Xen users - Jan 2010

Sunday January 31 2010
12:35PM 10 AsteriskNOW on Xen Choppiness
12:34PM 0 CDROM access under GPLPV
12:26PM 0 PCI passthrough in Vanilla
4:20AM 4 64-bit xen constantly reboots on debian lenny 64-bit
Saturday January 30 2010
11:40AM 5 [Fwd: DHCP and DomUs troubles]
Friday January 29 2010
11:23PM 0 DHCP and DomUs troubles
4:44PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 4
2:31PM 15 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
10:23AM 6 and bnx2
9:29AM 6 Issues with Xen and iptables
9:20AM 2 support for hvm
Thursday January 28 2010
9:40PM 2 How do I configure Virtual machines to DHCP from network instead of Dom0 ??
8:06PM 0 XCP 0.1.1 (xs-tools-0.1.1.iso provided) lenny (64bit) kernel problem
7:38PM 15 pv_ops can''t boot pv_ops DomU kernel
7:27PM 6 Full Virtualised DomU Hang on Boot
6:43PM 1 New Xen wiki pages/documentation
1:37PM 1 Xen 3.3.1 Need help
11:30AM 16 NFS vs SMb vs iSCSI for remote backup mounts
7:45AM 1 Looking for Xen-compatible hardware
2:24AM 1 rate limit disk?
12:11AM 0 Debian HVM DomU won''t boot
12:03AM 0 Xen Credit-Based CPU Scheduler
Wednesday January 27 2010
9:05PM 2 GPLPV & Server 2008R2 Testsigning
6:47PM 0 Insert Module Failure
9:14AM 9 Remote debug quetion
9:00AM 0 Domain has crashed
Tuesday January 26 2010
9:13PM 4 how to dynamically increase domU''s memory?
5:08PM 0 XCP, xvp VNC console server, file missing?
4:12PM 0 XCP 0.1.1 CentOS/RHEL 5.4 issue fixed, additional
3:50PM 22 debian lenny 3.2.1 doesn''t boot, livexen boots just fine
3:03PM 0 XCP 0.1.1, problem creating CentOS/RHEL 5.4 VMs, fixed!
4:51AM 6 winxp and 2 cpu
Monday January 25 2010
8:45PM 1 Disk IO
8:08PM 14 32bit or 64bit dom0?
5:16PM 8 amd-v -- passthrough supported?
3:54PM 6 drbd non-live migration with drbd
10:37AM 3 Downloading ISO
9:45AM 9 memory not released to dom0
9:01AM 1 Xen-3.4.2 64 Bit
Sunday January 24 2010
11:33PM 8 ip conntrack table full
4:32PM 1 Gplpv on domU xp cdrom hotadd not work and usb add not work and crash vm
11:42AM 1 API calls not found
8:59AM 2 Why domU not start automatically after server reboot
2:07AM 2 DomU kernel-xen upgade from 2.6.31 - 2.6.32 causes Guest boot to fail. known issue?
Saturday January 23 2010
9:01PM 2 Compilation error
6:03PM 1 GPLPV BSOD following block-attach
2:49PM 11 OpenSUSE 11.2 Xen HVM guest crash causing BUG() in dom0
12:59PM 0 [Xen-devel] collecting info on platforms with VT-d BIOS problems
9:51AM 2 OSX host?
12:09AM 1 Centos 5.4 - network issues
Friday January 22 2010
6:16PM 1 Monitor domU resources usage from dom0
5:22PM 1 XCP 0.1.1, problem creating a working CentOS VM
3:28PM 4 Extremely poor iSCSI performance
3:15PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 3
11:33AM 8 Xen boot errors
6:25AM 1 XCP 0.1.1 xe source code?
6:21AM 2 block-attach crashes domU
6:15AM 1 GPLPV type=ioemu?
3:05AM 1 add disk to domU online
2:53AM 8 Help: cannot attach to the domain''s console. why?
Thursday January 21 2010
10:12PM 0 Setting an interface on domu to receive all traffic for the host machine
9:07PM 20 Free XEN / DomU management software
9:01PM 13 pv_ops
6:51PM 1 XCP 0.1.1 upgrading, the rest of the story
4:14PM 1 XEN version in linux distros?
