Rails - Feb 2009

Saturday February 28 2009
11:15PM 0 Best way to do model validation and pass errors?
11:03PM 6 Ajax.updater to call app_helper or model method..
10:04PM 0 Page was generated in 0. XXX seconds
10:03PM 2 i18n date formatting rails 2.2.2
9:27PM 8 Using variable class names, how?
8:51PM 2 Rails related Ruby question
8:49PM 3 validates_uniqueness_of - how did I get two users?
8:39PM 2 new install of ruby 1.8.7, new install of rails 2.2.2, undefined method 'pick_template'
8:14PM 1 passing blocks to partials
7:33PM 2 Linking to an external model/view within an application
7:03PM 2 Link to public folder for attachments.
4:30PM 3 observe_form + call back after page changes - why?
4:17PM 0 Launching First Rails Website
3:46PM 0 Simple Display of Cucumber Results in Web Page?
3:28PM 6 ssl certificate
1:16PM 11 Two belongs_to relationships in one model?
10:26AM 0 file_column quality problem
8:09AM 0 Cleaning up HTML markup from external sources
5:54AM 3 has_many :through, expects "through" model to be belongs_to
4:30AM 0 polymorphic hm=>t
2:27AM 1 Associating ActiveRecord and non-ActiveRecord objects
2:20AM 11 How DRY is too DRY?
1:11AM 3 Missing Template
12:49AM 0 activerecord-odbc-adapter 2.0 failed to allocate memory
Friday February 27 2009
10:57PM 1 rest-ish method for subsetting an index view?
9:17PM 2 Is a global set of named_scope scopes a bad idea? If not, is it possible?
9:07PM 2 Dissabled text field but still post its value on submit
8:27PM 1 warning users that the site is coming down for maintenance
8:10PM 2 help with rails on mac
7:47PM 7 Regular Expression question
7:28PM 0 random DBI::DatabaseError while querying SqlServer
6:53PM 0 streamlined - inset_table or membership in edit_view
6:30PM 3 rails array.each returning array?
6:20PM 6 Stupid Question - Need to get a field from table...
5:58PM 5 Polymorphic association..explain the extra query ?
5:24PM 2 Authorization system recommendations
5:23PM 0 Table relation problems
4:29PM 6 SQL search
4:23PM 0 Wierd to_a issue...
3:37PM 4 upload file to save
2:24PM 1 Maintaining session data across multiple domains
1:07PM 2 list out
1:03PM 5 what / when calls create function in an ActionController ?
12:44PM 0 has_many :through relationship in polymorphic associations
11:31AM 7 simple select
11:26AM 3 Q: find :include
10:47AM 6 blacklist
9:12AM 0 content
9:07AM 1 Actionwebservice for rails2.2.2 / ruby 1.8.7
8:21AM 2 Getting unique entries from models?
7:55AM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many
7:20AM 1 strict XHTML compliant ajax library
7:03AM 0 Is their a Twitter/ROR application available?
6:58AM 1 delete all with has_many
6:24AM 0 Rails 2.2 + Apache 2.2 + RewriteBase /app = broken
6:20AM 5 Remove trailing zeros
5:21AM 0 How to Call function
5:10AM 0 Multiple Table Inheritance
4:24AM 0 how to do hunspell
4:08AM 0 hunspell
3:42AM 0 Trying to produce JSON that is consumable by Dojo
3:16AM 3 rails find :conditions seems to remove extra blanks? (e.g. where description = 'x x x x x') is this a rails bug?
3:11AM 4 Applying default conditions to a model's find, find_by_*
3:00AM 8 Problem with select_tag
2:49AM 4 Validate field not in model?
2:35AM 3 attachment_fu and nested model forms
1:59AM 0 Contextually aware controllers
1:55AM 1 rake bombs on openssl (on Ubuntu)
1:49AM 4 Automatically get a list of controller names
12:58AM 2 Modify beginning_of_week?
12:43AM 1 what's wrong with this applet tag (trying to get an applet rendering in a RoR page)
Thursday February 26 2009
10:45PM 0 Using form_for and has_many associations with a controller in its own subdirectory
10:26PM 0 Callback behavior differs between Windows and Linux
9:57PM 0 css selectors and ActionView::FormHelper
9:01PM 1 composed_of, aggregate object isn't saved
8:19PM 0 Receiving XML messages through a TCP or UDP port
8:07PM 1 validation + should be > 0
7:51PM 2 replace_html and render action?
6:57PM 0 [ADV/ANN] Get a support site with the Helpdesk Rails Kit
6:40PM 1 Better to pass Activerecord objects or ids as parameters?
6:24PM 1 Line breaks removed from ActionMailer template
6:00PM 0 ActionMaler problems with accented characters
5:22PM 2 rails spell check
5:12PM 1 spell check for tinyMCE
5:00PM 0 Curicculum Vitae and cover Letter - professional Templates
4:45PM 0 Permissions
4:38PM 0 associations, calculate and virtual attributes.
3:42PM 0 ** REQ : Ruby on Rails, AJAx, Web services ;3-6M;GA ;*****MONDAY START*****
2:50PM 1 Problem w/ActionWebService and Inheritance in Service Params
1:58PM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many for 3 entities
1:29PM 0 Facebook Connect and Restful Authentication
1:23PM 6 script/console using older Rails version
12:59PM 2 Set custom header for Post requests?
12:52PM 3 Extracting the name of the template I am yielding
12:09PM 8 beginners question
12:03PM 2 tagging
11:52AM 10 Regarding IDE
11:27AM 1 One more thing to add to your security portfolio
10:09AM 1 Bug in plug-in open_id_authentication
10:04AM 1 retrieve value from text_field and save it in another model
9:52AM 0 spell check
9:28AM 6 .to_xml on an index, custom set response by Object
9:20AM 0 Fckeditor
9:17AM 4 Store find output in a new array
9:15AM 7 passing objects to methods
8:39AM 0 Google Data on Rails
8:16AM 0 header expiry on google charts and amazon s3
7:34AM 2 detecting acts_as_x?
6:34AM 11 OpenSSL::Cipher decrypt returns 'wrong final block length'
6:33AM 0 Getting & validating check_box input in button_to_function
6:20AM 7 javascript using jQuery.js and prototype.js doesnt work 2get
5:07AM 0 spell checker
4:17AM 2 Which one is light weight IDE for Rails
3:25AM 7 AR-extensions didn't speed things up -- why not?
