Rails - Jan 2009

Saturday January 31 2009
11:00PM 0 restful search generator released
10:24PM 12 How to think in terms of MVC when designing a website.
9:53PM 1 fckeditor and rails 2.2.2
8:40PM 1 Error logging in a database / case system
8:14PM 0 Guide to RESTful Rails?
6:44PM 1 constant redefinition warning
6:31PM 0 auto_link issue with email address inside <a>
6:21PM 1 Drop down boxes issue in ROR.
5:17PM 1 Working with after_create and Mailer Class
4:56PM 2 Ruby on Rails and Mysql
12:38PM 7 rails 2.2.2 and mysql issue on ubuntu
12:06PM 0 Rails an MDA?
9:15AM 2 What and where is the method register! in restful authentication?
8:25AM 0 Is it possible to have file manage box in SciTE editor
7:57AM 3 Hash names with white spaces
7:34AM 0 save after delete returns true but actually fails
5:49AM 4 Is It Possible to use auto complete with text_field _tag.
5:40AM 0 pagination on modal window
4:16AM 2 Ruby 1.9.1 and Rails 2.3
3:22AM 9 Maxima and Ruby Integration
3:04AM 28 rails with apache virtual hosts, mongrel
2:31AM 9 Customizing Model Data -- Inside Model or View or Helper?
1:49AM 0 RJS - Insert_html and visual_effect at the same time.
Friday January 30 2009
11:38PM 1 Fetcher with MMS2R throwing socket error
10:49PM 4 Can I force a form to submit empty fields?
10:46PM 1 Auto complete form
7:43PM 3 Rails and Singeltons
7:17PM 0 RFC-1734 support?
6:46PM 2 Route Collections and HTTP methods
6:43PM 1 How to reference the "public" folder from "app/views/..."
6:36PM 2 paginating_find repository missing?
5:28PM 2 Database table name in array?
3:20PM 2 has_many with different foreign key
3:20PM 0 running an rjs function on page load
2:33PM 0 Botprotection plugin?
2:03PM 0 Save a cookie with unescaped content
1:47PM 12 has_many :through => has_many
12:19PM 0 form_for with :onsubmit
12:09PM 1 Fetching RSS feeds asynchronously in background
11:28AM 10 Tag clouds
11:27AM 1 Rails.root problem
9:38AM 2 rescue ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid
9:04AM 1 How to call UNIX environment variable in rails
9:01AM 2 how make a link to html file
6:26AM 2 Problem with ssl_requirement
4:08AM 0 Active Resource without Formatters
3:52AM 2 rename sessions table in rails
3:15AM 2 active_scaffold config issue? Complains about rails 2.2.2 dependency.
2:52AM 1 Managing user accounts and data records
2:08AM 1 Dirty.rb - confused
1:59AM 0 possible to set gems path?
12:38AM 1 will_paginate in multiple resources search
12:22AM 2 Concatenate 2 form fields together.
12:03AM 4 Cannot get webrick to start on Mac OS 10.5.6
12:02AM 3 Create a Trial Period then have an initial charge first time.
Thursday January 29 2009
11:19PM 2 sorting an array by mutliple fields
10:18PM 6 Using vs. administer a rails application
9:58PM 1 eager loading kills the :select clause in ActiveRecord
9:45PM 1 editing users with restful_authentication
9:42PM 0 jquery + setting accept header question
9:07PM 0 Openings for Ruby Developer at CA
8:53PM 0 Active Record Query cache not working
7:36PM 0 File descriptor leak in Mongrel server?
6:36PM 5 Noob RJS Template Trouble
6:05PM 0 How to get rid of an ActiveRecord warning "already initialized constant"
5:13PM 11 belongs_to :type, :class_name => "ItemType"
5:02PM 22 Suggestions for a rails webhost...
5:01PM 4 Newbie Help Please! Update 2 Tables with one form
4:31PM 7 Installed gems aren't installed
2:52PM 0 Rails Boxcar - Now with Ruby Enterprise Edition / Phusion
2:51PM 3 It does not load de image from picasa
2:36PM 0 Trying to unpack httparty into my rails project
2:18PM 0 Time picker working in both rails and ajax
2:13PM 2 Letting users create forms using web interface
1:40PM 0 Best Practices for Rails Web Application Testing?
1:27PM 2 downloading the files from specific location
1:14PM 1 Can't Install Rails. Can any one help Please!
1:11PM 2 Timezone question
12:47PM 0 MSIE doesn't work with format.html
12:43PM 0 active_record_store for cookies?
11:41AM 2 export a table data to xml file using Ruby on Rails
11:19AM 2 how to access a xml thourgh Ruby on rails
9:52AM 0 No action responded to data error using link_to .download a file from specific location
9:40AM 6 prototype not working with rails 2.2.2 ?
9:27AM 1 how to prevent a newline after a button_to
8:59AM 3 a series of views (how to flow)
8:45AM 2 Strange replace_html image error going from 1.2.5 to 2.1.0
5:39AM 4 Back button works even after logout - How to prevent?
5:22AM 2 NoMethodError: undefined method `expenses'
4:41AM 1 Removing an association from a derived class
4:26AM 1 Edge (2.3.0) session_domain cookies problem
3:57AM 2 Any one help
2:30AM 0 CGI Sessions
12:39AM 0 Net:HTTP.post returns an Array
Wednesday January 28 2009
11:55PM 0 Update 2 tables with one form.
11:40PM 2 Can I "fake" an object model on top of a flat ActiveRecord?
9:24PM 3 :active_record_store + :table_name_with_underscore session issues
9:14PM 2 Mysql::Error: Duplicate entry
8:44PM 2 Database names
8:37PM 3 xml_http_request : action not found?
8:34PM 0 JOBS-Ruby on Rails Developer position OPEN in Atlanta!!
7:27PM 6 Creating an object from a pp string?
7:02PM 5 Best practices for develop a web service (server+client)?
6:13PM 2 User Interface / View Looks
6:03PM 2 Calculate Page views efficiently
5:33PM 2 Change Database Name
4:36PM 2 Rails runtime
4:10PM 3 Restful routes and Rails Console
3:21PM 2 Redirecting root to mongrel prefix
3:10PM 0 How does facebook’s Share a link feature work?
3:03PM 2 Best find for the job...
2:45PM 1 Restful named member routs is not decoded correctly
2:02PM 8 How long do you take for each Development Cycle
11:37AM 1 How to give onchange for select_year rails helper....
10:30AM 4 format.html and redirect_to
8:23AM 0 X_send_file download 1byte file instade of original size
7:06AM 3 Apply style in collection_select ?????
6:27AM 3 Missing Image RoutingError = TOO SLOW
6:10AM 1 site content blocks
6:02AM 2 javascript function needs rails variable
1:42AM 1 Override or delete the layouts that are generated by scaffold generated code?
