Rails - Jun 2012

Saturday June 30 2012
7:40PM 0 Problem with db:schema:load when using AR+Mongoid
6:34PM 0 undefined method `xxx_path' for #<#<Class....
5:36PM 5 Problems with associations
4:56PM 0 Career opportunity - Ruby Developer - www.pentasia.com
3:10PM 2 standalone app, sort of
2:10PM 0 dynamic menu via AJAX
9:08AM 4 find_by_sql and join
12:55AM 2 Rspec - want to NOT clear database between tests
Friday June 29 2012
10:51PM 1 Prob with updating a record with Activeresource object
10:22PM 2 Dropdown menus
9:02PM 6 edit a collection item in _form for the parent
6:20PM 0 Startup Team is looking for a ROR Developer
9:55AM 1 Default scope on associations
8:42AM 1 installing gems on
7:42AM 0 retry problem
3:25AM 1 Fastest way to find the total length of your postgres query
1:38AM 2 Activeresource locking
Thursday June 28 2012
7:46PM 3 Version changes listing
4:29PM 2 Best book for testing
3:11PM 0 store activerecords value in rails
1:56PM 0 Ruby On Rails Loco Team?
1:02PM 0 How are you hosting your Rails application?
12:03PM 2 Best practice on Javascript and rails
11:15AM 0 session management
9:47AM 0 [jobs] Ruby on Rails Developer in Berlin, Germany starting from €50k annually depending on entry lvl
7:42AM 1 compass_twitter_bootstrap different path
7:35AM 7 Problem with blocking the user
5:22AM 0 assets:precompile error
Wednesday June 27 2012
11:44PM 1 form_for reset button doesn't get updated to new form values after AJAX update
10:32PM 2 Passing values between controllers
6:56PM 1 Weird select on Rails
6:54PM 5 explanation required on def method = (.)
3:57PM 0 exporting to power point
2:13PM 1 activerecord issues with rails 3 postgresql
12:51PM 2 Select Helper Array of Array + Filter
11:20AM 1 questions @mailer best practice
11:06AM 0 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11224469/wicked-form-with-nested-model-form-in-rails-3-0-9-and-rvm-1-8-7
10:46AM 9 E-Books for RoR 3
10:21AM 1 Rspec tests passing individually but passing on a whole
9:56AM 5 will_change!
8:26AM 0 config.cache_classes true or false in test environment?
3:14AM 8 jquery not working in production?
Tuesday June 26 2012
6:59PM 14 Validations doesnt work with activemodel?
6:48PM 2 Want to make existing column unique in multiple tables
12:33PM 4 ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `strftime' for nil:NilClass)
11:43AM 2 How to create a Sub domain in Rackspace
11:21AM 0 [JOBS] Experienced rails developer - remote
9:58AM 0 no such file load errors - md5
8:28AM 2 Adding comments
7:16AM 1 how to give controller return value into jquery.html()
5:58AM 2 Error with rake command
5:30AM 2 hai friends > i am fresher in rails and i want to know can i write > application i ruby without scaffoldining > plz post some links or any applications without using > scffolding........
3:25AM 9 RoR 2.X Application
Monday June 25 2012
8:58PM 0 Trouble with starting pow
3:15PM 3 displaying values from query result in rails
12:31PM 3 Drop-down menu help
11:04AM 1 [Associations] create a task for a project from project index view
8:13AM 5 Rails 3.0 application Windows to Linux
12:02AM 0 Creative vain brainstorm.
Sunday June 24 2012
3:16PM 0 ruby-debug-ide19 will not work properly on Aptana Studio 3 (RailsInstaller 2.1.0)
11:16AM 3 How do I sort my columns inside my AJAX search result?
12:12AM 2 routes are loaded (config/routes.rb) AFTER all the initializers(config/initializers)
Saturday June 23 2012
7:32PM 2 Application logic
Friday June 22 2012
6:57PM 6 Problem with submit button
5:22PM 0 rake db:seed on EC2
4:25PM 1 Ajax Partials not refreshing | How to start downloaded code
2:07PM 1 Unit Testing SQL
10:19AM 0 test unit , running but no dots displayed
9:13AM 1 how to load graph after loading other data
Thursday June 21 2012
8:32PM 1 Rails command for creating static pages
8:16PM 0 Rails production load order giving uninitialized constant (NameError)
8:12PM 0 How to access an engine's method from main application?