3:08AM 2 Routes question and defaulting to something
1:39AM 0 [ANN/ADV] Sample Chapter From "Ruby Best Practices"
1:34AM 1 Beginner's question
12:22AM 0 First Activerecord model missing attributes/methods
12:05AM 0 JOBS: Lead RoR Developer - Pleasanton, CA
Wednesday February 25 2009
11:42PM 5 Error accessing db through model - Rails 2.2.2, MySql 5.1.30
11:03PM 1 Adding a monkey patch
11:01PM 1 Testing for a a new file using Rspec
9:45PM 8 Getting started, sort of
9:01PM 0 on Ultrasphinx Associations
8:41PM 0 Multiple DBs and Query Cache
8:25PM 9 local variables in partials lead to NameError
7:26PM 3 Cancel the last migration?
7:24PM 3 find_or_create_by_...
6:49PM 8 Migration : value between 1 and 7
6:49PM 0 Lockdown: Understanding "nil_lockdown_values"...?
4:49PM 1 Dynamic database connection
3:57PM 2 Simulating script/console for backend process
3:40PM 3 Secure but elegant destruction method
3:12PM 7 what's happened to acts_as_state_machine
2:52PM 0 Routes with parameters ordered differently
2:08PM 3 Saving rich text to the database
1:57PM 5 How to resolve JavaScripts Conflict
1:22PM 1 Problem with set_table_name
1:13PM 3 InvalidAuthenticityToken error with db sessions
1:10PM 2 gem install mysql --> Error
11:43AM 0 updating multiple records in a single form.
10:54AM 1 Multiple rows in a model
10:11AM 6 Association through 2 intermediate Models
9:46AM 1 Wiki kind of features
8:47AM 7 authentication and user management questions
8:26AM 2 Nested Resources and Routes
7:34AM 4 Search engine that works with MS SQL Server
7:22AM 1 controller and views
4:46AM 2 eager loading with has_many :through
1:26AM 3 Ajax response strip script tag from response
12:17AM 5 Implementing a web service in rails
Tuesday February 24 2009
11:40PM 2 Displaying line breaks & paragraphs using 'simple_format' ?
10:03PM 0 Nesting nested resources in routes.rb?
9:27PM 3 Multiple models one form and a one-to-one relationship
7:55PM 2 Wonky Validation, attr_accessor
7:13PM 3 Collection of Partials, :as Option No Good, TemplateError
6:14PM 11 render :update problem
6:02PM 1 Named route called "connect"
5:57PM 6 Count array keys possible?
4:55PM 0 SELF JOIN to compare two successive rows
4:01PM 2 Time.parse and some weird defassage with timezone
3:11PM 5 undefined method `model' for ContactController:Class
2:31PM 0 mysql.so errors with MySQL 5.0.77
2:00PM 4 Cannot pass id field to ActiveRecord
1:13PM 1 How to...Have a proxy URL...
12:26PM 3 Rails on Apache
12:00PM 3 Free SMS limit (using sms_fu)
11:16AM 7 Add .html extension by default
11:01AM 0 Riding Rails Weblog Feed Broken!
10:33AM 1 can't activate activerecord since already activated
10:07AM 0 Handling nested formular data
8:56AM 2 Validates
8:22AM 1 Error in "Getting Started" Tutorial
8:21AM 2 Error going through the "Getting Started" tutorial
8:06AM 1 parse problem
7:48AM 0 The New Delhi Ruby February Meetup - Coming Saturday - 28 Feb
7:18AM 6 RubyGems 1.3, Ruby 1.9.1-p0
6:06AM 2 Simple Tree view code required
5:47AM 2 CSRF protection and verify :method
5:28AM 1 How do I clear values from text_field_tag after browser refresh????
3:29AM 0 Looking for a good UI designer
2:57AM 5 XMLRPC calling question
1:24AM 6 select onchange question
Monday February 23 2009
10:49PM 6 Unable to set the replay-to in ActionMailer
10:07PM 4 Remove www from url
9:52PM 1 How to set up fixtures to use ActiveRecord callbacks?
9:21PM 0 .specification or .gemspec?
9:20PM 5 rspec dependencies
8:56PM 2 Refreshing browser after form submit and redirect bug
8:28PM 2 How to get cursor / lazy semantics from find(:all)
7:58PM 1 Freezing rails in windows brings up a "permission denied"
7:53PM 0 ruby on rails developers..
6:28PM 0 FusionCharts empty value
6:27PM 0 Clear a textarea when I click on "Submit"
5:40PM 3 jquery, ajax, and Internet Explorer
5:09PM 6 bug? ruby tests do not write to mysql-database
4:43PM 2 2 levels or more nested :joins w/ AR search conditions
4:39PM 0 Tree view similar to Grid view
4:38PM 6 Hide password params in log file
3:58PM 3 best way to model user or IP
3:57PM 3 complex forms and :index => nil issues
3:51PM 3 constant caching, modules and STI
12:38PM 2 hiding form when clicking outside field
12:07PM 8 Textarea and line breaks
10:46AM 3 Disable double-click with link_to_remote
10:38AM 6 background process
10:20AM 4 pass a varible from view to controller
9:48AM 1 Problems installing acts_as_list plugin
9:31AM 1 activemerchant + activesupport install/dependency issues
8:37AM 8 Ruby1.9.1 Bus Error
8:02AM 2 to_json problem (Rails2.2.2)
7:38AM 0 How to invalidate the model caching in ruby?
7:12AM 2 geokit - using :through to connect models
7:06AM 2 Release: tiny_mce
6:34AM 1 ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch
5:41AM 5 Inserting string with special character in database.
5:39AM 1 i18n Rails version compatibility?
3:44AM 1 Action Caching in Rails?
3:08AM 3 How can I know if a file has been attached?
2:45AM 3 Updating database via cron?
12:25AM 4 How to get the ID of the object I just saved in the DB?
Sunday February 22 2009
8:39PM 2 Strange AR error ( column does not exist)
8:10PM 1 Help with acts_as_audited
6:43PM 0 Is it possible to use restful_authentication as a gem?
6:34PM 6 CHECK if param exists? please help
6:16PM 1 degrading ajax calls - how?
6:13PM 1 replace_html with action template
5:16PM 1 model test
3:59PM 0 Help to make a SaaS
3:48PM 2 sorting by subsidiary class
2:40PM 0 Using after_filter to remove image after render
11:58AM 6 Use data from multiple tables in one view.
11:26AM 6 how to add javascript directly to the view
10:37AM 1 Trailing slashes in URLs causing routing errors in 2.3.0 RC1
9:43AM 2 Q: find_by_x_id and named scopes
9:24AM 3 Adding custom validations to active record
7:30AM 1 cant seem to run rails console
7:22AM 1 Literature 2 Music Rails Application..
