Rails - May 2010

Monday May 31 2010
9:43PM 5 ActiveRecord model relationship with YAML file
8:31PM 4 constant didn't update?
5:46PM 3 Chat app, Caching? Observe?
4:53PM 2 Freezing non-rails gems
3:48PM 2 ckeditor "Browse Server"
2:55PM 0 how to correctly load attachment_fu with an initializer?
2:53PM 4 ROR Sample applications for training
2:38PM 0 Rails 3 timezone error
1:15PM 6 Ruby breakpoint has weird idea of what local_variables are?
1:07PM 7 File links in browser
1:00PM 1 Flash not deleting with Redis/Memcache store
11:51AM 0 TCPSocket.new(host,port).readline hangs on windows :(
10:50AM 1 Multiple calls of validate() method in composed model by ActiveRecord, why?
7:51AM 0 Rails 3 UJS and delete action
7:49AM 2 has_many and has_and_belongs_to conflit
5:42AM 1 Does Rails 3.0.0 beta3 work with ruby 1.9.1 on Windows XP?
5:25AM 1 Trying to make new instance variables for each item in render :partial
3:05AM 1 [Rails 3] Path helper not working as expected with form_for
Sunday May 30 2010
4:36PM 5 Automatically decrement value each day
11:24AM 0 Association and Filtering
8:16AM 3 How would I create a "tagged domain"?
8:14AM 0 Http Rest call and JSON response
1:18AM 1 upgrading problems, 2.3.5 -> 2.3.8
Saturday May 29 2010
11:08PM 0 Tar archive extract to buffer and offer for view / download
7:02PM 2 Unable to gem install rails
6:23PM 0 Active record interface query
5:21PM 0 Using desert_routes from a plugin in my own app?, no routes to match
4:20PM 0 User Error during memcached integration
3:17PM 3 Error with Gem Outdated command
2:47PM 1 Authlogic & Perishable token
12:18PM 1 Rails unrecoverable error
10:16AM 2 Change the column name field in error message
7:31AM 22 Advise wanted on Ror software development and project management + my own github server?
2:08AM 0 habtm + accepts_nested_attributes_for
Friday May 28 2010
10:06PM 3 Beginner Facing Problem with rake db:migrate
9:54PM 4 Pleas Help Me regarding rake db:migrate
9:39PM 2 B. S. essential
9:32PM 0 Message error with XML/SWF Charts
8:06PM 0 Link in YUI js not rendered by rails.
7:45PM 1 stopping accidental form submissions
6:46PM 5 problem with the getting started tutorial
6:10PM 2 Display only by date selected
6:01PM 1 problems with render in store.html.erb
5:54PM 1 New Project > Rails 2 or 3 ?
3:59PM 2 Fixtures loading in Rails 3
3:51PM 0 Problem with character set utf8
2:51PM 0 Rack error: bad body content
2:42PM 3 got nil error when i call 'all' in searchlogic
2:32PM 1 link_to pmultiple parameters
2:25PM 8 form helpers don't seem to work with RJS files...
2:06PM 0 Working with method from controller in button
1:47PM 16 One Array - 3 Columns of Equal Length
1:19PM 0 Rake Aborted! db:migrate
12:26PM 0 Globbing for map.resources?
11:45AM 0 div updating on checking a radio button
11:11AM 8 reset restful authentication user password from rails console
10:44AM 0 dynamically generating subdomains using subdomain-fu
10:44AM 2 strange behaviour in 'and' with params
9:27AM 0 Packaging of gems in app dir
7:07AM 1 cookie has key/value pairs and lost order after JSON decode
3:20AM 0 Rails and JSON example?
2:07AM 2 Why was overwrite_params deprecated in Rails 3?
Thursday May 27 2010
11:37PM 1 UTF8 name not carried into the page cache filename
8:07PM 3 before_filter always running in test, not in development or production mode.
7:02PM 0 Re: Abridged summary of rubyonrails-talk-/JYPxA39Uh61r0ti3jSxuQ@public.gmane.org 0Dddd0w0d000dm - 67 Messages in 38 TopicsQQQ0.
6:49PM 0 [JOBS] SCEA San Diego
5:41PM 2 has_many :through association not working properly
5:29PM 1 Handling custom error files (404/500) in Rails 3
5:24PM 7 Ajax submit: Clicking 'Submit' vs. hitting ENTER
4:47PM 2 collection.last does not seem to jive with collection.count after collection.build
3:04PM 7 add textbox dymamically
2:45PM 3 Is using script/console in live production environment ok?
