Rails - Mar 2007

Saturday March 31 2007
10:47PM 1 Subdomains, Routing, and Subdirectory Controllers
8:53PM 2 RoR Hosting
7:41PM 5 Adding a 'coupon-like' feature to a checkout process?
6:37PM 4 Active record always appending "order by created_at desc"
5:58PM 2 Cannot change attribute with self[:attribute]= or write_attribute(:attribute, value)
4:31PM 2 counter_cache won't increment
3:43PM 7 rake db:migrate -VERSION=0 not working
2:36PM 3 activerecord standalone and ODBC
1:48PM 2 Wipe and Rails? (secure file deletes)
1:24PM 0 BBCode editor
12:58PM 0 Fastest Online Earning for my friends - Start Earning Today - No investment Needed
12:41PM 0 Amazing art work - Paint Mona Lisa on MS Pint
12:37PM 0 routing problem with controllers in other dirs
12:31PM 1 Display widget on remote sites
12:18PM 1 database migration
11:43AM 2 how to make mongrel_cluster start when system boot up?
11:25AM 0 Rails overlap dialog solution
10:57AM 5 Why is Ruby on Linux so much faster than on Windows?
9:50AM 0 Polymorphic Associations and Validation
8:56AM 0 Discussion on are-you-in-christ-and-prayer-language
7:57AM 1 Dissecting an SystemExit
7:34AM 0 Resume The Upload
7:04AM 0 Free international calls to anywhere
6:39AM 0 javascript and rails?
6:09AM 0 between to_image and link_to with image_tag
4:21AM 2 Help moving code into model... get row, modify contents, return to controller
3:59AM 2 Nested models
2:04AM 3 ZenTest
1:04AM 0 Best best and Best
12:58AM 0 So Cute Baby - award winning
12:13AM 0 foreign key not working
Friday March 30 2007
11:42PM 0 Storing an order object in a cookie based session
10:28PM 2 integer limit on migration doesn't have any effect?
10:23PM 4 Process for Specifying Software
9:05PM 2 performing Time based action.
8:54PM 10 Training a Development Team on Ruby on Rails
8:35PM 5 How to route /app/name to /name?
8:22PM 7 deployment for dummies
7:31PM 4 Error trying to execute Rails in Fedora Core 6
7:01PM 2 How to clear a session variable?
6:53PM 1 nested restful resources without controller name in the url
6:49PM 4 Is there a way to store items in a hash, yet refer to them as class methods?
6:25PM 1 agile 2
6:06PM 0 Rolling up validates_associated error messages into parent
5:39PM 1 drb vs. rails autoloading
5:37PM 0 Skipping filters according to request format
5:02PM 0 extra phantom commits
4:43PM 0 rails/rjs in-place editing examples/tutorials?
4:34PM 0 select_hour and select_minute methods
4:18PM 3 Always passing the same params
3:51PM 0 New project posting for a Cambridge MA based start-up
3:43PM 0 Partials and Prototype
3:41PM 1 Sorry for the Multiple Posts!
3:38PM 3 How to Create Records in Rails App Database using Inbound Email including Image File Attachments
3:35PM 1 How to Create Data in Rails App using Inbound Email including Attachments?
3:33PM 0 How to Use Inbound Mail (including attachments) to Create Data in Rails App?
3:03PM 2 how to get the id field before a save
2:56PM 2 New to Ruby on Rails.. Database Relations?
2:27PM 0 Checkboxes returning true or false
1:31PM 0 Submit form by email (ActionMailer)
12:50PM 0 Microsoft Office 2007 - Latest Freeware Download
12:44PM 3 dispatch.cgi issue...
12:02PM 5 Bytes, strings and encodings...
11:54AM 3 resource_feeder and nested resources
11:23AM 1 How To Submit A JavaScript Array Via XHR?
11:16AM 10 cache a sidebar in the layout
11:07AM 0 Firefox and Ajax: problem submitting multiple time
11:01AM 3 Page sucking : get an offline version of my website
10:04AM 8 Deploying RoR - Advice seeked!
9:48AM 0 best location for a plugin configuration file ?
7:24AM 10 check_box_tag not passing 0 when unchecked?
6:59AM 1 select_tag selected value?
6:27AM 2 ruby variable and java script array?
6:23AM 1 link_to_remote options to set href value
4:00AM 0 Highlight search terms
3:56AM 0 View this page "Are You In Christ, and Prayer Language"
3:55AM 0 Are You In Christ, and Prayer Language
3:40AM 2 Adding method to class
3:03AM 2 Convert Number (1-12) into Month (Word)
2:44AM 0 "Bad file descriptor - connect(2)" = Unable to connect to DB!?
2:39AM 4 how to substitute my class method for rails' version
2:34AM 2 Receiving email via Rails app?
12:55AM 5 link_to_remote passing form values
12:16AM 9 Slow performance
Thursday March 29 2007
11:40PM 1 ActiveRecord attributes -- strange behavior when adding Array to an element
11:28PM 1 Extending the to_s method
11:24PM 2 ssl_requirement redirecting to http from an https screen
11:07PM 0 related collection selects eliminating prior selections
10:59PM 1 the Hideout is open
10:45PM 2 Protect code
10:38PM 0 Scaffold table name confusion
9:56PM 4 Send email when a error happens
9:45PM 0 Call ActionController's verify() in a module?
9:04PM 0 plugin
8:57PM 0 Date Integrity and Form Security
8:49PM 1 Migrations with corresponding fixtures?
7:53PM 2 parse excel file
7:34PM 2 CDATA getting cut off by ActionPack 1.13.2?
7:20PM 2 Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV
7:18PM 1 How to restart server programmatically?
7:12PM 1 Some products have 0, 1, 2 or 3 images. How to display- basic eRB question:
6:54PM 1 Url rewriting problem with rails 1.2.3
6:45PM 1 Strange 'string modified' error!
6:06PM 3 Obscenity Filter plugin?
5:46PM 1 Broken path from Mac to Windows
5:19PM 2 has_many :through with :order?
4:02PM 0 HOWTO: Textile Editor Helper & acts_as_textiled
3:59PM 2 rmagick - Incorporating dynamic images
3:40PM 0 New Rails Live Music Site
2:19PM 2 SQL Server from linux - recent developments?
1:53PM 3 howto populate database with model data?
12:57PM 0 >|< The unbelivable Civilizations of the World >|<
12:28PM 4 collection_select with :selected option
12:25PM 0 The Best Arts Gallery - Artistic pics
12:11PM 1 Pattern for a unified search of multiple similar models
12:09PM 0 Question about controller inheritance
11:57AM 12 ActiveRecord find
11:36AM 6 operation on data for model
10:53AM 3 Rails Logic
10:20AM 0 Update a attachment with attachment_fu
10:19AM 2 1px Apple Safari bug
10:13AM 0 rake commands
10:06AM 1 Is AR thread safe or not?
9:34AM 1 Rails animated ad
9:16AM 9 Porting a Rails app to Lift - (Interesting)
9:03AM 0 using certificates with ActiveResource
9:01AM 4 what is the difference "case && if" ?
8:47AM 4 validates_length_of not working with :if ?
7:33AM 0 Ruby on Rails usage (and maintenance) short survey
7:21AM 1 improving on: truncate(..) + rendered text ?
6:24AM 1 how to work on database view
6:10AM 0 Web application developer / Ruby on Rails
5:24AM 0 Best PC Optimization Software - Free Download
4:55AM 4 Help with arrays in forms(getting value from http request params)
2:40AM 1 Plugin update management - can someone explain please??/
2:29AM 0 what to do when Rails generated select statements don't work on custom types
2:21AM 6 can after_filter contain redirect_to ?
2:05AM 4 case sensitive search?
1:58AM 0 Trouble with Rails and Lib-Based modules
1:54AM 2 file_column issue
1:35AM 2 looking for a minimalist blog
1:04AM 9 Override ActiveRecord defalt method
12:45AM 3 auto_complete_for function
12:20AM 0 Extra field being added to db with multiple select?
12:13AM 2 Modifying Plugins and Subversion
Wednesday March 28 2007
11:07PM 0 why does text_field not html_escape properly?
11:06PM 0 using ruby to submit an http form - either im confused ...
10:50PM 3 Formatting integer (2 printed as 02)
10:50PM 7 Getting the default route
10:36PM 5 Agile ROR Reached Ch. 11, book skips two pieces I need, what book/tutorial to look at
10:34PM 2 How to use two databases within one model
10:31PM 10 Multiple items in a single form - trying to get radio button selected
10:28PM 6 Textile Editor Plugin Live Demo
10:25PM 2 STI wrongly triggered
10:22PM 0 Getting rid of "Application error (Rails) " Apache + Mongrel
9:54PM 3 The Best Language Tools - Best Dictionaries of all languages
9:50PM 0 Top 10 Wedding Dresses Ideas
8:49PM 7 Rails, REST and JSON
8:43PM 1 hello world help
8:41PM 1 table to csv
8:36PM 2 [OT] Starting Mongrel on Mac: Launchd or Crontab?
8:16PM 0 Does anybody use Site5 for their hosting...need some help?
8:12PM 1 acts_as_list nested scope
8:07PM 4 How to find the base URI address of a Rails site?
7:42PM 2 iconv does not work with french characters
7:42PM 0 Dynamic Finders and :finder_sql
7:30PM 3 How to read back what controller I am in?
6:45PM 0 Rails based Q&A WIKI type solution ?
6:44PM 1 Migration w/change_column fails on MySQL 5.1
5:00PM 0 Best Flash Animation in 2006 - Funniest 1.
4:58PM 0 asd
3:34PM 4 Disabling ActiveRecord "type" column subclassing
3:27PM 2 code-metrics for ruby (on rails)
3:23PM 0 AutoScope Plugin
3:21PM 6 Long Running Tasks - What Pattern?
3:13PM 1 Where lies the deprication here?
2:52PM 3 Is there a better way to do this? - newbie question
2:35PM 1 New corporate site - on Rails & windows
1:46PM 0 New RoR Site
1:46PM 2 Accessing helpers in ApplicationHelper
1:45PM 10 How to log SQL Create,Update,Delete only?
1:20PM 3 Make rake tasks of a plugin accessible to the app?
1:01PM 1 where would you put this parsing?
12:51PM 5 link_to best practice
12:34PM 2 New RoR site - and thanks
12:20PM 1 Newbie routing problem.
12:12PM 4 Problem with attachment_fu
11:43AM 0 Newbie-ish Capistrano/SVN Problem
10:49AM 1 attachment_fu Resizing Mysteriously Stopped Working
10:43AM 3 attachment_fu Not Resizing
10:26AM 3 is Rails cookies method in view and controller diffrent?
