Rails - Mar 2010

Wednesday March 31 2010
11:06PM 3 unbalanced brackets error
10:22PM 1 Date Conversion
10:12PM 0 ActiveRecord's design allowing silent failure of object saves in associations.
7:20PM 2 module loading issue
7:08PM 0 Rails3 parameters in routes
6:42PM 2 Advice on Search Design
6:21PM 5 undefined method `each' for "":String
5:49PM 3 unitialized constant
5:30PM 7 New to cacheing
4:19PM 4 Retrieve redirect URLs from an URL
2:44PM 0 Date format in Rails 3.0 using sqlite3
2:21PM 9 Single Table Inheritance and .class problem
1:13PM 0 utf-8 htmlentities,decode keeps switching to ascii-8bit
12:54PM 8 WEBrick won't use correct Ruby version with RVM
11:59AM 20 Stop using Foo Bar!
11:21AM 1 continue save after before_update observer
11:09AM 1 object has two collections of objects of the same type
11:08AM 4 Intermediate level tutorials
11:07AM 0 support for multiple database session
9:52AM 0 Disable lazy loading ?
8:38AM 6 Jobs: 2x Ruby on Rails Developer – DotCom Start-up, London
8:35AM 1 Custom cache store – possible?
7:52AM 1 How to assign currently logged in user name to a table field
7:33AM 0 [JOBS] Rails -osaajaa kaivataan
6:18AM 6 any body can help me ?? why is this happen??
6:13AM 4 Problem saving object
6:01AM 2 Passing parameters to a URL through curl in the application.
5:55AM 1 Using Prawn in Rails 2.3.5
12:26AM 2 Firebug Console window presents no Command line (>>>>)
Tuesday March 30 2010
11:43PM 0 Unifying command line syntax
11:36PM 3 undefined method `abc_notice_path' for #<ActionView::Base:0xed65220>
11:28PM 3 undefined method error
9:25PM 7 Loading 3000 models to Ruby on Rails. Performances???
9:03PM 1 undefined local variable or method `request'—in test
8:59PM 1 Date checking ??
7:39PM 4 looking for a coutdown solution
7:03PM 6 Joining Multiple Tables
6:23PM 2 Fwd: simpe help needed - fixed
6:21PM 1 simpe help needed
6:04PM 2 jRails, jQuery, Hide (4 arguments)
5:39PM 0 Newbie question - failed to allocate memory
5:25PM 0 using haml in internationalisation with haml views
5:18PM 2 Too Simple for Rails?
5:15PM 4 object with many paperclip photos
5:00PM 0 highcharts-rails from github not successfully installing
4:49PM 2 setting up has_many
3:58PM 0 SystemTimer not installing correctly
3:41PM 1 Character formatting help
3:19PM 3 observe_field, how to use input to toggle checkbox?
2:59PM 0 installing imagemagick
1:38PM 0 Ruby on Rails (ROR) Consultant
12:49PM 1 List of gems and plugins available in ROR
12:21PM 0 Selenium-client - get matching elements and their attributes
11:44AM 0 Send updates to facebook
11:25AM 11 Ruby in javascript
10:44AM 0 Medium to large sites using SQL Server
10:40AM 0 How to deal with array of checkbox values in Ruby 1.9.1?
8:21AM 6 Rounding problem
7:19AM 4 Inheritance
5:31AM 1 Putting Sessions in the Database
5:20AM 3 To translate this query to railsway
3:13AM 6 find conditions issue
2:27AM 4 overriding active record methods
2:21AM 0 switched to a has_many :through, now User can't be blank error
1:22AM 2 saving data from database to text/yaml file
12:00AM 0 Autocalculate field in a form
Monday March 29 2010
10:00PM 4 JOBS - Ruby on Rails opportunity in New Orleans
8:48PM 0 trying to update one collection_select with the selection of another
7:21PM 0 Ruby on Rails Jobs Available in New Orleans
6:51PM 2 How to use find method on table with two column index
6:00PM 6 Updating records
5:44PM 2 Custom resource routes
4:58PM 1 404 error while testing the console
4:41PM 12 I18n retuns empty string?
4:31PM 5 TypeError: Element.insert is not a function
4:01PM 0 How to get observe_field to work with :on => keyup?
3:53PM 2 My model object's attributes are not being saved
3:51PM 0 Toggling jumping ?
3:21PM 1 Routing optimisation
2:59PM 1 Extraction of country / area code and phone number EPP
2:07PM 0 Issue with Sortables and Rails. Is it Javascript/rails problem?
1:03PM 0 Rails3, Datamapper and select
12:57PM 2 help with mysql error
12:38PM 2 Find efficiently "greater" string in model attribute
12:22PM 3 seed_fu and has_many :through
12:21PM 47 incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8BIT and UTF-8
12:02PM 0 Checking for SSL in a view
11:30AM 1 Fader Issues
10:33AM 7 searching two form at once
10:15AM 0 plugin Paperclip has_attached_file error
9:43AM 4 Relationship between Customer, Person, Employee, User entity
7:37AM 1 upload thru IFRAME
7:34AM 1 Problem running "Practical Prototype ..." example
7:33AM 5 Join tables
7:17AM 3 Can the .read method execute any files?
6:05AM 6 toggle appear starts hidden ?
