samba - Nov 2008

Sunday November 30 2008
2:08PM 1 newbie question/authenticate
2:54AM 1 cannot restart winbindd
Saturday November 29 2008
11:56PM 0 nmbd log error - register_name_response rejected?
12:28PM 3 server change
Friday November 28 2008
8:24PM 1 Konica Printer: Scan to File (Samba SMB share) fails
1:46PM 0 odd ip behavior
8:30AM 0 smbclient fails to resolve name
6:42AM 0 FW: "wbinfo -g" return incomplete list
1:54AM 0 Choosing a DC in a multiple DC network
Thursday November 27 2008
9:36PM 1 Inheritance of ACLs with Samba
5:45PM 2 How to create users accounts with already encrypted passwords ?
4:36PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.3.0rc1 Available for Download
2:20PM 2 How to remove ability to delete files
2:16PM 1 User's Profile stored in a NFS share
1:26PM 2 [Announce] Samba 3.2.5 Available for Download
1:25PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.0.33 Available for Download
12:02AM 3 SMBD not authenticating against Active Directory
Wednesday November 26 2008
9:42PM 1 SLES10 SP1 3.0.32 - Excel files set read only
8:03PM 3 AIX 53TL8 Samba 3.2.4 Active Directory Win2k3 - "session setup failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)"
7:54PM 0 Odd Samba behavior
5:18PM 0 How to allow users to empty their recycle bins (VFS recyle)
1:50PM 1 false local printer settings
1:41PM 0 Re: [Bug 299306] [NEW] Permission denied of usershares statfile in Samba 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.7
8:52AM 1 samba 3.2.4 WINs problem
6:40AM 2 Cannot Delete File
Tuesday November 25 2008
11:40PM 0 CIFS, Kerberos over SSH tunnel (change service principal?)
11:30PM 1 vampire account migration (3.026)
10:48PM 1 BDC/LDAP Question
10:17PM 1 Logon privilege denied using Samba PDC with terminal services
8:03PM 0 Crashing in Get_Pwnam_internals
6:31PM 2 Users cannot access shares on member server after restart
3:56PM 1 Problems configuring samba with pam_mysql auth - NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER / NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
3:51PM 1 Multiple encoding for file names
3:36PM 2 help with samba share: one write, many read
10:45AM 2 Mac .DS_Stores
Monday November 24 2008
8:24PM 4 Print only server
5:27PM 1 No write permission if POSIX bits 0 on ZFS written by M$ Office - dos_mode returning r
3:08AM 2 Joining ADS: unodocumented error
2:46AM 1 Problem with Samba
Sunday November 23 2008
8:53PM 1 how 2003 domain can force samba to use ADS mode
8:51AM 1 Cups + Samba + Vista?
Saturday November 22 2008
10:35AM 2 User Authentication and Username Map
12:43AM 0 Cups Automatigcally printing with Vista
Friday November 21 2008
10:25PM 0 FW: Closing sessions and smbstatus
3:54PM 0 Accessing shares from 2 domains
3:19PM 0 mount problem (cifs)
1:56PM 1 empty directory with samba 2.0.24 and vista?
1:15PM 2 Failed to join domain
7:41AM 2 Why does the server want to connect to a client
Thursday November 20 2008
10:00PM 0 Limit winbind to a certain Domain
9:04PM 1 Export smbpasswd to LDAP
3:59PM 5 File size limit in 2Gb
8:36AM 0 problem with inherit user in acl
5:15AM 0 strange problem with kernel oplocks
Wednesday November 19 2008
9:58PM 1 Assistance needed on using mount.smbfs (cifs) to authenticate to samba server with encrypt passwords = No.
9:16PM 0 Question about blank date modified/created/accessed display in wi ndows explorer
7:59PM 0 File sharing is ok, but new ADS user validation is not ok
4:23PM 0 Can I integrate with e-directory?
3:58PM 1 Installing Primary Domain Controller in Solaris 10
3:45PM 0 KB957097 / MS08-068 - and Domain accounts - any known issues
12:32PM 1 Samba conect/disconect/reconect when browsing or when freeze open/save dialogs
8:08AM 0 ldapsam_getsampwsid: More than one user with SID
4:50AM 10 Outlook and roaming profiles?
