Rails - Feb 2010

Sunday February 28 2010
10:09PM 4 persisting an object
8:36PM 1 Wondering about combining has_one and has_many in one application
8:15PM 2 Noob on Mac OS w/ MySQL Problem....
7:51PM 13 Any training institutes for RoR in India?
7:36PM 0 Re: Abridged summary of rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh5TLH3MbocFFw@public.gmane.org - 71 Messages in 26 Topics
6:30PM 4 cucumber/webrat field issue
5:24PM 1 find and include problem
5:16PM 2 MatchData providing unexpected result
4:44PM 4 redirection rule 301 on routes.rb
3:59PM 4 Web service client code layout -- standard practice
3:34PM 0 nested partials parameters
2:52PM 0 nested model form javascript question (re Ryan Bates's Railscasts #196-7)
2:05PM 1 Problem with render in helper methods
10:36AM 14 How to access id passed to link_to function in controller?
7:47AM 3 Couldn't find User without an ID
3:16AM 3 Persistent Sessions
3:01AM 4 Rails Server Failing - No such file or directory - tmp/pids/server.pid
2:37AM 1 SEO friendly routing
2:04AM 1 dispatch.fcgi is hanging indefinitely
Saturday February 27 2010
11:08PM 5 DRY question
6:17PM 0 automatic link generator based on keyword
5:47PM 1 Rails 3 - rails runner doesn't work here
5:09PM 5 Model validation dependent upon session data being set?
4:24PM 6 rails 3 on debian
3:49PM 2 Paperclip upload fails sometimes
3:34PM 4 Postgresql error in connecting to database - invalid response to ssl negotiation
3:08PM 16 <%= %> Interpolation question
7:48AM 3 IE7 & IE8 Sessions and Subdomains
6:21AM 1 How do you allow users make custom shopping lists?
6:12AM 2 Desktop sharing software for linux fedora 10?
5:06AM 1 Help! Invalid character in IE
3:02AM 3 Oniguruma and Ultraviolet on Windows 7
2:17AM 0 Plugin naming conventions
1:44AM 1 How to generate this URL
1:32AM 0 nested form polymorphic
12:30AM 4 Replacing an xxx.png with a xxx.jpg in public/images OK?
Friday February 26 2010
10:50PM 13 Rails instalation under Windows - problem
10:24PM 3 rake db:migrate tries to use sqlite :-/
10:11PM 0 ruby script/cucumber -tags producing a gem error
8:47PM 6 Routing Error on rails3
8:29PM 3 cucumber directories not working
7:29PM 2 Can a server make a post to itself?
6:47PM 1 Breaking into the debugger
6:35PM 2 Ruby on Rails install problem in Linux Mint - please help a newbie
5:50PM 5 Text Output Display in Rails is OUT OF CONTROL!
5:35PM 8 Extending a Model that is in a plugin
4:17PM 5 Inconsistent auto generated fixture IDs
3:51PM 2 Routing Error using Paperclip
3:22PM 0 Crummy Breadcrumbs
3:03PM 7 Rails Seralized My Object One Way & Refuses to Change
12:02PM 1 :action not working in replace_html
9:49AM 1 Unable to access log file.
9:04AM 3 Rails deployment error
8:57AM 2 Fwd: how to install rmagick on fedora please help urgent
8:27AM 3 placing database.yml to svn
7:24AM 1 formhelper & label produces incorrect output?
6:44AM 1 how to install rmagick on fedora Regards,
5:13AM 0 problem w restful_authentication
4:31AM 0 save has-many associations
3:25AM 2 Get the path within a template (as in Rails template, not view template)
3:18AM 7 Turn of a single validation
2:33AM 2 Wits end..."cross-thread violation on rb_gc()"
2:09AM 4 Please Help: Accessing Ruby app brings up Apache test page
12:49AM 1 why doesn't "config.time_zone = 'location'" ensure Time.now gives the time back in this time zone???
12:08AM 2 Naming model attributes using _id
Thursday February 25 2010
10:01PM 8 Geokit Rails issue
7:45PM 0 SocketError: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known --> error while running test case
7:39PM 0 Rails problems running rake and other tasks - undefined method `action_controller'
7:35PM 0 Searchlogic form question
6:48PM 1 website down?
6:38PM 1 Command to Show Requests per second
6:28PM 2 strange class_eval behavior
5:55PM 0 Conditions on Joined Tables
5:41PM 1 accepts_nested_attributes_for vs. multiple controllers on one page
5:39PM 0 Adding Modules to ActiveRecord
5:30PM 2 JMeter Load testing
5:29PM 1 problem generating url helper
4:56PM 2 undefined method error appears in erb but not haml
4:56PM 3 Running tests in a different environment
4:41PM 10 ajax.updater problem
4:08PM 0 Seeking good examples for Data Warehousing / Dimensional Modeling
2:31PM 1 image tag problem
2:09PM 0 How to add openfire server in rails app
1:51PM 5 Basic Rails questions
1:31PM 2 Finding all records that don't have child
12:32PM 3 Rails acts_as_* plugins, with parameters
11:27AM 2 date_select with Searchlogic
9:43AM 0 MSN chat in rails app
9:27AM 0 Ruby on Rails application could not be started
5:14AM 9 uninitialized constant UsersController::User
2:14AM 1 <script type="text/javascript> inside partial not being rendered
12:55AM 0 How to use connection pool in Rails2.3.5 with WEBrick and MySQL?
