Xen users - Nov 2012

Friday November 30 2012
8:36PM 1 PAT NAT for my VM's?
12:38PM 0 installing Domu on fedora (dom) installed)
Thursday November 29 2012
11:33AM 0 Changing the IP and Mac address of a VIF from dom0
10:40AM 0 Cannot boot from xvda disk device when have second disk as ide
9:24AM 4 Intel HD4000 IGD pass through appears to work, but monitor complains about 'no signal'
4:01AM 0 Trouble enabling PCI passthrough in xen HVM
Wednesday November 28 2012
6:39PM 12 how to enable dom0 and domu share same physical network...
5:26PM 2 installing xen on ubuntu12.10 running under virtual box
5:21PM 0 xen cluster
4:17PM 6 CPU load average above 2 on domU but load average 0 on dom0-XCP 1.6
3:58PM 4 WARNING:root:Unknown image directive recordfail
Tuesday November 27 2012
8:30PM 3 Xen Cold Migration doesn't work
2:23PM 2 Intel VT-d and Asus Desktop/Workstation mainboards, eg. Asus P9X79 WS
2:02PM 0 DebianWheezy xen4.1 and Windows 7 thin pc , where is the error ocurr ?
10:59AM 3 What is the scenario of page copying from other domain?
Monday November 26 2012
10:38PM 0 Weird 50 minute clock jump problem fixed!
4:30PM 0 How to set GCC version for ovmf compilation
Sunday November 25 2012
2:25PM 1 Nvidia VGA Pass-through
2:51AM 2 Cannot open root device xvda1 or unknown-block(0,0)
Friday November 23 2012
1:29AM 1 vncserver and hvm reboot
Thursday November 22 2012
7:28PM 3 Complex networking scenario
5:46PM 2 Lin/Win desktop/games rig with PEG pass-through
5:07PM 0 Xen Document Day: Nov 26th, 2012 on IRC freenode #xendocs
12:30PM 0 Domu Vif mac address and IP not being set correctly
Wednesday November 21 2012
11:19PM 2 Miminum DomainU Memory Size
Tuesday November 20 2012
7:53PM 0 Vncserver error
1:20PM 0 Can't load VDS
6:35AM 0 How to register RedHat of a Redhat 5 Guest client
Monday November 19 2012
8:20PM 2 xen scripts rewrite
6:02PM 3 Finding real cpuinfo and meminfo
Sunday November 18 2012
5:08PM 6 Xen + IPv6 + Netapp = NFS read problem
Saturday November 17 2012
7:43AM 1 XCP | dom0 Best Practices Question
Friday November 16 2012
6:09PM 3 How to activate all VPCUS for a domU?
12:45PM 7 Hard reset on starting HVM dom0, multiple kernels, distros, xen versions
8:38AM 1 Root Filesystem image
Thursday November 15 2012
10:18PM 0 Time offset set - how this off?
4:59PM 3 Upgrading Guest Kernel
Wednesday November 14 2012
1:11PM 0 hvm and guest routing
12:54PM 0 The kernel doesn't support reset from sysfs for PCI device...
9:31AM 0 can't passthrough pci device with xen 4.2
7:02AM 0 libxl: error: libxl_dm.c:1212:device_model_spawn_outcome: domain 1 device model: spawn failed (rc=-3
6:59AM 2 libxl: error: libxl_dm.c:1212:device_model_spawn_outcome: domain 1 device model: spawn failed (rc=-3) when creating VM using upstream qemu on Xen 4.2.
6:03AM 1 xen is too hard to use!!! No document, no support and It waste my 3 days.
12:19AM 25 dynamic memory extension not working on Debian Squeeze
Tuesday November 13 2012
7:28PM 0 Bfs scheduler and den
3:46PM 1 Fw:Fwd: Installing XEN on Centos 6.3 X86_64 ... Problem xen not starting...!!!//I have the same problem....
3:45PM 0 Fw:"virsh list" shows nothing//Fw:xend can't start(CentOS 6.2 Final)
2:56PM 0 Changes to the xen.org site
2:29PM 0 spice didn't react
12:56PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 25 (CVE-2012-4544, CVE-2012-2625) - Xen domain builder Out-of-memory due to malicious kernel/ramdisk
12:56PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 24 (CVE-2012-4539) - Grant table hypercall infinite loop DoS vulnerability
12:56PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 23 (CVE-2012-4538) - Unhooking empty PAE entries DoS vulnerability
12:56PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 22 (CVE-2012-4537) - Memory mapping failure DoS vulnerability
12:56PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 21 (CVE-2012-4536) - pirq range check DoS vulnerability
12:56PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 20 (CVE-2012-4535) - Timer overflow DoS vulnerability
10:15AM 0 Does xen-4.2.0 support VGA passthrough with the virtual machine created by xl command?
7:18AM 0 Why domu performance degraded when used RAM disk as storage.
5:36AM 0 How do VM gets RAM from Hypervisor
3:36AM 0 Re: repeated domU filesystem corruption
Monday November 12 2012
11:06PM 3 NVIDIA VGX Hypervisor
8:35AM 6 question about xenstore-chmod MAX_PERMS
Saturday November 10 2012
7:44PM 0 Finally Got VM's Back UP
3:30PM 1 udev socket
Friday November 9 2012
7:50PM 1 OVMF Bios Option
11:27AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 93, Issue 7
9:51AM 1 Can't Start any VM's from NFS Repository
6:36AM 9 Compile xen.efi
Thursday November 8 2012
8:04PM 0 Intel MFS5000SI
6:36PM 15 PCI passthrough to Windows XP
3:55PM 0 Sometimes unable to reboot VM
7:53AM 8 FW: RE: How to change VM from para-virtualization to full-virtualization?
Wednesday November 7 2012
9:29PM 1 sar incorrect network measurement in DomU
Tuesday November 6 2012
2:19PM 5 [User Problem/Possible Bug] Possible PyGrub Bug
10:37AM 1 (no subject)
8:15AM 2 ntpserver in domainU vm
Monday November 5 2012
9:28PM 3 OpenSuSE 10.3 domU install hangs on CentOS 5.6 xen 3.03
7:37PM 1 Is there xen software development package ?
7:18PM 1 ARINC 653 Scheduler
5:51PM 0 (no subject)
7:38AM 1 Is there any project trying to audit hypercalles?
6:47AM 1 extend Ubuntu 12.04 partition
1:14AM 0 [XCP 1.6] multihomelist ignored when configuring iSCSI SR in favor of all target portals
Sunday November 4 2012
8:13PM 0 External Network dhcp problems
5:36AM 3 Cannot run Stub domain in Ubuntu
Friday November 2 2012
12:32PM 2 Remus: Xen 4.2.1 with Debian 6.0 does not work
8:03AM 0 X is not working on Xen
Thursday November 1 2012
9:26PM 3 xm migrate - Error: can't connect: [Errno 111] Connection refused
2:17PM 1 xen install domU config Ubuntu