zfs discuss - Mar 2010

Wednesday March 31 2010
2:04PM 0 Cannot replace a failed device
12:51PM 14 can''t destroy snapshot
11:52AM 0 Block locations in a mirror vdev ?
9:27AM 10 bit-flipping in RAM...
9:05AM 1 Need advice on handling 192 TB of Storage on hardware raid storage
1:08AM 1 How to destroy iscsi dataset?
Tuesday March 30 2010
10:25PM 4 VMware client solaris 10, RAW physical disk and zfs snapshots problem - all created snapshots are equal to zero.
9:39PM 6 Simultaneous failure recovery
8:38PM 0 Resilver observations
10:30AM 154 Sun Flash Accelerator F20 numbers
7:26AM 0 broken zfs root
Monday March 29 2010
11:42PM 2 pool won''t import
10:38PM 10 zfs diff
10:18PM 7 zfs recreate questions
8:10PM 19 sharing a ssd between rpool and l2arc
2:39PM 0 Adaptec AAC driver - Howto
1:49PM 0 FYI: Ben Rockwood: Solaris no longer free
1:25PM 6 Adaptec AAC driver
1:21AM 3 on alignment and verification
Sunday March 28 2010
9:31PM 9 Cannot replace a replacing device
Saturday March 27 2010
10:14PM 2 ZFS RAIDZ Auto Resize?
7:26PM 14 b134 - Mirrored rpool won''t boot unless both mirrors are present
6:18PM 16 zpool split problem?
5:18PM 5 Snapshots, txgs and performance
4:18PM 11 What about this status report
4:51AM 4 Mixed ZFS vdev in same pool.
Friday March 26 2010
10:26PM 10 SSD As ARC
10:22PM 3 ZFS RaidZ to RaidZ2
6:39PM 23 RAID10
3:55PM 10 ZFS and 4kb sector Drives (All new western digital GREEN Drives?)
2:25AM 3 ZFS size calculation. Again!
Thursday March 25 2010
9:45PM 5 ZFS hex dump diagrams?
7:47PM 15 zfs send/receive - actual performance
7:33PM 13 ZFS where to go!
6:25PM 5 Write retry errors to SSD''s on SAS backplane (mpt)
6:25PM 0 NexentaStor Community edition 3.0 released
1:28PM 24 RAIDZ2 configuration
1:13PM 6 zfs send and ARC
12:59AM 10 ZFS file system confusion
Wednesday March 24 2010
7:20PM 14 ZFS backup configuration
5:52PM 6 To reserve space
4:12PM 1 Fwd: Re: ZFS on a 11TB HW RAID-5 controller
4:01PM 21 ZFS on a 11TB HW RAID-5 controller
Tuesday March 23 2010
5:17PM 0 Question: zfs set userquota not working on existing datasets
5:00PM 4 Moving drives around...
4:06PM 0 ZFS on Advanced format (4kb sector) drives
5:58AM 6 pool use from network poor performance
3:23AM 2 LSISAS2004 support
12:07AM 0 zfs send/receive and file system properties
Monday March 22 2010
8:34PM 15 snapshots as versioning tool
12:32PM 1 David Plaunt is currently away.
Sunday March 21 2010
9:16PM 1 arc_summary.pl results
Saturday March 20 2010
7:07PM 33 Proposition of a new zpool property.
3:48PM 10 is this pool recoverable?
2:18PM 6 ISCSI + RAID-Z + OpenSolaris HA
4:25AM 4 ZFS+CIFS: Volume Shadow Services, or Simple Symlink?
2:07AM 5 sympathetic (or just multiple) drive failures
Friday March 19 2010
8:18PM 1 Error in zfs list output?
4:26PM 3 zpool I/O error
12:32PM 9 Rethinking my zpool
9:51AM 0 zpool import problem
7:28AM 11 Q : recommendations for zpool configuration
5:38AM 14 ZFS send and receive corruption across a WAN link?
