zfs discuss - May 2010

Monday May 31 2010
2:44PM 3 zfs permanent errors in a clone
12:44PM 2 zfs inheritance
11:47AM 2 mirror writes 10x slower than individual writes
Sunday May 30 2010
10:04PM 19 Small stalls slowing down rsync from holding network saturation every 5 seconds
9:37PM 7 Disk space overhead (total volume size) by ZFS
6:46PM 5 zpool/zfs list question
1:40PM 1 No mount all at boot
Saturday May 29 2010
11:53PM 4 ZFS and IBM SDD Vpaths
7:54AM 2 Zfs mirror boot hang at boot
Friday May 28 2010
9:21PM 1 zpool vdev''s
8:24PM 10 [zfs/zpool] hang at boot
6:54PM 21 expand zfs for OpenSolaris running inside vm
6:36PM 0 ZFS synchronous and asynchronous I/O
5:05PM 6 zfs send/recv reliability
4:04PM 0 zpool iostat question
4:04PM 2 Can I change copies to 2 *after* I have copied a bunch of files?
Thursday May 27 2010
8:02PM 21 nfs share of nested zfs directories?
1:32PM 3 Windows file versioning integration?
8:37AM 5 zpool status output confusion
Wednesday May 26 2010
6:47PM 2 ZFS dedup, snapshots and NFS
1:10PM 14 creating a fast ZIL device for $200
12:08PM 24 iScsi slow
9:08AM 2 zfs send to S7000
6:42AM 2 gang blocks at will?
Tuesday May 25 2010
7:03PM 2 multiple crashes upon boot after upgrading build 134 to 138, 139 or 140
6:35PM 1 Can I recover filesystem from an offline pool?
12:11PM 5 USB Flashdrive as SLOG?
9:55AM 3 get parent dataset
8:58AM 14 unsetting the bootfs property possible? imported a FreeBSD pool
7:42AM 2 question about zpool iostat output
Monday May 24 2010
9:48PM 16 questions about zil
8:52PM 6 zfs/lofi/share panic
8:18PM 0 zpool export takes too long time in build-134
5:47PM 6 Removing disks from a ZRAID config?
2:15PM 7 cannot import pool from another system, device-ids different! please help!
5:26AM 17 confused
1:05AM 3 iSCSI confusion
12:00AM 6 zfs replace multiple drives
Sunday May 23 2010
1:18AM 7 snapshots send/recv
Saturday May 22 2010
5:50PM 20 Understanding ZFS performance.
6:49AM 6 HDD Serial numbers for ZFS
1:00AM 1 hybrid drive: flash and platters
Friday May 21 2010
9:32PM 7 ZFS no longer working with FC devices.
9:26AM 4 Tank zpool has tanked out :(
Thursday May 20 2010
8:23PM 13 send/recv over ssh
7:01PM 0 zfs unmount returns with Invalid Argument
6:53PM 5 don''t mount a zpool on boot
5:51PM 9 zfs recordsize change improves performance
3:05PM 5 Interesting experience with Nexenta - anyone seen it?
1:52PM 2 reconstruct recovery of rpool zpool and zfs file system with bad sectors
11:31AM 5 zfs question
8:39AM 4 root pool mirror problems
1:29AM 0 mpt hotswap procedure
Wednesday May 19 2010
11:44PM 0 vibrations and consumer drives
8:12PM 0 zpool import On Fail Over Server Using Shared SAS zpool Storage But Not Shared cache SSD Devices
3:40PM 7 zfs mount -a kernel panic
1:31PM 0 Review: SuperMicro’s SC847 (SC847A) 4U chassis with 36 drive bays
12:06PM 7 ZFS memory recommendations
10:05AM 4 inodes in snapshots
4:08AM 0 zhist good enough for usage
2:18AM 1 scsi messages and mpt warning in log - harmless, or indicating a problem?
Tuesday May 18 2010
11:28PM 52 New SSD options
7:49PM 3 Is dedupe ready for prime time?
5:19PM 3 spares bug: explain to me status of bug report.
2:40PM 9 ZFS in campus clusters
12:21PM 25 Very serious performance degradation
11:06AM 2 Pool revcovery from replaced disks.
Monday May 17 2010
1:25PM 4 Strategies for expanding storage area of home storage-server
11:41AM 6 I/O statistics for each file system
8:26AM 1 zpool replace lockup / replace process now stalled, how to fix?
Sunday May 16 2010
8:36PM 9 can you recover a pool if you lose the zil (b134+)
Saturday May 15 2010
6:52PM 7 Unable to Destroy One Particular Snapshot
6:40PM 7 dedup status
5:19PM 2 ZFS home server (Brandon High)
11:01AM 28 Ideal SATA/SAS Controllers for ZFS
9:43AM 6 3 Data Disks: partitioning for 1 Raid0 and 1 Raidz1
Friday May 14 2010
10:16PM 0 ZFS home server
1:15PM 2 useradd(1M) and ZFS dataset homedirs
Thursday May 13 2010
8:51PM 4 mirror resilver @500k/s
2:49PM 0 ZFS Oracle white paper is live
10:19AM 16 Using WD Green drives?
