samba - Jul 2007

Tuesday July 31 2007
10:10PM 0 Sharing a loop mounted file system
8:08PM 1 AD login strangeness
7:06PM 1 Migrating to ldapsam - group mapping question
4:24PM 2 adding valid user to a home share
3:51PM 1 Renice server process
3:05PM 0 Winbind Daemon
2:57PM 2 Modification Time Problem
2:20PM 1 Install samba on AIX
12:51PM 0 'Got user' is blank, can't authenticate
12:23PM 2 samba pdc/bdc and trust relationship
8:00AM 1 Can someone help? Strange behaviour of establishing trust
7:37AM 0 problems with kerberos on Solaris 10
2:45AM 0 Encryption while accessing samba shares
Monday July 30 2007
10:55PM 1 Performance problem with utime() on Solaris 8
10:20PM 1 Vista roaming profiles
6:23PM 1 samba performance metrics
4:11PM 0 Adding Mac OS X 10.4.8 Clients to a Samba AD Domain
4:02PM 0 Problems with groups containing other groups in AD in winbind
3:59PM 2 Tracking file activity
2:53PM 3 Tar with smbclient
2:41PM 0 multiple mounts for a smbfs on the same mount point
2:32PM 0 errors in messages log
12:54PM 2 Roaming Profiles
1:37AM 2 SSO across multiple physical subnets
Sunday July 29 2007
5:49PM 1 prepare for vista
1:40PM 1 Help cleaning up domain SID mess...
Saturday July 28 2007
6:30PM 0 tune Samba NAS video server and Windows XP clients ?
4:06PM 1 Checking the trust account password returned NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
7:36AM 0 FW: Linux CIFS-access problem since samba 3.0.25(a/b)
4:58AM 1 Error while contacting ADS from Samba server
1:38AM 0 AD group membership script
12:11AM 0 today I going to finish my MCSE 2003
Friday July 27 2007
3:13PM 0 Notebook cannot open session when disconnected after samba PDC upgrade
2:36PM 0 Error while contacting ADS from Samba
11:22AM 4 Help with ldap configuration please
8:59AM 0 weird winbind problem
7:18AM 1 smbclient and netbios disabled question
12:03AM 0 Basic Overview of Active Directory with Samba Install
Thursday July 26 2007
8:49PM 1 Getting rid of old network
8:33PM 0 creating samba accounts on first login
5:56PM 0 Using Unix/LDAP Log in Credentials for Security = User Share Authentication
3:30PM 0 unix password sync causes domain joining problem?
11:10AM 5 PDC: Windows xp sp2 reboots when login onto domain
8:55AM 0 wbinfo -u (security = ads) does not show computers after upgrade to 3.0.25b any more
3:01AM 0 Protec directory using userid & password
Wednesday July 25 2007
7:23PM 0 Samba to Windows 2003 READ errors
3:47PM 2 Problems with oplocks (samba 3.0.24, Kernel 2.6.17)
1:08PM 1 Can't see clients in network neighborhood
12:39PM 1 Samba Limits/Performance with LDAP
11:40AM 3 Can't see more than 8 files? MTU-ish issue?
11:32AM 0 howto forbid chown on cifs mount
10:42AM 1 Samba with Winbind and PAM
9:32AM 1 configuration question
8:05AM 0 Intermitent winbind failure resolving groups via nss
Tuesday July 24 2007
9:03PM 0 Use shares like postboxes !
7:35PM 2 domain or not domain?
5:51PM 1 Vista and Samba
3:26PM 0 uid/gid translation of a Owner SID/Group SID
1:00PM 1 Access share from client out of second domain
11:51AM 0 samba in a freebsd jail
11:24AM 0 winbind: string overflow in safe_strcpy_fn(659)
10:57AM 2 Winbind cache problem after upgrade to 3.0.25b.
3:51AM 0 Multiple processes of smbd spawning...don't know why
1:17AM 2 samba 4 svn23995 live CD release (maybe tp6?)
Monday July 23 2007
7:21PM 3 trouble joining AD domain.
5:33PM 1 Pfr tmp files, FreeBSD and Linux
8:56AM 1 mac osx charset on linux
Sunday July 22 2007
5:51PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 2.0.0.RC1 released
4:45PM 0 Problem using separator page.
Saturday July 21 2007
6:53PM 0 compiling samba 2.2.12 on Solaris (x86)
6:38PM 0 copying large number of files from XP to Samba fails
Friday July 20 2007
6:56PM 1 Sharing Accounts between Servers and SIDs
3:14PM 0 Latest update gives me problems.
3:08PM 1 Sharing AD domain info with 2 SBS2003 servers
2:56PM 0 createlocalgroup: could not allocate a RID
1:20PM 0 wbinfo -u failing
11:26AM 1 3.0.25b problem joining 3.0.23d domain..