4:48AM 8 dynamically changing a form from POST/CREATE to PUT/UPDATE
3:12AM 1 running console commands in rails
2:27AM 1 From RPC to REST, quick design decision, need help
1:08AM 2 Mysql error unknown column 'columns.user_id'
12:36AM 16 Strange error when running rails 2.3 on ruby 1.9.1 on FreeBSD
12:20AM 7 Joining three objects uniquely using :has_many
12:02AM 0 I think a good idea abount a SaaS.
Saturday February 21 2009
11:40PM 1 jquery and accepts_nested_attributes_for model creation
10:32PM 1 Page with download
10:13PM 4 problem with running rake db:migrate on a Rails app
9:39PM 3 belongs_to or has_many
8:51PM 10 Problem with test_truth
8:45PM 7 How do I access a variable defined in application.rb from within application.rhtml?
8:42PM 8 Adding a Form Cancel Button
7:13PM 4 How fast is Model.average compared to a find all and loop?
6:48PM 5 why can't to_xml read my mind?
6:10PM 3 parsing an xml file from another website
5:46PM 1 undefined method user_id
5:06PM 2 Security risks of cookie-based session storage
4:23PM 2 error_messages_for
4:10PM 3 Help w/ rake db:migrate error
1:22PM 2 Foreign-key confusion
12:37PM 5 Execute ruby entered in view in controller
11:54AM 2 problem with controller.controller_name in production
11:33AM 4 Multiple image upload
11:00AM 10 Hash and Array
10:37AM 1 Background browser independent Application
9:13AM 4 NoMethodError with custom RAILS_ENV
8:39AM 2 Failure unit test
5:53AM 6 about nested resources
5:40AM 5 aspell
5:31AM 2 Facing problem with Fastercsv on deployment server
2:52AM 1 trouble creating a link or button to delete (more than basic delete from index)
1:19AM 3 How to set up a has_many :through association with Ultrasphinx
1:15AM 3 Problem with presentation of error messages and multiple objects
12:08AM 2 ArgumentError on model create statement
Friday February 20 2009
11:02PM 9 Storing just the year in the DB
10:03PM 2 searching on a complex attribute in my model
9:55PM 6 Helper
9:14PM 2 cannot activate feedtools gem due to frozen rails install
8:09PM 1 Ajax form in a normal form
7:58PM 2 query for multiple possible values of a field
7:54PM 2 ActiveRecord question
7:41PM 3 human readable controller_name
7:19PM 5 How to change a variable while editing a table? (scaffold)
7:09PM 5 PDF Generation with password
5:23PM 3 Not using view layout application.rhtml on certian things
4:26PM 4 Help redirecting to the same page
4:09PM 6 Apache configuration
4:06PM 12 how to change sqlite3 to mysql..??
3:22PM 0 how to use benchmark helper
3:18PM 0 Nested set - problems when creating child item
3:16PM 0 dumb question ;-)) about dynamic naming ..
2:36PM 2 Flickr Api integration problem
2:12PM 3 Is it just me being cynical
1:55PM 6 rails 2.2.2 does not work with ruby 1.9.1
1:37PM 3 hi team!! installation of ruby on rails on ubuntu 8.10
1:21PM 4 show/hide divs according to selection box
12:30PM 3 has many :through a named scope
11:56AM 0 Disabling logging when using script/runner
11:18AM 3 Years gone by (deprecation of years method)
10:59AM 0 select_tag question
10:05AM 1 RESTful Routes not working - Switches ID and Action
10:05AM 11 validation on a has_many relationship
8:17AM 1 Calculate Compound interest
7:36AM 2 Blackbook
7:02AM 9 Multi User System -- STI? Roles? Hmmm?
5:53AM 4 Javascript
5:04AM 2 TinyMCE Editor
4:54AM 0 Auto complete for 2 tables
4:45AM 2 sequence of page.visual_effect and page.replace_html
4:19AM 4 How to change Image of Markers in google map mashup???????????
3:52AM 1 Problem - getting a nil object in view?
3:49AM 2 routing error
3:48AM 3 validates_uniqueness_of
2:48AM 1 better nested set and parent_id
1:54AM 2 Create nested hash from array of objects
1:35AM 2 Sending messages between users
Thursday February 19 2009
11:29PM 2 mysql_replication_adapter for Rails 2.2 available
10:23PM 0 rcov not detecting request.xhr? test
10:03PM 0 electronic postage?
9:34PM 2 submit_to_remote onclick clear ?
9:31PM 0 Windows Live Contacts API
8:52PM 0 ActiveRecord to_xml includes
8:50PM 4 config.cache_classes breaks reflect_on_assocation ?
8:22PM 0 Ruby On Rails Consultant Position In New York City
8:18PM 1 ActiveRecord-2.2.2, association preloading, joins and order parameter weirdness
8:16PM 0 Job Opportunity - ROR Programmer - Austin, TX
8:11PM 1 ActionMailer question
7:42PM 1 Link path
7:29PM 1 New to Ruby Need some help.
7:02PM 5 creating virtual hosts with Mongrel?
5:47PM 0 Using gems on a shared hosting.
5:47PM 0 Can't seem to instantiate Builder::XmlMarkup.new?
5:26PM 6 How to Generate Controllers from the command line
5:23PM 1 script/console : modify an attribute
4:17PM 1 How to output unescaped string to console ?
4:06PM 0 [ADV] Rails Studio in Reston, VA
4:02PM 0 Prototype and application/json
4:01PM 0 clean the database
3:57PM 2 HABTM creating duplicate records in test environment
2:05PM 8 validate for street
2:01PM 0 Percentages in log are wrong
1:31PM 4 How can I access currently selected records in the view?
1:04PM 3 how i add the sum in too this field
12:52PM 2 absolute image urls
12:47PM 2 using #{} with instance variables inside prototypes $$()
12:07PM 2 Realising a kind of virtual methods
12:02PM 2 relationships in models
11:58AM 0 friendly_id / acts_as_referenced conflict?
11:30AM 6 Is RJS highly used by Rails developers??? (learning RJS versus just going to jQuery or Protype)
10:54AM 4 Hash
10:46AM 2 Check the performance of helpers
9:32AM 2 Plugin to check the application
8:30AM 1 Gems description
8:14AM 2 How can i count total days of particular month
7:24AM 3 what you see is what you get
7:17AM 10 Soft delete in HABTM tables
7:10AM 1 weird ajax problem
7:02AM 3 Geo Code
6:16AM 6 Rating
6:01AM 2 how do you trigger an xml response for "respond_to do |format|'
5:58AM 0 Facebook connect problem
5:57AM 0 email debug best practices
5:54AM 2 Trouble installing rails on CentOS 5.2
5:05AM 1 how to add a include-activation to restful-authenticated?
