Rails - Jul 2012

Tuesday July 31 2012
9:20PM 2 Are you using any CMS or simply building from scratch?
8:47PM 3 ActiveResource and REST API
7:45PM 0 assets pipeline in production mode
6:00PM 0 Nested Forms with belongs_to association
5:41PM 5 Speed Up rake?
5:40PM 9 Start learning from Ruby or directly from Rails.
4:37PM 0 Discussion: my way of testing rescue_from in Rails
3:09PM 0 get an image from google chart api URL
1:53PM 0 [Job] RoR in London!
11:30AM 4 Rails 3.3.5 to Rails 3.2 error
10:29AM 0 image attachment in mail with rails3
7:13AM 3 Integration of barcode Scanner or Reader into Application
5:00AM 4 Reg : Create new rails app by version.
2:46AM 1 Rails 3.2.7, ActiveRecord with a field called "message" fails
1:09AM 3 ActiveRecord::Reflection active_record read-only method
Monday July 30 2012
10:01PM 5 f.send in form?
5:14PM 8 update_attributes clears password
2:38PM 0 rails on pjax. layout issue
2:05PM 0 Can't run tests after upgrading from 3.2.3 to 3.2.7
12:27PM 0 Excellent opening for Ruby on Rails experts
9:47AM 0 How to get data from database table 'drivers' with the help of this.options[this.selectedIndex] ?
8:14AM 0 Rails with Cassandra
6:06AM 3 How do I create a form for "has_and_belongs_to_many" association?
Sunday July 29 2012
10:08PM 5 form_for with module and namespace
7:41PM 0 What can I do for rails core?
5:09PM 6 Redirect to a 3rd party website
Saturday July 28 2012
11:08PM 1 db setup,active record
6:19PM 1 find_or_initialize_by_id block parameter
5:32PM 4 Confused about testing options for rails
5:08PM 1 `build_association` produces DB-queries
7:44AM 2 Problem with rails installation, even when running rails -v
4:02AM 0 the :group and :having options on a has_many
3:20AM 5 run :before_filter before loading controller's ActiveRecord model?
Friday July 27 2012
11:02PM 0 Inflector rules (singularization and pluralization) for Spanish
10:32PM 0 :validate => true on a belongs_to
8:24PM 4 Form Bots and the Authenticity Token
5:19PM 7 Looking for partners for doing a project
12:32PM 0 How to get asset pipeline host url in Grape Api
12:05PM 1 HTML5 Boilerplate for rails 3.2
10:59AM 7 Getting error while starting server plz help
9:50AM 2 Difference between save and create ?
6:31AM 0 JOB: Sr. Rails Dev, NYC - 150-180k...
6:27AM 0 omg sorry for the last post - wrong list
6:26AM 5 [JOB] ActionScript (AS3) Developer - NYC
6:22AM 19 Same name action and attribute in a model
5:35AM 0 Re: Digest for rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 25 Messages in 11 Topics
2:12AM 0 db:schema:load fails on SQLite3 ANALYZE database
Thursday July 26 2012
10:46PM 1 Rerendering parts of a page with ajax
8:01PM 0 Job Opportunity in Minnesota - Ruby on Rails
7:30PM 3 ::Rails.env based domain var
6:16PM 8 How to render a text file without changing its formatting?
5:59PM 1 Asset never generate 100% when it is large >2000 lines
1:45PM 2 Develop resources within namespace
1:19PM 0 Import Excel file to db in rails3.2
1:06PM 11 Career
6:24AM 1 download image in rails with javascript/jquery
5:11AM 2 "Destroy record" call deletes session
Wednesday July 25 2012
10:32PM 3 rails scope without raw sql
8:14PM 2 View doesn't update rendered page.
6:19PM 1 How to raise HTTP error in rails?
2:35PM 0 Permanent Role-- Ruby on Rails Development Opportunity in Chicago
1:58PM 0 (Job) Ruby on Rails Developer needed in NYC
1:31PM 0 Rails3-default_scope throws exception: undefined method abstract_class? for Object:Class
12:35PM 7 can I keep the records order using a scope : where(:id => geo_ids)
8:09AM 19 All actions executing twice in rails app
Tuesday July 24 2012
5:49PM 5 local request
2:59PM 0 MagicRuby 2012 (the only Ruby conference *inside* Walt Disney World!) – Registration open and CFP open for one more week!
