a file without changing the timestamp?
10:41PM 1 joining domain fails because of no samba entries with 3.0.23c
10:35PM 2 FC5 smbpasswd not working
9:00PM 1 username map change = samba failure
7:07PM 1 WIN servers RO dirs show empty on RHEL client
5:52PM 1 Cannot access public share w/3.0.23c on gentoo
4:51PM 0 Segfault in Samba
4:33PM 0 samba 3 and acucobol vision files problem
3:50PM 0 cifs mouting samba...permissions error
3:34PM 2 cifs reading Samba mounted share...permissions error
3:08PM 1 Choosing Domain vs. Workgroup
3:00PM 1 Cannot read from the source file or disk
2:51PM 2 how to convert root to a samba user
2:34PM 0 MacOS X ':' in password causes NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE error when printing
12:24PM 2 problems xp joining samba pdc
11:11AM 1 Domain Logins
10:56AM 1 smbd crash
10:56AM 0 many thanks to 'lilo'
8:30AM 7 smb.conf
12:24AM 0 printer problem
Sunday September 17 2006
11:38PM 1 Fedora packages or Enterprise packages of Samba on
5:38PM 0 Problems Connecting Novell/SuSE Enterprise Desktop 10 to Active Directory
Saturday September 16 2006
11:52PM 2 Error starting Samba
10:51PM 0 Samba SID/RID, UID/GID Best Practices?
9:26PM 4 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 8928 (3.0.23c)
7:24PM 2 Win2000/XP on Samba 3, Etch
12:25PM 0 Samba errors
4:04AM 0 RE: samba Digest, Vol 45, Issue 19
Friday September 15 2006
9:53PM 1 accessing windows shared folders from vmware guest linux
9:49PM 1 Samba 3.0.23c Upgrade Errors
9:37PM 0 Password problem, W2000, Samba3, Debian-Etch
7:45PM 0 samba 3.0.10 - nmb problems
5:58PM 1 /etc/init.d/samba profile
4:50PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 45, Issue 18
3:44PM 0 Solution to archive bit problem
2:04PM 5 Samba 3 PDC - trouble renaming domain member computer
1:42PM 2 re: Support of Samba on RHEL4?
1:30PM 2 Time take to copy file from Samba to Windows XP
12:52PM 1 how to change perimissions across a directory tree
11:43AM 0 profiles on two domains
11:29AM 0 CIFS file permission
10:54AM 2 Samba 3.0.23c compatibility with openldap versions
10:43AM 3 Samba tuning advise
10:43AM 0 Windows 2003 SP1 breaks kerberos on samba?
10:43AM 1 NMB not starting when SMB started
10:43AM 2 New Samba GroupMapping
10:43AM 2 Problems with FC4 Samba 3.0.23a and Windows XP PRO 2002
10:16AM 2 hide files not work
9:06AM 0 winbind and SBS 2003
5:54AM 2 Password Change & WinXP
4:51AM 1 Strange behaviour when joining the domain
Thursday September 14 2006
11:21PM 0 ad module, unix/user domain/group oddity, can't use winbind trusted domains only
5:48PM 0 looking for good DFS implementation advice
2:14PM 1 Authentication failed
1:16PM 1 samba PDC
11:42AM 0 WinXP Prof Users can't delete there files
11:37AM 1 samba with cups / security = share
10:32AM 6 rppclient problem with cupsaddsmb
7:06AM 3 smbd wont start
6:34AM 2 More problems with samba 3.0.23c and NT4
6:34AM 1 Printing problems with samba 3.0.23c and NT4
4:59AM 0 recommendation for a tricky AD/netware setup
Wednesday September 13 2006
9:13PM 1 No predefined Groups
9:08PM 2 Rogue smbd processes
4:30PM 1 samba as a file server
3:53PM 0 winbind - users missing from groups
3:25PM 0 What's the deal with the archive bit?
