samba - Jun 2007

Saturday June 30 2007
6:03PM 0 oplock_break
4:43PM 0 Problems with trust relationship between Samba 3.0.25 & Win 2k3
2:30PM 2 OS/2 Warp 4 Access Issues
Friday June 29 2007
5:23PM 1 3.0.25 packages for debian/ubuntu
5:06PM 0 RE: Samba testparm gives error in Solaris 10
3:13PM 0 AD auto-mounting (why does this work?)
2:43PM 0 check_ntlm_password: authentication for user
2:18PM 2 LDAP and Kerberos configuration
2:00PM 2 3.0.25b - A. OK on Standalone system
1:33PM 2 could not get methods for backend rid
1:31PM 0 files moved, copied files, operate in different ways
12:43PM 0 Network Interfaces Not Recognized
Thursday June 28 2007
10:09PM 0 Static browse list entries
6:46PM 2 3.0.25a && rfc2307
6:22PM 1 permission bit headache
6:14PM 1 win2k/xp clients cannot copy files after samba upgrade
3:52PM 1 kerberos auth WITHOUT AD
3:48PM 0 Problem starting swat on Samba 3.0.25a
3:37PM 0 copy over a mount smbfs gives an input/output error
1:16PM 0 Problem with file starting with dot in windows file explorer
11:58AM 1 Problem authenticating users with pam_winbind from trusted domain
9:53AM 0 cups page_log strangeness
9:39AM 1 Could not allocate a RID -- wasted a gid
7:52AM 0 samba 3 logon hours
Wednesday June 27 2007
8:58PM 0 Question regarding samba 2.2.8a and CIFS
7:18PM 0 Subsequent Authentication Failures
7:11PM 0 Samba 3.0.24-r3 on Hardened Gentoo
4:04PM 1 packages for Ubuntu 7.04 and/or Debian Etch?
3:20PM 3 3.025b tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
2:30PM 0 Windows, Mac OS X, Debian Etch, and Samba
2:25PM 1 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..
2:25PM 0 Problem upgrading Samba on Solaris 8 - getting "requires that a unique instance error"
1:19PM 1 rfc2307 - 3.0.24
1:19PM 2 Support for multiple file streams?
1:03PM 0 PDC-BDC fallback no netlogon
1:01PM 1 machine account want use algorithm than sambanextrid
12:15PM 1 Samba shares slow
9:01AM 0 pdbedit and tdb files
8:52AM 2 Samba 4 release date announcement
5:57AM 1 Samba-AD HowTo Was: RE: Can't get single sign on to workafter joining linux toan AD domain
1:39AM 3 Samba-AD HowTo Was: RE: Can't get single sign on to work after joining linux toan AD domain
12:41AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 54, Issue 29
Tuesday June 26 2007
10:05PM 1 workgroup to domain migration question
9:52PM 0 Samba 3.0.25b Available for Download
8:00PM 0 Problem with AD
7:35PM 0 The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file
7:23PM 1 [Fwd: Problems with samba and windows 2000 professional]
7:19PM 1 NTConfig.pol
6:57PM 1 quickbooks 2003 multiuser
5:43PM 0 Re: Currently on 3.0.10 and want to upgrade to 3.0.25a
5:04PM 1 Can't get single sign on to work after joining linux to an AD domain
4:56PM 20 Samba and LDAP: Trouble adding Win XP machines to the domain
4:12PM 0 Notes when changing network IP Addresses
3:59PM 2 migrating samba files, preserving permissions
2:13PM 0 smbclient -M problem
12:41PM 3 Possible Filesystem Corruption with Samba 3.0.25a (with XFS and LVM)
12:06PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 54, Issue 28
9:30AM 1 winbind authentication performance: lookup_groupmem in large sites
2:56AM 0 odd smbpasswd / smbclient error from Linux to Solaris
Monday June 25 2007
11:26PM 1 vista and samba 2.2.8?
10:02PM 0 KDC Lookup errors only on ads joins.
7:45PM 1 login.bat not called?