7:25PM 3 how to use model withour database
5:50PM 5 generate an array of model instances
4:36PM 6 where do I report this DateTime bug?
4:32PM 6 rake aborted
12:42PM 0 rails - postgres error: Reason: Incompatible library version: libpq.5.dylib requires version 1.0.0 o
11:43AM 0 configuration of merchant id and key in rails aplication
11:10AM 0 Open form in modal box in rails 3
8:25AM 3 Array at bottom of yield
7:34AM 3 Encode URL for a file upload
7:30AM 8 Hosting of Ruby on Rails3 App
6:36AM 1 Non-field validation in rails with mongodb
6:34AM 1 Modal popup in rails
6:17AM 1 How to send audio files using net/http
5:22AM 0 Scaling challenge
Wednesday June 20 2012
2:03PM 2 help with design issue
1:04PM 6 How to get password from database using devise
10:26AM 1 strange assertion result in functional test
9:16AM 2 RSpec test model and mailer
9:14AM 1 i18n Override Defaults
6:24AM 1 retrieve model name from table name rails 3
12:29AM 7 why use rescue nil?
Tuesday June 19 2012
11:29PM 4 Partial views and forms/ design patterns
9:37PM 0 [JOBS] Looking for Rails developer in Knoxville, TN area
8:15PM 5 Equivalent to trim() PHP
7:48PM 0 validation method breaks cucumber scenario
7:46PM 2 Extracting SQL statements from the rails development log
5:21PM 2 Create a select tag including related models
5:01PM 4 GUI rails debugger
4:21PM 3 Daily Diary
2:45PM 2 Cannot load such file -- script/../config/boot (LoadError)
1:07PM 2 Thinking Sphinx Problem
12:34PM 0 passing data
11:39AM 7 Server is not starting
10:41AM 14 Associations join
10:06AM 1 get loop values into controller from view
10:02AM 4 The most efficient way to create gem/engine/plugin
3:18AM 5 Help with halm
Monday June 18 2012
11:04PM 0 In the Seattle area: Microsoft is looking for devs for an upcoming study--$100 VISA gift card thank you!
9:45PM 7 Is activeresource broken in rails 3.2.4?
8:05PM 4 Problem with exists? method
7:02PM 0 Using Asset Pipeline within an engine
6:20PM 1 design of bulk UPSERT (aka MERGE): update_or_insert
5:29PM 7 Unfortunately, a fatal error has occurred.
4:44PM 2 Nested form and has_many :through
2:26PM 0 Creating an object with a nested has_many :through relationship
2:08PM 0 How to set custom type/format in controller's response_to?
1:10PM 0 utf-8 character in non-english locale file throwing Encoding::CompatibilityError exception
10:22AM 1 Rails3 ActiveRecord associations
5:38AM 2 model reference
Sunday June 17 2012
10:04PM 2 ruby on rails server application with iPhone / Android IOS client? best practice how to begin...
9:27PM 0 Rendering json has encoded characters
4:05PM 0 Rails 3.2 cache optimization
2:48PM 0 The rails way to develop a multi product type shopping cart
11:18AM 0 Re: Abridged summary of rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 21 Messages in 16 Topics
Saturday June 16 2012
1:43PM 1 searching on model and related attributes
12:42PM 0 apache authentication filter run twice
12:07PM 0 Developing an app using dictionary, where should I put the dictionary file?
11:33AM 0 Bootstrap for Rails applications with auth sys
11:17AM 3 having terrible issue with resque ( & redis? ) spend 3 full days debugging. Can't assign requested address - connect(2). Anyone knows a solution?
7:50AM 1 Rail project creation error on ubuntu 12.04
6:09AM 1 Rails suddenly broke after installing zsh
Friday June 15 2012
5:48PM 1 Problem with active resource(500 internal server error)
9:19AM 1 collecting stats and displaying them, engine or in app
6:42AM 3 Pagination for static pages
6:05AM 4 Rails 3 | Ruby 193 | taking 10-15 mins
Thursday June 14 2012
11:28PM 0 how to setup nulldb
10:45PM 5 return JSON in AJAX
9:17PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails - Developer, Equity
8:44PM 3 Reading a file using File.read
8:26PM 1 need a file upload plugin and a way to authenticate from another app
6:14PM 0 Great Ruby on Rails project; looking for resources
5:23PM 3 How to use a text_field for dates?