5:56AM 0 Act_as_Solr Query time
4:41AM 4 error in uploading file(help me urgnt)
2:44AM 0 Error with Textmate Cucumber Bundle Run Command
1:01AM 0 Polymorphic association and has_one retrieval issues
Sunday March 28 2010
7:10PM 6 executing jar files from within rails app
6:41PM 3 ActionController::UnknownHttpMethod: ***, accepted HTTP methods are get, head, put, post, delete, and options
6:23PM 2 Adding data to database directly through Ruby code
5:24PM 2 ActionMailer Attachment : Character encoding for :filename
3:17PM 2 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql Errorr public_indices
12:30PM 1 keeping track of who did what
8:38AM 3 Array data type----What can Be Done
8:14AM 0 eCommerce admin systems.
6:38AM 1 displaying model data in a form
5:16AM 4 accepts_nested_attributes_for - issue
4:36AM 0 Keeping it DRY. Same constant needed in js, sass, and rails
Saturday March 27 2010
9:41PM 6 How can i install ruby on rails in ubuntu
6:13PM 2 Shorter Rails 3 routes
4:11PM 1 how to get client machine's IP address??
3:44PM 5 Persistent objects
2:07PM 4 HAS_MANY BELONGS_TO noobie question
12:33PM 12 validating message
10:57AM 2 displaying contnet
9:46AM 0 [Rails3] Rails 3 app in one file
5:50AM 1 caching fragement
1:53AM 1 ar_mailer, class Email : add field to the table?
12:03AM 0 declaring migration bankruptcy
Friday March 26 2010
10:42PM 4 Inline CSS in forms, for real?
9:52PM 6 Overriding default image, stylesheet and javascript paths...
8:39PM 6 Rake argument error
7:52PM 0 Ruby on Rails job opportunities
7:48PM 2 How to read a xml file?
6:58PM 4 Timezone issue with legacy data stored in Eastern time
6:30PM 4 How to calculate per_page value based on browser window size for will_paginate
6:17PM 2 How to get last url??
5:46PM 1 Having Problems with collection_sellect
5:13PM 0 ActiveRecord setting empty strings to nil for Numeric attributes
4:12PM 1 Converting TrueClass / FalseClass to integer.
3:47PM 2 Nested attributes with required protected attributes
2:44PM 2 Find id of newly created object
1:44PM 2 for loops
11:52AM 0 Timestamped records - including one off the front
11:16AM 2 Many-to-many relationship to table itself through other table
11:07AM 0 exporting table data as a html file
10:19AM 16 Prototype Helpers & jQuery
10:19AM 7 seed data
9:50AM 0 two plugins replace one partial (Redmine)
9:01AM 1 Firebird vers 2 and up
6:22AM 2 Admin Sections & Roles
6:11AM 0 U Want to Earn More Money - Join Now
3:52AM 6 installing ActionMailer from Rails 3?
3:47AM 2 file upload error(can't convert Tempfile into String)
2:44AM 3 searching a record
2:21AM 4 Ruby Summer of Code 2010
12:48AM 5 "invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII" on i18n form
12:36AM 4 Custom validation
Thursday March 25 2010
11:45PM 2 NoMethodError (private method `chomp' called for nil:NilClas
11:14PM 0 ActionMailer configuration for Solaris and mailx
10:42PM 0 Rails 3.0 + haml render partial ActionView::MissingTemplate
10:33PM 0 Is every request one thread?
7:45PM 0 Updating sub-attirbutes without selecting the parent
6:08PM 0 Last Call for Ruby Midwest Speakers
5:47PM 2 Changing application version
5:42PM 1 Threading and it is more of a ruby question, than a rails question
4:30PM 0 How can I convert the next line in Rails 2.3.4 to Rails 2.0.
4:07PM 3 Order by an h_m_t association, pushing a value to the top
3:55PM 3 Simple application monitoring
3:46PM 1 complex alternative to Ajax polling ..
3:44PM 0 ActiveRecord::Base.transaction MySQL Lock Errors...
3:06PM 0 Created a gem 'watir_helper' for making Automation Testing Simpler and Easier
2:34PM 4 Dup a Constant
1:17PM 4 How to open Pdf or doc file in firefox
12:51PM 20 debugger problems
9:40AM 3 auto_complete: if no results returned, what gets submitted?
8:02AM 1 Active Record relations
6:22AM 0 [JOBS] Individual Contractors on Ruby and Rails in India
4:58AM 4 google chrome with prototype issue
4:21AM 1 Migrations for views
4:10AM 2 upload file error in rails(urgent)
2:46AM 1 Googla Analytics and RJS
2:26AM 11 Call a controller action from a different view
12:16AM 1 Rails 3 with Shoulda
Wednesday March 24 2010
10:54PM 3 How to include a ruby gem environment.rb file?
10:38PM 0 Select_tag with options_for_select not populating DB.
10:29PM 5 new college student
10:15PM 2 Reference to Prototype missing?
9:42PM 3 flash error & fade away
9:14PM 10 Trouble starting WEBrick server
8:20PM 4 attr_accessor in AR models?
8:15PM 6 dispatch.cgi, dispatch.fcgi, dispatch.rb not present in Public folder
7:28PM 2 Mechanize
6:54PM 3 how to create a search-agent
6:11PM 3 More elegant solution for "missing" has-many through ids?
5:58PM 0 tuple spaces and rails
5:40PM 1 Trouble starting the server, HELP PLEASE!