6:35PM 1 Message on testparm
5:33PM 3 URGENT! Windows Server 2003 SP2 broke samba
5:09PM 0 NIS authentication question
2:51PM 2 Can create files, but not modify...
1:36PM 0 Problems with samba and windows 2000 professional
12:03PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 54, Issue 27
8:34AM 7 problem after update 3.0.22 -> 3.0.24
3:20AM 0 [2007/06/24 22:17:15, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(316) Failed to verify incoming ticket with error NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE! [2007/06/24 22:17:15, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(316) Failed to verify incoming ticket with error
Sunday June 24 2007
2:46PM 2 Samba seems to pause for a long time and do nothing
12:09PM 3 Moving user accounts from a domain to another - and changing their logins
10:36AM 1 Shared Folder Stop users altering subfolder structure
Saturday June 23 2007
8:24PM 1 Jumping the gun, but...
3:24PM 2 LDAP
1:16PM 2 web interface
12:02PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 54, Issue 25
8:36AM 0 error loading (back to samba-3.0.24 to solve)
7:36AM 1 Connection problem with 3.0.25a
Friday June 22 2007
11:00PM 1 Samba-4.0? (waiting to replace SBS2000 AD domain controller)
9:53PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 54, Issue 24
7:37PM 1 LTSP and Samba
7:15PM 1 two questions about samba
4:59PM 0 still having printer problems.
4:53PM 2 Help with smbmount
3:54PM 2 One file open or locked way too many times. How to fix?
1:43PM 0 idmap_rid - bug or documentation issue?
1:43PM 3 idmap_ad Integration with Windows 2003 pre-R2
1:43PM 0 Samba hangs Pl. Help!!!!!! :(
1:42PM 0 Samba Guest Accout Issue
1:42PM 0 symlinks with missing destination are hidden - can they be shown?
1:42PM 0 Smbclient help!
1:42PM 0 share names in WXP
1:42PM 0 Problem using root preexec
1:42PM 0 Problem with Samba config under SUSE SLES 10
1:41PM 0 Question - Tech issue - Bad file descriptor
1:41PM 0 smbfs intermittent errors: tdb_lock failed, ERRDOS 71
1:41PM 0 winbind panic on RedHat es3 samba 3.14a
1:41PM 0 Re: Intermittent "INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11" with 3.0.24
1:41PM 0 Question - technical issue
1:41PM 0 valid users directory containing local groups
1:41PM 1 windows to unix user name mappings
12:05PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 54, Issue 23
8:21AM 1 Samba 3.0.24 on AIX 5.3 + winbindd
1:40AM 1 Nagging performance issues with Vista
Thursday June 21 2007
11:50PM 0 YAST configuration for SAMBA on SLES 10 broken
8:50PM 3 modification time inconsistency
8:29PM 0 Profiles Binary - Error...
7:27PM 0 receiving c99 (Compiler) error.
4:46PM 2 Samba with AD Authentication Backend
12:12PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 54, Issue 22
11:23AM 1 cannot login from some machines after upgrading from 2 to 3
10:45AM 1 client cannot join correctly enough to samba-server
8:26AM 0 samba Default user
8:08AM 0 Problem with Samba Net RPC Behind a firewall
7:27AM 1 Recycle bin and ACL
2:30AM 0 Network issue in RHCS/GFS environment
Wednesday June 20 2007
9:32PM 3 listing groups not working
9:08PM 1 smbd process eating memory
7:37PM 1 Veto files
4:33PM 1 Problem to enter in domain
2:14PM 5 Write access to one user and Read-Only for anyother
1:29PM 2 Samba suddenly stops working
1:16PM 1 Direct access to subdirectories using smbclient
1:16PM 0 SMBclient help
1:07PM 3 Management tool
9:46AM 3 Problems with SAMBA as PDC and Windows XP SP2 as client
6:46AM 0 wbinfo & net ads different results
2:22AM 0 Corrupted files on Debian stable with quotas?
