Xen users - Nov 2005

Wednesday November 30 2005
9:26PM 0 Externally determining xenU IP
8:49PM 10 Xen for network services (aka web/mail/dns etc)
7:55PM 0 Is it possible to create Domain0 without network and still control DomainU?
3:23PM 0 Xen with kickstart
12:49PM 2 how can i run X (gnome) in xen.
8:37AM 1 how to run knoppix under xen
7:11AM 0 xen 3.0 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
4:21AM 0 Centos/RHEL/Fedora IPTables Firewalling in dom0/domU + dhclient
2:42AM 0 How should I use ppp dialup in domU ???
1:32AM 0 Error 8 adding AOE device to domU
1:31AM 4 Can''t open a shell in Xen unstable
Tuesday November 29 2005
6:39PM 0 Networking Problems
6:16PM 0 DASA: Exception looking up device number for hda1
5:11PM 8 cache for partition based VBD?
1:20PM 1 Upgrade Problem - Update
12:50PM 6 vifname?
12:16PM 0 Xen-3.0 and bonding
8:30AM 2 System reboot during boot
6:45AM 0 balloon driver oops
2:52AM 1 xen0 kernel does not start
12:38AM 1 RE: Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected.Backend device not found.
12:19AM 0 Error: Device 2049 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
Monday November 28 2005
8:24PM 0 Upgrade Problem
8:22PM 0 patch for 2.4.22
8:11PM 1 Fedora xen install on ECS motherboard
5:54PM 1 how does domU support ppp??
5:41PM 0 DASA: unable to set up vif
4:37PM 2 Making the kernel
2:26PM 1 Nightly xen3 doc build?
2:24PM 1 "xm list" output change in Xen 3
10:50AM 0 hellp!! live migration fails after several migrations - stress test
10:44AM 0 Benchmarking
9:53AM 0 Explain network structure
9:35AM 0 help with ibm 346 adaptec aic 79xx
9:05AM 0 Migration A to B
5:41AM 2 Example PCI hiding in dom0 and direct access in domU
12:45AM 3 Resource temporarily unavailable on starting a vmx-domain
Sunday November 27 2005
8:42PM 3 Network performance in virtual machine (good upload speed, bad download)
6:05PM 4 xen 3 networking concepts
6:55AM 1 (110, ''Connection timed out'') Error: Error connecting to xend, is xend running?
Saturday November 26 2005
8:46PM 0 Problem in reducing the memsize of Dom0
8:42PM 0 Problem when reducing Dom0''s memory
5:18PM 1 Recommended hardware?
4:30PM 0 can''t start tty linux.
Friday November 25 2005
10:50PM 0 cross-machine + cross-domain routing
8:34PM 2 Xen and SuSE 10.0
4:01PM 7 32 bit versus 64 bit
3:10PM 0 Xen 3 xen-unstable - reboot problem
2:33PM 0 RE: 32 bit versus 64 bit
1:47PM 3 xen3.0 no console on DomU and the error "VmError: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working"
1:02PM 0 Questions before starting an interesting Xen project
10:33AM 0 AW: Error on xm create
10:30AM 9 Error on xm create
10:21AM 1 Dom0 gateway
9:04AM 0 lvm in xenU
7:14AM 0 Re: VM nic not taking IP address (fwd)
6:12AM 1 VM nic not taking IP address
Thursday November 24 2005
6:54PM 0 Does anyone have xen presentation in IDF video ???
2:28PM 4 How to get the X started on the DomU
2:18PM 21 xen 3.0 Test CD v1 released
11:10AM 1 RE: RE: Tutorial : Debian, Xen and CLUSTER / GFS Supp ort
10:25AM 2 so close! just an iptables rule away.....?
9:52AM 3 xen networking on Debian with 2 nics
9:37AM 0 AW: Migration and relocation parameters
8:25AM 1 New Xenoppix with Install2win and PXE-terminal-server
7:01AM 0 Re: [SOLVED] vbd segment not found
1:37AM 1 Minimum Ram requirement to run Xen
12:23AM 0 Network configuration for domU/installing modules for domU
Wednesday November 23 2005
7:55PM 0 so close! an iptables rule away.....