5:35PM 1 Sybase IQ Developer needed with 5-7 yrs exp
5:34PM 0 UAT Coordinator with UAT testing/ project coordination skills
5:31PM 2 accessing object attributes
4:46PM 18 link_to underlying urls/paths are showing in the actual view
4:09PM 4 grouping and acts_as_tree
3:29PM 2 Multilingual Email Within UserObserver?
3:09PM 0 NGINX login problem
2:58PM 0 javascript add text fields
2:50PM 0 UAT Coordinator with UAT Testing & project co-ordination skills
2:48PM 0 SharePoint Developer required
2:48PM 4 Trying to use sphinx search engine
2:45PM 0 Sybase IQ Developer needed with 5-7 yrs experience
2:40PM 2 Attack on Twitter
2:12PM 0 Passenger Error in apache2
2:10PM 4 Unpacked wrong version of gem, can't get back
12:48PM 1 HTTP 505 Error
12:08PM 3 Problem Installing Passenger
10:39AM 3 Store created_at in Hawaii's time zone UTC-10
10:34AM 2 server wont start
6:09AM 3 attr_accessor as boolean
5:30AM 3 add contacts in those excel file to contact list
4:37AM 3 rubyzip not recognized in rails
2:34AM 3 files in lib directory not loading
1:56AM 0 virtual/dynamic tables?
1:50AM 4 Rails 3 beta plugins
1:22AM 0 form_for with nested shallow route
Tuesday March 23 2010
9:14PM 1 has_many_polymorphs with searchlogic
8:58PM 12 Upcoming app > Research and Prep
8:25PM 4 How to move ruby from /usr/bin/ to /usr/local/bin/ on OSX Snow leopard 10.6
7:56PM 1 Sorting forum topics by the most recent replies
6:35PM 7 redirection in format.json ...
6:05PM 8 Fixtures and Associations
5:13PM 1 Rails 3 + Different ORM
5:08PM 1 :has_many and :controller specified in routes.rb
5:06PM 1 submit form in popup and send value back to the main page
4:47PM 13 netbeans on ubuntu
4:01PM 3 change column to allow null
3:37PM 0 Missing number of assertions in test output
3:33PM 0 Frozen hash problem
2:03PM 7 regular expression
8:14AM 0 ActsAsTaggableOn scoped to Account
7:46AM 2 h() method in form partial
6:42AM 1 Java script errrrror in rails
6:20AM 2 Adding items in groups in Rails
5:27AM 4 Newbie needing help on some tricky associations
4:37AM 6 need to parse a User uploaded file, but don't care if it's saved
4:20AM 1 Question on insert to multiple tables?
4:10AM 3 NoMethodError in AdminController#index
3:40AM 1 Auto Trim w/ Erubis (Rails 3.0 beta)
3:21AM 9 Displaying a nested field as a label
2:55AM 0 Setting custom encoding for a single request?
2:29AM 1 Restful create URL
12:55AM 0 Namespaces that are controllers?
12:30AM 6 Still Using old Rails even after Upgrade
Monday March 22 2010
11:12PM 2 ActiveMerchant, Authorize.net and Email Receipts
9:18PM 7 How to reference a select_tag within a form
7:55PM 0 Upgrade to 3.0
7:35PM 1 Rails environment running extremely slow. PLEASE HELP!
7:04PM 0 Ignite RailsConf call for speaking proposals
5:07PM 1 Best search function plugin/gem for instant rails 2.0
5:04PM 2 Presentation Ideas
4:59PM 6 Problem with model validation with ajax
4:52PM 6 Default pricing and custom client pricing
4:41PM 1 Invitation tracking
4:38PM 0 Rails Configuration: use Proc's or method overrides?
4:34PM 12 How do I set defaults for view parameters?
4:23PM 1 Amazon S3 and ffmpeg
3:05PM 2 How to send back a response to an Ajax.request call
2:59PM 3 How to debug and profile rails library code ( in windows )
2:23PM 3 problems with after_save callback
2:00PM 1 factory_girl factory gem: problem with simple associations
1:40PM 1 architectural question reg acts_as_tree (+ caching?)
1:25PM 1 nginx deployment
12:49PM 1 Including a json object in Rails 3 views
11:40AM 3 how to customize logger messages in rails 2.3.5
11:21AM 1 installing will_paginate
10:10AM 5 Testing tools in ROR ..
10:00AM 3 Ruby Manor: Manor Harder - videos now available
9:51AM 2 Extract shapes and text from images
9:43AM 5 UnitTesting-Action view testcase is failed
9:00AM 1 educational type of application
8:22AM 1 step 4implementing to implement a file uploader applictn in
7:11AM 3 Unit testing is not running
4:30AM 8 Blank Log Files - New to RoR - Ubuntu Server 9.10
3:56AM 6 "Missing Template" when manually creating views
2:37AM 5 sub accounts
1:25AM 32 Issues RUNNING mysql gem
Sunday March 21 2010
9:59PM 0 Rails 3: including a json object in views
8:03PM 6 Using ActionMailer on a controller method
7:00PM 3 Error in the code Doube Render (colins')
4:44PM 11 Rails 3: Update responding with empty json
4:12PM 5 Calculate Probability?
3:59PM 5 Logging out feature
3:25PM 4 Need very simple help...
8:33AM 1 Redirect_to that doesn't
8:06AM 14 Changing Scafflolds
5:12AM 2 Calling a default record for a has_many association
4:23AM 0 Validates uniqueness scope
4:07AM 14 How to initially hide a drop-down control and have an image control make it visible
4:05AM 1 what is the correct path for text_field in my view?
