samba - Aug 2006

Thursday August 31 2006
9:47PM 1 Printer Properties Don't Work After Update
6:58PM 1 [Follow-Up] Domain login - XP 64 -> Samba
6:55PM 2 vim timestamp issues on CIFS mounted shares
6:36PM 2 Samba 2 PDC upgrade to Samba 3 - group mapping problem
5:58PM 0 ACL primary group change
2:39PM 0 cifs error 0xffffff90
2:25PM 1 DOS client cannot execute BATCH file on samba share
1:00PM 1 XP home & saba
4:14AM 1 problem with login
1:47AM 1 Configure Printing with Samba part of W2K3 Domain
Wednesday August 30 2006
7:38PM 1 Domain SID does not match built in domain groups' SIDs...
7:11PM 0 read_data: read failure for 4 bytes..
6:38PM 13 Rev #2 of the 3.02.3c patch
5:23PM 0 Can't mount a networking drive
4:25PM 0 What Jerry and I do at LinuxWorld - Golden Penguin Bowl 2006 video online
3:30PM 1 obligatory roaming profile
2:59PM 0 Re: My samba errors - please help
2:59PM 1 backing up samba?
2:40PM 1 Samba over IPX - various sites say it works?
12:04PM 1 Authentication fails (sometimes)
12:04PM 0 Re: Authentication fails (sometimes)
10:14AM 1 Automatic conversion of files
9:29AM 0 Firewall Log - Follow up on Samba Issue
8:30AM 1 Ports
7:05AM 1 100% CPU usage
7:05AM 0 Permissions issue with CIFS mounted share
7:05AM 1 Unknown domain
7:05AM 1 winbind auth against ads not working via remote login - solaris 10.
7:05AM 0 multiple sid's one uid
7:04AM 1 Dir move confirmation
7:04AM 0 session directory with samba
7:04AM 1 joining to domain breaks kerberos authentication
5:19AM 1 Samba and Printing
Tuesday August 29 2006
11:11PM 1 member server can't authenticate users?
8:29PM 0 Samba File Problem
7:54PM 2 Basic Printer Share
6:47PM 1 Problem adding machine or user accounts to a large group in the group file
5:11PM 1 Storing privilege info in ldap
4:28PM 3 Installing Samba4
3:16PM 2 samba schema
3:13PM 4 ftp 8x faster than samba
3:12PM 0 samba root probleme !!
2:47PM 1 Synchronize /etc/passwd (for examle in a RedHat) with smbpasswd
12:55PM 1 glibc detected - invalid next size
11:20AM 0 problems changing password in outlook 2003
11:10AM 3 mod_ntlm_winbind / Apache2
5:00AM 0 drop off domain?
3:18AM 2 change password on 1st signon
2:39AM 0 /home vs. /homes vs. [%U]
Monday August 28 2006
7:56PM 0 Samba net share vs. Windows net view
7:46PM 0 samb 3 with the old shema samba and the root samba
6:02PM 2 winbind issue
6:01PM 0 XP users fail to automatically connect
4:07PM 1 usermap confusion (":" or "=")
4:02PM 1 net rap share vs. net share
3:06PM 1 tdbsam +Windows 2k/XP Change Password
1:10PM 2 Samba Groups Vanished
12:41PM 1 Upgrade AD2 en W2K3 & Samba
10:31AM 1 Can't connect to Samba share when using "security = server"
10:12AM 2 upgrading from 3.0.13 to 3.0.23
8:49AM 1 windows XP media center 2005
8:30AM 3 Configure Options while build Samba and OpenLDAP?
Sunday August 27 2006
10:02PM 1 profile-portability doesn't work
2:32PM 0 Winbind machine accounts
1:00PM 0 Read but no write to linux shares from winxp
12:51PM 0 Windows ACL on Smaba 3.0.22 with VXFS
12:26PM 0 Lonhhorn Server Encryption and Samba
2:27AM 1 migration strategy
Saturday August 26 2006
8:29AM 3 Question regarding Samba rights
6:56AM 2 Did a recent Samba upgrade change something to lose connection with iptables enabled?
