Xen users - Oct 2012

Wednesday October 31 2012
7:11PM 0 Re: [Fedora-xen] Call for Participation to the Fedora Virt Test Day
5:18PM 6 Longtime *nix user/admin planning on making the move to Xen
4:27PM 4 How to change VM from para-virtualization to full-virtualization?
Tuesday October 30 2012
6:58PM 0 xen hvm stuck on reboot
2:35PM 0 Call for Participation to the Fedora Virt Test Day
12:54PM 1 (no subject)
Monday October 29 2012
7:37PM 0 Requirements for a PVM enabled distro
6:31AM 0 [Reminder] Xen Document Day on IRC freenode #xendocs today
Sunday October 28 2012
9:20AM 0 moving to xl
Saturday October 27 2012
5:36PM 3 how to save xm dmesg into a file
2:59PM 6 Is Xen VGA Passthrough to CentOS 6.3 x86-64 HVM domU successful?
8:54AM 8 RFH: loopback & blktap(2) and CDROM
Friday October 26 2012
7:10PM 0 acpi=off problemas on Ubuntu 12.10
6:29PM 3 Issues moving VM to new machine
6:16PM 0 Pausing VM / freeing up devices to allow a nfs remount?
1:36PM 2 Reporting success with Intel HD4000 VGA Passthrough
11:07AM 0 Enable multi-tenancy in XCP 1.6
11:01AM 0 Xen Security Advisory 25 (CVE-2012-4544) - Xen domain builder Out-of-memory due to malicious kernel/ramdisk
7:28AM 23 Problemi using vif-route script
Thursday October 25 2012
5:39PM 0 PVonHVM, Networking and xentop
4:37PM 0 Xen Document Day: Oct 29th, 2012 on IRC freenode #xendocs
3:16PM 0 Y it is not good to assign cpu core to vm
8:22AM 2 Xen 4.2 nested virtualization
Wednesday October 24 2012
5:18PM 3 Using real SSD in domU
5:14PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 92, Issue 32
4:41PM 2 XCP 1.6 beta Ram restriction for pci passthrough to pv Ubuntu 12.04 template
2:16PM 0 CPU Pinning and credit scheduler
12:10AM 2 Find VM ID
Tuesday October 23 2012
12:15AM 1 windows 2012 on Debian Xen 4.1
Monday October 22 2012
7:10PM 3 xen 4.2.0, xl dmesg permission denied
6:09PM 0 access xenstore from Dom U
4:54PM 0 Docs Day next week - need somebody to facilitate or move/cancel
10:11AM 11 e820_host problems
Saturday October 20 2012
3:51PM 5 XEN 4.2 - DomU Restore after Dom0 reboot not working
2:25PM 1 Kernel paging request error
1:08AM 0 City Foni 16 Ekim Fırsatları
Friday October 19 2012
5:38PM 1 CentOS 6.3 unable to find xen-devel package
12:39PM 6 "Boot loader did not return any data" to make HVM to PV
11:35AM 1 configuration file
5:39AM 2 HP Z820 - Does not boot xen
3:40AM 3 e820_host and 3G limit
Thursday October 18 2012
6:00PM 1 domU configuration file
11:49AM 0 how to measure the performance of the XEN live migration and issues involved
Wednesday October 17 2012
7:26PM 5 Emulex OneConnect Virtualization
12:00PM 0 Windows 7 on passed through nVidia Quadro 4000 working
11:14AM 0 vhd format support failed on suse11 x86_64 sp2
7:31AM 0 Quick trick on matching USB root hubs to PCI ids
1:31AM 2 [help] about xen cpupool
Tuesday October 16 2012
10:54PM 1 VGA passtrough success report, GPLPV driver question
8:01PM 2 What is the difference of "xm save" and "xm snapshot-create"?
7:24PM 16 Fedora 17 Dom-U booting issue
Monday October 15 2012
10:39PM 0 kernel-ml + recent xen on el6: xenbus_dev_shutdown errors solved
6:46PM 0 how i can use aspi s3 patch
4:27PM 0 Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":1".
4:23PM 0 running virt-manager gave me an error that i am missing a package
2:04PM 0 Not enough memory to relocate the dom0 kernel
1:44PM 0 transfer (v)CPU from Dom0 to DomU
8:26AM 0 Xen 4.2 Repository for Ubuntu?
8:19AM 2 problem with start vm
7:02AM 2 How can I uniquely identify my disk in guest OS on Xenserver?
Sunday October 14 2012
5:03PM 3 Unable to Start Windows XP HVM domU
4:12PM 0 dracut
2:19PM 1 Is there any mid nvidia card compatible with linux drivers as dom0?
12:28PM 0 need help with passthrough of intel igp
6:41AM 5 Xen Flask make error
Friday October 12 2012
9:01AM 0 Give dom0 all the cpu core or let it dedicate two cpu?
Thursday October 11 2012
9:26PM 8 vga passthrough help needed.
7:25AM 0 I am offering a reward of USD$100 to anyone who could solve my Xen VGA Passthrough problem
6:16AM 0 Dom0 IO handling
2:06AM 0 How to use Intel VMDq on Xen 4.1?
2:02AM 0 How to use the VMDq of Intel NIC?
Wednesday October 10 2012
8:58PM 2 Creating vms with 3 partitions
2:31PM 0 Re: network-bridge working in HVM but not PV
2:29PM 0 Re: network-bridge working in HVM but not PV
12:46PM 0 trouble with
11:18AM 0 XCP Test Day - Thank You
12:03AM 1 xcp on ubuntu 12.04 crash
Tuesday October 9 2012
1:16PM 0 Xen Day Barcelona 2012, Nov 8th @ LinuxCon
9:16AM 0 Reminder: XCP 1.6 Test Day is Today on #xentest
Monday October 8 2012
3:44PM 0 Re: [Xen-API] Reminder: XCP 1.6 Test Day on Tue the 9th
12:40PM 1 XenServer Dos applications DPMI problemms
Sunday October 7 2012
5:00PM 0 [XCP] XCP 1.6 Upgrade and Functionality Questions
12:25PM 0 Dedicated server suggestion for XCP VPSes?
12:06PM 2 vif interfaces are not added to the bridge
12:02PM 1 [XCP-1.6-BETA] License keys?
Saturday October 6 2012
6:34PM 5 Trouble with PCI Passthrough
4:49PM 9 I offer a reward of USD$50 + VGA card Giveaway to anyone who can solve my Xen VGA Passthrough Problem
1:38PM 9 how to boot a para-virtulized vm from cdrom after installation
10:16AM 1 kdump on Xen 4.1, ubuntu 12.04 and kernel 3.2.0
3:38AM 7 How to auto-start Guests when using 'xl' toolstack? 'old' configs in /etc/xen/auto/ are ignored without xend service active.
Friday October 5 2012
9:56PM 1 [XCP-1.6-BETA] - Migrate from Shared Storage to local Storage
2:41PM 0 Xen 4.2 and Solaris 10
2:04PM 2 Reminder: XCP 1.6 Test Day on Tue the 9th
12:56PM 2 EXT4
7:17AM 18 Help Needed from Xen Developers: Nasty Yellow Triangle with Exclamation Mark and Error Code 43 in Device Manager in Windows 8 HVM domU
5:22AM 5 virt-manager vs xentop
2:51AM 0 is_physical bug in xapi
2:49AM 0 HVM-like ACPI functions in a PV guest VM
Thursday October 4 2012
6:16PM 3 Serial Console Not Connecting to Dom0 on Ubuntu Server 12 Running Xen 4.1.3
4:30PM 5 network setup with one bonded interface and one virtual interface
7:51AM 3 issue with sriov
7:47AM 1 need help with XenVGAPassthrough
1:59AM 2 possible newbie-level question - updating kernels?
Wednesday October 3 2012
4:13PM 2 Xen 4.0 Debian squeeze host reset on HVM guest start
4:05PM 0 can any one tell me why qemu-dm infront of vm log file even in para mode
3:55PM 0 blktap2 returning error even with kernel modue on ubuntu 12.04
2:09PM 0 problem with fedora xen
2:21AM 1 PCI Passthrough of NIC
Tuesday October 2 2012
11:34PM 0 Booting Xen 4.1.3 Dom0 hangs with PANIC on CPU 6: Xen BUG at io_apic.c:129
8:12PM 0 Notes on upgrading to xen-4.2.0 and linux-3.6.0 under OpenSuse 12.1
6:58PM 5 IOMMU
6:05PM 0 Xen Hypervisor : Network Configuration in Routed mode
4:31PM 17 Problem compiling Xen 4.2 from sources
3:56PM 2 Highest limit for a virtual machine with Xen 4.2 ?
9:10AM 9 Xen 4.2.0 does not have the file passthrough.c
8:31AM 2 Debian 6.0 with Remus(Xen 4.2) and Jeremy Kernel does not work
4:35AM 0 vm_rrd no vbd_xvda_read/write response
Monday October 1 2012
9:33PM 3 I need help with installation XCP or XenServer on DomU
4:04PM 2 bootable usb xcp
12:14PM 2 XCP 1.6 Beta is available -- XCP Test Day scheduled for 9 Oct