1:08AM 4 Deploying my rails app to GoDaddy
Saturday March 20 2010
10:01PM 0 Accessing a Javascript variable in embedded Ruby
7:17PM 0 Problem with videos on heroku
6:52PM 3 Disabled Text_Field Value Not Saved
6:29PM 4 Displaying an image in a Rails form_for
4:58PM 3 How to create an index page with data from other contollers
4:45PM 0 I18n automation
3:50PM 1 Rails AJAX file upload without Flash and RJS, just a dream?
9:57AM 2 Query Help
9:08AM 0 How to disable the back functionality of the browser after we log out
8:52AM 3 Routing error in Rails 3
8:09AM 5 undefined method `name' for "41":String
2:24AM 1 script/generate error
12:49AM 4 current_user Authlogic & Service.rb
12:33AM 5 Simple Backup???
Friday March 19 2010
11:05PM 1 Envoi de SMS
9:40PM 1 Preparing an Asynchronous Response with ActionController
9:34PM 2 I18n and Rails 2.3.5
8:11PM 1 convert app to production
8:06PM 3 How can I consume SOAP Web Service?
6:43PM 6 How to save rails generated pages to a file on the server
5:28PM 0 Regarding template installation and working.
4:51PM 2 auto_complete plugin on rails 2.3.5
4:07PM 10 selective migrations possible?
3:52PM 3 Ruby on Rails tutorials for beginners are available here
1:51PM 0 Modern tagging plugin
1:00PM 0 Recognize path inside a helper
10:45AM 2 undefined method move_higher
10:27AM 0 Call helper function in test file
10:13AM 0 Passing parameters to a view and render in inline iframe on the same page
10:11AM 6 Plugins questions
9:41AM 0 Speed up loading rails and running specs on MacBook Pro
8:38AM 6 how to specify relationship between these models
8:16AM 4 how to add current time as default value
8:12AM 2 how to preserve the value from the other action controller
6:03AM 4 Some logic problem
4:57AM 2 migration
4:41AM 0 Will paginate display
4:38AM 0 Rails, 1.9 & Encoding - does it work?
3:49AM 2 getting data from a through table
3:21AM 0 Current CentOS-Nginx-Passenger script?
12:20AM 0 Can't get gems to work
12:14AM 3 Rail Quickstart Guide: Always receiving "template missing" errors.
Thursday March 18 2010
11:43PM 5 undefined method error despite the fact it doesn't exist
10:03PM 2 calling a method from a different class's view
9:40PM 4 Symbol as array index error ?
8:24PM 0 not null error from PG on build_other call
8:00PM 3 Facebook style photo uploader
7:58PM 1 TEKsystems - Ruby on Rails Job Opportunities
7:48PM 1 Send Java script variable to a controller
7:44PM 0 Modifying a form field and submitting the form using java script
7:32PM 3 rake db:migrate -> uninitialized constant
6:18PM 0 differences between relative_url using Rails with Prototype or JQuery
6:13PM 1 PAM Authentication
5:27PM 1 Memcached using Unix Domain Sockets?
4:33PM 6 Problem about "each" in rails
3:33PM 4 RJS error: TypeError: element is null
2:33PM 0 Problem with db:test:prepare
1:43PM 8 hash in controller is nil after submitting form
12:44PM 1 HABTM Associations In View
12:31PM 1 MailChimp API recommendations?
12:01PM 0 ActiveMerchant unit tests
12:00PM 2 Production Mode.. One liner question
11:57AM 1 Testing best practice
11:27AM 3 Sending mail using action mailer
11:12AM 1 capitalize and utf8 international symbols
11:05AM 0 Asking about ROR site
10:30AM 2 REST and security ...
10:23AM 3 method_missing
10:08AM 4 Records created while tests are running are not being saved.
6:46AM 0 Dynamic cookie domain (for multitenant app)
6:18AM 4 ruby array inside hash is nil.
5:34AM 4 rerender a page if validation fails
5:30AM 5 how to disable a drop down list after selecting one value
4:29AM 13 ERROR NoMethodError: private method `gsub!' called
2:26AM 5 One-time script to update 1000s of values in a single column in a table: nil error?
Wednesday March 17 2010
10:14PM 9 Rails 3 Routing: Namespace'd Controllers?
8:56PM 4 "require" behaves differently in Rails vs vanilla Ruby?
6:32PM 3 Avoid web-service delay on an action
6:16PM 3 rails+prawnto: setting :type to :prawn in a #render_to_string call not working
6:09PM 0 Paperclip upload over local network
5:29PM 3 Associating a default paperclip image from a different model
4:03PM 0 (JOB) Ruby / Erlang Developer (Cape Town, South Africa)
3:41PM 5 How do I determine the "source" action for conditionally rendering error actions and validation messages?
3:31PM 0 bundler 0.9.x and rails 2.3.5 problem
2:19PM 12 Problem with content-position and background-color in a sidebar
10:25AM 4 REST, Internet Explorer and the banned DELETE method
9:45AM 3 Sometimes losing decimal scale on mysql - ok on sqlite
9:25AM 1 Rails 3 and Haml breaks ERB
9:21AM 3 Paginator Question
6:12AM 3 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded
3:44AM 7 how do you manually specify the name of a submit button?
3:00AM 3 Add a method for approving/disapproving content
2:45AM 1 Get lng and lat from Google maps
2:45AM 0 Rubynation DC April 9-10
Tuesday March 16 2010
9:12PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby Developer needed
8:30PM 3 Writing a large file with Spreadsheet: very slow, any HELP?