2:43PM 7 Validating and using Kernal.System
2:28PM 6 HTML character codes in ActionMailer subject
2:20PM 2 Creating a report generator within a mysql database to be read on rails.
2:04PM 0 Clarification on PayPal gateways!!!
1:41PM 6 How to have *_url generate urls with https:// protocol
11:43AM 4 NoMethodError: You have a nil object when you didn't expect
11:29AM 0 [JOBS] - Looking for Ruby on Rails professionals for Delhi, India
11:18AM 2 Can only traverse a polymorphic association in one direction
11:09AM 1 Rails 3 beta nested forms
10:20AM 1 How to pass an Variable to an Partial?!?
10:03AM 9 URGENT + production migrations
7:16AM 3 Generator Documentation
6:01AM 1 Question on Rails 3 : forms && ORM && ActiveModel
5:48AM 1 RJS suitable for doing interactivities within a webpage?
4:58AM 1 Success message when using button_to_remote
3:56AM 2 [JOBS] Ruby help needed for misc. issues
3:27AM 0 Variant of periodically_call_remote
2:47AM 0 [job] Ruby on Rails consultant needed in San Francisco, CA
2:45AM 0 OSS project for hyperlocal information
2:27AM 1 two tables in one migration file?
Wednesday May 26 2010
11:31PM 2 ActionMailer + Gmail = Timeout::Error
9:23PM 4 Rails 3 telling me route doesn't exist
7:44PM 1 rake:test loses working directory in 0.8.7?
7:15PM 25 Extremely slow start up with ruby 1.9.1 vs 1.8.7
6:06PM 6 Understanding Form_for
5:55PM 0 Rails 3 is slooowww
5:48PM 1 Does Rails 3 eliminate URL helpers for 'show'???
5:17PM 6 A few questions before i start to programm
4:13PM 1 rails 2.3.8 and I18n
1:53PM 1 hash_for_*_url documentation
1:46PM 7 Can I get meaningful page links using will_paginate?
11:53AM 0 Using layouts from database
9:21AM 3 Safebuffer with rails 2.3.8
8:44AM 2 Test not passing at server
7:23AM 3 Juggernaut hangs? Workaround?
5:52AM 6 How to pass array of values from controller to partial
5:31AM 0 [JOB] Rails/Java Engineer, San Francisco, CA | 120-180k
4:42AM 0 STI and controllers
1:15AM 13 Factory Girl Alternative
Tuesday May 25 2010
8:24PM 5 RoR Opening Command Prompt?
7:49PM 2 Passing 'this' keyword as a parameter in page.call
7:29PM 2 Site Navigation With Polymorphic Has Many Through
6:45PM 7 Validating with Encryption
5:01PM 3 how to handle remote_form_tag post either by i) ajax or ii) redirection
3:45PM 0 Rails 2.3.8 Upgrade Mods
2:40PM 8 params merge on for every action
1:00PM 0 Rake 'no such file to load' but gem exists and loads
12:37PM 4 A possibly complex find
8:29AM 1 Rails 2.3.8 still escaping html in strings
8:29AM 1 find_by_sql timestamp parameter
4:02AM 1 rake rails:freeze:gems bug in rails 2.3.5?
2:02AM 2 Newbie Q - JSON
1:26AM 1 Where to start debugging
12:58AM 2 Rails 2.3.6 and Authlogic 2.1.4 or 2.1.3
12:56AM 3 Controlling or disabling cols, size etc. for text fields and text areas?
12:38AM 3 XSS and partials in Rails 2.3.7
Monday May 24 2010
11:06PM 6 Accessing session data from a background worker
10:50PM 3 Rspec unit test fails sometimes (validation race condition)
10:08PM 6 Not work has_many :through association
7:36PM 0 adding to a sortable_element
6:37PM 5 how to pass javascript variable to controller
6:13PM 1 Get System Variable
6:10PM 7 Installing gem from source
5:56PM 2 Running .exe External File in Ruby
5:01PM 6 Problems with parsing params for Active Record
4:42PM 5 top 10/most popular lists
1:35PM 6 Problem Installing Rails 3
1:26PM 2 Two RJS visual effects will happen at the same time?
1:16PM 2 Authenticated SSL communication between two rails apps
12:33PM 2 Can RoR handle AJAX Response by Static Javascript code?
12:13PM 4 Hi, how can I split line length in Rails?