4:49AM 0 content_for and view, controller, and default hierarchy
4:43AM 0 Default Layout File For Controllers in Namespace?
3:57AM 2 Writing Multi-Tenant Applications in Rails
3:15AM 3 Execute an SQL statement each time DB connection is set up
2:11AM 3 Associated child records not created on creation of a parent.
1:16AM 1 undefined method `content_type' when editing already-uploaded items (attachment_fu)
12:54AM 1 Switching to ActiveRecord Session Store
Wednesday February 18 2009
10:38PM 3 Clilking on a link should replace that link with a form...
10:23PM 2 newbie: has_many
7:20PM 4 test db missing constraints
6:43PM 1 Sidebars made Simpler: Body Builder
6:42PM 3 Instance variables
6:35PM 1 counting number of guests online
6:10PM 0 Sql Adapter reports out of memory
5:53PM 3 Mysql::Error: Duplicate entry '#' for key # - Error with the test framework or ActiveRecord???
5:32PM 0 has_one through with new record
5:30PM 3 wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
3:56PM 1 Question about belongs_to
3:44PM 1 why is user/new redirecting to sessions/new and then looping?
3:17PM 4 Rails erb in inline CSS(in layout file)
2:49PM 2 validates_inclusion_of using model association?
2:44PM 3 dynamically generate fields in view
2:33PM 4 expire_fragment with memcached
1:55PM 0 form to create multiple models
1:53PM 3 consult BD oracle
1:40PM 1 model inheritance
1:36PM 0 masking sub-domain in routes?
1:20PM 3 Active Scaffold
1:00PM 0 Link_to_remote invoke javascript
12:52PM 1 Screenshot of working desktop
12:46PM 1 submit input to params
12:38PM 2 check if controller action??
12:18PM 1 editing multiple records at once
10:20AM 0 Stuffing - A plugin to use CouchDB with ActiveRecord models
10:20AM 3 form_tag help needed
10:14AM 0 upload multiple file with progress
9:53AM 2 email link not working
9:23AM 6 freeze the grid view header
8:29AM 0 Restful S3 Explorer
8:28AM 3 Validate uniqueness of category model depending on user model
8:16AM 5 again and again: no such file to load -- mysql
6:33AM 2 How to sort select tag options?
6:06AM 1 Rails Application vs AXIS Web Service(API)
5:38AM 5 fields_for and Conflicting types for parameter containers. Expected an instance of Hash but found an instance of Array.
4:56AM 2 Interpolation
4:54AM 2 How to convert xls to csv?
4:24AM 1 Rails Helper
3:25AM 3 rails hosting
3:12AM 2 Pass a global variable from a partial from javascript
2:52AM 0 Making things DRY: RESTful address controller
2:10AM 0 autocomplete db query
1:44AM 14 guides on css strategy
1:13AM 10 One model active at a time
1:07AM 0 in place editor in an index action
12:54AM 5 capistrano equivalent for *nix -> Windows deployment
12:49AM 1 how to clear javascript cache on server
12:18AM 4 post to external form
Tuesday February 17 2009
11:58PM 0 Authlogic x Authorization Plugin / Gem
11:12PM 2 e commece website
11:01PM 8 test::unit
10:52PM 3 Dynamic select box
9:23PM 0 How to: Prevent deletes and report
7:25PM 0 Fixtureless Unit Tests
6:20PM 1 Salted hash login generator
5:57PM 1 Help controller
5:25PM 1 URL Problem
4:41PM 1 cloning an already uploaded image using attachment_fu
4:39PM 8 Converting Acts_As_Tree to Acts_As_Nested_Set
4:29PM 0 Best positioning of GEO IP identifier Apache or Ruby Code
4:14PM 6 Personalized URL -- route.rb.
3:56PM 11 creating a rails plugin
3:20PM 0 as found on oracle
2:31PM 0 Knowledge sharing
2:27PM 1 AutosaveAssociation - Saving nested models without validation
1:50PM 2 like conditions on associated tables (nested selects)
1:21PM 1 coding form variations for object creadtion and CRUD
1:03PM 2 sending mail
12:58PM 0 learn ruby patch
12:42PM 2 how to appned some string with file name
12:38PM 3 What´s the best way to have "constant" db records and have them available in tests?
11:52AM 1 Thumbnails
10:10AM 3 Without the magical id column in table
10:04AM 1 Assign sysdate instead of the result of DateTime::now()
9:53AM 5 Foxy Fixtures making inconsistent ids
9:33AM 0 Rake Task insert record from MySqlDB to SqlServerDB
7:14AM 0 Consuming Web Service APIs created through AWS
6:47AM 2 Sorting objects without an explicit find function...?
4:46AM 1 How to show div with radio button onclick
3:49AM 6 Rails Framework
3:00AM 1 Reinstall gem on Mac 10.5
1:36AM 1 How do you check if associated table is empty from find?
12:46AM 1 How do you ignore a URI prefix?
12:03AM 5 trouble with routes...
Monday February 16 2009
9:58PM 2 testing: switch on all caching?
9:51PM 24 como consultar en oracle
7:38PM 1 How can I get the current url i'm looking at?
7:13PM 0 Parent.find(parent.id).to_xml(:include => [children, grandchildren] = Help?
6:34PM 0 SVG's as backgrounds: Magick Corners Plugin
5:15PM 2 Replace_html in 2.2.2
4:52PM 3 Find duplicate entries
4:02PM 1 [ANN/ADV] Ruby Training in Atlanta, April 1-3!
3:42PM 1 advise request: plugin routes with version prefix
3:27PM 13 displaying validation messages - what do i do in my form
3:10PM 5 How do I create a find method that retrieves all of the records that do NOT belong to an association?
1:49PM 5 Can Anybody Tell How to do Google Map Mashup???
1:38PM 2 HOW to use RESTful authentication plugon
1:02PM 1 Load and Save data in yaml file in capistrano
12:41PM 2 Looking for a tool do visualize the data model of a rails application
12:11PM 2 How to set roles during user creation (role_requirement+rest
11:51AM 1 Detect flash enabled
11:20AM 1 What happen when a controller raises a custom exception ?
10:14AM 0 will_paginate
9:55AM 1 Problem with Socket.getaddrinfo inside controller or model
6:12AM 0 Uploading Image File via API ?
5:48AM 2 working with Blocks
5:45AM 3 Fire submit when drop down box item clicked
5:43AM 1 HTTP Post Request to a servlet
5:28AM 5 Toggle single element in a page
3:52AM 1 Problem regarding folder based fixtures and test code
3:04AM 0 Merb Mind Maps - a tutorial on RSpec, GraphViz & a little Merb
2:25AM 6 How best to share code between apps?
