Xen devel - Apr 2010

Friday April 30 2010
11:04PM 1 [PATCH] libxl: make set_memory_target work on domains with no videoram
10:59PM 0 xl create fails to create hvm guest with stubdom
10:01PM 12 [PATCH 00 of 10] blkfront pvops updates, v2
9:51PM 1 [PATCH] Make xl usage summary legible
9:34PM 7 So I tried to use xentrace...
7:34PM 2 Error building current Linux git tree without configuring Xen
4:32PM 5 XCP: Crashes on dual Xeon HP ProLiant systems
2:42PM 0 XCP: Xen Windows PV console, vfb and vkbd drivers ?
1:34PM 0 [PATCH 06/11] xen: fix function declaration
1:25PM 0 domUloader.py failed when vm disks are declared using /dev/disk/by-path/... (quick and dirty bugfix)
10:48AM 1 Kernel Panic, Call trace
9:07AM 0 [PATCH] Fix old QCow tapdisk image handling
8:26AM 1 [PATCH] xl: Add subcommand "xl sched-credit"
6:42AM 1 x86-64/kexec: crashkernel= without @xM suffix
Thursday April 29 2010
11:05PM 5 Dom0 restartability
10:27PM 3 credit2 crash
8:49PM 0 Make sure git clone gets the right kernel branch
8:49PM 0 Switch kernel from xen/master to xen/stable-2.6.31.x
3:59PM 1 [PATCH] x86: add support for domain initiated global cache flush
2:29PM 0 [Pv-ops][PATCH 4/4 v2] Netback: Use Kernel thread to replace the tasklet.
2:28PM 3 [Pv-ops][PATCH 3/4 v2] Netback: Multiple tasklets support
2:28PM 2 [Pv-ops][PATCH 2/4 v2] Netback: Introduce a new struct type page_ext.
2:28PM 5 [Pv-ops][PATCH 1/4 v2] Netback: Generilize static/global variables into ''struct xen_netbk''.
2:27PM 2 [Pv-ops][PATCH 0/4 v2] Netback multiple threads support
9:24AM 4 [PATCH 3/3]xl: Add command description to command table
9:23AM 0 [PATCH 2/3]xl: Use command table to store command name and implementation
9:23AM 0 [PATCH 1/3]xl: Move xl command implementation to a seperate file
9:23AM 1 [PATCH 0/3]xl:A patchset to make xl command code more clear
3:29AM 0 [PATCH] intel_txt: to add more strict check to detect VMX disabled by BIOS
2:19AM 21 [PATCH 00 of 10] blkfront pvops updates
1:11AM 2 Help with 3.4.x compilation problem
Wednesday April 28 2010
7:56PM 2 Install Xen 4.0
7:20PM 3 Multiple VNC client support for Xen qemu
2:56PM 0 [PATCH] xend: fix bug in xend option parsing
2:33PM 13 [PATCH] Add hypercall to mark superpages to improve performance
2:08PM 5 [Linux PATCH] Make hugepages work in current git tree
1:08PM 2 Conntrack checksumming problem with pv_ops dom0
10:32AM 0 xm: catch TypeError if xenconsole is nonexistent
10:29AM 5 xl: Enable ''xl console'' in ''x86_64''
10:18AM 1 Re: Re: PV kernel boot parameter maxcpus has noeffect?
10:06AM 13 [PATCH] x86: add CMCI software injection interface
9:07AM 3 [Question] Has anyone tried kexec/kdump
8:51AM 3 [PATCH] xl: support specifing ''[vars]'' in ''xl create''
3:07AM 2 PV kernel boot parameter maxcpus has no effect?
Tuesday April 27 2010
11:05PM 1 [PATCH] Change the global suspend event channel lock file to a per-domain lock file
9:22PM 6 pv_ops routing problem?
1:06PM 0 CPUFreq: BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request
9:04AM 1 [PATCH]xl:fix XL_LOG_ERRNOVAL output
8:38AM 1 race in xenstore?