9:46AM 6 help me deploy a simple site
8:42AM 2 server stopping after awhile..
8:21AM 0 rake printing instance variable to console
8:11AM 3 test is a specific field is modified
6:46AM 0 mail sending problem with ActionMailer
5:38AM 0 Extract data from google search results
5:28AM 1 want to delete all cookies
4:44AM 1 What to show when job hunting?
4:33AM 2 overiding concatenation of tables by alphabetical order
3:10AM 1 attachment_fu & update_attributes... bug?
2:54AM 3 Handling Multiple Uploads on One Page
1:28AM 0 validates_inclusion_of method dealing with array
12:47AM 0 FWD: Ruby Reports 1.0 Roadmap Discussion... in a few minutes!
12:33AM 7 Total beginner asks a few questions
12:18AM 3 renaming/overiding table column names
12:13AM 1 General Ruby on Rails question
12:08AM 0 Plug-in to create Menu Functionality
Tuesday March 27 2007
11:59PM 0 Botched Gem Install --> Database Won't Migrate, Help!
11:42PM 4 creating xml files on the hard disk
10:54PM 6 Production Hosting
10:12PM 2 Rad Rails
9:58PM 0 DRY: need some help with blocks
9:49PM 6 how does rails do this "find_by_?"
8:34PM 1 Reading URL after Doing HTTP Basic Authentication
8:22PM 0 DeQuba
8:10PM 2 access to database.yaml elements
8:05PM 0 Download Free Daily Horoscope Toolbar!
7:39PM 0 How to paginate a table using a relation with other table
6:32PM 3 how test emails?
5:58PM 4 freeze extra gems?
5:18PM 0 USPS AMS API anyone?
5:05PM 2 newbie: %Q method?
4:32PM 2 How call model for the name
4:26PM 3 What authentication plugin/framework do you use?
3:55PM 1 question about has_and_belongs_to_many
3:35PM 5 error: procedure entry point not found
3:20PM 3 Find objects without children
3:09PM 2 Trying to get Mongrel installed
2:58PM 2 Excel style graphics with Rails ?
2:45PM 18 Textile Editor Plugin v0.1
2:26PM 0 On Ruby March blogging contest,. final call
2:21PM 0 [ADV] Ruby on Rails course by Ruby Power and Light
1:54PM 4 Problem in importing database into Postgresql.
1:42PM 0 IE6 problem with link_to -> send_file
12:57PM 2 activerecord failed?
12:05PM 1 On "Agile Web Dev (2nde edition)", Question about the Playtime Task D : Add a Dash of AJAX
9:53AM 4 Gruff with PDF::Writer
9:46AM 15 routing URL ?
9:39AM 0 Timeout on windows
9:24AM 0 delete message inbox
8:53AM 1 MasterView Template Engine
8:50AM 2 How to change class of an STI object?
7:28AM 0 filter through an object list
6:52AM 1 How to Access XML files in Ruby
4:58AM 0 php to ror
4:39AM 2 Passing Query String while doing http authentication
3:20AM 0 Retain content of a form text when jump to another page
2:51AM 0 search_field
2:39AM 7 Eager loading not working well for me
12:19AM 1 On Enterprise Ruby
12:19AM 0 Is YAML.load secure within a controller?
Monday March 26 2007
11:58PM 4 RoR and Ruby Licensing...
11:37PM 2 Prevent controller *public* method from being an action?
11:25PM 5 Session trouble
11:24PM 1 preventing auto-save of related model objects
11:22PM 0 Arti 0.1.2 - doc toolkit for Rails
11:13PM 1 rake replaces my view with a table
10:48PM 0 Licensing question
10:34PM 2 Calling a controller action from script/console or runner
9:57PM 2 Testing a plugin: Having to require plugin files manually?
8:38PM 7 revision control plan
8:07PM 5 Active Record vs Data Mapper
7:58PM 0 [JOB] Rails Developer, San Francisco, CA | PAID Relo
7:52PM 0 Setting up Action Mailer
7:38PM 4 how to have default param if loading page the first time
7:38PM 0 actionmailer multibyte weirdness
7:30PM 1 Need help with select tags and AJAX
7:13PM 6 proxy, routes.rb, and urls
6:52PM 0 Boolean with mysql as tinyint,but set true value as '-1'
6:49PM 2 Getting dates from weeknumber
6:26PM 2 Invoking a method by name
6:23PM 0 Rails developers in Johannesburg
6:16PM 0 App vs Engine - raise error message
6:12PM 1 local network
5:57PM 1 updating files in project along with rails..
5:49PM 2 Can this work? Apache/FastCGI special case (?)
5:43PM 2 how to debug "save" error?
5:35PM 1 File not found
5:26PM 2 problems with destroy action
5:10PM 0 soap4r for one controller
5:05PM 0 Fixing routes when Rails app is subdirectory
4:59PM 4 File permissions for Rails app - how much can I lock it down?
4:35PM 7 read-only access to the database
4:26PM 1 how do you initialize subclasses of ActiveRecord?
4:25PM 0 Component-Based software development
4:09PM 5 validate email address
4:08PM 1 Date Functions
4:00PM 1 Ruby question
3:46PM 10 Trouble putting Rails App into Production with apache2
3:10PM 2 Domain Specific Language security
2:38PM 1 File Listing
2:21PM 1 Relocating an HTML element without rerendering anything?
2:05PM 3 How do form data get into ActiveRecord object?
1:20PM 2 Iterating over instance variable in 'index' view producing unexpected results
12:50PM 4 sorting an array based on two attributes of objects
12:21PM 4 how to pass"page" parameter to xxx_path or xxx_url
12:15PM 2 How put the project online ?
11:25AM 10 Tutorials "How to develop plugins?"
11:25AM 3 Sorting the array
10:46AM 4 Eager load for 1:N across natural key join
10:45AM 0 session list
10:15AM 2 Example Layouts
8:19AM 2 Strange Record not saved errors
8:03AM 0 scRUBYt! - Hpricot and WWW::Mechanize on even more steroids, 0.2.6 released
7:19AM 3 require module in controller
6:13AM 3 Marshalling data
5:50AM 9 Validating Integers
5:42AM 3 Shopping Carts?
5:35AM 2 Issue generating XML with hyphenated element names
5:28AM 0 Redundancy in controller? What are your thoughts?
3:35AM 1 how to close a popup?
1:45AM 3 Best platform for production deployment of RoR applications
12:53AM 3 Ruby on Rails Database with foreign keys?
12:45AM 4 ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper - auto_link
Sunday March 25 2007
11:47PM 1 Automatic HTTP Basic Authentication In Ruby on Rails
10:58PM 0 incorrect response header with functional test?
10:13PM 5 problem with Sentry gem
9:31PM 2 Adding AJAX 'Post a Comment' to blog
9:16PM 1 Optimistic locking and update_attributes: not working?
8:45PM 1 Test::Unit::TestCase#test => What's this method for?
8:37PM 1 Can't use models in migrations
8:36PM 7 how to make plugin?
8:20PM 2 using *_path and *_url functions with nested resources
7:57PM 0 Submitting wrong ajax form
7:42PM 2 Splitting text into columns
6:48PM 0 model_auto_completer 1.1
6:41PM 4 has_many :through question
6:40PM 5 Parsing XML Using Ruby on Rails
6:29PM 2 Include Case-Insensitive
6:13PM 1 find in activerecord array
6:10PM 5 Insert text into text area field with RJS
6:06PM 15 RESTful routing question
4:48PM 0 depend_on deprecated; what is replacement?
4:43PM 1 Help with Rails Vs Grails benchmark comparison
4:34PM 7 Javascript disappears from my view partials when they're rendered as response to ajax calls.
4:21PM 0 ActiveRecord :dependent problem
12:57PM 3 How to connect mysql whit Ruby..
11:06AM 2 Selective optimistic locking
10:54AM 3 how to remove unneccessary SHOW FIELDS FROM?
9:37AM 1 How can I make date_select return to default value?
8:51AM 5 Meta programming question for Ruby gurus
6:53AM 0 Instant Rails 1.7 has been released!
4:20AM 5 Threaded forum
3:29AM 1 IE6 refuses to allow AJAX requests on page to load
3:07AM 0 Select tags and AJAX
1:08AM 3 Session is nil inside model
12:47AM 3 .rjs template newbie help
Saturday March 24 2007
10:34PM 0 Anyone hosting on APlus? If so, can you help with installation?
9:40PM 0 QueryCache
9:13PM 4 attachment_fu with S3: custom path?
9:10PM 7 Help with system call
8:52PM 0 Help with multiple lists
8:32PM 4 Scalability in RoR !!! Please reply ASAP
8:21PM 2 Why not giving every link, button etc. tag a unique id attr?
7:56PM 2 Simple routing question
7:32PM 0 App vs Plugin/Engine - raise error message
7:24PM 1 dynamic select box form field parameter not being submitted
5:40PM 0 file_column exception when file is unexpectedly deleted
4:08PM 6 Suggestions for a masters dissertation
4:01PM 0 افهمك
3:43PM 0 attachment_fu, width/height of original image
2:40PM 4 image file URL generated by image_tag include some parameter
1:06PM 0 Validations only don't work in tests!
12:31PM 1 MySQL Gem - x86_64-linux
12:01PM 10 Pure text captcha with Ajax
11:12AM 0 datetime_select
10:26AM 1 member login plugins?
8:41AM 1 select helper is a mess
8:39AM 1 Ajax To-do List
7:32AM 0 upload image and display same time
6:22AM 1 how to encrypt and decyrpt password
4:45AM 1 undefined method AFTER First load
4:31AM 6 Rails Development Log
3:12AM 1 Does anyone use ROR in Vista?
2:46AM 0 Nested List Tag Helper
2:17AM 0 overloading to_json with JSON gem installed causing error
2:01AM 1 adding get var to generation of a named route
1:03AM 4 extend url_for
Friday March 23 2007
11:38PM 1 How does this helper work? (agile book)
11:21PM 2 has many ( THROUGH ) confusion
11:19PM 5 Gmaps on Rails
11:16PM 0 Error - Conflicting types for parameter containers
10:48PM 6 mySql or Postgresql, that is the question?
10:09PM 1 render_to_string undefined??
9:49PM 0 Converting JSON to XML
9:32PM 5 Is Rails the right solution for me?
9:21PM 11 Is there such a thing as button_to_remote?
9:08PM 3 Is reading from input hidden cached somehow?
8:29PM 1 equivelent of php include
8:28PM 2 mongrell issues "HTTP element REQUEST_URI is longer than the 512 allowed length"
8:24PM 2 ActiveRecord suggestion: column options
8:19PM 7 is it a lot?