Sunday February 15 2009
11:54PM 5 Referencing a non-ActiveRecord attribute
9:03PM 0 USPS web services and Ruby/Rails
8:20PM 0 Tagging Articles with Models
8:10PM 2 text_area_tag not escaping content by default
7:16PM 0 Radiant 0.7.1 - Engraving Release (bugfix)
6:47PM 5 Facebooker cannot post event
5:12PM 1 How can I save the destination url with all the parameters?
3:13PM 2 Error running gems:install on edge.
2:41PM 5 how to reduce memory footprint of a rails app
2:27PM 2 Collapsible Fieldset
12:40PM 2 how to get the value of Collection_select in controller
11:32AM 12 Using MacPorts To Install Ruby 1.9.1 and Rails 2.3.0 RC1
10:36AM 5 joins + conditions problem
8:19AM 1 format.atom renders builder templates inside HTML application layout in 2.3.0
6:56AM 0 RESTful authentication plugin information
6:28AM 2 inserting a form on a page when button pressed
5:45AM 3 conditions on association include, hacky but more or less solved
5:25AM 4 [ JOBS] Looking for rockstar rubyists who eat and breathe healthy code
3:41AM 2 Converting console app to Shoes
1:51AM 2 Execute cap deploy:migrations fails
1:31AM 2 Trying the ol' articles route, need some help
Saturday February 14 2009
10:53PM 10 Two-to-one mappings
8:44PM 3 I get “Missing these required gems”, but gems are installed
8:05PM 1 404 error after deploying an app with passenger
7:53PM 5 Problem deploying an app with passenger
7:21PM 7 What is the difference between build and new
3:29PM 4 serialize ... what am I doing wrong?
2:41PM 1 BackgroundRB persistant job table not created
1:29PM 2 Hook Exist in Rails for System-Wide Exception Logging?
12:15PM 2 about validate
11:33AM 6 can this be done without using find_by_sql
6:36AM 1 params
5:16AM 0 How to set the selected option for a combo box?
1:26AM 2 Eager fetching returning JSON results
12:43AM 2 association include and joins issues - 'Unknown Column' error
Friday February 13 2009
11:39PM 1 Observe Field Problem
11:29PM 2 How to stop validating after a failed validation?
10:10PM 2 Undefined method 'parameters' on controller.request
8:22PM 1 Help with return_back
7:12PM 2 Storing user specific settings
6:42PM 3 Which is the best way for comparing dates?
6:22PM 4 Newbie question
6:14PM 3 Format text in forums (enter, bold,...)
6:02PM 0 Background Processing for CSV Exports of data
5:36PM 3 restful_authentication with rails 2.2
4:42PM 6 can't find gems in /vendor/gems/ after modifying load_paths
4:23PM 1 AR_Mailer Problem
3:11PM 0 2 forms + one to one relationship
12:31PM 7 Redirect_to Vs Render_component
12:10PM 2 render js from another controller
11:59AM 3 How can I retrieve the SQL during each model action?
11:45AM 4 How to get first 10 items from hash in ruby?
11:32AM 1 get subdomain in localhost
10:11AM 0 Problem installing auto_complete plugin in Rails 2.2.2
9:58AM 0 problem with routes
9:57AM 0 mimic the Confirmation javascript
9:37AM 2 Regarding REST
9:19AM 6 Auto_complete plugin in Rails 2.2.2 (auto_complete_for method not found)
9:07AM 1 @open_transactions initialized with nil
9:01AM 0 RAKE TASK using insert or update in different Platform
6:13AM 2 another collection_select, HABTM, :multiple question
4:48AM 2 Error when execute "script/generate rspec"
4:44AM 2 Mail Daemon Error
3:48AM 16 Schedule job in rails
3:22AM 12 gem cleanup and rails 1.2.6 problem
2:15AM 0 Multiple sites with customisations on a single app
2:08AM 1 Updating sqLite records through migrations
12:10AM 1 polymorphic nested resources
Thursday February 12 2009
11:39PM 2 using the logger from Libs directory
10:58PM 1 Building a directory tree into the database
10:31PM 1 classic pagination with custom finders/sql
9:21PM 2 manually setting an auto-incremented primary key id
8:11PM 6 Trying to Wrap My Head Around HM:t and HABTM w/ a Sample App
7:23PM 4 Rails & unixODBC
5:13PM 4 Easy RoR <-> Javascript syntax question
3:53PM 3 Logging all exceptions
3:18PM 2 Help for ActionMailer!
2:59PM 0 acts_as_list sort by multiple items
2:37PM 2 Auto Complete
12:56PM 8 i18n with Rails 2.1
12:42PM 5 Common action for all the controllers.
12:40PM 7 Pass variables inside the page
12:26PM 11 Should I sleep here?
11:57AM 9 named_scope and having?
11:01AM 0 Questions about Sassy, the recurring payment system
9:52AM 4 routes
9:32AM 10 NoMethodError in User_photos#show
9:08AM 1 NoMethodError
7:19AM 6 Download Movie through link
7:11AM 2 form_remote_tag comes back before saving really done?
6:59AM 2 Opening file content into a textarea
6:25AM 1 bundle_fu making my app very slow
6:03AM 1 ar-extensions-0.8.0 - "ActiveRecord::Extensions::FindToCSV"
6:00AM 1 Class Library for RoR
5:23AM 0 WAP in Rails
5:11AM 6 Rails Music Composer
3:36AM 7 2 button_to functions for file downloads
12:56AM 1 Transaction block still sets id on model/new_record to false on rollback
Wednesday February 11 2009
11:21PM 1 Column not in table (legacy database)
11:02PM 2 Trying to make this application RESTy
10:09PM 5 Rails 2.2, abstract_class, and associations
9:35PM 3 Reset password facility
9:06PM 2 Problem registering Mime type
8:48PM 4 setting up remote rails
8:18PM 1 ActionView URL helper problem
8:04PM 2 How to prevent users from looking at other user's data
7:35PM 0 Legacy Schemas dynamic find
7:28PM 3 validates_presence_of - only on edit
7:06PM 0 Importing User Libraries into Rails
5:58PM 2 How to show error messages in pop up or confirm screen ?
5:43PM 1 observe_form doesn't seem to work from inside of a table
5:19PM 5 ActionController::RoutingError in Products#index
4:21PM 6 ThroughAssociations
4:19PM 3 Confuse with AR association
3:59PM 1 Ruby on Rails: Talk | Google Groups
3:46PM 0 Can replace_html change the value of an input text?
