R help - May 2014

Saturday May 31 2014
10:17PM 1 Creating a "very long" function in R
6:11PM 0 Particular case of a factorial experiment
3:52PM 1 Skipping .Rd files and using Org-mode instead?
Friday May 30 2014
10:07PM 3 converting a data.frame into a different table
8:50PM 0 Calculating the focal mean of a raster using an annulus
6:00PM 1 RODBC and PosgreSQL problems
4:48PM 2 Gui for R-Script
4:12PM 2 missing return
4:04PM 0 EpiX Analytics - Quantitative Risk Analysis with R Course
3:24PM 0 accessing C code from a base package within a function
1:55PM 1 rJava fail
1:21PM 0 using model coefficients on a new data set
1:15PM 1 Computer requirements to run R on huge datasets
11:42AM 0 uGARCHspec function
11:37AM 1 Difference in coefficients in Cox proportional hazard estimates between R and Stata, why?
7:37AM 1 Scatter plot selection points
12:12AM 2 looking at C code from the stats package
Thursday May 29 2014
8:38PM 3 Multiple regression in R
8:13PM 3 referencing a data frame with a pointer, link, alias, etc
5:02PM 1 (no subject)
4:02PM 1 Help with arrays
11:32AM 0 Merging by matching two columns
11:18AM 0 Combining data frames
11:04AM 1 saveSWF Error Message: file association not available or invalid
10:02AM 1 Smoothed HR for interaction term in coxph model
9:36AM 1 help
8:04AM 1 Redefine `[` for S3 class
5:55AM 1 Problem with sample session
2:25AM 1 Confusing behavior when using gsub to insert unicode character (minimal working example provided)
12:29AM 1 how to access an executing environment?
Wednesday May 28 2014
9:16PM 1 partykit ctree: minbucket and case weights
8:46PM 1 Creating a new column with the number of the observation
6:09PM 0 tk2listbox
12:35PM 3 remove duplicated row according to NA condition
8:21AM 2 Legend having lines with different types
7:42AM 0 I Need Help with AMMI
7:29AM 0 mle together with pnorm
12:20AM 1 LInes with types
Tuesday May 27 2014
10:47PM 1 row mean
8:25PM 1 ICL for betamix()
8:06PM 3 Dataframe: Average cells of two rows and replace them with one row
4:44PM 1 Plot regression results with various predictors.
2:42PM 0 Random Block
1:28PM 2 Install Windows/R/.zip package under Linux/R
12:02PM 1 Zoo: How to match secondary Y-axis ticks to primary ones
10:54AM 3 How to unstack three columns into rows?
9:46AM 1 Login
9:36AM 1 How to add break in axis for grouped barplot?
8:51AM 3 reference category in binomal glm
12:50AM 1 Problem Creating Partial Dependence Plot
Monday May 26 2014
9:58PM 1 quartz() and windows()
8:14PM 0 Mixed modelling and GLMM course in Banff, Canada
7:34PM 1 Size of win.metafile
5:22PM 2 Function Align produces an error, Package wavelets
5:12PM 1 Assigning value Range for values
4:56PM 1 Metafor: forest plot for subset
4:50PM 1 Scoring a test set after clustering a training set
3:14PM 0 How to build and check an package on a system without tex latex?
1:17PM 1 VBA
1:12PM 1 Rscript and roxygen error
12:16PM 2 0^0 computation in R : Why it is defined 1 in R ?
12:14PM 1 Awaiting feedback/moderation (Re: Non-convergence in boot.stepAIC function with a logit model)
8:34AM 1 Metafor: Strange Trim and Fill Outcome?
