R help - Oct 2002

Thursday October 31 2002
7:32PM 1 new package RColorBrewer available
7:17PM 1 Zero is not Zero
6:58PM 2 Tables in graphics window
5:45PM 0 distributions homogeneity3
3:09PM 3 Loess with glm ?
2:52PM 1 New home for S Poetry
2:42PM 1 Re: gregmisc version 0.7.3 now available
11:51AM 0 Solved! Thanks! Please Help. Subtraction of Matrices?
9:51AM 2 Generating balanced incomplete block designs?
9:24AM 0 Changing pch spacing]
8:56AM 0 ANOVAs per grouping variable
7:10AM 7 Symbols for male/female
3:58AM 1 Please Help. Subtraction of Matrices?
2:41AM 3 Changing pch spacing
Wednesday October 30 2002
9:29PM 0 sm packcage compilation problem fixed
8:34PM 1 Error in Fields TPS function {svd ...} again
7:37PM 0 extracting Std. Error value from lm/nls
7:19PM 1 snip.rpart with R 1.6.0, problem solved
6:16PM 1 ..of R, OS X, and linux
5:45PM 0 sample size in anova and regression
4:27PM 1 help needed. Why R does not produce lattice graphics when running command 'source (file_name)'?
4:15PM 1 plotmath
3:55PM 0 data.frame as argument to data.frame
3:23PM 2 two small wishes for R
3:00PM 4 Sweave in packages
2:31PM 2 Mac OS 9 and file type/creator
2:21PM 1 RODBC update
1:44PM 2 snip.rpart with R 1.6.0
12:26PM 4 Flushing the R output buffer.
12:19PM 0 mixture variables
12:19PM 1 groupedData
11:10AM 1 Estimation of transfer function time series models
Tuesday October 29 2002
10:17PM 5 error in Fields TPS function
8:32PM 2 Apply function to column of array
5:45PM 0 Course *** R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, November 21-22, Princeton - New Jersey
5:19PM 2 RODBC blues
4:34PM 0 PCA with n << p (was R-1.6.0 crashing on RedHat6.3)
12:02PM 0 The Odds ratio of interactive value
11:42AM 4 sourcing the content of directories
9:40AM 2 StructTS
9:34AM 0 Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:34:07 +0100
9:11AM 5 unix environment variables under R
8:49AM 1 pretty not pretty
8:17AM 0 new package survrec
2:26AM 1 Numerical Integration
Monday October 28 2002
11:09PM 1 R as a library
11:00PM 2 Combining simulation results
10:32PM 2 subsetting character vector into groups of numerics
9:59PM 2 glmm for binomial data? (OT)
9:24PM 3 changing coordinates?
8:22PM 1 Nealder Meade and nlm
8:16PM 1 R-1.6.0 crashing on RedHat6.3
7:51PM 0 Quick Question
7:21PM 1 RE: RPMS of R for Red Hat 8.0
2:38PM 0 Fw: Re: Different missing values when exporting?
2:14PM 1 Nonlinear time series
1:51PM 2 labels for scattered points
11:50AM 4 arima() in for loop
11:38AM 3 create an object list in a loop
9:45AM 0 R Package installation
4:56AM 0 re: problem installing library sm
Sunday October 27 2002
2:22PM 0 Error message stack overflow
1:11AM 1 denoising univariate data with wavelets
Saturday October 26 2002
9:24PM 2 Still missing something on missing values...
12:24AM 2 Fortran
12:22AM 3 Using the Search Engine & Keywords
12:10AM 1 No subject
Friday October 25 2002
11:46PM 4 points on a sphere
11:05PM 2 source output differs from console output
10:05PM 0 refined reshape question
9:45PM 1 reshape: duplicate rows to multiple cols
7:01PM 4 R v/s S-plus
2:07PM 0 No subject
12:46PM 0 Age-period-cohort model
12:37PM 0 [., multiple inheritance, and R 1.6
11:16AM 1 Quantil-quantile plot help
10:41AM 2 functions
8:02AM 1 merge: How to preserve the original order?
8:01AM 1 Problem when fitting a constant response
6:10AM 2 re: problem installing library sm
Thursday October 24 2002
11:40PM 4 plot slow?
11:06PM 2 source function help
9:19PM 0 environmental variables list
9:16PM 0 mixed effect model
7:52PM 1 packages in non-system directories
7:05PM 1 nonlinear least square fit of a known function
4:08PM 1 package installation
4:03PM 0 Need rowModes, gsummary has errors
3:52PM 2 glm and lrm disagree with zero table cells
8:36AM 2 Tree construction in Rpart
8:10AM 0 Re: Gaussian Mixtures Models
2:13AM 1 Rjava failing to initialize in Windows 2000
1:58AM 0 ordinal logit
Wednesday October 23 2002
9:34PM 0 Survival+cmprsk seg fault
8:41PM 0 Obtaining covariance matrices for kmeans output clusters
5:02PM 0 R1.6.1 solves severe memory problem in R1.6.0
4:31PM 2 loglinear models
3:36PM 0 Question regarding RInterpreter.dll
2:18PM 0 2003 Chambers Software Competition [fwd]
1:26PM 1 R-1.6.0 compiled on 64-bit AIX- memory problem?