2:12PM 1 Xen 3.4.2 first steps
12:31PM 4 Resize Windows DomU partition
7:28AM 1 route between two Xen0 ?
4:12AM 0 mcheck_mca_logout() panic insight
Wednesday January 20 2010
10:03PM 0 [XCP] upgrade tips
7:47PM 5 Networking stops working for no apparent reason
7:20PM 2 Weird ram/dom-u limit problem
7:18PM 0 XCP 0.1.1
6:55PM 8 [XCP] questions
4:31PM 20 rebased Xen kernel patches for 2.6.32
4:07PM 3 VM migration problem: server 1 to server 2 is ok, but does not work if from server 2 to server 1
3:46PM 1 Clock skew on domU, no ntpd
11:36AM 1 migrate in SLES11
11:20AM 3 Xen and linux-vserver on a PPC G5
8:30AM 7 x64 hvm linux very slow on a x64 xen host
3:34AM 3 DomU network Issue
Tuesday January 19 2010
8:13PM 10 Install xen from sources or apt-get ?
5:39PM 2 old Athlon system on an x86_64
2:20PM 2 Freezing on certain HVM DomUs on Debain lenny Dom0
12:22AM 1 Guest Disk Storage Using LVM on Host
Monday January 18 2010
9:12PM 15 [XCP] new version available
6:31PM 2 Problems mounting OFCS2 volume
3:13PM 1 dom0 Kernel upgrade: domUs: XENBUS: Device with no driver
12:30PM 1 performance
9:40AM 20 Network problem
Sunday January 17 2010
6:47PM 2 docs/reference for NUMA usage?
5:50AM 0 amd <-> intel migration and silverlight
Saturday January 16 2010
11:36PM 1 Help! Kernel Panic on DomU
2:04PM 0 xen-users@lists.xensource.com
3:28AM 1 Strange windows gpl pv problem
3:12AM 2 Xen compilation error
Friday January 15 2010
9:58PM 0 CD boot fail
7:50PM 8 XEN 3.4.2 /proc/xen/balloon doesn''t exist
6:03PM 1 [Xen-API] Re: FW: XCP Memory static/dynamic and overcommit
4:21PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 2
2:20PM 0 Debian Lenny, Xen 3.4.1 and DomU restart on xend restart
9:01AM 0 Re: Boot Panic on xen 3.4.1 with kernel compiled
8:10AM 1 CLVMD hangs
Thursday January 14 2010
5:01PM 3 Ping para VM (suse 11.2)
3:51PM 1 Dom0 to DomU connection through virtual crossover cable
2:36PM 3 XCP xe remote access problem
2:33PM 2 domU lose network after reboot
1:59PM 8 XCP - GFS - ISCSI
1:20PM 0 not able to run vlc streaming b/w guests (display problem in guests)
2:54AM 0 Fwd: Re: ntpd under Xen Dom0 exhibits extremely high jitter/nois
1:55AM 3 Re: ntpd under Xen Dom0 exhibits extremely high jitter/nois
Wednesday January 13 2010
7:25PM 6 Problem with Debian for create machine virtual from Centos
10:52AM 1 VM checkpoint/restart and migration
2:14AM 65 ntpd under Xen Dom0 exhibits extremely high jitter/noise? runs stable/quiet under non-xen kernel.
1:44AM 6 Fw: coordinating VM snapshot with LVM snapshot.
12:57AM 2 XCP Memory static/dynamic and overcommit
Tuesday January 12 2010
8:25PM 29 iSCSI Volumes and Xen
5:34PM 2 XEN timeout value for NFS?
2:56PM 3 initscript shutdown
12:44PM 18 Debian Repository
10:21AM 5 Windows 7 safe mode with networking on Xen 3.4.2?
8:21AM 8 Does xen 3.4.2 support EXT4 filesystem?
Monday January 11 2010
11:14AM 3 XCP update
9:04AM 1 looking for kernel-xen- 2.6.18-164.el5
7:51AM 0 Re: vlan id configuration on domU
7:21AM 1 vlan id configuration on domU on Xen
2:45AM 1 (no subject)
Sunday January 10 2010
9:22PM 0 Win2k8 R2 strange problem after failed migration
3:41PM 0 Problem with downloading qemu-xen-unstable.git during making xen-unstable
11:28AM 2 obsd as dom0?
1:08AM 7 pv_ops kernel and network problems (checksum offloading?)
Saturday January 9 2010
8:57PM 3 101th domU fails to start with "SETVCPUCONTEXT failed"
5:31PM 6 bridge sends traffic to all interfaces
11:59AM 3 shutdown of pci-paththrough-domU freezes dom0
9:10AM 3 Is it safe to run only the XEN kernel on dom0 host?
3:09AM 0 Real-Time and XenSE
Friday January 8 2010
11:18PM 1 Live migration between host with different CPU speed
8:20PM 2 Fedora 11 Xen guest install not completing
2:26PM 5 GPLPV
1:25PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Newsletter Vol 10 No 1
12:40PM 2 Why when destroy a guest it causes guest deletion?
11:25AM 0 Dom0 loses network connectivity after HVM guest shutdown/restart
4:50AM 2 vland configuration on domU
1:56AM 1 Dedicated Nvidia PCI passthrough for Linux PVM
12:47AM 5 GPL PV drivers
Thursday January 7 2010
7:38PM 1 Compilation error on "compat_ioctl.h:44"
3:04PM 0 Migration sometimes fails - domU hangs
6:23AM 6 Xen build failure
Wednesday January 6 2010
10:32PM 5 pci passthrough how to that works?
8:13PM 2 Why Xen 3.4.2 use 2.6.18 kernel
6:24PM 2 changing behavior of xendomains stop
1:28PM 0 Upgrade domU or dom0 first
8:40AM 1 help
7:07AM 12 Dom0 NETTX, NETRX alway are 0
Tuesday January 5 2010
9:44PM 2 Building an Ubuntu LTS domU image on a CentOS 5.4 dom0
9:31PM 0 bigphysarea patch on xen capable linux
8:44PM 0 pv_ops dom0 kernel: /proc/cpuinfo shows 0.000 MHz
4:17PM 0 2010 Community Manager Goals for Xen.org
1:29PM 4 xen domU ID and static routing
12:40PM 1 XEN Hypervisor Support for Logging DomU OPerations
11:19AM 1 Dom0 in kernel mainstrean
9:58AM 3 Install guest domains using virt-manager and iso images
Monday January 4 2010
11:58PM 2 xen-unstable and pvops kernel
7:51PM 0 dedicated nvidia for domU
5:13PM 4 Install CentOS as Dom-U
2:19PM 14 SLA Monitoring of XEN DomU''s
1:18PM 2 Existing windows server to XEN howto?
10:40AM 1 GPU and Xen
10:27AM 3 Installing the latest Xen for domain-0
7:23AM 6 How to create windows xp guest on xen
7:15AM 1 wrong time in xen windows vps
2:07AM 0 domU management
1:58AM 4 Xen and QCOW problems
Sunday January 3 2010
3:46PM 2 Unable to reach gateway from a xen domu
2:19PM 16 Re: virsh -c xen:/// list: = Connection refused, Set up Xen 3.4.2 & Libvirt 0.6.1 on top of Ubuntu 9.04 Server
1:39PM 21 Re: Xenified linux kernel
1:26PM 0 Re: virsh -c xen:/// list: = Connection refused, Set up Xen 3.4.2 & Libvirt 0.6.1 on top of Ubuntu 9.04 Server
6:51AM 0 Any resume patch on xen-3.0.0?
Saturday January 2 2010
2:58PM 1 Setting up a NIC driver domain
6:20AM 8 Resolve "Time went backwards" problem by using jiffies as clocksource
Friday January 1 2010
7:27PM 10 virsh -c xen:/// list: = Connection refused
7:23PM 0 freebsd
4:10PM 0 Help MySQL to keep it as Open Source