Tuesday June 19 2007
8:16PM 1 SWAT says nmbd not running when it is
7:54PM 0 "The Domain THUNDER is not abaliable"
7:23PM 1 Samba Client with Windows XP share slow performance
11:54AM 1 smbclient doesn't work with anonymous access on windows 2000
9:51AM 0 migrating files along with acls
6:37AM 0 smbldap-tools - ssl - problem
5:34AM 0 RE: Samba hangs Pl. Help!!!!!! :(
Monday June 18 2007
5:03PM 2 [3.0.23d] Subdirectories of share root appear empty (sometimes)
1:14PM 0 (no subject)
10:38AM 1 MIT-Kerberos-1.4.4. (where can i download)
10:08AM 4 Profile deleted
9:33AM 0 Query NETBIOS names with python
9:14AM 3 decode_pw_buffer: incorrect password length
9:09AM 0 problem with Samba Wins Server
Sunday June 17 2007
9:56PM 4 Problems adding a printer share
3:37AM 1 Samba vscan VFS Module
Saturday June 16 2007
7:26PM 0 Wrong group memberships
3:31PM 1 samba3, nfs mounted directory, and dfs
2:35PM 1 had 3 kernel panics since upgrade from 3.0.21a to 3.0.25 and 3.0.25a on CentOS 4.4
9:38AM 1 Where is password expiry information stored?
Friday June 15 2007
11:06PM 1 winbind AIX
9:16PM 1 samba not responding to linux __break_lease() call.
9:07PM 1 Quota Question
5:01PM 1 NFS quotas: truncated files without warning
3:38PM 1 yet another wbinfo & getent problem
2:52PM 2 secrets.tdb locking fun!
2:26PM 2 Problems accessing Shares
11:19AM 0 Re: Intermittent "internal error: signal 11" with 3.0.24
9:43AM 1 valid/invalid users not working with samba & windows 2003 AD
7:46AM 0 Unable to find a suitable server
5:09AM 0 How to configure samba makefile on uClinux?
4:37AM 1 eresed files
1:45AM 1 Shared dirs are empty. Help needed please!
12:18AM 2 winbind nss configuration
Thursday June 14 2007
11:57PM 0 Samba with pdbsql (postgres) as backend - Machines can't join/login domain
10:28PM 1 Re: Intermittent "internal error: signal 11" with 3.0.24
9:29PM 1 Local accounts and AD
8:37PM 0 when samba runs in share level, the home dirs do not appear
8:21PM 0 Windows host profile problem (write access denied)
7:18PM 1 Multiple problems: installing SWAT, no longer access to a restored (after deletion) share, ACL inheritance
6:35PM 2 make: *** [printing/print_cups.o] Error 1
5:15PM 1 suggestions on ldap
4:18PM 0 cifs mount issue (cannot read files)
2:16PM 0 Client to client access does not work
1:46PM 0 ntusers.dat
1:39PM 1 SambaSID
12:51AM 1 VFS Full Audit module forces logging of failures
Wednesday June 13 2007
9:32PM 1 Going insane (can't logon from Windows)
8:58PM 1 Local authentication when member server
8:25PM 2 tdb_lock failed.... (Interrupted system call)
6:08PM 2 winbind idmap customization
6:05PM 1 winbind local group memberships
5:38PM 1 idmap_ad
4:05PM 0 printer woes
3:57PM 5 Very slow initial opening MS-Word and MS-Excel files from Samba
2:53PM 3 COMPUTERNAME/Guest in login
12:44PM 2 cached logons
7:15AM 1 winbind problem
6:44AM 1 windows xp wildcard matching in cmd.exe (search pattern is changed to uppercase when using wildcards)
3:35AM 1 Remotely executing scheduled tasks
Tuesday June 12 2007
9:02PM 0 Using Samba to Increase Performance over a WAN/VPN Connection
4:29PM 2 Samba 3.0.25a - FreeBSD - permissions problem?
