Rails - Apr 2010

Friday April 30 2010
10:19PM 0 using in_groups_of to get data to display horizontally
10:11PM 0 £ sign not printing
9:18PM 2 can i access global cookies from rails?
7:57PM 0 controller methods and how I learned to love 'rake routes'
6:16PM 1 fields_for: how many objects can it handle - max string size?
5:49PM 0 Netbeans - Malformed version number string mswin32 (ArgumentError)
3:22PM 0 sh: irb: command not found error
2:10PM 0 Rails 3's rails.js should offer Ajax.Updater
2:02PM 5 accessing one controller from another
1:58PM 3 undefined method `call' for nil:NilClass
1:35PM 0 Add share on Facebook link
1:17PM 0 Content_for & Capture helper
11:52AM 0 Javascript + string in HTML
11:45AM 1 render_to_string problem
10:52AM 0 I need to save image from RAW_POST_DATA
7:49AM 0 render_to_string + json problem
3:54AM 0 problem with cache clearance
12:48AM 1 Dumping 12,000+ records into seeds.rb?
12:16AM 2 Looking for a technical term
12:08AM 12 Can't seem to install RMAGICK on Ubuntu Karmic Koala
Thursday April 29 2010
11:27PM 2 send_data => invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII
11:27PM 0 view (or template) to helper to view ... magic
11:08PM 5 cant run rake on hostmonster
10:21PM 1 Setting a message on a model -without- errors.add_to_base
9:54PM 2 Encrypting files in Rails
8:55PM 14 Find ALL and then count them up?
8:08PM 2 Installation prob. with authlogic-2.1.3 on Win-XP-Pro/SP3
7:49PM 10 How to install rails gems 2.3.5 on windows
6:30PM 0 Kaboodle Bookmarklet - Method?
5:37PM 0 WEBrick serving SVG under https
5:01PM 1 using delicious api to retrieve favorite bookmarks
3:46PM 1 Unable to install ruby gems 2.3.5
3:29PM 0 Missing source file (valid in console, errors when accessed online)
12:18PM 3 Nested Forms with belongs_to association
12:01PM 4 want to destroy session on browser close for logout
11:25AM 0 Paypal account varification
11:17AM 5 Retain form data on redirection
10:26AM 0 How to use Authlogic with UUID?
9:25AM 0 Validations and ACL
7:13AM 2 Rails database performance issue
6:32AM 0 Using the newly created value in faker gem
6:32AM 1 Jquery validation with scriptocolos
6:25AM 0 Layouts in popup window
6:03AM 0 csv header -mapping
5:33AM 0 activerecord-import for multiple tables
4:53AM 0 Help! How to redirect if SSL applied
4:52AM 8 does any one knows how to setup ror on hostmonster
3:13AM 0 Latest user post (many-to-many relation)
1:45AM 2 Create animated gif from images in DB ...
1:40AM 0 Top Engineering Roles: SF & East Bay
1:13AM 1 dom:loaded in application.js and view
12:57AM 3 How many connection pool should we have for internet facing apps?
12:16AM 0 nested form gets inserted twice on every create
12:06AM 3 How to update rails manually
Wednesday April 28 2010
11:03PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developers needed for San Francisco, CA or Wilmington, DE location
10:47PM 2 database relation's tying to pull data from another table
10:17PM 0 Chaining scopes with OR instead of AND
10:04PM 1 two actions in form_remote_tag
8:50PM 1 .build for has_one
7:52PM 1 many2many through and nested forms.
7:17PM 0 Ruby Openings at Oakley
7:09PM 2 @content.keys.build works even when @content.keys is empty array. how?
6:55PM 1 Adding image using html into a view file
5:20PM 0 [Rails 3] Failed to get session options
4:28PM 1 column names
4:16PM 1 ActiveResource does not detect errors for my very simple model
3:46PM 3 Update rails variable from database
3:20PM 0 eager load fail; why is this association loading individually?
2:33PM 7 custom view helper
2:28PM 6 Rails with SSL problem
1:10PM 3 What's the right adapter to use for SQL Server?
12:54PM 3 simple search
12:07PM 1 Trying to get Rails working with Sybase ASE
11:04AM 1 using jquery
10:23AM 3 How to pass model names?
8:55AM 3 paragraph styling problem
8:27AM 1 CanCan questions
6:48AM 2 Use of :: operator
6:08AM 11 how to save text
5:43AM 0 "cache-money" - how to configure and get it working?
5:34AM 2 Rails - associations help
4:21AM 3 adding custom fields dynamically to a model
12:20AM 3 rails and mssql
Tuesday April 27 2010
11:58PM 3 Locational relationship?
10:33PM 3 "ORA-12154: TNS:..." error after successful oracle connection
10:06PM 1 How to match dynamic named routes in Rails 3
8:07PM 5 Find by Date Regardless of Time
7:20PM 3 cache logic in js_include_tag and stylesheet_link_tag?