Thursday March 18 2010
8:48PM 0 Heap corruption, possibly hotswap related (snv_134 with imr_sas, nvdisk drivers)
6:44PM 6 Validating alignment of NTFS/VMDK/ZFS blocks
9:50AM 13 ZFS/OSOL/Firewire...
4:19AM 2 lazy zfs destroy
12:03AM 8 Is this a sensible spec for an iSCSI storgage box?
Wednesday March 17 2010
10:32PM 0 performance issues with raid 0 luns
9:03PM 5 Scrub not completing?
8:46PM 0 checksum errors increasing on "spare" vdev?
4:25PM 2 ZFS: clarification on meaning of the autoreplace property
2:23PM 12 ZFS Performance on SATA Deive
11:28AM 82 Thoughts on ZFS Pool Backup Strategies
9:43AM 1 How to reserve space for a file on a zfs filesystem
Tuesday March 16 2010
10:23PM 2 Problem importing a pool consisting of mkfile elements
6:15PM 11 Can we get some documentation on iSCSI sharing after comstar took over?
1:57PM 2 dedup rollback taking a long time.
12:45PM 10 dedupratio riddle
11:35AM 7 Usage of hot spares and hardware allocation capabilities.
11:24AM 0 can I configure a fc-san initiator for a storage array?
Monday March 15 2010
9:20PM 1 pool causes kernel panic, recursive mutex enter, 134
8:39PM 1 persistent L2ARC
2:55PM 10 corruption of ZFS on iScsi storage
2:38PM 31 Posible newbie question about space between zpool and zfs file systems
5:54AM 5 zpool reporting consistent read errors
Sunday March 14 2010
6:54PM 13 CR 6880994 and pkg fix
2:46PM 0 Disk label reference info
Saturday March 13 2010
8:29PM 3 When to Scrub..... ZFS That Is
12:54PM 29 How to manage scrub priority or defer scrub?
Friday March 12 2010
3:09PM 0 [OT] Interesting ranking of MLC SSDs
10:59AM 4 Change a zpool to raidz
7:28AM 2 zpool reporting corrupt metadata
5:59AM 2 ZFS error while enabling DIRECT_IO for the DB chunks
12:52AM 27 Intel SASUC8I - worth every penny
Thursday March 11 2010
2:27PM 1 Convert from rz2 to rz1
11:32AM 7 ZFS - VMware ESX --> vSphere Upgrade : Zpool Faulted
11:00AM 0 Re: [Fwd: ZFS and FM(A)]
9:33AM 0 ZFS Discuss - Excess Mailing List Digests
2:21AM 5 " . . formatted using older on-disk format . ."
12:18AM 1 zpool iostat / how to tell if your iop bound
Wednesday March 10 2010
10:04PM 1 ZFS and FM(A)
8:28PM 7 Replacing a failed/failed mirrored root disk
6:49PM 3 ZFS and Striped Mirror behavior with fixed size virtual disks
1:54PM 8 zfs send and receive ... any ideas for FEC?
2:47AM 21 sharenfs option rw,root=host1 don''t take effect
Tuesday March 9 2010
7:51PM 12 backup zpool to tape
6:36PM 0 about zfs exported on nfs
5:50PM 0 and another video: ZFS Dynamic LUN Expansion
4:56PM 0 new video: George Wilson on ZFS Dedup
1:18PM 1 rpool devaliases
7:57AM 0 snv_133 mpt_sas driver
3:30AM 1 Couple Questions about replacing a drive in a zpool
2:32AM 6 what to do when errors occur during scrub
1:57AM 18 terrible ZFS performance compared to UFS on ramdisk (70% drop)
Monday March 8 2010
8:08PM 5 full backup == scrub?
6:47PM 7 Recover rpool
6:33PM 4 Can you manually trigger spares?
5:10PM 1 Assign Spares
5:00PM 1 Hardware Failure Best Practices
1:16PM 5 Using zfs-auto-snapshot for automatic backups
2:09AM 11 ZFS for my home RAID? Or Linux Software RAID?
