zfs discuss - Apr 2010

Friday April 30 2010
2:31PM 0 ARC Summary
9:50AM 0 Can we recover a deleted directory?
5:11AM 3 Panic when deleting a large dedup snapshot
2:24AM 9 ZFS snapshot versus Netapp - Security and convenience
Thursday April 29 2010
7:35PM 1 zfs inherit vs. received properties
5:21PM 1 Question about du and compression
4:54PM 0 How to clear invisible, partially received snapshots?
5:02AM 39 Best practice for full stystem backup - equivelent of ufsdump/ufsrestore
Wednesday April 28 2010
11:02PM 2 The next release
10:21PM 2 backwards/forward compatibility
8:51PM 3 OpenSolaris snv_134 zfs pool hangs after some time with dedup=on
6:54PM 7 ZFS, NFS, and ACLs ssues
6:12PM 1 How Do I know if a ZFS snapshot is complete?
4:00PM 4 ZFS: "Cannot replace a replacing drive"
9:42AM 1 ZFS & Mysql
2:27AM 0 Zpool errors
1:54AM 6 Compellant announces zNAS
1:07AM 3 Solaris 10 default caching segmap/vpm size
Tuesday April 27 2010
9:06PM 21 Migrate ZFS volume to new pool
5:29PM 2 ZFS version information changes (heads up)
3:17PM 42 Performance drop during scrub?
1:20PM 7 Mapping inode numbers to file names
7:16AM 3 MPT issues strikes back
3:54AM 5 rpool on ssd. endurance question.
Monday April 26 2010
9:41PM 4 Spare in use althought disk is healthy ?
11:28AM 2 How to delegate zfs snapshot destroy to users?
5:21AM 2 Identifying drives
5:02AM 23 SAS vs SATA: Same size, same speed, why SAS?
4:44AM 8 Thoughts on drives for ZIL/L2ARC?
Sunday April 25 2010
7:36PM 2 Help:Is zfs-fuse''s performance is not good
Saturday April 24 2010
9:12PM 0 zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 54, Issue 153
8:45PM 2 Disk/Partition replacement - do partition begin/end/offsets matter?
7:46PM 6 Extremely slow raidz resilvering
6:40PM 0 Performance data for dedup?
5:56PM 4 not showing data in L2ARC or ZIL
4:21PM 3 ZFS RAID-Z2 degraded vs RAID-Z1
5:40AM 10 ZFS Pool, what happen when disk failure
Friday April 23 2010
10:01PM 0 Accessing ZFS on OpenSolaris server, using a windows 7 client
3:41PM 10 ZFS deduplication ratio on Server 2008 backup VHD files
2:17PM 5 Data movement across filesystems within a pool
11:06AM 12 Re-attaching zpools after machine termination [amazon ebs & ec2]
Thursday April 22 2010
6:59PM 19 Is it safe to disable the swap partition?
5:26PM 27 Mac OS X clients with ZFS server
5:23PM 4 Severe Problems on ZFS server
2:30PM 3 Find out which of many FS from a zpool is busy?
12:50AM 0 Solaris 10 zfs updates
Wednesday April 21 2010
10:23PM 2 HELP! zpool corrupted data
7:33PM 3 Adding a higher level partition to ZFS pool
6:59PM 6 Identifying what zpools are exported
10:16AM 9 build a zfs continuous data replication in opensolaris
6:41AM 7 Is file cloning anywhere on ZFS roadmap
3:43AM 6 Benchmarking Methodologies
2:38AM 5 Double slash in mountpoint
Tuesday April 20 2010
9:46PM 2 In iSCSI hell...
4:29PM 3 Recovering data
3:19PM 1 can''t destroy snapshot (continue)
2:18PM 0 Co-creator of ZFS, Bill Moore joins Nexenta advisory board
5:18AM 28 Oracle to no longer support ZFS on OpenSolaris?
4:13AM 12 Can RAIDZ disks be slices ?
Monday April 19 2010
11:32PM 4 upgrade zfs stripe
2:28PM 0 ZFS destroy snapshot stall writes? (snv_130).
8:42AM 7 Best way to expand a raidz pool
2:13AM 1 Can''t import pool due to missing log device
12:08AM 6 Large size variations - what is canonical method
Sunday April 18 2010
6:57AM 2 zpool lists 2 controllers the same, how do I replace one?
Saturday April 17 2010
11:17PM 3 zfs snapshots and rsync
2:59PM 85 SSD best practices
3:26AM 2 Is it safe/possible to idle HD''s in a ZFS Vdev to save wear/power?
Friday April 16 2010
11:41PM 14 Making an rpool smaller?
9:34PM 5 ZFS mirror
5:56PM 10 Making ZFS better: rm files/directories from snapshots
5:54PM 66 Making ZFS better: zfshistory
5:49PM 4 Making ZFS better: file/directory granularity in-place rollback
5:13PM 1 cannot set property for ''rpool'': property ''bootfs'' not supported on EFI labeled devices
9:19AM 3 crypted zvol bandwith => lofidevice=`pfexec lofiadm -a /dev/zvol/rdsk/$volumepath -c aes-256-cbc`
5:59AM 10 Setting up ZFS on AHCI disks
5:21AM 19 recomend sata controller 4 Home server with zfs raidz2 and 8x1tb hd
Thursday April 15 2010
9:22PM 6 ZFS for ISCSI ntfs backing store.
