samba - Jan 2009

Saturday January 31 2009
6:19AM 1 Configuring MaxMpxCount
Friday January 30 2009
11:09PM 1 Smbtorture + Domain Environment
7:24PM 5 ACLs under Samba 3.3.0
8:20AM 2 Problem with offline drive
8:19AM 0 Groups not Showing
8:13AM 4 User Manager for Domains -- Groups not showing
8:08AM 0 smbcacls -- ERROR: unable to open credentials file!
Thursday January 29 2009
11:58PM 1 Problem building Samba 3.3 on Solaris 10
9:18PM 6 mv errors.
8:25PM 1 Windows patching from Linux samba server?
5:45PM 1 ACL
12:26PM 1 Samba 3.2.7 and XP authentication error
12:14PM 1 Problem compiling 3.3.0?
9:44AM 0 session keep alive
8:36AM 0 Samba shares lost and login fails with batch file afterwards
8:12AM 0 System Policies
7:57AM 0 session keepalive
7:56AM 1 Samba and Cups
12:05AM 3 domain power users
Wednesday January 28 2009
11:25PM 2 Windows profile properties with Samba
8:17PM 1 username map Solaris 10 11/08 using Sun DS 5.x ldap for authentication
7:33PM 0 Solaris removing ktkt_warnd from inetd.conf
6:34PM 1 Permissions problem - I am in the proper group but still can't create files
2:13PM 3 mount.cifs is not working (smbclient does work), somekind of recursive content in mount-dir
11:02AM 1 samba 3.2.7 oddities
9:31AM 1 valid users limits (amount of user entries)
1:31AM 3 CTDB + Samba: Tune Read Performance
1:15AM 1 Samba local master browser crashes the Windows domain master browser
12:52AM 1 Does anybody know a VFS module to filter files?
Tuesday January 27 2009
7:27PM 1 Deleted usershare permissions maintain precedence over regular shares
4:45PM 0 samba, ADS and privileges management
4:09PM 3 Microsoft Access MDB database on Samba share
2:50PM 0 In Ubuntu, why do I have to restart Samba after every reboot?
2:17PM 1 Windows can not see Samba Shares
2:08PM 1 postexec script
1:22PM 1 Problem with Samba DFS and Active Directory/XP
1:00PM 0 Swat access question
11:50AM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.3.0 Available for Download
2:02AM 0 NETBEUI, Linux and Samba. Anyone done it lately?
Monday January 26 2009
6:51PM 2 Trust Question.
4:45PM 1 Samba password problem when in domain
3:36PM 2 Hello I need help with samba4
2:18PM 0 Trying to access share on a workgroup computer locks domain account
2:17PM 0 core dump
Sunday January 25 2009
7:13PM 1 call_trans2qfsinfo: not an allowed info level (0x102) on IPC$
6:42PM 1 SMB Signing issues... smbclient works, mount does not...
3:12PM 0 shared printer won't print
Saturday January 24 2009
10:52AM 4 limit user logon to
12:05AM 1 changing owner and group
Friday January 23 2009
10:11PM 3 smbpasswd or tdbsam? Which one?
7:24PM 2 Samba 3.2.7 - Lost the abiltity to manage domain using user manager for domains
2:45PM 1 implicit locking?
11:24AM 0 first questions
9:49AM 0 net getlocasid and getdomainsid not answering on BDC
3:42AM 0 Re: [cups.general] slow printing from cups
Thursday January 22 2009
8:28PM 15 OT? File order on CentOS/Samba server
6:00PM 2 List search question
4:54PM 1 "getent group" shows AD groups; "getent passwd" only shows local users
1:29PM 0 Samba LDAP PDC not working together
1:14PM 0 Log partition fills, process hangs... Need help debugging
8:49AM 2 Samba 3.0.23d + winbind
4:41AM 1 Question regarding permission bits for a share
Wednesday January 21 2009
10:37PM 0 Question about Logon on
8:22PM 1 error: tdb_rec_read bad magic
7:17PM 1 LDAP Account Manager 2.5.0 released
5:14PM 2 (no subject)
4:50PM 2 slow logon with many ldap groups
12:53PM 2 [Announce] Samba 4 alpha6 Available for Download
12:48PM 0 disconnect specific share
9:19AM 1 Samba 3.2.7 file server
12:28AM 1 Issue with file server (Non-Domain Controller) authenticating off the same LDAP as the PDC
Tuesday January 20 2009
10:29PM 1 Ntlm_auth authentication problem issue
10:05PM 1 Windows XP SP3 and Samba 3.0.26a-1
9:44PM 1 open_directory: unable to create *. Error was NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION
8:43PM 0 Fwd: Re: "Hosts allow" directive is not correctly evaluated for printer shares
7:09PM 1 "Hosts allow" directive is not correctly evaluated for printer shares
3:45PM 3 Samba 3.2.7 server loses printer - driver assignment
3:21PM 0 Chronic Intermittent Problems with "File system does not support long filenames."
