zfs discuss - Jan 2009

Saturday January 31 2009
1:02PM 0 Debra J. Moyers/HQ/CP/CNG is out of the office.
2:35AM 7 Introducing zilstat
12:49AM 5 how to set mountpoint to default?
Friday January 30 2009
10:26PM 3 ZFS root mirror / moving disks to machine with different hostid
9:31PM 35 j4200 drive carriers
9:26PM 3 Hang on zfs import - build 107
8:42PM 1 ZFS benchmarking
6:03PM 3 can''t create new pool: another disk has a zpool active?
5:58PM 6 set mountpoint but don''t mount?
5:52PM 2 can''t import pool after forced reboot
5:44PM 0 Zpool vdev retains old name
4:09PM 1 Crash shortly after importing pool
1:45PM 1 RFE: parsable iostat and zpool layout
1:10AM 8 New RAM disk from ACARD might be interesting
Thursday January 29 2009
11:02PM 4 Extended attributes in ZFS
9:23PM 19 write cache and cache flush
4:26PM 4 Problems with ''..'' on ZFS pool
12:17PM 1 ZFS with Rational (ClearCase VOB) Supported ???
12:13PM 3 strange performance drop of solaris 10/zfs
8:46AM 3 Problem with snapshot
4:07AM 19 ZFS extended ACL
Wednesday January 28 2009
10:07PM 1 Issue with drive replacement
9:17PM 6 need to add space to zfs pool that''s part of SNDR replication
8:30PM 11 destroy means destroy, right?
6:35PM 2 mounting disks
6:20PM 18 Add SSD drive as L2ARC(?) cache to existing ZFS raid?
5:49PM 2 ZFS+NFS+refquota: full filesystems still return EDQUOT for unlink()
3:56PM 0 Zpool export failure or interrupt messes up mount ordering?
1:37PM 3 Is Disabling ARC on SolarisU4 possible?
12:37PM 3 ZFS concat pool
6:53AM 8 mount race condition?
2:32AM 9 firewire card?
1:42AM 0 Can''t add mirror half back to mirror after moving controllers
Tuesday January 27 2009
8:37PM 1 Import Issues Btw 101 & 104
8:18PM 0 ZFS and Amanda
5:04PM 1 ? Changing storage pool serial number
2:38PM 3 Crazy Problem with
12:16PM 5 Problems using ZFS on Smart Array P400
11:24AM 4 freeze/ thaw zfs file system
7:49AM 2 Mount External USB cdrom on zfs
6:40AM 3 Unusual CIFS write bursts
5:19AM 5 Replacing HDD in x4500
Monday January 26 2009
9:52PM 8 how to fix zpool with corrupted disk?
1:22PM 0 E2BIG
5:25AM 5 thoughts on parallel backups, rsync, and send/receive
Sunday January 25 2009
11:24PM 2 Unable to destory a pool
9:07AM 2 Using one mirrored disks in new machine
Saturday January 24 2009
10:32PM 0 danging dbufs in ZFS v6 , FreeBSD 7.1
6:39PM 2 "locate" disk command? locate broken disk?
5:46PM 3 ZFS best practice on a 2530 array
3:31PM 6 [storage-discuss] AVS on opensolaris 2008.11
6:53AM 1 Where does set the value to zio->io_offset?
3:07AM 3 zfs read performance degrades over a short time
Friday January 23 2009
7:39PM 2 zpool import fails to find pool
3:26PM 4 Is scrubbing "safe" in 101b? (OpenSolaris 2008.11)
2:08AM 3 Bug report: disk replacement confusion
Thursday January 22 2009
11:43PM 6 zfs send -R slow
8:00PM 6 SSD drives in Sun Fire X4540 or X4500 for dedicated ZIL device
5:44PM 1 checksum errors on Sun Fire X4500
3:28PM 0 time slider cleanup errors
9:49AM 3 Failure to boot from zfs on Sun v880
Wednesday January 21 2009
11:12PM 3 zfs pool is full
10:32PM 8 cifs perfomance
8:07PM 0 Anyone using zfs over coraid aoe?
6:23PM 2 JZ spammer
Tuesday January 20 2009
10:47PM 2 hot spare not so hot ??
5:28PM 0 Updated "on disk" specification??
1:05PM 2 How do you "re-attach" a 3 disk RAIDZ array to a new OS installation?
9:02AM 0 [caiman-discuss] Can not delete swap on AI sparc
4:56AM 17 Raidz1 p
Monday January 19 2009
11:22PM 1 ZFS Recovery after SAN Corruption
10:08PM 16 ZFS over NFS, poor performance with many small files
3:47PM 15 Disks in each RAIDZ group
Sunday January 18 2009
10:36PM 12 Understanding ZFS replication
10:32PM 1 Drive failure in an unmirrored pool.
9:42PM 1 Changing from ZFS back to HFS+
4:38PM 8 CIFS and zfs
2:02PM 19 ZFS tale of woe and fail
11:44AM 7 (no subject)
2:58AM 71 replace same sized disk fails with too small error
Saturday January 17 2009
9:07AM 13 Aggregate Pool I/O
1:34AM 2 Comparison between the S-TEC Zeus and the Intel X25-E ??