8:31AM 1 XEN and ipq_read
7:41AM 23 XEN 4.0 + pvops kernel : system crashes on starting 155th domU
7:05AM 0 [PATCH]xl:Remove unused variable verbose in info function
4:01AM 4 Xen 3.0.3 tap:aio disk image fails on RAID5/XFS filesystem
3:39AM 2 [PATCH]xl:Add basic bash completion for xl command
2:17AM 7 max vcpus in dom0
2:15AM 1 [PATCH]xl:Add help for ''xl info'' command
Monday April 26 2010
8:05PM 1 xen DomU image on RAID5 + XFS causes issues with tap:aio
5:11PM 1 patch_xen_iscsi_boot
3:26PM 0 Unregister_netdevice error messages caused by shutdowning vm with protection of Remus
2:27PM 0 [Pv-ops][PATCH 3/3] Resend: Netback: Use Kernel thread to replace the tasklet.
2:27PM 0 [Pv-ops][PATCH 2/3] Resend: Netback: Multiple tasklets support.
2:27PM 0 [Pv-ops][PATCH 1/3] Resend: Netback: Generilize static/global variables into ''struct xen_netbk''.
1:42PM 9 disk offline with xen4.0+pvops2.6.31.13
12:59PM 2 Memory CoW in XEN
11:11AM 0 RE: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 Server
10:50AM 0 RE: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on F12 (serial log)
10:44AM 1 xm pause hangs up on Xen 4.0]
10:31AM 2 [PATCH] x86: propagate pat caching on the shadow l1 (unstable)
10:18AM 1 [PATCH] propagate pat caching on the shadow l1
9:16AM 2 [PATCH] xl: Don''t output a broken result if error occurs in ''xl info''
8:00AM 0 [PATCH] support Linux'' advanced crashkernel= syntax (v2)
7:35AM 0 [PATCH] x86: make pxm_to_node() return sane values when disabling NUMA internally
7:22AM 1 [PATCH] support Linux'' advanced crashkernel= syntax
6:28AM 0 fast boot from xen to linux and vice-versa by kexec
5:08AM 0 xl: Fix segment fault of ''xl list''
4:10AM 0 [PATCH] xl: Add option ''-p'' for command ''xl create''
2:32AM 2 Confusion about copy_to/from_guest
1:55AM 2 No module named sxputils
Sunday April 25 2010
4:23PM 0 building kernel w/rebased suse patches via make-kpkg
8:49AM 1 about the xcp and xenserver
3:25AM 0 how to call a hypercall from the guest OS of HVM
Saturday April 24 2010
9:57PM 0 xen-unstable: Xend can not start. module sxputils not found.
9:47PM 3 HOWTO make PV drivers for domU HVM
8:18PM 1 trying to get vt-d working with xen 4.0.0 stable + pvops kernel
8:08PM 1 trying to get vt-d working with xen 4.0.0 stable + pvops kernel with .config file from the
7:16PM 1 XenManagementTools wiki page created
6:21PM 3 Xen clocksources and timekeeping wiki page
4:39PM 3 "modprobe tpmbk" and "CONFIG_XEN_TPMDEV_BACKEND"
11:47AM 1 Trouble with cryptsetup
8:22AM 3 error: tpm_version.h, error: gmp.h:, error: expected specifier-qualifier-bGlzdCBiZWZvcmUgkXRwbV9ibl90kiw
7:29AM 0 RE: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on F12 (serial log)
Friday April 23 2010
9:25PM 5 Re: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on F12 (serial log)
7:56PM 1 Help for changing hypercall
5:50PM 63 Cannot load latest kernel on AMD quad-core
3:50PM 0 Out of memory when start DomU.
3:49PM 2 No sxputils module for xm command
3:43PM 4 Xen on vmware
2:31PM 14 [PATCH 00/10][RFC][v2] merge ocaml xenstored and dependencies
1:50PM 1 Re: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on F12 (serial log)
12:46PM 2 NUMA guest config options (was: Re: [PATCH 00/11] PV NUMA Guests)
12:45PM 1 NUMA guest: best-fit-nodes algorithm (was Re: [PATCH 00/11] PV NUMA Guests)
12:45PM 0 NUMA guest PV enlightenment (was Re:[PATCH 00/11] PV NUMA Guests)
7:58AM 4 Re: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on F12 (serial log)
Thursday April 22 2010
9:54PM 25 Scrubbing free ram
8:57PM 9 event_lock not initialized in the idle domain (permitted actions in a tasklet?)