12:35AM 1 Problem with validates_associated and validates_presence_of
Wednesday February 24 2010
10:00PM 6 Yet another send_data :image question...
10:00PM 4 Need something like erb.css
9:34PM 0 Belongs_to has many
8:59PM 3 Routing problem for Rails 2 newbie
8:44PM 4 "Sequence does not exist" for joined model
8:35PM 1 One lookup table for two different joins
8:08PM 0 integrate cucumber/rspec in existing app, broken.
7:47PM 7 Running Ruby on built in Apache server on Mac
7:30PM 6 "Plugin not found"
7:17PM 10 How to create a UNIQUE table constraint with migrations.
7:07PM 0 Aliased route redirect
5:35PM 0 Thanks Bob
5:20PM 2 `<top (required)>': undefined method `default_external=' for Encoding:Class (NoMethodError)
2:38PM 0 Attachment fu file path
2:20PM 0 How can I embed a merb app into a rails app as a plugin?
1:59PM 0 undefined method `default_external=' for Encoding:Class
1:49PM 3 CVS from Excel Encoding issue
1:48PM 2 Very brief.
1:15PM 0 Are there any good ruby on rails opensource job board apps out there?
12:56PM 5 gem install rmagick --local
11:37AM 2 javascript question - why does “window.location” not ensure my spinner.gif animation works?
11:16AM 0 Help on specifying color using color code
10:00AM 7 Regular Expressions
8:13AM 0 Re: uninitialized constant User::Authentication
7:46AM 0 link_to_unless_current
6:29AM 4 Please help with new Ruby install (my gems are missing!)
6:14AM 2 rdoc
5:03AM 2 Ror coding standard
4:37AM 3 add_index error ?cd
3:08AM 0 Cucumber, Rails, and Sending Emails
Tuesday February 23 2010
11:49PM 2 NoMethodError ... nil.clear
11:47PM 4 rake db:create:all creates databases but doesn't create their tables
11:32PM 1 Redmine and hoptoad notifier
10:41PM 1 Gem/Plugin for sending system alert message to logged-in users via AJAX?
10:05PM 1 undefined method `scaffold' for AdminController:Class
9:59PM 2 Rails 1.2.6: "can't convert Enumerator into Array"
9:41PM 9 converting a tiff image
9:33PM 3 Active Record - Select by multiple days of week
9:30PM 4 limit number of selections in multiple select
9:14PM 0 searchlogic to check whether two arrays intersect
8:29PM 3 QueryCache and AR objects
8:08PM 0 rake db:create:wants LibMySQL.dll for MySQL 5.0.37; where?
7:32PM 8 de-normalized table associations
7:17PM 2 conditional order field in has_many
7:09PM 0 Rails Migration Live w/mysql
6:31PM 1 how a js script can get the current locale from my rails app ?
5:58PM 2 password recovery?
5:53PM 4 password recovery
3:39PM 12 "no such file to load -- gettext/rails" error
2:47PM 11 Couldn't find without an ID
2:30PM 1 Using div with an image
2:11PM 2 Logging and Exceptions with Script Runner
2:10PM 4 Fascism is coming to Internet
1:37PM 2 Help on Spreadsheet::Excel
12:33PM 2 actionwebservice broken in production environment
12:14PM 3 Can't install RMagick 2.12.2
11:11AM 4 Integrating non-sql
11:05AM 7 Localize doesn't work
9:22AM 1 Graph/ Charting Tool for RoR
8:40AM 0 Implementing a custom dashboard
7:27AM 1 Rails on Snow Leopard
6:33AM 0 Hpricot Parser
6:16AM 2 Linking 3 Models with has_many relationships
3:07AM 7 Gem + passenger throw error
2:24AM 2 Problem: The command "rake db:create:all" crashes
1:04AM 2 capistrano still asks for the 1st password even though I've set up an ssh key???
12:18AM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Software Engineer
12:10AM 7 case INsensitive urls?
Monday February 22 2010
9:58PM 5 ORA-01704 string literal too long
8:52PM 9 how to validate uniqueness across multiple columns in ActiveRecord?
8:39PM 4 "the change you want was rejected. Maybe you changed something you didn't have access to.""
8:25PM 0 Using Rails to push/pull data from Google App Engine
8:02PM 2 gsub fail
7:51PM 0 Nested attrivutes ; :reject_if (Rails 2.3.4)
7:08PM 3 Multidimensional dynamic Hash
6:25PM 1 Who's invoking yeild?
