Xen users - Dec 2012

Monday December 31 2012
11:26PM 0 CPU Hotplug support for HVM
9:32PM 2 Inaccessible Disk
3:20PM 1 xen xl command set date for hvm
Sunday December 30 2012
10:47PM 2 VGA Passthrough (NVIDIA) - current status?
8:14PM 11 where does qemu fit in?
5:43AM 1 XCP 1.6 - Enable iommu - How?
Saturday December 29 2012
10:18AM 4 xen 4.2.1 make world faild at building qemu-upstream
Friday December 28 2012
12:00PM 2 Problems with p2v / HVM not booting
9:59AM 3 Random kernel errors
9:40AM 3 !!!!help!Problem with qcow2 image during a PVM's setting up
Thursday December 27 2012
10:44PM 14 Is it possible to do a dual-boot?
8:00PM 0 xl stack
5:40PM 3 Accessing individual partitions of a HVM guest
4:58PM 1 xvda / hda sda
4:55PM 0 xen 4.2.1/wheezy with suse 11 ent sp1domU
9:25AM 0 Problems with Centos ISO
9:20AM 0 Install Centos ISO on xen
Wednesday December 26 2012
7:35PM 2 xend under 4.2.1/wheezy
4:00AM 0 how to configure a vm so as to use .../tools/blktap/drivers/block-qcow2.c
Tuesday December 25 2012
10:46AM 2 Why adoption of Xen is high in VPS hosting/cloud providers
Monday December 24 2012
8:42PM 3 vif-route issue with HVM domU only
3:26PM 0 [XCP] Upgrade Issues from 1.1 to 1.6
3:23PM 3 Who's using xen?
2:59PM 0 PV-on-HVM mode
8:51AM 2 Permission of /usr/libexec/libvirt_proxy
7:32AM 0 Parallel Port passthrough to Windows 2000 on Xen 4.1
Sunday December 23 2012
8:45PM 0 New Boeing Test Uses Potatoes to Improve Wi-Fi, Other Wireless Signals
4:47AM 7 Unsticking a DomU
Saturday December 22 2012
5:50PM 13 How to use the vTPM backend driver in the pv-ops kernel
12:27PM 0 how to run a qcow format para-virtualized machine with blktap modules used
2:00AM 0 [Xen-devel] CUDA problem on Guest VM, with ?
Friday December 21 2012
2:37AM 0 Guest xfce4 auto login failure
2:29AM 0 XFCE auto login failure
Thursday December 20 2012
11:34AM 2 Xen Configuration File Understanding
Wednesday December 19 2012
9:47AM 1 About vcpu IndexError: list index out of range
Tuesday December 18 2012
9:46PM 0 XCP 1.1 host crash due to VM console connection
1:24PM 1 XCP VM-export error and very slow via VM Protection policy
12:24PM 1 Problem with srptools
Monday December 17 2012
12:58PM 27 Security disclosure process discussion update
10:50AM 6 Problems wiht Config File
Sunday December 16 2012
6:41PM 1 Deploying new VMs
Saturday December 15 2012
7:32PM 0 XenServer Hotfixes on XCP
6:26PM 2 XCP Snapshots and Unreclaimable Disk Space
9:46AM 3 Vif:s stop working when USB sound is played (win7 HVM, possibly GPLPV related)
Friday December 14 2012
3:53PM 6 Microsoft domU
Thursday December 13 2012
10:03PM 0 Re: [oss-security] Xen Security Advisory 27 (CVE-2012-5511) - several HVM operations do not validate the range of their inputs
9:45AM 1 What to deploy now for easy migration to Openstack later?
Wednesday December 12 2012
9:49PM 3 Intellicache configuration on XCP 1.6
8:16PM 0 Poor pgbench results in RAM-centric select test
6:35PM 7 Compiling init-xenstore-domain.c to initialize a OCamel Xenstore Stubdomain
5:04PM 23 DomU sees only 512MB RAM with PCI-passthrough
Tuesday December 11 2012
10:39PM 0 VGA passthrough to HVM Linux domU
7:48PM 3 crossover cable on Xen live migration
7:41PM 0 SOLVED Re: Problem booting a restored PVM
4:30PM 3 Problem booting a restored PVM
3:40PM 3 hw to assign devices with VT-d in (fedora with Xen hypervisor)
2:32PM 5 How to optimize pre-copy algorithm of xen to minimize downtime?