6:44PM 4 Adding ARM as a supported architecture
4:56PM 3 RE: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on F12 (serial log)
4:44PM 6 libxenlight and xl: missing features
3:17PM 8 [PATCH 6 of 6] PV on HVM suspend\resume
3:16PM 2 [PATCH 5 of 6] unplug emulated devices
3:16PM 2 [PATCH 4 of 6] xen pci platform device driver
3:16PM 3 [PATCH 3 of 6] evtchn delivery on HVM
3:15PM 3 [PATCH 2 of 6] early PV on HVM
3:15PM 1 [PATCH 1 of 6] Add support for hvm_op
3:15PM 3 [PATCH 0 of 6] PV on HVM Xen
2:40PM 0 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #21208 & Xen0: #a3e7c7...
2:37PM 8 Event channel performance optimize
12:44PM 1 [Patch] support of oos parameter for xl create
12:32PM 0 XCP: PV drivers are not signed for win2k8 64-bit
12:15PM 0 Network Problem with the HVM windowsXP domainU
12:11PM 0 [Patch] domain create optimization
12:09PM 2 newer Linux: handle_level_irq() vs. handle_fasteoi_irq()
9:41AM 50 [PATCH 00/17][RFC] Nested virtualization for VMX
9:35AM 4 BSS region in xen_in_range is incorrect
8:51AM 11 New release candidate for Xen 3.4.3
8:08AM 7 earlier remove the backend of tapdisk device in xenstore to release the resource allocated in backend driver lies in dom0''kernel
6:10AM 0 harddisk offline frequently when running vm
4:57AM 0 [PATCH] CPUIDLE: fix a racing in cpuidle_wakeup_mwait
4:48AM 13 XCP: update dom0 kernel?
2:37AM 7 [PATCH] VMX: Add debug-key ''D'' to dump EPT p2m table
2:37AM 0 [PATCH] Fix HVM guest memory allocation in 1GB case
1:55AM 0 [PATCH] xend: don''t drop device config on domain start failure
Wednesday April 21 2010
3:06PM 0 Re: Xen-devel Digest, Vol 62, Issue 257
2:17PM 12 [PATCHv2 0/4] Add "xl info" command
1:54PM 0 [PATCH] linux/blktap: make debugging messages a little more meaningful
1:53PM 0 [PATCH] linux/blktap: fix cleanup after unclean application exit #2
1:25PM 2 RE: Failure to load the most recent kernel ( xen/stable) under Xen 4.0 on F12 (serial log)
11:28AM 1 XCP Storage Repos
11:17AM 0 Cpupools: xm-test addons
11:17AM 2 Cpupools: python scripts
11:17AM 0 Cpupools: libxen part
9:12AM 1 Xen PV-On-HVM in Kernel 2.6.33.X
7:04AM 0 RE: Re: [Xen-users] rebased openSUSE Xen dom0 Patches
6:52AM 3 Detail on pv_ops not boot
2:59AM 8 [GIT PULL] pv/pcifront-2.6.32 + pv/pciback-2.6.32 = [INTx/MSI/MSI-X work now]
Tuesday April 20 2010
5:01PM 0 [PATCH] tmem internals doc
12:50PM 2 AMD-Vi support
12:31PM 1 Fwd: [PATCH] xen: build fix GNU sed vs. BSD sed
9:41AM 1 [Patch 6/6] Cpupools: documentation changes
9:40AM 0 [Patch 5/6] Cpupools: xm-test addons
9:40AM 0 [Patch 4/6] Cpupools: python scripts
9:39AM 0 [Patch 3/6] Cpupools: libxen part
9:39AM 1 [Patch 2/6] Cpupools: libxc part
9:38AM 2 [Patch 1/6] Cpupools: hypervisor part
9:37AM 8 [Patch 0/6] Cpupools
8:19AM 2 One question on mcinfo_extended
8:09AM 13 domU is causing misaligned disk writes
6:08AM 0 [PATCH] Tools: add online/offline hotplug user interfaces
6:02AM 9 XCP: source repo?