Friday August 25 2006
9:24PM 1 dos filemode not working (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
9:05PM 1 I think CIFS is severely broken
6:24PM 0 Attempt to configure idmap_ad giving error on uidNumber
4:24PM 1 Rogue process
1:40PM 3 winbind HOWTO specifically for backend_ad?
12:16PM 1 winbind ntlm_auth
11:28AM 0 Re: Flooding of syslog due to ip change? [FIXED]
11:17AM 2 Open space
10:53AM 0 Flooding of syslog due to ip change?
9:02AM 0 no version information avaible
6:23AM 0 error
6:23AM 1 Concern about 3.0.22->3.0.23b upgrade (algorithmic SIDs issue)
6:23AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Excel error]
6:23AM 0 Using Samba on HP-UX and Windows 2000
6:23AM 0 Session request packet
6:22AM 1 Windows 2003 server unable to join a Samba PDC
6:22AM 0 Please help concerning my posting from 2004
6:22AM 1 Wrong Username reported to MS Office if file is opened already
6:22AM 1 problems this samba4
6:21AM 0 Unable to retrieve file thro's Scheduled Task. Urgent.... Need assistance...
6:21AM 0 Help with samba client
6:21AM 0 smbmount limitations
Thursday August 24 2006
11:19PM 1 sambaUserWorkstations on tdbsam
10:27PM 2 W2K workstation not disconnecting without a reset
8:24PM 0 Attributes changes in copying files
7:25PM 1 Joined 2 samba servers to ADS but kinit in winbindd failed for one of them!
7:11PM 0 authentication across 2 samba servers
7:06PM 1 can't write to cifs shares
6:41PM 1 smb.conf template homedir
4:42PM 1 [OT] ldapmodify options for changing AD attributes
3:52PM 2 extending files slow on FAT filesystems
2:37PM 1 RE: net ads join
2:25PM 0 strange kind of sharing violation disappearing with socket options
2:15PM 1 net ads join help
1:00PM 2 tdbtool help
11:42AM 0 ./configure Options, for samba + openldap PDC from SRPM
11:27AM 0 Loosing printer settings when upgrading
11:10AM 0 Virus in Samba Digest!!
10:54AM 0 object class 'sambaSamAccount' requires attribute 'sambaSID'
9:26AM 1 Caching authentication request
3:33AM 0 Insufficient access, no write access to parent when running smbpasswd -a
3:06AM 2 Can't net ads join
2:56AM 2 How to get Samba's share directories
2:53AM 0 How to determine if Samba server started up properly
2:00AM 1 Strange permissions problems
Wednesday August 23 2006
9:09PM 0 Disable anonymous domain logins?
5:48PM 1 Winbind not looking in correct Win2k3 SBS User container
5:14PM 0 file locked by wrong user
4:49PM 5 Preliminary 3.0.23c patch for testing and review
3:58PM 1 samba + openldap + kerberos + pam
3:52PM 0 why can't I open Local User's home directory
3:36PM 2 3.0.23b domain member not accessible
2:12PM 0 map a uid to a sid -- a never ending story
12:11PM 4 Problem with large files corrupting during transfer
11:26AM 1 Problems adding Win clients to domain
10:18AM 1 Samba + ldap documentation
9:20AM 1 Unicode::MapUTF8
4:15AM 2 Error was Permission denied
3:43AM 1 user audit log
3:39AM 0 Win2k/XP ntconfig.pol
2:18AM 0 Automatically add unix user
1:54AM 2 Permission Problem --Windows or UNIX?
12:39AM 1 Re-exporting CIFS file systems
Tuesday August 22 2006
8:55PM 0 map an ad user to a specific uid question
7:29PM 1 Pam [default=bad success=ok user_unknown=ignore], Winbind
7:18PM 3 Excel error
7:12PM 2 HPUX net ads join
6:33PM 0 Authentication/name resolution with Samba print server
5:51PM 2 Cannot create builtin/administrator group and getpeername failed
5:36PM 1 Authentication against AD
5:27PM 1 Access denied
4:16PM 1 [IDMAP AD] Strange questions on uid/gid resolution.