6:27PM 0 config.gem causes stack level too deep?
6:05PM 6 Disable Logging on a Controller/Action
5:17PM 2 Hpricot files
4:45PM 1 Dynamic Meta data
3:49PM 0 [JOBS] San Francisco Experienced Ruby on Rails Developers
3:38PM 0 uncorrect encoding
3:32PM 4 longevity of ruby on rails
3:22PM 0 undefined method 'each' in acts_as_taggable_on with rails 3 beta 3 and ruby 1.9
3:19PM 0 Swf_fu in rails
1:32PM 1 JOBS (RoR Developers)
12:52PM 1 Translation Failure
12:32PM 0 POST a JSON to and API
10:57AM 0 jruby-openssl
10:20AM 27 Multiple Joins to a single table
9:47AM 6 regular expression problem
9:36AM 0 establish_connection issues
8:15AM 0 ruby on rails and ruby gems vanished from cpanel theme x3
8:05AM 2 how to start an edge rails app
7:27AM 4 Translated (language-aware) routes in Rails application
7:25AM 1 Picasa on a rails application
5:55AM 9 RESTful style: multiple plot styles, query strings
1:06AM 2 action_mailer - No Errors, but no emails sent
12:54AM 0 Looking for JQuery/JQueryUI 'NInja' - willing to pay right individual
Monday April 26 2010
10:54PM 4 UBUNTU 10.04 and rails?
10:27PM 2 accessing module from controller
10:25PM 14 ice_cube 0.3.1
9:58PM 1 Understand rails routing
9:11PM 0 Scott Hughes is out of the office.
6:09PM 0 id of new object dynamically created in a nested form
5:41PM 0 form id
5:26PM 5 ruby:0:in `require': no such file to load -- oci8 (LoadError)
5:24PM 2 woriking under webrick but not under passenger
5:13PM 3 uneditable text input field
5:09PM 3 lots of views for a single controller
5:03PM 1 Memcache session store in Rails 3
3:34PM 2 custom db rake task gives 'development database not configured'
2:51PM 1 Group countries per continent
2:29PM 4 nested resources and controllers: I think I'm down the wrong path
12:23PM 8 Sessions
10:50AM 0 [JOBS]
10:39AM 0 ActionController::RoutingError
9:47AM 11 Rails I18n
9:08AM 2 Philosophical question about MVC
8:58AM 0 add a new format to locales
8:22AM 3 exception handling
7:57AM 2 /lib/rack/request.rb in my gem - is this reserved?
5:07AM 0 paperclip plugin not working on windows
4:46AM 1 how to pass values to a controller
2:27AM 0 How to pass session cross different domains?
12:16AM 7 exiting the function
Sunday April 25 2010
9:45PM 1 Has anybody succeed in getting Rails 3 to work in production?
9:27PM 1 Rails3: ActiveRecord includes(:relation) not working
9:05PM 0 Rails3: ActiveRecord includes(:) not working
8:39PM 0 Rails 3/Bundler doesn't call rails/init.rb any more?
6:29PM 2 Ruby randomly converting quotes to html
4:10PM 6 Link_to delete action
3:47PM 0 [JOBS] Rails Director Needed - Offering Ownership Interest
2:53PM 5 filter_parameter_logging on "dynamic" parameters
2:49PM 5 a method to search for empty stuff
2:27PM 3 Nested Models? Creation Order
10:57AM 4 Cut first x pages from a PDF file
10:25AM 1 link_to :remote with parameters not working in Rails 3?
5:21AM 4 to nest or not to nest: RESTful style
1:01AM 2 SQL error... :joins and :order in ActiveRecord find command
12:57AM 6 help finding database items that lost parent item
12:33AM 1 iCalendar tzid not working?
Saturday April 24 2010
10:28PM 0 Error at RoR with MySql 4.
7:13PM 1 Rails (3) Engines and Plugins - How to mix application and vendor code?
7:08PM 0 [ Allround deployment for Rails ] using nginx and passenger, best practice, how?
6:57PM 2 problem using attachment_fu with S3
5:42PM 1 Json response with belongs_to
4:36PM 0 SAML for Ruby on Rails - we have it!
1:49PM 2 absolute beginner
1:23PM 2 Searching activerecord result arrays "include?" does not work.
9:16AM 2 css RoutingError with 3.0.0.beta3
5:07AM 2 multiple "view" directories to achieve rails "themes"
4:43AM 3 help me pls:Tracking mails in rails
2:51AM 1 List time zones?
12:28AM 5 About your application's environment URL not found
12:19AM 4 Rails3 + PostgreSQL
Friday April 23 2010
11:08PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer requirement- 6+ months- Hillsboro, OR
10:26PM 2 link_to with resource routes in helper file?
10:03PM 1 Zoomable chart
7:23PM 4 New to rails - apparently need patch to use PostgreSQL
7:05PM 1 boot.rb:4:in `require
5:37PM 15 Best way to handle multiple tables to replace one big table?