7:44PM 0 NFS + XEN
7:40PM 6 linux-2.6.xen.hg
1:56PM 3 Debian, Xen and CLUSTER / GFS Support
11:38AM 0 problems with XenSpeicificGlibc
11:32AM 0 RE: RE: Tutorial : Debian, Xen and CLUSTER / GFS Supp ort
11:26AM 3 Building Wiki for clustering using GFS and Debian
11:23AM 1 [Xen-user] No NFS Server Problem
11:23AM 1 Re:Re: howto needed - intalling fedora domU on .
10:57AM 1 RE: RE: Tutorial : Debian, Xen and CLUSTER / GFS Supp ort
10:53AM 2 howto needed - intalling fedora domU on Debian
10:33AM 1 Xen on Dell GX280
2:29AM 5 How to raise HZ to 1000 properly?
1:06AM 0 Memory squeeze in netback driver?
Tuesday November 22 2005
8:37PM 3 PIO from domU
6:56PM 4 GFS/XEN/Clustering HOWTO--brocken link
5:41PM 0 RE: RE: Tutorial : Debian, Xen and CLUSTER / GFS Supp ort
4:31PM 7 Tutorial : Debian, Xen and CLUSTER / GFS Support
4:28PM 2 xen #13 (nov 18) segfaults on ''xm top'' (x86_64)
3:36PM 2 Xen NFSroot
1:41PM 3 Kernel Panic on DomU kernel which was custom compiled for Suse
1:14PM 0 VT|Pacifica and /lib/tls
4:53AM 5 Keeping time in dom0 and domU
4:45AM 0 Book of Xenoppix
3:31AM 0 (no subject)
3:30AM 1 gentoo as dom0 on xen fails...
3:12AM 0 Xen + linux 2.4
3:02AM 0 Xen + NFS
3:01AM 0 machine reboots when memory is reduced for xen0
3:01AM 0 Advice on OS/Xen Combination
2:59AM 6 FreeBSD 5.3 as DomU - new kernel with sysinstall embedded
Monday November 21 2005
10:27PM 0 probelm starting domain0: xsnode.py
9:07PM 1 Problem stating xen0: xsnode.py
8:30PM 0 A few questions - fedora DomU
6:49PM 0 Fedora domU on Debian dom0
6:29PM 5 Error: Error creating domain: (22, ''Invalid argument'')
4:58PM 0 vnetd not getting compiled - trying vlans on xen
4:57PM 0 multiple net interfaces
3:44PM 0 question about disk performance in domU
3:40PM 2 Problems with saving of domains
2:32PM 4 Pacifica/VT again
2:05PM 0 xen-br0 not getting ip
12:09PM 0 domU cannot see VBD devices
10:54AM 0 [Help] xen3.0 start domain U fail on gentoo linux
9:55AM 0 Migration Question
2:16AM 6 can i start xp in fedora with xen?
Sunday November 20 2005
4:15PM 1 can i use swap as memory dedicated to the xen VMs
4:03PM 0 cant access /dev/hdb when booting from xen kernel
9:11AM 4 Xen 3 with PAE
5:24AM 0 cannot find the RAID partition
1:56AM 0 Kernel dumps when booting domU w/ PCI support - please help.
Saturday November 19 2005
8:53PM 0 Preblem creating domain after 7th
6:28PM 6 correct procedure for reporting kernel problems?