1:41PM 5 How to map a user to a specific uid?
11:23AM 2 Winbind Problem after Update from 3.0.21b -> 3.0.23b
10:50AM 0 Samba and problem with DAPI (Crypto Api)
5:53AM 0 3.0.23 PDC with ldapsam:trusted backend - failed to setup guest info.
3:49AM 0 hi
Monday August 21 2006
7:01PM 0 Implications of the "-i" switch to s/nmbd ...
6:47PM 3 username map problem
6:12PM 0 Trusted Relationship
6:07PM 0 AD group membership limits?
5:14PM 3 User can't access a share that he has full control of
3:37PM 0 Timestamps -- XP vs. w2K?
2:30PM 1 Non-root accounts cannot join the Samba PDC:s domain
11:23AM 1 Updating samba and change server
9:39AM 0 Out of control smbd process
Saturday August 19 2006
7:25PM 0 Slow Samba performance with single transfers (good speed with mulitple transfers)
5:25PM 0 symlinks on mounted smbfs [signed]
3:06PM 0 having a ball
1:37PM 0 FW: having a ball
1:17PM 1 Problem with group access to shares
7:40AM 3 Samba instead of SBS2k+3
2:54AM 1 Samba & ACLs?
2:20AM 1 long connect delay over vpn+firewall
Friday August 18 2006
10:27PM 2 Decypher crash info
9:08PM 2 Cannot log in to "public" folder on Gentoo
8:40PM 0 Problems with trust account
7:55PM 8 Strange Usermapping problem with 3.0.23b
5:51PM 3 share write access
5:43PM 0 Logon time
4:06PM 1 [Fwd: Windows 2003 server unable to join a Samba PDC]
3:54PM 0 CHM files problem
3:28PM 0 Can't add groups or groupmaps with ldapsam
3:07PM 1 Problem with CHM files
2:43PM 1 samba and BUILTIN groups
1:28PM 1 3.0.23b binaries for debian/sarge please
1:27PM 0 roaming profile unusable after smb ports = 139
12:11PM 1 Mount CiFS as root on Linux
11:37AM 1 Password expiry for samba & posix accounts in LDAP
10:56AM 1 samba install query
10:11AM 1 Samba 3.0.21b-2 as PDC and User's password management
8:31AM 2 Why can't I delete "Everyone" ACL entry on a Samba share?
8:00AM 1 How would you setup this config with samba
7:26AM 1 release_posix_lock: unable to find entry to delete with Samba3.0.23b on Redhat ES4
Thursday August 17 2006
7:07PM 2 samba4 readiness
7:05PM 3 OSX file creation problems
3:22PM 1 where winbindd has to be running?
1:25PM 1 passdb.tdb not updated when changing passwords
7:36AM 1 Better way to mange user account
7:27AM 3 Problem with Domain SID
6:38AM 0 Removing Everyone access on Samba shares
6:31AM 2 sending print jobs on a pipe
2:22AM 1 MAC to Windows 2003
Wednesday August 16 2006
10:34PM 1 net user add disables remote account automatically?
9:50PM 0 connect_to_domain_password_server: unable to open the domain client session to machine SJMEMDC40. Error was : NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO
9:46PM 1 smbprint to Win XP
9:45PM 0 How to access an automounted home and read/write with AD user
7:20PM 0 Trouble with Winbind and domain group membership
7:11PM 2 Sharing a Win-XP(pro) USB printer :(
4:13PM 0 Winbind allowing entire domain
4:13PM 0 net groupmap list show no results
2:11PM 0 smbmount problem - Input/output error
1:59PM 2 How to unlock the locked file.
1:25PM 0 Possible Samba 2.2.8a Issue?