2:59PM 0 nt_status_logon_failure with samba 3.23c
2:43PM 1 sizing a print server for 10'000 users
2:16PM 2 samba + start tls
11:47AM 1 security with normal profiles
10:26AM 0 Samba and document in read only
10:05AM 3 wrong colours when printing from Windows
9:59AM 1 String to SID
7:44AM 0 evtViewer - A PERL-based viewer for Ms event (*.evt) log files
7:41AM 1 (no subject)
6:52AM 0 Could you tell me means of Error codes!
6:52AM 0 Possible Security Problems
6:52AM 2 NT Group to single unix ID
6:52AM 0 User homes problem
Tuesday September 12 2006
9:50PM 1 samba/PAM/winbind/ssh
8:04PM 1 One way sharing
7:26PM 2 Home dirs problem
7:00PM 2 netlogon initially fails after moving samba server to new machine.
6:57PM 1 Re: netlogon initially fails after moving samba server to new machine.
5:52PM 1 3.0.23c and CUPS - RESOLVED but not SOLVED
5:35PM 0 Login problem
3:02PM 0 [fixed?] winbind authentication issue
2:11PM 1 SambaPWD Ldap options
1:56PM 1 3.0.23c and CUPS
1:44PM 1 Copying file failed
1:03PM 2 AIX Testers Needed.
12:52PM 1 printer UNC
12:12PM 1 Windows XP Machine,
12:09PM 1 Authentication problems after upgrading to 3.0.23c
12:06PM 1 smbclient mget and compression
10:58AM 1 Samba domain member server does not see list of users from PDC
9:47AM 3 allow creating files but not deleting
8:55AM 1 join domain error
7:58AM 1 server linux
7:58AM 1 samba with ldapsam: first "net join" always fails, second succeeds
7:58AM 1 did you create a program called "Banner" for Palm OS?
7:58AM 0 Samba 3.0.22 bug?
7:58AM 1 Network Name error
7:58AM 2 FW: RE Help config. VPN to Samba server - UK Charity
7:58AM 1 Samba Winbind Error
7:58AM 0 Samba, winbind, krb5 Auth problem
6:39AM 1 Multiple Group checking using ntlm_auth
6:38AM 1 unix password sync = yes, did not sync unix passwd
2:12AM 1 SELinux
1:27AM 1 Difference between samba 3.0.10 and 3.0.9
Monday September 11 2006
11:25PM 2 Winbind: User can read a file on server but not on a share
9:32PM 1 inherit owner
9:29PM 1 group membership issue?
7:48PM 1 Authentication between two samba servers
7:21PM 2 More on the archive bit saga
6:14PM 1 3.0.23c Debian packages installation error
5:58PM 2 Avoiding local unix accounts with "force user". Is that possible?
5:05PM 1 What's wrong with my smb.conf? Access Denied with 3.0.23c
4:24PM 1 samba ldap pdc w/unix accounts: local unix and ldap unix users can't resolve uids to names on the server
2:41PM 0 Interdomain Trust: winbind not working
2:34PM 2 3.0.23b -> 3.0.23c
1:27PM 1 valid users and lost password on windows xp
Sunday September 10 2006
3:25PM 1 Roaming profiles and USRMGR.EXE
2:38PM 3 The specified network name is no longer available
1:15PM 2 Possible to have two SAMBA srvs act as one?
Saturday September 9 2006
1:28PM 1 Automount Windows home directory
8:13AM 1 PDC config asking for double AUTH
8:12AM 1 access denied to printer after changing the dns-domain
Friday September 8 2006
11:27PM 1 smbusers and root privs
8:19PM 2 Making unix system accounts invisible in USRMGR.EXE
4:14PM 1 uaser added to a local group doesn't get permissions
12:31PM 1 Mapping all members of an AD group to a single unix username?
10:44AM 1 User profiles ...
8:29AM 1 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..
