samba - May 2007

Thursday May 31 2007
9:56PM 2 Trying to mount a Linux share on Windows
8:29PM 1 Bugzilla and other servers at upgrades schedule
5:24PM 5 What makes excel file opening so slow??
2:17PM 4 Smba with Amanda backup --- permissions
1:15PM 0 net ads join doesn't work with samba > 3.0.22
1:05PM 0 Can not join via ADS using administrator account, succeeded using another account
12:47PM 3 Backup Domain not working
12:20PM 3 logon drive problem
11:55AM 2 policy files
8:04AM 0 need help with group mapping!
Wednesday May 30 2007
10:28PM 1 roaming profiles in a home environment
10:00PM 0 Trouble connecting to Samba shares set up under FC6
9:34PM 1 samba 3.0.24 + openldap + solaris won't start up
8:07PM 4 Samba 3.025 wbinfo checking the trust secret via RPC calls failed
7:24PM 1 pdbedit and password expiration
4:14PM 0 group mapping
2:05PM 0 session failed - access denied
1:16PM 1 Change password on first logon
1:02PM 1 testing samba4
9:14AM 3 Question about multiple ldap backend (as failover/load balance)
7:37AM 4 difficulties in rid mappings in 3.0.25
6:47AM 2 whats the diffrence between sambaNTPassword and userPassword
6:46AM 0 Simple question regarding net command samba 3.0.25.
Tuesday May 29 2007
9:25PM 5 Restricting to a subset of the domain controllers on a site
8:47PM 3 FW: Help Please! - Copying files from Windows to Samba share loses connection
8:41PM 3 Authentication Failure in member server
8:19PM 0 Group mapping not working consistently
8:12PM 2 Problems with Windows 2003 connecting a Samba server
7:55PM 1 Group mapping not working consistently - addendum
7:28PM 1 Forcing user/group with winbindd
5:27PM 0 Assigning shares - Samba 2.2.7
3:50PM 1 Help Please! - Copying files from Windows to Samba share loses connection
3:22PM 1 Samba prints to wrong CUPS queue
3:22PM 2 Binary_Packages/Debian
2:17PM 1 The conflicting domain portions are not supported for NETLOGON calls
1:04PM 0 (no subject)
12:44PM 2 Need Help .............Urgent........
Monday May 28 2007
10:57PM 1 grant privileges issue
11:50AM 0 Valid user group problem in ADS
11:11AM 1 how to get SID from samba 2
Sunday May 27 2007
7:26AM 3 Use metadata files in Samba
1:46AM 1 DNS trouble
Saturday May 26 2007
9:31PM 2 using standalone unix passwords ?
11:32AM 5 SAMBA in CentOS 5, shared level
Friday May 25 2007
10:59PM 1 possible reason for 'ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)' with 'securty = user' and correct username, password ?
9:30PM 2 Can't write to a Samba shared directory from windows XP
6:35PM 3 adddriver issue
4:40PM 0 [new script] smbldap-userlist
4:16PM 1 RV: I need help with samba
4:16PM 0 problem setting ntlm authentication for apache using mod_auth_winbind
4:16PM 0 migrate smbpasswd to ldap
4:16PM 1 How to add CIFS Server to a Windows domain as a member
4:16PM 1 Samba on Solaris 8
4:16PM 1 Re: Winbind dies silently
4:16PM 0 Intermittent Internal Error Signal 11 with 3.0.24
4:15PM 1 Fwd: another problem with printing
4:15PM 0 Samba with HP Tru64
4:15PM 0 Problem samba+slapd+tcp6
4:15PM 0 systemerror 67
4:15PM 1 RPC Error with PC Netlink - additional info
4:14PM 0 Samba 3 on Suse 9.0 cannot see Windows boxes on the network
4:14PM 0 smb_maperror on FreeBSD
4:14PM 0 Drag and drop read only directories
4:13PM 0 Status 58 trying to connect WinCE 4.1 to Samba 3.0.23c-2.el5.2
4:13PM 0 Can't create machine accounts or join domain (automatically or manually with scripts or pdbedit)
4:13PM 0 WinXP Can't Browse Samba Shares
4:13PM 0 Cyclic authentications from user already logged on.