12:40AM 1 zpool will not import on a different controller
Sunday March 7 2010
7:43PM 1 ZFS priorization for filesystems / zvols ?
6:30PM 9 getting drive serial number
4:59PM 2 Wildcards to zfs list
7:19AM 0 strangeness after resilvering disk from raidz1 on disks with no EFI GPTs
1:38AM 4 Thoughts pls. : Create 3 way rpool mirror and shelve one mirror as a backup
Saturday March 6 2010
9:02PM 3 Monitoring my disk activity
5:41PM 4 ZFS aclmode property
Friday March 5 2010
11:15PM 5 zpool on sparse files
10:05PM 0 SUMMARY: Any way to fix ZFS "sparse file bug" #6792701
5:43PM 3 hotplugging sata drives in opensolaris
3:32PM 2 ZFS replication send/receive errors out
1:36PM 12 WriteBack versus SSD-ZIL
11:43AM 1 De-duplication - Similar Blocks at Different Offsets
9:46AM 17 why L2ARC device is used to store files ?
8:34AM 5 snv_133 mpt0 freezing machine
2:52AM 1 ZFS and a botched SAN migration
2:21AM 4 j4500 cache flush
Thursday March 4 2010
10:20PM 12 Snapshot recycle freezes system activity
5:32PM 2 Non-redundant zpool behavior?
4:08PM 13 Fishworks 2010Q1 and dedup bug?
1:52PM 8 Huge difference in reporting disk usage via du and zfs list. Fragmentation?
11:43AM 19 [osol-discuss] Moving Storage to opensolaris+zfs. What about backup?
9:46AM 12 Hardware for high-end ZFS NAS file server - 2010 March edition
Wednesday March 3 2010
11:46PM 7 (FreeBSD) ZFS RAID: Disk fails while replacing another disk
10:32PM 6 recovering data - howto mount rpool to newpool?
5:35PM 2 Moving Storage to opensolaris+zfs. What about backup?
4:19PM 0 [osol-help] ZFS two way replication
3:09PM 26 How to verify ecc for ram is active and enabled?
1:19PM 3 swap across multiple pools
10:54AM 6 Question about multiple RAIDZ vdevs using slices on the same disk
12:54AM 0 couple of quick questions with regard to dedup
Tuesday March 2 2010
10:41PM 3 Problems with raidz2 resilvering with a TON of files
9:59PM 1 ZFS two way replication
8:36PM 1 How to disable ZIL and benchmark disk speed irresponsibly
7:58PM 8 Weird drive configuration, how to improve the situation
6:28PM 2 System crash on zpool attach & object_count == usedobjs failed assertion
5:08PM 12 Any way to fix ZFS "sparse file bug" #6792701
3:40PM 3 compressed root pool at installation time with flash archive predeployment script
3:08PM 4 ZFS Large scale deployment model
8:38AM 9 Filebench Performance is weird
7:27AM 11 Expand zpool capacity
4:48AM 11 Consolidating a huge stack of DVDs using ZFS dedup: automation?
Monday March 1 2010
10:57PM 2 flying ZFS pools
9:24PM 0 Size of a single ARC Hit !!
8:16PM 2 image-update looping in libzfs or libbe
6:58PM 3 Mismatched replication levels
4:55PM 2 Snapshot sizes
4:23PM 5 Installing Solaris 10 with ZFS Root FS
4:16PM 2 Mirror Stripe
11:13AM 3 zpool creation question - should i add slice number?
10:38AM 1 Long time on old metaslab policy - fragmented pool?
9:31AM 1 ARC & Maxphys & recordsize
8:30AM 1 crashed zpool
8:21AM 4 ARC **REAL** Size ??
4:51AM 10 suggested ssd for zil
3:35AM 1 zpool import as unavailable when mpxio disabled
3:24AM 15 What''s the advantage of using multiple filesystems in a pool
3:11AM 4 sizing for L2ARC and dedup...