2:00PM 0 ActiveRecord ssl Postgres connections
1:29PM 0 XML::Parser#string is deprecated : Getting too many warnings
12:44PM 0 How to add Bookmarks in Ruby on Rails
12:37PM 3 possibility to save data with javascript?
11:35AM 0 remote_form_for file_field strangeness
11:26AM 0 Sending explicit js to browser from RJS
10:41AM 3 Refactoring RJS
10:37AM 7 insert rails into php
10:14AM 3 Expiring cache from a rake task
10:04AM 3 page.replace_html and <table>
9:31AM 6 Sessions do not update created_at column?
9:28AM 0 form_remote_tag and <table> doesn't pass params ?
9:27AM 0 Vim on Rails
9:16AM 0 DOM Popup kit error
9:03AM 2 Initialize database connection when my rails project start
7:20AM 1 general iplementation question Do I need polymorphic here
6:54AM 1 Spree on Windows
6:44AM 3 HABTM & pagination confused
6:43AM 2 Write checkbox values in database
5:05AM 1 Using same partial with diff ajax requests.
3:28AM 0 GlassFish Portfolio Announcement
2:13AM 2 update + validation error
1:05AM 1 NB 6.5, OS/X, Rails Gem Version error
12:27AM 4 RJS alert with a prototype div
Tuesday February 10 2009
11:27PM 0 Re: form_remote_for NOT passing param: I want put and I get
11:20PM 0 ActionMailer getaddrinfo: Name or service not known..
10:41PM 0 Mapping a directory into a database table
10:39PM 2 what does config.threadsafe! actually do?
10:36PM 0 music composer written in rails
10:21PM 1 Mongrel problem
9:18PM 0 What's the pattern for modularizing / sharing your code?
7:49PM 0 ActiveSupport::Cache vs. others?
6:40PM 2 form_remote_for NOT passing param: I want put and I get post
6:32PM 0 restful authentication: integration testing
5:07PM 1 config.default_timezone vs. config.time_zone
5:04PM 3 scaffold macro problem
4:56PM 2 test if an external url is valid before redirecting to it?
4:02PM 0 How to achieve STI has_many :through referencing to the same STI
3:23PM 1 Anyone familiar with Bort? How is it supposed to be used?
2:31PM 8 Active Record Associations
1:01PM 1 Scaling Rails Screencasts
12:14PM 2 rescue_from for NoMethodError
12:09PM 2 Constants not visible in controllers or models
12:03PM 1 Suppressing log messages for an action
11:28AM 0 weird behaviour of a Web Service
11:16AM 4 Rails 2.3.0 - ActionController::AbstractRequest not being loaded
11:08AM 1 Optimize redundant code
10:27AM 1 Ruby for London
9:24AM 3 templating-like system recommendations?
7:00AM 2 WebOrb usage
6:25AM 9 rspec test cannot be passed when render partial in layout
5:47AM 0 Problem in integrating Juggernaut chat plugin with Community Engine
5:46AM 1 Common model validation probelm
5:29AM 7 How to install Rails on CentOS 5.2
3:34AM 3 How to remove special characters? (ie. &amp;)
12:19AM 1 Server won't start with ActiveMerchant
12:01AM 4 executing a generator on the browser
12:01AM 2 controller utility method: want to use in tests. Where should it go?
Monday February 9 2009
11:28PM 2 Help with Scaffolding deprecation on Rails 2.2.2
10:40PM 1 threading, returning from action method, blocking
10:12PM 1 Pretty Record Lists
10:06PM 2 dynamic constant assignment
9:56PM 2 dbd-odbc gem not
9:47PM 2 Fixtures loading *very* strangely
8:47PM 7 Run rake tasks from the controller
8:47PM 0 Image rotator plugin
8:42PM 1 Specifying session_id in params?
8:29PM 0 flickraw: flickr.tags.getListUserRaw
8:25PM 0 ferret - mysql server has gone away
8:06PM 4 Option on select form helper to customize "Select" text?
7:43PM 3 The end of Capchas: Thorny Form plugin
7:34PM 3 can't call request.remote_ip from object?
7:33PM 0 classpath Issue
7:30PM 3 AR:BASE.default_timezone
7:26PM 0 Fixtures load inconsistently
7:10PM 3 rendering original view
6:56PM 0 submit_to_remote change from 2.1 to 2.2 now gives wrong number of arguments
6:46PM 2 Help with routes and params
6:43PM 0 acts_as_textiled missing something, possibly config?
6:21PM 0 Newbie - has_many :through case?
5:29PM 5 Search between dates won't work properly
3:34PM 13 sparse tables seems to be an impossible term to search on google
3:20PM 9 Help needed in rails project
2:36PM 4 forms that mix new and old records
2:27PM 7 favored development environment
1:54PM 1 acts_as_tree
1:50PM 13 mysql install problem
1:29PM 2 live_tree
1:28PM 4 Serverside chart generator
12:57PM 5 How to set a root URL ?
11:12AM 0 Export images to excel rails
10:22AM 9 fastercsv, freezing into vendor/gems
10:16AM 2 Rails 2.2.2 server console SQL no statements
10:15AM 5 sorting a has_many collection
10:11AM 2 db:migrate and Mysql error
10:04AM 6 how to style currently active link
9:57AM 1 [JOBS] ROR London £45k URGENT!!
9:16AM 1 mail return value
9:05AM 3 Multiple database sources with Rails 2.2.2
8:34AM 0 Restful Controllers session state and custom actions.
8:32AM 2 how to get form parameters while using fields_for with nested attributes
8:29AM 4 rails on ruby-1.8.7
8:28AM 4 Uploading Files
8:28AM 5 "reaper" is not picking up new changes to my application???
8:23AM 0 Exporting images to Excel sheets
8:08AM 13 development Windows or Linux?
6:21AM 0 will_paginate problem
6:15AM 0 web service call help.
5:17AM 2 Insight on creating an online file editor (create, edit files, browse tree structure)
3:42AM 1 singular map.resource problem
1:34AM 2 Mongrel Socket read error on .pages (iWork) file
Sunday February 8 2009
9:46PM 5 Testing on Linux VM on winXP 3 times faster than XP
8:08PM 2 Diff tool in Ruby with HTML output
6:55PM 10 Some kind of polymorphism.
6:11PM 1 Help with passing data between scaffolds
5:43PM 0 Instant Rails CookBook Into Full Ajax CookBook
5:03PM 0 Rails/Wordpress/Apache/Passenger - not working with custom permalinks
4:40PM 0 local variables passed to a view
4:22PM 6 Get @current_user into model
4:22PM 8 rails 2.2.2 crash with a kernel protection failure
3:22PM 2 Custom gem doesn't work
12:49PM 2 SocketError in EmailController#correspond
12:45PM 8 How to upload data using huge .sql file
11:22AM 3 why does "rake db:drop" in prod environment give "Mysql::Error: Table 'equity_production.accounts' doesn't exist"???