4:12PM 1 Simple Question
4:12PM 0 Sometimes PC can not find network path
4:11PM 0 Problem with printer drivers downloading
3:01PM 1 How to reset password for: http://localhost:901/
1:25PM 1 weird "valid users" trouble in 3.0.24
12:14PM 0 2 Servers different gid?
9:37AM 2 Successful migration NT4->SAMBA3 domain, anyone?
6:11AM 1 smbd write failure, kernel
5:11AM 0 Samba 3.0.25a Available for Download
1:32AM 1 Need help: Centos 5, Samba as file server + ACL for WORKGROUP
Thursday May 24 2007
9:57PM 0 enable privileges = yes doesn't work
8:52PM 1 Sharp AR-M550N and SAMBA
5:49PM 1 PHP/Samba Authentication w/ tdb files.
5:07PM 1 NFS locking ...maybe?
3:22PM 1 all users prompted for username and passwd
2:08PM 0 [Fwd: Help with permissions]
11:58AM 1 User/group enumeration range not being used
10:23AM 1 problem with synchronize samba and unix password - ldap
8:42AM 2 more than smbldap
8:12AM 1 Samba 3.0.25 crash
12:13AM 0 server upgrade _net_auth2: creds_server_check failed. Rejecting auth request from
Wednesday May 23 2007
7:49PM 2 Not able to add domain users to local groups
3:40PM 1 Can not add machine to the domain
3:31PM 1 Samba PDC on a read-only (and not configurable) LDAP server
2:43PM 0 samba performances vs ftp performances
2:39PM 1 printing problems
1:28PM 0 Software caused connection abort on 3.0.23d Solaris 9
1:27PM 1 altered ACLs do not apply on existing subdirectories
1:18PM 2 Domain Member Server Migration from NT4 to Samba 3.024
12:54PM 2 Any docs to convert samba server to Win2003 server?
11:44AM 0 Samba priting problem, might be windows printer defintion
7:48AM 1 [smbd4wins] wins hook - ttl so long ?
7:31AM 1 Samba 3.0.25, trusted domains and winbindd
6:28AM 2 Can't contact LDAP server,
Tuesday May 22 2007
8:02PM 0 Samba 3.0.14 and ADS authentication
7:22PM 0 Non-Unix Accounts and Samba
7:14PM 0 Help with permissions
6:33PM 2 nsupdate-gss
5:15PM 0 upgrade from 3.0.24 to 3.0.25 broke authentication
2:01PM 1 reinstaling server , distro and samba,
11:30AM 2 kerberos_kinit_password -- Preauthentication falied ??
10:42AM 1 Digital signed connections using Win2003 Server
7:42AM 1 Can't follow DFS link
1:10AM 1 Active Directory authentication no longer works
Monday May 21 2007
11:33PM 1 FW: RPC Error with PC Netlink
8:59PM 1 Proposed patches for inclusion in Samba 3.0.25a
5:56PM 1 Samba 3.0.22 error with domain accounts
5:25PM 0 cups, firefox + acrobat (getting strange output)
5:12PM 1 Altered behavior in 3.0.25 and 3.0.24-gc-1
4:10PM 1 RPC Error with PC Netlink - some additional info
4:03PM 2 NTLM auth issues with squid
3:05PM 1 Advice about samba + GFS
2:08PM 3 errors - cannot access LDAP when not root
1:37PM 0 wbinfo -u Error looking up domain users - Solved
1:28PM 0 wbinfo -u Error looking up domain users
1:02PM 2 I can't get mod_auth_ntlm_winbind to work
11:56AM 3 can't create workstation account
11:55AM 0 anyone can access system users home ??