12:45PM 2 Invalid Argument ls dir mounted share
11:45AM 0 Samba as PDC and Smartcard based logon
9:31AM 1 Samba Authentication against Radius server
9:13AM 2 samba, ldap changing password
8:36AM 1 Intelligent audit
4:44AM 3 slow with one transfer, fast with multiple
1:29AM 2 Windows member servers have lost their minds...
Monday June 11 2007
10:39PM 1 Samba topography question joining with ADS?
10:21PM 0 pdc under virtualbox
9:23PM 1 changing DOMAIN name on samba PDC
7:30PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Re: Multiple Backends No Longer Supported]
7:03PM 1 2003 R2 IDMAP Backend issues
5:30PM 1 dfs problems in 3.0.25a after client reboot and remapping
5:30PM 0 Re: Samba VFS CAP, hope some help
4:52PM 2 Multiple Backends No Longer Supported
4:11PM 0 Samba 3.0.25a idmap_ldap "ldap suffix" used instead of "idmap config <DOMAIN>:ldap_base_dn"
3:06PM 1 Samba: ads join to win2003 AD.
1:54PM 3 directory list is not alphabetically sorted
12:44PM 6 Share a directory via NFS and Samba at the same time not possible
12:12PM 5 Access Windows AD share From Linux
10:45AM 3 Samba processes lifetime
Sunday June 10 2007
11:42PM 1 trying to compile samba 3.0.25a on mac os 10.4.9 i get an error in confgure
8:09PM 0 create mask vs security mask
7:22PM 0 rpcclient fails for addprinter, srvinfo command
Saturday June 9 2007
11:55PM 2 VPN and NetBIOS Name Service
11:40AM 2 Vista client / Linux server - high browsing latency
7:09AM 1 smbclient error: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME, on shared foler with a Chinese name
7:08AM 0 client 2 client access
1:37AM 1 error loading
12:17AM 1 "not enough storage is available to process this command" error
Friday June 8 2007
9:36PM 2 Logon scripts not working on all users
9:25PM 0 Windows 2003 Intermittent problem
9:11PM 0 Recycler error
8:16PM 0 Bugzilla, et. al. web servers back up
6:09PM 1 Samba and Vista?
4:49PM 0 testing samba performance
2:27PM 1 Samba giving up. How to debug ?
8:51AM 1 Who is domain controller for DHCP, DNS, IIS etc
5:27AM 0 Domain and Unix permissions
4:34AM 0 detailed information about Security Mask $directory security mask
1:38AM 1 Correct method to Join Domain ????
Thursday June 7 2007
10:00PM 1 Migrating from NT4 PDC to Windows 2003 ADS; Samba as member server
9:51PM 0 LAN and public IP
4:14PM 0 urgent: winbind doesn't see groups from samba pdc+ldap
4:03PM 0 installp errors
4:03PM 0 _net_auth2: creds_server_check failed
4:03PM 0 Why can not backup in Samba3.0.25?
3:44PM 1 3.0.25a closing network drive connections?
1:35PM 1 Problem with MacOSX and SAMBA
1:22PM 1 Samba 3.0 - slow logoff
1:11PM 0 root
10:50AM 0 Windows user authentication to Samba server?
10:26AM 1 Join Linux client to Samba PDC domain
9:14AM 3 Guest account access with User mode security?
8:33AM 0 linux to windows 2003 connectivity
6:31AM 0 authentication of server to client
1:40AM 1 CIFS Engineering Workshop in Mountain View, California: September 26-28th 2007
1:26AM 1 windows 2003 sp1 clients, security = server and use spnego
Wednesday June 6 2007
9:56PM 3 string overflow in rpcclient add "printer" driver command
9:50PM 0 After printing I see strange IP traffic
8:42PM 1 TLS and ldap referals
8:41PM 0 Multiple AD domains
8:34PM 0 Credential caching (I guess) problems
8:17PM 0 Problem about samba3 on freebsd, with smbldap-tools [solved]
5:14PM 0 directory structure
2:55PM 1 Opening "Printers" causes incoming packets from different ports
1:50PM 0 smbclient cannot find local users on windows xp !