4:12PM 4 Strange regression in 3.0.14
11:40AM 3 Can't find my join table
10:31AM 3 What is the difference between Soap API and REST API?
7:14AM 1 Cucumber/RSpec ::: Capybara? Webrat What am I using??
Wednesday June 13 2012
10:08PM 7 Cmd line interface for ruby on rails app
9:38PM 3 Hook into ActiveRelation?
8:56PM 1 newbie question: where to find documentation?
5:36PM 6 Need to Create Soap Web Service in Rails 3.2
4:38PM 0 Weird (?) ActiveSupport::TimeZone parse behaviour
3:44PM 0 YAJL in Rails to pull from streaming APIs
1:32PM 2 rake db:setup doesn't run migrations on test db?
12:43PM 0 Update time_zone_select values
12:01PM 4 Open Source Project Suggestion
11:57AM 2 How to detect integration tests running ?
10:33AM 12 I can't install ruby on rails on my mac - Sorry I know it's been posted 1 million times before
7:47AM 1 acceptable to list current position on resume as "undisclosed company" ?
4:48AM 2 intership
4:36AM 3 RoR 2.3.5
4:07AM 0 entry point
3:51AM 0 Released: Open source ticket-desk app
Tuesday June 12 2012
11:27PM 0 Advanced routing question
11:19PM 2 The rails 3 way
8:03PM 0 setting up nulldb for fast tests
6:49PM 0 Grabbing all validation methods that run on a model
5:14PM 3 Project Fedena
1:49PM 6 Opening a file having white spaces on is name with the default program
12:52PM 0 delocalize gem problem
12:42PM 2 how to connect rails app using monodb
12:09PM 4 render => partial not recognizing method in call
11:39AM 0 Urgent Requirement with our Direct Client for a Sr. Ruby Developer based in London
11:26AM 10 user registration form example?
9:31AM 7 how to update a table which is connected with joins
4:43AM 0 Rails, Ruby, Typo (ruby blog) and Radiant (ruby CMS) version
3:44AM 1 Rails 3 advanced queries
3:19AM 0 Issues on rails server -d (daemon server)
Monday June 11 2012
8:45PM 5 Enumerations - Best Practivce
7:52PM 0 How can I adjust this form_tag to work with a custom route?
7:32PM 0 Using AuthLogic
6:19PM 10 installing ruby on rails 1.9.3 on windows 7
6:17PM 2 Choosing ROR
4:04PM 2 Active Record Querying HABTM
3:03PM 1 Active Record Querying-Help
1:58PM 7 weird error in rails 2.3.5
9:32AM 0 HTML5 Offline Cache Manifest file with asset pipeline in Rails 3.2 app?
9:26AM 1 [Rails 3.2] REXML::ParseException ... invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
8:14AM 3 Designin library for REST API client
7:38AM 2 [jobs] Ruby on Rails Developer (m/f)
7:17AM 0 [Rails-jobs] Ruby on Rails Developer in Berlin
Sunday June 10 2012
10:55PM 1 Recommend an image gallery with shopping cart
Saturday June 9 2012
4:55PM 0 custom_require.rb:36:in `require': 193: %1 is not a valid Win32 application
4:26PM 9 if else statement
3:45PM 5 Modeling one way associations
3:42PM 3 A simple csv import function to my Rails application
11:14AM 0 Re: ActiveRecord::SubclassNotFound: The single-table inheritance mechanism failed to locate the subclass: 'Transactions::DummyDdnlTransaction'. This error is raised because the column 'type' is reserved for storing the class in case of inheritance. P
2:36AM 7 ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch in UsersController#update
1:08AM 3 ActiveRecord::SubclassNotFound: The single-table inheritance mechanism failed to locate the subclass: 'Transactions::DummyDdnlTransaction'. This error is raised because the column 'type' is reserved for storing the class in case of inheritance. Pleas
12:25AM 0 does expires_in store data in server cache or is it client only?