1:01PM 0 zpool created over existing one, recovery
9:01AM 2 raidz2 drive failure zpool will not import
6:01AM 1 zdb zpool show as ''Value too large for defined data type"
4:21AM 0 How can I get the unuse partition size or usage after it is been used.
2:04AM 6 dedup screwing up snapshot deletion
Wednesday April 14 2010
3:54PM 8 getconf test for case insensitive ZFS?
3:50PM 7 ZFS Perfomance
3:38PM 2 brtfs on Solaris? (Re: [osol-discuss] [indiana-discuss] So when are we gonna fork this sucker?)
3:04PM 5 casesensitivity mixed and CIFS
12:41PM 22 Which build is the most stable, mainly for NAS (zfs)?
9:57AM 1 Checksum errors on and after resilver
8:49AM 2 ZIL errors but device seems OK
7:05AM 7 Replaced drive in zpool, was fine, now degraded - ohno
1:57AM 0 problem in recovering back data solaris zfs
Tuesday April 13 2010
5:52PM 2 b134 panic in ddt_sync_entry()
2:48PM 10 Suggestions about current ZFS setup
12:22PM 13 Snapshots and Data Loss
9:42AM 1 Post crash - what to do
8:54AM 0 How to add gpxe,dhcpd to EON
6:51AM 0 select a qlogic fc HBA port to a qlc/qlt mode?
5:47AM 6 Fileserver help.
4:28AM 0 problem in recovering back data
3:39AM 0 How to Catch ZFS error with syslog?
3:01AM 4 ZFS RAID-Z1 Degraded Array won''t import
2:40AM 0 ZFS RAID-Z Degraded Array won''t import
Monday April 12 2010
6:12PM 1 ZFS Send/Receive Question
5:20PM 11 snapshots taking too much space
3:05PM 5 How to Catch ZFS error with syslog ?
10:58AM 0 CIFS in production and my experience so far, advice needed
3:59AM 16 Why would zfs have too many errors when underlying raid array is fine?
Sunday April 11 2010
4:55PM 0 ZFS-8000-8A: Able to go back to normal without destroying whole pool?
6:32AM 1 ZFS effective short-stroking and connection to thin provisioning?
Saturday April 10 2010
7:51PM 15 Create 1 pool from 3 exising pools in mirror configuration
6:20PM 41 Secure delete?
3:28PM 4 Sync Write - ZIL log performance - Feedback for ZFS developers?
3:08PM 21 What happens when unmirrored ZIL log device is removed ungracefully
Friday April 9 2010
10:52PM 8 Areca ARC-1680 on OpenSolaris 2009.06?
10:08PM 0 LUN re-hosting (aka FC gateway)
7:38PM 8 about backup and mirrored pools
7:27PM 3 L2ARC L2_Size kstat fluctuate
6:20PM 4 zfs send hangs
12:33PM 3 backup pool
11:58AM 0 Snv_126 Kernel PF Panic
8:58AM 7 Replacing disk in zfs pool
12:28AM 1 ZFS kstat Stats
Thursday April 8 2010
8:06PM 1 ZFS monitoring - best practices?
Wednesday April 7 2010
8:32PM 3 Locking snapshots when using zfs send
5:47PM 14 compression property not received
5:40PM 53 ZFS RaidZ recommendation
4:05PM 1 Reclaiming Windows Partitions
Tuesday April 6 2010
5:44PM 2 "refreservation" and ZFS Volume
3:53PM 1 ZFS Rollback From ZFS Send
3:52PM 1 ZFS on-disk DDT block arrangement
3:26PM 14 SSD sale on newegg
1:29AM 6 ZFS: Raid and dedup
Monday April 5 2010
7:48PM 14 Are there (non-Sun/Oracle) vendors selling OpenSolaris/ZFS based NAS Hardware?
7:34PM 0 EON ZFS Storage 0.60.0 based on snv 130, Sun-set release!
3:16PM 0 Why does ARC grow above hard limit?
10:46AM 7 Removing SSDs from pool
8:12AM 10 Tuning the ARC towards LRU
7:38AM 3 no hot spare activation?
5:28AM 5 ZFS getting slower over time
1:55AM 6 mpxio load-balancing...it doesn''t work??
Sunday April 4 2010
11:03PM 0 It''s alive, and thank you all for the help.
8:05PM 0 Which zfs options are replicated
2:13PM 1 vPool unavailable but RaidZ1 is online
2:00PM 15 Diagnosing Permanent Errors
2:05AM 2 Problems with zfs and a "STK RAID INT" SAS HBA
Friday April 2 2010
7:19PM 0 ZFS behavior under limited resources
7:37AM 2 [install-discuss] Installing Opensolaris without ZFS?
7:35AM 0 ARC Tail
6:18AM 28 To slice, or not to slice
4:45AM 1 Question about large pools
4:41AM 6 L2ARC & Workingset Size
1:52AM 4 RAID-Z with Permanent errors detected in files
12:39AM 7 dedup and memory/l2arc requirements
Thursday April 1 2010
9:25PM 1 ZFS panic
7:46PM 6 how can I remove files when the fiile system is full?
5:22PM 0 [basic hdw] sata devices and newer 3gb sata spec
12:11AM 6 benefits of zfs root over ufs root