8:09PM 1 Passing a block to gsub
7:47PM 0 updating rails apps via REST
6:03PM 3 collection_select has_many
5:49PM 0 Finding a Rails Programmer
5:47PM 2 Noob stuck - complex model relationships and one of two foreign keys not getting saved or updated.
5:41PM 6 SQL result to String conversion
5:40PM 1 Error created with using "script/generate" command...
3:35PM 0 Losing Decimal scale from sqlite3 to mysql going from development to staging.
2:35PM 7 db change not reflected in app
1:54PM 7 HashWithIndifferentAccess remove inner hash question
12:58PM 0 Retaining file object
12:56PM 7 Recommendations for pdf generators
12:39PM 4 what is the proper role of seed data?
12:25PM 4 Get content from HTML element in Rails
10:15AM 2 DB in Non-Standard Place
9:03AM 7 Logging in Rails
7:12AM 1 How to refresh a parent page
5:35AM 1 Action resource delete method is not working since upgrade to Rails 3 beta
4:23AM 1 Dynamic Setters
3:59AM 13 Rails + Mysql
Monday March 15 2010
11:52PM 0 jquery/jqmodal layout question
11:41PM 3 Before_filters on re-rendered methods - what is the correct RAILS way?
10:07PM 9 Using group_to() and aggregation for a simple inventory system @ a field hospital in Haiti
8:45PM 5 JS not recognized in link_to_remote respond_to?
8:34PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby Developer position in DC
8:15PM 3 Upgrading a 1.1.2 RoR App
5:37PM 1 Problem with Getting Started with Rails
5:07PM 10 more than one table per model
3:01PM 0 New plugin added to add help text i.e. tooltip in rails http://ow.ly/1l7nF #plugin #rails #tooltip
2:52PM 0 Configuring Paperclip on windows...
2:37PM 6 Figuring out the relationships between models.
1:55PM 0 What association do I need?
1:54PM 0 need advise: searchlogic & pagination
1:03PM 0 ROR Expert@INNOZON
12:28PM 16 refresh a page using AJAX?
11:14AM 4 combine two has_and_belongs_to_many
10:47AM 6 find_by
10:40AM 4 Dependency warning found on fresh rails 2.3.5 installation
10:37AM 0 Ruby gem WOWR and Ruby on Rails
10:34AM 1 erb not fully rendering .js.erb files
9:31AM 1 Help required - undefind method it says bot method exists!
9:29AM 6 xss
9:02AM 4 XML import Question
5:42AM 3 Undefined method when creating a has_many relationship
5:42AM 9 Error running mysql in ror
Sunday March 14 2010
10:22PM 4 Link as a link AND as a function
10:05PM 0 determining where a function is called from
7:24PM 0 Integrating beast in existing rails app (database conflict).
3:50PM 3 RESTful route question
2:52PM 2 Linkedin plugin
12:08PM 2 unit testing and activerecord (mis)behavior
10:59AM 2 Upgrading rails, ruby and gems
Saturday March 13 2010
11:08PM 0 Authlogic -> Production Server
9:34PM 1 Dependency within form
7:35PM 6 Coding a migration to change a column's attribute
6:53PM 0 Chatroulette Clone using Ruby on Rails
6:20PM 2 How can I conditional the validation on a model validation?
5:08PM 2 unique index question
5:01PM 1 render :partial and DOM manipulation
4:14PM 6 Find first or create
3:54PM 7 validates_presence_of :parent_id stopping save
10:01AM 2 How to determine if I am in development environment at runtime?
9:49AM 0 Signout codes
9:10AM 0 Weird memory leak when using Observe Field (?)
7:01AM 0 OpenId + authlogic + communityengine
3:44AM 3 Decimal item gets truncated at DB-storage time
3:40AM 1 Noob: database selection question
1:42AM 5 mysql on mongrel vs apache
1:22AM 1 DJ: Delayed Job Noob Question
Friday March 12 2010
7:47PM 2 Showing video questions
7:43PM 2 association generated methods not working
7:30PM 7 "We're sorry, but something went wrong." from RoR app
7:26PM 2 Create links with gsub
7:06PM 1 Ruby on Rails blog
5:56PM 1 plugin path
5:54PM 6 Email using ruby on rails
5:52PM 0 Mass update of associated models
3:39PM 1 When -exactly- does the Rails3 application get initialized?
3:04PM 2 Protecting static assets
2:32PM 3 Newbie over here
2:13PM 2 Amateur's effort to add a new page to his website
10:24AM 29 Most popular IDEs for Ruby on Rails development
10:11AM 2 newbie seek for help about paperclippolymorph
6:15AM 1 method of rolling up text
4:39AM 2 Need example of a drop-down field in Rails 2.3.5
Thursday March 11 2010
11:25PM 0 Migration Help
11:20PM 1 [JOBS] Looking for a senior RoR developer - Full time position (telecommuting)
11:04PM 8 render a Google Chart to a file
8:37PM 0 FreeImage exception error
7:50PM 1 table aliases in a JOIN (was "discriminating two FK refs..")
7:33PM 0 Strange error, possibly coming from ActiveRecord
7:14PM 3 how database driven content localization is done?