2:51PM 0 LSRC 6 - Only 16 Days Left!
11:45AM 1 Rails 3.2 migration
11:12AM 0 request.session_options[:id] accessiblity problem
11:01AM 0 Disallowing multiple login by same user using different browsers
9:09AM 0 Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android and ninjas with 2+ years experience who are willing to learn Rails!
7:47AM 3 simplify the entry point url for rails 3.2
Monday July 23 2012
8:43PM 4 uninitialized constant ActionController::Flash::FlashHash [NameError])
7:43PM 0 Rails 3.2.6 and Authlogic 3.1.3
3:38PM 1 testing references
3:21PM 0 [jobs] Front-end Developer (m/f) in Berlin, Germany
2:49PM 0 ROR Opportunity in Raleigh, NC
9:27AM 0 [jobs] Technical Lead – Ruby on Rails (m/f) in Berlin, Germany
8:57AM 34 trouble with new app in rails
4:10AM 2 how to display the terminal output to the page in real time.
Sunday July 22 2012
9:13PM 5 Multiple associations to the same model
11:06AM 6 How to construct unsubscribe link?
Saturday July 21 2012
11:43PM 0 NewGem: flagpole_sitta
11:31PM 9 Find Company Name not ID
9:49PM 0 undefined method `scope' for non ActiveRecord class
10:54AM 3 Attributes in classes db/migrate or app/models
1:04AM 6 To split, or not to split, that's a question.
12:21AM 2 translations for custom validation error messages
Friday July 20 2012
9:52PM 0 GIT Credentials for Code Repository
8:58PM 0 Autocomplete and save onblur
8:22PM 22 How to add button to pass drop down menu selection to controller
8:01PM 0 LSRC 6 and Capital Factory Hackathon Survey
7:06PM 0 parceria/contato
2:34PM 1 Ruby on Rails: Search Form - multiple search fields
1:35PM 1 Pie Chart on Prawn
11:22AM 2 scheduling mails in 2.3.8
11:19AM 0 scheduling mail in 2.3.8
11:19AM 0 Scheduling mails in rails 2.3.8
10:59AM 0 Running a rails project of 2.3.5 on rails 3.2.6
10:47AM 9 Validation in ruby on rails
7:11AM 6 unable to create mysql db in rails
2:18AM 4 Can not fix the 'can not find javascript runtime' issue
Thursday July 19 2012
7:32PM 0 New Gem: validation_hints
6:45PM 0 Charles Weitzer Introduction
4:19PM 11 Rails3 routes
1:51PM 6 Rendering Partial
1:26PM 0 Estructura con rails
12:28PM 0 How to test a mailer that has a date with accents?
10:58AM 1 Re: Error in tutorial
7:37AM 8 Deleting multiple contacts using check_box_tag
7:19AM 0 Capybara and a post request
7:12AM 1 Ruby on rails /config/environments/development.rb clarification
7:04AM 5 ActiveScaffold Export file - Send as Email
12:41AM 20 Rails' inflections are messy
Wednesday July 18 2012
8:59PM 3 Undefined method error
8:00PM 3 Managing long actions through better workflow
5:24PM 0 Zipping files contained in a dir (rubyzip)
4:25PM 0 select and collection_select :include_blank option doing different things in rails 3.2.6
2:55PM 5 string array to integer array
11:56AM 1 New to ROR
10:15AM 3 ruby on rails tutorial
9:16AM 0 Overriding validates in the subclass which is first defined in the superclass
8:04AM 0 has many through + additional value
4:57AM 0 Rails 3.1 Optional Routes
Tuesday July 17 2012
7:46PM 9 ActionView::Template::Error (comparison of Fixnum with nil failed):
5:28PM 1 executing ruby script from view (no route matches)
4:00PM 3 Update feature not working for drag and drop table
2:42PM 24 Static Pages from Railcast
2:09PM 0 ROR with hostgator or godaddy ?