5:27PM 2 Ordering by associated columns (pleeease help)
4:59PM 4 Using AWS RDS with Rails
4:39PM 0 Stop printing style with auto_complete
4:32PM 3 rails-3.0.0.beta3 install error on ri 'lib' ENOENT
3:05PM 0 participar do grupo de estudo ruby on rails
3:01PM 0 Profile comments creation issue
2:27PM 0 Data relationships for a World Cup Football App
2:12PM 5 session[:foo] size limit?
12:48PM 7 Logging in Production on Network Solutions
11:43AM 15 Rails internals ?.
8:05AM 2 Blog ruby on rails/Django Fastes made
7:38AM 2 What is the difference between new and build?
7:33AM 2 Mocking, a common practice
4:12AM 3 script/server not working, I can't setup my local environment.
1:53AM 0 Trying to receive emails with ActionMailer + Postfix
1:14AM 2 script/plugin install not working
12:44AM 5 can i have a model called FILE.RB?
12:28AM 15 hostingrails.com appears to have had an ownership change.
12:23AM 5 how to display error messages for a child resource that failed validation
Thursday April 22 2010
8:53PM 1 Socket app on shared environment?
8:41PM 1 what is the difference between instance_eval and class_eval?
8:40PM 0 ruby Job in San Francisco
8:25PM 1 AR create_or_update_if_needed rant -- must be a better way!
7:18PM 1 How does one set an HTTP header in @request for a functional test
4:49PM 0 specifying charset for selects
4:00PM 5 App to Pick up application release from Git/Capistrano?
4:00PM 6 puzzled by Mutex lock call ..
3:49PM 0 How to automatically set params based on passed object when generating a route?
3:17PM 1 Model controlled by API calls
2:22PM 6 How to: Set a datetime params-value to nil in the controller
12:02PM 1 Forcing partial type to rxml but Rails still looks for erb
10:59AM 3 Passing variables
9:56AM 1 upload file and display thumbnail immediately on form
8:21AM 1 Advice on memcached caching
8:05AM 1 How to add observer to namespace model?
7:08AM 2 Server error
6:38AM 2 ActionController::RoutingError after using scaffold
4:55AM 3 HOW TO Track How Many Recipients Open Your Mail IN RAILS?
4:33AM 2 Parameters passing of select_tag
4:25AM 1 Database error
3:53AM 1 How to create Voronoi diagrams
3:20AM 4 content displaying below posts in "[ ]"
2:34AM 11 Calling destroy on a model that has no id column
12:41AM 1 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer @ SideReel.com
12:00AM 6 Rails 3 associations extra attributes with lazy loading
Wednesday April 21 2010
11:30PM 0 [windows] AAF Ferret-server can't get runnin'
10:10PM 0 can't seem to install bleak house
9:11PM 0 Want to override ruby_site oci8 library
7:36PM 4 Accessing the router from a helper
7:34PM 0 dynamic :conditions for has_many?
7:17PM 1 Autoloading not working when using rake task
6:35PM 12 Using AR.connection.execute(sql) -- messing with my string?
5:32PM 3 refactoring question
4:21PM 4 SMS service
4:12PM 2 Radio buttons and :onchange
3:57PM 1 Flattening 1:1 models
2:39PM 0 Red Dirt Registration Ending
2:27PM 4 .each do iteration question
1:18PM 1 how to change photo size from 300k -> 100k?
12:54PM 0 map a resource to another controller
12:45PM 2 This works, but it can't be best practice. Advice?
12:29PM 0 Is it possible to generate a breadcrumb from Rails controller?
12:15PM 5 Continously running a script
12:08PM 4 habtm relation, cannot populate join table
12:05PM 1 Almost not a technical question
11:30AM 4 problem with partial rendering for groups of objects
11:10AM 3 Sorting posts
11:00AM 0 firefox 3.6 not caching css and js files
10:43AM 0 Rails on DB2
10:16AM 0 Need to convert postgres database to mysql
9:09AM 3 Anyone else notice that http://api.rubyonrails.org has been hijacked?
8:01AM 3 Migrating restful_authentication
7:30AM 2 how to monitor generated SQL output?
4:38AM 2 Select inside a hidden div
4:36AM 1 [JOBS] Unusual UnHappy-Couples Startup needs Tech Advisor for One Time only or 2hrs/wk
3:40AM 0 VTD-XML 2.8
2:46AM 2 STI Design Questions
2:03AM 1 Why not Rails with FastCGI?
12:17AM 0 Link directory in Rails - easy?
12:00AM 0 solving the error when running gem install or gem update
Tuesday April 20 2010
10:27PM 0 Can you recommend a great agile training program in the Bay Area?
9:18PM 5 Spring Cleaning
9:15PM 2 A way to build <title>
7:19PM 4 Can I access another apps mysql database with my rails app?