5:18PM 0 The Perfect Xen Setup For Debian And Ubuntu | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
4:53PM 1 Gentoo and Xen 3, pyhton problems
9:54AM 1 Question about assigning NICS
1:34AM 1 syscalltrack-0.82 + Xen
Friday November 18 2005
3:20PM 0 Exception starting xend: xeninfo
3:11PM 0 Please cancel my subscription my email address
2:40PM 0 Xen and Raid: "Unable to find device-mapper major/minor"
2:19PM 4 Xen on Solaris
12:50PM 0 Videocards support in Xen
12:11PM 0 FreeBSD DomU: Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode
9:53AM 1 OSerror [err no 5] while booting
9:05AM 0 xen source compile errors
6:56AM 2 xm balloon problems
3:41AM 7 kernel panic on boot of dom0
2:59AM 0 Dead loop on virtual device
1:57AM 1 SATA 3ware 9xxx controller
12:45AM 4 Problem with my UMTS card
Thursday November 17 2005
6:53PM 1 Emulex SAN card support
6:23PM 0 Building and distributing custom xen kernel across network
4:36PM 0 nfs - another question
4:33PM 1 Xen Newbie - "xenconsole: could not read tty from store"
1:54PM 3 OS kernels ports, VT, Pacifica & performance
1:49PM 3 3.0 7608 Migration fails
12:35PM 0 xen installation
Wednesday November 16 2005
10:40PM 0 Unable to compile 2.0.7 on FC4
10:24PM 0 where is my console? i''m confused
4:52PM 0 domU nfs server export
12:11PM 0 Problem with interrupts/APIC in xen-unstable
7:42AM 1 Some info regarding the 3.0 User Manual Development on the Wiki
7:22AM 2 Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
5:13AM 0 initrd creation failed and lsmod doesnot work
12:28AM 3 Live Demo CD boots but then can''t find CDROM?
Tuesday November 15 2005
11:10PM 1 branch counts
11:07PM 0 http://xenbits.xensource.com/xen-2.0-testing.hg" repository (seed archive) isn''t working
11:01PM 0 SOLUTION: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts are not working.
6:08PM 2 gettimeofday and endless looping
3:06PM 0 Page table modes
2:41PM 5 nfs mountpoints
2:21PM 0 Catch crashing domains with GDB
10:58AM 0 NFSd Problem
10:33AM 12 Xen + Nvidia drivers
9:13AM 0 Time in Xen0 and U
9:03AM 0 xen-unstable /tools /blkdev /parallax
8:45AM 9 Migration and relocation parameters
1:20AM 3 GM Driver under Linux Dom0?
12:59AM 0 Myrinet GM driver under Dom0?
12:43AM 1 system calls
Monday November 14 2005
11:17PM 1 lsof Xen 2.0.7 on Debian sarge
8:29PM 0 freebsd domU disks
3:29PM 4 Xen on VMWare
6:21AM 1 [xen-user] the disk size of each virtual instance
5:46AM 0 Xend fails to start on newly compiled xen dom0 kernel
1:48AM 0 got a bug in a kernel
Sunday November 13 2005
7:59PM 5 any Install howto for FreeBSD as domU with netbsd as dom0?
2:17AM 17 Working hotplug, but still timing out waiting for vbd device
Saturday November 12 2005
8:42PM 8 Video output/graphics in virtualized OSs
2:54AM 0 crashing dom0 and domU
2:50AM 0 NFS root on problem on Xen Debian
Friday November 11 2005
7:15PM 3 Dell 2650
5:58PM 6 Hardware recommendations for XEN
2:49PM 4 NFS problem under domU
1:51PM 15 Use hard drive as physical mem for xen vm
11:27AM 3 Has my FreeBSD DomU actually crashed?
Thursday November 10 2005
10:45PM 0 Unable to start a domU Domain
9:34PM 1 vif configuration
4:27PM 1 UnionFS in initrd
4:03PM 4 xen-unstable amd64 troubles
3:17PM 0 kernel patching for bcm network driver
11:36AM 1 Re: Xm Restore command.
9:44AM 1 Problem in migration (xen-unstable)
2:56AM 0 FW: xen networking
2:46AM 0 Unable to compile drivers...
1:29AM 0 Xend crashes when it''s trying to create domU
Wednesday November 9 2005
7:21PM 1 Slackware network problem
6:56PM 2 FreeBSD DomU Fatal trap 12 in cpu_switch_load_gs
4:06PM 2 save and migrate fail
3:26PM 9 Dom0 seeing 2Gb, but not 4GB ram
9:27AM 2 Installation Issues: VFS Floppy / Crash
8:53AM 0 Bridging troubles
8:50AM 1 Domain startup stucks
7:04AM 7 install other OS to unprivileged domain
5:26AM 0 Re: [xen-user] Garbage character problem.