10:01AM 1 permissions on samba share change automatically
9:57AM 1 trusted domains
9:09AM 2 Cannot join domain
9:03AM 1 migrate smbpasswd to ldap (ldif format)
1:46AM 1 Domain authentication not working
1:22AM 1 3.0.25 breaks "username map"?
Sunday May 20 2007
9:14PM 1 Samba LDAP Directory Tree details
8:15PM 0 error setting trust account password
6:54PM 1 Samba-3.0.25 Solaris 8, smbd
5:04PM 1 Don't see Users and Groups in Samba Server from MMC WXPPRO
Saturday May 19 2007
9:37PM 1 individual printer setup samba 3.2.5
5:47AM 0 Connection to failed
5:17AM 2 roaming profiles for XP RPO Vista 2000 and automounted home directorys
Friday May 18 2007
11:58PM 1 cups, firefox + acrobat (Getting PJL output)
11:48PM 1 win xp home media edition / Samba 3.023c
11:41PM 0 smbd spamming centos5 log
10:26PM 2 Endless Password Expiration in 3.0.25
9:15PM 0 Winbind in Win2003 ADS: wbinfo -u works, wbinfo -g does not
7:35PM 1 3.0.25 smbclient problem
7:09PM 3 samba, wins, netbios
6:26PM 0 New snapshot of patched 3.0.24 posted
6:17PM 0 Werr Access Denied
6:11PM 0 samba3 pdc on freebsd
6:05PM 1 Creating Samba RPM
5:27PM 0 Samba shares OK- but only after 'getent passwd' ?
4:35PM 1 3.0.25 Winbind high CPU usage
2:57PM 2 Winbindd breaks after first unsuccessfull authentication
10:16AM 2 rids disappeared from net groupmap list output
9:02AM 0 Samba and AD via ldap.
6:23AM 2 force group to Unix group in 3.0.25
6:23AM 0 how to test Invalid Users setting
1:52AM 1 Licensing Issues
12:23AM 0 Errors in smbd log file
Thursday May 17 2007
11:47PM 0 Office 2007 Saves Files to Samba Share as read-only?
6:13PM 1 samba-3.0.25 on Debian
5:41PM 1 prexec change between 3.0.24 to 3.0.25
4:20PM 1 "os level" of Vista? Samba should always win Browser Elections
4:06PM 1 "net sam set workstations ..." prevents users from using domain resources from non-domain member systems
3:52PM 0 Preemptive answer on idmap error
3:24PM 1 Possible? Mount vfat, share, have full use of R/A/S/H attributes?
2:54PM 1 Samba 3.0.25 Password Expiration, Disk Mapping and Winbindd Warning
1:10PM 1 Auth issues in 3.0.25
11:04AM 3 can't browser a samba server from a specific pc in the network
9:15AM 2 Failed to set servicePrincipalNames (driving me insane!)
7:29AM 2 Some problems updating to 3.0.25
6:30AM 1 SAMBA 4 AND LDAP, Where can we get the information??
2:27AM 3 Samba breaks after upgrading to 3.0.24
Wednesday May 16 2007
9:31PM 1 RPC Error with PC Netlink
7:27PM 1 Can't login to domain from Windows 2K clients
5:33PM 1 Samba as a AD domain member server with idmap backend = ldap
5:07PM 3 Winbind - wbinfo -u works, getent passwd only gives local users
1:27PM 0 vampire, cannot create workstation account
11:28AM 1 Vista Sync and Samba Problem
10:50AM 2 Hidden folder when using Windows client
10:13AM 3 Can new ACL entries be inherited to existing subdirectories.
9:19AM 2 strange winbind connection
8:43AM 1 printing from dos works...not from smbclient
8:13AM 2 Centos4 x86_64 upgrade from samba sernet 3.0.24 to sernet 3.0.25
4:51AM 1 SAMBA: Share specific log files
3:35AM 1 Wierd interaction between Samba and HTTP?