6:59PM 3 Trying to create search filter persistence using SearchLogic
6:56PM 6 Find Last Errors
5:21PM 6 load seeds.rb in test and no truncating data
4:54PM 1 we need this (codebubbles)
4:38PM 1 scite on Ruby 1.9
3:40PM 3 dom:loaded problems
3:37PM 14 trying to install postgres gem on fedora 12 ..
2:51PM 1 acts_as_tree test fails : duplicate entry # for key #
2:45PM 1 bad url in js script
2:43PM 0 {JOBS} RoR Developers (Senior and Junior) Tottenham Court Road, London
2:32PM 10 rendering simple html from view/controller
2:26PM 3 Bypassing automatic STI generation
11:13AM 3 Determine if part of a hash key exists
9:56AM 0 Rails & HTMLDoc - Error: Cannot allocate memory - htmldoc
9:50AM 3 Problem indexing add Simple Table Inherance
9:40AM 0 JOBS: Team Leader and Developers Required
8:55AM 0 jrails_auto_complete problem
8:38AM 1 Memcache configuration for sessions
6:52AM 2 integrate google ads in rails application
6:34AM 1 Accessing subversion(svn) from rails application
6:11AM 1 Recommend CMS systems on rails
5:27AM 1 using image_tag as submit button inside form_for block
5:19AM 0 sortable_element-onUpdate
5:04AM 0 Rubytest.vim 1.0.0 Released
12:26AM 4 Call a controller method from a view
12:05AM 0 which files are rendered for an URL
Wednesday March 10 2010
10:13PM 3 Repeating fields on the same page
9:44PM 5 Ruby 1.9 loading rails is slow
8:41PM 2 Decimal fields generated in Rails 2.3.5 act like strings, sort of
8:12PM 3 ActionMailer - attaching a PDF
7:57PM 0 Problem with remote_form_for
7:33PM 3 How to access multiple models in a single controller
3:56PM 0 Deployment to a new 10.6 server (for a Rails beginner)?
3:55PM 5 Master thesis topic on Ruby or ROR
2:54PM 2 belongs_to :through
2:23PM 3 Using store values from drop down list
2:05PM 0 path problems
1:27PM 3 Where to find plugins?
1:16PM 2 xml question
12:56PM 0 Request from jabber simple to openfire server
11:55AM 11 `bin_path' for Gem:Module (NoMethodError)
11:46AM 10 Is there a rails way to validate format of an email address?
11:45AM 2 install rails3 --pre on snow leopard w ruby 1.8.7 -- memcache_client gem problems
10:36AM 7 getting the id of selected radio button
10:17AM 7 Comparison of time
8:54AM 19 How to make an array available to all views.
7:49AM 7 Data Type Question
7:11AM 1 broken route path?
6:04AM 6 Email section
5:44AM 2 config.action_mailer.default_url_options = { :host => }
5:25AM 3 Suggest a wav or aiff player
4:29AM 3 Sorting records within views by date
4:13AM 0 Rails ActiveRecord associations autosave option
3:35AM 0 loofah 0.4.7 Released
3:33AM 2 "must be nil" validation?
1:59AM 6 discriminating two FK references into one table?
Tuesday March 9 2010
11:40PM 3 Variable Scope Within a controller
10:37PM 1 Making Rails interract with external sites / JS processing
10:09PM 1 A Unique Ruby on Rails Opportunity
8:55PM 3 undefined method join for STRING error
8:06PM 2 Filter access to static content
7:00PM 1 Retain Form Values on reset
6:59PM 4 EAV Model vs Rails
6:22PM 4 local variable
6:19PM 1 How can I check my current version of rails?
6:02PM 9 Ajax-submit form on "check box onclick ": why this error?
5:53PM 1 db:migrate fails after upgrade to Rails 2.3.5
4:38PM 0 undefined method `accepts_nested_attributes_for' for #<Class:
4:00PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby On Rails Developer
3:58PM 6 pdf-stamper
3:40PM 0 desired: webdav
3:31PM 0 periodically_call_remote doesn´t work properly
3:01PM 15 How to hide an object???
1:47PM 7 Career change: becoming RoR dev
12:59PM 1 help on deployemnt
12:51PM 1 Ruby 1.9 and Searchlogic problem
12:39PM 1 Redirect to the url after login
12:18PM 0 Re: Fml status report (ruby-talk ML)
11:57AM 0 Fast growing startup looking for a Senior Stud Rails Developer in India
11:55AM 7 Code Cleaning
11:45AM 0 acts as list and passenger
11:25AM 6 RESTful photo album
10:53AM 4 Plugin for uploading a folder of images?
9:13AM 0 Authlogic and Aegis, current_user nil problem, Guest user
8:42AM 2 Deprecations
7:41AM 0 what is the use of the type information in the serialized xml
6:31AM 2 Noob issue with virtual attributes
2:56AM 4 File Upload - Preserving Original File Name
1:46AM 3 making a generic comment model
1:44AM 0 Routes & Link_to
1:02AM 3 noob question on associated records and their controller structure
12:29AM 4 edit existing PDF as template
12:20AM 4 Need to DRY views for a global menu
Monday March 8 2010
10:28PM 4 install problems on fedora 12
10:07PM 3 How to access local parameters in partials?
9:57PM 0 Instantiating Controller Object on Rails3 for unit testing
9:10PM 2 validation and STI
8:40PM 1 Attaching, literally, a link
8:32PM 3 RoR Developer Needed For Long Term Project [Jobs]
8:09PM 2 ActiveRecord::ReadOnlyRecord on attributes_update
7:57PM 0 Clearance issues
6:57PM 2 tiny mce and link to remote
6:48PM 0 Scaffolding for nested models
5:27PM 1 Scaffolding oddities -- any ideas?