12:05PM 2 Active Directory in Ruby on rails
10:47AM 3 Automated XML sitemap
10:36AM 3 ActionController::DoubleRenderError
10:14AM 3 Private methods in rails
9:52AM 1 passing values from controller to partial
9:16AM 2 Getting js variable value or form field value in js.rjs file
9:05AM 1 select_tag taking input from database
8:51AM 2 Use of <![CDATA[............]]> on rxml
8:08AM 4 does changing to_param() have any side effect?
7:14AM 2 one model with two controller?
5:17AM 1 Installing merb - connection reset, retrying, connection reset, retrying....
2:17AM 0 derived model associates with a model that base associates with in a different way
Sunday May 23 2010
9:21PM 5 Rails/JavaScript issue
7:52PM 0 Introducing ResourceAwareness 0.1.0
7:48PM 0 Introducing ResourceAwareness
6:40PM 1 server side programming, using the Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework help please
4:52PM 5 Questionairee's questions - how to show all user's answers? How to update database with ALL user's answers?
12:24PM 4 Rails 3 Error:uninitialized constant ActiveResource::Base
11:48AM 0 Re: Rails acts_as_* plugins, with parameters
11:46AM 0 Re: Rails acts_as_* plugins, with parameters
9:52AM 1 [Rails 3] Trouble with named routes and form_for
8:44AM 0 validating a form with a foreign key
7:09AM 3 remote_function return No action responded error
6:58AM 0 What does attachment_fu do when saving?
6:10AM 2 why story.votes return Array, but story.votes.create works?
2:24AM 7 question on layouts
Saturday May 22 2010
10:28PM 0 Remote ActiveRecord relation (over network)
9:58PM 3 Extending a module in a controller
6:44PM 3 Rails 3: link_to with "data-confirm"
4:21PM 4 Would you recommend some books about Ruby on Rails?
11:53AM 0 DatePicker in Lightbox
9:07AM 4 :body is not being stored in the database
6:49AM 0 Validations for feedslinks
1:45AM 8 Newbie question about views folder
12:09AM 11 XMLHttpRequest and Rails
Friday May 21 2010
11:57PM 3 activerecord-postgresql-adapter
11:32PM 1 [Newbie question] How does map.root?
10:23PM 0 SUMO, GSoC like project, to create sustainable software
10:20PM 0 OpenID Authentication using AuthLogic
10:13PM 1 Routes :requirments
9:29PM 2 rendering in csv file
8:11PM 8 Designing An Application (UML, Class Diagrams)
3:56PM 3 set a title attribute for the text field inside rails form
3:51PM 0 Multiple Models one form and validations ... no transactions(mongo)
2:51PM 0 Toronto-Based Company Looking for System Administrator
2:49PM 3 Help with relations
1:33PM 1 How to override generated named route helpers?
12:28PM 0 Survey on Open-Source Technologies: Questionnaire on RoR
10:53AM 0 downloading .pdf file
10:43AM 3 action mailer noob
10:32AM 2 DISTINCT field name dosen't give the expected output
9:44AM 6 What happens when Rails 1.3.5 is installed on top of 2.3.5?
9:13AM 0 Authlogic: Authenticate with login, password and type fields
7:48AM 0 mongrel having lot of sockets in close wait state
7:33AM 0 Re: Paperclip Processor Not Working
6:30AM 0 Visual Studio 2010 and NET Framework 4 Training Course
6:28AM 0 Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate With Serial (New Update)
5:45AM 0 Authlogic and Single table inheritance
5:43AM 0 can authlogic be used for multiple models?
4:10AM 0 Segmentation fault
2:01AM 1 REXML, rake aborted! Text is not a module
1:49AM 4 No default .htaccess
Thursday May 20 2010
11:47PM 2 Validates_presence_of fails on observer
10:58PM 3 undefined method `each' for 4:Fixnum
10:29PM 0 Rails, Thrift, and Phusion Passenger.
10:05PM 2 Check URL
9:46PM 6 List of radio buttons
9:26PM 0 attachment_fu slows down update
8:04PM 1 url_for escape=>false, builder xml template?
7:57PM 2 Rails 3 Routing problem
7:45PM 0 Active Scaffold Filtered Export
7:36PM 0 inline RJS ActionControllerException: "stack level too deep"
7:32PM 1 Easy custom validation messages on a per-attribute basis
7:10PM 5 Rendering a partial on a two column page
6:38PM 3 using searchlogic to retrieve ids, then rebuild object?