2:12AM 0 identifying odd or even number
Sunday May 25 2014
11:18PM 2 Cannot Launch R Help Files under Window 8.1
10:25PM 2 Unable to load a file: no such file or directory
7:31PM 0 Making a partial profile factorial design in R
11:57AM 1 boxplot axis font size
10:17AM 3 seeking latex peace
Saturday May 24 2014
8:39PM 0 dbFD function in FD package
4:35PM 1 Generating random variables with given pairwise correlations
1:58PM 1 Conditional assignment of values to vector using ifelse
12:57PM 2 R License
2:50AM 1 recode the ID with sequential order of a dataset
Friday May 23 2014
10:31PM 2 How to illustrate data of a csv file as table (xtable?)
6:57PM 2 How to follow
4:09PM 0 data frame sample
3:02PM 1 Time Series
2:38PM 3 how to add a table under a plot?
12:19PM 1 Balloon plot scaling problem
12:13PM 1 Error message when fitting a binomial response model using glm
11:00AM 1 Inconsistent alphabetisation issue
10:17AM 0 snpStats reference allele used in genetic associations?
10:09AM 2 Bayesian HMM
12:11AM 2 Loop Issue
Thursday May 22 2014
9:00PM 2 equivalent of R CMD BATCH --vanilla for those who can't do anything non-GUI?
7:34PM 2 Zip multiple files with same prefix?
6:25PM 0 Adding segments to a dot plot in ggplot2
4:57PM 0 Random forest proximity measure
4:44PM 1 How do I move the axis labels precisely
4:20PM 0 Running the cox model in R, through python or unix.
2:13PM 0 subsetting to exclude different values for each subject in study
1:52PM 1 Post-hoc tests on linear mixed model give mixed results.
1:09PM 1 Fwd: problem importing apparently common txt files
12:48PM 1 manual installation errors; install.package, R CMD
12:43PM 1 multiple colour to symbols using brkdn.plot()
11:40AM 0 Non-convergence in boot.stepAIC function with a logit model
9:53AM 0 K-mean Clustering URL's and ranking them according to there recent visit .
9:50AM 1 Boxplot colors
9:38AM 1 HMM states simulation
8:05AM 1 Combine factorial column intp a new column
7:54AM 2 select randomly from a list
Wednesday May 21 2014
10:34PM 1 Sizeplot Legend
8:37PM 0 Questions in R about optim( ) and optimize( )
8:31PM 2 approxfun question
6:50PM 0 program
6:26PM 1 Mean of colMeans
3:32PM 1 How to draw a transparent polygon
2:38PM 0 syntax for MANOVA (& factor labeling)
1:59PM 1 stop subscribing mailing list
12:36PM 0 using asList with lme4 object
11:17AM 2 Unsubscribe mailing list
11:06AM 0 [R-pkgs] Package 'dnet' for omics data integrative analysis
11:06AM 0 Package 'dnet' for omics data integrative analysis
9:29AM 1 Splitting vector elements
8:49AM 0 Waldtest and different sample sizes
8:20AM 1 create line chart from data.frame
7:59AM 1 Groupwise sum
7:06AM 1 How to create a time series from a data set where some days are skipped
6:11AM 1 POSIXct: subtle difference in representation leads to error for "+"
5:49AM 2 bootstrapping for maxium data
Tuesday May 20 2014
8:31PM 2 empty density plot for point pattern in spatstat
5:32PM 1 dealing with missing values
4:16PM 2 Subset, period of days like one after another in a group
2:25PM 1 Large matrices and pairs/ggpairs
2:08PM 1 NppToR / RMySQL / loadNamespace() Error
1:39PM 0 logLik in betareg()
1:39PM 3 cumulative frequency distribution combined with histogram in one plot at two different scales
1:26PM 2 Variation Inflation factor for GLS
10:41AM 0 Fitting multiple nonlinear regression lines with nlrob()
10:37AM 2 \ escape sequence and windows path
10:05AM 0 Variance of predictions from lme4 models at existing levels?
8:35AM 1 Documenting docType data
6:51AM 1 How to include static PDFs vignettes in an R package
6:06AM 1 density in hist does not come as 1
12:48AM 1 How could I graph a special coordinate
12:34AM 2 Subsets of a function
Monday May 19 2014
5:40PM 2 R save with encoding...