Friday January 16 2009
11:02PM 2 Problem setting quotas on a zfs pool
7:08PM 7 s10u6 ludelete issues with zones on zfs root
9:28AM 4 Verbose Information from "zfs send -v <snapshot>"
Thursday January 15 2009
11:51PM 0 Segregating "/var" in ZFS "root"/"boot"
10:20PM 21 4 disk raidz1 with 3 disks...
9:49PM 0 recent ZFS Admin Guide/troubleshooting wiki updates
3:18PM 9 Can I create ZPOOL with missing disks?
11:28AM 14 Using ZFS for replication
8:39AM 8 Swap ZFS pool disks to another host hardware
7:36AM 7 Lackluster ZFS performance trials using various ZIL and L2ARC configurations...
4:29AM 7 zfs send and file fragmentation
Wednesday January 14 2009
11:01PM 0 zpool upgrade while some disks are faulted
10:39PM 10 What are the usual suspects in data errors?
2:12PM 4 Why is st_size of a zfs directory equal to the number of entries?
10:11AM 4 zpool export+import doesn''t maintain snapshot
Tuesday January 13 2009
11:17PM 2 Can I do this?
3:48PM 12 OpenSolaris better Than Solaris10u6 with requards to ARECA Raid Card
3:16PM 1 Adding Supermicro aoc-sat2-mv8 to existing system
1:35PM 6 mirror rpool
8:31AM 0 [osol-help] dataset is busy error
7:59AM 1 dataset is busy error
4:12AM 5 zfs panic
3:45AM 1 Several questions concerning ZFS
3:17AM 4 zfs null pointer deref, getting data out of single-user mode
12:52AM 1 ZFS upgrade mangled my share
Monday January 12 2009
9:57PM 1 zfs send / zfs receive hanging
9:23PM 3 Need help with disk layout
9:14PM 15 Can the new consumer NAS devices run OpenSolaris?
5:14PM 4 zfs subdirectories to data set conversion
4:13PM 1 ZFS size is different ?
2:26PM 24 ZFS vs ZFS + HW raid? Which is best?
12:41PM 1 NFS Block Monitor
Sunday January 11 2009
11:36PM 7 ISCI Network Hang - Lun becomes unavailable
9:25PM 0 ZFS on NetBSD
6:58PM 1 Time Slider bug??
1:00PM 35 SDXC and the future of ZFS
4:38AM 3 how can I get
Friday January 9 2009
10:19PM 2 Solaris destroys large discs?? Bug in install?
10:16PM 5 zpool add dumping core
7:28PM 24 zfs root, jumpstart and flash archives
7:23PM 5 ZFS encryption?? - [Fwd: [osol-announce] SXCE Build 105 available]
7:20PM 2 ZFS encryption?? - [Fwd: [osol-announce] SXCE Build 105 available
12:57PM 7 Looking for new SATA/SAS HBA; JBOD is not always JBOD
6:40AM 2 I/O error when import
12:42AM 0 OpenSolaris Storage Summit Feb 23, 2009 San Francisco
12:27AM 7 Desperate question about MPXIO with ZFS-iSCSI
Thursday January 8 2009
5:46PM 7 Odd network performance with ZFS/CIFS
5:34PM 3 can''t import zpool after upgrade to solaris 10u6
5:31PM 4 zfs destroy is taking a long time...
3:25PM 0 [storage-discuss] ZFS iscsi snapshot - VSS compatible?
10:09AM 3 Benchmarking ZFS via NFS
10:00AM 2 hung when import zpool
7:36AM 1 zfs_space function
12:06AM 4 ZFS iscsi snapshot - VSS compatible?
Wednesday January 7 2009
9:49PM 1 ZFS: Log device for rpool (/ root partition) not supported?
4:47PM 2 ZFS + OpenSolaris for home NAS?
4:14PM 6 Possible to copy a zpool safely? rsync? zfs send?
8:31AM 9 ''zfs recv'' is very slow
Tuesday January 6 2009
10:25PM 2 moving zfs root rpool between systems
10:11PM 2 help please - Zpool import : I/O error
10:06PM 15 Problems at 90% zpool capacity 2008.05
9:27PM 2 POSIX permission bits, ACEs, and inheritance confusion
7:21PM 11 Practical Application of ZFS
6:36PM 2 Performance issue with zfs send of a zvol
6:22PM 11 Questions about OS 2008.11 partitioning scheme
4:44PM 12 Observation of Device Layout vs Performance
2:07PM 11 zfs list improvements?
1:43AM 5 X4500, snv_101a, hd and zfs
Monday January 5 2009
7:27PM 4 how to convert ZFS formated disk back to traditional Sun disk ?
5:59PM 3 ZFS import on pool with same name?
12:30PM 1 How to zfs + iscsi?
7:03AM 5 ZFS send fails incremental snapshot
Sunday January 4 2009
4:14PM 8 How to find out the zpool of an uberblock printed with the fbt:zfs:uberblock_update: probes?
12:48PM 2 How to mount rpool and edit vfstab from LiveCD?
Saturday January 3 2009
11:54AM 2 ZFS disk read failure when pools are simultaneously scrubbed, x86 snv_104
8:00AM 5 Mount ZFS pool on different system
Friday January 2 2009
6:44PM 6 Unable to add cache device
3:28PM 3 ZFS iSCSI (For VirtualBox target) and SMB
10:56AM 2 Error 16: Inconsistent filesystem structure after a change in the system
5:59AM 1 zfs support in ubuntu linux...
Thursday January 1 2009
5:31PM 1 zfs smb public share, files created not public