12:22PM 4 Configuring Xen + DRBD + Corosync + Pacemaker
11:49AM 1 Installing nas4free as a domU domain in Xen
7:22AM 10 [Just a new try] Questsions about Stubdomains
7:12AM 0 Install FreeBSD x86 PV DomU without HVM
4:42AM 1 How to edit precopy algorithm
Monday December 10 2012
4:44PM 6 VGA Passthrough, multiple cards/vms
2:51PM 0 using iso file as cdrom for pv domU is not working on xl toolstack (qdisk)
10:54AM 1 Rebooting a DomU in xen 4.1.3 from within the DomU gives "failed to run bootloader: -3"
8:41AM 0 xcp direct upgrade from 1.0 to 1.6
Sunday December 9 2012
10:31PM 2 Bridged network traffic from wrong IP address
9:20PM 2 Problem with secondary sata controller
12:20AM 0 PCI passthrough: USB device not recognized
Saturday December 8 2012
8:41PM 1 XSA30 patching issue
6:02AM 1 how to make xenalyze continuously reading from xentrace file ?
1:17AM 4 My failures so far. Or qemu-stable or upstream?
Friday December 7 2012
9:10PM 3 Xen 2.x images on newer hosts
2:43PM 0 Xen VHD File
1:58PM 4 Machine 1 can access the network, machine 2 with same config can't
11:41AM 1 Questions about Stubdomains
10:40AM 0 Question about Stubdomains
9:37AM 18 Bridged networking example
8:08AM 1 VGA-Passthrough: Driver suggestion for Nvidia GT 520
Thursday December 6 2012
11:27PM 23 1000 Domains: Not able to access Domu via xm console from Dom0
5:43PM 8 XCP 1.6
2:05PM 2 Windows 7 already installed
12:04PM 0 Xen.org Evangelist role
Wednesday December 5 2012
5:01PM 3 enable HA on xcp 1.6
7:58AM 0 some confusion about SR and PBD and ...
Tuesday December 4 2012
9:06PM 1 deploy a debian lenny domU under debian squeeze dom0.
6:24PM 2 Xen dom0 load affecting domUs
5:13PM 0 Screen blank when exiting Xorg in Dom0 (nVidia)
3:18PM 0 VGA passthrough over VNC
3:17PM 4 Choosing Debian or Ubuntu as dom0
3:02PM 0 Howto passthrough a legacy device (like parallel printer port) to a pvops domU ?
1:45PM 8 Fwd: Compilation of Xen 4.2 Utils breaks on NetBSD 6
1:18PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 94, Issue 5
Monday December 3 2012
10:21PM 3 XCP 1.5 beta to 1.6 rolling update
5:51PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 32 (CVE-2012-5525) - several hypercalls do not validate input GFNs
5:51PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 31 (CVE-2012-5515) - Several memory hypercall operations allow invalid extent order values
5:51PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 30 (CVE-2012-5514) - Broken error handling in guest_physmap_mark_populate_on_demand()
5:51PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 29 (CVE-2012-5513) - XENMEM_exchange may overwrite hypervisor memory
5:51PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 28 (CVE-2012-5512) - HVMOP_get_mem_access crash / HVMOP_set_mem_access information leak
5:51PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 27 (CVE-2012-5511) - several HVM operations do not validate the range of their inputs
5:51PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 26 (CVE-2012-5510) - Grant table version switch list corruption vulnerability
2:20PM 0 Some examples of new possibilities with XCP 1.6
3:51AM 2 windows pv driver develop
Sunday December 2 2012
5:35PM 1 I am not getting required help
7:31AM 2 How to do live migration using xen
12:22AM 1 Which rev of Xen should I compile?
12:00AM 0 (no subject)