2:44PM 0 XML pkg. Namespace message
2:42PM 1 How to define and calculate volume of 3D polygon?
2:42PM 1 level for confint (nls)
2:08PM 3 Boxplots
1:46PM 1 solve scalar linear equation
1:29PM 0 K-mean Clustering in URL's
1:00PM 3 substring if value starts with a character
12:55PM 1 Spatial Quantile Regression: Extracting residuals
12:48PM 2 extract duplications from list
10:02AM 0 Course: Introduction to GAM and GAMM with R
8:27AM 0 could I smooth the geom_line output on ggplot2?
3:18AM 2 converting a matrix to array
12:40AM 1 Testing parallel regression assumption
Sunday May 18 2014
10:49PM 1 Is there an easier way than this to list all functions in the global environment?
4:54PM 1 unable to collate and parse R files for package -- unexpected end of input
2:25PM 2 help with xts
5:16AM 3 dev-lang/R-3.1.0: biocLite("vsn") removes all files in /
Saturday May 17 2014
5:22PM 1 Lack-of-fit test for linear mixed effects model (lme) including two fixed effects
4:41PM 1 Saving the ouput data
4:31PM 1 Discrete and Continuous variables
3:56PM 1 From "deldir"
2:43PM 2 Old version of R base and additional packages
2:25PM 1 Warning Message: In saveSWF({ : the executablepng2swf.exedoes not exist!
9:10AM 1 Lamperti trnasformation simulation.
Friday May 16 2014
11:18PM 0 Using unbalanced-learning algorithms in the randomForest
3:12PM 1 account
12:29PM 2 Using centers of hierarchical clustering for k-means
11:17AM 1 create new rows with 0, if nessecary
10:53AM 2 Second axis on bottom of graph
9:25AM 1 solution for r-help to the problem of yahoo addresses bouncing?
6:49AM 0 neural network in R
1:13AM 1 Retrieving the matched data frame from Matching?
Thursday May 15 2014
8:30PM 2 Miss lines in LaTex code generated by function xtable in R
8:08PM 0 question about wfct in minpack.lm package
7:35PM 0 Chicago, Data Mining Training (Hands-On, $35), Chicago, May 23rd
5:03PM 2 Markoc chain simulation of a sample path - to get empirical probabilities
3:47PM 2 How to Optimize two functions together in R
2:07PM 1 Bayesian Network
1:46PM 3 How to make a Latex table using R
1:26PM 0 lognormal frailey
12:31PM 1 Manipulating dataframes
11:32AM 1 ggplot barplot error
11:21AM 1 needs help in augented plot
10:58AM 0 slow with indexing with is.na
10:54AM 4 Why are integers coded as e.g. "2L" in R functions?