5:39AM 18 [PATCH] CPUIDLE: shorten hpet spin_lock holding time
5:15AM 3 No module named xen.xm
3:06AM 1 Xen networking - dom0 kernel message - question
2:27AM 1 Hugepages don''t work on the Xen Linux git tree
Monday April 19 2010
9:25PM 0 [GIT PULL] pv/pciback-2.6.32 -> xen/next && pv/pciback-2.6.31 -> xen/stable-2.6.31.x
7:42PM 1 [GIT PULL] pv/pcifront-2.6.32 into xen/next
4:03PM 0 redhat4.6-32bit DomU with pv driver can''t be saved
2:43PM 0 [PATCH] re-enable tmem by default in xen-unstable
2:15PM 0 Travel Plans to Europe? Why Not Attend Xen Summit NA at AMD
1:20PM 0 [PATCH] linux/blktap: fix various checks
1:16PM 1 Attach CDROM to windows
1:15PM 0 [PATCH] linux/blktap: fix cleanup after unclean application exit
8:59AM 0 [RFC] [PATCH 2/2] Clean-up the MCA handling code
8:58AM 0 [RFC] [PATCH 1/2] Change the method to get the extended MCA information
8:58AM 7 Booting Failures when using linux- as DomU with paravirt-ops support
8:58AM 6 [RFC] [PATCH 0/2] Some clean-up to MCA handling
8:55AM 3 [pvops-dom0]Update MCE LOG data
8:26AM 1 Using xen-netfront in dom0
Sunday April 18 2010
9:17PM 18 [PATCH 0/4] Add "xl info" command
8:40PM 1 [patch] Calling awk and not gawk in the Xen scripts
8:34AM 1 libgmp.a error while compiling Xen 3.4
1:24AM 0 Q: Xen HVM device emulation
Saturday April 17 2010
Friday April 16 2010
6:10PM 0 [PATCH] [xend] support ''ioemu'' subtype in tap protocol specification
6:05PM 9 [PROPOSAL] Doing work in idle-vcpu context
4:53PM 1 [PATCH] xen: p2m nits
3:36PM 0 [PATCH] xen: Use paging_mode_hap in header
3:16PM 1 [xen-unstable 4.1][] xend[6678] general protection ip:7fb1fee83010 sp:433528d8 error:0 in libc-2.7.so[7fb1fee08000+14a000]
3:07PM 19 pci-passthrough not working on 4.0.1-rc1-pre: mm.c:3847:d10 Bad page 00000000001beab4: ed=ffff830151210000(10), sd=ffff830151210000, caf=8000000000000002, taf=7400000000000001
2:33PM 3 xen-unstable.hg not being updated?
2:18PM 2 [PATCH 1/1] Xen ARINC 653 Scheduler
2:14PM 6 [PATCH 1/1] Add .adjust_global callback
10:59AM 1 (no subject)
10:55AM 1 [PATCH] Clean-up on MCA MSR virtualization and vMCE injection
10:13AM 3 [PATCH] tools/hotplug/Linux/blktap: remove optional tapdisk: prefix
8:46AM 0 Fwd: [Xen-users] XenVGAPassthrough Xen 4.0.0
7:32AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2010ww15]
7:19AM 0 Re: Xen 4.0: dom0 reboot like domU
7:18AM 0 Xen 4.0: domU reboot like domU
6:09AM 4 Trying to compile Xen 4 for a Debian package fail
2:07AM 22 [PATCH] pv-ops: Fix missing ''ifdef CONFIG_XEN'' in acpi
Thursday April 15 2010
6:36PM 8 Re: [Xen-users] rebased openSUSE Xen dom0 Patches
4:38PM 5 [PATCH] clflush instruction emulation
4:28PM 20 network performance drop heavily in xen 4.0 release
3:54PM 11 Possible regression: XEN 4.0.0 total_memory decrease
2:52PM 0 [PATCH] pygrub: Fix Grub2 support for Ubuntu 10.04
2:05PM 2 [PATCH] xend: fix best NUMA node allocation