4:04PM 0 downloading a file from a remote server ?
2:47PM 2 calling save changes a date field in my model instance to 2000
1:43PM 1 to_xml repeating elements and plain strings
1:37PM 0 Nested Resources + Namespace + Friendly URL
1:16PM 0 betternestedset in rails 3.0
10:43AM 4 Uploading any type of file faster in rails
10:30AM 7 :joins help
10:04AM 2 Reporting
6:15AM 0 MD5 wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) Error
6:11AM 3 Where can I read about f.submit?
5:17AM 1 Dynamically Defined URLs on S3
12:33AM 3 Plugins within plugins
Sunday March 7 2010
11:23PM 1 similar controller::layout functionality
11:10PM 1 Efficiently building collections of nested sets
10:14PM 3 Array of check boxes and html warning
9:59PM 2 Google Analytics and partials
8:23PM 1 Upgrading rails project - version 1.2.6 to current (2.3.5)
7:55PM 2 where to put helper fns for fixtures?
7:42PM 6 undefined method on web and not in irb
7:07PM 0 rails code coverage
6:41PM 2 Better way to concatenate options to collection_select?
6:04PM 5 Fixnum problem
4:59PM 0 where do you put helper functions for fixture generation?
4:50PM 0 render :inline in ActionMailer
3:35PM 3 Database push/pull
2:22PM 0 From PHP -> ROR hosting, hosting customers mailboxes and managing server while migrating to all good Ruby On Rails
12:10PM 8 Parsing XML file with no style info with Hpricot
10:39AM 4 SWFUpload - IE 8 - prototype.js - give "Object doesn't support this property or method"
9:45AM 1 [Newbie] ActiveRecord: Calculate maximum of calculated column
9:19AM 4 Display human readable time
8:04AM 1 Re: Simulate activity of users?
7:29AM 5 Rails development processes running very slow
7:13AM 1 Collection_select with has_one association
6:14AM 2 Mocha expectation is affecting (bleeding) from one test to another
3:57AM 4 namespaced controller question
3:39AM 0 Using i18n to translate a full page
2:50AM 2 Raise Exception in Non Active Record Model
1:55AM 3 Connecting to sessions table in another database
12:39AM 8 datatype error in ROR
12:26AM 2 Displaying Nested Objects
Saturday March 6 2010
11:38PM 2 t0_r0 from include, is it bad?
10:26PM 1 How to configure nested routers to omit controller from URL?
9:58PM 1 Weird install problems
6:36PM 0 searching method.
6:36PM 7 form_for, submit, and parameters disappearing
5:41PM 0 Is there any developer from Bangladesh here?
5:39PM 0 [JOBS] Launch Interactive Media Needs a PM and 3 developers.
4:40PM 1 Re: Trying to figure out if this is a helper or a controller or a partial?
3:52PM 0 as_json for arrays?
1:51PM 4 fastercsv and associated records
7:08AM 2 How to do personal domains like del.icio.us
6:56AM 0 How to make routes that mimi Flickr's URLs
4:23AM 0 Two Version of Rails on one machine
2:32AM 1 Restful-authentication plugin for rails3
2:03AM 1 searchlogic is_any needs to be switched to equals_any
12:07AM 0 text_field value as a local variable in in-line template function
Friday March 5 2010
8:33PM 15 Three submits, one controller
6:59PM 0 Making async tcp connections from rails
6:58PM 0 How to create Rails models w/ multiple complex associations?
3:37PM 1 Output String while expecting hash
3:27PM 22 How to change a text field's contents to all uppercase letter
3:09PM 1 WEBrick 500 error only with https
2:30PM 0 Strange error on the first request - trying to setup Rails 2.3.5 with Bundler
11:30AM 13 Modelling Question
10:05AM 2 Automating CSS in a plugin
9:59AM 0 Changing the plugin load path from a plugin-init.rb
6:53AM 6 RegEx help to detect First and Last name
6:22AM 1 Single form multiple table
6:08AM 3 Validations question
5:03AM 1 Cucumber tableish
3:56AM 0 bulk messages system with full logs and status of mail
2:20AM 0 NoMethodError (undefined method `match' for nil:NilClass):
1:56AM 0 risk of upgrading parts of REXML parser
1:47AM 1 Form Question
1:07AM 3 [slightly OT] Grokking agile practices
12:27AM 2 Embedded expressions in ERB
12:21AM 2 Passing params through destroy
Thursday March 4 2010
10:04PM 3 Static HTML in XML Builder or otherwise; With Dynamic Sectio
8:33PM 4 [2.3.5] How can I tell a model to use a specific DB and table?
7:57PM 0 Sunspot::Rails 1.0.0 Released
7:25PM 0 Best practise for non-us formated numbers in parameters.
7:11PM 0 Uploadify authentication problem
7:03PM 2 hi
6:30PM 1 White Labeling (Easily Rebranding) Rails Applications
6:11PM 0 Searching by tag
5:22PM 5 has anybody made actionmailer work with rails 2.3.5?
5:05PM 0 Ruby Midwest Conference Opens Call for Speakers
3:59PM 0 from ajax to rails
2:58PM 7 Why all columns of joined table get instantiated as String?