7:59PM 0 Best way to maintian a users viewing history
7:26PM 0 Routing Question w/ Separators
6:38PM 0 Migration Strategy (Reverse Engineering) Existing Database
6:32PM 0 benefit of RJS in views over controller
6:13PM 5 Beginner, non-programmer - where do I start?
6:11PM 8 Active Record SQL View Support for SQL Server - Is this supported/possible?
4:45PM 12 Lift = Rails alternative?
3:35PM 0 Ruby Hoedown 2007 - the Ruby conference down south
3:30PM 2 Rails find Conditions
3:29PM 1 How to share a collection of model files across many apps?
3:17PM 1 Can anyone see what is wrong with this code?
2:52PM 1 Catching requests for non-existing controllers and actions
2:49PM 3 'ruby' is not recognized as an internal or external command
2:42PM 2 assert_select VS assert_no_tag
2:41PM 1 link_to_remote url isn't recognized like link_to urls are?
2:37PM 4 Adding Business Logic in ActiveRecord
2:31PM 1 user login?
1:37PM 0 Relationship breaks Validation
1:24PM 0 $1 download the newest pda software
1:18PM 4 validation problem
1:07PM 2 Anyone shipping an installed rails application?
12:09PM 6 In place ajax button
11:39AM 0 Two branch nested includes
11:14AM 1 Helper method nav_path not working
11:13AM 4 link_to_remote not hitting controller
10:49AM 3 Help me! ... Problem with associations,
10:27AM 4 Default Values
10:25AM 1 mongrel upload problem with progress bar
9:49AM 3 Noob: Error object in controller ?
8:43AM 4 Merging multiple AR result hashes into one for view loop
8:16AM 0 New Application Advice
8:08AM 0 Free TV
7:16AM 6 Database ER Digram <=> Rails Migrations Files : Does such a tool exist?
2:49AM 1 capistrano run problem
2:14AM 1 need help with rjs for captcha? simple for you not for me!
1:11AM 4 DRY - with modules, render_component or.. ?
12:14AM 1 undefined method `subclasses' error
12:07AM 7 Resources, Modules, and Nesting (URL Helper errors)
12:00AM 0 Creation and validation of object instances with has_many and has_one
Thursday March 22 2007
10:20PM 2 Locomotive + RadRails Installation help.
9:41PM 0 Theme_support plugin and Rails 1.2.2
9:23PM 2 Update a textarea with RJS
9:05PM 0 google maps, rails, and ajax..
8:56PM 22 Break Point not working in Ruby 1.8.5?
8:48PM 10 Datetime Toolbocks v3.0.0 (was Datebocks Engine)
8:27PM 9 Ruby still strange to me... ;-)
8:27PM 4 concatenate columns from a database to one string?
8:13PM 0 Safari 2.0.4 display of raise is incorrect
8:04PM 3 First Day issue
8:04PM 2 Accessing my "homemade" rails server
8:03PM 3 specify session id in url params
7:57PM 1 Functional test and flash with an error
7:48PM 4 Tests: StandardError: No fixture with name 'first'...?
7:40PM 0 Some questions about developing plugins and sharing with SVN
6:50PM 0 make free calls across the globe
6:49PM 3 Java for a Ruby/Rails user
6:00PM 0 Ruby on Rails equivalent of filepart
5:54PM 1 doable ? action caching if anonymous, fragment caching if logged in ?
5:45PM 0 Mysterious message in Rails output at launch
5:41PM 2 Use Mysql.new() without DB data
5:20PM 0 link_to with callbacks ?
5:05PM 0 Can't dump anonymous class? Need help please!
4:55PM 4 ActiveRecord 'Column' class doc?
4:49PM 0 Working With Rails - New features released today
4:47PM 2 multiple rails versions + mysql error
4:42PM 3 assign events on creation of a new user
4:13PM 1 Basecamp Style multi-scoped database = cracked code!
4:03PM 2 Email errors to yourself or better alternative?
3:27PM 1 creating new folders under rails_root
2:26PM 5 Getting undefined method time_select
1:48PM 2 Inconsistent Invalid Argument Error
1:44PM 1 how to trim my view? using different models? simple im sure.
1:40PM 1 Strange web service testing problems.
1:19PM 0 Videos from Conferencia Rails 2006
1:12PM 5 BackgrounDRb question
1:02PM 0 Build an app with Ruby on Rails resources
12:48PM 2 Enumerable sum oddity
12:41PM 0 MySQL gem
11:40AM 6 Problems select correct records from 2 tables
11:02AM 1 Trimming whitespace in my view template
10:29AM 1 draggable_element: How to get id of dragged element, AND receiving element?
9:53AM 1 Newbie question: Writing my first application
9:45AM 2 method to display the result of find (..) in a view
9:08AM 0 Release 0.1.9 clusterer, acts_as_classifiable, acts_as_clusterable
8:35AM 0 Ruby Gems used in Rails app implementation?
7:15AM 2 ajax autocomplete for two fields..............
6:53AM 0 `alias_method_chain': undefined method `find' for class `ActiveRecord::Base' (NameError)
6:23AM 1 session Expire
6:12AM 2 exposing directories in rails app
5:16AM 1 Date field translation on the GUI
4:51AM 2 Standard Rails library
4:12AM 37 Need Help With Datebock plugin
3:09AM 3 scalability
2:47AM 2 Relative paths for images problem
2:14AM 0 Ferret Gem Install fails under Locomotive
2:12AM 6 Anyone using Goldberg for production sites?
2:08AM 1 Rails Developers in Argentina
1:18AM 0 About <<Agile web development with rails>>
1:16AM 0 howto redisplay same page using captcha?
12:50AM 1 what is the folder tree vendor/rails/... for?
12:21AM 4 Self Referential has_many :through broken functionality ??
Wednesday March 21 2007
11:49PM 2 A real puzzler: attr_accessor / create incompatibility?
11:33PM 0 Alone in the wilderness? Testing plugins with a database
11:30PM 2 How does Basecamp 'scope' distinct users in a monolithic database?
10:41PM 8 Censor Search Queries
9:53PM 6 ORACLE DESC "table_name" Failure
9:51PM 0 REST, Ajax, IE, Apache Proxy issue...
9:07PM 1 Removing "is invalid" msgs in validates_associated
9:05PM 4 Apache + Mongrel Cluster Caching (cross server)
8:57PM 1 Eager Loading with custom :finder_sql
8:47PM 0 Rails app as directory owner
8:37PM 2 How do I add an extra parameter to a REST action?
8:21PM 0 Israel.rb is brought into existence!
8:04PM 0 Stuck on RESTful / Ajax / IE issue
7:25PM 3 Passing un-editable model attributes from a form
6:50PM 1 file storage location != public
6:14PM 5 Can [ruby] on rails do this --- crazy request
5:06PM 6 Alternate CSS for scaffold?
5:04PM 2 Help with passing user's input to remote_function
3:55PM 2 How to redirector to another controller within subcontroller
3:53PM 2 Newbie having problem with search function
2:53PM 1 Cron job calling Ruby script to interact with rails code
2:27PM 3 Regular Expression pattern
2:26PM 0 Lingr in Rails?
1:44PM 0 Rails dev and support work for a Christian charity
1:42PM 1 Allowing certain HTML tags
1:03PM 3 ajax substitute for "redirect_to"
12:57PM 0 Getting the module name with ObjectSpace...
12:50PM 1 Create Custom Exceptions
11:45AM 10 Uploading file
11:35AM 0 Returning array/list of custom structs in webservice
11:33AM 2 Add items to a select box in _form.rhtml
11:21AM 0 Issue with duplicate value representation
10:08AM 1 Manuals Server behaving strangely
9:41AM 6 Converting Rails app to desktop with XUL?
9:00AM 0 error tu display image
8:59AM 1 Need immediate help on file uploading
7:22AM 0 Storing a remotely fetched Tempfile
6:18AM 0 Frames are working in Ruby views Folder
3:45AM 0 Serious problem with File Column plugin. Help!
1:29AM 5 Getting HTTP response code from a controller
1:20AM 3 rails method to get the current url that called the action?
12:39AM 4 Saving an array
12:33AM 11 Limiting table to just one row?
12:20AM 5 HTML shortcuts
12:16AM 0 Check out These New Videos!!
Tuesday March 20 2007
11:23PM 3 Ruby 1.8.5/6 and Rails 1.2.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Intel)
11:20PM 1 Vista / Instant Rails (Apache) startup error
11:17PM 4 captcha or not captcha?
11:04PM 5 Help with custom FormBuilder
10:57PM 1 Tweak relationships & AR loading question
10:32PM 0 Collection_select with a mix of AR models and non AR models
10:32PM 1 Passing Arguments to before_filter
9:57PM 0 Storing Search Entries - Use serialize?
9:22PM 0 attribute accessor (counter_cache)
9:21PM 1 Complicated Active Record CRUD
8:56PM 0 Re: reverse routes
8:52PM 1 YATL (Yet Another TumbleLog)
8:45PM 0 Re: Ajax and performance . . progress bar pattern
8:22PM 2 collection_select - why doesn't it work?
8:20PM 1 resource_feeder individual item url
8:11PM 1 "reverse" routes - getting a controller and action from a URL
7:55PM 2 SiteMeter is now Sitealizer v.1.1 Web Stats plugin
7:53PM 1 Access ApplicationHelper methods in functional tests?
7:39PM 4 unit tests fail with acts_as_paranoid
7:30PM 1 Page Caching with clusters and redirect
6:53PM 2 create action gives NoMethodError and nil.each
6:43PM 0 Need help - File upload permissions
5:59PM 2 show thumbnails in view with acts_as_attachment
5:45PM 0 ActionMailer template issues?
5:35PM 2 Progressive AJAX Filter
5:31PM 1 does edge have localization?
5:22PM 2 One Rails application running 100 distinct websites
5:19PM 2 Canadian Host
4:19PM 2 acts_as_attachment Editing Images
4:17PM 2 Add xml feature to an object
3:38PM 0 Ruby on Rails Caching Tutorial
3:02PM 0 Using fixtures without dropping existing data
2:52PM 13 Restful Shopping Cart Example?
1:55PM 4 map.resource and map.connect
1:49PM 2 Job Vs Opportunity - The Movie
1:22PM 0 acts_as_network or similar
1:02PM 6 UTF8 strings in models, views and controllers
11:11AM 6 how to set a maximum length for text area in rails
10:17AM 4 detecting when a record is saved
10:05AM 8 What's your development environment?
9:38AM 2 reg: text area
8:37AM 4 rhtml plugin needed
8:18AM 1 Ferret - Segmentation fault
7:43AM 3 Search function
7:38AM 2 Data Constraint
7:26AM 2 Table creation using migration
6:15AM 5 Identifying Rails versions related to deprecation warnings
6:07AM 0 how to render a helper method?.