1:20PM 15 Fwd: [PATCH 0/18] Nested Virtualization: Overview
12:43PM 2 [PATCH 18/18] Nested Virtualization: hap-on-hap
12:43PM 1 [PATCH 17/18] Nested Virtualization: p2m infrastructure
12:41PM 0 [PATCH 16/18] Nested Virtualization: enablement
12:40PM 0 [PATCH 15/18] Nested Virtualization: interrupts (svm specific)
12:39PM 1 [PATCH 14/18] Nested Virtualization: svm specific implementation
12:38PM 0 [PATCH 13/18] Nested Virtualization: interrupts (generic part)
12:36PM 0 [PATCH 12/18] Nested Virtualization: MSR
12:35PM 1 [PATCH 11/18] Nested Virtualization: cpuid
12:33PM 0 [PATCH 10/18] Nested Virtualization: efer
12:32PM 0 [PATCH 09/18] Nested Virtualization: core
12:31PM 0 [PATCH 08/18] Nested Virtualization: function hooks
12:30PM 0 [PATCH 07/18] Nested Virtualization: data structure
12:29PM 7 [PATCH 04/18] Nested Virtualization: p2m cleanup
12:29PM 1 [PATCH 06/18] Nested Virtualization: p2m phystable
12:28PM 0 [PATCH 05/18] Nested Virtualization: paged real mode
12:25PM 0 [PATCH 03/18] Nested Virtualization: localevent
12:23PM 0 [PATCH 02/18] Nested Virtualization: viridian
12:22PM 3 [PATCH 01/18] Nested Virtualization: tools
12:20PM 0 [PATCH 0/18] Nested Virtualization: Overview
10:34AM 2 [PATCH] fix changeset 21153: d2d8805868f1 (xend can''t start)
10:05AM 4 [PATCH] libfsimage: zfs build fix
8:58AM 17 [Question] vcpu-set before or after xen_pause_requested
8:31AM 4 CPU offlining patch xen-unstable:21049
4:25AM 0 [help]an error when install xen 3.2.0 from source
Wednesday April 14 2010
9:50PM 9 [PATCH 0 of 2] Remus: support for pvops dom0
1:05PM 12 Vnc on pv domU karmic in dom0 lenny with xen 4 and pv_ops
12:20PM 0 how to add a new hypercall in xen 3.4
10:26AM 20 [PATCH 0 of 5] Add credit2 scheduler (EXPERIMENTAL)
8:12AM 22 future plans for libxl?
12:20AM 6 blktap2 device creation failing after 162 devices w/Xen4.0 + linux-
Tuesday April 13 2010
11:34PM 0 [PATCH][RESUBMIT] sync up zfs boot support in pygrub
4:52PM 3 [PATCH 0 of 3] xentrace updates
1:36PM 7 [PATCH] make c/s 21089 work again with c/s 21092
1:19PM 40 [Patch] continue_hypercall_on_cpu rework using tasklets
10:29AM 1 xend/xm broken
10:16AM 4 [PATCH] libxl: build fix
9:26AM 0 How to add a new disk type in the blktap of Xen 3.4.2
9:25AM 2 [PATCH] p2m: merge ptp allocation
9:20AM 0 EVTCHNOP_send crash Windows
8:51AM 1 [PATCH] svm: debug functions
4:21AM 0 scheduling of netifs in netback
12:23AM 1 xen/next & xen/stable-2.6.32.x+ depends on CONFIG_ACPI_PROCFS
Monday April 12 2010
6:54PM 8 The mfn of the frame, that holds a mlock-ed PV domU usermode page, can change
6:06PM 0 Xen.org Mascot Final Voting
6:05PM 0 Any quick way to compile hypervisor and driver
5:01PM 0 [PATCH] xentrace: fix lost records resume
4:46PM 0 [PATCH] xentrace: Bounds checking and error handling
4:05PM 0 [PATCH] Fix read-to-use race condition in shadow code
3:06PM 2 make clean doesn''t clean xen/common/compat/