12:43PM 0 weighted nonlinear least squares wtih gnls
6:48AM 7 Counting NA?
1:32AM 1 vectorizing a function
Tuesday October 22 2002
10:03PM 1 Your opinions
9:49PM 2 cubic spline smoothers with heterogeneous variances
9:40PM 4 list of exit codes?
9:02PM 0 Documentation of R Version 2 binary file format (.rda)
8:03PM 1 Re: [S] Draw ellipses in S-PLUS or R?
7:29PM 2 Draw ellipses in S-PLUS or R?
5:05PM 1 extracting variables with patttern templates
4:13PM 1 axis
4:05PM 2 tracing a warning message?
4:00PM 0 gcc 3.2 performance
3:46PM 1 gnuclient.exe as pager ?
2:27PM 0 FW: Mixture Transition Distribution (MTD) time series model in R or S ?
1:13PM 5 Mixture of Univariate Normals
9:54AM 1 constraints again
8:17AM 0 dyn.load()
4:58AM 1 Sample from a hazard function
2:19AM 1 Gaussian Mixture Models
1:54AM 1 RE: [S] VIF Variance Inflation Factor
Monday October 21 2002
11:45PM 1 Script
11:39PM 2 overlaying plots
9:22PM 2 3-D scatter plot laid over Surface plot
6:30PM 0 trouble with R DCOM
3:39PM 1 Adjusting for heteroscedasticity
3:18PM 1 bug in nlme?
1:34PM 0 Sorry! [Fwd: Boot package for R 1.3.0]
1:31PM 0 Boot package for R 1.3.0
1:26PM 2 More Logistic Regression Tools?
12:30PM 1 Sparse Matrix Package
12:29PM 1 possible bug in sd
12:03PM 1 Does SJava work on Windows? It does (ish) on Linux
11:30AM 0 baseline category logits
10:43AM 3 Combinatorial Optimisation
9:27AM 1 R-software manual
9:23AM 4 mixed effect-models
7:01AM 2 newbie question: call C function from R in Windows XP
Sunday October 20 2002
7:42PM 0 Visualising the effects of PCAs
10:22AM 1 scatterplot3d
9:44AM 1 Make on RedHat 8.0
8:44AM 0 Interrupt calc/buffer output of R under Windows
Saturday October 19 2002
8:22PM 0 confidence intervals
1:41AM 1 Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 09:44:55 +0800
Friday October 18 2002
8:23PM 0 Correct placement of .tex files in an R package
7:42PM 1 Densities in legend
7:16PM 4 Building R on Mac OS X-"dumping methods" problem
5:28PM 0 Question regarding nonlinear regression
4:39PM 0 Gutman mu' monotonicity coefficient
2:48PM 0 Pulldown-Menue in tcl
1:28PM 0 Hmisc masks unpaste from Chron
10:27AM 7 RAM usage
9:32AM 0 extracting elements from data.frame using TRUE/FALSE
3:58AM 4 code to turn T into TRUE
12:22AM 2 Help with DLLs
Thursday October 17 2002
11:41PM 1 Startup on Windows 2000
9:30PM 2 data.frame bug?
8:56PM 2 Nonlinear PCA function
7:39PM 4 Newbie Time Series Questions
6:40PM 0 FW: Posix Problem, difftime
6:38PM 1 LAD
4:51PM 4 Posix Problem, difftime
4:47PM 2 making R-1.6.0 on Linux Debian
4:15PM 0 questions about batch manipulation
4:13PM 2 Installing R1.6.0 on SGI
4:04PM 0 weighted nls
3:56PM 1 matrix input
3:24PM 3 Non-central distributions
3:07PM 0 spatial ARMA
2:29PM 1 panel vs subpanel in cloud from lattice library
1:20PM 0 Data import
12:51PM 2 'text' can't find "x"
11:25AM 1 manova with Error?
11:07AM 0 Mixture Transition Distribution (MTD) time series model in R or S ?
10:18AM 0 Polar plot, circular plot (angular data)
9:00AM 0 tapply result into plotting
7:56AM 1 xyplot(y~x, type="l") with missing values (NA)
6:40AM 0 constructing grouped data object when grouping is nested within a fixed factor
6:32AM 0 RE: R2HTML package for R 1.6
5:48AM 2 Help
4:04AM 4 Multiple colors in plots/lookup function
1:28AM 2 Trigamma function
Wednesday October 16 2002
11:34PM 1 FIXED: error in make pkg-...