6:20PM 7 api.rubyonrails.org / guides.rubyonrails.org
5:50PM 3 Ruby existing database
5:44PM 7 User activation
5:33PM 10 Ruby Summer of Code Project
4:58PM 4 Gem install/update errors
4:32PM 2 reg exp
3:57PM 19 api.rubyonrails.org site is taken over by a domain squatter
3:24PM 5 Smart localisation
2:55PM 10 Caching of data on server?
2:25PM 15 Best practice around putting rails database info into git
2:19PM 11 Database query question
12:57PM 3 Heroku deployment...
12:19PM 3 Master table without related child record
10:28AM 2 Javascript validations for word count in fckeditor
10:27AM 5 Rails 3 Phusion Passenger - Ruby (Rack) application could not be started
8:12AM 1 Google Map Key Error
5:32AM 1 creating custom form error handling
4:33AM 1 What characters need to be escaped?
4:15AM 1 Geokit:Google returned a 620 status, too many queries
1:42AM 1 May need ruby developer
1:04AM 1 problems getting started...
12:24AM 13 why is ActiveRecord tying to select nonex ID column?
Monday April 19 2010
11:23PM 2 Authentication and Authorization
10:31PM 2 xml partial issue
8:19PM 3 checkboxes in a loop - I get the same id
8:19PM 0 Introducing Migrator
5:57PM 0 Railsdog is Hiring (D.C. Metro w/possible Telecommute)
5:51PM 4 Hello i new user Ruby On rails
4:36PM 0 Gem::FilePermissionError on "rails:freeze:gems" task
4:32PM 4 xml from a var
3:40PM 1 Developing plugins
2:32PM 1 insert html into window
2:13PM 3 which views are rendered for an URL
1:58PM 25 Ubuntu Linux Editor / Prettiefier
1:11PM 0 Creating an announcement board
11:26AM 2 Acceder a varias tablas
10:48AM 5 Retrieve Gmail using Ruby
9:43AM 0 Best practise using unit_record, mocha, and shoulda
9:19AM 4 Caching with Rails
7:10AM 8 associate hidden field with another field in a form
3:48AM 9 id upper bounds
3:35AM 2 Get subdomain from action controller
Sunday April 18 2010
10:11PM 3 Rails form field to ask for directory to download to
7:43PM 0 Rails on nginx/passenger/xubuntu error
7:16PM 1 Change names easily...
6:54PM 2 Updating Schema
6:07PM 5 Blog and comments!
5:13PM 0 Rails 3: new namespace inside nested resource?
1:33PM 0 What is the best way to test subdomain routes in Rails3 development
11:49AM 1 Getter and Setter with non DB property
11:23AM 1 Rails 3 environment?
8:05AM 0 Something about Homebrew install ruby
5:30AM 4 Is there a way to use @today in a model ??
3:55AM 4 help testing Rails patches / tickets
Saturday April 17 2010
11:45PM 1 Nil.to_sym Problem
7:53PM 1 Having trouble looping through an array of Regular Expressions in a Rake task
5:19PM 4 rails custom helpers
4:55PM 6 Update related model after_destroy object
1:29PM 1 Design - Best practices on managing many-to-many controllers?
12:38PM 0 [Ajax and RJS] :bottom is null
9:32AM 0 datepicker inside a form ... how ?
9:27AM 2 A very weird bug in ruby
6:54AM 1 About HTTP-only cookies in Ruby on rails.
3:57AM 1 if your javascript doesn't execute, but instead just gets displayed on the browser...
1:32AM 0 Ruby Midwest Conference Speakers & BBQ!
12:34AM 5 controller request.body?
Friday April 16 2010
10:16PM 0 ri_cal version 0.8.7 has been released!
8:32PM 6 Drupal like cms
8:15PM 8 FORM fields sent to the CONTROLLER
7:26PM 3 contet_tag :ul question
7:13PM 1 Question: How do I mix Ruby and Javascript in application.js
7:06PM 4 DEEEEPLY nested
6:10PM 2 Controller action code not being executed
5:45PM 2 Need help understanding :order usage
5:44PM 1 time_zone_select :priority_zones not working properly
4:37PM 1 caching html pages - which is better: blobs or files?
3:37PM 1 Zena transition to 1.0: any encouragement or help welcome
3:25PM 11 Rails 3 + Rspec 2 + Remarkable
3:22PM 2 Ruby On Rails
2:48PM 0 Testing mail server connection?
2:45PM 0 Session confusion using mem_cache_store?
2:42PM 4 validates_format_of with condition
1:32PM 0 Rails 2.3.2 <=> 2.3.4 SMTP: Recipient cannot contain spaces
1:22PM 2 Unique by id
1:02PM 0 Multiple production servers with different roles?
12:05PM 1 No Method Error in MasterkeysController#search
8:54AM 2 ActiveResource and transactions
7:51AM 0 Rails proxy setting - How?