5:05PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer - 6 month contract in Portland, OR *some travel involved
4:45PM 12 Basic question on RoR, the Web, and Browsers
3:38PM 4 spree commerce (or other open source ruby shopping carts)
3:16PM 0 CruiseControl.rb Ruby 1.9.1 compatibility?
3:13PM 2 local stack dump capability would be nice ..
2:11PM 5 Problem with installation of Rails 3
2:00PM 0 Memory release problem
2:00PM 5 get data from has_and_belongs_to_many + has_many
1:22PM 0 best practices for calling a web service (like geocode)
12:56PM 3 Install eventmachine on Debian Lenny
12:44PM 6 URGENT! can't activate actionpack (= 1.13.6, runtime) for ["actionwebservice-1.2.6"], already activated actionpack-2.3.5 for ["rails-2.3.5"] (Gem::LoadError)
12:31PM 1 Rake aborted ! while runing the migrations
9:44AM 1 Generate a PDF from an existing HTML
7:51AM 1 t alias doesn't work
7:40AM 0 plugins error
6:56AM 8 nill object error
6:10AM 13 Rails vs Grails
5:50AM 1 rails gem error:i have a new rails application with the new controller called test,and i have tried to call the method inside the test controller,it gives me error like below:
5:22AM 3 Parse HTML to text
3:26AM 1 sql statement help
3:09AM 0 visual effect for the div
3:04AM 1 array of objects
Wednesday May 19 2010
10:18PM 0 Anyone interested in a Rails opportunity in New Orleans?
8:35PM 4 list controller actions
8:26PM 4 Postgres + Rail 3.0
8:02PM 1 Need Help
7:43PM 0 Agile web Development with Rails section 9.3
7:31PM 0 render html partial from atom builder
6:18PM 0 partials and locals
6:07PM 3 new controller - how do I access it via other controllers/views?
6:04PM 0 Undefined method error when loading schema (Win 7)
4:41PM 0 I18N error
4:39PM 0 how to restrict/control access to certain model attributes depending on role
3:28PM 1 Cannot have both select and radio_button together on the same form
2:52PM 1 Plugin Architecture
2:22PM 0 form_tag can't use get method
1:10PM 0 q: belongs_to & build
12:41PM 0 [Event] Acts As Conference 2010 - We Want You To Speak!
12:20PM 5 Table with dynamic content
12:15PM 2 define environment for rake db:seed
11:49AM 4 Activerecord association design advice
9:04AM 2 customized form_for in ApplicationHelper
7:36AM 0 observe_field not working on dependeng collection_select
7:28AM 1 Fwd: {MUGH} Visual Studio 2010 Training Course And Video Tutorials - torrent
4:46AM 3 undefined method `tab' for radiant
4:33AM 1 ajax on load?
3:09AM 6 accepts nest attributes & attr_accessible
12:36AM 5 Self Creating edit page?
12:31AM 0 ActiveRecord::Fixtures#delete_existing_fixtures
Tuesday May 18 2010
11:40PM 1 Mechanize alternative that uses kerberos
11:37PM 1 acts_as_list manual plugin install
11:21PM 2 validation on association create
10:01PM 1 ActiveRecord / Nested Attributes create missing association
7:39PM 7 Multiple Databases using an abstract class - help
6:52PM 0 i18n question
6:10PM 8 Rails, Paperclip and SWFupload ...
5:44PM 1 CSV parsing/Faster CSV
5:30PM 3 Rails Database Configuration
4:35PM 4 When I do a migration, the changes are make in the test db
3:52PM 0 ruby-recaptcha seems be broken or has significant limitation
3:43PM 2 Controller/Action Problem
3:38PM 0 RForum, the link is broken
3:22PM 11 Looking for Easy Rails hosting
2:54PM 23 XML or YML?
2:41PM 0 !!!! Help With ActiveLdap !!!!
2:36PM 0 rails forum maintenance
12:58PM 9 Design question
12:33PM 3 Total number of views - ROR
12:30PM 2 Saving Restful routes path in database
10:22AM 3 HABTM Blank Join table
10:17AM 4 Split the en.yml into multiple files?
8:51AM 0 Pat Shaughnessy's Paperclit problem
8:24AM 1 Transaction Failures
7:09AM 0 no such file to load -- thread (LoadError)
6:53AM 0 Active record is not releaed used memory
6:41AM 4 Newby Ruby question, how to I test to know if a method that returns true or false has done so?
5:32AM 5 Migration not creating new user object
5:16AM 4 route conflict - help resolving
2:50AM 22 staying RESTful and triggering actions without saving a record.