5:26AM 3 can't upload certain files with file_column
4:57AM 2 Reg: regular expression
4:03AM 8 Digital Clock
3:13AM 2 Uml tool for RoR
2:34AM 4 passing url withe period escape char
2:02AM 1 Cannot save to test database
1:36AM 2 remote_form_for validation
1:14AM 6 beginner question getting data from textbox
12:56AM 1 Creating A Ruby On Rails Site Mirror
12:00AM 3 check_box_tag
Monday March 19 2007
11:36PM 2 rails in subdirectory: redirect_to '/' broke?
10:30PM 1 Prototype/Virgin objects => usable objects, aka default db rows => custom db rows
10:16PM 3 Fetching RSS feeds in background
10:15PM 3 jQuery Users...
10:00PM 4 data into excel
8:54PM 0 match your music taste with upcoming concerts -- highnote
8:26PM 0 gem remote fetch error
8:05PM 1 How to override default DB settings...Connect to remote DB
7:38PM 2 Serialize limitations?
7:27PM 4 Passing a model as a parameter
5:48PM 3 Assert_select
5:36PM 4 acts_as_attachment custom filename - parent name
5:35PM 0 best practice for loading aws s3 library on startup
5:06PM 2 Controller url_for modifies request object?
4:56PM 2 Password in development environnement
4:37PM 3 How to render language dependent .rhtml templates?
4:06PM 2 How to integrate a PHP app with RoR app?
3:48PM 3 Joins in Rails
2:59PM 4 Active session list
2:47PM 3 Can rake tasks take paramaters?
2:43PM 1 Obtaining table information from "belongs_to"? (reflection?)
2:17PM 2 Recommended restful application examples?
2:05PM 0 Apache - Rails - Plesk Stats
1:45PM 2 Params & Class Methods
1:21PM 6 Background Processing
12:52PM 20 AssociationTypeMismatch: RoleType expected, got RoleType
11:56AM 3 "acts_as_field" behaviour for model function
11:08AM 1 Problem with Yaml
10:58AM 1 ActiveScaffold simple example please!!!!!!!!!!
10:42AM 1 ActiveRecords - two fks
9:55AM 0 Site Map solution
9:53AM 1 Upload File
9:46AM 2 List Menu
8:59AM 8 How to manage accout user with ruby
8:49AM 2 Model method missing
5:59AM 1 Introducing myself
5:39AM 0 Looking for Technical Partner in Houston area Startup
5:32AM 4 collections and hardcoded options
5:26AM 1 activemdb
4:02AM 2 radrails
3:51AM 1 RMagick PNG issue
3:50AM 2 Help with find in activerecord
3:47AM 0 PGError "unknown column" on polymorphic association column
2:03AM 3 writing the user_id of user when creating an item
1:24AM 2 Problem with MyOpenID.com Simple Registration Extension
1:01AM 3 ruby development
12:47AM 1 HOWTO: Multiple file upload with file_column
12:12AM 4 Issues with Tests
Sunday March 18 2007
11:56PM 2 defining custom functions to use in views
11:34PM 2 Nil while creating message in ActionMailer
11:33PM 3 Development roadmap & agility
11:22PM 0 Looking for Outsourced RoR
11:18PM 4 Validation messages
11:09PM 0 Help with tests/rake issues
10:57PM 3 Iterating over a params hash
10:53PM 4 Why is this method protected? (from agile book)
10:13PM 5 has_one prematurely nullifies existing association when assigned an invalid object
9:59PM 8 Modules / blocks on a page
9:28PM 2 query_string examples?
9:07PM 0 Small thing that can help a lot
8:29PM 3 Simply Helpful documentation
7:22PM 0 Problem with ActionMailer - uninitialized constant NotifierHelper
7:19PM 2 DateBocks rails 1.2 plugin does not work
7:00PM 2 Ruby and Rails diffrence
6:43PM 1 Has anybody stored two same methods in a controller class?
6:39PM 1 Ajax Drog and Drop
6:30PM 1 spider site script?
5:52PM 8 no route found to match "/cookbook/recipe/list" with {:method=>:get}
5:01PM 2 How to make webpage?
4:06PM 0 Handling a failed login - doesn't seem to work.
2:29PM 1 Wierd issues with autocomplete and prototype
11:18AM 4 HostingRails
9:49AM 7 How to get more informations about an association at runtime
7:02AM 5 Session Cookie & Domains
6:25AM 1 Radrails+Aptana=outage?
6:09AM 2 Session in tests
3:28AM 2 'rake test' abends with just Test failures - real error thrown away
3:07AM 0 RJS redirect_to / Effect.scrollTo
2:58AM 2 macfuse, textmate, edit on remote server, a little help?
2:41AM 4 NoMethodError in Classified#create nil object
Saturday March 17 2007
11:38PM 4 how do i fetch a session by ID?
10:24PM 0 Authorization plugin: unsetting roles?
10:13PM 5 routing by subdomain problem
9:10PM 0 [JOB] Rails Developers, DC & SF
8:32PM 7 Pluralization
8:30PM 0 Uploading and file permissions on XP
8:14PM 0 Is there a problem with map.root
7:21PM 1 Something useful - get stack trace by email
7:12PM 2 Finding records with some attribute set to nil
6:27PM 1 Rails v.1.2.3
5:50PM 2 Functional tests fail with acts_as_authenticated installed
5:26PM 0 Ruby/Rails/Sysadmin job in Zurich/Switzerland
5:15PM 0 where to put database loading method?
5:01PM 1 disabling a check_box_tag
4:45PM 1 recommend a pdf program for mac? for quick lookup?
4:31PM 12 Why test Rails, itself?
3:50PM 0 how to install freeimage on windows xp
3:23PM 3 has_many :through and has_one association
3:01PM 2 filter parameter, is there a bug?
1:37PM 2 server push for rails? or do I need java?
1:29PM 0 Unit test problem -- BetterNestedSet?
1:25PM 2 url, hash, flatten, etc.
1:01PM 4 Created_on and updated_on in a non-ActiveRecord model
12:43PM 2 How to create a corporation
10:20AM 3 How is this done with REST (blinksale account)?
8:37AM 2 Redirect Back Error
6:44AM 0 Filling Dropdowns with 2 database columns
6:38AM 4 periodically_call_remote eating up lots of CPU.
6:14AM 4 Multiple selection in select box in Rhtml
5:09AM 0 Haml 1.5!
5:07AM 1 Emacs setup
4:01AM 0 webrick failing with "NameError: cannot remove Object::UnknownPropertyMethod"
2:45AM 6 When nothing isn't
1:46AM 3 Stupid postgresql test fixtures
1:28AM 0 Ruby Position - Bethpage NY
12:12AM 5 error_messages_for, can the css be turned off?
Friday March 16 2007
11:57PM 13 [PLUGIN] acts_as_twittertasticable - Twitter for your models!
11:43PM 0 Reporting Form Errors
11:16PM 1 Wrap conditions around many find requests
11:03PM 3 [portuguese]Grupo Brasileiro sobre ROR
10:03PM 1 Deprecation Notices for 1.2
9:31PM 0 Modifying title of browser window when rendering a file
8:14PM 2 requiring one field or another
8:12PM 3 Capistrano: after_deploy doesn't run if I deploy_with_migrations
7:51PM 0 Funky deadlocking of activerecord thread by Test::Unit ...
7:00PM 5 Bad ActiveSupport gem in gem repository?
6:36PM 0 lorem ipsum generator
6:30PM 7 Renaming RESTful actions
6:29PM 2 Newbie
6:15PM 0 Where do custom exceptions belong?
6:13PM 7 Handling validation failures on hasmany through records
6:02PM 0 edge rails, REST, erb & partials
5:04PM 2 inheritance_column issues
5:02PM 0 can i limit a has_many photos per user?
4:57PM 0 How to test a plugin with an around_filter?
4:56PM 1 Development mode Mongrel slower than WEBrick?
4:31PM 6 Adding key value pairs in a hash
4:23PM 0 use file column magick only if file is an image ?
4:14PM 4 Unknown type 'inet' for column 'ip'
3:00PM 0 find() and SQL functions
2:23PM 10 How to correct pluralization?
2:12PM 0 Problem with functional tests and params
2:10PM 1 render :template (for single page website)
2:08PM 1 Am I on the Right Track?
1:14PM 0 Benchmarker numbers [was Re: Re: How to filter find(:all)]
1:06PM 4 Publishing a plugin
1:02PM 3 Routing question
12:19PM 3 Models and relationships
12:02PM 4 rake db:migrate equivalent for java
11:47AM 0 ANN: Arti 0.1.1 - mechanized documentation for Rails
10:50AM 4 Common application models
10:30AM 1 sort_link_helper and cross-controller partials
9:09AM 2 require_gem is obsolete error
4:25AM 0 Color coded results on rake test_*
3:33AM 4 Newbie Migrations issue
2:14AM 4 anonymous voting, how do they do this ?
12:09AM 3 Rails standalone App
Thursday March 15 2007
11:49PM 3 DOM Popup Kit
10:50PM 2 encoding problems (i think utf-8 problems)
9:45PM 0 Admin Interface builder roundup
9:28PM 0 generating summary reports
9:19PM 4 why suddenly the question marks?
9:06PM 3 Help with understanding RESTful routes
8:49PM 1 Earn money for display adds in your website for free
8:46PM 0 Willing to pay for Deployment Work
8:39PM 0 Extending ActiveRecord Extensions
8:30PM 2 Ajax and performance
8:06PM 2 Weird error on updating rails
8:06PM 1 page.show only works if "display: none" is inline style?
7:51PM 2 manual
6:55PM 6 How-to: one form, two submit button, two validates-presence_of
6:46PM 1 Helper content_tag and Blocks
6:24PM 2 param to url mapping
6:02PM 0 associating to a hash?
5:55PM 2 WEBrick freezes overnight
5:27PM 0 different default layout directory than 'app/views/layouts'
5:24PM 6 Locate rails application root directory
5:19PM 2 Accessing external file system files
5:12PM 4 Silly question about console and controllers
4:57PM 7 submit_tag ?
4:43PM 3 Legacy database support (iSeries / as/400)
4:18PM 6 older rails apps fail after gem update
3:51PM 2 Plugin Examples
3:50PM 4 javascript_inlcude_tag :default error
3:37PM 0 Rails on Win2k/IIS 5.0
3:12PM 1 Form Validation without a Model (Showing the users input when validation fails)
2:23PM 4 better from ebuild or gem?