5:25AM 4 Re: [Xen-User] Not able to see the gui of created domain under dom0.
5:24AM 3 once machine is shutdown dom1, etc are lost and need to be recreated.
Tuesday November 8 2005
10:00PM 1 NAT configuration
9:59PM 6 Running Xen 3.0, guest OS does not open a window
9:07PM 0 sis + xen
6:57PM 0 TX/RX ring buffer allocation (xen-unstable)
5:28PM 0 dom0 freezes on domU startup
10:01AM 1 kernel error when I setup the network
9:55AM 1 RE: Re: how to set the memory of other domain from domain 0?
8:25AM 2 NFS Problem NEWBIE HELP URGEND!!!!!
5:14AM 0 Re: how to set the memory of other domain from domain 0?
5:05AM 2 Re: More information about guest OS from Host OS.
3:44AM 0 Error creating domain: need more than 1 value to unpack
2:52AM 2 Kernel Source version
1:19AM 0 modeprobe via_velocity it tells me invalid module format
Monday November 7 2005
10:55PM 7 Linux on Windows
10:18PM 0 [OTAnn] Feedback
7:58PM 0 problems when networking runs up.
7:53PM 4 can''t start domU
7:19PM 2 Debian problem
9:03AM 2 xend restart
7:24AM 1 Re: SMP does not work as expected - was: Re: Checking for SMP usage in xen stable
1:36AM 2 Sun and BEA 1.5 64-bit JVMs not happy w/ Xen on x86_64
Sunday November 6 2005
8:21PM 0 2.4.30 problems
4:03PM 2 Unable to start domain based on ubuntu filesystem
11:45AM 5 Xen-3.0, Mandriva-dom0 ethernet
Saturday November 5 2005
6:00PM 1 left over loop devices
3:55PM 4 Module error in mkinitrd
11:23AM 0 xen-2.0 questions
12:38AM 11 xenConsole r0.15 is available
Friday November 4 2005
9:32PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 9, Issue 13
6:42PM 0 Building FreeBSD Diskless domU
5:50PM 1 Problem with Mylex DAC960
5:20PM 1 RE: Error "Device 0 (vif) could not be connected"
5:02PM 1 RE: Error "Device 0 (vif) could not be connected"
2:58PM 21 Networking Questions
3:38AM 4 Dom0 eth0 has different MAC address than expected, ignoring
Thursday November 3 2005
8:28PM 2 kernel debugging
6:36PM 1 debootstrap''ing a debian sarge domU with reiserfs
4:53PM 6 domU device access : kernel problem
4:12PM 1 Custom kernel always crashes
Wednesday November 2 2005
11:40PM 1 Xen bridge acting weird
9:51PM 3 Warning wrt starting the xen3.0 network-bridge from init scripts on Gentoo
6:15PM 0 Xen 2.6 DomO Kernel and -m state iptable rules
5:17PM 0 XEN, SuSE 7.2 and AFS
5:05PM 3 Xen driver domain...character device?
3:37PM 0 xen-devel SRPMs for CentOS4
3:06PM 0 LVM on RAID1 bug in kernel <
12:49PM 0 Live migration in Xen3.0
10:12AM 1 kexec into a new Dom0 Xen kernel possible?
9:22AM 3 xen 2.0.6 + kernel 2.6.11 + raid1 = strange behavior
Tuesday November 1 2005
10:28PM 2 xen, lvm, drbd, bad kernel messages
5:06PM 0 Re: Filesystems that support migration [Was: Re: Live Migration Config]
3:55PM 0 Any hope? OpenSSI, Xen and FCx
3:24PM 0 FC4, Xen 2 issues: udev, eth0, disk
1:54PM 2 vif-antispoof
10:43AM 1 using Xen as a span
9:37AM 4 Checking for SMP usage in xen stable
6:53AM 1 Debian, Xen and Heartbeat