2:41PM 16 [PATCH 00/16] Migration support for "xl"
2:03PM 0 [PATCH] xen: let gcc print root cause on build failure
1:56PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86-64: kern_addr_valid() must not walk page tables mapping hypervisor space
11:39AM 5 [Xen-4.0.0] domU screen corruption on switching consoles
10:07AM 12 c/s 21118: Magny-Coure breakage
7:21AM 10 Xen VGA graphics passthrough for secondary adapters, vBAR=pBAR etc
5:47AM 0 Doubt regarding Xen
4:45AM 4 [PATCH]CPUFREQ: Fix two racing issues during cpu hotplug
1:51AM 0 [PATCH] a little fix of blktap2 in xen-hotplug-cleanup
Sunday April 11 2010
2:22PM 2 Xen-4.0.0, qemu-xen-4.0, pvops combo on debian-lenny
Saturday April 10 2010
6:23PM 1 Time function to place in TPM manager
4:44PM 0 Dom0 Hangs in rc5
2:34PM 1 dom0 hangs ( possible bug )
2:32PM 0 [Xen-tools] dom0 hangs ( possible bug )
9:41AM 1 CE: xen increasing min_delta_ns to 14866484018615571080 nsec
1:40AM 7 Attempting to checksum a non-TCP/UDP packet errors rolling across screen
1:01AM 0 [PATCH] libxc: Flush I/O before xc_domain_save completion
Friday April 9 2010
11:13PM 38 Xen Dom U kernel
5:55PM 0 [PATCH] pygrub should boot a 64-bit Solaris PV guest on 32-bit linux dom0/64-bit hypervisor
5:53PM 4 [PATCH] sync up zfs boot support in pygrub
5:26PM 0 kexec under DomU
4:13PM 2 4.1 feature request: block device throttling/scheduling
1:25PM 1 Xen warning with xen/stable-2.6.32.x
1:22PM 16 pvops domu soft lockup under load
10:05AM 2 tun/tap driver in kernel
9:01AM 0 [PATCH][QEMU] fix segmentation fault after hotplug pass-through device
7:58AM 3 New release candidiate for Xen 3.4.3
6:56AM 0 xc_domain_memory_populate_physmap | Number of hypercalls
6:32AM 2 XenWiki Directory needed
4:32AM 1 Starting multiple domains at boot?
4:00AM 7 Compilation question xen-4.0.0
3:30AM 0 [PATCH] xm: Fix string index out of range in ''vcpu-pin'' command
3:09AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2010ww14]
Thursday April 8 2010
10:01PM 13 Xen 4 - Page Sharing HowTo?
9:44PM 2 Disk difference (file, tap:aio ecc)
9:29PM 2 Xen blktap2 wiki page created, more information needed
9:00PM 5 AW: Some test results on Xen 4.0 and 2.6.31 / 2.6.32 pvops kernels
6:38PM 0 FOSS Mentor Projects via Teaching Open Source
5:54PM 23 Xen 4.0 on gentoo hotplug scripts problem?
5:52PM 1 [PATCH] [retry 4] 3/3 Add support for AMD MPERF/APERF
5:51PM 0 [PATCH] [retry 4] 2/3 Add Xen support for AMD Turbo/Boost
5:50PM 1 [PATCH] [retry 4] 1/3 Refactor Xen Support for Intel Turbo Boost
11:34AM 27 Debian linux-image-2.6.32-4-xen-amd64 2.6.32-11 doesn''t boot with > 4 GiB; resets immediatelly, no log messages
8:48AM 1 Question on pci-passthrough and event delivery
7:02AM 0 [PATCH] Fix two issues for CPU online/offline
6:56AM 0 a little fix of blktap2 in xen-hotplug-cleanup
6:03AM 0 [PATCH] tmem: fix ia64 build
5:56AM 2 xen-detect fail.
4:19AM 0 Xen hypercall encryption technique.