Tuesday November 18 2008
10:41PM 1 Winbind Crash
5:57PM 1 erratic winbind authentication
4:09PM 1 Re: Kernel Panic - Not syncing - Fatal Exception : list_del+0x18/0x5c
9:49AM 1 Guest access to share, user-level security issues
9:38AM 0 Permission denied of usershares statfile in Samba 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.7
9:09AM 1 File lock recovery
8:14AM 0 ACL execute bits always set
5:43AM 1 samba upgradation
Monday November 17 2008
9:29PM 0 SAMBA-3.2.4 for Solaris SPARC 9: net: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory
12:14PM 0 Direction Required
8:40AM 1 files to trash
Sunday November 16 2008
8:36PM 0 Return date last logon in PDC
9:41AM 4 How to share [homes] in a more flexible way?
Saturday November 15 2008
9:13PM 2 Samba 3.2.3 + Ubuntu 8.10 smbd panic
2:51PM 3 Samba + Vista Issue
2:29PM 0 long filename
9:37AM 2 smbd process list
12:24AM 1 [samba-users] Network Pblm with "misty" (XP Home SP3 )
Friday November 14 2008
9:57PM 1 Problems with accessing samba printer from Windows
9:32PM 1 Problems running autoconf on Solaris 10 Update 4
7:35PM 0 mod_auth_ntlm_winbind : questions o
6:37PM 2 performance problem with access database
11:05AM 2 Netbios : Network Browsing on multiple subnets
10:50AM 1 How to delte a printer
8:05AM 1 NetApp unable to join samba PDC
7:10AM 0 WG: Still working on a Member Server
2:20AM 0 Still working on a Member Server
12:42AM 2 string_to_sid: Sid MYDOMAIN\mygroup does not start with 'S-'.
Thursday November 13 2008
10:54PM 1 Domain Member Server problems
10:13PM 1 NFSv4 ACL Support
8:12PM 1 smbd mortality
8:03PM 1 Users not able to change password
7:59PM 0 Is There a Way to Tell Which Kerberos Libraries My Samba Was Built Against?
6:13PM 0 Samba join a domain?
3:57PM 1 how to check if device mode is set on a queue
3:37PM 1 shared spaces
2:50PM 1 Fwd: Samba memory usage - how big is it?
8:58AM 0 Samba hangs after WAN link to trusted domain is cut
7:00AM 2 Samba memory usage - how big is it?
Wednesday November 12 2008
9:11PM 1 samba authentication PAM/LDAP
6:24PM 1 Two problems with Samba in AD realm
4:38PM 1 AD Member server and local UNIX groups
3:29PM 0 Session key
3:13PM 0 Domain Admin isn't admin any more
2:34PM 9 file monitoring in samba
12:37PM 2 smaba &ldap
10:56AM 0 Linux pdc and win2k8 client
7:46AM 2 Bizarre - How did windows user setfacl for a file??
6:27AM 0 windows server authentication problem
Tuesday November 11 2008
10:08PM 1 autodesk / autocad write problems
7:43PM 0 Fwd: RE: Trying to get uid and gid to match and getent to work
5:13PM 1 Users can create, but not delete files.
4:45PM 1 how to access my Windows Vista user folder from GNU Linux
2:22PM 0 I'm Sure I'm Missing Something Simple and Stupid, But...
8:25AM 1 OPLOCK break timeout
8:17AM 0 try 2: group setting doesn't work
7:30AM 0 failed to authenticate by windows 2003 server
7:07AM 4 OpenLDAP integration
6:58AM 1 Samba/Cups Default Printer Settings
Monday November 10 2008
8:48PM 1 Configuring idmap for a Samba 3.2.4 AD member server
7:55PM 2 Problem with smbpasswd on Mac OS X
4:52PM 2 klist versus kadmin
4:37PM 1 group setting doesnt work (debian)
12:22PM 0 Connecting to share - errors authenticating machine account - why?