9:14AM 4 problem with instant rails
7:20AM 6 1 vs True vs 't'
7:10AM 3 photos display on the same page
1:59AM 0 rails-dev-boost - make Rails in dev. mode 10x times faster
Saturday February 7 2009
11:45PM 0 restful-authentication and unit tests
7:25PM 2 Use rails logger in a class without active record
6:18PM 2 Radiant 0.7.0 Intaglio Release
5:22PM 11 no such file to load -- mysql
3:10PM 11 using a controller method in model
3:09PM 5 logic for a search method
3:04PM 0 unexpected download popup
2:52PM 2 confusing singleton resource
2:33PM 8 Newbie Question : else if
10:07AM 0 How to make up :popup as the top-most window?
10:05AM 2 has many + inner join + postgresql
8:34AM 0 Install RMagick2.9.0 Rails 2.1.2, Ruby 1.8.6 ,filecolumn-0.3
7:42AM 0 script/plugin install from SVN url with http authentication
7:11AM 5 before_save :strip_whitespace => saves with spaces
6:32AM 2 installing ruby-postgres gem
6:16AM 6 application helper problema
6:12AM 5 Rcov: how to write test cases
5:17AM 2 Regular Expressions for Leading white space
4:14AM 0 Hi`
3:59AM 1 Nested Resources: How to view all children resources
3:36AM 0 nested links for show, edit and delete
3:33AM 0 wice grid
3:13AM 0 Simple form with option to go to advanced form
2:09AM 1 script/server -- responding to multiple request simultaneously?
1:58AM 4 grep-like search help
1:22AM 3 Rails Colo in Pacific Northwest?
1:11AM 2 scalable file uploads with Rails
12:37AM 0 xml special characters
Friday February 6 2009
10:00PM 0 HTTPS and Deployment Basics
9:53PM 3 Improving this messy has_many :through with :include
9:37PM 5 Strange IRB problem
9:33PM 0 gahh! how do you install the query_trace plugin?
8:46PM 1 uninitialized constant error - Using unconventional table names
8:43PM 0 re: strange IRB problem
7:48PM 0 gem update issues
7:37PM 4 Testing without Fixtures (?)
7:07PM 3 Rails testing uses huge number of AUTO INC ids in db
6:20PM 4 Full Ajax Application
5:39PM 0 Ruby on rails Developer required for my London Agency
5:29PM 1 A working from_xml including child relationships...
5:20PM 2 Help with Forms
4:35PM 8 collection_select :selected (to get a default value into <se
2:22PM 1 prepend_view_path and layouts
12:59PM 0 I18n and css
12:25PM 0 Namespaced resource generation with resource_controller
10:29AM 0 file opening and ajaxing
10:24AM 3 500/Timeout when trying to send an email with my app?
10:07AM 0 How to check AR connection is established?
10:06AM 2 Using partials with form_for
9:57AM 0 Weird mime type set by render_to_string (Rails 2.2 / 2.3)
9:42AM 2 How to create date obj?
9:26AM 5 Attachment fu plugin image upload
7:10AM 2 Updating with Paperclip
6:45AM 2 upload multiple images with attachment_fu
6:33AM 0 undefined method `strip' for #<ActionController::UploadedStr
6:32AM 2 IP Address
4:53AM 1 need help with sql condition/join
3:54AM 0 gettext .po msgid_plural failed
2:51AM 0 online dictionary
2:45AM 2 2.2.2 issue - find :joins combining named assoc and SQL string
12:07AM 6 How does something like ...sort_by(&:f) actually manage to function?
Thursday February 5 2009
11:02PM 1 Displaying JSON response in view
8:33PM 3 detecting rake db:migrate ?
7:38PM 4 What is the url for my public folder
7:14PM 0 help for the hidden fileds
7:08PM 2 Click tracking for external links
7:02PM 1 Dealing with not-so-nice legacy schema...
6:56PM 1 Ruby on Rails developer needed for a Temp to Hire Opportunity in Orange County, Ca
5:18PM 0 Bizarr problem with rake
4:22PM 7 5-second code syntax question
4:17PM 5 form_for + catch the complete action
4:02PM 1 cattr_accessor for all attributes
3:46PM 1 how to load excel file in mysql table
1:37PM 0 SOAP::RPC::Driver encoding problem
11:54AM 5 Acts_as_authentificated signup problem don't understand logs
11:47AM 5 if one has a nested transaction does the outer-most transaction take precedence?
10:53AM 0 ajax upload + Opera issues
10:27AM 2 Mail
10:07AM 2 Rails not installed on CentOS 5.2
8:11AM 1 Need the activerecord-sqlserver-adapter but...
8:09AM 2 Activity feeds for deletions (help on approach)
7:51AM 10 Property of text area in readonly mode
6:34AM 7 setup up svn on my server
6:26AM 6 get # of errors in error_messages_for
6:04AM 1 No sequence is needed
5:58AM 0 how to use Sitealizer Web Stats step bu step?
4:24AM 0 pagination problem using will_paginate with two models
3:49AM 11 Adding "id='xyz' " to a form_tag
3:09AM 4 Help convert code form PHP to Rails.
2:31AM 1 Values should be filled for corresponding date, in a range.
2:21AM 0 SQL transaction rollback isn't logged !
1:59AM 0 Ruby Vs. PHP pipe terminal access
1:32AM 0 drag and drop for a form
Wednesday February 4 2009
11:33PM 2 delete_if does not work on associations
11:27PM 0 Rails Music Composer Beta Launch.
11:08PM 1 Which Association?
11:06PM 3 Concatenate (+) Named scopes leads to creation of an Array, is there a way to have stipp a Scope?
10:41PM 7 How to deploy multiple apps on one Mac OSX development machine...
9:52PM 2 rendering error page for "Unauthorized" from before_filter
9:24PM 0 Regexp route broken in Rails 2.2.2?
9:18PM 2 rail's compatibility problem
8:31PM 0 DangerousAttributeError
8:27PM 4 Rails 2.2.2 to_date and to_datetime methods
7:53PM 1 jQuery's fancyZoom and delayedObserver conflict.
7:46PM 0 subdomain_fu rewriting wrong with tld size 2 ?
7:37PM 2 We don't need no stinking Badges! Guidance, anyone?
7:22PM 0 ruby-prof's memory profiling Vs. my app
5:42PM 0 2nd call for papers: PostgreSQL Conference East
5:40PM 3 Custom module for ActionController no longer works in Rails 2.2
5:16PM 0 Rich editor.