12:39PM 1 advanced AR: select+include OR manual eager load OR virtual-column SQL - howto?
11:02AM 0 Invitation to use Google Talk
10:55AM 1 carrer in Ruby on rail
9:18AM 0 TypeError in FacebooksController#create
7:25AM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f)
5:20AM 0 Email Exception
3:46AM 1 PRawn, attr accessible
2:48AM 3 Variable Access in Prawn
Monday July 16 2012
7:52PM 2 Nil Class
5:27PM 0 Timeout Error When try to connect linkedin API
5:06PM 7 problem with apache + passenger
3:41PM 0 Rendering Action
2:38PM 1 Functions in coffeescript
2:29PM 14 Association In rails
1:34PM 0 How to mask port numbers behind a reverse proxy
11:41AM 0 Is there anyway for stubbing methods of a module?
9:40AM 9 Is twitter devloped in Ror
9:17AM 0 Using AJAX on rails page
7:42AM 0 memory bloat quandary
7:06AM 1 After moving from Ruby 1.8.7 to 1.9.3 - test/unit/error (LoadError)
Sunday July 15 2012
8:36PM 1 Authorization and Routes
6:56PM 2 changing application.css to .scss prevents model.css.scss from being included...
6:11PM 18 How can I connect to existing database
1:21PM 2 Fwd: single sign on
9:22AM 1 Facebook redirect
6:38AM 1 APP-ID for using Bing search api through "rbing" gem!
Saturday July 14 2012
4:20PM 0 Adding to an association from a long list of items
1:54PM 0 Rails Assets Best Practices
10:47AM 5 I have no idea how to write clear, confident front-end code for my rails app.
5:47AM 8 Pls try to solve my problem as early as possible
5:06AM 3 rb_class_superclass not located in msvcrt-ruby191.dll
Friday July 13 2012
7:45PM 1 How to connect to existing database
1:54PM 0 need help with debugging rails application
12:59PM 1 error create
7:20AM 1 how to access drop down values in param
6:16AM 2 problem in routes
3:28AM 4 devise 2.1.0: return Completed 401 Unauthorized when post json datas
Thursday July 12 2012
7:18PM 2 Active Record - Record Count
6:04PM 1 Re: Digest for rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 25 Messages in 7 Topics
5:44PM 1 Null Values from Nested Form
5:29PM 0 Set requests' header inside spec/routing
5:03PM 2 Cure AIDS Now web dev
2:52PM 0 app-prefix for tasks defined in an engine?!
2:34PM 2 Failed. Response code = 404 error. ActiveResource, RoR, REST
2:27PM 29 What the Ruby Association
10:58AM 1 how to install the complete setup of Ror on Window and mac
10:54AM 2 asset pipeline question
10:05AM 1 engines: accessing classes from the hosting-apps lib
5:13AM 4 ceil method
5:11AM 0 LSRC 6 - Early Bird Pricing Ends Sunday!
3:14AM 0 HBase and Rails
Wednesday July 11 2012
7:12PM 3 api.rubyonrails.org previous versions?
4:28PM 7 how to update rails 2 to rails 3
3:23PM 0 :bcc works in development but not in production
1:47PM 1 active record association: has only one.
12:40PM 0 Paperclip duplicates uploaded images
11:42AM 1 Remote Job for ROR programmer
9:48AM 1 expert advice needed on realtime events in ruby on rails application?
8:24AM 3 Does whenever gem work in Rails 3
7:54AM 0 Question with the template inheritance
5:24AM 3 Having trouble deploying to production (Linode, Passenger)
12:39AM 4 Run performance tests without dumping database
Tuesday July 10 2012
9:42PM 1 ajax, erb, uri, query string
4:45PM 3 passenger not installing
11:40AM 6 How to Debug
7:25AM 0 Rails 3.x no request parameters in log
7:16AM 1 Ruby on Rails Devs (f/m) in BERLIN, Germany
6:19AM 1 Routing&Engines: fallback on hosting-routes, non-prefixed links?
