samba - Dec 2008

Wednesday December 31 2008
5:09PM 0 Problems with Privileges
4:21PM 0 Fixed problem with permissions on new server
2:08PM 1 samba PDC, cannot add windows workstations
12:56PM 0 Permission on trash folder
Tuesday December 30 2008
6:13PM 1 Group membership not meshing
6:10PM 3 Samba 3.2.5 and
5:53AM 1 read failure for 4 byte
Monday December 29 2008
9:18PM 1 smbclient (cygwin)
6:36PM 3 Samba using ADS
3:54PM 0 Problem with quota on samba
1:40PM 1 Server upgrade advies
5:22AM 2 sharing samba smbpasswd
Sunday December 28 2008
9:52PM 3 Sorting directory lists (again)
4:46AM 0 Samba 3.2.4 and 3.2.6 get realm wrong?
Saturday December 27 2008
Friday December 26 2008
8:49PM 0 Samba PDC, LDAP, IDMAP backend not working
7:29PM 0 with antivirus
6:51PM 0 failure view /edit access list on samba share.
4:17PM 1 Fat32 - 1Gb file copy is failing
Thursday December 25 2008
10:51PM 1 CTDB + Samba + Winbind + ActiveDirectory
6:19PM 1 Nested Groups
Wednesday December 24 2008
8:40PM 1 Question About Samba version 3.0.28-1.e15_2.1
5:53PM 0 Winbind not getting new membership for AD users
10:56AM 0 merry christmas!
10:29AM 4 samba server in two lans
7:33AM 2 Solaris 8 and Solaris 10
3:00AM 0 Solved with samba-3.2.6: Resources hog, etc
1:51AM 0 access denied message not the login prompt
12:04AM 1 Samba share to use AD for authentication
Tuesday December 23 2008
7:15PM 0 [ Patch to improve Samba write speeds on Linux ext3 with 3.2.x]
2:50PM 1 Docu for Winbind using userprincipalName (UPN)
2:36PM 1 Samba Transaction Implementation
7:35AM 1 Strange problem with samba-3.2.0-1
1:04AM 1 To make winbindd upset and unresponsive (3.2.6)
Monday December 22 2008
11:33PM 2 Any Known Share limitations or performance issues with large file systems
9:25PM 1 Authentication fails - 3.0.26a-0.9-1787-SUSE-SLES9
6:00PM 2 compiling 3.2.6 fails on fedora 10 i386
1:10PM 1 sgid bit set on ordinary files mounted via smbfs
12:51PM 1 Samba4 and freeipa
12:40PM 2 Listing shared printers
12:13PM 1 Printer listings
11:51AM 0 Printer listing
Sunday December 21 2008
11:43PM 1 _Truly_ disabling trusted domains?
4:46PM 0 build of 3.3.0rc2 on opensolaris 2008.11 causes ld usage error
7:49AM 0 News from the Debian packaging team for Samba
Saturday December 20 2008
7:35PM 1 Vista on domain... can Samba join without Administration priviledges?
3:15PM 1 Samba 3.0.24-6etch10 - symlinks on Linux clients
Friday December 19 2008
6:40PM 0 XP profile problem
6:17PM 1 [Solaris 8+9][ads] Is there a package built?
6:07PM 1 complete newbie sid problems
5:51PM 0 [Samba+Ldap] Samba objects missing in sync
3:42PM 0 When and how often are elections held for LMB?
Thursday December 18 2008
11:16PM 2 samba client improperly shows the wrong files in directories
9:04PM 0 ads_secrets_verify_ticket: enc type [23] failed to decrypt with error Decrypt integrity check failed
8:02PM 2 username aliases?
6:59PM 1 CTDB Samba Deployment
3:00PM 0 oplock behavior of samba 3.2.6 causes corruption of netscape mailbox files, mails seem to be received doubly or triply
10:07AM 1 permission and library dep issues after fedora upgrade
8:41AM 3 Run script ON SAMBA host - then client log in.
12:10AM 0 Permissions problems
Wednesday December 17 2008
6:17PM 1 /var/lib/samba/winbindd_privileged permission issue.
6:16PM 1 Question re: samba 4 feature set
5:09PM 2 Do I need a WINS server if I want to browse?
4:38PM 2 Segmentation fault in smbc_getxattr()->...->convert_sid_to_string() in samba-3.2.6
3:16PM 0 Primary and secondary groups concurrently is fine ?
2:01AM 0 setup shares-priveledges-groups for 2 groups of students
Tuesday December 16 2008
4:36PM 0 Minimum settings for browsing to work (with no issues)?
11:48AM 0 Windows XP x64 (64bit) cannot join samba domain
10:34AM 3 Vista roaming profiles...
9:58AM 1 Winbind dumps core after upgrade to 3.2.6
9:45AM 0 Problem with samba/cifs mountpoint Error Xxffffff90, Send error, no response...
8:21AM 2 Samba 3.2.6 upgrade -> smbd panic in printing.
1:50AM 1 Creating folders while preserving sharing group
Monday December 15 2008
6:11PM 3 samba 3.2.6 link error
3:55PM 3 idmap init ignoring domain ....
2:30PM 2 pGINA and samba - authentication against LDAP userPassword field?