4:50PM 1 ActionController::Caching::Sweeper not autoloading in 2.3.0 RC1
3:22PM 5 form_remote_tag
3:06PM 2 Question about testing
2:59PM 0 What to do when the database server is in another place
1:58PM 0 Legacy database tricks and techniques
12:41PM 0 datetime_select field order and month list
12:32PM 0 gem install mysql error with Xampp
12:31PM 5 concat, nil.<< and Rails 2.3.0RC1
12:25PM 1 Turning fixtures off?
12:19PM 1 Avoind access to some views
11:32AM 1 How do i select "OK" button on MS Internet Explorer Popup window
11:14AM 0 Fetching values from Table - Need help
10:32AM 7 update_attributes not working on production environment
10:31AM 22 small doubt HELP me
8:19AM 3 in_place_rich_editor method?
7:58AM 3 how to create select box by selected value ?
7:44AM 2 Activate a gem..
7:20AM 0 openSSL installation for ruby
6:36AM 3 Call Model Method
6:07AM 5 PHP string + value to RoR
5:57AM 5 How to make a call to an applet in RoR?
5:55AM 5 Date Range Between Two Dates - NEED HELP
5:41AM 2 Drop Down Select List from model
5:24AM 15 A nicer way to join my hash?
4:54AM 1 Every controller action is being process twice, help!
4:06AM 1 having prob in partial render
2:59AM 7 Large RoR systems design and implementation
Tuesday February 3 2009
11:56PM 1 "uninitialized constant Gem::Etc (NameError)" when starting server
11:16PM 0 Troubles with Mephisto
10:48PM 4 ar_mailer and missing template in production environment
9:37PM 0 Rake processing path
9:26PM 1 initializer
8:59PM 0 Menu builder
8:54PM 4 Need your advice - after Locomotive and MAMP
8:18PM 9 controllers/views in sub-folders and broken routes
6:52PM 0 Improve(?) has_many :dependent => :destroy before destroy callback
6:50PM 3 Installing Rails 1.2.6 gem doesn't pull dependencies
6:47PM 3 Using request.env to persist data?
6:46PM 2 .htaccess protection of public folder
5:19PM 3 ROXML from_xml not returning an object instance...
4:47PM 2 rails generator bug?
3:38PM 2 Rails 2.3 problem...
3:25PM 2 Sobre internacionalización
2:10PM 1 Fixed set of values for an attribute and migrations
2:05PM 3 ActiveRecord problems after upgrade
2:02PM 1 update_attributes! does not update nested model
1:52PM 1 copy column table before save
12:42PM 7 Drop downs for new and edit
12:18PM 0 Sphinx Running problem
12:03PM 0 Help needed regarding Yahoo autocomplete UI in rails
11:54AM 2 does ActiveScaffold support multiple joins? (i.e. in the ":joins => ..." part of a find)
11:51AM 1 button_to Problem
11:49AM 2 csv import - encoding problem
11:37AM 2 nested resources , forms and update
11:36AM 2 nested has_many :through - does Rails supported this at the moment? it seems not
10:43AM 3 File Iteration
10:41AM 1 Passing args to generator
10:17AM 1 generated plugin test doesn't work
9:50AM 2 protect to_xml and/or disabled other format
8:47AM 6 Validation - Credit Card Validation
8:15AM 4 Ruby EE: Problem with BigDecimal
7:51AM 0 jQuery and rails events
7:47AM 3 From : Newb! {ADVICE_NEEDED}
7:38AM 6 Query some part on each record.
6:37AM 9 Help on File
5:18AM 5 check box issue
12:07AM 8 How do I make an API for my rails app?
Monday February 2 2009
10:53PM 2 Logging stuff
10:47PM 5 rake db:migrate should run for all environements
10:26PM 0 how-to click javascript button - and debug noob questions
10:06PM 1 Assert_select with count 0
9:19PM 1 (JOBS) RoR Mentor needed
8:58PM 1 habtm problem
8:07PM 1 launch many daemons from script/xxx
8:06PM 9 ActiveRecord Unexplainable SystemStackError - Only in WEBrick
7:09PM 7 [FEEDBACK] on new site
7:00PM 3 link_to_remote 'this'
6:34PM 2 Create my own template language
5:59PM 3 Freeze gems
5:31PM 2 Controller design for app with different user types
5:10PM 2 how make deployment
4:44PM 4 belongs_to / has_many does not save
4:18PM 8 ActiveRecord can validates "select" querys?
4:01PM 3 selection box update
3:52PM 0 Scrape rankings Google
2:30PM 2 Maps
1:37PM 2 ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch (User(#54754560) expected, got User(#54510280))
1:34PM 2 did_not_yield
12:36PM 1 select_time starts with 00:00
12:08PM 1 Rubyforge downloads gone?
10:49AM 4 AssociationTypeMismatch got Fixnum
10:39AM 2 ActionWeb Service not working
10:31AM 1 Ruby on Rails Day @ JAX India 2009 Conference
10:29AM 0 auto_complete
10:19AM 4 Setting updated_at in database.
10:16AM 4 Rails startup error in segments.rb
9:16AM 7 Active Record Session expiration in Rails 2.3
9:10AM 10 A noob question for direction
8:37AM 1 Query that display the list for todays records
7:22AM 1 Is Rails 2.3 a first step towards Rails 3.0...?
6:38AM 3 Query help
5:42AM 0 slow performance in ruby 1.9.1
4:24AM 4 Which command is used to list the gems used by an application?
3:47AM 2 looking for help with NoMethodError: undefined method `key?' for #<String:0x4795488>
1:27AM 4 simple_autocomplete and find: same inputs but diff order
Sunday February 1 2009
11:36PM 0 model.save! not saving and not throwing exception
11:19PM 3 how do I use ActiveRecord for selects that return data across multiple tables, or a database view? (ActiveRecord::Base.connection.select gives me a : NoMethodError: private method `select')
10:58PM 0 upgrading plugins methodology
5:07PM 0 Apache + mod_rails apache config
3:54PM 2 how to use the fixed part for the method url_for?
3:25PM 1 Problem with params
1:33PM 1 activerecord access raw serialized data
11:25AM 2 Elements for a related Model in a Form
10:23AM 1 Little routing question
9:24AM 2 under windows: launching an external app via system... but not waiting for a response
8:29AM 8 gem install ruby 0> doesn't install Ruby but says it does
2:44AM 1 form.radio_button values
1:09AM 1 Where does index.html (home) fit into RoR?
12:10AM 0 YAML is sensitive to space character?