Monday May 17 2010
9:18PM 5 Installing Rails in RoR
9:03PM 0 [JOBS] Santa Barbara RoR entrepreneur job opening
6:51PM 3 Gem are missing
5:00PM 0 Simplest Warden Implementation
3:23PM 2 Installing Ruby on Rails
2:24PM 2 1000 inserts efficiently?
1:48PM 2 "end of file" error for "net/https"
12:58PM 0 How to use i.e integrate blog extension with radiant CMS
11:06AM 0 Making a RESTful call to Commision Junction
10:19AM 6 validates_timeliness plugin installation
9:49AM 0 URL for local sub-domains and/or locale from the domain name testing
9:38AM 2 [Help] Rake test:functionals failed.
9:34AM 14 noob questinon: is dev in rails underwindows a good idea
5:29AM 3 Time problems
3:43AM 10 Unit Test newbie problem
1:31AM 1 Update only the object, but not nested attributes?
1:20AM 4 how to change one attribute (or a group of attributes) when another changes?
12:44AM 0 ActiveResource 3 on MRI 191: NameError (uninitialized constant Builder::XmlBase::Symbol)
Sunday May 16 2010
11:06PM 3 searchlogic
10:03PM 2 A Ruby problem calculation problem - please help.
9:44PM 3 Problem with file_column
5:20PM 0 assert_template true when it should not be?
5:09PM 4 Strange partial
3:21PM 0 update_attributes for nested form
8:36AM 8 custom form tags
8:02AM 1 Li x Yu is out of the office.
7:27AM 4 Problems occur during production, but not in development
7:07AM 2 I cannot install Rails 3.0 on my OS X
6:56AM 4 find_or_create_xxx behaving differently than create
1:16AM 1 getting the correct index in a ruby array in a javascript lo
Saturday May 15 2010
11:58PM 3 which is faster
11:03PM 11 How I can install Heroku Gem?
10:03PM 4 Rails 3 - rails server wont start
9:19PM 1 Algún chileno interesado en capacitarme en Rails?
8:12PM 3 ActiveResource Mock Objects
7:58PM 4 Rails 3 and html_safe
6:52PM 13 How to implement custom row ordering
6:09PM 1 Rail3 beta3 require 'activesupport' - no such file to load
5:23PM 1 Google take
1:42PM 0 NameError when using acts_as_ferret
11:51AM 0 WEBrick RequestTimeout occured
9:55AM 0 submit a form vs refresh a form
7:28AM 5 NameError in CompetitorsController#index
6:17AM 0 Update a div at regular intervals in Rails 3 without Prototype_Legacy_Helper plugin?
1:37AM 2 sqlite3 module not found
Friday May 14 2010
10:15PM 0 Workling/Starling: killing a background work from a controller
9:50PM 1 Ruby Midwest Early Bird Ends Tomorrow
9:44PM 1 SOAP driver question
8:53PM 0 Gem dev workflow?
7:23PM 2 Can I play with Rails 3 without destroying my Rails 2 setup?
7:09PM 7 Combining multiple finds into one result
6:24PM 8 from string to field name
5:14PM 0 rake clean; rake ; rake install
4:41PM 0 RESTful route for a form
4:19PM 1 Importing Source Code
3:54PM 1 passenger and apache: worker or prefork
3:18PM 0 marnen-foreigner 0.5.2: MS SQL Server 2005 support
3:17PM 0 Garbage collection
3:10PM 3 Memory issues
12:58PM 0 migration and myisam
11:32AM 0 STI
9:50AM 3 Rails default date format
6:29AM 0 Rails 3 & Scope in routes
6:18AM 2 attachment_fu and paperclip comparison needed
5:50AM 4 Tricky model situatione
5:18AM 0 empty route namespaced
2:53AM 0 submit_to_remote dosent work for me
1:22AM 6 form_for Values Are Not Visible
12:16AM 3 rails layouts
Thursday May 13 2010
11:39PM 2 A second production environment
11:15PM 1 Adding html markup to a blog post content field
10:52PM 0 Rails 3, Paperclip and checking out particular revisions
9:37PM 4 stripping back all migrations: is it wise?
9:13PM 6 to "loop through" the instance variables of ActiveRecord?
8:57PM 3 Can't get the singleton of a Rails model
8:37PM 5 Is there a way not to break 3 lines of code into 3 <% %> ?