11:15AM 0 testing a domain driven application
10:32AM 25 how to share variables in data migrations (up/down)
10:30AM 1 Plugin : adding filters in ApplicationController
5:43AM 0 nested conditions with set_table_name?
5:12AM 13 jQuery conversion - how to replace :onchange => remote_function() call?
4:49AM 1 rails 3 & nested layouts
4:00AM 1 How to assign boolean values?
3:10AM 4 trying to set text_area helper class for css => getting weirdness
2:07AM 0 How can i translate Active Scaffold??
1:21AM 1 Newbie problem with installing rails.
Wednesday March 3 2010
11:49PM 0 Question about Nested Join Tables
11:38PM 2 @post.id to javascript
10:58PM 0 Change server root to set locale but keep routes
7:35PM 8 Stop ActionMailer from trying to send securely
6:41PM 0 Using gsub to replace text with link from database
6:36PM 9 Works in Ruby but not in Rails
6:21PM 16 undefined method `build' for nil:NilClass
6:17PM 0 Eliminating .fieldWithErrors for labels
5:23PM 7 Routing problem, I think
5:05PM 4 Current state of Rails CMSs
3:25PM 1 need ETL admin IBM InfoSphere exp - urgent
2:58PM 6 Mongrel not starting
2:45PM 2 SQL Server 2008
12:10PM 1 aliased render
11:04AM 4 How to clear an input box from the controller?
9:49AM 1 field_error_proc
8:19AM 2 Memcached: "no such file to load -- memcache-client" when running script/console
7:32AM 7 cannot send mails out on linux
5:40AM 5 Rails 3 and Friendship models
5:18AM 21 how to obtain the index of selected item from select box?
4:54AM 12 to get only the updated fields
4:41AM 6 Complex sql query. How to do with has_many and belongs_to?
2:34AM 1 Html/JavaScript/CSS code ouput in TextArea-- Best Ways
2:06AM 0 How I Do
2:03AM 3 Need some meta-programming for a Rails app
1:55AM 0 asset cache (timestamp after the image link)
1:30AM 4 Saving HTTP Referer
Tuesday March 2 2010
9:27PM 0 [JOBS] Lead Web Developer Opportunity at the Pandora for Wine (San Francisco, CA)
8:51PM 1 Weird sort
8:20PM 2 Ajaxy cross-tab form
4:44PM 1 New window parameters disappear with validation fails
4:14PM 1 single table inheritance
4:04PM 2 Load before show
3:56PM 0 Multiple RoR Opportunities in NYC
3:26PM 8 More elegant solution for turning link into button?
3:08PM 0 page.toggle
2:30PM 1 Update in transactions
2:21PM 1 what is InvalidAuthenticityToken?
1:35PM 0 Available - SAP FSCM Treasury, MQ developer, QA
1:30PM 2 "generate scaffold" generated plural name in routes.rb -- why?
1:10PM 1 Post Methods
12:53PM 0 Available - SAP FSCM, MQ developer, QA
12:51PM 9 Errors in rake db:create
12:30PM 1 localized host in ActionMailer Views
12:27PM 0 Unable to run RoR project(redmine) under the Xampp(windows) !!!
11:20AM 0 Gem or Plug-in to implement PayPal Adaptive Payment : Send money API
10:02AM 0 how to get unescaped value of request.url AS-IS?
8:52AM 4 how to install rails without gems?!
8:36AM 4 access authlogic current_user in actionmailer view
8:24AM 1 no such file to load -- opendirectory/user
6:28AM 1 unicode
5:47AM 10 how I do different has_and_belongs_to_many for the same model?
4:32AM 1 Redirect issue
4:28AM 3 Controllers not passed as a parameter causing an error
1:22AM 1 request.remote_ip with AJAX
12:24AM 0 CSS file + Background images + facebook
Monday March 1 2010
10:07PM 0 assert_select_rjs testing question
9:42PM 3 No reasonable output created from Rails app
9:15PM 3 How to process collection_select in controller?
8:50PM 3 Tweetstream
8:29PM 3 has_many models in a form
7:09PM 1 model associations and optimization problem
6:59PM 0 Upload progress bar with Paperclip, Mongrel, Apache
5:50PM 8 Problem with regexp split
5:16PM 0 Unit Testing with ActiveRecord External Database Tables
5:02PM 2 Does a ror "per-site scoped login" Content Management System exists ( not radiant) ?
5:01PM 3 High CPU load upon upgrade to 2.3.5
4:05PM 1 correct value doesn't get selected in select
1:50PM 4 blog and comment
12:12PM 4 Dependency loading confusion
11:43AM 1 ActiveRecord validation erros with cucumber/webrat
11:31AM 1 RJS error:TypeError: arrow is null
11:09AM 0 stubbing CAPTCHA to pass Cucumber scenario
10:51AM 2 is there a .NET equivalent to Rails Migrations? (anyone know?)
10:26AM 3 remove apostrophe in query
10:13AM 1 Render - Missing Template
8:26AM 3 Detect changes with update_attributes
6:07AM 2 initializer or application_controller? Where should it go?
4:25AM 1 rhtml & rails
4:15AM 1 how to do Loging in Rails
3:47AM 0 Nested model form problem, not saving, any help?
3:11AM 2 Rendering an action (with layout) into a Javascript template
2:50AM 0 undefined method for Polymorphic association using Searchlogic
1:53AM 0 Rack(Warden) woes
1:03AM 0 No route matches "/users//comments" with {:method=>:post}