Friday June 8 2012
11:35PM 1 Using activeresource for client/server model
9:06PM 2 Best gem for user authorization?
8:45PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer in Seattle
8:37PM 0 Having difficulty testing redirects with Rspec and Capybara
4:06PM 0 Rs. 4510/- Saving on Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500
3:10PM 14 rake about > Environment staging
3:01PM 6 Play! 2.0 (Scala) or RubyOnRail (Ruby)?
2:18PM 7 filter children with acts_as_tree
2:04PM 2 query on NULL colum ... cannot pick it up
12:54PM 4 Expected … to define Base
11:32AM 0 Ruby India group launch
9:32AM 1 [Rails 3.2.5] Rails: unit test fixture_path : fixture_file_upload cannot find the file ...
8:57AM 3 Using GOD
3:49AM 2 route is not loading correct action
Thursday June 7 2012
11:03PM 0 App as Collection of Engines
10:08PM 6 Can't mass-assign protected attributes:
6:58PM 11 How to install gem on hosting site without installing?
5:30PM 0 Take the 2012 Rails Hosting Survey
4:54PM 0 Error in creation of new Rails Project
3:26PM 2 load_missing_constant: Expected to define class in module
2:37PM 2 writing an excerpt from a post body
10:28AM 4 how to clean a string from non-html sequences ?
7:56AM 2 Paginating with couchrest_model
7:55AM 3 Couldn't reload a module when it's changed. Tried :require_dependency, :watchable_dirs, :unloadable
7:12AM 0 rmre 0.0.4 released
4:59AM 2 Ruby on rails retrieve data respective from select box to text area
Wednesday June 6 2012
9:25PM 1 why to get the error 'undefined method `write_inheritable_attribute''
7:08PM 3 How can I develop on localhost
1:34PM 6 foo_path not defined
1:04PM 3 how to do a Model.order(:name) using a :case_sensitive => false ?
Tuesday June 5 2012
11:34PM 3 Errors when trying to create a mysql database for rails spree project
7:04PM 5 Relations with find_each
5:58PM 8 Problem with array of hashes
4:56PM 4 Routing error: no route matches contoller works. Route exists though
2:40PM 1 todo
2:22PM 3 Double render in rails
12:25PM 2 Disable Callbacks
9:30AM 0 [JOBS] Tenmiles hiring Ruby on Rails Developers
12:02AM 5 Beginner's:Problem with populating database
Monday June 4 2012
8:05PM 5 Rails Step by Step Tutorial for ubuntu
8:00PM 1 Problem with webrick
6:43PM 2 Why can't I just do "RUBY_VERSION = 1.9.3" in config/environment.rb ?
4:05PM 1 bundle install results in "Symbol not found: _SSL_SESSION_free (LoadError)"
2:10PM 1 `establish_connection' undefined error
2:03PM 0 NoMethodError: undefined method `scoped' for Model:Class
1:35PM 1 How to save the user_id in a separate column when using ActiveRecord::SessionStore?
9:43AM 1 Capybara?
8:31AM 6 How to upload a video in ruby on rails
8:26AM 0 Design a scheduler on top of delayed_job
8:02AM 4 sending email with mail gem in rails3
7:28AM 0 Wettpool - Open Source Sports Betting Pool Ready for Euro 2012 (in Rails 3.2+)
6:55AM 0 Shalini Sah wants to chat
4:04AM 2 [JOBS] [Russia, Moscow] RoR Major Developer
Saturday June 2 2012
5:52PM 1 agile roots group discount
6:45AM 3 Regrading Biometric
Friday June 1 2012
9:04PM 4 Is there a ftp crawler in ruby on rails?
8:47PM 3 jsrender, templates, assets, etc.
7:23PM 1 find the last two records with a certain field value
3:58PM 0 Help EventCalendar
3:29PM 0 Association callbacks on model observers
2:18PM 0 move to AR 3.2.1, now thread behaves differently
1:42PM 0 CRystal Reports In ROR
12:56PM 3 Serialized attribute saved as HashWithIndifferentAccess in database
10:50AM 5 problems with changing contents of a page
6:06AM 0 Crystal reports integration with ruby on rails 2.3.8 version
4:55AM 0 How to set the default value on a simple_form association