2:09PM 0 auth methods
9:21AM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.0.34 Maintainance Release Available
3:07AM 2 3 vs 4
Monday January 19 2009
4:36PM 3 Winbind+nss working on one centOS 5.2 box but not another
4:11PM 0 Strange problems with ADS-groups and winbindd
10:04AM 3 winbindd did not start
9:51AM 1 recycle vfs module
4:12AM 2 Windows 7 Beta and Samba PDC
12:48AM 2 File permissions
Sunday January 18 2009
10:55PM 0 getent passwd/getent passwd username inconsistencies
Saturday January 17 2009
11:11PM 1 Access Windows network shares from an external Windows PC using an ubuntu server as 'gateway'
10:08PM 1 samba documentation error
4:15PM 2 Samba server visibility
2:39PM 0 Chronic Problems with "File system does not support long filenames"
Friday January 16 2009
9:31PM 0 Samba + Windows 2003 problem
8:41PM 0 Sorry for double post
8:28PM 3 Samba 3.0.28a on Ubuntu LTS 8.01 and Vista sp1 offline files (now testing with Samba 3.2.7).
2:46PM 11 specified network name no longer available
10:50AM 2 regshell only goes to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
9:34AM 1 Changes on samba server screwed windows profiles
5:21AM 1 samba 4 and unix groups
4:39AM 1 Problem with alternate domains and winbind
12:37AM 0 Usrmgr.exe does not list all the domain users
Thursday January 15 2009
8:05PM 0 Continual Problems with "File system does not support long filenames"
4:34PM 0 winbind and samba 3.2.7
4:05PM 2 Mac OS 10.5 seems to change permissions on files
1:48AM 4 time sync issue
12:45AM 1 logon script question
Wednesday January 14 2009
8:03PM 1 RE: return codes ?
7:38PM 2 Host with multiple names
3:27PM 1 samba 4 alpha 5 with user_xattr error: system cannot find the file specified
12:34PM 1 mangled filenames
11:08AM 2 ms access db strange problem.
9:30AM 0 problem with ntlm_auth and apache2
Tuesday January 13 2009
10:45PM 1 Provisioning error
9:28PM 1 Calling Samba print server with an aliased DNS-name fails with Samba 3.2.7 but worked with 3.0.30.
9:01PM 0 Samba share is not working
5:03PM 1 unable to join XP/Vista to domain
9:02AM 5 [Release Planning 3.2] Samba 3.2.8 on February 03, 2009
8:29AM 0 Join fails with 'SPNEGO login failed: invalid parameter' - SOLVED
Monday January 12 2009
11:30PM 1 samba printing problems
6:12PM 2 confusing samba log entries
1:26PM 0 Samba started asking for a password when trying to access it
8:40AM 2 Problem with OpenAndX
Sunday January 11 2009
5:06PM 0 samba and selinux help
11:50AM 1 Configure usage of MS Kerberos
10:52AM 1 mount.cifs mounts no more
Saturday January 10 2009
7:02PM 0 Performance problem when tagging mp3 files
12:06PM 0 AUTO : Ulrik Darnetz est absent(e) (renvoi 15.01.2009)
Friday January 9 2009
10:57PM 1 samba / ldap problem with cpu load
3:57PM 1 Suggestions on group permissions
Thursday January 8 2009
4:42PM 2 Compiling Samba 3.2.7 fails on RHEL 4
4:13PM 2 Samba + Windows 2003 AD
3:34PM 6 Shared homes in a different samba server
3:33PM 1 Samba shared homes without roaming profiles
2:09PM 0 Wrong behaviour in pdb_get_set.c: pdb_get_pass_can_change_time?
6:52AM 1 If we use vfork, can the smbd and nmbd work rightly?
12:43AM 2 cups_async_callback(504) error after upgrade to 3.2.7
Wednesday January 7 2009
9:32PM 2 TDB Corruption.
6:56PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.5.0.RC1 released
5:04PM 0 samba- hangs up when kernel has ipv6 disabled
4:39PM 1 [Solaris 9][ads] net ads testjoin error
2:11PM 3 Excel permission in samba
9:52AM 1 lenny with samba 3.2.5 and cups
8:26AM 5 What steps to take
Tuesday January 6 2009
10:41PM 0 XP explorer delay in showing file icons
8:18PM 0 openvpn and samba interfaces
2:02PM 0 [Release Planning 3.3] Samba 3.3.0 will be delayed
1:28PM 2 smbcontrol smbd ping also answered by nmbd and winbindd
7:25AM 0 Debian packages fixing CVE-2009-0022 are available
Monday January 5 2009
10:57PM 0 HELP: Samba + Windows Server 2003 SP2 AD/DC
4:57PM 0 Samba + ADS + Kerberos ticket problem
4:22PM 1 full_audit panic
1:15PM 1 Problem with Active Directory...
9:55AM 1 poor read/write performance due to TCP window size configuration
9:46AM 1 [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.7 Available for Download
4:26AM 0 Samba Mapped Drives on XP Computers and Wierdness
Sunday January 4 2009
8:33PM 1 File integrity in Samba/NFS environment
3:35AM 3 Logon scripts in Windows 2000
Saturday January 3 2009
9:55PM 2 Domain logins not working
8:49PM 1 samba stops updating user shares
Friday January 2 2009
7:51PM 1 Windows Domain Member NTFS Permissions
3:37PM 8 samba freezes the server
4:16AM 2 net getlocalsid: is this a bug?
2:26AM 5 How workstation get authenticated in DC
2:09AM 0 Extend samba schema to eDirectory
Thursday January 1 2009
6:35PM 5 Samba performance issue
11:45AM 2 Samba in VirtualBox