1:38PM 1 Building samba on HP-UX 11.23
11:22AM 2 Change password expiry date for ALL users?
6:25AM 0 Compile error
2:39AM 1 Users can Read but not Write / Delete Files
1:53AM 1 schannel_store.tdb appearing in /etc/samba
Tuesday June 5 2007
8:15PM 0 mod_auth_ntlm_winbind under apache2 : NTLMSSP NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER
7:55PM 0 password aging policy vs. special cases
7:55PM 0 (too) general question: Samba Domain vs. AD member server
7:55PM 2 Performance tweaking for lots of files
7:55PM 0 Problem Deleting files
7:54PM 0 Linux NIS/NFS/Samba server bound to Active Directory
7:54PM 0 net rpc vampire problems
7:54PM 4 AD Integrated authentication
7:54PM 0 samba - CATIA V5
7:53PM 0 test share works, but homes returns with "network name cannot be found
7:53PM 2 Abnormal Windows behaviour with Samba
7:53PM 0 Sambafax - which windows PS driver works? & other options?
7:53PM 1 samba 3.0.2a on Aix 5.2
7:12PM 1 Samba unable to connect to ldap
1:14PM 1 Samba4Wins
11:56AM 1 Mapping/linking Samba share to Windows FOLDER
11:45AM 0 smbclient and mount.cifs having problems accessing Win XP shares
11:15AM 0 Samba seems to forget ACLs sometime
11:04AM 0 domain migration from Windows 2003 Server to Samba 3
10:21AM 1 Problem about samba3 on freebsd, with smbldap-tools
9:40AM 0 Only 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 transfer speed of the theorethical
Monday June 4 2007
11:02PM 0 mostly unix clients + subversion
9:40PM 1 Help for ber_printf(ber, "N}" in pdb_ldap.c
9:17PM 2 Unable to set/authenticate to correct domain...
9:03PM 1 Mapping domain groups with winbind
7:34PM 1 msdfs root problems even after a reboot?
7:29PM 2 Trouble adding to domain
7:26PM 0 printjob username artifact moving to 3.0.25a
4:02PM 0 mailq flushed from
3:48PM 3 Rpcclient adddriver Samba 3.0.25
1:28PM 1 Debian Etch bug?
12:12PM 5 Re : Samba/Winbind slow with Active Directory (Hoogstraten, Ton)
9:52AM 1 Authentication with Multi-OS Environment
6:31AM 1 shares problem
12:00AM 0 Name mangling problem
Sunday June 3 2007
10:58PM 1 FW: Followup Restricting to a subset of the domain controllers on a site
2:09PM 0 Samba/Winbind slow with Active Directory
5:53AM 0 Error in logs, is it a bug or a misconfiguration?
4:48AM 5 managing permissions from windows (is it possible?)
Saturday June 2 2007
6:34PM 1 server upgrades completed
2:37PM 0 Cannot add BDC to domain - SAMR_SET_USERINFO failed
12:26PM 0 Re: [Bulk] Trying to mount a Linux share on Windows
11:46AM 2 Repost: Can't follow DFS link
12:31AM 1 OES Samba question
Friday June 1 2007
9:46PM 0 3.0.24 -- Office read only issue, bizarre EAs and disappearing ACLs
9:45PM 1 Weird behaviour when using "kernel oplocks = yes" leading to "corrupt" files - bug in samba?
7:41PM 2 Not seeing the expected group memberships with ifmember.exe /list
7:27PM 0 Net command help. Please!
7:21PM 1 net ads dns register question
5:36PM 0 Interdomain Trust the NT-style
3:55PM 2 Difficulty w/Offline Files and Samba 3.0.25
2:23PM 2 groupmapping impossible?
12:36PM 0 Do Machine Accounts Expire?
11:16AM 2 net groupmap --> HELP!
7:54AM 2 samba problem: Multiple Heap Overflows Allow Remote Code Execution
7:52AM 2 Samba authentication slow after upgrade to Samba 3
6:04AM 3 changing ACLs only as owner possible
2:54AM 0 username map security=user and 3.0.25a