zfs discuss - Jul 2007

Tuesday July 31 2007
12:44PM 1 Why is "stop scrub" taking so long time???
12:01PM 0 controller number mismatch
Monday July 30 2007
8:05PM 0 zfs acls
6:36PM 2 Trying to understand which kernel subsystem ZFS falls under.
Sunday July 29 2007
4:59PM 1 Will "de-duplication" be added?
Saturday July 28 2007
7:27PM 5 7zip compression?
Friday July 27 2007
11:41AM 1 Read-only (forensic) mounts of ZFS
10:44AM 0 cloning disk with zpool
10:26AM 0 ZFS with HDS TrueCopy and EMC SRDF [CloseSync]
Thursday July 26 2007
9:50PM 1 implementation recommendation
9:12PM 4 Does iSCSI target support SCSI-3 PGR reservation ?
5:43PM 2 ZFS/RaidZ newbie questions
5:00PM 1 Oracle and ZFS
10:36AM 2 Need a ZFS design template excel-like sheet
10:01AM 5 ZFS with HDS TrueCopy and EMC SRDF
6:46AM 1 snapshot incremental diff file list?
4:44AM 7 Mysterious corruption with raidz2 vdev (1 checksum err on disk, 2 on vdev?)
1:15AM 1 Reduce size of a zpool?
Wednesday July 25 2007
10:12PM 0 ZFS with rsync - helper script
9:58PM 2 Changing a root vdev''s config?
12:54PM 0 NFS Slow? Well SVN is *FAST*!
9:05AM 2 ZFS ant t3b
2:58AM 4 ''mv'' and zfs filesystems
2:42AM 3 Any fix for zpool import kernel panic (reboot loop)?
Monday July 23 2007
4:46PM 1 ZFS and NFS Mounting - Missing Permissions
4:32PM 0 Sharemgr Test Suite Released on OpenSolaris.org
12:19PM 5 ZFS send needs optimalization
Sunday July 22 2007
6:43PM 5 zfs root boot (installgrub fails)
Friday July 20 2007
1:18PM 4 Yet another zfs vs. vxfs comparison...
12:04PM 1 snv_70 -> snv_66: ZPL_VERSION 2, File system version mismatch ....?
Thursday July 19 2007
9:34PM 1 mounting a zfs in ufs namespace
5:24PM 4 more love for databases
8:02AM 3 ZFS boot process - where from ZFS knows which pools/datasets should be mounted after OS reboot?
2:59AM 1 Helpful Newbie ZFS Build Tip
Wednesday July 18 2007
11:51PM 2 ETA of device evacuation?
9:20PM 6 General recommendations on raidz groups of different sizes
7:54PM 0 zfs and zones newbie question
7:29PM 10 separate intent log blog
6:16PM 2 zpool create -v6
3:50PM 1 Converting exisitng ZFS pool to MPxIO
11:39AM 1 Selecting vdev for New File
Tuesday July 17 2007
2:41PM 4 ZFS Mounts
12:38PM 0 zpool status - core dumped
9:20AM 1 Ready for production? - zfs/oracle/oltp
4:36AM 9 chgrp -R hangs all writes to pool
12:17AM 11 how to remove sun volume mgr configuration?
Monday July 16 2007
7:12PM 5 zfs iscsi storage for virtual machines
6:54PM 3 resizing a ZFS filesystem
6:54PM 8 import a group
Saturday July 14 2007
2:27AM 0 zfs under "/var/log"?
12:34AM 3 zfs list hangs if zfs send is killed (leaving zfs receive process)
Friday July 13 2007
11:21PM 0 ZFS and SE99x0 Array Best Practices
6:54PM 1 do we support zonepath on UFS formated ZFS volume
2:38PM 28 ZFS and powerpath
5:23AM 3 ZFS vs VXFS
Thursday July 12 2007
7:44PM 14 zfs "no dataset available"
3:47PM 9 Again ZFS with expanding LUNs!
12:50PM 3 How to list pools that are not imported
12:28PM 3 ZFS pool on USB flash disk
9:53AM 21 Plans for swapping to part of a pool
5:41AM 2 [AVS] Question concerning reverse synchronization of a zpool
Wednesday July 11 2007
3:40PM 13 pool analysis
Tuesday July 10 2007
8:20PM 4 Pseudo file system access to snapshots?
5:01PM 1 ZFS pool fragmentation
11:42AM 0 ZFS destroyed all my data
Monday July 9 2007
11:26PM 0 Article on impact of NFS share management to ZFS boot times
3:57PM 12 ZFS and IBM''s TSM
3:14PM 13 8+2 or 8+1+spare?
3:05AM 1 Benchmarking nfs on zfs vs. other products?
Saturday July 7 2007
12:04PM 8 Take Three: PSARC 2007/171 ZFS Separate Intent Log
2:32AM 12 ZFS Performance as a function of Disk Slice
Friday July 6 2007
7:29PM 11 ZFS raid is very slow???
4:58AM 0 Raid-Z expansion
Thursday July 5 2007
11:29PM 17 ZFS Compression algorithms - Project Proposal
9:22PM 1 ZFS on CLARiiON SAN Hardware?
5:24PM 4 ZFS receive issue running multiple receives and rollbacks
4:59PM 7 ZFS performance and memory consumption
1:52PM 0 Root Filesystem with ZFS
Wednesday July 4 2007
10:14PM 3 zfs dynamic lun expansion
8:33PM 4 Re: ZFS and Firewire/USB enclosures
2:31PM 2 ZFS, iSCSI + Mac OS X Tiger (globalSAN iSCSI)
Tuesday July 3 2007
10:57PM 3 How does ZFS snapshot COW file data?
7:29PM 1 Share and Remote mounting ZFS for anonyous ftp
4:58PM 1 zpool status -v: machine readable format?
4:02PM 1 ZFS + SAN configuration recommendations?
3:34PM 2 ZFS scaling
3:26PM 21 How to take advantage of PSARC 2007/171: ZFS Separate Intent Log
11:28AM 0 ZFS panic on 32bit x86
Monday July 2 2007
10:41PM 2 Pics
4:18PM 23 ZFS Crypto Design review: 2007-07-02 through 2007-07-16
4:15PM 0 ZFS webadmin
3:12PM 3 ZFS and VXVM/VXFS
11:43AM 3 ZFS boot: another way
Sunday July 1 2007
12:43PM 0 ZFS recovery
11:08AM 1 ZFS Boot != ZFS Root