8:20AM 1 Slow Transfers from DOS/LANMAN (again)
7:08AM 4 "password server" in smb.conf
6:32AM 1 User privileges
6:24AM 1 domain user types
3:04AM 1 "Couldn't find service home"
Thursday September 7 2006
11:32PM 2 Feasibility question: get samba to back-up every version of a file
9:22PM 1 Mount point disappearing
6:45PM 1 Illegal input sequence in smb.conf man page
5:26PM 2 wbinfo -t error when samba server is restarted and windows 2000 domain server keeps running
3:42PM 1 WINS client 'ttl'
2:14PM 0 winbind authentication issue
11:28AM 2 Enabling CIFS
8:27AM 1 no profiles add/saved in samba PDC
8:01AM 4 Mounting home directory from Windows in Linux
7:42AM 2 User settings after migration
3:12AM 1 update from 3.0.23b-1 to 3.0.23c - smbpasswd backend
Wednesday September 6 2006
9:56PM 1 Win2K client won't connect to Samba+ADS 2003 implementation
9:56PM 1 Searchable Archives?
9:06PM 2 Several samba / ldap for a pdc/bdc setup/transition questions
5:52PM 1 Problems with ADS join after Samba update on FC4
4:00PM 3 FW: authenticating using winbindd against NT4 domain fail s (URGENT)
3:45PM 2 passwd program example for parsing new password typed?
2:50PM 1 Enabling user accounts
2:28PM 0 Umounting all my mounted SAMBA partitions on logout
2:09PM 0 string overflow by 8 in string_sub(%L, 3)
1:50PM 0 Printing problem with samba 3.0.23c and windows NT4 (URGENT)
12:56PM 2 Problem with "Security=ADS" and domain users afer upgrading to 3.0.23c
11:56AM 0 creating new file or folder does not appear until hitting refresh
11:36AM 3 Unable to locate Domain Controller
9:27AM 1 Bash/perl: how to know if a samba directory is mounted?
8:00AM 0 permissions on windows share via samba
7:11AM 1 problem with samba 3.0.23c and windows NT4 workstation
6:17AM 0 Windows API SetFileTime sets mtime and atime as the same
5:22AM 0 [Fwd: Re: No access to mandatory profiles]
4:59AM 0 authenticating using winbindd against NT4 domain fails
12:01AM 0 AD logins using winbind looking for user in /etc/shadow
Tuesday September 5 2006
9:09PM 0 Samba w/ Multinet on OpenVMS 7.3-2
8:35PM 1 Wierd Configuration
5:15PM 2 User Group SID behavior has changed from 21b to 23c
4:06PM 0 Question about inter-domain trusts
4:00PM 0 OS X Clients getting thrown off shares
3:03PM 1 No access to mandatory profiles
1:20PM 0 winbind auth against ads not working via remote login-solaris 10. - Success!!
9:58AM 1 What about MS06-040
9:23AM 0 smbmount and smbumount
Monday September 4 2006
10:32PM 2 Failed to setup guest info
9:32PM 1 'username = @group' not working correctly
1:36PM 0 error winbind ?
1:12PM 1 Samba PDC + Windows 2003 Std Server Trust Relationship
10:13AM 1 question about
10:13AM 1 fam error
7:46AM 1 Bad substitution for %a variable
4:33AM 2 Linux client have problem with Samba share
Sunday September 3 2006
2:14PM 1 samba + ldap query filter
11:05AM 0 Windows xp cannot acces some shares but smbclient can
Saturday September 2 2006
6:20PM 2 Roaming profiles errors and shares not disconnecting
1:17PM 0 arrange users write permission on mounted share
10:03AM 1 On access scanning with samba-vscan
9:48AM 2 Local groups invisible (ldapsam & 3.0.23b, 3.0.23c)
12:11AM 0 help
12:08AM 1 RE VPN Access to Network / server file system
12:08AM 0 Slow browsing through Windows Explorer
Friday September 1 2006
5:44PM 0 Installation on OpenVMS 7.3 - anyone triumph?
2:45PM 0 Roaming Profile and Javascript problem
1:16PM 0 samba/cups backend and client IP address
1:09PM 1 Archive bit oddities
12:58PM 3 Samba 3.0.23c Available for Download
11:18AM 1 Linux as PDC
10:59AM 0 number of days for password espiration warning setting
10:47AM 1 Migration 2.x-> 3.0 with new server, sharing files during migration process?
10:01AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Authentication fails (sometimes)]
8:01AM 6 ads_kinit_password failed: Preauthentication failed
5:52AM 0 pam_winbind didn't work after DC restarted, had to restart winbindd