11:08PM 0 error in make pkg-...
10:35PM 1 Batch mode on windows
8:55PM 1 how to overlay the histogram with fitted gamma density plot (emergent!!)
6:10PM 1 performance issues: gcc 2.95.3 vs. gcc 3.2.0
5:48PM 0 [Fwd: Ordinary and simple kriging]
4:47PM 0 Ordinary and simple kriging
12:40PM 0 CGI and RSPerl
10:14AM 0 peaks
9:55AM 0 log10(), floor() combo issue / APL-encode, APL-decode, chcode
5:11AM 5 Database newbee problem...
3:01AM 0 StructTS basic question (Without html-ification, I hope!)
1:10AM 1 Seeking compiled OS X "contrib" packages
12:48AM 0 lme and singularities
Tuesday October 15 2002
9:00PM 1 No subject
4:44PM 0 setting xlim in plot of POSIXlt values
4:38PM 2 case study of efficient R coding
3:30PM 1 Plotting two ecdf curves on same axes
3:13PM 1 X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
2:20PM 1 R memory
1:37PM 0 Identification of heterogeneous subpopulation (MECOSA3)
11:38AM 2 V-value in the wilcox.test resp. wilcox.exact
11:29AM 2 glm and Newey-West estimator
9:49AM 0 Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
Monday October 14 2002
11:21PM 0 Browser icon for CRAN
9:20PM 2 Another newbie question: curve of normal distribution
8:10PM 1 import a bitmap image and add it to graphics display
5:10PM 2 Vector of quantiles
4:19PM 3 normalizing data sets
3:34PM 1 New to R and need help
3:03PM 1 Question: concatenating lists
2:33PM 1 R 1.6.0 Solaris crash with xmalloc: out of virtual memory
2:00PM 0 re: OSF/Tru64 binaries?
1:35PM 0 Functions for Descriptive Statistics and Inference
12:50PM 0 Condividi i tuoi files con Grokster
12:48PM 0 Thanks
12:20PM 2 barplot + plot
8:50AM 4 log10(), floor() combo issue?
8:34AM 1 Post hoc Multiple comparison
4:29AM 2 TEST
Sunday October 13 2002
9:47PM 1 barplot(): X-Axis Labels
6:36PM 2 HOW to resize existing graphics window??
5:49PM 1 R-1.5.1 for MacOS X
5:33PM 3 R process size growing in time...
2:18PM 3 No subject
10:26AM 0 row and column totals in multidimensional tables
Saturday October 12 2002
7:34PM 0 max, min residuals for qqnorm plot
6:27PM 1 reshape
5:44PM 6 Learning R: which book to choose?
1:35PM 0 barplot x axis
Friday October 11 2002
7:53PM 1 Any MD5 digests for source files?
7:46PM 1 Rebuilding $HOME/.R/help.db
6:00PM 2 Installing local package under Windows.
4:58PM 5 replace
4:11PM 4 read.table( ... comment.char="#") truncated my data
3:44PM 1 Help about the white noise test
2:42PM 1 binary to decimal number
12:49PM 1 Problems with cclust
12:32PM 1 absurd computiation times of lme
11:47AM 1 plot region ??
9:48AM 0 RE: [R-gui] NEdit Highligth patterns for R
9:09AM 2 No subject
8:41AM 1 automatic chi-square grouping in R
7:38AM 0 No subject
2:05AM 0 BATCH problem
Thursday October 10 2002
10:40PM 0 R 1.6.0 on alphaserver ds10
10:38PM 1 make check when installing R-1.6.0
9:47PM 0 looking for a quick solution
8:38PM 1 CRAN mirror
7:56PM 0 No subject
6:31PM 2 tapply for matrices
6:28PM 1 Extracting p values from object of class `"pairwise.htest"'
5:16PM 1 cex in Windows vs. Linux
4:41PM 0 Variance in interp (akima)
4:20PM 1 contour in lattice
1:37PM 0 Re: [R-gui] NEdit Highligth patterns for R
1:27PM 0 help ! calculating relative mortality using survival5
1:01PM 1 MIME-Version: 1.0
12:36PM 4 Correspondence analysis/optimal scaling with ordinal variable
12:03PM 0 "multivariate" mixed models with crossed random effects
11:19AM 1 NEdit Highligth patterns for R
9:44AM 1 problem with Sweave on 1.6 on NT4
7:44AM 2 Help?