7:10AM 5 Test downloading stuff
7:02AM 1 Allow '.' to be a part of identifier, not a separator of format
5:38AM 7 want to set cron job for local machine
5:33AM 5 want to write content in gujarati language in rails apps
4:58AM 3 passing two id values through :with?
4:43AM 3 activerecord readonly attributes
3:37AM 3 Unique RoR Design Issue
3:31AM 0 How do I redirect my users to video via a proxy server?
1:37AM 0 ri_cal 0.8.6 has been released
12:54AM 2 xml builder, dynamic methods
Thursday April 15 2010
11:59PM 1 where are MODULES located?
10:38PM 5 FOR loop.... has many belongs to?
10:15PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby Developer in San Francisco Bay Area (city)
10:12PM 3 Same model over multiple databases problem
9:37PM 3 newb's quick question on session variable vs. params in 'pretty' urls
8:25PM 0 [Moderator] Please approve me so I may participate on this list.
7:47PM 4 released Zena CMS 0.16.5
7:16PM 1 Problems with rake
6:09PM 2 Module accessing controller data
5:46PM 2 Named scope returns uninitialized objects
4:41PM 0 JOBS - Mid-Level Ruby on Rails Developer with Fastest Growing Start-up in SF
3:27PM 1 Using Rails.Logger in a gem in Rails 3beta3
2:58PM 1 Has_many ... through Association
12:58PM 4 habtm joining and getting data problem
12:15PM 5 Some error while installing RedMine no idea what it is
11:45AM 0 rails3b3 tests: tons of warnings
11:08AM 5 Possible to get random translation?
10:47AM 11 Finding it difficult to test a before_filter on my ApplicationController
9:22AM 0 readonly attributes
8:29AM 0 [Rails v3] time_zone_select :priority_zones not working properly
8:01AM 1 (unknown)
7:44AM 6 sort collection by nested model
7:20AM 4 order_by From another Model Field
6:43AM 3 need a feed aggregator
5:29AM 5 How to replace mail_to in Rails 3?
4:58AM 5 all about Ruby on Rails
4:52AM 7 Forcing link_to 'put'
3:56AM 3 select_tag
3:21AM 9 asking for tools
2:36AM 2 Linux/Unix DNS question
2:33AM 3 Strange error in unit test => TypeError: wrong argument type Class (expected Module)
1:09AM 3 Error when Generating a resource, controller or scaffold - Rails 3 beta3
Wednesday April 14 2010
11:48PM 2 render :update just displays code from JavaScriptGenerator
11:36PM 2 Update on Observer fails validation
10:30PM 5 why am I getting an extra SELECT before save! ?
9:13PM 7 display optional db data
9:02PM 2 respond_with and redirects on error
8:32PM 8 Find distinct values in an array of database results
7:09PM 3 PGError: duplicate key
6:52PM 1 Alternate primary key for legacy data
5:37PM 0 Nested routes error
5:31PM 1 upload photos to facebook with facebooker
3:47PM 1 Rails validations app specific problems
3:37PM 0 Rake task dependency question...
3:19PM 35 Conditionally adding a link to a form -- how?
2:34PM 1 Rails does not display form error message on a custom method
2:21PM 3 Rejecting a nested object if all attributes are blank
1:55PM 0 Rails 3 (beta3) and paths in the console
1:06PM 5 Model Magic
12:51PM 0 query string encryption
11:53AM 4 Friendly way to deal with invalid authenticity_tokens?
11:29AM 3 order by variable field name
11:20AM 1 JOBS - Looking for Head - Deployment in Mumbai, India. Sent your resume to cshah-d1GI4K2vMAv/PtFMR13I2A@public.gmane.org
11:17AM 2 Model question
9:58AM 7 display utf 8 characters in text fields in edit page
8:20AM 4 question about named route
5:23AM 5 Connecting multiple databases - has_many fails
1:57AM 11 confirm b4 submit?
12:45AM 4 module/class question
12:36AM 1 Can a model have both a has_many and has_many through?
Tuesday April 13 2010
11:44PM 5 params[hash] and link_to.... easy question... but I am stupid :)
10:22PM 2 Advise sought: Upgrade from Rails 2.0.1 to current
9:49PM 2 Does drop_table also remove_index?
9:42PM 4 Display the RETURN key as a new line?
8:44PM 2 Validating an individual field (Rails 3)
8:40PM 1 [Rails 2.3] Adding a "phase" to the ActiveRecord Lifecycle
8:23PM 1 Fastcgi + rails under plesk
8:22PM 1 Regex to replace href links from static html
8:10PM 0 how to remove dependents in has-many-belongs-to relationship before saving?
