zfs discuss - May 2007

Thursday May 31 2007
10:27PM 3 zfs boot error recovery
8:30PM 2 Delegated Administration?
5:56PM 3 ZFS vs UFS performance measurement
4:32PM 2 zpool relayout
4:24PM 0 Overview (rollup) of recent activity on zfs-discuss
3:43PM 16 ZFS consistency guarantee
12:46PM 1 Which IO transfer size are zfs using when writing to disk ?
11:36AM 1 ZFS Directory
5:16AM 0 Overview (rollup) of recent activity on zfs-discuss (04/16 - 04/30)
12:57AM 5 current state of play with ZFS boot and install?
12:28AM 1 Multiple OpenSolaris boxes with access to zfs pools
Wednesday May 30 2007
7:28PM 11 Slashdot Article: Does ZFS Obsolete Expensive NAS/SANs?
5:14PM 0 Help/Advice needed
5:08PM 0 iscsi target secured by CHAP
2:52PM 0 ZFS snapshots and NFS
9:27AM 19 zfs and 2530 jbod
4:59AM 6 Mirrored RAID-z2
4:31AM 12 Re: ZFS - Use h/w raid or not?Thoughts.Considerations.
3:52AM 0 RAIDZn+1 (related to the h/w raid ponderings)
3:29AM 0 Re: ZFS - Use h/w raid or not?Thoughts.Considerations.
12:17AM 2 Re: ZFS - Use h/w raid or not?Thoughts. Considerations.
Tuesday May 29 2007
7:38PM 6 NCQ performance
5:49PM 6 Deterioration with zfs performace and recent zfs bits?
4:33PM 5 how to move a zfs file system between disks
2:51PM 14 zfs migration
3:22AM 3 b64 zfs on boot ?
Sunday May 27 2007
3:13AM 9 file system full corruption in ZFS
Saturday May 26 2007
3:14AM 2 ZVol Panic on 62
Friday May 25 2007
10:28PM 11 I seem to have backed myself into a corner - how do I migrate filesystems from one pool to another?
8:20PM 0 Strange behaviour with sharenfs
4:20PM 25 zfs root: legacy mount or not?
4:18PM 0 Re: ZFS over a layered driver interface
11:22AM 0 Re: Preparing to compare Solaris/ZFS and FreeBSD/ZFS
11:19AM 0 Error zfs creating new zone
10:38AM 10 ZFS boot: Now, how can I do a pseudo live upgrade?
Thursday May 24 2007
10:48PM 2 Boot drive restore procedure
10:35PM 1 zfs backup and restore
9:39PM 1 how do I revert back from ZFS partitioned disk to original partitions
6:55PM 9 No zfs_nocacheflush in Solaris 10?
12:45PM 3 shareiscsi is cool, but what about sharefc or sharescsi?
12:39PM 3 RFE: ISCSI alias when shareiscsi=on
7:50AM 1 Limiting ZFS ARC does n''t work on Sol10-Update 3
Wednesday May 23 2007
5:47PM 13 Preparing to compare Solaris/ZFS and FreeBSD/ZFS performance.
1:57PM 4 ZFS mirroring vs. ditto blocks
Monday May 21 2007
8:16PM 25 Rsync update to ZFS server over SSH faster than over NFS?
4:14PM 1 While we''re sharing server info...
Saturday May 19 2007
8:16PM 34 New zfs pr0n server :)))
Friday May 18 2007
10:24PM 1 Re: ZFS over a layered driver interface
9:39PM 15 Making ''zfs destroy'' safer
7:35PM 3 AVS replication vs ZFS send recieve for odd sized volume pairs
12:42PM 2 DBMS on zpool
11:19AM 8 Reading a ZFS Snapshot
Thursday May 17 2007
4:30PM 35 ZFS - Use h/w raid or not? Thoughts. Considerations.
1:02PM 0 ZFS Boot won''t boot (part 2)
1:55AM 13 Trying to understand zfs RAID-Z
1:18AM 1 ZFS Boot/Root system will no longer boot
Wednesday May 16 2007
2:32AM 4 Solaris Backup Server
Tuesday May 15 2007
8:12PM 1 Re: ZFS over a layered driver interface
4:37PM 2 Clear corrupted data
11:37AM 3 snv63: kernel panic on import
Monday May 14 2007
11:19PM 5 Odd zpool create error
11:14PM 0 Re: ZFS over a layered driver interface
7:26PM 3 3320 JBOD setup
7:00PM 3 Re: A quick ZFS question: RAID-Z Disk Replacement + Growth ?
4:57PM 1 Re: ZFS over a layered driver interface
7:53AM 37 Lots of overhead with ZFS - what am I doing wrong?
6:54AM 4 Re: ZFS over a layered driver interface
4:46AM 1 Re: [osol-discuss] ZFS over a layered driver interface
Sunday May 13 2007
7:02PM 0 ZFS in S10update 4
5:24PM 5 setup_install_server, cpio and zfs : fix needed ?
Saturday May 12 2007
9:01PM 3 zfs and jbod-storage
Friday May 11 2007
8:17PM 3 ZFS Snapshot "destroy to"
11:22AM 2 [Fwd: Re: Will this work?]
5:04AM 7 zpool create -f ... fails on disk with previous UFS on it
Thursday May 10 2007
2:02PM 4 Remove files when at quota limit
11:18AM 6 Will this work?
8:43AM 9 ZFS not utilizing all disks
5:18AM 1 zfs lost function
4:41AM 2 Automatic rotating snapshots
Wednesday May 9 2007
3:56PM 9 Resilvering speed?
2:40PM 2 Extremely long ZFS destroy operations
2:27PM 8 Filesystem Benchmark
11:24AM 0 zpool status faulted, but raid1z status is online?
8:45AM 5 ZFS Storage Pools Recommendations for Productive Environments
2:51AM 1 zfs tcsh command completion
Tuesday May 8 2007
6:33PM 11 How does ZFS write data to disks?
3:45PM 4 Lost in boot loop..
11:46AM 0 zpool import - arc problem?
6:31AM 27 Need guidance on RAID 5, ZFS, and RAIDZ on home file server
5:50AM 0 Benchmark which models ISP workloads
Monday May 7 2007
10:29PM 2 Boot disk clone with zpool present
4:49PM 4 Zpool, RaidZ & how it spreads its disk load?
2:11PM 1 zdb -l goes wild about the labels
Sunday May 6 2007
6:31PM 3 does every fsync() require O(log n) platter-writes?
Saturday May 5 2007
6:05PM 5 External eSata ZFS raid possible?
1:34PM 3 Issue with adding existing EFI disks to a zpool
9:41AM 13 Optimal strategy (add or replace disks) to build a cheap and raidz?
1:34AM 4 recovered state after system crash
Friday May 4 2007
9:45PM 0 thoughts on ZFS copies
6:31PM 23 Motley group of discs?
11:37AM 2 Force rewriting of all data, to push stripes onto newly added devices?
9:28AM 0 Filesystem full not reported in /var/adm/messages
Thursday May 3 2007
9:15PM 5 ZFS vs UFS2 overhead and may be a bug?
9:27AM 2 iscsitadm local_name in ZFS
Wednesday May 2 2007
11:01PM 41 gzip compression throttles system?
3:57PM 16 ZFS Support for remote mirroring
1:51PM 0 zfs dataset option relations
8:32AM 2 Q: recreate pool?
Tuesday May 1 2007
4:19PM 0 zpool command causes a crash of my server
3:36PM 4 "ZFS: Under The Hood" at LOSUG (16/05/07)
1:31PM 2 Multiple filesystem costs? Directory sizes?