7:42AM 2 Environment variables under Windows
7:16AM 0 normalizing heteroscedastic variance
6:48AM 1 Aggregating data -- table almost does it
6:16AM 4 Generating AR1 data
4:20AM 1 Exporting Charts or Graphs
2:31AM 1 read.table conversion question
Wednesday October 9 2002
11:42PM 1 Help with
11:23PM 1 grid graphics and par settings
9:25PM 1 Multiple plots
7:30PM 5 polynomial
7:05PM 0 Dealing with xmalloc: out of virtual memory
6:19PM 3 Summary: proc mixed vs. lme
11:39AM 1 log in barplot
11:18AM 1 Large F-value and small P-value
8:53AM 1 s.window in stl()
8:35AM 0 R 1.6.0 benchmark with and without optimized ATLAS
8:28AM 3 proc mixed vs. lme
7:23AM 3 Multiplication of Matrices
12:56AM 1 Summary Orthogonal Polynomials
Tuesday October 8 2002
11:15PM 2 plotting questions
7:50PM 3 repeated measures help; disagreement with SPSS
7:41PM 1 Numeric to factor
6:55PM 2 Orthogonal Polynomials
6:17PM 2 data.frame merge matching several columns
3:06PM 2 sem (lisrel) - starting problems
2:34PM 0 Windows binaries on cran.us.r-project.org
1:31PM 1 image axes
11:04AM 2 temporal simulation
10:58AM 3 hash argument of new.env()
8:12AM 2 Frailty and coxph
6:11AM 1 dyn.load and c-function
3:18AM 3 status of CRAN
Monday October 7 2002
11:25PM 2 PostgreSQL & DBI or ???
3:30PM 0 Problems with libpng12.so.0 in Mandrake 8.2 )
2:46PM 0 Why are big data.frames slow? What can I do to get it fas ter?
2:01PM 0 Rcmd check examples
1:23PM 2 Error in writeBin(object, con, size = 2)
9:30AM 3 RE: new packages: geepack and KMsurv
Sunday October 6 2002
1:49PM 2 Why are big data.frames slow? What can I do to get it faster?
4:09AM 6 error bars in line plots
Saturday October 5 2002
2:43PM 4 Implementation of S-Plus "nlmib" routine in R
12:49PM 0 R.1.6.0 and R CMD check (one more thing)
12:47PM 2 R-1.6.0 and R CMD check
Friday October 4 2002
8:04PM 0 Binaries of R-1.6.0 for Debian
7:05PM 1 Getting rid of extra connections?
5:37PM 0 Using an external editor to write functions
4:59PM 3 R 1.6 Gui for Windows
4:07PM 1 Fortran and R: F90
2:06PM 1 gnls from library nlme
10:35AM 1 dropterm in a function
8:21AM 1 pipes in R
6:58AM 0 RMySQL_0.5-0 installation problem
5:25AM 1 Rterm Rcmd failure
5:05AM 0 pairs() of pair
3:35AM 0 Model II regression on segmented data
2:25AM 1 Does the perl language have an equivalent to browser?
1:24AM 2 spline bug ?
Thursday October 3 2002
8:19PM 2 Error in princomp?
7:15PM 0 [Fwd: curiousity with hist]
7:14PM 2 lm fitting with a specified slope
6:57PM 0 curiousity with hist
12:20PM 1 cacheMetaData in R-1.6.0
11:11AM 1 Strange behaviour of "image"
7:44AM 1 Newbie Q: Help with loading libraries in Mac OS X
2:47AM 1 install.packages("grid") failed
12:48AM 1 ts() object
Wednesday October 2 2002
9:38PM 2 R vs Fortran
9:07PM 0 Downloading the basic package
7:51PM 0 Your application is on GNUWin II
7:37PM 0 Calling R functions from C++ code
7:26PM 6 help to make a map on R
5:44PM 2 xtable for Cox model output
5:06PM 2 .C() and C++ name mangling
4:44PM 3 Convert daily to weekly ts ?
4:24PM 2 drop1
2:06PM 1 Parameterisation of interaction terms in lm
1:46PM 1 Workshop: DSC 2003
1:31PM 4 Atlas shared
12:01PM 2 output from script
11:48AM 0 Alternative to slow double for() loop
11:01AM 0 R Guide for Windows Users -- Updated
10:01AM 4 Introduction of NA:s
9:28AM 4 T-Distribution
8:19AM 0 Re: Rcmd SHLIB" does not work
Tuesday October 1 2002
10:13PM 1 R kills procedure during model fitting
9:18PM 2 Does R have graphlets?
8:05PM 1 High Frequency Time Series
1:24PM 2 R-gui
1:24PM 0 Delayed (and doubled) R-help mails
1:09PM 0 R GUI
12:01PM 6 R-1.6.0 is released
10:01AM 0 PAM and CLARA
9:55AM 1 Cleveland's Cut-and-Stack Plot
7:30AM 1 Image treatement