2:13PM 0 ferret: optimize does not reove files
2:09PM 9 Error While creating an appliation
1:48PM 1 unicode issues
1:36PM 13 :include associations of associations
1:28PM 7 SEC to minutes
12:35PM 4 help me .hide() the div!
11:54AM 5 super() question
11:07AM 7 Strange bug in date_select?
10:19AM 0 ANNOUNCE: Hobo 0.5 - The web app builder for Rails
9:54AM 0 Rails Freelancers
9:50AM 1 Getting the stack trace
9:36AM 4 How to make an extendable application
9:17AM 0 has_many - master detail page
8:30AM 4 Depot Application Tutorial and Foreign Keys
8:28AM 0 Funky RJS error - Live Search
7:46AM 2 rails 1.2 and the prototype/ajax bug
7:30AM 0 Apache2 w/ proxy balance and Rails: 404 error
7:19AM 0 Time Zone (Tzinfo)
7:19AM 2 web log analyzer for rails
5:43AM 0 RedirectBackError
5:02AM 5 HO, HM, HMBTM plugins for views
4:28AM 0 Can observe_field call another helper method?
4:19AM 1 Formatting an expiring time in days, minutes and seconds
4:08AM 1 Redefine standard classes
3:34AM 7 How do i check what version of ruby and rails i have?
3:17AM 0 How to use .rb in ROR
2:37AM 2 associations
2:29AM 13 How to detect JavaScript in RoR?
1:40AM 0 url_for_file_column error
1:31AM 0 Technical Cofounder(s) wanted. Big Plus if you've Been divorced or Had Broken Heart
1:24AM 10 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.5.2 Released!
12:56AM 0 Association Methods Not Working - No SQL!
12:21AM 4 Outputting graphs in a PDF from a Rails app?
12:07AM 3 Autocomplete for the chosen element from autocomplete
Wednesday March 14 2007
11:40PM 11 path vs. url
11:26PM 4 What is does this do? (:db)
11:14PM 2 Connection Refused
10:50PM 2 Installing Rails on a vanilla hosting service
10:44PM 5 select does not generate selected
10:40PM 3 A place to put common partial templates and RJS files?
10:30PM 2 table relations from forms
10:16PM 1 ANN: new plugin - ResourceFu
9:48PM 3 Queries w/ Joins & Concatenated Fields: find_by_sql vs find
9:43PM 0 before_destroy return false, but dependent are destroyed
9:21PM 0 Date validations
8:24PM 2 Accessing model info
8:15PM 2 validates_presence_of?
8:12PM 3 Number.find() shall only return unique values
7:19PM 2 Using &block
6:49PM 3 500 when using url_for helper in controllers initialize
6:45PM 2 is it possible to determine the file size before an actual upload?
6:38PM 6 can someone explain this code to me?
5:49PM 1 SOS, how to get the parameters introduced in a form
5:07PM 3 SOS, huge doubt about ruby on rails
4:28PM 3 No auto-increment field
4:06PM 0 New RAILS blog
3:55PM 1 Input/Output Errors on Views - Webrick-production
3:32PM 2 What's my problem ? named resources
2:48PM 3 RJS renders ... sometimes
2:35PM 2 to_remote working only in ie ?
2:31PM 6 "Ugly URLs" don't work with resources?
2:01PM 2 REST and AJAX Validators
1:58PM 0 FastCGI and Apache with MPM worker
1:01PM 2 SOS: PROBLEMA formulario web en ruby
1:00PM 2 How I install RJS as plugin?
12:58PM 0 Model extension
12:23PM 2 casting issue
12:12PM 9 file_field doesnt work inside form_remote_for
11:35AM 2 net/http with rss
10:09AM 2 keeping search selections
9:38AM 0 Blocker bug in Rails
9:00AM 5 Multiple File Upload
8:25AM 9 Role Based Authentication
8:24AM 2 how to specify a layout for an Action?
8:19AM 3 New Site and Rails 2.0 Question
8:17AM 6 How to filter find(:all)
7:25AM 2 Watch hundreds of TV channels online!
4:23AM 11 Simple authorization setup
3:35AM 2 Rails 1.1.6 and Ruby 1.8.6
3:02AM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many -- has anyone made this easier yet?
2:20AM 4 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.5.0 Released!
1:35AM 4 Complex has-many-through relationships and models
1:27AM 2 Performance of Rails and mySQL
1:27AM 7 Looking for Reliable RoR Hosting
12:36AM 3 flash based image cropping for ruby on rails
12:16AM 0 how to filter by image files in file chooser
Tuesday March 13 2007
11:55PM 0 Problem installing gem mysql on vista
11:47PM 0 Rails 1.2.3: Compatible with Ruby 1.8.6 (and other fixes)
11:27PM 0 RoR Newbie Needs Helps With Webcams
11:12PM 1 Wizard pages
11:10PM 0 ActiveRecord: strange tree behavior???
11:05PM 2 create form from db
10:47PM 4 Can't update tbody in IE 6 with page['name'].replace_html
10:18PM 1 file_column shows path to the public
9:35PM 2 When should I move to the new Ruby version (1.8.6) which is just released???
9:02PM 2 Adding actions/methods to a controller via a plugin
9:00PM 1 StaleObject Merging Example
8:47PM 2 Model Question - First Rails Project
8:43PM 10 Pick a specific item from a list with objects
8:37PM 9 Problem with link_to
8:35PM 2 Using a lightbox as login form
8:22PM 5 Migration adds a column, can't set a value for it
7:43PM 0 how to delete images through file_column and rmagick?
7:00PM 1 Using helper methods in models?
6:58PM 0 Validating multiple rows of data
6:42PM 0 Personal Development Program
6:38PM 2 Parameterizing auto-completion?
6:33PM 5 Question on application/database design for a application port to rails
6:22PM 1 Backgroundrb auto-start
6:15PM 0 CADMIO - CRM on Rails
6:05PM 4 Edge: Session Cookie Fix Causing Issues for Legacy App
5:47PM 18 Javascript trouble
5:41PM 5 disable link on two conditions
5:38PM 0 aliasing, require_dependency and require
5:31PM 1 FILE_FIELD issue
5:05PM 2 acts_as_attachment - 1 form
4:54PM 6 comparing two databases with Active Record.
4:52PM 4 Uploading Images
4:45PM 10 Ruby on Rails bachelor thesis
4:44PM 1 RSS: self hosted vs feedburner?
4:40PM 3 Making auto-completion faster?
3:43PM 6 The road to study Ruby on Rails
3:05PM 0 TV online
3:03PM 1 Question about export to excel example in rails wiki
3:01PM 4 :includes with condition - accessing ids
2:37PM 0 Advanced Plugin Development Question
2:30PM 0 ActionMailer error
2:29PM 1 imap and character enconding
2:02PM 3 form select box from association
1:48PM 1 Development process
1:38PM 6 Question:"no route found to match"
12:53PM 2 Combining Erb and RJS
12:49PM 3 difference between <%= end %> <%= end -%>
12:43PM 2 routing conditions only affect recognition, not URL generation??
12:30PM 4 Macromedia Flash with Ruby on rails
12:20PM 0 Professional Sales People Wanted!
12:17PM 4 RJS, Prototype and finding out if object exists in the DOM
11:49AM 2 Link table logic
10:39AM 4 serving images with send_file performance issue
10:18AM 5 EasyRails and PortableRails : Ruby on Rails always on you :)
10:06AM 13 validates_inclusion_of disabling
9:58AM 0 Net::SMTPFatalError 555 5.5.2 Syntax error a8sm19427994poa
9:14AM 7 Form with subforms
8:46AM 6 Easy Date question - newb
7:58AM 0 closing the pop-up window after submitting the form
6:53AM 4 Give Rhtml tutorial links
5:40AM 0 Multiple controllers in one view? what controlls the main site index?
5:29AM 0 Retrieve session_key
5:23AM 1 Using ActiveRecord outside of Rails error
4:57AM 5 Multiple File Uploads
4:42AM 0 Freelance RoR Pro required - location anywhere.
4:31AM 2 help with observe_field please!!!
4:29AM 0 CruiseControl.rb 1.0
3:44AM 6 Ruby 1.8.6
1:48AM 2 open digg.com time-out
1:07AM 0 FT Lead Web Application Engineer - SF Bay Area
12:11AM 7 help with auto_complete css
Monday March 12 2007
11:45PM 10 RJS help for setting input value
11:34PM 1 Tables and Ids how to Hide
11:19PM 2 Mongrel on Windows Server 2003 Results in 500 Errors
11:08PM 2 compare framework
11:04PM 0 [TO LIST OWNER] Posting problems when subscribed with non-gmail address
10:24PM 2 Schuerig's Client-Side Validation plugin & IE
10:22PM 0 Best PC Security - Time To Action - Adaware 2007
10:04PM 0 implementing Gullery photo Album
9:14PM 0 Routing error for named resources in IE6 only
9:14PM 1 Newb in need - trying to subtract from an array? or table?
9:00PM 0 Multiple controlles in one view?
8:57PM 2 Using rails-generated code in "show"
8:51PM 0 Undefined method: hashed_password ?
8:08PM 2 Developing with SSL
8:00PM 0 flash checker
7:49PM 0 [OT] Google's historyFrame
7:32PM 0 Attn: Gem developers - a documentation project
7:32PM 1 Rails, TinyMCE, and Blake Watters' plugin
7:25PM 3 Video Files in Rails App
7:22PM 0 Passing an object as parameter...
7:08PM 0 Routing AJAX request from partials to a specific controller
6:29PM 2 Singularize Pluralize "tax"
6:16PM 0 Milwaukee RUG Meeting - This Wednesday 3/14/07 @ 5:30-7:30
6:06PM 0 book trade [agile web dev with rails 2nd edition] for [ruby for rails]
5:42PM 1 Format parameter in RESTful named routes
5:18PM 0 MSXML question and Rails
5:17PM 1 Linking Rails Applications
4:55PM 2 Sending mail (ActionMailer) after a delay
4:50PM 1 Prototype function or Ajax Reque in HREF of <MAP> <AREA> ?
4:42PM 0 Best PC Optimization Software
4:36PM 3 Hash from Flex
4:34PM 3 Single Table Inheritance Association Problem
4:00PM 2 NOOB - Problem with list view and foreign keys
3:46PM 4 Jobs Vs Opportunity - The Movie
3:46PM 0 Windows XP Secrets & Tools
3:44PM 4 xml with Rails?
3:42PM 6 Dynamic template system with RoR
3:19PM 0 MySQL Not Null Bug?
2:48PM 0 Do I need additional protection against buffer overruns?
2:38PM 2 Generating http post in Ruby
2:38PM 2 Annoying rails error!!