Tuesday May 15 2007
11:34PM 2 Windows File Versions
7:02PM 1 Samba 3.0.25 plugin changes
6:33PM 2 _really_ disable netbios
5:54PM 2 3.0.25: non-Kerberos authentication fails when security=ads?
5:00PM 2 winbindd tdb cache
3:42PM 1 Problem accessing SWAT with Firefox
2:37PM 1 Share's accès : how to?
1:55PM 1 samba3 FreeBSD pdc
1:07PM 1 security=server
12:40PM 1 Samba NT MD4 password check problem
12:21PM 2 samba and failover (drbd + heartbeat)
11:19AM 1 smbd hangs on solaris
11:15AM 0 SMB share specific log file creation
9:02AM 0 Error in winbind.log
4:35AM 1 unix network printing
1:56AM 0 Solved: ldapsam backend for standalone server - is it possible?
1:24AM 0 Printing and file share problems
12:47AM 1 BUIILTIN accounts with Samba 3.0.24 + LDAP
Monday May 14 2007
10:37PM 2 3.0.25 *breaks* stand alone server, 3.0.24 works fine
9:13PM 1 samba users and group mapping
9:02PM 3 install opt-samba-base on aix 5.3
7:33PM 1 Method for binding Swat to a certain IP address?
6:20PM 1 Samba 4 and OpenLDAP (and other LDAP servers)
6:14PM 0 UNIX vs. AD group permissions
5:48PM 1 Step by Step guide: Samba + Ldap backend
4:58PM 0 A new user with a strange problem
3:45PM 1 Microsoft programs overwrite default mask
2:41PM 0 Userrights problem: Samba PDC + OpenLDAP
2:13PM 0 Patched 3.0.24 tree for CVE-2007-2444, CVE-2007-2446, and CVE-2007-2447
2:01PM 0 [SAMBA-SECURITY] CVE-2007-2446: Multiple Heap Overflows Allow Remote Code Execution
2:01PM 0 [SAMBA-SECURITY] CVE-2007-2447: Remote Command Injection Vulnerability
2:01PM 1 Samba 3.0.25 Available for Download
2:01PM 0 [SAMBA-SECURITY] CVE-2007-2444: Local SID/Name Translation Failure Can Result in User Privilege Elevation
1:32PM 0 Fwd: permissions on samba share change automatically
1:18PM 1 Samba-PDC+LDAP Domain logon problem
1:09PM 0 ldapi socket
12:44PM 0 Transition 3.0.14a-3sarge4 / 3.0.24-6 Performance deterioration
11:09AM 1 R: Fwd: SAMBA on AIX --> nsswitch.conf?
10:08AM 1 Net command question. Samba 3.0.25 rc3
9:39AM 0 Samba + Quotas in Ldap
9:37AM 5 user are able to access "/" partition.
2:34AM 1 That new user changes password at start first session
Sunday May 13 2007
10:22PM 0 pam_smbpass migrate & null passwords
7:23PM 0 can't add machine account
6:22PM 1 Samba 3 as PDC and hidden folders
1:06PM 0 uid mapping
8:24AM 0 wbinfo's timeout to lookup sid
7:33AM 2 SAMBA on AIX --> nsswitch.conf?
2:16AM 0 pdc with split services
Saturday May 12 2007
11:27PM 0 valid/invalid users problem
8:45PM 2 Cannot join Win XP SP2 client to domain
1:47PM 1 Text file busy
9:38AM 0 Permissions across servers
2:01AM 1 Cannot connect to NT 4 BDC Server
Friday May 11 2007
10:47PM 2 Problem compiling Samba 3.0.24 with OpenLDAP 2.3.35
8:25PM 0 (no subject)
8:08PM 1 Third time lucky. I need help with samba printers!
7:21PM 1 Connection gets closed after just a few seconds "smbd/service.c:close_cnum(1150)"
6:44PM 1 Revalidate User Authentication
5:16PM 0 Revalidate Authentication
4:55PM 1 Samba PDC - Auth->Ldap + Quotas, HowTo
4:51PM 0 BDC keeps taking over and not allowing logins from NT PDC
4:25PM 2 old print jobs go away!!