1:16PM 0 Reset Workstation Trust (Was: Domain migration from 2.2.x to 3.0.x)
10:46AM 1 "read error" when accessing a file on mounted samba share (Linux)
9:00AM 1 Samba3 ACL problem with Windows XP
4:06AM 3 adding samba3 to Active Directory Domain
Tuesday August 15 2006
11:25PM 1 Winbind mapping
9:42PM 1 smbldap-tools and disabling a user
9:12PM 3 pam_winbind says I need new password
5:21PM 0 printer-access not possible after change of dns-name
2:52PM 0 smbmount uclinux
2:26PM 0 Problem looking up SIDs after Windows Rollup 5 on DCs
1:46PM 4 Domain Login
12:41PM 0 smbds stuck in close_wait state
4:01AM 1 "Rejecting auth request from client" error after power outage
12:55AM 1 wbinfo: Client not found in Kerberos database
Monday August 14 2006
10:38PM 1 Problems printing lanscape on SAMBA advertized printers
9:05PM 2 building of
8:05PM 0 Connecting multiple places
7:58PM 1 Connection scripts with the 'prexec' clause
3:37PM 4 append to path from login script?
12:19PM 0 Printers authentication in WinXP
11:05AM 3 IIS cache and change notify timeout...
6:55AM 0 HELP -- Problem with access list on samba 3.0.23b but not on 3.0.20c PDC
6:53AM 1 Password Chat/Sync problems with 3.0.23
6:53AM 0 intranet could match the fileserver
6:53AM 0 Problem in Copying File?
3:22AM 3 Replacing Windows account with local account.
Sunday August 13 2006
4:36PM 0 automatically user expiery
12:46PM 1 Building 23b
3:26AM 1 Samba
Saturday August 12 2006
4:42PM 0 Documentation for Idmap backend?
4:04PM 2 Install Applications via Logon Scripts?
9:34AM 0 Idmap: How to Map SID to existing UIDs?
Friday August 11 2006
11:35PM 1 Samba log hell
10:20PM 1 PrintPreview extremely slow with Samba network printers
8:25PM 0 Apply patches to Samba
5:27PM 0 Samba Connection Scripts
3:55PM 1 share access problem with %G
3:15PM 1 Domain migration from 2.2.x to 3.0.x
1:53PM 2 LDAP+Samba only posixaccount possible?
1:15PM 1 problems trusting a w2003 domain server from samba 3
10:00AM 1 print command disabled when smbd linked against CUPS - why?
8:22AM 3 XP clients disconnected during trasnfer of larger files tothe samba server
8:17AM 1 winbindd: Exceeding 200 client connections, no idle connection found
7:47AM 0 invalind encoding
4:43AM 2 Debian 3.0.23b tbdsam guest panic
2:26AM 1 Multiple Logon Scripts
1:20AM 1 Please Make 3.0.23a SuSE .rpms available
1:13AM 0 XP clients disconnected during trasnfer of larger files to the samba server
12:12AM 0 rpcclient addprinter not working?
Thursday August 10 2006
9:50PM 0 Winbind/LDAP and Samba
9:17PM 2 winbind nsswitch problem
9:01PM 6 3.0.20 -> 3.0.23 SID/group error?? Won't connect.
6:54PM 2 group changes?
5:50PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 1.0.4 released
5:44PM 4 FW: HELP -- Problem with access list on samba 3.0.23b but not on 3.0.20c PDC
5:21PM 2 RPM reporting running two versions of Samba at the same time
3:35PM 1 can ls files, but can't cat files
3:35PM 1 Can't join a computer to my Samba PDC.
3:27PM 0 Default "Domain Computers" group mapping with samba 3
2:49PM 0 Users owner name and group stopping other users editing files and or creating directories
2:12PM 2 new problem: PDC is not member of own domain? (was: 'ldap machine suffix' is ignored?)
2:07PM 1 winbind: group name doesn't map to a SID, but gid does
1:04PM 0 Extremely slow and consume a lot of cpu when low disk space
12:40PM 1 Integration Samba with Active Directory
9:55AM 0 dfs & shadow copy services
9:39AM 2 Latest Samba for SuSE 9.0 ?!?