2:12PM 0 Unable to configure ruby on rails
1:54PM 6 Validating no spaces in field
12:40PM 3 sorting has_many association
11:54AM 2 Need to maintiain session with requests from Flash movie
11:33AM 4 submitting aform using link_to_remote
11:23AM 1 #list in generated controllers
11:20AM 0 can I use rails without administrator rights on windows?
11:16AM 2 observe_field sent bad data
11:13AM 5 Block comment in rhtml file
10:41AM 1 Can't follow redirects outside current controller - but it's the same controller
10:27AM 0 REST - Implementing HABTM in the real world
10:23AM 2 problem in backgroundrb
9:58AM 2 Ruby on Rails performance / Why is Mongrel popular?
8:40AM 0 cannot compile emplate in eclipse
8:00AM 0 Deployment of Ruby On Rails Application at Client side
7:53AM 7 Get method names?
7:40AM 1 Selective caching?
7:01AM 19 appending to an array inside a loop..
6:37AM 0 how to run .swf(flash) in rails
6:08AM 0 Amazing site Like Orkut,Naukri&Youtube At1stop.
5:56AM 0 observe(ing)_fild a collection_select with 1 item
5:24AM 0 Actionmail Custom Header
5:04AM 3 How to create an action with two params
4:34AM 7 internal mail system
3:48AM 5 display SVG challenge
3:32AM 3 Partials and making it DRY
2:55AM 4 Instant Rails : Installation
1:29AM 2 authentication and authorization
1:11AM 2 Problem manipulating params for login
12:25AM 1 my whole site disappeared!
Sunday March 11 2007
11:54PM 3 Rails autocomplete
11:20PM 5 Mysql::Error #28000Access denied
10:50PM 0 Good code?
10:34PM 7 SQL 2 table(or model) query
9:36PM 4 Faking it... import local files into attachment_fu
9:16PM 0 widgEditor not showing on edit page?
8:58PM 1 two has_one's?
7:01PM 1 where to put the bubble?
6:58PM 24 Simply Helpful - Is it being used?
3:40PM 2 RJS & increment variable - this is an interesting one
3:39PM 0 Auth before proxy
3:27PM 0 Getting Distinct Rows While Still Returning Other Fields
2:25PM 4 Render RJS in Index
2:15PM 5 Scalability: numerous servers vs. powerful servers
2:07PM 0 question on rake and migrations in netbeans...
1:41PM 1 Database structure question
12:28PM 2 Cant get fixtures to load
11:45AM 0 Markdown/Textile shootout
10:52AM 3 Order by dynamic field
10:00AM 1 Create a script that includes the resources of a project
7:17AM 8 View not working with . but works with [' ']
7:07AM 0 ActionView::Template Error
5:45AM 0 Modular scripts
2:53AM 0 showing textarea in correct format
1:33AM 0 automatic update with has_and_belongs_to_many (:through)
1:31AM 7 View link not working....
1:29AM 0 eager loading with acts_as_tree
1:12AM 1 Embedding links in text fields
12:30AM 3 Getting 12:00 PM instead of 12:00 AM
12:12AM 1 Best Jewelery of the Year 2006-2007
Saturday March 10 2007
11:54PM 2 Action Controller: Getting syntax error
11:27PM 2 IE 5.5 not sending params when it sends Ajax
11:23PM 3 RMagick not working
11:15PM 10 no errors in auth
10:47PM 0 Best multi level login plugin/engine/gem
7:08PM 2 updated to 1.2.2. and it doesn't run anymore
6:13PM 4 Navigational Menus
5:50PM 4 public/index.html
3:51PM 0 Plugin to read binary data and render it to browser as .png,.jpg etc etc
3:20PM 3 Problems with time_select and :include_blank option
3:00PM 2 Ruby on Rails and Eclipse
2:45PM 4 Select Box population
2:21PM 0 ^~^ Windows Vista Royal Theme ^~^ Freeware Download
2:21PM 0 (German) Rails Expert for scientific questioning needed
1:54PM 1 Playing with link_to helper
1:48PM 4 RadRail and Aptana
1:25PM 3 rails 1.1.6 and 1.2.2 comparison?
1:09PM 0 I use ImageMagick killed the WebServer of my BOSS :(
12:50PM 1 Flash
12:20PM 8 Session
12:00PM 2 script/server script
11:14AM 13 Urgent: Primary key issue
10:15AM 2 Beyond Rails (quite long and perhaps OT but not the same topic as last year)
8:35AM 5 how to use :with =>"this.value" in a collection select?
4:34AM 4 How do I read an HTTP PUT from a controller?
4:22AM 1 Need help: error_messages_for not working
4:01AM 0 Is mysql_compression supported?
3:45AM 2 How do you add/install Ruby classes?
2:34AM 1 Rails blogging system similar to Wordpress ?
1:57AM 6 ActiveResources 0.1.0 Released
12:40AM 0 NewbieQ: Redisplaying Categorized Comments
12:02AM 2 Accessing session attributes from an integration test
Friday March 9 2007
10:34PM 1 in after_update, possible to see previous value of record?
10:00PM 1 How are error_messages_for sorted?
9:35PM 1 CodeRage: free Ruby and Rails webcasts from CodeGear
9:08PM 2 Remove from many-to-many relationship
9:07PM 0 Is it possible to set :format using map.resources?
8:42PM 9 rails 1.2.2
8:29PM 0 Webrick -vs- Mongrel
8:26PM 0 Access Render/DB Times
7:27PM 0 different mouse event when using link_to_remote
7:25PM 4 Wierd 'Being redirected to non-secure' warnings but entire site is SSL
7:06PM 7 call action from an action
6:06PM 7 send(column.name) comparison problems
5:27PM 4 Rails & Agile web development
5:06PM 2 alpha pager?
5:01PM 1 Linking to RESTful urls within a for loop
4:56PM 0 openssl not installed
4:55PM 0 New plugin: Flagger
4:40PM 1 Cannot run rails application
4:27PM 5 storing customer CC on gateway
3:33PM 3 NetBeans 6.0/Script Console Window
3:28PM 6 Hello RoR
3:15PM 1 Alternative to STI with eager loading
3:00PM 1 form.select
2:39PM 0 InPlaceEditor for Files?
2:38PM 4 Exclude a property on a model from save operations?
2:16PM 2 help: production vs qa env
1:42PM 2 Blank fields getting validated
1:30PM 5 loops in a helper
1:29PM 0 using textmate on remote file? possible?
12:55PM 0 CRUD on XML
12:42PM 0 Passwords and username can be hack in Firefox
12:37PM 0 Help with PDA version application.
11:54AM 4 Drag and Drop Element Coordinates
11:49AM 4 Self-referential symmetrical relation problem
11:38AM 1 problem with active record table relation
11:09AM 2 Credit card best practice
10:54AM 0 multipart emails
10:40AM 0 collection_select
10:38AM 0 Rails profiler
10:31AM 3 Unicode not working under Mongrel
10:18AM 9 Eager loading with has_many :through
10:11AM 0 ordered hash
9:42AM 1 capistrano and rails edge
9:29AM 2 validating passwords
9:26AM 1 Question about has_many/belongs_to
9:09AM 7 Re Ticketing/Issue system
8:45AM 3 Ajax form with sub items?
8:19AM 7 Best way to store binary data
7:14AM 1 ruby migration
6:55AM 4 passing rails data to javascript
6:11AM 5 inability to do a redirect_to when an ajax call is made during a before_filter
4:28AM 6 How do you pass html objects from the view to the helper classes?
4:01AM 0 Eager loading with inheritance
3:45AM 2 validates_presence_of with validates_each dont work together
2:16AM 9 postgresql utilities
2:14AM 1 Issue with rake db:migrate command
2:07AM 8 activeRecord Sum
1:39AM 3 Password protecting access to script/console ?
1:33AM 2 updating mutiple tables from the same form
12:49AM 4 Is this a necessary precaution?
12:45AM 5 self managed recurring billing
12:20AM 0 Using params to create new, and edit records
12:03AM 0 empty text_area yields 'Template is missing' error
Thursday March 8 2007
11:37PM 3 complete newbie
11:35PM 2 strange logic problem
11:15PM 3 Ruby and Google Summer of Code 2007
10:58PM 1 Ruby on Rails Platform Maturity - Need Some Feedback
10:57PM 1 CodeGear Rails IDE maybe in the works
10:37PM 3 limiting query with created_at?
10:20PM 0 Top 1. AntiVirus of the year - Freeware download
10:19PM 1 Syndicating multiple user feeds
10:04PM 0 Extran <html> </html> tags when using Actionmailer
9:54PM 2 Many to Many questions
9:31PM 3 daily logger not working?
9:16PM 0 Ruby, Rails and Google Summer of Code 2007
9:12PM 3 Ruby on Rails questions about maintenance and dsl's
9:02PM 2 How to commit plugin to my svn server?
9:01PM 6 NetBeans 6.0 Rails Support
8:30PM 11 SiteMeter v.1.0 Web Stats plugin
8:23PM 1 Ajax.InPlaceEditor & REST
8:03PM 4 select and group in rails 1.2
7:41PM 6 limiting columns in model association
7:15PM 6 IE CSS, where to put the .htc file???
7:15PM 0 Ruby Roundup Podcast
7:08PM 2 RadRails picked up by Aptana
6:48PM 2 Choice of Wiki on Rails?
6:16PM 4 How to use a lookup table?
6:11PM 0 Fleximage syntax error
6:09PM 3 Stop WEBrick?
5:58PM 2 Migration detection of database type (Oracle and SQLite)
5:50PM 2 Rendering a view from a model
5:04PM 0 2 new Ruby on Rails opportunities in San Jose, CA
4:31PM 6 NetBeans IDE 6.0
4:07PM 0 Rails Day archives needed for research study
4:06PM 1 hierarchical pages content
4:05PM 0 Need a Linux system Engineer RoR
3:44PM 1 Bug in habtm?
3:31PM 3 Problem loading data from database
2:51PM 0 passing checkbox value to next page
2:14PM 0 AdapterExtensions 0.3.0 Released
2:14PM 2 RJS pain
2:12PM 0 active_rbac doesn't understand before_filter
2:12PM 19 Help! Why is my ActionCaching that slow?
2:08PM 5 Disabling a form ...
1:54PM 0 Models for simple messaging system
1:31PM 1 RubyRails ActiveRecord base64 encode/decode of binary data
12:20PM 0 How to store (doc) file containts in Database (blob type)
12:10PM 4 Having trouble with #method() method
11:43AM 2 How to define relationship for user-to-user friendship
11:43AM 2 Composite Primary Keys
11:18AM 2 Returning values from javascript within a controller
10:48AM 0 Using send_file and handling browser side cacheing
10:45AM 1 Error with plugin module tree
10:24AM 3 Noob: HOWTO Externalize Strings ?