1:39AM 1 how to delete temp files
1:35AM 2 open_uri failure on good uri.
1:16AM 2 ajax search feature works in FF but not IE
1:11AM 2 ruby regular expression issue matching
12:18AM 0 acts as indexed suitable?
12:13AM 1 changing model type
12:10AM 2 How to share tables between Ruby Apps...
Tuesday January 27 2009
11:44PM 0 newbie testing: xml_http_request and route, route not recognised
11:13PM 7 How to add fields dynamically?
10:19PM 1 javascript and caching
9:46PM 0 saving ActiveRecord/Form data changes??
8:53PM 6 German letter ä, ö, ü in rfpdf
7:53PM 3 Absolute image URL?
7:34PM 4 ActiveRecord: Least surprise? Really?
7:28PM 1 request.env variables in an observer
7:26PM 2 Creating records with file upload in migration
7:01PM 2 Extending AR to write audit columns
6:46PM 2 Multi table inheritance problem with has_one relationship
6:46PM 1 Right way to do
5:45PM 2 Use URL only if aviable
4:48PM 9 How to pass current value of form field in link_to?
4:42PM 2 Is there a "touch" method for associated records?
4:11PM 3 Migration Broken??
4:10PM 1 manipulating "params[:some]" with ActiveRecod::Find on ":select" method
3:10PM 1 format.atom w Rails 2.2
1:50PM 1 logged_in?
12:25PM 9 ruby script/server ERROR
11:54AM 1 Ch. 13 Password Reminder Problem
11:52AM 2 Login form_tag with select_tag option
11:35AM 3 page caching and lower/upper case problem
9:14AM 15 Doing max of N tasks per given time
9:04AM 4 newbie question: types???
8:59AM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails developer based in Soho
8:55AM 1 Keeping separate lists of parent objects
7:13AM 12 Merging array with same key - HELP
6:43AM 2 Update not working on production environment
6:30AM 1 updation not working on production environment
3:32AM 0 Looking for Rails speakers
2:53AM 2 Tutorials on Apache and Rails on mongrel
Monday January 26 2009
10:50PM 0 ActiveResource with Json
10:25PM 2 Cannot extend class in Application Helper
10:03PM 0 generate a migration (from a plugin) to add a column with a default value to an existing table
9:46PM 0 Implementing custom timestamps in AR
9:07PM 1 Turning off logging for specific actions?
8:01PM 1 Possible Rails Related Open Source Project
6:04PM 1 Nested sets, threads, and trees
6:04PM 0 ActiveRecord::Base.class_eval not being called
5:40PM 0 News about RubyLearning!
4:15PM 0 ActionMailer logging EHLO etc...
3:51PM 0 querybuilder 0.5.0 Released
1:19PM 0 Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 Released
1:00PM 0 XMPP4R and Openfire
12:58PM 0 Advice on form_tag get post and will_paginate
12:06PM 0 problem with will_paginate and ajax
12:02PM 1 Tests failing for models with string primary key
11:08AM 5 Please help with a routing problem
10:35AM 1 ActiveRecord::Base class considered as module
10:32AM 0 Unpacking gems in vendor - but what about dependent gems?
10:25AM 1 DRYing up form tags
9:50AM 1 Cant send email
9:34AM 1 problem in sending email
9:18AM 2 Relationships in Rails...
8:50AM 5 remove element from array question
8:08AM 6 progress bar
7:54AM 2 No user subdomains
7:23AM 0 Ajax.Updater and IE problem
6:48AM 1 Mongrel::HttpParserError
1:43AM 2 Ajax partial need unique ids?
1:34AM 0 undefined method error for a polymorphic route
Sunday January 25 2009
11:08PM 2 [ActiveRecord] How to automatically bind, for example, :rows with Row or :user_id with User ?
10:47PM 2 Question re: Charactersets
10:44PM 3 Help using a rake task to add items to my database?
10:00PM 3 Installing sqlite3 gem on Windows
9:34PM 0 hosting
8:21PM 10 User Permalink in Rails ???
7:16PM 5 save value of text_field in the view
7:01PM 2 Template Language for a CMS
6:40PM 3 Making GPS POI
6:35PM 0 Possible Open Source Project
6:21PM 0 Launching ThinkoSphere, an accelerator of democracy
5:56PM 0 button_to font & bkgrnd
5:49PM 1 Using update to either update or create new object
5:06PM 0 Emailing: How to execute "ar_sendmail" using "RailsCron"
4:34PM 0 Typo 5.2 for Rails 2.2 released
4:24PM 1 habtm relation and dependent => :destroy
12:02PM 1 How to pop up a Download Window
10:40AM 1 Belonging models not saving individually
5:43AM 2 observer questions
4:09AM 2 two has_many association for a single model
12:31AM 1 Weird error message with restful-authentication plugin
12:14AM 2 how to display a family tree
Saturday January 24 2009
11:44PM 1 module inheritance and private methods
10:38PM 0 attachment_fu and Internet Explorer
9:48PM 0 reprocess attachment_fu thumbnails with ImageMagick edits
8:45PM 1 undefined method attr_accessible
7:37PM 2 ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `comment_count='
6:12PM 5 Can't install sqlite-ruby gem on OS X 10.5.5
5:53PM 1 Simple Question, Complex Answer?
4:33PM 7 Rails Dev Conf
4:22PM 1 Rails sanitize method is stripping my anchors
1:41PM 1 Problem with Pagination in Safari
1:11PM 1 canoo webtest
1:10PM 0 Displaying events On calendar Cell , Like Backpack
12:43PM 0 benchmarker controller action
10:31AM 2 restful_authentication - using http auth in IE
9:39AM 2 nginx and mongrel, more info
8:03AM 1 should the polymorfic modeling be used?
7:30AM 2 How to get current_user when I'm in model
6:01AM 9 I have many Rails 3.0 questions here....
5:28AM 0 Nested Resources causes MethodNotAllowed error
5:25AM 0 Nested Resources cause MethodNotAllowed error
5:21AM 2 Acts as Versioned problem with Inflector (Rails 2.2.2)
3:26AM 2 How to save the images created using ajax call
2:42AM 0 Best place to set the flash[:notice] ?
1:55AM 1 should this view be optimized?
1:00AM 2 cycle() not cycling in a partial
12:41AM 3 NoMethodError "Read" for URI
Friday January 23 2009
10:43PM 5 find_by_sql error, any ideas please
10:27PM 2 String split help
10:09PM 1 Best Practice for nested resources
9:17PM 2 Filtering what's logged
9:13PM 0 Problem in installing mysql gem
8:49PM 1 Error: uninitialized constant Authlogic
8:34PM 4 Elementary Array Question
8:25PM 1 Validation levels
8:18PM 0 :selected option is ignored for collection_select
8:10PM 7 REST - Some doubts
7:21PM 3 Model validation
5:24PM 0 Deeply nested assocations
4:49PM 4 assert_equal 1.1035, 1.0035 + 0.1 is false
4:44PM 2 Code works in Console but crashes in migration
4:40PM 0 Session ID changes, causing loss of session
3:58PM 0 eager loading in the Model versus in find
2:56PM 0 [jobs] Philadelphia, PA position
2:31PM 2 How to retain values
2:07PM 3 Small footprint????