5:37PM 1 Error starting server
5:32PM 2 Paperclip problem
5:22PM 6 Rails Parser
4:42PM 2 Documentation for using IntegrationTest?
4:30PM 0 looking for ruby on rails course
4:01PM 10 Error: "ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken"
3:51PM 2 Need help understanding how to sort and view items through categories
3:08PM 0 Re: rake db:migrate throws unexpected error
2:38PM 1 Can you set a custom user-agent?
2:29PM 0 Access the ruby on rails BL from .Net(WPF)
2:27PM 1 Stupid question from a newbie
2:13PM 2 Re: photo gallery for each User
2:13PM 0 Override the user model in BCMS
1:57PM 3 Will memcache bring any benefits with a small DB set?
1:41PM 3 problems with <div>
1:36PM 13 Passing paramter but without GET
1:34PM 9 Couldn't find Order with ID=pending_orders
1:15PM 9 How to run Rails project if i has some application made already...please Help
12:38PM 3 Drawing plugin
11:16AM 1 form_for redirect to another controller
10:07AM 0 Re: make website based on ruby o.o
9:41AM 1 New User Ruby on Rails
9:23AM 0 Re: Inconsistent noMethod error...
9:11AM 1 Re: Implementing a user activity log with STI. (?)
7:28AM 2 Testing emailers
7:04AM 3 Rails 2.3.5/Ruby1.8.7 Collection_Select Labels with ampersands "&"
7:02AM 5 collection_select not working for nested forms
6:30AM 0 JOBS: Java Developer in Ruby on Rails
6:20AM 2 deploying project
6:16AM 1 Rails environments
5:40AM 0 Re: make website based on ruby o.o
5:16AM 4 how to show a hierarchical list (like Mac Finder/Explorer)
4:57AM 1 Re: make website based on ruby o.o
3:36AM 4 Rich Text Editor
3:21AM 3 Pretty URL's
3:14AM 0 Re: make website based on ruby o.o
Sunday February 21 2010
9:05PM 0 Re: make website based on ruby o.o
1:16PM 0 For Beginning... Rails 3.0 Beta or 2.3.5??
8:25AM 6 Help Wanted! Willing to Pay...
5:50AM 1 self refrencing many to one implementation
4:12AM 0 webrat step to go to view
12:12AM 1 mp3 player
12:11AM 1 Beginner question - MySQL db:migrate error
Saturday February 20 2010
11:50PM 0 routing question
11:02PM 23 Rails 3 possible bug in Routing
10:28PM 2 Extending Rails
9:54PM 0 Segmentation fault
7:42PM 1 Looking for a small database testing application
7:05PM 1 Question about Bundler
4:15PM 1 Advanced use of to_xml and to_json
4:00PM 0 [rails-3.0beta] Problems with routing
3:39PM 6 Captcha Trouble
1:02PM 2 Running script/server leads to executing incorrect version of initalizer.rb
12:35PM 3 create custom validation
11:57AM 2 How to describe a decimal field in Rails scaffolding
11:47AM 1 How to render a partal after form load
9:32AM 1 rails3 validator - has no error message?
6:30AM 4 searching based on the return values of instance methods
3:21AM 4 Script/server reference wrong version of initializer.rb
1:16AM 3 update user input to another table without using html form
1:06AM 1 formhelper password_field only takes two arguments
12:06AM 0 Debugger stopped working
Friday February 19 2010
11:58PM 2 Error: undefined method for nil:NilClass
11:49PM 3 What's the latest reliable version of Rails 2?
10:27PM 1 env: ruby1.9: No such file or directory - FIX
9:24PM 0 Adding files for autotest to monitor
8:45PM 1 First time rails install, help with gems/rake
8:21PM 0 You are being redirected
7:35PM 0 url_helper mail_to escapes @ as %40 in cc and bcc elements
7:20PM 0 map center/zoom problems in ym4r
6:32PM 1 Invalid .gemspec format - multiple gem repos?
6:14PM 4 Cannot install ruby-postgres on Windows
5:58PM 2 image tag partial refresh
5:34PM 2 Rails and decimals problem
5:15PM 0 Future of DRb?
4:14PM 3 Hooking validates
3:22PM 2 Escaping URL on routes.rb
1:45PM 1 build_* not working despite being has_one
12:30PM 19 Unable to load file in testing
11:53AM 1 Where to put require 'gem' statements?
10:31AM 0 can't daemonize server with rails3
10:22AM 2 AJAX Problem
9:54AM 2 Using Rails form helpers on non-existent methods
9:41AM 6 Some fundamental architectural insights on the Ruby On Rails technology compared to Java
9:37AM 2 Problem with assert_redirected_to
9:01AM 2 First time rails install, help with gems
8:47AM 8 Weird gsub behaviour
7:26AM 1 deployment issues
7:03AM 0 closed stream error running unit tests through rake
3:50AM 6 Strange production vs. development behavior difference
3:45AM 0 ANN: Gotham Ruby Conference Call for Proposals
3:16AM 32 Authlogic Rails 3
3:04AM 1 a single Administrator without boolean column in User's table?
