zfs discuss - Feb 2009

Saturday February 28 2009
4:22PM 1 At Wits End for ZFS Permission Settings
10:53AM 3 Details on raidz boot + zfs patents?
6:53AM 0 ZFS pool on external devices
3:50AM 1 zfs receive coredump
3:03AM 4 possibly a stupid question, why can I not set sharenfs="sec=krb5, rw"?
Friday February 27 2009
7:29PM 3 luactive question
6:44AM 0 Diagnosing CKSUM Errors
Thursday February 26 2009
12:26PM 8 Migrating to ZFS
9:15AM 1 zfs compatibility x86-sparc
4:48AM 23 Virutal zfs server vs hardware zfs server
1:14AM 13 Can VirtualBox run a 64 bit guests on 32 bit host
Wednesday February 25 2009
9:06PM 7 Solaris 8/9 branded zones on ZFS root?
9:39AM 49 GSoC 09 zfs ideas?
Tuesday February 24 2009
9:39PM 0 hardware advice
9:41AM 1 zfs cache behaviour.
4:24AM 44 Motherboard for home zfs/solaris file server
Monday February 23 2009
7:51PM 0 race condition on zfs create and mounting? with snv_107
6:05PM 37 zfs streams & data corruption
5:47PM 1 Pointer needed: blog post on integrating ZFS with the Linux kernel
4:05AM 4 Where do I file a ZFS bug?
Sunday February 22 2009
5:59PM 2 Is zfs snapshot -r atomic?
6:15AM 11 Confused about zfs recv -d, apparently
Saturday February 21 2009
1:03AM 4 [basic] zfs operations on zpool
Friday February 20 2009
8:59PM 2 posix acl migration to zfs acl''s
5:12PM 3 Oracle doc: Unable to run Forms applications when using Solaris Zettabyte File System (ZFS)
Thursday February 19 2009
2:18PM 8 RFE for two-level ZFS
4:34AM 1 zfs root, jumpstart and flash archives
Wednesday February 18 2009
11:35PM 0 fail to remove faulted and UNAVIL spares from zpool
4:20PM 5 ZFS on SAN? Availability edition.
2:47PM 2 zfs and raid 51
6:55AM 11 Confused about prerequisites for ZFS to work
3:56AM 4 Zpool scrub in cron hangs u3/u4 server, stumps tech support.
Tuesday February 17 2009
10:56PM 32 Backing up ZFS snapshots
7:43PM 5 qmail on zfs
11:11AM 5 scrub on snv-b107
12:32AM 2 fmd dying in zfs shutdown?
Monday February 16 2009
5:02AM 2 Can''t find results of send/receive on destination fs??
Saturday February 14 2009
8:45PM 1 SSD - slow down with age
11:58AM 6 SPAM *** Re: [osol-help] Adding a new partition to the system
Friday February 13 2009
11:21PM 31 ZFS on SAN?
9:14PM 10 zfs destroy hanging
3:40PM 1 ZFS vdev_cache
10:41AM 3 Strange performance loss
Thursday February 12 2009
10:51PM 4 Two zvol devices one volume?
9:59PM 3 SPAM *** importing unformatted partition
6:42PM 2 Solaris and zfs versions
5:30PM 0 ZFS panic in build 108?
12:12AM 1 strange ''too many errors'' msg
Wednesday February 11 2009
10:13PM 8 Write caches on X4540
7:14PM 1 Recover data in /root
6:29PM 0 zpool import of bootable root pool in 2008.11 - it does not work
4:38PM 9 where did my 400GB space go?
4:25PM 1 zfs create adding log and cache
4:17PM 2 importing zpools after a remote replication from different sites
3:46PM 0 failmode= continue prevents zpool processes from hanging and being unkillable?
Tuesday February 10 2009
6:35PM 18 Does your device honor write barriers?
6:09PM 0 updated zilstat
5:02PM 0 fail to remove faulted spares
10:24AM 2 A simple script to measure SYNC writes
Monday February 9 2009
10:39PM 4 ZFS corruption
8:55PM 1 Two pools on one slice
5:35PM 0 [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: RE: Disk Pool overhead]]
4:05PM 4 ZFS Automatic Growth after replacing original disk with a larger sized disk
3:20PM 2 ZFS for NFS back end
9:46AM 190 ZFS: unreliable for professional usage?
Sunday February 8 2009
6:50PM 10 Max size of log device?
4:31PM 0 Drive labels and Solaris 10U6 ZFS install
12:55PM 1 ZFS with Veritas DMP?
4:08AM 5 terabyte or terror-byte disk drives
Saturday February 7 2009
10:49PM 1 [cifs-discuss] Permissions / ACL setting for top directory of CIFS export
7:13PM 2 Nested ZFS file systems are not visible over an NFS export
6:34PM 5 A question on "non-consecutive disk failures"
6:33PM 1 Alternatives to increading the number of copies on a ZFS snapshot
11:05AM 2 zpool list vs zfs list, size differs...
1:39AM 1 Migrate filesystem+all snapshots from one local disk to another
Friday February 6 2009
10:02PM 0 Problem with zfs mount lu and solaris 8/9 containers
12:35PM 7 ZFS root pool over more than one disks?
Thursday February 5 2009
7:58PM 0 zpool import
4:15PM 10 using USB memory keys for l2arc and zil
3:15PM 1 nfs sharing of zfs sub filesystems - can it be done?
7:59AM 0 cpu performance degrade during resilver
1:25AM 0 Removing disk from un-mirrrored pool - Status of development?
Wednesday February 4 2009
5:49PM 4 ZFS Sharing over smb - permissions/access
4:35PM 4 Send & Receive (and why does ''ls'' modify a snapshot?)
4:12PM 1 Should I report this as a bug?
1:36PM 8 Data loss bug - sidelined??
12:15PM 1 [indiana-discuss] Cannot Mirror RPOOL, Can''t Label Disk to SMI
11:19AM 26 ZFS snapshot splitting & joining
8:52AM 13 Any way to set casesensitivity=mixed on the main pool?
2:31AM 9 Adding a SDcard as zfs cache (L2ARC?) on a laptop?
Tuesday February 3 2009
7:55PM 4 Why does a file on a ZFS change sizes?
3:59PM 3 Migrating to casesensitivity=mixed
9:49AM 11 zfs send over sbmfs results in invalid record type on zfs receive
8:51AM 1 Cannot Mirror RPOOL, Can''t Label Disk to SMI
4:40AM 3 Time taken Backup using ZFS Send Receive
3:52AM 2 snapshot identity
Monday February 2 2009
9:54PM 0 issue with sharesmb and sharenfs properties enabled on the same pool
3:55PM 8 ZFS core contributor nominations
2:57PM 4 Zfs and permissions
2:32PM 0 ? Oracle parameters for ZFS : disk_asynch_io & filesystemio_options
8:30AM 1 Expert hint for replacing 3.5" SATA drive in X4500 with SSD for ZIL
Sunday February 1 2009
10:45PM 9 Bad sectors arises -> discs differ in size -> trouble?
10:26PM 6 Two-level ZFS
4:51AM 1 Zpool corrupt, crashes system when imported -- one last try