12:37AM 1 has_many association with autosave issues
12:18AM 0 [JOBS] Experienced Rails, Full-stack Developer in Boston/Cambridge Startup
Monday July 9 2012
7:13PM 4 Controller Models
7:05PM 0 Hiring RoR / PHP / Java Web Developers to work on RoR Development and Mid Management at Chennai
6:36PM 0 ActionMailer doesn't accepts content_type when the body of the message is from RTE
5:06PM 0 [JOBS] Oregon State University Libraries - Ruby on Rails developer
1:01PM 3 How to set up usernames from email of all users?
11:51AM 0 JOBS - Ruby on rails developer for productivity startup in San Francisco
10:44AM 0 how to read and write to a same CSV file using JRuby
7:44AM 1 how to maintain RTL version of stylesheets with rails asset pipeline?
4:22AM 5 autodetect': Could not find a JavaScript runtime
Sunday July 8 2012
8:10PM 1 Rails 4 Beta Information
5:43PM 2 How to add a content to an email created with ActionMailer. mail(..,:body) and do |format| either
3:59PM 0 getting company logo from LinkedIn api
12:42PM 0 rake cucumber:ok not working
Saturday July 7 2012
8:57PM 1 Opening Up a Service Through an API
6:26PM 0 How is AR bind supposed to be used?
4:29PM 7 Active Record - Object Wrapping a Table Row
3:11PM 18 Problem processing text file after uploading
3:03PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 6 Registration is Now Open
10:37AM 1 gem 'therubyracer' installing error in Windows
Friday July 6 2012
8:30PM 1 Foreign Keys in ActiveRecord
8:19PM 1 tinymce_hammer can't save link
2:04PM 0 Spork doesn't reload 'some' models
12:30PM 2 Frontend Style Demo Page
11:18AM 3 HTML issues in Rails
10:16AM 2 ActionMailer::Base.deliveries returns array with duplicated elements in production env
5:35AM 2 Issue in OR condition
2:38AM 0 Email Marketing Software Offer Surprise in 2012
Thursday July 5 2012
6:25PM 1 Proxy Error
5:32PM 3 Deploying a rails 3.2 app
3:56PM 2 table link <td>
12:45PM 0 tests , assertion output value always <>
11:11AM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer jobs for fresher or Intern developer
7:16AM 13 Uninstall RoR
Wednesday July 4 2012
2:41PM 0 How to set relative root in Rails 3.2.3
1:40PM 0 [jobs] Ruby on Rails developers in Munich and Hamburg
1:12PM 4 Routing error for stylesheets in rails 3.0
8:23AM 1 How to use wheneverize gem
7:09AM 0 [JOBS] Mid-High Level Web Developer @ Magian Media Studio - CBD On-site Melbourne
4:23AM 4 error in runtime controller#view
12:02AM 3 How to completely reinstall my rails environment on Mac Lion?
Tuesday July 3 2012
4:56PM 0 [JOBS] RoR Developer Needed
4:54PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer Needed in Rosslyn, VA
2:56PM 1 ActiveRecord method
1:59PM 1 View with Variable Number of Fields
11:21AM 2 Rspec failure on rails 3.2.6
7:44AM 2 Plugin help Tabbed view in Rails 3
7:20AM 6 variable symbol
6:52AM 1 How to remove empty object from array
5:59AM 3 How to display error in view for an instance
4:55AM 4 Rails compatibility with Ubuntu
Monday July 2 2012
9:15PM 16 Creating a new record doesnt update the browser view
7:21PM 4 variable iteration
2:10PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails devs in France! (remote to be considered)
1:33PM 0 £ Symbol Ruby/Rails/Mongrel
12:40PM 8 how to create gemsets using rvm
8:59AM 5 different between these two array method.
7:07AM 2 Rspec
6:43AM 1 How to upload videos in Rails 3.2.3
6:06AM 0 Database table as tempalete, In rails
2:30AM 5 slow development compiling with asset pipleine
Sunday July 1 2012
2:58PM 7 How to become effective and professional in Rails?
1:04PM 18 a hands-on tutoring needed
11:15AM 2 running model methods from command line