2:12AM 1 vTPM manager and receiving a request
Wednesday April 7 2010
10:45PM 14 radeon in dom0/ivtv in domU: irq 16 nobody cared
10:28PM 2 PGP key for signature on xen-4.0.0.tar.gz
9:17PM 12 XenKernelFeatures wiki page added
8:30PM 0 DomU Xen-PCI frontend (and Xen-SWIOTLB) availability in v2.6.34-rc3
4:38PM 0 [PATCH] xen: allow guests to set caching attributes for MMIOs
3:28PM 4 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 4.0.0 released
12:30PM 3 Qubes: a desktop OS based on Xen, X and Linux
5:01AM 6 xen-3.0.gz and linux-2.6-xen0
Tuesday April 6 2010
11:46PM 0 [PATCH] mini-os: Fix xenbus_switch_state''s transaction retry
10:38PM 6 New DMAR errors in Xen 4.1
10:13PM 3 Xen panics with
8:58PM 0 [PATCH] mini-os: Fix crash on frontend shutdown failures
8:36PM 0 [PATCH] mini-os: Fix frontend shutdown wait loop
8:09PM 0 [PATCH]Fix 32bit PAE compilation error introduced by 1GB patches
7:10PM 0 [PATCH] Update git clone command
7:10PM 2 [PATCH] Switch default kernel branch to xen/stable-2.6.31.x
6:22PM 1 [PATCH 1/1] Compiler Warning Fix
6:10PM 0 xc_mca_op(): MCA hypercall test driver
6:01PM 0 Xengine Project questions.
5:41PM 29 Xen 4.1 Feature Request List
5:03PM 14 pci hotplug in xcp
9:56AM 1 bug? block- script called after qemu start
8:47AM 7 Xen-4.0.0 RC9 Test Report. Xen: #21087 & Dom0: #4ebd13...
7:12AM 4 drbd: and hvm
Monday April 5 2010
11:27PM 5 [PATCH] mini-os: Fix xenbus initialisation
10:23PM 0 [PATCH] [xen-unstable] tmem: add page deduplication with optional compression or trailing-zero-elimination
10:03PM 13 pv-grub boot hangs when iommu=soft. Booting kernel directly with the flags works
7:35PM 3 What happend to /sys/xen and independent_wallclock (Xen 4.0/Linux 2.6.32)
5:52PM 3 RFC: Superpage/hugepage performance improvement
7:57AM 2 [PATCH] qemu-dm: pass-through: fix header type register emulation.
Sunday April 4 2010
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 11/11] [PVOPS] numa-guest-support elfnote
7:30PM 2 [PATCH 10/11] [PVOPS] Use enlightenment to setup nodes
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 09/11] [PVOPS] Sync xen memory interface
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 08/11] [XEN] numa-guest-support elfnote
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 07/11] [XEN] domain setup per allocation strategies
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 06/11] [XEN] Minor cleanup over previous patches
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 05/11] [XEN] Basic cpumap utils
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 04/11] [XEN] NUMA memory allocation strategies
7:30PM 5 [PATCH 03/11] [XEN] NUMA guest tools interface
7:30PM 1 [PATCH 02/11] [XEN] exact node request
7:30PM 0 [PATCH 01/11] [XEN] NUMA helper macros
7:30PM 11 [PATCH 00/11] PV NUMA Guests
5:18PM 14 [PATCH] pv-grub: fix boot crash when no fb is available
5:15PM 0 [PATCH] mini-os: Do not use the same wait element twice
6:19AM 0 Error cloning qemu-xen-4.0
6:03AM 0 about the shadow page in HVM
Saturday April 3 2010
10:46PM 22 Re: vt-d p7p55d evo
Friday April 2 2010
11:02PM 4 domU to dom0 switch question
9:15PM 0 [GIT PULL] pcifront-
5:21PM 7 pvgrub
4:48PM 6 Scheduling anomaly with 4.0.0 (rc6)
2:29PM 3 Failed to create VM using configuration specified by Remus
1:01PM 0 Xen-4 package questions
7:37AM 0 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2010ww13]
2:38AM 12 [PATCH]ACPI: re-enable mwait for xen cpuidle
Thursday April 1 2010
9:54PM 3 crash with xen/stable-2.6.32.x
8:26PM 13 (Xenlinux) gentoo-xen-kernel patches questions?
4:27PM 4 [PATCH 0 of 4] xl: vcpu commands and tsc_mode parameter
12:38PM 0 [PATCH]cpuidle: mwait on softirq_pending & remove wakeup ipis
10:18AM 1 error XEN scsi-attach
9:22AM 5 [PATCH] [RFC] Fix a small window on CPU online/offline
8:30AM 1 [PATCH] xen: move viridian defines to header
5:57AM 2 linker error with xen-tools (tip)
12:11AM 8 Xen 3.4.2 kernel / lvcreate crash