1:08PM 1 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.3.0rc2 Available for Download
11:28AM 1 Samba configuration for win98, win2k and winxp clients
10:45AM 3 samba filesystem limits
10:30AM 0 Samba problem
6:19AM 1 replace winbind with ldap
5:43AM 1 samba One Click Install
1:00AM 1 How to port samba to ARM?
Sunday December 14 2008
11:48PM 0 samba segfaults
2:13AM 1 Samba versions require specific Kerberos version?
Saturday December 13 2008
10:30PM 0 winbind oddity + character comes and goes.
2:14PM 0 NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE after upgrading 3.2.4 to 3.2.6
11:39AM 0 PDC and WINS windows server 2003
4:46AM 1 samba 3.2.6 openSUSE binaries
Friday December 12 2008
7:50PM 3 Error on Samba 3.2.6 installation
7:14PM 1 Authentication across two samba domains to a client share
1:33PM 0 Password issue
11:27AM 3 problem regarding samba
1:12AM 1 Unable to modify TDB passwd
12:20AM 0 Windows client mounting SMB only from one CTDB server
Thursday December 11 2008
8:49PM 4 mounted directory repeating unexpected files and directories
7:23PM 0 File permission (easy)
5:20PM 0 smbd 100% cpu, can't kill
5:14PM 3 Failed to join domain: failed to set machine spn: Constraint violation
3:42PM 2 When to use WINS server in a home network?
10:23AM 2 Multi OS boot and shared secret trouble
9:08AM 1 Inotify - too many open files
9:02AM 0 Mixing PDC with workgroups in the same LAN
6:48AM 2 mount.cifs and Kerberos
6:02AM 0 Samba AD authentication: not prompting for password
12:17AM 0 upgrade notes?
Wednesday December 10 2008
7:56PM 1 mounting WD mybook World Edition 2 via samba
2:54PM 0 Samba Howto idmap ldap incorect ?
2:46PM 1 Strange Error from Samba Server
2:19PM 3 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.6 Available for Download
Tuesday December 9 2008
7:10PM 0 Any possibility to apply policies on WinXP machines u sing samba 3.2.3 ?
6:13PM 2 Any possibility to apply policies on WinXP machines using samba 3.2.3 ?
5:21PM 1 Connectivity issues
2:47PM 1 Printer upload problem
2:36PM 1 LDAP + Samba + Windows2003
2:29PM 1 Windows can see Ubuntu netbios names but not access or even ping
1:47PM 0 32 bit samba libraries on 64 bit OS
12:27PM 0 Issue with SambaNTPassword not replicating
8:21AM 1 Problem with ldap backend.
5:42AM 0 check password script
Monday December 8 2008
7:14PM 1 samba on quad core vs dual core
3:41PM 1 AD controller problems.
4:55AM 0 Facing problem in configuring samba
2:00AM 0 Mounting a cifs share using kerberos for authentication.
Saturday December 6 2008
4:47PM 1 first logon always fails
8:01AM 0 Cannot install samba-3.2.5 on RHEL4 - is needed by samba3-cifsmount-3.2.5-37.i386
2:53AM 0 Samba 3.3.0rc1 for production server - is it safe?
Friday December 5 2008
7:24PM 0 SambaDomainName & strange Ldap authentification
3:44PM 3 MIGRATE SHARES always fails
10:06AM 5 Samba 3.3.0rc1 for production server - is it save?
Thursday December 4 2008
11:12PM 1 Join multiple CTDB managed Samba servers into Active Directory
10:59PM 1 ballpark perf. numbers
6:31PM 1 Cannot map to Linux share from Windows
3:46PM 0 Problem accessing [home] share - SMB/AD
3:39PM 4 samba 3.2.5 binaries
1:40PM 1 get_domain_master_name_node_status_fail
10:35AM 1 page cache keeps growing untill system runs out of memory on a MIPS platform
10:27AM 0 Samba and the WinXP WebClient
10:27AM 1 How to enable offline bit in SAMBA
9:21AM 0 Samba/smbmount Windows-AD Kerberos und PAM
4:40AM 0 mounting smb share
1:39AM 0 Off Domain Login Problem
Wednesday December 3 2008
6:30PM 0 Authentication with -A for smbclient
5:42PM 1 File permissions
4:14PM 1 Can change password but cannot force password change
1:59PM 0 mounting windows homedir when using winbind - more info
1:29PM 0 mounting windows homedir when using winbind
11:12AM 1 Unable to join ADS domain with 3.3.0rc1 on Suse 11.0 linux
2:16AM 3 Stable Samba for AIX5.1
Tuesday December 2 2008
5:08PM 1 Failed to join domain using net join ads
3:57PM 1 template homedir question
2:51PM 2 Samba ADS Error "Session setup failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)"
12:48PM 2 Problems when migrating from an old machine to a new one.
5:23AM 1 the user name could not be found
Monday December 1 2008
11:10PM 1 Group membership not being honored
10:41PM 2 Specifying proxy server per user
8:13PM 2 server or client having the problem?
5:08PM 1 Print Operator Rights in AD environment
1:44PM 1 samba & ldap how work group ?
7:56AM 0 Winbind backdated implementation