8:07AM 0 Browse list only shows Samba server
5:34AM 1 Compiling and Configuring Samba for Mandrival
5:00AM 0 connection disconnects
12:56AM 3 Help: smbd & nmbd normal states
Wednesday August 9 2006
11:53PM 2 Setup Windows XP to print to CUPS printer on FC5
11:49PM 1 "make -j"
11:43PM 0 Test
10:30PM 1 pam_winbind fails with "never expires" password
6:48PM 0 Winbind
6:44PM 0 must click on mapped drive first
4:21PM 1 samba server print objects view in windows
3:57PM 2 samba pdc and notebook in domain
3:22PM 1 SOS: removal of "--with-ldapsam" configuration option
3:21PM 0 Re: Samba ftp server
2:32PM 1 Samba, AIX and Winbind
12:24PM 3 Regarding samba compilation
12:07PM 2 samba pdc & ldap without roaming profiles
10:55AM 2 samba3, srvtools, and user account with no password
7:45AM 1 Problem connecting Windows Enterprise Server 2003 with Samba 3.0.23a
7:13AM 1 Samba share access error Fedora core 5
3:19AM 2 machine add error to samba PDC
12:27AM 2 FUTEX_WAIT 3.0.23a [Fwd: Re: amanda-2.5.0p2 hanging on smbclient with configure]
Tuesday August 8 2006
10:33PM 1 Password change from win client doesn't work
9:41PM 1 printing via samba and NOT point 'n' print
5:15PM 1 Samba AD member server and cached credentials?
4:56PM 0 SID in Explorer Owner Field using LDAP
3:17PM 5 Samba 3.0.23b Available for Download
3:16PM 0 summer of code update?
1:26PM 1 w2k + xp clients password change freezes the client
1:12PM 7 This list is a black hole.
12:58PM 1 inherit acls not working
12:54PM 2 Applying security updates
12:17PM 2 POLL: Does anyone actually use multiple passdb backends on the same server?
7:29AM 1 need to remove domain from Winbind group entries
5:55AM 1 biometrics in samba 4
3:06AM 1 problem applying printer drivers
1:57AM 1 Client/server test harness - Crucible 1.6
12:40AM 1 windows 2000/xp authentication through samba/ldap?
Monday August 7 2006
10:24PM 1 disabling roaming profiles for some networks only
10:01PM 2 Samba 3.0.23a on AIX
9:50PM 1 Server signing bugs with CIFS VFS client
8:30PM 0 ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
7:55PM 1 Trouble installing applications from samba share using Windows Vista
7:42PM 0 samba, ldap and sco.. help please?
6:06PM 2 samba 3.0.23a + ldap as PDC - should work, but why?
6:03PM 5 OS/2 client crash on "Find Close2"
2:59PM 1 Attempting to Join Domain
2:58PM 0 Connection reset by peer
2:23PM 2 On-the-Fly Creation of Machine Trust Accounts Problem
2:20PM 2 Identically named users and groups
1:44PM 1 Documentation of 3.0.23a VFS modules?
1:40PM 2 'ldap machine suffix' is ignored?
11:17AM 3 user.SAMBA_PAI and ACL inheritance
10:48AM 1 Heavy Samba usage crashed server
9:36AM 0 SAMBA as Domain Controller using FreeBSD 6.1
8:06AM 1 UPDATED!! Problem with PRODUCTION machine, please respond quickly!!
12:58AM 1 Clarifying how permissions work
12:19AM 2 converting Linux users & paswords to Samba
Sunday August 6 2006
7:37PM 0 FC5 attempting to mount Win98 share via samba 'mount error 112 = Host is down'
7:16PM 1 smbpasswd doesn't prompt root for password
5:31PM 0 Question about windows xp behaviour regarding multiple connections
3:58PM 1 Samba, Home Directories and Roaming Profiles
1:10PM 2 no SID in NTUSER.DAT
4:20AM 2 Windows Explorer hangs when clicking on a samba share
Saturday August 5 2006
10:15PM 0 SID in Explorer Owner Field
6:26PM 2 BAD SIG[nature] errors from XP client
12:35PM 1 Samba Point-and-install driver location problems
10:50AM 0 Errors in log.smbd
10:50AM 0 volume system information
2:06AM 1 cracking smbpasswd
12:03AM 0 using probleme
Friday August 4 2006
9:47PM 1 ldap filters?
9:47PM 1 bug with net rpc list trustdom?
9:39PM 0 NT4 -> Samba 3 migration issue
8:57PM 1 reverse veto files?
8:14PM 0 ldapsam failover do not work?
7:42PM 0 Newbie using John T's Examples (AD)
7:37PM 0 guest access in server security mode?
6:29PM 2 domain group mapping in 3.0.23a issues
5:42PM 0 unable to resolve WERR_ACCESS_DENIED - please help
4:46PM 2 What gui works with samba 3.x and tdbsam ???
3:07PM 0 Samba 3.0.23a
1:29PM 0 net rpc rights ┬┐problem?
1:18PM 3 Two samba installation on the same host
12:29PM 2 valid users problem with 3.0.23a
12:04PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 44, Issue 4
9:30AM 3 Problem with PRODUCTION machine, please respond quickly!!
12:11AM 1 Lost All Win95 connections to Samba
Thursday August 3 2006
10:37PM 1 W2k logged out workstations keep 'alive' at smbstatus (3.0.23a)
9:35PM 0 winbindd, AD and 'w'
9:35PM 1 Account Flag X -Password Never Expires Problem
9:35PM 0 number of files
9:35PM 0 Problem getting Status / Login used on a share using Samba 3.0.23a
9:35PM 0 Re: Bug in kernel-space samba client (3.0.23a) on FC5
9:35PM 0 Problem using smbfs with large directory
4:56PM 1 samba pdc and samba domain member server
4:25PM 0 Problem with Policies and pdbedit
3:57PM 1 Re: samba 3.0.23a Cannot join network
1:55PM 2 winbind rfc2307 mapping not "correct"
1:46PM 0 need ldif and schema for ldap and samba3 PDC
1:37PM 1 Network lockups with win98 and samba 3
1:32PM 1 Ntlm_auth possible feature request.
1:19PM 0 Samba auth to LDAP or AD(kerberos)
12:54PM 0 Issues getting started with samba4 from samba3
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 44, Issue 3
7:07AM 0 wrong file owner name in shares
Wednesday August 2 2006
9:17PM 0 access database-file not visible
4:41PM 0 Problems with password change/LDAP
3:02PM 1 Losing access to drive within XP
12:01PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 44, Issue 2
10:57AM 2 Samba 3.0.14 and w2k3 terminal server / strange logon problem / is this in general possible
10:46AM 2 PDC problem
9:31AM 0 Unable to set ACLs using Windows Security Dialog Box-[Correction]
9:20AM 1 Unable to set ACLs using Windows Security Dialog Box
7:08AM 0 samba-3.0.23a: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME and swat: no log out button (?)
7:03AM 0 simple question
12:25AM 1 Bug in kernel-space samba client (3.0.23a) on FC5 (2.6.17-1.2157_FC5)
Tuesday August 1 2006
8:35PM 3 strangely lingering lock, samba 3.0.22
5:37PM 1 mount problem
4:46PM 0 Mapping machine name or IP to Linux user-name?
4:38PM 0 win 2000 domain clients and samba 2.2.7a Suse
3:39PM 1 Password Change Problem
2:02PM 0 issues with folder redirection and synchronisation
1:36PM 1 Samba and unix permissions mismatch
1:33PM 1 Samba too many handles
10:44AM 2 managing Win2K3 ACL from debian server
9:34AM 0 ADS share browsing error - Decrypt integrity check failed
8:26AM 2 [HELP] Samba 3.0.23a pam_winbind says password expired
7:15AM 2 [questions] aio settings in smb.conf and compile options
5:23AM 0 Can cups + samba act like an ordinary windows spooler?