6:39PM 1 Each print <br> after a few iterations
4:23PM 1 non model array and html select tag
4:21PM 0 character encoding
4:13PM 0 Scientific articles about Ruby on Rails
3:30PM 1 Named scopes, chaining and instance methods
3:28PM 1 using an array object in a form helper
3:10PM 2 Adding javascript onchange event on select tag
3:09PM 1 People Centric recherche plusieurs développeurs Ruby on Rails
3:03PM 7 Problem with require 'RMagick'
1:19PM 3 Need clarification on mongrel, rails, threads, and performance
9:37AM 1 rails3, rvm, ruby1.9.2: "bundle install" suddenly installs into Rails.root???
8:44AM 5 associated join data save problem
8:40AM 0 Re: persist the same url even if validation fails
8:06AM 4 Testing partials
7:11AM 0 Help needed: upgrading from Rails 2.0.2 to Rails 2.3.5
6:52AM 6 Temporal calculations and timezone corrections
1:59AM 1 Tracking User Behaviour
1:53AM 0 Need to turn off caching of associative table: statuses getting scrambled
1:30AM 5 How to check if a parent has children?
12:35AM 2 NESTED routes?
12:05AM 0 Change the View Directory
Monday April 12 2010
11:39PM 0 rails routes and regex
10:57PM 2 installing sqlite3 1.2.3 or 1.2.5 not working on windows vista
10:31PM 2 JOBS - One time install easy over the web
9:22PM 4 ror noob need help with easy hidden_field question
4:55PM 0 JOBS - Looking for ROR Developers - Urgently Neeeded in Toronto
4:24PM 5 clicking to add content is adding it outside of the page's table
3:02PM 4 SQL/Paginate help needed for has_many :through relationship
2:53PM 3 partial being rendered outside of table format
2:27PM 2 controller to controller call
1:31PM 0 [JOBS] Innovative Agile ruby on rails developer / technologist - India
1:23PM 2 Problem for CSV import
1:05PM 2 Anyone knows of a opensource dating app ?
11:40AM 1 Rails NEW and ADVANCED
11:31AM 3 Accessing method in another controller
10:22AM 3 $(link).previous("input[type=hidden]") is undefined
10:13AM 4 Problem with basic routing
9:43AM 2 daemon() function is unimplemented
5:51AM 5 Customized Route Resource Helper URLs (to not use 'id')
4:25AM 3 getting a duplicate record with has_many and update_attributes
4:11AM 3 Clearing a plugins instance variables on each request
2:13AM 2 Nested forms: Can you access the object from within fields_for?
12:41AM 1 has one relationship through join table - orphaned records on update
12:41AM 1 minify html views layouts
12:28AM 3 display USERNAME next to post
Sunday April 11 2010
11:19PM 10 rake db:create uninitialized constant Mysql::Error
9:41PM 1 complete validation failures
5:05PM 1 Export contents to Word DOC file
3:48PM 3 How to convert a "time difference" into "x days, y hours..."
2:46PM 0 Caching html / blobs / ActiveRecords
12:47PM 1 Administration
11:27AM 2 Custom Routes
10:01AM 1 simple role system through associative table
7:23AM 1 not getting validation error message
2:18AM 8 How to copy a selected value into a text_field
Saturday April 10 2010
11:24PM 2 Migration update with multiple joined tables
8:36PM 1 restful authentication help : updates never reach database
8:16PM 1 ruby 1.8.7p249 + rails 2.3.5 + Snow Leopard = hung processes?
5:28PM 1 accepts_nested_attributes + polymorphic association
4:32PM 5 Image preloading
2:25PM 2 Can't Convert Symbol into Integer
1:30PM 8 test database and migrations
12:52PM 9 Controller Tests fail
10:31AM 6 ActionController::SessionRestoreError
8:47AM 2 Need a dropdown having "more.." option
3:48AM 9 Reloading controller plugins on each request
3:25AM 4 Don't Automatically start SESSION?
2:25AM 7 version control system
12:54AM 5 Moving to Widgets from Standard Rails UI
12:29AM 5 Rendering a Partial as an Alternative
Friday April 9 2010
10:03PM 2 nested one-to-one forms question
10:00PM 4 increment attribute while SHOW
9:07PM 0 Dvalve! we called the heart of outsourcing world.
8:48PM 9 gem install rails (Errno::ENOENT) No such file or directory
8:44PM 3 migration error
6:25PM 3 find all by a different association id
6:00PM 3 AR query question
4:35PM 3 Dinamic layout
3:24PM 0 Child to Parent Validation Errors
3:00PM 2 hi - a favour required immediately
2:30PM 2 Vestal Versions Related Records
12:21PM 4 ajax in layout?