10:11AM 2 Extending controllers with actions from external files?
9:34AM 0 what happens when "rake test"?
8:51AM 4 Rake Migrate e MySql: access denied?
7:17AM 0 How to create a route by file extension?
7:16AM 0 Names routes double escape html?
6:20AM 0 Programmer Needed for Game Project
5:17AM 1 how to use edit ajax link in controller.
4:11AM 0 Form nested parameters issue
3:41AM 4 CSS XHTML resource required?
3:21AM 0 [JOB] Full Time Ruby on Rails Position in Phoenix, AZ
2:44AM 0 login_generator Issues
1:24AM 2 rhtml: are carriage returns treated differently in IE vs FF?
Wednesday March 7 2007
11:28PM 0 Globalize and views
11:23PM 1 Having problems upgrading to edge 6354
10:57PM 2 One Lookup Table for Multiple Properties in a Model
10:53PM 0 oops forgot the link
10:52PM 3 Link to some cool videos tutorials
10:50PM 2 has_many :through - replace and clear Don't Work?
10:23PM 0 Map :join query into model objects
9:40PM 18 attachment_fu - more then one attachment in model?
9:31PM 2 HOWTO: Upcoming birthdays partial
9:28PM 3 RMagick on Media Temple (gs)
9:19PM 1 Faking page requests
9:03PM 6 HELP Save RadRails
8:43PM 0 Radio button help
8:38PM 0 Error while initializng temporary session directories in edge
8:09PM 0 [Long] Problem with Ajax.Updater
7:59PM 0 Mongrel shutdown function
7:25PM 9 one template - multiple controllers?
7:20PM 1 missing openssl ruby bindings on Fedora Core 5
6:51PM 3 Routing Problem
6:37PM 3 script.aculo.us Sortable leave copy
6:30PM 0 cache_classes problem after update to 1.2.2
6:29PM 1 Agile Rails - How long does the Depot application hold onto the "Cart" array?
6:29PM 0 Google Summer of Code
5:48PM 1 ferret
5:44PM 1 Rails, REST, and Routes
5:32PM 12 High ActiveRecord CPU Utilization
5:07PM 3 File_column validation ignored
5:04PM 0 Exclude database adapters from loading in Rails 1.2?
4:42PM 0 New release of FdAjax for Mac
4:36PM 3 [Problem] wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
4:20PM 0 Help: Wiki engine to handle structuded datas
2:57PM 2 SQLite and migrations
2:48PM 3 (announce) Engines 1.2 plugin creation tutorial
2:32PM 0 Problems with intl. chars in RoR 1.2.x
2:18PM 1 Mysql
1:53PM 2 how to exclude field from edit
1:52PM 0 Using the same action in AJAX calls
1:34PM 1 Rails messing up FPDF / encodings?
1:27PM 4 Strange Problem With Unwanted, Transient Caching
12:22PM 0 Videos inside-adult-fun-romantic-love-movies-songs-singles-profiles-chating- mails-earn money !
12:21PM 2 undefined method `' for :stocktbl:Symbol
10:54AM 0 Scheduled events and notfications in a Rails application
10:30AM 1 When does Rails create a session object?
10:14AM 1 Profiling Tools
9:22AM 0 Instant rails 1.6, Win98, cookbook app fails
9:21AM 1 Rails Models: Validation!
9:08AM 8 Restful Authentication routes
9:06AM 1 Testing acts_as_attachment?
8:42AM 9 File upload
8:37AM 3 link_to not work??
8:26AM 3 Videos inside(adult-fun-romantic-love-movies-songs)singles-profiles-chating- mails-earn money !
8:18AM 0 undefined method `class_name' for #<AjaxScaffold::ScaffoldColumn:0x67b47c8>
7:30AM 0 Can't see why my asseet fails in unit test
7:24AM 2 page redirect
7:15AM 2 [need help] what is the difference between :action => :index and :action => 'index'
6:10AM 2 Edit link id is not passing while doing ajax edit link.
5:49AM 4 How to Connect PostgreSQL Database in Ruby
5:37AM 2 if
5:19AM 0 memcache-client 1.3.0 Released
5:05AM 1 Rails 1.2.1 twice as slow as Rails 1.1.6?
4:32AM 0 Unable to Clear a :through Relationship w/ clear or replace
4:01AM 1 validates_length_of not working
3:49AM 2 how do i change the status message?
3:03AM 3 how to remove a plugin installed with script/plugin install -x
2:20AM 0 [C.L.R], [RoR] Looking for Ruby or Rails based tools to administer MySQL.
2:18AM 4 Ajax and IE6 - is there some sort of "trick"?
12:30AM 3 resource with multiple routes
Tuesday March 6 2007
11:54PM 4 ImageMagick as plugin?
11:52PM 0 DRY AR models
11:48PM 0 Rails running different database interation by user?
11:31PM 2 migration with mysql reserved word
11:30PM 2 session data
11:15PM 3 Self Referential question in RoR compared to Java Hibernate
11:08PM 0 Pagination of the stream data
11:01PM 1 scaffold_resouce destroy
10:57PM 0 how to install rmagick using instant rails
10:46PM 0 Sessions not persistent across http->https
10:14PM 4 Object evaluation
10:07PM 2 need to create a NewsLetter Funtionality in RoR
9:40PM 1 Crashing when install rails
9:36PM 1 Re: Rails on FreeBSD
9:31PM 5 Clean way to detect change using callbacks
9:01PM 0 Problem with sum and include
8:28PM 10 Debug Rails (send to logger msg)
8:20PM 1 charts & reports
7:53PM 8 How do I get a session id?
7:45PM 0 error when running 'ruby script\generate controller pages'
6:23PM 2 ActiveRecord class method count issues
6:09PM 3 How to create Urls => Controller
6:03PM 3 Newbie: Syntax for handling hash/arrays returned through SQL
5:49PM 1 link_to, image_submit_tag, "changes only with POST" and "usability without Javascript" question
5:19PM 5 Trouble inserting large objects into memcached
5:13PM 0 Yahoo finance kind of application
4:53PM 1 Class query: Classname.find(class)
4:42PM 1 Smart forms in Rails?
4:18PM 10 has_many :through
4:18PM 2 Rails 1.2.2 upgrade problem
4:10PM 0 :dependent => :destroy_unconditionally?
4:00PM 7 Ajax Call redirect to a full page refresh
3:49PM 4 How to use SslRequirement plugin?
3:39PM 0 how can instant rails find RMagic
3:14PM 2 getting the result in xml from ajax call
2:53PM 1 Why doesn't MySQL start unless InstantRails does first?
2:45PM 2 Problems with destroy and relationships
2:30PM 1 who to rollbacking the database when system is switched off
2:22PM 16 OSX apache2 final-stage setup hints?
1:46PM 4 styles for tabnav plugin
1:07PM 6 :params => params does not work :-(
12:47PM 3 Trackback support
12:23PM 2 European date format input
11:23AM 0 Object duplication
11:00AM 5 New app - Welcome loads fine but controller slow
10:52AM 1 Strange NoMethodError exception with EDGE Rails
10:43AM 0 Basedex - A Collaborative Index
10:31AM 0 Mongrel gem install error .. how to
10:29AM 0 Beginner Q: Image Selection and Object Attr Modification?
10:18AM 4 Login Engine replacement or upgrade.
9:48AM 0 Displaying relationship attributes in MTM relationships
9:12AM 1 trouble setting up RadRails with Locomotive2 on a macosx
8:56AM 0 Suitable design for "magazine" portal?
8:25AM 14 Hosting requirements for RAILS
8:18AM 1 events calendars
7:54AM 2 active::record and postgres schemas
5:50AM 0 collection_select and remote_function used together?
5:01AM 0 World's greatest Brand name.Where does it come from?
4:37AM 0 Ruby on Rails developer wanted ASAP
4:15AM 2 Help with link_to_function and creating pull down menu
3:59AM 6 Upload file in Rails
2:49AM 2 RuntimeError: ERROR C42P01 Mrelation
1:22AM 0 Routes: query parameter keys and significant keys in routes
12:39AM 0 Integration tests and xhr
12:26AM 0 sending radio button value through auto_complete
12:12AM 4 Rails 1.2 / Theme support plugin issue: Fix
Monday March 5 2007
11:35PM 0 PDF::HTMLDoc 0.1.0
11:23PM 1 find query issue
9:56PM 6 Using ms access 97 as local db backend for rails on windows 2000
9:47PM 2 Verify if an URL exist
9:44PM 0 Allison
9:35PM 8 how to design database: has_and_belongs_to_many
9:35PM 1 Mongrel cluster died only in production environment
9:33PM 0 File I/O with rjb
9:22PM 2 Help with rjb
8:50PM 1 Rails Recipes #31 Authenticating Users
8:42PM 4 Editing a plugin
8:40PM 3 Ruby on Rails Architect Position
8:24PM 2 Application-specific e-mail template engine
8:07PM 0 Favorite Rails plugins
7:31PM 1 Class/Subclass and has_many belongs_to
7:29PM 0 RSpec on Windows
7:05PM 3 memcached fails to retrieve object in a different controller
6:30PM 1 ODBC Adapter woes
5:58PM 1 Displaying Binary Image
5:52PM 0 Plugin: Find Resource 0.2 - Incompatible Changes!
5:07PM 2 Question about running memcached on multiple servers
4:59PM 2 MTM relationship with relationship attributes
4:52PM 1 Rails Time.now and system locale
4:24PM 0 FastCGI isn't beeing nice to me :(
4:22PM 1 Testing rescue_action_in_public tip
4:10PM 2 HABTM equivalent of :dependent?
3:54PM 8 Detect if an attribute was updated after save operation
3:49PM 4 How to test for a correct header?
3:37PM 0 Mongrel cluster
3:16PM 1 Oracle Date problem with legacy schema.
3:03PM 4 displaying find.all from another view
2:15PM 0 login_engine for Rails 1.2
12:58PM 1 FeedTools/FeedUpdater and Rails1.2 Problem
12:14PM 3 ajax requests
12:06PM 1 validate not working?
11:37AM 3 reload
11:24AM 2 SOLVED:Re: How to select postgres for usage instead postgres-pr?
11:08AM 2 form you need to place on all your pages
9:27AM 0 Nice website
8:57AM 1 select tag and fieldWithErrors
8:04AM 2 Capistrano put
6:52AM 3 Cannot save session in IE6
6:52AM 0 ajax requests logged to log file
5:53AM 3 [RoR] Edge rails having problems with cookies and sessions?