3:55PM 0 Roaming Profiles
3:07PM 0 winbind authentication
2:19PM 1 User rights
11:21AM 1 Writing files > 2GB from Windows
9:58AM 0 how can i order samba to save new files with a certain gid?
5:21AM 1 Samba on Debian: Sarge -> Etch = broken guest shares
Thursday May 10 2007
6:38PM 1 Old Access Printing Issues
3:24PM 2 programming libsmbclient
2:10PM 0 Erase or change users/grops unix in tdbsam
1:50PM 1 sambaDomainName=HOST i.s.o. ...=DOMAIN
1:01PM 1 Changing Windows password complexity error dialog box
10:50AM 4 A regression in 3.0.25rc3?
7:44AM 2 security = ads --> invalide user
5:33AM 1 Samba domain clients take too long to log in
2:43AM 1 samba doesn't map to guest account
2:30AM 0 revalidate User
1:30AM 0 Newbie User Migration Questions
Wednesday May 9 2007
4:12PM 0 tree connect failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)
2:01PM 1 -s file permission flag
12:57PM 1 Unexpected feature (success!) re Roaming Profiles
12:50PM 1 Samba PDC, OpenLDAP: "net groupmap list" and Login doesnt work
12:30PM 2 log file format
9:00AM 1 HELP! running 3.0.23c-2 on fedora core 6 strange slow speed problem
5:38AM 2 Data missing in samba shares
3:57AM 0 SAMBA as PDC - Pls Help!!
1:59AM 2 SAMBA as PDC - Pls Help!
1:30AM 0 Newbie User Migration Question
Tuesday May 8 2007
10:29PM 0 Samba on different subnets without wins
6:52PM 0 Two Permissions Issues: null session shares and group membership
6:36PM 2 TDB functionality document
4:59PM 0 samba v2.2.3a - w2k-Users CAN change password, how to disable ?
4:28PM 0 Too many open files error. Help!!!
1:02PM 0 R: R: R: Winbind configuration
11:54AM 1 ldapsam backend for standalone server - is it possible?
11:50AM 0 Listing groups in the AD
3:04AM 1 Newbie Question - can users create directory on thier own from Win Client ???
Monday May 7 2007
6:34PM 3 Countless "rec_read bad magic" lines in log.smbd
5:37PM 0 Question...
4:44PM 0 Problem with RID to unix account mapping in ADS mode
4:26PM 0 network path could not be found
4:06PM 0 Two PDC in one Network (NT4 + Samba 3)
2:33PM 0 Samba on Solaris 9
2:10PM 0 Text file busy on samba fileserver
12:44PM 0 authentication doesn't work when connecting from XP via hostname
11:00AM 1 problem listing directories with AD permissions
10:29AM 1 Weird Problem with file permissions and samba
10:19AM 1 slightly OT: LDAP Server
8:54AM 1 net rpc trustdom list: enumerates all accounts
8:12AM 0 Smbcacls syntax questions (Samba-3.0.25rc2)
7:31AM 1 winbind AD and Kerberos !
7:26AM 0 Winbind and the AD Group "Domain-Users" RID 513 !
6:39AM 1 NT/LM Samba passwords and userPassword sync
Sunday May 6 2007
5:46PM 1 R: R: Winbind configuration
2:14PM 2 Winbind configuration
1:04PM 1 Upgrade 3.0.24-3.fc5 to 3.0.24-4.fc5 Anomaly
11:37AM 0 SAMBA as PDC!! PLS HELP!!!
11:36AM 0 HELP!!