9:46AM 34 Moved disks to new controller - cannot import pool even after moving back
Wednesday May 12 2010
4:34PM 3 Sun X4500 disk drives
2:39PM 0 ZIL Ramdisk Tests and very poor OpenSolaris Ramdisk Performance
1:44PM 0 Lu creation
11:05AM 11 Hard drives for ZFS NAS
10:29AM 4 Odd dump volume panic
5:17AM 6 ZFS High Availability
2:10AM 2 Unexpected rpool mirror behavior found during testing
Tuesday May 11 2010
8:29PM 3 Broadening of ZFS open source license
12:29PM 49 Opteron 6100? Does it work with opensolaris?
10:14AM 12 Hashing files rapidly on ZFS
5:57AM 0 Any experience with an OCZ Z-Drive R2 with ZFS
Monday May 10 2010
8:17PM 2 Time Slider in Solaris10
4:01PM 2 zfs performance issue
10:22AM 1 Daily snapshots as replacement for incremental backups
10:19AM 5 Problems (bug?) with slow bulk ZFS filesystem creation
6:57AM 5 osol monitoring question
4:42AM 7 ZFS and Comstar iSCSI BLK size
Sunday May 9 2010
9:29PM 0 ZFS Disk Drive Qualification
6:16PM 5 How can I be sure the zfs send | zfs received is correct?
5:25PM 2 Storage 7410 Flush ARC for filebench
Saturday May 8 2010
10:07PM 6 Mirrored Servers
8:45PM 3 Dedup stats per file system
4:15PM 0 asus pike slot
4:38AM 5 Plugging in a hard drive after Solaris has booted up?
Friday May 7 2010
10:05PM 2 ZFS root ARC memory usage on VxFS system...
6:57PM 7 zpool import hanging
11:07AM 6 ZFS Hard disk buffer at 100%
10:21AM 0 confused about zpool import -f and export
7:48AM 1 Disks configuration for a zfs based samba/cifs file server
Thursday May 6 2010
6:31PM 2 dedup ration for iscsi-shared zfs dataset
3:00PM 1 ZFS - USB 3.0 SSD disk
10:28AM 8 Heads Up: zil_disable has expired, ceased to be, ...
8:31AM 1 cannot create snapshot: dataset is busy
1:06AM 15 why both dedup and compression?
Wednesday May 5 2010
11:48PM 2 Different devices with the same name in zpool status
7:59PM 4 How to completely erradicate ZFS
7:45PM 2 ZIL behavior on import
7:03PM 1 Does Opensolaris support thin reclamation?
5:57PM 0 zfs destroy -f and dataset is busy?
3:45PM 3 [indiana-discuss] image-update doesn''t work anymore (bootfs not supported on EFI)
3:10PM 0 Using local raw disks for an opensolaris b134 virtualized host under ESXi 4
12:42PM 3 Another MPT issue - kernel crash
2:38AM 0 Migrating ZFS/data pool to new pool on the same system
Tuesday May 4 2010
11:09PM 2 replaced disk...copy back completed but spare is in use
9:37PM 1 Sharing with zfs
7:16PM 21 Loss of L2ARC SSD Behaviour
5:19PM 9 Performance of the ZIL
5:12PM 1 Replacement brackets for Supermicro UIO SAS cards....
4:41PM 6 b134 pool borked!
12:33PM 27 Mirroring USB Drive with Laptop for Backup purposes
11:38AM 8 iscsitgtd failed request to share on zpool import after upgrade from b104 to b134
9:06AM 1 diff between sharenfs and sharesmb
Monday May 3 2010
11:33PM 5 Exporting iSCSI - it''s still getting all the ZFS protection, right?
3:36PM 2 Is the J4200 SAS array suitable for Sun Cluster?
8:23AM 18 zfs directory symlink owner
Sunday May 2 2010
7:58PM 6 Default ''zpool'' I want to move it to my new raidz pool ''gpool'' how?
3:50PM 1 zfs testing / problems
1:33PM 16 zpool rename?
1:27PM 1 First Setup
11:54AM 4 rpool gone after zpool detach
4:47AM 8 zpool mirror (dumb question)
12:32AM 0 ZFS Root Permissions Create Pool With Zpool
Saturday May 1 2010
8:06PM 5 Single-disk pool corrupted after controller failure
2:08PM 2 ZFS on ZFS based storage?
1:37PM 10 Reverse lookup: inode to name lookup
6:18AM 1 zfs log on another zfs pool
2:07AM 7 Virtual to physical migration