5:05AM 0 Google_Groups_obviously_did_not_anticipate_people_who_don't_know_the_ difference_between_a_message_subject_and_the_message_content
4:39AM 3 Routing Error when using "Net::HTTP.start" but doesn't occur when testing via Browser
3:42AM 1 Cannot get scaffolding to save dates as Null
3:34AM 3 A layout for each action
3:17AM 1 Using closures, continuations in real life
2:52AM 1 convert to method call?
2:11AM 1 How to select postgres for usage instead postgres-pr?
1:47AM 0 Asynchronous calls to web services
12:52AM 2 Any capistrano email recipes?
12:10AM 3 canst thou guess what p 'Slaves'.singularize produceth?
Sunday March 4 2007
11:40PM 1 how to migrate to sqlite3 memory tests?
11:02PM 0 Globalize, how to remove a translation
10:59PM 5 PostgreSQL user-defined type
10:12PM 1 Login in and out
10:10PM 0 AJAX form with multiple interaction points
9:30PM 3 Deprecating @session, but it's already set
9:18PM 0 [Solved] : Re: datetime_select => "<select name="orderyearmonthdayhourminuteseconduse_hiddendiscard_typetruepref ixevent[starts_at(3i)][day]">"
8:32PM 3 Passing Arguments to an Action
8:24PM 15 Tests problems
7:24PM 1 Ruby 1.8.6 preview3 has been released
6:42PM 0 Simple instructions and pitfalls for upgrading rails 1.1.6 to 1.2 (help)
5:33PM 0 Fw: Mail System Error - Returned Mail
4:52PM 3 controllers!?
4:48PM 3 Dynamically setting the image directory used by attachment_fu
4:03PM 4 ym4r plugin, problems?
3:54PM 3 Image Control Javascript as in dpreview.com
3:51PM 0 Rails on FreeBDS
2:41PM 3 How can I intercept AR creates/updates to automatically set fields in the table?
12:08PM 0 db:schema:dump constraints query
11:58AM 0 Instant Rails 1.6, with MySQL 5
11:08AM 0 Best way to check if a field is changed upon update to run after_filter
10:10AM 0 Testing Problems
10:03AM 1 Munich.rb meets on Thursday 15th March
8:18AM 30 Rails IDE
7:09AM 4 testing for non-existent parameters with "if"
6:41AM 0 :confirm dialog box is invoking my table row links!
5:59AM 6 Params question
5:22AM 0 Syntax Error??
4:55AM 2 require_gem versus gem
4:38AM 1 params in views on localhost not consistent with server?
4:02AM 2 Confusion with has_many :through
3:52AM 1 using AR outside of rails
3:39AM 3 redirect_from BS ?
3:22AM 3 Returning a code chunk from an action
2:53AM 5 Question about some code in the agile book
2:45AM 0 multiple has_many :through
1:57AM 2 Installing
1:47AM 0 Rails Date Kit 1.0.1
1:40AM 1 Beginner :conditions question
1:31AM 2 how can I view HTTP trace on an incoming request??
1:01AM 1 Browser caching of js and css
1:00AM 0 RJS problems
12:17AM 1 Opinions needed...
Saturday March 3 2007
11:50PM 3 AjaxScaffold
11:17PM 3 scaffold does not work
10:12PM 0 acts_as_ferret drb server
9:50PM 0 0also photos
7:14PM 1 Feedback for a new application
7:12PM 1 Rails caching model
7:09PM 0 Belongs_to and foreign_id troubles
6:19PM 1 iterating through a collection using partials
6:16PM 1 Mailing lists in rails?
5:55PM 2 Model Without A Table
5:02PM 1 acts_as_devils_advocate
4:57PM 0 config.cache_classes value ignored in development mode under Apache 2
4:12PM 3 table name of an object
4:07PM 3 configure actionmailer to recieve email on localhost?
1:22PM 1 One form for different models
1:16PM 0 offline plugin installation
1:14PM 2 rjs toggle blind effect headache
12:32PM 5 One-to-One Associations and REST
11:54AM 0 acts_as_versioned and migrations
11:49AM 21 attachment_fu on Windows?
10:41AM 0 need help with approach for application backend
9:00AM 0 Vim/Ruby Configuration Files, 2007.03.02
8:35AM 1 Best practices: form fails, now what...
8:18AM 0 Resources and uncountable names
8:03AM 0 Executing PHP and ERB one after the other or How I tried to integrate a PHP HTML editor into a Rails app
7:02AM 0 Why the record is updated?
5:51AM 2 Controller/view for "/" (root)?
4:47AM 0 Interpreting a link statement in "Ajax on Rails"
4:29AM 0 NetBeans IDE Ruby/Rails - support for auto-completion
3:55AM 4 RJS to refresh partial not working
3:44AM 0 Hiding <div> tag thru an action event
3:24AM 0 url_for and arrays parameters (diff between 1.1.6 and 1.2.2)
2:45AM 2 paginate with :order AND :include?
1:02AM 1 jdbc:postgresql://localhost/test?ssl=true
Friday March 2 2007
11:22PM 2 ActMethods has been removed from the module tree ???
10:14PM 3 Documentation for Writing Helpers?
9:29PM 6 Trying to understand something about instance variables.
8:27PM 3 Generic validation / maxlength off column[colname].limit ?
7:50PM 8 rake db:migrate "no such option: controller action" problem
6:50PM 2 SqlServer adapter mangling id column data
6:22PM 2 Looking for PHP frameworks similar to Rails etc
6:05PM 0 how to validate composites ?
5:46PM 12 Prototype: Ajax.Request w/asynchronous: false
5:43PM 0 Password Protecting Rails Configuration Passwords
5:26PM 4 Getting column names from a record set
4:55PM 0 acts_as_reportable and images
4:51PM 0 routing problems
4:38PM 1 many-to-many-to-many examples / tutorials / best practice
3:59PM 0 Status: 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: text/html
3:27PM 5 Multiple objects of the same type with one form - REST
3:26PM 2 with_options Confusion
2:41PM 1 css_fields_for in CSSFormBuilder
1:51PM 1 Plugin: Find Resource
1:29PM 5 ActionController::RoutingError
12:23PM 1 Login authenticate?
11:28AM 1 how do you change the currency to pounds or euros
11:15AM 0 Rails/PostgreSQL SSL setup
11:03AM 0 << Best Microsoft Downloads - MS office 2007 & More >>
10:58AM 4 Unable to configure apache 1.3.29 for ruby
10:00AM 5 Anyone using Instant-ROR on Win98?
9:50AM 1 REST and Limiting Access
9:45AM 0 Re: 25 new messages in 18 topics - digest
7:38AM 4 Downloading a non UTF filename.
6:37AM 2 Any tools/scripts for nightly build/testing
6:37AM 0 Dumping Rails configuration
5:59AM 0 Ruby/Rails positions in SF Bay Area
5:16AM 18 SSL cert - mydomain.com? or www.mydomain.com?
5:07AM 2 Where's the list of valid attributes / methods for column objects?
4:57AM 1 render_to_string followed by render issues
4:48AM 2 RESTful Authentication
4:19AM 5 hpricot
3:50AM 0 Calling a helper based on dynamically created string
3:24AM 0 SOLVED: Re: PostgreSQL primary (sequence) key issue
3:22AM 2 SOLVED: Re: PostgreSQL primary (sequence) key issue (Ruby/Rails)
2:36AM 4 How I Import file CSV into database
1:31AM 0 OASIS Symposium 2007 - eBusiness and Open Standards
1:15AM 4 Simple Navigation of Array
1:06AM 0 Can't set id on objects?
Thursday March 1 2007
11:43PM 3 RESTful multiple objects via one form
11:21PM 2 Looking for ideas or a template to create a new application
11:00PM 5 Rolling with Rails, ( Revisited version ) question ?
10:34PM 3 Is there a centralized location (or link) by which to view all creaded RDoc. . .?
10:18PM 0 FastCGI and Apache. Anybody know what can cause this error?
10:10PM 4 Deploy without SVN
10:02PM 4 ruby on large scale projects, and cakephp
10:02PM 1 RoR: Torrent Tracker
9:36PM 0 SELECTION LIST with local variable
9:22PM 0 association extensions - has_one
8:46PM 2 any advise on exception / error handling approaches/priniciples in controllers/views???
8:37PM 0 Correct URLs for routes with subdomain condition?
8:20PM 1 Include a ruby library with rails app
8:11PM 0 validating login form
7:15PM 2 PostgreSQL primary (sequence) key issue (Ruby/Rails)
7:12PM 1 Failed to lookup Init function...SHA1.bundle
7:10PM 7 Swapping key names in a hash
6:51PM 1 How to write Array as html?
6:32PM 1 how does rails handle wrong/malformed datatypes
6:22PM 1 Deprecation Warning
5:27PM 4 Cookie based session management problems
5:05PM 0 how can we know wherethe the button is clicked or not
4:17PM 0 There may be some controversy
3:49PM 2 Attachment_fu and Size Issue
3:12PM 9 YM4R multiple points on Google Map
3:01PM 0 problem with acts_as_versioned and comatose
2:59PM 4 rails cant display £
2:52PM 1 rails - django speed comparison
2:48PM 4 Encoding Rails project source code
2:41PM 1 PostgreSQL primary (sequence) key issue
2:39PM 1 Good practice to include javascript functions in view?
2:08PM 1 :dependent => :destroy vs ON DELETE CASCADE
1:38PM 0 Timestamp columns in Sybase
12:52PM 4 diffrnce between flash[:message] and flash[:notice] and ..
12:49PM 0 Rails 1.1.x Initializer Directory plugin initial release
12:04PM 5 console does not reload
12:01PM 2 Using Capistrano without the svn being excecuted on remote server
11:08AM 2 Problems with rake db:schema:dump and Ruby 1.8.5
10:52AM 4 Template is missing error.
10:49AM 4 ActiveRecord Unique key association
10:15AM 4 error in if statement..
9:59AM 3 Variables in routes.rb?
9:12AM 7 how can i create a .bat file which can run ruby
9:07AM 2 ruby: No such file or directory -- rails (LoadError)
8:38AM 0 safari and firefox return different objects from a form
7:49AM 0 [RoR],[C.L.R]Generating HTML to help visualize large YAML files
6:54AM 1 Multiple sessions?
6:11AM 3 how to get value from select box in rhtml page
5:36AM 1 advocating a patch
4:42AM 0 console broken - not showing prompt
3:50AM 0 PC to PC Video Calling - PC to Phone & Phone To PC Best Free Audio Calling with Skype
2:59AM 2 Comparing Ruby time with SQL time
2:54AM 12 To REST or not to REST
1:12AM 1 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid error