samba - Dec 2006

Sunday December 31 2006
6:03AM 1 Fwd: SOLVED [cups] print_job: Unsupported format "application/octet-stream"
6:02AM 0 Re: PPP + ntlm_auth
6:00AM 0 Share USB harddrive
5:59AM 1 Problem With Big File Transfer on Windows Client
5:59AM 1 Please!A question!
5:58AM 0 Can't browse or connect to smb://server/homes anymore
5:58AM 1 File locking problem between Linux and WinXP
5:57AM 0 user-group mapping not inherited from Windows-Domain?
Saturday December 30 2006
6:59PM 0 connect to windows 2003 domain share access denied
5:02PM 0 Smbmount and file-locking
9:56AM 4 Samba printing crashes all inet services
4:42AM 0 fault report
Friday December 29 2006
9:59AM 0 Samba PDC with LDAP, can't join Domain
Thursday December 28 2006
3:50PM 5 users via winbind and using @group in smb.conf
8:56AM 1 winbindd issues on member server
8:14AM 0 access denied to shares on samba 3
4:26AM 1 Unable to join PDC to domain
2:55AM 2 RAP86 error with unix password sync = yes
12:04AM 0 3.0.23c (FC6) and XP Pro - Error: STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND
Wednesday December 27 2006
8:39PM 1 can not get preexec option to run a script file
8:16PM 0 To install samba on solaris and auth to active dir do you HAVE to configure with kerberos?
5:25PM 1 Usrmgr,groupmap listmem
2:45PM 1 cant authenticate Samba -> AD trying to map to shares on samba server
11:35AM 1 Access denied to shares samba 3
5:33AM 1 core dumps with 3.0.23c
Tuesday December 26 2006
10:35PM 0 Re: [opensuse] Open-source leader leaving Novell forGoogle
10:10PM 2 Samba shares on Linux machine get disconnected after ~ 1 min
10:05PM 0 Samba shares lost from Windows/Mac after ~ 1 min
5:59PM 2 password strenght doubt
8:22AM 1 Multi office samba domains
Monday December 25 2006
12:21PM 1 OpenSUSE 10.2 Client to FC6 Server
10:26AM 0 Machines getting disjoint from Domain
5:16AM 1 Re: [opensuse] Open-source leader leaving Novell for Google
Friday December 22 2006
8:25PM 0 Member server - domain shows as "Unix User" on ACLs
4:54PM 1 "inherit acls" only works with "inherit permissions"
4:24PM 3 Heimdal or MIT kerberos comparison
Thursday December 21 2006
11:32PM 2 winbind passwords expiring
10:11PM 1 Could not authenticate user user%password with plaintext password
4:08PM 3 samba+ldap windows problem
3:07PM 0 In need of samba v3.xx for use with solaris 5.8 not 5.9
3:06PM 4 Migrate to Debian Etch - nogo
2:23PM 0 Symbolick Links
2:23PM 0 FW: Symbolick Links
12:06PM 0 enabling anonymous login
11:26AM 2 Locking problem
8:13AM 0 Browsing problem with XP Media Center Edition
8:10AM 0 weird kerberos enctype error on otherwise working 3.0.23d install
Wednesday December 20 2006
3:57PM 0 Samba, SamFS and problems with large files (backup images)
1:04PM 1 XP Clients kicked off Tiger Server - not consistent
12:21PM 0 W2003, domain and home dirs
10:11AM 2 Problem with often password prompt box (security=user)
Tuesday December 19 2006
11:13PM 0 migrate samba from smbpasswd to LDAP
6:06PM 0 SAMBA authentication
4:38PM 1 Samba OpsLock
2:51PM 1 changing password under windows
2:21AM 1 smbstatus parsing (XML output)
Monday December 18 2006
11:00PM 1 tdbsam info
5:48PM 1 Share-level security; how does it work?
2:24PM 4 Accessing Samba Shares from Windows
2:10PM 1 Samba <-> Vista RTM interoperability issue
1:57PM 1 smbd/uid.c:change_to_root_user(275)
12:17PM 2 Samba as File Server for Windows Network
6:11AM 2 Joining Domain?
Sunday December 17 2006
10:47PM 1 fstab based shared user mounts not possible
5:19PM 1 Re: Need some guidance re: two domains sharing the same workstations
Saturday December 16 2006
12:22AM 1 Fileserver for Two AD Forests with No Trust Relationship
Friday December 15 2006
5:47PM 6 Samba Configuration on Linux
5:05PM 0 Machine accounts keep expiring
4:17PM 1 Samba and NFS quota problem
4:16PM 3 Problem Joining an XP CPU to Samba Domain
2:26PM 0 Need some guidance re: two domains sharing the same workstations
10:52AM 0 create mode not working with ACLs for me
7:10AM 0 uidNumbers and gidNumbers for samba multi-domain setup (ldap)
5:48AM 1 Can't get user list in Win98se
5:48AM 0 Windows 2003 to join Samba PDC
5:48AM 1 smbstatus, SWAT, etc. not displaying NetBIOS name for XP SP2 machines
5:48AM 0 Need Help in Samba Server
5:47AM 0 Problem with logging in to domain
4:38AM 0 net ads info, Failed to get server's current time!
1:57AM 0 Samba mounts XP Home but not XP Professional
Thursday December 14 2006
9:37PM 0 Samba, Windows and desktop redirection
9:11PM 0 Machine account keep expiring
8:35PM 0 Is this group mapping good?
7:14PM 3 Error since upgrade to Version 3.0.23a-1.fc4.1 - URGENT
5:57PM 1 winbindd_raw_kerberos_login: kinit failed
4:13PM 2 Samba PDC with Ldap, problems after restart
3:40PM 3 Problem with LDAP groups and associated file permissions
1:44PM 0 Samba and LVM
9:50AM 1 using splice system call in smbd
2:22AM 1 Compilation error on Mac OS X 10.4.7
1:45AM 0 Trouble accessing linux files from vmware guest
12:58AM 1 Vista to Samba maping LPT ports
Wednesday December 13 2006
9:23PM 3 UNIX credentials for Samba Share
8:51PM 1 'system error 5 has occured' when mapping printer
7:50PM 1 winbind wbinfo -u problem
7:43PM 0 config of failover machine backing multiple samba print servers
7:19PM 0 W2k domain join fails Samba 3 pdc
5:19PM 0 Change existing accounts policy using pdbedit
5:10PM 0 wierd message
4:49PM 0 Error
1:01PM 0 create mode problems
10:50AM 0 Null session problem when mounting share using domainuseraccount
5:56AM 0 Null session problem when mounting share using domain useraccount
4:34AM 0 Samba no longer connect to XP Pro
2:35AM 1 Adding a Samba Domain Server
1:03AM 1 Samba ADS domain member issues
12:30AM 1 Problem with duplicated groups?
Tuesday December 12 2006
11:45PM 1 Samba Read-only redundancy
11:21PM 1 Warn users of password expiration
9:54PM 1 Two domain groups with the same gid?
9:08PM 2 newbie question
6:52PM 2 HowTo move a samba print server
6:09PM 1 Mount a DFS share
4:16PM 1 Authenticating to a MacOS X server
4:06PM 0 WinXP. Samba and Router connection problem
4:06PM 3 Windows XP and Samba 2.0.5a
4:06PM 0 connecting Xp to samba
4:06PM 0 samba goes down only on startup - tried solving myself
4:06PM 1 modifying file permissions
4:06PM 2 samba3.0.23d group permissions not working
4:06PM 0 Solaris 9 and ADS Integration
4:06PM 0 Samba 2.0.3 running on Solaris 6 (Problem)
4:05PM 2 ZENWorks Alternative
4:05PM 3 problem with acls and dos mode in 3.0.23d
4:05PM 1 FreeBSD & password length
11:14AM 1 changing password only works the second time?
11:11AM 0 Null session problem when mounting share using domain user account
10:43AM 0 Homedir access rights and running KDE
Monday December 11 2006
6:50PM 4 Problems joining ADS Domain with Debian
5:16PM 2 Samba and Medisoft
4:02PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Samba and automount?]
3:08PM 2 add machine script -problem
2:04PM 2 Unable to get default yp domain
12:17PM 0 "smbclient -k" fails, used to work - kinit still ok
10:53AM 1 Autocreate share when connect
10:41AM 1 Can't mount share DFS fron AD on a Linux Box.
9:42AM 1 samba and cups printing
8:10AM 0 Unable to authenticate to samba.
Sunday December 10 2006
10:50PM 0 Problem migrating Shares.
10:22PM 0 windows xp services crashes after a while after samba upgrade
9:08PM 1 FW: Samba problem with APS .NET web farm (IIS) - change notify
6:58PM 1 Help with Samba+JFS
Saturday December 9 2006
7:18PM 0 (no subject)
2:38AM 2 Cannot create writeable share - tried many different things
Friday December 8 2006
9:24PM 2 Shares mount on linux but not windows?
6:32PM 1 winbindd to NT 4.0
6:31PM 3 Windows clients aren't synching profiles
4:52PM 0 howto "upgrade/transfer" samba domain-user + domain-group data to a new windows 2003 act
4:52PM 1 A mass O trouble with solaris 10 and Samba+ADS
4:49PM 1 can't add user to samba
4:13PM 7 AD integration checklist
1:32PM 1 Enum groups of a user Samba 3.0.23
10:42AM 1 Issues with samba PDC + WinXP clients
9:46AM 2 Samba and automount?
2:19AM 1 needed by smbd
Thursday December 7 2006
10:36PM 1 get errors when doing a tar backup of a windows server with linux smbclient
10:33PM 3 Trouble getting samba AD integration to work
9:59PM 1 svcctl - access denied
5:58PM 7 Can connect to shares via IP but not hostname
5:46PM 0 Network neighbourhood list doesn`t cleanup
5:15PM 0 RES: samba is solution or always a problem?
4:01PM 0 Security issues
4:01PM 0 smbclient and smbtree
2:49PM 1 64bit vs 32bit performance on Solaris
2:09PM 1 automount and winbind conflict
1:26PM 0 Win 98 Issue
11:59AM 0 samba is solution or always a problem?
2:22AM 0 local user profiles and samba server
Wednesday December 6 2006
10:34PM 0 Network drive disconnecting
9:47PM 3 howto "upgrade/transfer" samba domain-user + domain-group data to a new windows 2003 active directory domain?
9:10PM 2 Samba 3 LDAP backend cannot authenticate
5:28PM 2 Samba + Win2k works, Win2003 fails
4:36PM 1 Samba problem with APS .NET web farm (IIS) - change notify
4:27PM 3 Problem with OpenLDAP/Samba/NSS -> ERROR : User xxx in passdb, but getpwnam() fails!
12:25PM 3 Winbind do not maintains mappings between UIDs, GIDs and SIDs
11:39AM 1 Authentication and trusted domains
11:22AM 0 Problem authenticating user from trusted domain
9:22AM 0 samba as file server with more than one account server
7:05AM 1 Anonymous access in windows 2003 sp1
4:09AM 0 wbinfo -g works, but -u (Same here)what to do
3:54AM 2 Failed to set servicePrincipalNames error
Tuesday December 5 2006
10:17PM 0 : Samba environment variable for Windows(%USERNAME%)?
9:22PM 3 Incorrect pointers arithmetic in the PRINTER_ENUM_VALUES structure when calling Samba.
4:47PM 11 Does Samba/Winbind not follow nested groups in AD?!?
4:16PM 2 prs_mem_get: buffer overrun
7:56AM 2 Samba file security
7:11AM 1 Cannot connect to Samba-3.0.23d (and earlier) from other trusted AD domains
Monday December 4 2006
11:13PM 0 Error looking up domain users
8:54PM 2 authenticating NT users with space in username?
8:54PM 0 Broken pipe errors on samba server
8:24PM 0 Write permissions no working
8:23PM 0 One share works, one doesn't
7:57PM 0 PDC/BDC trouble
7:45PM 0 LDAP Change, file browsing pause
6:56PM 1 Samba problem with web farm
6:27PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Migrating to samba from windows NT domain]
5:50PM 4 LDAP, checkpwnam and PDC
4:06PM 1 disable printing ?
3:49PM 1 test
10:57AM 2 restrict what users can log onto each workstation
2:44AM 0 FreeBSD PPP and WinBind
2:36AM 0 wbinfo -g works, but -u
Sunday December 3 2006
10:24PM 1 Macro expansion in LDAP entries like %L no longer works with 3.0.23d
6:42PM 1 smbd_audit: log_success() failed to get vfs_handle->data!
3:27PM 0 Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer Rotate-Function does not work on Samb
3:27PM 1 Samba permissions error and other odd behaviour (RFH)
3:27PM 0 FW: Segfault in Samba
3:27PM 0 Fw: Samba and Windows 2003 functional level.
3:27PM 0 Samba and Heimdal Kerberos Authentication
3:27PM 0 Samba 3 Solaris 9 and charset cp850
3:26PM 1 Winbind + PPP
3:26PM 0 HP Photosmart C6180 and smbclient, and other linux-based samba clients
3:26PM 0 samba crashes on startup
9:21AM 1 can join a domain, but users are not able to log in
Saturday December 2 2006
9:06PM 0 Wins hook dont logs users!
8:20AM 2 Facing Problem for Window XP Client On Samba PDC
4:55AM 2 Users that can add computers to Domain
Friday December 1 2006
8:53PM 0 problem between samba 3.0.23d and Excel running on windows 2003
8:31PM 1 Trouble with moving to a domain
7:09PM 2 Removing display of domain
5:17PM 0 can a combination of samba 4 tp4 server set as AD controiller with a samba 3.x BDC(slave) emulate a MS AD infrastructure ' well enough' right now?
4:29PM 1 Adding users with usrmgr/smbldap-useradd
2:55PM 0 SAGE Line 50
2:14PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 48, Issue 1
1:27PM 0 Samba and connections to LDAP timeout
11:40AM 0 Documentation about level2-oplocks probably misleading?!?!
10:23AM 0 Synchronising Account Policies between PDC and BDCs
8:47AM 0 Unable to join domain from WNT4
6:41AM 0 ldap user could not display its UID when "ps -auex"
5:06AM 1 ntlm authentication
4:13AM 4 Hidden files
3:16AM 1 XP client doesn't save/retain share passwords