10:25AM 0 Ctrl + r failure
10:19AM 1 Pb
10:12AM 1 find an empty char in the name of a vector
9:58AM 1 dist like function but where you can configure the method
9:54AM 2 bin a vector of continuous variables
9:37AM 1 Bootstrapping the prediction intervals for regression
9:13AM 1 Piecewise Aggregate Approximation in r
7:07AM 0 Counting number of days my program runs
4:23AM 2 for loop using index values
4:14AM 1 WGCNA on heterogeneous RNA-seq
3:33AM 1 survival estimates for covariate values
2:25AM 1 Character type and size using spatstats
12:07AM 0 lognormal frailty in frailtypack
Wednesday May 14 2014
10:13PM 0 Bubble map in R
10:04PM 2 filename of current device
8:48PM 2 How to illustrate an interaction with plotLMER.fnc
6:32PM 1 Interpreting results of rq() when tau = -1
5:57PM 1 model selection for nested factorial design
4:28PM 1 data presentation -curve
3:51PM 0 roxygen2 question
3:39PM 0 Creating multiple orthogonal designs
2:51PM 2 matrix column division by vector
12:56PM 1 nested design
12:18PM 1 Voronoi-Diagrams in R
9:36AM 1 Problem with R "density" function
9:33AM 1 Cure and data type
9:07AM 1 R equivalent functions of some EXCEL functions
8:57AM 0 S3 - how to implement "colnames<-"
8:50AM 1 using animation with persp
7:26AM 0 error in mixed logit model using mlogit function
2:21AM 0 Raising a vector to the power of elements of another vector
12:47AM 1 How to create multi variables
Tuesday May 13 2014
10:42PM 1 interrogating webdatapage
9:52PM 2 Put short string labels vertically near tick marks on bottom axis
9:33PM 1 Correlelogram with partial correlation coefficients
9:21PM 1 Package 'compositions' and R-3.1.0
8:20PM 0 nls() help please
5:56PM 1 gumbel distribution
4:03PM 1 stabilitytest dse package
2:49PM 2 Calculating transition probabilties
1:47PM 0 randomForestSRC 1.5.0 is on CRAN
1:47PM 0 [R-pkgs] randomForestSRC 1.5.0 is on CRAN
1:35PM 2 File coding problem: how to read a windows-1252 encoded file
12:48PM 0 Getting data s from "Think or Swim " platform through R.
12:34PM 2 Merging data.table and data.frame
12:15PM 4 stop a function
10:53AM 0 decision curve analysis
9:17AM 0 WG: vars or plm package? bivariate VAR
3:42AM 3 efficient sine interpolation
Monday May 12 2014
11:03PM 1 Nonparametric MANOVA
10:01PM 2 Freeing up memory in R
9:27PM 3 Contour plots in R Studio
6:02PM 2 Help conduction Egger's test
5:50PM 2 package to plot mean and standard deviation directly on data
4:14PM 0 ASA CSP - call for short courses - deadline May 13
3:37PM 2 Convert to integers all entries of a table (for DESeq2)
2:17PM 0 Creating Twitter network - rate limits being exceeded - cannot figure why
12:19PM 0 Plotly and rOpenSci: R and ggplot2 interactive, online, & collaborative plotting
10:17AM 1 Lag in dataframe
9:31AM 0 Making a trial based Package for 30-days.
1:46AM 2 clipart - box with rounded corners?
1:43AM 1 invalid digital signature for R-3.1.0-mavericks
1:15AM 0 x & y distances based on great circle
Sunday May 11 2014
8:37AM 1 How to change the order of the plot?
Saturday May 10 2014
9:26PM 2 How to change the font size on the title of a xyplot
7:43PM 0 Does lmrob() account for autocorrelation and heteroskedasticity?
11:46AM 2 variable length lisin in data frame
9:07AM 1 recall variable in a loop
3:05AM 0 Mediation using 'mediate' in R with an interaction
Friday May 9 2014
9:35PM 1 adding rows
9:08PM 1 transition from depends to imports
3:26PM 0 Tukey "no factors"
3:17PM 2 Pearson III distribution
1:41PM 1 How to examine the parameter values during iteration (nls)
8:05AM 0 Resquest
4:01AM 1 Error in split.default
2:05AM 0 GLMNet Question for Multinomial Data For Determining The Right Number of Questions
Thursday May 8 2014
11:19PM 1 Help with passing in name of XTS file into write.table as a variable.
9:19PM 1 How to write a loop in which i has to be in POSIX format?
9:12PM 1 how di I write a for loop in which i is in POSIX?
7:59PM 2 How can I make this nested loop faster?
4:49PM 1 Capture change in variable in R
12:44PM 1 R for Android
9:44AM 2 group by and merge two dataframes
9:36AM 1 problem in r-code
2:15AM 0 timedep in frailtypack
12:58AM 2 MRF smoothers in MGCV - specifying neighbours
Wednesday May 7 2014
11:05PM 1 can we add raw data to data frame
9:23PM 2 as.character(quote(x$y) ) = "$" "x" "y" not "x$y"?