1:49AM 0 Automatic configuration of disk quotas with samba
12:25AM 0 "Failed to verify incoming ticket!" with Windows 2003 Server
Saturday May 5 2007
4:39PM 0 Newbie cannot install from source
4:26PM 3 ls not showing AD owner username and groupname
3:30PM 1 strange authentication issue
3:28PM 1 smbd crash with share security
3:17PM 0 Cannot Map drive from XP to Samba shared folder
1:47PM 1 Offline logon from Winxp/2000 Client doesn't work
Friday May 4 2007
10:24PM 2 v3.0.25-final?
10:03PM 0 Strange file listing with mounted REV drive
9:22PM 0 problems accessing printers by UNC path --Help!
8:50PM 3 Possible problem w/ 'idmap restore' under 3.0.25rc3
8:47PM 2 mount.cifs and sec=krb5
7:10PM 0 problems accessing printers by UNC path
8:34AM 0 Problem with dfs-share and hidden directory
7:44AM 0 Problem when importing via tdbedit and then picking up NTConfig.POL
5:24AM 1 LDAP auth not working
5:05AM 0 Redhat ES3 & 4 findsmb
12:25AM 1 how to setup ldap for samba.
Thursday May 3 2007
11:41PM 0 Re: 3.0.23d UNIX vs. AD group permissions
11:41PM 1 mount windows xp share
11:41PM 3 cannot start smbd on AIX 5.3
11:41PM 0 PANIC: Could not fetch our SID - did we join?
11:40PM 0 How to configure samba ntlmv2 ?
11:40PM 1 Mac - Filesystem Size Limit?
11:40PM 0 Problem of displying contents of shares
11:40PM 0 Question about poledit.exe and priorities
11:39PM 0 smbldap-tools Error in perl module
11:39PM 2 Update/Repost: Kerberos works, but "net ads join" fails
11:39PM 0 I have a some question?
10:39PM 1 Unix users showing as Unix User\10751
8:05PM 2 Server String not taking affect
6:25PM 2 Can vista client can negotiage smb2 protocol with the samba server?
4:33PM 3 smbmount
4:33PM 0 pam_smbpass and tdbsam
2:00PM 0 getpeername failed
1:38PM 0 Migration of Member server from NT4.0 to samba
1:36PM 1 process cannot access file.....on home shares, 3.0.24 on Debian.
12:13PM 0 mapping SID - UID, GID with SFU 3.5
9:30AM 0 CIFS VFS: close with pending writes
8:36AM 1 logon script problem
7:55AM 0 XP client only uploads roaming profile to server after client is restarted
6:37AM 1 sockaddr structure elements
2:26AM 0 FreeBSD, winbindd and Domain Groups
12:33AM 0 test
Wednesday May 2 2007
9:41PM 0 Samba 3.x and PCNetLink domain trusts]]]
8:06PM 0 Samba 3.x and PCNetLink domain trusts]]
8:01PM 0 Can't delete files via FTP
5:36PM 2 Creating a samba BDC How-to:
3:09PM 1 Samba 3.x and PCNetLink domain trusts]
2:54PM 0 Joining NT domain]
2:16PM 0 ubuntu livecd connects - regular install does not (kinit?)
1:42PM 0 PDC problems
9:59AM 1 duplicate group in NET GROUPMAP LIST
8:43AM 0 file disappear ???
3:14AM 1 3.0.24 lock not releasing when file is closed
12:21AM 0 Joining NT domain
Tuesday May 1 2007
7:05PM 0 Winbind BUG ? idmap backend =ad !
6:22PM 2 strict allocate = no does not work
6:11PM 0 problems with winbind, ads on 3.0.25rc3
5:35PM 2 Scan shares for music/video files?
2:27PM 3 What version of Samba will work with an AIX version of Unix?
12:59PM 2 3.0.24 and disappearing ACL entries
12:27PM 0 tdbedit imports from smbpasswd ok but sets domain value as old domain
12:05PM 0 samba and winxp problem with FAT32 shares
7:50AM 1 Problem with Samba-3.0.25rc3 & idmap_ldap (winbind dumps core)
4:36AM 1 Group permission problems with winbind & NFS
3:41AM 0 Out of control smbd process