6:34AM 2 safe_strcpy errors from winbindd (Samba 3.0.25b)
Thursday July 19 2007
11:38PM 1 Very slow access to large files
3:42PM 1 odd "Not listening on called name behavior"
1:33PM 1 Samba 4 TP5 support group policy
12:49PM 5 ridiculous slow gigabit transfer, faster with VNC
11:41AM 0 samba and proftpd authentication
11:32AM 2 Prewin2kname with samba
10:07AM 1 Help with restrict anonymous = 2
Wednesday July 18 2007
9:16PM 0 Fwd: smbfs patch for 2.6 [PATCH]
8:57PM 1 smbpasswd truncates password to 8 chars on Solaris sparc?
8:38PM 1 smbfs patch for 2.6 [PATCH]
6:20PM 0 session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Call returned zero bytes (EOF))
5:27PM 0 APW issue and excessive Get-Printer-Attributes in CUPS access_log
5:23PM 0 ldap and sharing SID
4:13PM 2 samba roaming profile
3:22PM 3 Using LDAP and Unix Group Group Mappings
3:13PM 1 smbmount Permission Denied
2:11PM 3 still about winbind idmap customization
2:07PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 55, Issue 18
11:25AM 0 ADS users authentication problem where win2k and pre-win2k names of user differ
10:12AM 3 upgrade to 3.0.25 and ads
Tuesday July 17 2007
9:25PM 2 [Urgent] Cannot make changes via pdbedit
5:05PM 1 Help Finding a How-To
2:28PM 5 Getting Owner of Files on Mounted Windows Share
1:49PM 1 ACLs over NFSv4 and Samba
12:00PM 1 Changing domain name
11:59AM 1 bulk adduser scripts for smbldap-tools
8:30AM 3 Release timeframe for 3.0.26?
4:38AM 1 copy existing users quick launch problem
Monday July 16 2007
6:08PM 3 Problems since upgrade from 3.0.23 to 3.0.25b
1:20PM 1 Problems with 3.0.25b (Cryptic Error Message)
1:08PM 1 3.0.25b-1.1.72-1411 - copy from and to the same samba share
12:09PM 2 Performance problem with file > 2Gb
6:52AM 1 cannot access shares
Sunday July 15 2007
11:19PM 1 does samba support non-flat /home
10:35PM 0 Help with samba config
9:24AM 0 cups and printing command
Saturday July 14 2007
10:36PM 0 strange behaviour of the "ldap passwd sync" option
1:14AM 3 Is there a way to support both local and roaming profile with one server / domain?
12:47AM 0 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
Friday July 13 2007
8:58PM 1 DNS-error from one machine when trying to join domain
8:18PM 1 ldap/pam authentication
6:50PM 1 Problem with LDAP DOMAIN MEMBER SERVER and idmap
6:03PM 2 Strange network file access behavior
5:18PM 0 pdbedit -U -- recreating a set of Domain users...
5:01PM 1 Access denied-message when joining domain
4:02PM 1 Keeping old profiles
2:23PM 1 about Samba Adopts GPLv3 for Future Releases
11:48AM 1 What are my smbd's doing ? (was Re: secrets.tdb locking fun!)
11:20AM 1 Subversion VFS Module
8:40AM 1 What are my smbd's doing ? (was Re: secrets.tdb locking fun!)
7:43AM 0 nss_ldap: reconnected to LDAP server ldap:// after 1 attempt
12:28AM 0 Cross-VPN Browsing
Thursday July 12 2007
7:40PM 1 BUG? 'valid users' doesn't allow groups from trusted domains
7:16PM 3 groups seems broken in samba-3.0.24-7.fc5
5:03PM 1 Urgent, Security: Privilege Escalation in 3.0.24?
2:44PM 0 Samba file owner issue.
2:00PM 0 refresh samba share listing
1:53PM 2 Active directory and multiple forests
12:57PM 0 Linux CIFS-access problem since samba 3.0.25(a/b)
11:07AM 1 Using setuid on smbd
10:59AM 0 samba's characters encoding differs when guest and when by security = user ????
8:23AM 0 Problems with the option "force user"
Wednesday July 11 2007
8:53PM 0 can smb.conf help create users homedirs by group?
8:04PM 1 replace w2k server dc by samba
7:57PM 1 Samba PDC, v3.0.25b, tdbsam: winbindd seems to be broken...
7:44PM 1 Samba PDC, v3.0.25b, tdbsam: should Server have its own SID etc ?
5:42PM 3 Samba and the partitions...
4:23PM 0 can "template homedir" build paths based on user groups culled from getent groups?
3:25PM 2 Profile in use
11:58AM 2 smbpasswd problem on Solaris-10
11:26AM 1 cannot autenticate user in AD
11:16AM 0 Is the term 'home dir' and 'roaming profiles' different?
8:26AM 1 net rpc join: Percent sign in password
Tuesday July 10 2007
9:30PM 1 Domain member, security = ADS|domain and trusts with NT4
8:08PM 3 winbind + samba limits with large AD?