11:47AM 1 openssl
11:45AM 5 Validations problem
10:11AM 1 Giving up PHP. ...Can't decide between Rails & Django
9:42AM 0 Best practise for overriding rails helpers
9:20AM 0 Ocra: can't execute the executable
8:45AM 3 Declaring arrays shared across different controller methods
7:49AM 1 overall model /db design comments sought
6:02AM 1 want to implement authetication of user id and password for my cms
5:59AM 1 problem in giving subdomain to one controller
4:26AM 2 Image retrieve
4:19AM 2 dynamically linking to ajax.googleapis jquery
2:32AM 2 metaprogramming, define_method, and class_eval issues
12:35AM 3 "We're sorry, but something went wrong"
12:00AM 3 Call Action on button Click
Thursday April 8 2010
11:07PM 4 haml issue
9:35PM 1 Progressive output on the views
8:38PM 5 Getting rid of unwanted DB transactions?
7:44PM 1 habtm in nested form
7:31PM 4 NameError - Problems with if-else
7:08PM 0 Webrick crashes randomy
5:04PM 1 Pick up change to plain ol' Ruby file?
3:45PM 4 Rails/JQuery Collection Select
3:20PM 1 Advice on restructuring
3:08PM 4 Can you explain reject(&:new_record?)
2:58PM 1 Reading MS Exchange ?
2:35PM 7 Problem running unit test
1:36PM 7 rspecs for a rails plugin
12:22PM 3 Login form as popup modalbox (only the rails part)
9:00AM 2 populating a select box on changing another selectbox elemnt
8:54AM 6 Overwriting modifiers methods with Rails
8:42AM 0 Opa
8:11AM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developers (North West England)
7:07AM 6 I need a new type of polymorphic has_many association with dynamic foreign_key
1:57AM 1 500 internal server error sqlite 3
12:31AM 5 quick and easy has_many routes question.
12:30AM 1 How do I update middleware for Rails 3?
12:19AM 1 periodically_call_remote renders Page in page
12:06AM 0 Where can I find a sample web service client?
Wednesday April 7 2010
9:59PM 0 Namespaced models with has_many :through
9:39PM 7 time_select and MultiparameterAssignmentErrors
8:22PM 4 best file uploader?
7:02PM 1 OT: Country -> (State) -> City/Town (XML/JSON)
6:45PM 0 Need help with ActiveWarehouse-ETL-0.9.1 PG connection problem
4:56PM 0 array containing fields to display on multiple pages
4:19PM 2 select an existing item or create a new one
4:07PM 0 Problems with no method error with rufus scheduler
3:27PM 13 count(*) in find :select returns a String? Why not Fixnum?
2:48PM 3 cumulative sum using mysql/rails
2:43PM 4 no newline at end of partial view?
2:11PM 10 ReadOnly error keeps haunting the objects I want to update on a script (using script/runner)
12:58PM 3 Recommendation for searching with regards to timestamp & foreign key attributes
12:41PM 0 Rails Google Visualizations MySql
12:06PM 0 JOBS : Ruby on Rails Developer Needed
11:38AM 2 has_many :through and named_scope
10:24AM 0 incompatible character encodings
9:59AM 2 i wnat my application to run site 5 of ROR i am getting public_html and other folder but i want to get run my application what to do
9:44AM 7 Newbie regular expression question..
8:32AM 2 Modelling Question - developing meta system
7:57AM 1 Retrieving records using like condition
5:44AM 2 Making a registration form that requires user to be over 13 (COPPA compliant form)
3:10AM 7 Will rake db:migrate:down VERSION=XXX completely remove that migration from Rails?
2:35AM 3 group objects by month
1:49AM 7 unknown attribute: version (nested forms)
Tuesday April 6 2010
10:56PM 0 EXIFIR problem
10:08PM 8 A Confirmation System?
8:41PM 1 error with 'will_paginate' -- need help!
7:47PM 1 Prototype/script-atulo-us guidance needed, I think.
5:01PM 3 want to get one-by-one error message
4:29PM 3 show all children of object
4:19PM 2 how does Rails / Apache handle database connections?
3:12PM 2 How do I initialise
12:36PM 6 Monitoring the changes in <div> tag
12:07PM 1 Importing gems to another machine
12:03PM 1 captcha in a belongs_to
11:39AM 0 acts as ferret no search results
7:32AM 11 ruby script - how to write one that deals with different environment?
6:01AM 2 how to create a form for multiple entries?
2:36AM 2 hash string to symbol
2:21AM 1 SWM seeking new function in ActionView
12:27AM 2 Authenticating against ActiveDirectory - can't read userPassword/unicodePwd?
Monday April 5 2010
11:57PM 1 [JOBS] Web Programmer at Reed College, Portland OR
11:19PM 2 mysql syntax error when trying to capture cumulative sum
10:16PM 2 how to upload video file??
10:06PM 5 SystemTimer failing
9:48PM 1 use ActiveSupport::Deprecation myself?
5:28PM 2 activerecord sql server frustrations
4:57PM 5 'to_f or not to_f', that is the matter of my question...