11:20AM 0 Samba as a member in Windows 2008 Domain
11:04AM 0 Samba Network design questions
8:58AM 1 Vista - Profile - Local
Sunday November 9 2008
9:02AM 1 Failed rpmbuild-ing samba-3.0.32.tar.gz
8:23AM 0 Samba packages in Debian
3:14AM 2 testparm output vs documentation
Saturday November 8 2008
6:01PM 1 Samba spawning excessive smbd processes.
1:46PM 1 privilages from main directory
8:41AM 0 INVALID PIPE HANDLE when join machine to domain
7:12AM 4 share folder for each user
2:42AM 1 Access Denied to Printers
Friday November 7 2008
7:54PM 0 Computer disappears from workgroup - why?
7:43PM 0 Construction to access Windows Network and other networks.
12:12PM 1 Fwd: AD howtos: LDAP needed?
11:25AM 1 AD howtos: LDAP needed?
11:20AM 0 how to set samba to force users to log off ??
11:15AM 0 Error: client not found in kerberos database while initializing kadmin interface
8:34AM 1 Failed to init inotity
8:13AM 1 SAMBA with iSCSI and filer ?
Thursday November 6 2008
11:21PM 1 64 Bit XP client unable to add ACE on 3.0.24 Samba Domain member server
9:51PM 0 "users" or "valid users" in share declaration.
7:47PM 4 Trying to get uid and gid to match and getent to work
4:29PM 0 winbind and secondary ADS
2:42PM 0 Samba in a Linux to Linux scenario
1:36PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Samba and oplocks]
11:08AM 1 hide specific cups printers in samba
10:30AM 0 regression in 3.2.4? Homedir not retrieved with idmap_ad backend
9:55AM 1 Reconnect behaviour
9:41AM 1 Samba and oplocks
3:24AM 3 Samba and Solidworks (cat and dog)?
Wednesday November 5 2008
5:25PM 0 nsswitch.conf WINS Configuration Conflict
5:07PM 0 Samba 3.2.4 remotely joining/unjoining a machine to a domain
4:53PM 1 Samba 3.2.4 not locking accounts?
4:03PM 3 Questions about known bugs
3:58PM 1 Slow listing of mapped drives in Explorer
3:17PM 0 winbind: ldap_parse_result
2:51PM 2 Want to recreate db.
2:00PM 0 Cannot start nmbd - deleted pid file and restarted all services with no luck.
1:55PM 1 winbindd consuming 99% CPU
1:25PM 1 Samba, Solaris, Windows 2008 - Kerberos Guess Realm Wrong?
12:09PM 1 win2003 member netlogon.
4:32AM 0 Vista Samba and Property loss
2:44AM 0 Curious Question about Multiple CIFSD's
Tuesday November 4 2008
11:12PM 1 Problems joining a domain with a large number of DCs
10:33PM 0 Not able to remove inherited ACL's on folders and files
9:51PM 0 Workstation joins domain but user cannot log in SMB-LDAP
9:27PM 1 Getting a list of users mapped to IP addresses they are logged in from
3:43PM 1 Confusing behavior of hosts allow/hosts deny in Samba 3.0.28/3.2.4
3:10PM 1 WG: Samba 3.0.28a PDC and Vista Clients
2:25PM 1 Samba 3.0.28a PDC and Vista Clients
1:16PM 3 3.2.4 ACL inheritance trouble
10:46AM 3 Samba utilization monitoring
10:43AM 0 "wbinfo -g"return incomplete list
3:36AM 1 samba log file
2:59AM 1 conceptual question regarding file ownership and uid
1:33AM 1 Trusted to work PDC howto
12:07AM 1 Remove old password in Windows
Monday November 3 2008
10:42PM 0 Samba DC
8:09PM 1 smbtorture : Unknown operation mkdir
6:04PM 1 Help with ATSVC
5:06PM 2 Problems mixing public / private shares on windows
4:17PM 0 mac still wont follow symbolic link
12:24PM 0 Removing printer settings
10:39AM 2 Join fails with 'SPNEGO login failed: invalid parameter'
6:21AM 1 How to set file/folder permission flexibly in Samba