zfs discuss - Jun 2007

Saturday June 30 2007
3:04PM 1 Problem in v3 on Solaris 10 and large volume mirroring
1:08PM 3 DMU corruption
2:46AM 3 ZFS on 32-bit...
2:40AM 0 Take Two: PSARC 2007/171 ZFS Separate Intent Log
12:51AM 6 ZFS Performance with Thousands of File Systems
Thursday June 28 2007
6:12PM 0 zfs disk encryption
2:33PM 27 ZFS Crypto Design Review
Tuesday June 26 2007
9:20PM 2 NFS, nested ZFS filesystems and ownership
6:55PM 10 Drive Failure w/o Redundancy
6:45PM 0 Oracle DB giving zpools a wedgie
1:23PM 8 ZFS usb keys
11:55AM 8 Space allocation failure
11:44AM 0 ZFS test suite released on OpenSolaris.org
2:08AM 2 Wishlist items
Monday June 25 2007
6:29PM 0 ZVOLs and O_DSYNC, fsync() behavior
6:11PM 0 Odd behaviour with heavy workloads.
6:07PM 0 ZFS hotplug
7:55AM 5 Write over read priority possible ?
6:11AM 5 zpool import minor bug in snv_64a
Saturday June 23 2007
5:18PM 9 ZFS delegation script
4:09PM 1 zfs receive
1:21PM 24 zfs space efficiency
Friday June 22 2007
8:10PM 1 Re: Indiana Wish List
7:01PM 2 data structures in ZFS
6:35PM 1 New article on ZFS in Russian
5:21PM 1 Implicit storage tiering w/ ZFS
4:59PM 3 NexentaCP Beta1-test2 (ZFS/Boot - manual partitioning support)
2:28PM 0 cannot boot zone on zfs inside a logical domain 65543017
5:13AM 10 Suggestions on 30 drive configuration?
2:31AM 1 zfs and snmp disk space stats
Thursday June 21 2007
10:25PM 5 ZIL on user specified devices?
3:56PM 1 Proper way to detach attach
3:47PM 2 Bug in "zpool history"
2:24PM 0 Re: marvell88sx error in command 0x2f: status 0x51
1:16PM 1 creating pool on slice which is mounted
12:03PM 9 Undo/reverse zpool create
10:19AM 0 Re: [Fwd: What Veritas is saying vs ZFS]
12:54AM 2 Install new Solaris - how to see old ZFS disk
Wednesday June 20 2007
11:14PM 1 Migrating ZFS pool with zones from one host to another
10:53PM 1 "legacy shared ZFS" vs. "ZFS NFS shares"
8:25PM 3 ZFS-fuse on linux
3:28PM 0 Porting ZFS file system to FreeBSD (BSDCan 2007)
2:43AM 3 Notes for Cindys and Goo
2:16AM 2 ZFS version 5 to version 6 fails to import or upgrade
1:56AM 14 Z-Raid performance with Random reads/writes
Tuesday June 19 2007
11:10PM 38 ZFS Scalability/performance
10:42PM 4 Best practice for moving FS between pool on same machine?
8:06PM 14 Slow write speed to ZFS pool (via NFS)
7:11PM 0 Re: [storage-discuss] Performance expectations of iscsi targets?
6:23PM 4 Is this storage model correct?
5:52PM 4 Minimum number of Disks
5:38PM 0 changing mdb memory values
3:19PM 4 New german white paper on ZFS
2:06PM 1 zfs seems slow deleting files
Monday June 18 2007
7:20PM 3 ZFS: How to increase the size of one of the mount points
8:32AM 31 "zfs send -i A B" with B older than A
Sunday June 17 2007
9:46AM 2 file server performance - slow 64 bit sparc or fast 32 bit intel
9:39AM 18 6 disk raidz2 or 3 stripe 2 way mirror
Saturday June 16 2007
2:33PM 5 zpool mirror faulted
10:24AM 4 zfs compression - scale to multiple cpu ?
Friday June 15 2007
1:40PM 1 ZFS zpool created with MPxIO devices question
1:18PM 3 Virtual IP Integration
12:55PM 3 zfs and EMC
Thursday June 14 2007
10:17PM 8 Btrfs, COW for Linux [somewhat OT]
9:58PM 44 Best use of 4 drives?
7:25PM 0 Can not export ZFS pool
6:45PM 1 ZFS Panics
4:23PM 2 Importing pool from readonly device? (as in ZFS fun!)
12:22PM 2 different filesystem size after raidz creation
12:18PM 3 Can you create a degraded raidz vdev?
11:45AM 4 ZFS ditto ''mirroring'' on JAOBOD ? Please, pretty please!
10:16AM 16 OT: extremely poor experience with Sun Download Manager
6:11AM 3 Difference between "add" and "attach" a device?
Wednesday June 13 2007
7:45PM 4 fchmod(2) returns ENOSPC on ZFS
4:48PM 7 Mac OS X 10.5 read-only support for ZFS
2:51PM 1 Question on clones and rollbacks
1:45PM 2 Few questions about zfs''s internal
1:36PM 3 Zpools and drive duplication.
5:28AM 5 drive displayed multiple times
Tuesday June 12 2007
6:02PM 2 Stopping a resilver?
4:45PM 0 zfs issue with beta 6/07 release
10:46AM 1 Apple WWDC and ZFS
2:56AM 2 data gone?
2:28AM 20 ZFS Apple WWDC Keynote Absence
12:10AM 2 Translated ZFS Administration Guide
Monday June 11 2007
10:09PM 1 ZFS with NFS
2:50PM 4 ZFS wastesd diskspace?
7:52AM 3 Panic on snv_65
Sunday June 10 2007
12:38PM 2 zfs kills box, memory related?
9:54AM 2 Root raidz without boot
Saturday June 9 2007
6:50PM 2 zfs bug
4:51PM 41 zfs reports small st_size for directories?
Friday June 8 2007
2:03PM 1 ZFS and Partitioning Questions
7:12AM 1 IRC: thought: irc.freenode.net #zfs for platform-agnostic or multi-platform discussion
4:57AM 2 netbsd client can mount zfs snapshot dir but it never updates
12:50AM 0 Pawel in ;login:
Thursday June 7 2007
9:40PM 3 Moving files over with ufsrestore not that simple
6:50PM 39 Mac OS X "Leopard" to use ZFS
5:33PM 2 Holding disks for home servers
1:34PM 9 si3124 controller problem and fix (fwd)
6:51AM 3 Announcing NexentaCP(b65) with ZFS/Boot integrated installer
Wednesday June 6 2007
6:40AM 3 ARC and patents
6:19AM 1 Where does the zpool info for it''s label get saved, man page m. EFI label?
Tuesday June 5 2007
2:57PM 1 Stop a resilver
Monday June 4 2007
8:03PM 1 zfs data recovery bug?
7:25PM 18 ZFS Boot manual setup in b65
5:48PM 0 Replacing a failed drive with ZFS
11:32AM 1 A possible interim alternative to ZFS boot
Sunday June 3 2007
11:49AM 4 /dev/random problem after moving to zfs boot:
Saturday June 2 2007
10:36AM 8 zfs send/receive incremental
Friday June 1 2007
10:48PM 1 ZFS Send/RECV
9:20PM 10 SMART
4:59PM 0 [Fwd: zone mount points are busy following reboot of global zone 65505676]
1:57PM 3 vxfs and zfs