4:51PM 2 Using RadRails
4:19PM 0 I18n in ruby scripts
2:20PM 0 Risk Assessment Application
1:28PM 3 syntax error, unexpected '\n', expecting tASSOC
11:40AM 1 `test': wrong number of arguments (1 for 2) (ArgumentError)
10:11AM 3 Security issue in app
10:11AM 5 Secuiyrt issue in App
10:00AM 0 css sprite best practices
9:36AM 3 Switching from SQLite 3 to MySQL DB gives strange redirects
8:54AM 4 deciml
7:31AM 4 multiple foreign keys
5:13AM 5 paperclip question
Sunday April 4 2010
11:24PM 0 RoR Folder application
11:08PM 2 instead of blah/16 can i have the title there?
6:07PM 3 Problems with LOG
5:57PM 7 Rails 3 performance
4:29PM 11 define_method with dynamic attributes
3:13PM 5 rails 3 b2+nginx report error "no such file to load -- rack"
12:12PM 1 changin of & to &amp;
7:35AM 0 permission denied with cap deploy from another machine
7:08AM 0 rss feeds from two tables and to come on top the latest created in two tables
3:52AM 5 Switching between Rails 3 and Rails 2
2:05AM 16 CAN'T FIND without an ID
Saturday April 3 2010
11:02PM 2 Specifying a decimal field precision/scale with scaffold requires 2 steps?
11:00PM 0 Rails and RSS Feeds
10:51PM 6 newbe question link_to_unless_current
9:02PM 0 Change from attachment_fu db BLOB to Paperclip S3
5:38PM 0 Implementing a quiz system through MVC
4:24PM 3 Has_many :trough and creating relationships
4:22PM 5 Rails 3 beta 2 won't load mysql gem
4:07PM 3 Help needed on Select Form
3:18PM 1 Rails Themes or Templates
11:59AM 1 super newbie here, how to post xml REST data?
10:55AM 0 Deployment problem with apache + fastcgi
9:41AM 0 rails.vim - documentation
8:28AM 4 Rails can't find it's gems
6:30AM 3 Paperclip permission denied error
3:33AM 5 has_many comments, belongs to post
2:07AM 0 GurusQ: Metal calling disparity-How to install metal in code
1:30AM 1 Using Builders
Friday April 2 2010
11:31PM 1 ScrAPI HTTPNoAccessError
10:24PM 1 HELP!! Rake aborted! Can't modify frozen hash
9:27PM 2 "new" form as partial?
6:57PM 10 http://api.rubyonrails.org/ not working!!
5:23PM 23 please help; form_for passes nil
3:23PM 2 Issue with character encoding in http request
3:02PM 9 Is it possible to have a form without a submit tag in rails?
2:21PM 4 Need help with find
2:07PM 6 App_Controller and partial issues with has_many through
12:47PM 0 Ruport - table data to
12:18PM 5 authlogic and NameError "undefined local variable or method `login'"
11:59AM 2 Rails and PHP app under the same domain
10:41AM 1 Form Authenticity Token Error generated from iframe
10:07AM 1 Issue with libxml validation block
9:50AM 0 [RAILS 3] 2 sup app in 1 app
9:42AM 5 rss feed
8:06AM 7 named_scope when using foreign keys
7:08AM 3 Rails cascading delete
4:38AM 10 Weird date/time incompatibility
3:24AM 0 act as solr reindex
1:21AM 4 Best way of sorting/grouping objects
1:11AM 2 Accessing models in "mounted" Rails 3 app
12:03AM 1 uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes
Thursday April 1 2010
11:10PM 0 ActiveRecord::Errors is empty when the record is invalid
11:06PM 0 Rails 2.3 SafeBuffer leaked evil all over my yaml
10:29PM 1 Ruby array, javascript and json issue
9:25PM 2 providing feedback to users
8:59PM 14 Two controllers with create using the same model
7:03PM 6 Rails model design visualization
6:18PM 4 Ruby-ldap timeout
5:32PM 2 questions rufus scheduler
5:06PM 0 attachment_fu DEPRECATION WARNING: ActiveRecord::Errors.defa
3:17PM 3 Superclass mismatch with Rails 3
2:47PM 0 Changing where ActiveRecord logs to in the console
2:36PM 6 weird dates problem
1:45PM 2 Rails form partial help - nested resource
1:09PM 1 How to improve rails helpers
1:00PM 3 Assigning values of an object when it is created based on mysql queries
12:51PM 3 Newbie seeking advice on DRYing up my model validations...
12:48PM 2 Migrations get out of synch with code - ideas?
12:10PM 6 date in a textfield
9:59AM 0 JOBS (Developers)
9:51AM 2 paper clip plugin error
7:11AM 0 Problem With CGI::Session
5:41AM 0 Request format from jabber simple to openfire server
4:42AM 1 Loading Fixtures Earlier
4:36AM 2 Getting Started with Rails - Encountered beginning problem
3:57AM 3 Loading a library before ActiveSupport
1:49AM 2 Jobs - 3 to 4 Developers
1:49AM 1 Datamapper
12:52AM 4 POST-only logic in protect_from_forgery considered harmful?