1:49PM 7 RubyOnRails with MS SQL - Connectivity Error
12:22PM 3 Bug regarding ActiveRecord and TimeWithZone
12:00PM 0 Pass values popup window to parent window
11:40AM 0 URL rewrite to other domain for all local requests
10:48AM 0 Link picture of slideshow
10:06AM 7 Problem with "Hello World Program"
9:53AM 2 Sendmail with cron
9:04AM 2 forms and controller scope
7:53AM 0 NameError: uninitialized constant I18n
7:43AM 2 Help....Paginating_find
7:36AM 0 help with making TemplateHandlers for rails 2.2.2
5:45AM 3 How to edit xml file?
5:37AM 5 There is already an object named 'schema_migrations' in the
4:42AM 3 how make attachment_fu with 2 has_attachment
3:18AM 0 rails table naming issue
1:32AM 0 Helep with "ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken"
1:03AM 0 auto complete rjs problem
12:00AM 4 getValue() in a Controller problem, help please.
Thursday January 22 2009
11:08PM 12 'Wrong constant name name:stringController
11:00PM 5 Upload via API leads to missing plus signs in HTTP-Body
9:55PM 0 [JOB] Rails Back-End Consultant (NY, NJ, CT, PA)
9:35PM 0 script/plugin and polluted(?) sources
9:19PM 0 Deployment on Bluehost
8:56PM 8 From Instantrails to the Mac
8:39PM 0 Jobs: Authors Needed
8:13PM 3 Authorization with RESTful_ACL (index)
6:30PM 2 BOOK: "Pro Active Record" - Chapter 3
6:28PM 4 Execute Action every x minutes
5:09PM 1 undefined method `each' "ERROR" when using AJAX
5:02PM 0 CGI::Session
4:41PM 0 ActiveLdap belongs_to and has_many associations
4:39PM 4 One week - same problem - no idea :S
2:50PM 3 Need Senior Sharepoint resource - 6 Months - CT
2:13PM 6 Dynamically generate a field option from dropdown selection
1:54PM 4 Return type of Finder? How to append?
1:34PM 1 Sanitize + form_for
1:18PM 2 Custom login page
12:41PM 0 Geocoding recipe: locations not showing on Google Maps
12:28PM 4 how to create a permanent record in table
12:16PM 6 how to connect SQLserver in rails
11:39AM 1 Routing through parent
10:38AM 5 Dynamically add includes to an association?
9:58AM 0 Simple Drag & Drop working Example Needed
9:50AM 0 symmetric associations
9:43AM 0 WiceGrid Plugin version 0.3
7:39AM 3 respond_to and format
5:38AM 4 Is there a plugin that can autofill(ajax) during user input?
4:46AM 2 how to make a soundex method in
4:46AM 3 How to read and write files?
3:39AM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: ModBox - Open Platform as a Service
3:31AM 0 how can I set attributes in the intermediate table for a many-to-many situation??? (e.g. when trying to use the << method)
1:44AM 6 How to use Time type in rails
1:33AM 8 How to link_to a file out side rails application
12:47AM 5 Printing running total in do loop
12:39AM 0 [JOB] Rails Developer, Los Angeles | 65-95k
Wednesday January 21 2009
11:55PM 6 Installing plugins... is git necessary?
10:46PM 8 Plugin Module Help
9:42PM 2 Rails plugin for directions from Google Maps?
9:23PM 0 Customize page(s) based on a referring search query..
8:26PM 2 deployment problem
8:09PM 5 Rendering layout when using rescue_from
8:05PM 28 HowTo install plugins from github?
7:54PM 2 Order by size desc
7:06PM 1 Retrieving Global Arrays
6:43PM 0 Need ITIL Process Analyst - Springfield, MA
6:12PM 1 javascript_include_tag question
4:29PM 6 Recovering Mysql::Error - Must I redo establish_connection?
4:26PM 1 How to update more than one div through form_remote_tag
4:13PM 5 Runner suddenly fails...
3:39PM 0 passing object ids with link_to_remote
3:39PM 2 How to refresh multiple DIV on a single Ajax Call
3:17PM 2 PostgreSQL specific data types in migrations
3:12PM 13 3 use case and the index method
2:56PM 1 AR to_xml problem with associations, Builder::XmlMarkup#to_a
2:39PM 3 how can I "DRYize" this method?
1:49PM 3 Download a content as a pdf format
1:31PM 0 Install of in_place_editing not working
1:30PM 10 Model-less Rails?
7:14AM 3 Is it possible to pass a model name as a variable?
6:50AM 7 How cna I pop-up a dialog in a controller
6:38AM 1 sumbitting a form to different controller
3:09AM 2 tricky issue - AJAX + form text fields + sortable_list
2:55AM 0 imbedding rails syntax in a text area
2:53AM 0 Error: Called id for nil, which would mistakenly be 4
2:47AM 3 Nested serialization with to_json and to_xml with array and hash element
1:51AM 4 Having troubles saving a new model
1:04AM 0 select_date question
Tuesday January 20 2009
11:13PM 2 rake db:migrate and mysql
11:02PM 0 Is it possible to test and monitor proxy connection?
9:42PM 4 Shared templates across controllers
8:48PM 5 alias_method_chain causing infinite recursion and stack level too deep
7:27PM 3 inconsistent data in mySQL using string field
3:39PM 9 functional testing with restful_authentication
3:00PM 1 error in loading rails
2:24PM 6 Decrypting password.
2:14PM 0 js.erb ERROR invalid XML character
2:14PM 1 Rails Table Relations questions
1:43PM 5 n00b here, rake error: Expected x.rb to define x
1:39PM 2 Application Architecture - Nested Resources
1:26PM 0 Zlib error
11:53AM 5 Problem running rake test
10:03AM 2 Do I need an SSL certificate to use ActionMailer 2.2.2?
9:15AM 1 Model update/create not saved to params
7:44AM 2 Help in validates_uniqueness_of helper
7:00AM 4 should I use the validation framework (e.g. add_to_base) to pass back multiple data errors that are identified???
6:05AM 4 How can I specify layout when using redirect_to
5:40AM 1 How to access the given url with parameters in your rails ap
5:35AM 7 noob question about development mode
5:21AM 2 Web Services Implementation
5:03AM 3 class variables in a model are ok to cache relatively static records within the scope of a brower call aren't they???