7:51PM 0 smbldap-tools project
7:46PM 1 Winbind join with different domains
6:28PM 2 Winbind failure
3:01PM 2 idmap syntax transition from 3.0.20 to 3.0.25 ?
2:26PM 2 XP Home and Samba problem
1:32PM 1 mounting an AD share upon login
1:24PM 0 nmbd name expired for permanent entry
11:30AM 1 scripting smbldap-useradd and smbldap-passwd
10:15AM 0 Make: rc command not found
9:43AM 1 install printer problem
7:32AM 4 Response too big for UDP, retry with TCP
Monday July 9 2007
8:40PM 1 can two samba servers share uid/rid map in win2k3 domain
7:30PM 1 Section 7.3.4 Samba3-ByExample
6:37PM 0 Samba-3.0.25a on legacy Solaris 7 box fails to do authentication
5:51PM 0 Unable to join AD domain
5:51PM 0 Opensuse: Samba LDAP useradd fails
4:55PM 1 Samba Adopts GPLv3 for Future Releases
3:01PM 1 valid/invalid users problem
2:29PM 1 Purpose of Browse Lists if you have WINS
Sunday July 8 2007
10:04PM 0 security = server, 3.0.25b
5:40PM 1 backup samba domain accounts
3:56PM 2 Samba & Vista
1:08AM 0 Samba Printer Driver Upload: files can not be copied
Saturday July 7 2007
10:15PM 0 joining samba 3.0.25b on aix to a native w2k domain
10:06PM 1 AD domain membership problem
3:08PM 1 ldap + rfc2307biz
11:32AM 2 Change print job priority
6:01AM 0 How to make samba server Master Browser on home lan
Friday July 6 2007
11:28PM 1 Connection problem with 3.0.25a [solved]
6:21PM 1 winbindd running amok
5:29PM 0 Remote share
5:13PM 0 samba 3 trusts with NT and AD problem
2:29PM 0 Automatic download and execution of logon script
11:09AM 1 Samba 3.0.25b + Vista Printers
7:33AM 1 problem with directory permission and access from windows
Thursday July 5 2007
10:30PM 1 SAMBA ADS to NIS mapping
9:06PM 1 gosa web gui
8:48PM 0 error when trying to execute net join.."
8:05PM 1 Promoting BDC to PDC
1:58PM 0 Files rename problem
1:52PM 2 Custom "Windows Welcome message"
1:31PM 1 Problem jioning domain using "net rpc join"
11:23AM 2 winbind rpc only
10:45AM 1 Excel - share Access Denied after opening file
7:28AM 1 Problem with Everyone SID (S-1-1-0)
6:43AM 1 Execute on file access
4:30AM 0 Add printer in cups but is not being shared by samba
1:54AM 0 Samba backtrace on network copy
Wednesday July 4 2007
10:48PM 4 Miserable read performance (factor ~60 too slow)
6:44PM 1 Cannot seem to get printer driver delivery working from Vista 64 bit systems - Samba 3.0.25b
6:28PM 1 join samba to a 2003 rc2 domain
4:25PM 1 Samba 3.0.25 & OpenLDAP 2.3 issues
2:49PM 1 folder permissions
2:17PM 0 ham, No access to share
11:00AM 2 Samba Problem With Big File Transfer on Windows Client
8:58AM 1 ms office file locking problem
7:30AM 1 net ads join without kerberos
5:32AM 1 dfs problems addressed in 3.0.25b?
Tuesday July 3 2007
10:25PM 2 ADS Join on Windows 2008 domain not working in 3.0.25b?
4:27PM 2 "Open Extend >> " doesn't work anymore... !
2:14PM 0 i18n problems connecting Samba 3.0.22 with Snap! Server 4100 (samba 2.2.x I think)
2:00PM 0 continued problem starting samba
10:03AM 0 No access to share
9:53AM 0 AD with MS-DFS
9:48AM 1 [Docs] Alternative LDAP Database Initialization Script Error
Monday July 2 2007
10:23PM 0 Delete printer from cups but will not delete from samba
2:59PM 0 Samba session timeout and oplocks
12:23PM 1 password server and round robin dns of DCs
10:38AM 0 no log on screen when logging into samba shares over vpn
8:37AM 1 Big problem with USERIDs
7:04AM 0 Windows2000 slow filecopy and ms-dfs
6:24AM 1 Samba Permissins
5:02AM 0 all pipeline instances are busy
4:28AM 0 Mshome "deactived" by samba?
Sunday July 1 2007
6:45PM 2 Roaming profile - Folder redirection - Erase file on server
6:44PM 3 Samba PDC LDAP HowTo 4 U
6:44PM 0 Accessing domain member server from WinXP
6:43PM 0 3.0.4: winbind not working with windows 2003?
6:43PM 1 windows don't browse samba server 3.0.x
5:38AM 3 Error when upgrading to samba 3.0.25b: NT_STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_NOT_FOUND