8:55PM 1 overdispersed zero inflated continuous data
7:41PM 0 Revolutions blog: April roundup
6:37PM 2 plotting lines on old graph after par(new=TRUE)
5:37PM 1 FW: Installation problem
4:32PM 2 minor tick marks on boxplot log scale
4:18PM 2 R / JMP interface
12:05PM 1 How to match text string ith spaces
12:02PM 0 how to change the order of subgroups in forest plot using meta
10:15AM 1 Summary to data frame in R!!
8:34AM 2 Outlier Detection with k-Means
Tuesday May 6 2014
9:51PM 1 Mix of plain and italic text in ggplot categorical x-axis
6:09PM 2 Precedence and parentheses
4:21PM 1 conversion error from numeric to factor in raster: Error in 1:ncol(r) : argument of length 0, r command: as.factor()
9:07AM 2 changing x-axis in plot
5:19AM 2 Making a package works on any R version
Monday May 5 2014
9:44PM 1 Max characters from deparse(substitute(.))?
8:29PM 0 Degrees of Freedom GAM/GAMM
8:23PM 3 Lattice Histogram with Normal Curve - Y axis as percentages
7:39PM 1 function to compare lengths?
7:29PM 2 list.files accessing subdirectory as relative path?
7:02PM 1 Sciplot: Increasing the width of bargraph and decreasing the sapce b/n groups
1:46PM 1 R Package making error
1:43PM 2 multiply of two expressions
11:57AM 1 Plotting a Regression holding some exogeneous constant.
9:47AM 1 metaMDS in vegan: zero stress
7:42AM 1 DESeq vs DESeq2 different DEGs results
5:05AM 1 uniform number
5:02AM 1 function to compare lengths of objects?
2:37AM 0 MLE
Sunday May 4 2014
9:03PM 1 regexec: Unexpected answer when matching digits
5:19PM 1 Tick marks at the 0:0 point in a plot ()
12:44PM 4 Problem with products in R ?
Saturday May 3 2014
11:23PM 0 panel data: variable selection AND multicollinearity
10:28PM 0 Question on Cluster Package, agnes() function
7:51PM 0 mgcv gam bs=re questions
6:17PM 0 knitr - Highlight code/output
3:49PM 1 error in r
12:36PM 0 Logistic regression help!
12:02PM 1 auglag store parameters
7:27AM 1 Construction of Optimal Designs in the Language R
7:21AM 0 Bayesian PLS-Based Dimension Reduction and Classification Methods for Time to Event Data in R
2:15AM 3 Seeking well-commented versions of mgcv source code
Friday May 2 2014
11:50PM 1 Making a panel of scatter plots in R
9:23PM 4 SQL vs R
6:50PM 1 Writing to gzcon with rawConnection
6:34PM 1 How to fix the format in write.csv
5:17PM 2 Parsing XML file to data frame
1:57PM 0 Adding a column with a count of unique values
1:21PM 0 package for 'positive' incremental AUC determination?
8:46AM 2 Return "TRUE" only for first match of values between matrix and vector.
7:43AM 0 creating multiple orthogonal plans
7:17AM 1 extracting the first few eigenvectors
7:17AM 2 substring if a record has a "\"
2:11AM 1 Fwd: Difficulty in finding some R functions
12:00AM 1 how to extract a part of objects from list ?
Thursday May 1 2014
10:26PM 0 R and GML data from the Canadian Goverment
7:48PM 1 speeding up applying hist() over rows of a matrix
6:14PM 0 How do I create multiple orthogonal designs with the Conjoint package?
2:00PM 1 Understanding power analysis in glm and binomial proportion test
12:58PM 0 Tobit model with L1 and L2 penalties (elastic net)
11:47AM 1 error using polymars argument
7:43AM 3 legendre quadrature
7:34AM 0 Legendre quadrature
6:44AM 3 outer() problem