1:19AM 2 Upgrading the Rails Version Used by an Existing Application
12:32AM 0 [JOBS] Mid-Sr. Developer - Washington, DC (no telecommuting - sorry)
Thursday February 18 2010
11:20PM 4 Error installing some gems (Ruby 1.9.2)
11:08PM 3 You have a nil object when you didn't expect it! Error!
10:45PM 5 Where does rake get its default rakefile?
10:03PM 0 Plupload
10:01PM 4 Change field name of select_day, select_month ..
9:47PM 5 HABTM: join table records being deleted & not restored when validation fails
9:33PM 0 Rails newbie to 2.0: problem with "ruby script/generate scaffold"
9:06PM 4 Can't run script/console on with rails 2.3.5
9:00PM 1 restful route paths... has something changed?
8:10PM 3 Show parents subpages if on a subpage
7:12PM 16 Cannot install Rails with Gems on WIndows
7:10PM 0 ActiveResource and Paging
6:36PM 3 restful authentication question
5:52PM 4 rake db:create
5:37PM 0 Modeling Users in Battle-Game App?
5:26PM 1 Explicit named routes with has_many error
5:19PM 1 Join and Refer In Tables
4:21PM 0 Christian Weekend Hack a' thon
4:19PM 0 Store data in database from GA API
4:15PM 4 rails error
3:57PM 11 DateTime format
2:43PM 4 JavaScript and cookies
2:19PM 0 RubySlide.com
1:09PM 2 Can't access my plugin views
12:33PM 0 How to capture not eval'ed ERB
12:09PM 1 Faceted Navigation & Search
10:32AM 7 Using validates_uniqueness_of with :update
10:05AM 2 Problem in running console in production mode
9:56AM 1 noob question : font problems
7:36AM 1 Array in post data via http
5:23AM 3 Rails 3 version of ActiveRecord usable with Rails 2?
3:50AM 5 Converting hash to option string
1:59AM 0 rspec + rcov + rails + sequel (false coverage report)
12:33AM 0 Re: uninitialized constant User::Authentication
Wednesday February 17 2010
6:41PM 6 Ajax
5:58PM 0 i18n and routes in runnter script
5:35PM 0 Great Lakes Ruby Bash - Call for Proposals
4:30PM 1 url rewriting
3:05PM 1 Paperclip and viewing images
2:19PM 9 Ensure single session per user
1:12PM 2 Rails/Rake Migrations - Newbie Question
9:20AM 0 blog analysis
8:49AM 1 Set route for rails
6:48AM 0 [JOBS] Technical Architect who can use tech to make a difference :-)!
6:14AM 2 combobox-distinct element
5:58AM 2 Problem with file_field
5:57AM 2 How to add radio buttons?
5:14AM 5 Back button
3:38AM 0 Can't start Rails 2.3.5 under thin with Bundler 0.9
3:11AM 3 Newbie RESTful routing problem, please help!
3:05AM 7 ruby update on OS X 10.5 and I now this: "Rails requires RubyGems >= 1.3.2"
3:04AM 3 FCGI & resetting view cache
1:59AM 7 noobish: create migration to add foreign keys with :through attrs?
1:00AM 3 Memcached
12:19AM 2 Appending parameters to a link
12:18AM 11 dates not being typecast properly, becoming nil?
Tuesday February 16 2010
11:10PM 1 form_for ... adding locale
8:29PM 2 need advise with search / browsing
6:44PM 2 12 Month Contract Assignment in New York City
6:43PM 0 as_json and self-referential associations
5:38PM 1 Subdomain creation and management
5:20PM 1 Installing Plugins
3:04PM 0 [JOBS] Unique Developer Opportunity at Anideo (Singapore)
12:56PM 0 to_json failing with column named test
11:54AM 2 wrong number of arguments (Wrox Beginning Ruby On Rails)
11:38AM 4 How to populate combobox from db?
11:10AM 0 Facing an error while running Cucumber with selenium
11:05AM 0 need a faculty who can take class on ROR at Kochi
10:39AM 2 Time out problem
9:52AM 3 Testing Paperclip - post :create fails
8:32AM 0 searchlogic incompatible with error_messages
8:31AM 0 Strange routing(?) Issue
7:20AM 2 Controller Error
7:10AM 4 best way to select uncommon elements from array
6:27AM 2 require 'hirb' at the start of every console
6:01AM 5 ActiveRecord, Find that return only one column
5:37AM 0 Rendering different view for different referrer for same action
5:31AM 4 form_for helper for nested resources
5:31AM 3 OT - RoR Site Launch
4:16AM 9 login with twitter, yahoo, google, facebook credentials......
3:55AM 0 ActiveMerchant and Wirecard question
3:32AM 3 Controller won't accept a variable number of inputs...
3:23AM 7 YAML, UTF-8, TextMate, Notepad
2:31AM 1 Saving & Retrieving Ranges
1:44AM 0 cached_model & ActiveRecord
1:15AM 1 Iterating between two values captured in a form
12:06AM 5 simpler alternative to Capistrano for single instance deployments?
Monday February 15 2010
9:21PM 0 XML encoding
8:33PM 0 JOBS: Ruby on Rails Architect/developers in NYC
7:53PM 8 will_paginate question
7:48PM 1 How to deal with user requests that take time to process?
6:50PM 0 Rails 3: Can Bundle.require be called after Application class is defined?
6:49PM 0 Multi cache on Rails
6:16PM 0 Using local system-wide gems when using gem bundler
6:03PM 3 Red Dirt RubyConf: Rails 3 Theme
5:43PM 2 User stamping and Authlogic
4:49PM 3 Object.subclasses_of gone
4:27PM 11 Update association on foreign key change?
4:13PM 4 Changing the :path and :url options of has_attached_file in paperclip
3:21PM 5 Paperclip
2:13PM 3 Rails 3 engine plugin's routes not recognized
1:48PM 5 Active record validation Issue
1:34PM 0 What is the of backgroundRb
11:33AM 3 Best way to go for ajax / UI interface design and Ror?
10:55AM 5 help on how append html tag
10:46AM 2 Frustrating Problem - Acts As Tree
9:24AM 3 getting a 500 internal server error with apache
9:18AM 5 state select box to be populated according to country
7:40AM 10 Problem with internationalization
6:43AM 5 making a new project, should I choose rails 2.3.5 or 3.0 .0 beta?
5:03AM 1 moved from ruby 1.8.6 to 1.8.7 and "We're sorry, but something went wrong."
3:07AM 2 Verify presence_of parameter
12:21AM 0 bundle error running test on a simple app
Sunday February 14 2010
11:24PM 2 has_many :through eager loading only loading one record
8:59PM 0 nicEdti image upload plugin
7:49PM 2 how to describe negative find condition in has_many
6:29PM 3 Can't mass-assign these protected attributes: tag_attributes
12:18PM 6 forcing lower case in form helper label
10:00AM 1 undefined method `camelize' for "app":String
9:55AM 1 Is ActioveResource suitable for use eBay/PayPal api's?
6:56AM 3 sharing a method, model, module or ???
6:54AM 7 how do I get all records whose count of associations is above a certain number
5:55AM 0 updating a variable in a partial using Javascript?
1:13AM 2 paperclip is making me crazy
12:15AM 1 A (hopefully...) quick rake db:migrate question...
Saturday February 13 2010
10:14PM 1 Modifying Params Hash
6:13PM 1 Sending XML requests
6:12PM 7 noob question : action controller exception
5:56PM 1 Foreign key in views
5:37PM 1 [JOBS] Remote assistance requested for RoR setup.
5:21PM 3 error mailer type control
1:09PM 1 Bundler ignores :group => :production?
1:07PM 2 RubyOnRails and number of projects
11:54AM 1 utf8 problem
8:39AM 2 Checkbox -> hide/show element
8:11AM 3 apache with rails
7:59AM 3 transforming arguments to find_by
6:46AM 1 Enabling debugger in initializers
5:04AM 0 save image from url to blob
Friday February 12 2010
10:36PM 4 Designer - Introduction
9:46PM 2 log access denied
7:49PM 2 What happens to RJS in Rails 3
7:42PM 1 Why does config.gem mess up migration?
7:02PM 10 Form data transfer to another form with a different controle
5:11PM 4 Controller Search Strategy
4:26PM 2 ActiveRecord Transaction Rollback not happening/Postgres
4:18PM 4 grouped_options_for_select
3:13PM 3 A little more help with a collection.
2:43PM 2 How do you upgrade Rails 2.0.2 to 2.2.2?
2:35PM 8 3-second-n00b question
2:34PM 6 Googlebots - sitemaps
11:54AM 1 Rails Upgrade / Installation Error
11:50AM 1 How to upgrade my version of my rails application.
11:11AM 0 Rails 2.3.5 and 3.0 side by side
10:52AM 0 Modular applications within Rails 3
9:25AM 2 Help with a collection
9:22AM 2 Syntax error
8:53AM 0 valantine images
6:28AM 3 where can I find the pre-defined constants for the "head" method? e.g. "return head(:method_not_allowed)"
6:12AM 3 Belongs_to and has_many
5:24AM 1 country and state select
5:12AM 1 How to get associated fields
5:08AM 2 no such file to load -- linguistics.rb
2:09AM 1 migrating merb to rails3?
1:58AM 0 Twitter - oauth gem - not getting callback
Thursday February 11 2010
11:46PM 0 params[:id] not working
11:29PM 3 What is the appserver for production that works best with Rails3?
8:41PM 6 Anyone know of a Rails POS (point-of-sale) app?
7:47PM 4 Making REE default ruby interpreter?
7:23PM 7 Migration commits when run by itself (db:migrate:up), but not with other migrations (db:migrate)
6:48PM 5 How to catch Oracle errors in a rake task.
6:43PM 4 recursive expansition of <% ... %>
6:32PM 0 lost User session when back from REST web service..
5:45PM 0 released Property gem
5:04PM 1 We are looking for a ruby programmer
4:57PM 36 repeated methods in rjs
4:34PM 6 .find() with simple :join
3:48PM 1 Rails 3 (beta) - Where are 'bundle' gems installed?
2:43PM 2 Inconsistent Hash#to_xml Method
2:30PM 1 Net::IMAP problem
1:23PM 5 Session based Routing
12:40PM 1 uninitialized constant Paginator |rails 2.2.2
12:26PM 0 Ripple 0.5 (Initial Release)
11:48AM 1 undefined method `sphinx_facets' for nil:NilClass
11:14AM 5 plural table names?
10:37AM 5 Validates_uniqueness_of problem
7:21AM 2 500 error in production environment which I don't get in development env
4:33AM 3 Trying to update to rails 3.0 beta on ubuntu. For some reason none of the commands work & ubuntu doesn't recognize rails exists. HELP!
2:56AM 1 Act_as_Solr
1:39AM 1 Model not found in custom script...
1:25AM 3 Parameterized ActiveRecord Associations: Any such thing?
12:57AM 4 when does 'dog' not equal 'dog'?
12:56AM 2 Error when starting rails server [on rails 3]
Wednesday February 10 2010
11:09PM 4 Sql update_all with string concatenate
11:00PM 3 CRUD pattern for modals
10:37PM 0 Tagging plugin ?
9:28PM 1 namespace + nested resources = <% form_for ... %> problem
9:17PM 4 Transaction not rolled back in Functional Test
6:54PM 16 nil object - can anyone help?
6:40PM 7 undefined method join
4:59PM 2 undefined method 'state'
4:10PM 4 AJAX responses
3:56PM 5 one rails, multiple DBs
3:00PM 4 Can't pass parameters in routes on Rails 3
1:44PM 4 On-line Quizzes: any Rails gem orplugin ?
12:53PM 3 Insert into table without his model
10:07AM 3 Generating rails app in previous version after rails 3.0 ins
7:45AM 5 absolute url to images from the model?
5:59AM 3 redirect_to(URL) and return
5:37AM 3 Rails System Commad
5:28AM 0 RangeError: 0x... is recycled object; rails-footnotes
4:56AM 1 How to get Website Templates for a Ruby on Rails
4:00AM 4 help decoupling models with a foreign key relationship
3:56AM 6 remember_me_for in authlogic
1:18AM 1 accepts_nested_attributes_for abilities
12:41AM 1 DB query cache
12:03AM 6 validation problems
12:01AM 0 Proper Installation on Debian?
Tuesday February 9 2010
11:05PM 2 undefined method `generate_token'
10:55PM 3 show/hide some few fields according to a value selected
8:37PM 1 updating attributes of another model
8:18PM 1 auto_complete always selects the first item, can i prevent this?
8:14PM 4 Problem with before_* callbacks being wrapped in transaction
8:04PM 1 .find() with contents of Array
7:56PM 3 Inserting Javascript dinamically with DOM
5:13PM 1 Store multiple check_box of same attribute in "Search" class
5:12PM 2 How to do password expire after 15 days?
4:02PM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete without a model
3:05PM 0 Quality Officer
2:59PM 1 Eager Loading
2:54PM 4 Password Requests?
1:19PM 11 Amending partials
11:40AM 0 Using YM4R/GM plugin in rails.
9:20AM 4 some success at last, and some questions
8:45AM 5 PHP -> Ruby On Rails: advice wanted on customer management ( dns / email )
5:47AM 3 acts_as_tree question
4:39AM 1 Getting Twitter usernames
3:48AM 9 Object Version Control, or at least edit log
3:24AM 4 Rails3 pre and protect_from_forgery
Monday February 8 2010
11:51PM 2 Weird behavior on Ruby 1.9.1
11:26PM 0 recommending friends, using RoR's Mailer
10:18PM 0 Re: Page generation time
10:17PM 1 Re: Page generation time
10:08PM 5 How to use ruby script/console to debug methods in application.rb?
9:43PM 5 Why are double sided polymorphic relationships lacking in Rails?
9:12PM 0 ActiveModel callbacks
9:01PM 2 Testing Java Script in a View
7:13PM 2 ECONNABORTED: An established connection was aborted
7:04PM 3 Double render/redirect philosophy
6:53PM 7 checking for nil
5:19PM 1 can use use observe_field with a 3rd party server?
4:42PM 2 How to write an outgoing URL call and get the XML response ?
2:47PM 2 Conditions in form_for
12:37PM 0 Akshay Nawale wants to chat
12:00PM 0 Collection grouping/sorting question
9:56AM 10 UJS in Rails 3 Beta
9:36AM 4 Console not working
9:13AM 4 Uploading and Mailing documents
8:44AM 7 Controller methods over instance variables?
7:50AM 3 Error in Bundler with PostgreSQL and Rails3
7:15AM 1 Parallel Payment Conflict Resolution in Paypal
4:29AM 4 Rails 3 beta: "bundle install" not installing to the GEM_HOME
4:23AM 1 Should I be using observers for an enquiry?
4:01AM 1 Polymorphic association question
1:31AM 7 What happened to CoC?
12:47AM 8 reCAPTCHA headache
12:00AM 1 Model using STI new function only working partially
Sunday February 7 2010
11:08PM 1 Multiple dependencies on Deletions
8:31PM 4 Optimizing ActiveSupport with native code
8:23PM 0 using form_for in a partial
5:03PM 2 named_scope and params
3:20PM 0 Tip to compile a 32bit version of Ruby on Snow Leopard
2:37PM 12 #<RangeError: 0x3770f58 is recycled object>
1:59PM 0 Rails 3.0 Beta ALL PLEASE READ
1:13PM 0 Rails 3: bundle install vendor - ffi 0.5.4 gem crashes : ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension
12:03PM 4 rails 3 script/server problem
11:48AM 8 Where to put large application controller code
10:55AM 0 Authlogic Oauth problem with Remember Me
10:03AM 0 [Rails 3] How do I use the new hook functionality to hook up multiple generators for scaffolding etc.
9:36AM 2 How much "records" can development env stands?!
4:17AM 8 RoR physical development environment advice
3:08AM 3 sequential steps in rails
2:26AM 4 Same partial different results
12:38AM 1 Warbler question for deployment on Tomcat
Saturday February 6 2010
8:56PM 8 Help with 3.0 Beta
8:13PM 1 Yield not working upgrading to rails 3
7:29PM 2 observe_field example of two related selects
5:33PM 3 How to call javascript function in A site?
2:55PM 7 page view counter
1:48PM 0 Auto Post video to facebook
12:26PM 4 Route not working
11:57AM 3 dry collections in other models
11:49AM 0 dry model collections in other models
9:33AM 2 ActiveRecord model design help
8:56AM 1 accepts_nested_attributes_for with has_many => :through
6:50AM 4 500 Internal Error
5:48AM 0 I can only halfway connect to oracle
2:03AM 2 Rails 3 Beta
1:45AM 5 radio_button_tag for every value of constant array
Friday February 5 2010
9:15PM 0 RadRails console/instant rails
8:21PM 0 possible to refresh divs outside of an iframe? (general web dev question w rails-y flavors)
7:09PM 3 Is this SQL possible with Rails? How can I sanitize?
7:00PM 5 tool for visualizing schema and associations
6:04PM 0 accessing reports externally through web interface
5:52PM 0 http://planetrubyonrails.net/ now on Rails 3.0 beta
4:44PM 5 How to use a variable as a params hash key
4:19PM 4 controller code and uninitialized constants
4:10PM 5 Define a string as a Model object
3:42PM 1 Rails + Authlogic + OpenID
3:22PM 3 Get the object caller
3:16PM 0 Get a non instantiated object caller
3:02PM 2 basic email
2:37PM 4 Ajax Update Status
1:14PM 4 undefined method ‘c’ error
12:51PM 2 Edge Rails 3: Mongrel stuck in infinite loop, Unicorn missing uninitialized constant Rack::Runtime
9:38AM 3 Limit disk space allocation
9:09AM 2 How to get the multiple selected Combobox value
8:42AM 4 Plugin not found: 'attachment_fu'
7:57AM 5 PostgreSQL Test Database DNE for rake, does exist for psql
7:21AM 2 Problem with Ajax Updater
7:07AM 1 Is there no generator in rails 3?
5:20AM 1 Encrypting the password using Authlogic
3:06AM 3 Store HTML select option value
2:39AM 1 Logging all info between browser and Rails app
12:43AM 5 multiple "identical" tables
12:09AM 7 I'm having trouble with Routes II
Thursday February 4 2010
11:14PM 0 acts_as_list long standing before_destroy bug
9:40PM 0 I'm having trouble with Routes
9:33PM 0 How to start/stop database from rake?
8:48PM 0 Newbie implementing one to many many to one relationship
8:48PM 3 &quot; appearing in email
8:05PM 1 Suggestions on how to support user-customizable views and forms?
7:16PM 3 VPS Hosting for Rails Apps
6:34PM 3 Checking column in table to see if value exists?
6:16PM 0 Resumable Upload in Ruby on Rails
2:28PM 3 Rails / Rack version mismatch
2:23PM 3 Testing response for named routes in integration tests
2:15PM 0 Effigy for views?
1:22PM 4 view configuration
1:18PM 6 Fastes database server for...
11:15AM 1 Running scripts in rails
10:45AM 2 Encrypt a user password using "Authlogic"
6:02AM 7 Calling remote url application from controller
3:11AM 2 preload test data from factory_girl
2:20AM 3 has_many with 3 models
12:11AM 3 Rails Edge: gem bundle error
Wednesday February 3 2010
11:29PM 0 missing controller actions from plugin
10:57PM 3 plugin help
10:51PM 2 initial insert of data
10:16PM 7 could not find rmagick locally or in a repository
9:32PM 1 Add multiple objects at once
8:38PM 2 acts_as_audited - save NAME value not ID value
8:21PM 4 role of options={}?
7:04PM 0 installation fails: ENOENT error
6:26PM 4 Design Advice
5:37PM 0 simple captcha instllation problems
4:57PM 0 Ruby Job - SF [jobs]
4:00PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer needed in Princeton NJ
2:32PM 1 tracking changes to env['PATH_INFO']
2:31PM 0 RoR/Net::SSH and RoR/Weblogic or RoR/Websphere
8:58AM 6 Design Pattern
7:57AM 8 Best way to generate static pages
7:27AM 0 Custom ActiveRecord finder invoking named scopes?
6:41AM 2 Toggling effect
5:33AM 4 customizing validation msg
5:18AM 1 [JOBS] In SF
4:22AM 0 [Jobs] 3 Ruby on Rails opening - Bay Area - iPhone/Games
2:19AM 6 Nested Rails Views
2:08AM 3 Does session_secure work?
Tuesday February 2 2010
10:44PM 0 captcha installation
10:22PM 0 Admin Backend Metrics
9:25PM 2 how to generate parameters similar to a form
9:18PM 0 Rs 20,000 INR at stake in CodeWarrior
7:49PM 0 [Security] Loofah has an HTML injection / XSS vulnerability, please upgrade to 0.4.6
7:36PM 8 sqlite to mysql
7:12PM 2 ActionMailer using wrong layouts on prod box
7:08PM 4 Install a separate set of gems...
6:33PM 2 /!\ FAILSAFE /!\ error with Rails 2.3.4
5:55PM 5 assert_equal Test - how to test updates
5:04PM 0 Problem with interlock and memcache-client
5:00PM 7 render :action => 'new' renders a blank page
3:59PM 0 Action Caching and After Filters
3:58PM 2 assert_equal behavior
1:56PM 0 Active Scaffold configuration
1:37PM 2 How to parse rendered html page
11:55AM 1 can't have webrick come up
10:03AM 1 chunks of form
9:37AM 11 Problem on running rails
9:30AM 2 restful plugin with session table
7:11AM 1 Need shopping cart for social Rails app - Spree vs substruct vs roll my own
6:28AM 0 Help needed in Routes
5:26AM 9 Preserving has_many order
4:14AM 3 Generating a PDF using popen and wkhtmltopdf
4:07AM 0 How to set RUBY EXECUTABLE path in Ruby Gems Environment
2:40AM 0 How to stub out a library file
2:17AM 0 dm-mongo-adapter / rails3
1:24AM 2 DB (MySQL) question
1:01AM 0 User managed forms
12:08AM 7 Conditions parameter for find
Monday February 1 2010
11:22PM 3 Detect change to an associated attribute
11:00PM 1 sqlite3.dll??
10:30PM 2 "Create" form in another Controller's "show" view
10:30PM 4 Find_by
10:17PM 2 Needed: Designer comfortable with Rails
9:43PM 2 Query multiple models/tables for an "Overview" page
7:54PM 0 Browsing nested models
7:00PM 0 require gem only for specific controller.
6:52PM 0 find_each leaks (a lot)?
5:59PM 3 validating both sides of a has_one relationship breaks pickle/machinist tests
5:17PM 3 Deploying issues with plesk.. usergroups, permissions and mysql database creation
4:34PM 7 "Getting Started" needs Rails 3.0, but "gem install rails" installs Rails 2.3.8
3:20PM 0 Developer Wanted
2:04PM 4 Problems with system("...") method in Rails
1:36PM 3 Use "establish_connection"
1:23PM 7 Keeping a running count of user input
11:11AM 1 Suggestion: Merging Rails application templates with generator functionality
10:51AM 1 Active scaffold multiple edit links
10:03AM 2 Problem in Routes
9:55AM 2 Records monthwise ?
9:47AM 0 Payroll cum HR management application
8:55AM 4 :include question
8:52AM 2 custom query
8:50AM 4 set_table_name not working in 2.3.5
8:47AM 3 populate dropdown
8:23AM 0 Installing existing project as plugin
7:16AM 0 linguistics problem
5:10AM 2 Embedding New Line Character in XML Spreadsheet (Excel)
4:32AM 0 [JOBS] Entry-to-mid level Rails developer wanted in Adelaide or Sydney, Australia!