4:58AM 1 JOBS
4:21AM 2 Best way and practices to implement search
3:29AM 3 MySQL and RoR 2.2.2 -- deadlock?
3:23AM 0 Best Practice for form where the model being modified does not match the models being displayed?
1:45AM 5 named_scopes - any reason why you should not alway use a named scope (c.f. a custom method to return limited results)
1:21AM 0 Ruby on Rails local SSH installation - centos i686
Monday January 19 2009
10:21PM 8 date filter
9:00PM 1 pass ruby array to javascript function
8:20PM 1 I am sure I am just missing something obvious...
8:11PM 11 Trying out TDD, getting stuck!
7:41PM 3 will_paginate help
7:01PM 2 quick answer needed on dependancy
6:05PM 5 session[:aa][:bb]
4:55PM 2 hiding and showing html with ajax
4:51PM 1 in functional test, assert_redirected_to w prefix
4:33PM 0 Available for short-term contract work
4:06PM 2 Action working in local, not working once deployed
3:23PM 2 Calling a remote method on choosing an item from Select
3:14PM 0 ruby script inherit model data
3:10PM 8 Still cant get ActionMailer to work!
3:08PM 0 error rails 2.2.2 con mysql
3:08PM 5 output fleximage image from DB?
2:56PM 1 what is calling ApplicationController#index
2:25PM 0 openid in rails
2:21PM 0 How to set up Ajax.Request, so that format.json block is executed?
1:54PM 3 Date Range comparison
1:07PM 0 redirect_to and reloading the browser woes
12:48PM 2 model objects, link_to and view
12:33PM 0 patching
12:16PM 2 were there audio/mp3's available for the RailsConf 2008 sessions (can't seem to see them)
11:27AM 0 patch - mysql double datatype
10:59AM 1 how can I secure rails script?
10:19AM 9 routes question
9:19AM 3 ActionController::Base.send :include, etc
8:27AM 6 Adding conditions (if-else) to RJS template
7:51AM 3 Attachment_fu: save to a default format
7:21AM 5 can I get an ActiveRecord.find to do this query... "Get all Articles which have only been published in less than X Magazines"
6:58AM 1 To use model method
6:34AM 3 problem running an demo application
5:48AM 1 Newbie to Mac and Rails
5:29AM 8 Newbie
4:53AM 0 ruby 1.9.1, dll files missing.
4:25AM 0 Jruby Application with hibernate
3:05AM 2 Explain this migrate line?
2:59AM 0 unicode most common way to handle?
1:39AM 1 Meaning of <%%
12:43AM 1 Extend form_for
12:24AM 7 What version of rails am I running?
Sunday January 18 2009
11:56PM 0 how can I customize the "rdoc" stylesheet? (i.e. so it doesn't get overwritten each time)
10:33PM 1 Defining A model that have two has_many
10:12PM 5 Modeling complex associations
8:57PM 3 ActionMailer and url_for in helper methods
2:33PM 2 Determine modification time of remote (http) file
2:15PM 1 How to build a new blog program with ruby?
12:36PM 1 Unique field
10:38AM 6 Form doesn't appear in the view.. why?
10:09AM 1 Connecting/Merging 2 different inputs
8:26AM 5 Remote browser screen capture with Rials?
7:57AM 2 InvalidAuthenticityToken error with remote_form_for
7:52AM 1 Routing error for application
5:45AM 3 HTTP Basic Authentication permitting wrong passwords through
5:00AM 0 User Profiles Not Working in Production
4:34AM 2 after_save -- stack level too deep
3:56AM 2 RedCloth + Ajax problem
3:39AM 0 ActionMailer v2.x changes to formatting?
3:34AM 0 ActiveResource and file uploads
3:08AM 1 ad hoc query builder
2:27AM 1 URL rewrite to force 'www' and '.html'
1:46AM 0 Request type error thrown on delete request
1:34AM 1 OT: hosted full text search
Saturday January 17 2009
10:18PM 9 Ruby Debug Not Working
10:02PM 7 how do I add a new font for my RoR website (hosted on linux, developed on Mac) ????
10:00PM 4 Name mangling in scaffolding generator
7:07PM 9 Why this error ?
4:45PM 1 Question on Data Concurrency
4:12PM 0 Take a picture from the webcam and save it into the database
3:39PM 2 Self referential many to many join?
2:39PM 0 Created_at date/time if off by UTC-5 hours ?
2:32PM 2 active_scaffold + i18n
12:51PM 4 Install older version of rails FAILED
11:06AM 4 whats wrong with my collection_select
10:28AM 3 no call funtion
10:17AM 1 convert images with attachment_fu
8:35AM 2 Problem while i submit the form
8:05AM 3 Problem: using will_paginate with Ajax
7:33AM 1 How to refresh Image through ajax request
6:59AM 1 database and singularity issues
Friday January 16 2009
10:15PM 1 drag and drop sorting not working at all?
8:27PM 0 RoR Development Opportunity
8:24PM 2 any webiste available for posting ruby on rails articles
8:16PM 1 Subdomains question
7:43PM 2 how do i merge records together
6:59PM 8 Removing an association on an AR model via monkey patching
6:45PM 4 Newbie to Ruby on Rails
6:35PM 0 Random Stack Level Too Deep Errors From Facebooker
6:17PM 1 Aggregation: problem with uninitialized composed_of object
5:41PM 3 script/process/spawner silently failing
5:21PM 2 "obj.is_one_of? {Class1, Class2, ...}" as similar to "obj.is_a?(Class1) or obj.is_a?(Class2)"
5:08PM 1 nested resources & render
5:07PM 1 Problem with tiny_mce
4:32PM 12 running a ruby expression stored in a database
4:06PM 0 [JOBS] Open Source Dev Position
3:30PM 1 has_one :through and update_attributes
3:18PM 1 uninitialized constant OpenID::Store
3:02PM 4 database changes aren't happening in callback before_destroy()
1:05PM 0 named_scope with instance methods
1:05PM 1 problem in text_field
12:52PM 1 Net::SMTPSyntaxError (504..)
12:47PM 2 partial + custom class
12:39PM 2 Help in creating quiz
12:37PM 0 AR based message queuing
11:35AM 3 Raisl 2.2 and has_many_trough problems
11:15AM 2 REST: transfer data between applications
11:14AM 0 Certification
11:12AM 0 Problem with render :layout with yield :something inside in Rails 2.2.2
10:44AM 5 Help: OpenId and restful_acl
10:19AM 5 Saving results of sum method into another column?
10:04AM 0 Ruby Manor - videos now available!
7:06AM 0 importing text files - file type (UTF-16 for instance)
6:27AM 1 paginate_by_sql giving errors
5:25AM 0 Can any one give me answer about remote_form_for..?????
4:55AM 1 how-to verify rails is using mysql gem instead of whatever "-d mysql" provides
4:09AM 4 query performance boost
1:36AM 0 Unable to render lowercase french accent character in mssql
1:15AM 1 A question about backgroundrb
12:47AM 4 ActiveRecord support for find by regular expressions?? Is this possible? / Is there a plugin for this?
12:42AM 0 How do I deploy a rails app in a subdirectory using mod_rails?
Thursday January 15 2009
11:43PM 0 Render a PHP menu in rails template
11:21PM 2 New record doesn't appear in db yet rails shows save success
10:38PM 0 in_place_editor isn't working?
8:50PM 1 gem install problem
8:29PM 0 ruby telnet question
7:48PM 11 cPanel Ruby Gems
7:09PM 2 Output on Windows
6:10PM 4 HABTM and Check Boxes (Yet Another thread on this)....
5:25PM 3 problem with blog demo app
5:17PM 1 Error with ActionMailer
5:12PM 0 Connecting to MySQL database
4:33PM 1 Looking for a rails mentor
4:24PM 0 Using multiple models in one view.
4:21PM 4 problem with named_scope and test-spec?
4:01PM 0 "rake test" works but "rake test:units" fails
2:27PM 1 Sequential "page." commands in a js.rjs file?
1:55PM 5 How to migrate Stored Procedure
1:54PM 1 App Configuration Setting
1:28PM 5 Namespaced and nested controllers/resouces
1:27PM 1 Two classes in one program.
1:05PM 6 Pass ruby array with Ajax.Request
12:12PM 1 conflict between before_create with db:migrate
11:43AM 2 Mailer layouts , how to link to a css file
10:55AM 7 Can't install gem postgre for Ruby
10:50AM 0 Which CI solution and testing framework?
10:33AM 0 Mongrel and content type
9:04AM 1 ActiveRecord::Base in environment.rb
8:23AM 0 about RMagic
8:17AM 1 restful_authentication setup problem
7:27AM 0 is there an "before_commit" hook somewhere in Rails?
6:29AM 3 Unique URLs for authentication
5:19AM 0 restful_authentication email activation
4:25AM 1 Problems w/ User having many friends
4:14AM 2 multiple routes to same controller action
4:00AM 4 method_missing only in production using custom validation
2:58AM 3 mongrel error
2:48AM 4 application/octet-stream from flash: binary data, not swfupload
2:30AM 0 Development Web Server Producing mal-formed html
1:53AM 3 Does Rails have a mode which ensures associations work at the object level (i.e. prior to any DB saves)??? Is there a way to do this?
1:47AM 1 ruby array detect non linear data
1:37AM 2 collection_select not selecting default value
1:26AM 6 helper for model?
1:18AM 3 Automated Tests in Eclipse?
12:45AM 3 Equivalent of Instant Rails in Mac
Wednesday January 14 2009
10:53PM 0 [ADV] Rails Training in San Antonio: earn $100 when you tell a friend
10:36PM 3 render an alternate partial
10:32PM 2 how to define primary_key at migrate
10:04PM 1 MissingSourceFile (no such file to load -- mysql)
9:55PM 2 how to get ruby 1.9 working
9:55PM 0 Separating views by locale?
9:48PM 3 select in fields_for not selecting
9:04PM 4 Best practices for shared methods in AR models
8:02PM 4 RedCloth gem/pluging not working in production mode
7:38PM 0 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
6:38PM 4 Updating version-mixed models, controllers, views to Current Rails
6:24PM 0 Edit method problem with a plural-named model
6:05PM 0 Beginner's Ruby Tutorial
5:38PM 7 Utter Newbie, HELP!!!!
5:36PM 2 User Activation Email won't send on test server
5:21PM 0 Question regarding screencast "Creating a weblog in 15 minutes with Rails 2"
4:56PM 6 help needed
4:26PM 2 Ruby on Rails Developing Opportunities
2:33PM 1 anyone using rewriterails ?
2:23PM 1 Best way to distribute content to 20 sites
1:46PM 1 Displaying nested content
12:34PM 5 Ruby on Rails Dates
11:15AM 1 lighttpd,ruby on rails et php???
10:48AM 1 How to refresh a table regularly
10:47AM 0 Advice about upload form
10:12AM 6 How to create a two dimensional table
10:03AM 1 Help with link_to_remote and RJS
9:49AM 1 How to create a sitemap.xml?
8:44AM 0 rememder me problem
7:27AM 4 can one test manual transactions in Rspec/UnitTest noting the testing framework wraps its DB work in a transaction & mysql doesn't allow nested transactions?
7:07AM 1 about image_science library
4:50AM 1 setting header in views?
3:50AM 1 input '>' character into html builder array
2:00AM 6 How do I change MYSQL startup options on Mac??? (can't work it out)
Tuesday January 13 2009
11:18PM 5 "Gem::RubyGemsVersion" and gem -v don't match
11:05PM 1 ROR - Excel Export Example
10:22PM 0 Free Web Icons
9:17PM 0 purpose of gems.rubyonrails.org
8:45PM 9 Updating multiple databases at the same time
6:50PM 2 SURVEY: Rails Hosting in 2009
6:44PM 6 Number of entries
6:35PM 7 do_sqlite3 - how to acquire & install latest version?
6:22PM 0 Accessing SharePoint using soap4r
4:13PM 2 Quick validation question
2:37PM 3 Model Methods
12:48PM 6 Problem with layout for partials
12:28PM 7 radio buttons and whatnot
12:04PM 3 classic_pagination plugin installation
11:23AM 1 Google Analytics code for Different Domains ?
10:51AM 10 Help with deploying my app!
10:46AM 2 Connect multiple DB in rails project using AR
10:17AM 1 Problem with my rails 2.2.2
9:40AM 1 How to Create Own Plugin in Rails
9:38AM 1 jQuery & unobstrusive javascript
9:28AM 7 posting to rails app from another process - authenticity problems
8:01AM 0 Controller help with :has_many relationship
7:00AM 0 ruport - how to wrap <a href=" "> tags around text inside a ruport table
6:21AM 2 What's this called (nuby on rails question)
4:02AM 4 Can anyone see why the pw validation is failing?
4:01AM 0 optional authentication and HTTP Basic
3:55AM 5 change color of links
2:35AM 1 Easy searching by hierarchical category...
2:08AM 0 Best Practices for Multi-step Record Creation
1:52AM 4 What sort of business logic should go in a model?
1:30AM 1 Theory/opinion question: What are good RESTful archive URLs?
1:06AM 1 Virtual Atrributes + error_message_for ploblem?
12:53AM 1 Extracting hash tags from string
12:41AM 0 How can I get Rspec on Mac iTerm formatting and colors occuring when I use Putty remotely???
Monday January 12 2009
11:28PM 11 Validation spanning multiple models(tables) - how can this be achieved in Rails?
11:12PM 4 newbie question
11:04PM 6 Removing <p> from RedCloth
10:53PM 2 validates_presence_of fails with false boolean
10:25PM 3 conceptual confusion with facebook connect
6:04PM 3 parseexcel problem
4:19PM 0 Create Slashed and dotted image through Rmagick in ROR
4:17PM 1 Problem with using super_in_place_controls
2:37PM 4 Editing Files in the Browser
2:31PM 2 Pre Custom Objects and Stuff - Easy Answer im sure
2:29PM 0 grabbing date out of url path for use as param i.e. /entries/01/2009
1:55PM 2 Routing problem?
1:25PM 5 Some routes stopped working
12:03PM 7 in_place_edit_for - non clickable when value is blank
11:54AM 6 Thread safety in 2.2.2 - Thread.new { do_sth } to do background job?
11:50AM 1 how following expression evaluate in rails?
11:22AM 1 Reordering associated "has_many" objects
10:46AM 4 Ruby 1.9.1 Windows rake tasks problem
10:43AM 1 Help with Namespaces
10:42AM 4 Memory leak in update from 2.1.2 to 2.2.2
10:24AM 3 about attachment_fu
10:11AM 2 Linking 2 Mysql tables with each other
9:44AM 0 Opensocial container
9:38AM 2 about magick library
7:23AM 0 CSV Import with Nested Set problem
6:11AM 0 url_for, routes, and the current url
6:10AM 2 What's a good way to specify set of records to be created across multiple models (with associations)? (e.g. XML, YAML, Ruby code [e.g. hash/array] other?)
5:35AM 2 Exporting mysql data to excel?
4:22AM 4 Problem with installing sqlite3-ruby
4:20AM 2 Textile and h problems
3:28AM 11 Backgroundrb problem uninitialized constant BackgrounDRb::Me
2:24AM 5 Restful Authentication Uninitialized Constant in Production...
1:53AM 0 Confused about line of code in "The Rails Way"
1:44AM 2 Class method finder and undefined method from association
1:18AM 0 how to rename and xml element
12:36AM 1 Dynamic Layout Positions and Extra Partials
12:00AM 4 how to keep track of popular items
Sunday January 11 2009
10:43PM 0 Extra Dynamic Partials in Custom Layouts
10:34PM 0 Problem updating sqlite database with active record
10:32PM 1 named_scope on has_many, find all records that don't have elements in that association
6:52PM 0 storing localized date into DB
6:48PM 2 How can I delete a file?
4:34PM 1 Is "scaffold" deprecated?
4:28PM 3 how to run test unit in controller
2:06PM 0 confirming (via javascript) before save
2:04PM 3 Extending a wizard
2:03PM 6 bad sql after :conditions =>
11:51AM 4 Large uploads with attchment-fu
10:08AM 6 Why does ActiveRecord allow perception of success when updating an ID, however it doesn't really work(i.e. no change in database)?
9:36AM 1 Rails as RESTful web service
6:01AM 1 FAILSAFE preventing errors from displaying?
4:45AM 1 can error_message_on display multiple errors?
3:39AM 0 js request / rendering issues
2:57AM 1 to_json conflict with json gem and rails 2.1
12:27AM 2 Got an error on returning data as json format when the data is nil
12:17AM 1 Hel using paperclip + imagemagick
Saturday January 10 2009
11:50PM 0 Experimental plugin: Rack-based after_filter-ish behavior
10:35PM 2 hidden_field_tag flattens my array for value
9:11PM 1 Help resizing images
9:10PM 1 Help resizing mages
8:27PM 0 HABTM Question w/ checkboxes
7:44PM 2 filter in memory vs. hit the database again?
6:39PM 1 [ANN/ADV] Ruby Best Practices twitter feed
6:34PM 12 params[:xxx]
5:56PM 0 Mailing List app?
5:11PM 2 detect column type?
5:10PM 0 Will_paginate with include option
2:59PM 1 freeze doesn't work!
2:21PM 0 General Question about route generation Rails 2+
2:15PM 3 Hotlink Prevention in Ruby?
1:37PM 0 Upload to Flickr or Picasa and Google Video or YouTube
12:32PM 0 getting 500 internal server error on upload
11:32AM 0 default view format / fleximage
10:16AM 0 has_many in routes.rb
9:56AM 2 Urgent Output Layout
9:46AM 0 ecard application
8:42AM 2 finding eval unique values in a name column
7:22AM 0 Problem with Active Record find
6:37AM 4 file uploading using ajax
6:35AM 1 How can I get other field value?
5:12AM 3 How can I check whether an id existed?
3:02AM 6 How can I install backgroundrb
3:02AM 1 Ignore default responds_to behavior
2:41AM 0 removing duplicates from HABTM
2:21AM 3 Complex forms + DHH's auto_complete plugin = works!
12:44AM 4 dynamically generated CSV files
Friday January 9 2009
10:32PM 2 Ruby & Javascript
10:23PM 1 login redirects that maintain parameter data
9:26PM 4 ActiveRecord: Can't store a class derived from AR::Base
8:49PM 3 How to pass parameters to a script in "lib" from terminal
8:06PM 3 Accessing params in actionview
7:31PM 6 Accessing request.host in UserMailer
7:13PM 3 Help figuring out problem with installing activesupport 2.2.2
5:35PM 2 Problem starting rails 2.2.2 - rails/plugin/locator.rb
5:00PM 0 route to a controller outside of a namespace
4:42PM 2 Confused about to_xml() in ActiveRecord::Base subclass
4:26PM 0 is activeresource really slow for find with :conditions ?
4:12PM 2 Capturing system console information
3:54PM 2 Problem in following Ruby 'Blog' Screencast
2:44PM 1 has_many :through association
2:32PM 5 Additional config file like database.yml
1:14PM 2 ID and Archiving in Rails
1:03PM 14 undefined local variable or method `current_user' for
12:42PM 2 has_many :through question.
12:06PM 0 Authorize.Net Gateway using ActiveMerchant
11:20AM 1 how can I tell which transaction each SQL call is in?
10:30AM 5 BlackBook Gem
10:06AM 3 You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
9:30AM 3 Regarding Pay Pal integration..
9:04AM 2 How can I set selected value on select_tag
8:07AM 3 Fixture hash not available on the console in test env?
8:04AM 7 Oracle date problems, and how to make "alter session" work
7:36AM 0 ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches
7:08AM 2 Deprecation warning I get but the error is more than that I think
7:03AM 0 Using "eval" to display a summary
7:01AM 1 To get more understanding of REST
6:36AM 8 gem update problem
6:28AM 2 Testing data from a file
6:13AM 1 How to create a progress bar and status messages?
6:10AM 1 Is there any way to let the user edit the stylesheet file?
5:26AM 0 rails app with javasript
5:10AM 0 Using yaml_db plugin on windows
3:52AM 1 ActiveRecord handling of obj.dup vs obj.clone
3:29AM 1 How can I let plugin go through proxy
3:04AM 7 1 Page website :)
1:06AM 2 routes.rb question
1:00AM 0 Binary Data over JSON/XML?
12:19AM 6 Installing Ruby on Rails
12:13AM 3 What is wrong with validates_presence_of :my_association ?
Thursday January 8 2009
11:26PM 2 NEWBIE: How come I don't see new database records?
10:48PM 6 remote_form_for not passing form values
9:58PM 3 Making display options sort
9:13PM 0 Problem with migration number
8:40PM 0 Using dom_id to localize testing.
6:44PM 0 Strange Session Issue
6:19PM 4 Problem with disable_with
6:05PM 0 SMF Forum + Rails - any experience?
4:37PM 1 monkey patches to a method that exists in a plugin
4:10PM 2 Trying to sort results of one-to-many relationship find
4:03PM 5 There is already an object named 'schema_migrations' in the database
3:57PM 1 Great Opportunity in NYC great Package
2:59PM 4 How do I solve/debug "gem update" problem?
2:26PM 8 partials and comments and other fun things!
2:22PM 3 Dumb problem using BackgroundRb
1:10PM 0 Rails and Merb: It’s All at Acts As Conference 2009
12:14PM 4 Installing and using restful_auth
11:33AM 1 installing RoR OS X Leopard
11:30AM 3 Installation troubles
10:15AM 1 ARMailer
9:38AM 1 debug rails code in radrails
9:36AM 1 Which "acts_as_taggable" plugin is the best?
8:45AM 0 Setup a Rails machine with Capistrano and Ubuntu
8:23AM 0 Total Count Using "eval" in a single raw
8:15AM 4 SMTP settings for action mailer
8:00AM 0 Model Relation - has_and_belongs_to_many
7:58AM 5 How to run a background task in rails
6:50AM 0 Populating and maintaining an instance array of arrays of hashes over multiple Ajax calls
6:47AM 1 [Help] With no persistence, instances share among actions failed.
6:36AM 7 polymprphic == confusion
5:33AM 4 Authenticating users on different sources
5:00AM 1 Rails 2.2 on Mac OSX 10.5
3:34AM 1 rake db:migrate
2:27AM 1 How to download a dynamically generated file
2:21AM 6 A problem of ignoring newline in textarea
Wednesday January 7 2009
11:34PM 1 Serialized data
10:09PM 6 Slightly Off Topic: Rails/SVN/Capistrano...plus Git?
9:53PM 2 Error message
9:07PM 1 126: The specified module could not be found. - c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-postgres- in32/postgres.so
9:01PM 4 Passing data from action of cntrlr 1 to action of cntrlr 2
8:56PM 2 Ongoing errors with libxml & mysql
8:51PM 0 Urgent Hire in NYC
8:36PM 9 Versionning system
8:30PM 2 Rails 2.2 routing problem
8:04PM 0 Multiple Openings for Wireless/Mobile/BlackBerry Project
6:08PM 2 controller if statement error with param
5:33PM 6 Passing information to the controller from view
5:23PM 0 Actionmailer and postfix settings
5:21PM 0 radio_button_tag
5:01PM 7 Problems with SQL Server 2008 and migrations using activerecord-odbc-adapter gem
4:32PM 4 Fwd: change javascript default from jquery back to prototype
4:31PM 1 Problems with EasyEclipse Ruby Rails
4:30PM 0 how rails insert object id to database?
4:16PM 16 RoR 2.2.2 and MySQL -- HELP
4:14PM 2 Database.yml password and security
4:10PM 2 Link_to within an HTML table
4:06PM 0 Migration problem in rail 2.0 and observers
3:53PM 1 Update specific div using post request.
3:10PM 1 Super Classes and Database Tables
2:16PM 0 Problem with relation ship using fixtures
2:13PM 19 Anyone Recommend a File Uploader
1:44PM 0 replacing table row with form
12:35PM 3 Moving from O.R.M. to O
11:40AM 4 Total Date Difference
11:14AM 0 attachment_fu - convert an image to 8-bit text
11:13AM 3 relationships quickie
11:08AM 3 changing order of hash
10:21AM 1 How to use ziya plugin
10:00AM 1 bet way to debug a plug-in?
9:45AM 1 fckeditor show problem
7:25AM 1 what is the syntax of form tag???
7:15AM 1 Deep has_many through
7:13AM 2 "No such file to load" error when running Rspec
6:46AM 2 Loading Hash during testing using Fixtures
5:12AM 0 Acts_as_commentable_with_threading
2:28AM 2 attachment_fu, deferred thumbnail li
2:25AM 1 How does observe_field work recursively
Tuesday January 6 2009
11:36PM 4 how to monkeypatch Hash's = method
10:36PM 2 randomly dropping sessions
9:57PM 1 restful_authentication installation setup problem
9:13PM 2 Change the default folder for image_tag, javascript_include_
8:54PM 2 Styling rails elements
8:22PM 1 items.destroy doesn't work
8:08PM 2 Update_attributes on multiple models, revert back on error
7:11PM 1 Web framework for embedded appliance?
6:25PM 1 AR deep clone
5:01PM 0 rcov not detecting existing and valid test cases
4:39PM 1 Strange error...
4:07PM 6 Calling System on winows batch file
3:46PM 12 New cheat sheet: Jump Start Credit Card Processing in Ruby
3:13PM 11 mysql error on server
2:22PM 3 Prawn: text at horizontal middle of the page
2:22PM 2 javascript momentarily displayed on screen?...
2:18PM 1 How to reference parent object when using sub-resources
2:07PM 5 Why render doesn't work
1:53PM 2 :after_update_element and text_field_with_auto_complete
1:53PM 0 Generate random password in Rails
1:38PM 1 File upload time-out?
1:02PM 0 [JOBS] France, Nantes, Développeur web (H/F)
12:56PM 1 How to pass and not a parameter to a link?
12:55PM 3 uniqueness on has_many associations
12:55PM 1 Slow rendering (column statistics) after migration
12:43PM 1 A question about render
12:25PM 1 Security framework
11:43AM 1 Cloning ActiveRecord objects
10:53AM 2 Define id in xml
10:40AM 4 How to Implement ACL (Access Control List) in ROR?
10:39AM 1 How to access text helper and url helper methods in model
10:31AM 0 Need help on rjs calls and partials
8:59AM 0 Different class for a data_select
8:16AM 6 SSL plugin
7:12AM 8 RoR, Apache2, fcgid and ubuntu...
5:17AM 2 Newbie automation testing web services with ruby
4:36AM 2 A/B testing & stats plugins?
4:10AM 3 MVC architecture
2:41AM 10 Empty collection returned for model with has_many relationship
1:19AM 0 Learning Rails
12:43AM 1 Updating Rails app from 1.2.6 to 2.2.2
12:29AM 1 Form Posts Across Different Controllers?
Monday January 5 2009
11:33PM 2 Some tasks that will help index your db
10:23PM 1 Adding link to Calendar Helper
8:37PM 2 error with production setup on Linode
8:15PM 4 delete rows not updated
8:08PM 5 ROXML versus simple to_xml
6:48PM 4 checking booleans while maintaining database compatibility
5:30PM 0 [ADV] Rails Studio Discount Ends Today
5:14PM 3 newbie trying self-referencing :through via REST model
5:14PM 1 merging xml docs
4:49PM 2 Foreign key re-assignment does not work in :belongs_to
3:24PM 1 AJAX replace_html error
3:21PM 0 REE installed & working, but rubygems load error persists in cmdline
3:18PM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete and Chrome
2:53PM 0 Automatically sending a PayPal payment with Ruby
2:47PM 0 polymorphic and has_one associations
12:37PM 0 Create ActiveRecord from Javascript object via JSON
12:24PM 6 Rails apps packaging
11:41AM 0 sending a form helper data into database
11:02AM 0 Rake Task Selecting Text in a Field
10:40AM 16 Quick one! -- Project Messages!!
10:33AM 0 Rails 2.2.2 and Interlock plugin
10:32AM 0 rake/cap auto complete for bash
10:23AM 7 [Please help!]store parameters variable into database
10:16AM 3 Advanced authenticated system
8:43AM 1 acts_as_ferret ActsAsFerret::IndexNotDefined
4:53AM 2 with_options
4:34AM 0 Errno::ENXIO in Login#index
3:18AM 3 Determining whether yields have content
2:17AM 1 How to declare a member for a restful resource when it has a nested resource
12:48AM 3 Plugin not found: ["acts_as_list"]
12:26AM 0 integration test not calling destroy
12:25AM 2 How do booleans work?
Sunday January 4 2009
11:58PM 3 undefined local variable or method `acts_as_list'
11:52PM 0 Trying to plan out classes/associations for a Rails project
9:48PM 1 Help with installation
9:37PM 1 Including join model data
8:50PM 5 storing a static array
8:42PM 2 Associations: Am I thinking right?
7:58PM 2 Merb merge: plugins or gems ?
4:56PM 5 undefined method `start_form_tag'
4:39PM 3 Ruby/RoR problem, openssl.so, undefined symbol, update ruby 1.8.7->1.9.1
4:13PM 1 Calling class methods from included module
3:48PM 1 hpricot bug
2:37PM 0 file_column
10:27AM 3 Create a logging system
10:19AM 4 Adding routes and link_to
8:29AM 3 has_one :through doesn't work in Rails 2.2.2
8:22AM 2 I'm new - Need some serious help
8:20AM 3 Table associated problem using belongs_to
6:28AM 0 will_paginate overwriting my user.rb?
4:17AM 3 Missing Template with edge Rails (2.3)
3:32AM 2 Rotating images "AJAX like" on a page
3:26AM 0 related drop list
Saturday January 3 2009
10:31PM 0 Validation error, controller and path
9:35PM 0 "Missing template homepage/index.erb"
8:35PM 0 Consent: a firewall DSL for ActionController
8:04PM 10 Is there any better way to do this?
8:01PM 1 Date select not working in Rails 2.2.2
7:21PM 6 Error message when installing rails
7:11PM 6 Checking for Functional Site
6:06PM 2 Will paginate and sorting..
4:08PM 1 Finding a nested resource's 'parent' object?
3:18PM 2 Mongrel and thin Server only in Development envirement
1:52PM 0 Script to extract text from application
1:06PM 3 Rails find(:all, :conditions) generates bad SQL?
9:50AM 0 understanding rails internal architecture
8:03AM 1 success stories on JRails
6:36AM 0 InstantRails script/runner error
5:02AM 0 How to disable etag?
3:21AM 1 Not working country_select in Rails 2.2.2
2:46AM 21 Installing RoR for a Newbie is a nightmare
12:03AM 0 Simple relations are failing
12:02AM 3 Displaying ruby content in rhtml
Friday January 2 2009
11:44PM 5 url_for and ampersand escaping?
11:41PM 2 best way to store this data in the database
11:04PM 2 migration for beginner
10:47PM 5 Very odd NoMethodError/stack overflow....
10:41PM 0 .htaccess ReWrite
9:28PM 3 Gems between two different machines
8:52PM 2 eager loading is letting me down
7:46PM 2 How can I use the same model/pojo as both type ActiveRecord and non-ActiveRecord. Doesn't seem dry to make two identical type objects.
7:25PM 1 Which test framework do you use?
5:36PM 7 self-referential joins with :through raises TypeError
5:15PM 1 Passenger and multi-site application
5:12PM 3 Lazy evaluation and scoping
4:50PM 1 Specifying Active Support Version in environment.rb
4:19PM 0 I need help with self referential habtm
4:07PM 4 Installing Gems
2:48PM 5 HTML question...
2:24PM 5 Multiple versions of a site (different languages)
11:58AM 1 alias_method
11:13AM 0 interact on user-level possibly?
10:21AM 3 Validating non-model forms - a predicament
10:09AM 0 regarding checkbox
8:22AM 1 An error of Missing template
8:15AM 3 backgroundrb stops suddenly
8:09AM 1 How to get which field changed in observe_form helper
8:04AM 2 collection_select and select_tag help
7:56AM 2 collection_select not remembering selected value
6:59AM 3 Using a select list for a boolean field
6:37AM 0 create rxml file
5:05AM 3 formatting text in view mode same as edit mode
4:47AM 5 how to apply a patch to core rails using git?
Thursday January 1 2009
11:23PM 2 Ruby on rails API website suggestion
11:18PM 1 Searching for an entry in a one to one relationship
11:12PM 3 Condition LIKE with or for autocomplete
10:32PM 4 Rendering partials from outside of Rails
10:25PM 5 Testing a POST request with correct param
9:33PM 2 Need help DRYing this code
7:30PM 1 HasManyThroughCantAssociateNewRecords Exception
6:07PM 1 gem_original_require no such file to load -- /var/www/vhosts/gophotoswap.com/httpdocs/current/config/environment ( LoadError )
4:55PM 1 Nested resource
3:58PM 1 Retrieving multiple types with Ferret
2:06PM 0 Invitation to join ERRORPEDIA
1:10PM 5 Page caching + authentication/flash messages = chaos?
8:32AM 2 self.inspect in helper file
7:06AM 0 Uploading files to Flickr with Rails
6:30AM 2 Excessive Invalid Authenticity Token Errors
2:37AM 1 what is the id of the form_for
2:13AM 3 Model validation breaking integration test
2:12AM 0 Does observe_field work in a partial