8:18PM 6 Changing names in an app -- advice wanted
8:12PM 0 Comparison between the versions of Ruby
7:54PM 0 Primeiros Passos
7:02PM 1 Help with partials - newbie
4:07PM 0 [JOBS] Looking for a Smart Developer
2:37PM 0 changing foreign key values
2:28PM 1 Ruby on Rails opportunity in New Orleans
1:23PM 20 HTML and CSS to PDF
1:04PM 0 Problem with ActiveRecord::Base.logger
12:50PM 0 Rhodes/Rhohub
12:48PM 0 J2EE/RoR Developer -- Greenville, SC
11:58AM 0 creating application with rails 2.3.5 and cassandra database
10:07AM 4 Sweeper class doesn't work
9:56AM 0 Mail version 2.2.1
9:07AM 1 Users Actions Logging
8:59AM 5 Easy way to make Rails use MySQL on Windows?
7:18AM 3 FCK editor implementaion to rails app
6:11AM 1 Routing - newbie question about shorting the url
5:42AM 0 Problem with magic muticonnections
5:15AM 0 validates_format_of :email in database
3:53AM 6 What Works
1:38AM 0 [JOBS] Flickr API Integration Project
Wednesday May 12 2010
10:45PM 3 Freelance
10:00PM 1 redirect_to :create
9:02PM 1 blog!!
7:46PM 0 Dynamically constructing conditions in multiple self join
5:54PM 3 Best Gem For Threaded Comment Storage?
3:58PM 0 Smooth scrolling with RJS -> error
3:53PM 3 How can I display document root?
1:48PM 12 association to an association
12:53PM 1 Using a gem as the model Rails 3/datamapper
12:48PM 6 Issues running ruby script/server.....
11:40AM 14 Testing on real data
9:09AM 6 dynamic searchable fields, best practice?
9:07AM 10 Rails and PostgreSQL ???
8:33AM 0 New version 2.5.0 of IBM_DB gem now available
7:58AM 0 selenium + javascript + cucumber
5:59AM 3 how do i define and access custom function in model
3:20AM 2 link_to_remote is not works for me
2:15AM 2 How to add an after_save callback on runtime on a particular instance
1:14AM 12 rails 3 release date
1:08AM 2 Rails 3: Change validation error formatting?
12:57AM 3 Structuring Active Record relationships
12:11AM 1 Rails 3: perform controller action upon selecting menu item (UJS?)
Tuesday May 11 2010
8:53PM 3 any way to stop notify(method) in a model ?
8:32PM 6 Why does Object.const_defined?() returns false in this case?
8:03PM 3 If controller doesn't exist: search database for its name
7:31PM 0 [JOBS] Agile Rails job in Oceanside CA (w/plans to move to Orange County in the near future)
6:40PM 0 JOBS: Principal Ruby on Rails Software Developer (Boston - relocation assistance provided)
5:33PM 2 Validating User
5:28PM 1 different ruby versions...different results
5:18PM 0 Inserted html using javascript function
4:56PM 0 Memcached and Rails 3
4:41PM 1 has_one/belongs_to -- accessing the subordinate
3:05PM 1 can access the through attributes from the many with has_many through?
2:14PM 1 Gem::Dependency#version_requirements is deprecated...
2:05PM 7 sqlite3-ruby-1.2.5 is cached?
2:00PM 1 Reading an API Server Response
10:59AM 0 Treaceability Matrix
8:57AM 1 [Announce] Bond - A gem which autocompletes method arguments in rails console
6:09AM 3 moving to Montana (any rails people live in Montana?)
5:44AM 0 Permission denied for folder creation using background_fu
4:27AM 5 Which linux distro for rails using ruby 1.9.1
4:20AM 2 any plugin/gem for charting?
1:41AM 11 Ahhh .count!
1:38AM 0 prod vs. dev model loading
1:29AM 1 how to load js in ajax.?
Monday May 10 2010
10:41PM 0 How RoR extract a http parameterfrom arequest?
9:18PM 4 rails example projects
9:14PM 3 backup rails project
8:56PM 2 Getting data from an ancestor (I think)
8:54PM 1 Table naming question...
8:34PM 3 not able to do find on associations in rails3
7:48PM 1 RJS - ActionView::TemplateError (page)
5:43PM 5 Changing link_to link location slightly..
5:38PM 3 Creating a database view in a Rails way without ActiveCouch?
4:24PM 3 link_to error in beta3
4:14PM 7 Request advice on best/usable field default
2:12PM 2 noob question on passing parameters in the url
12:49PM 7 NilClass passed to partial view
12:46PM 2 best way to model this
12:38PM 6 de-crypting Ruby password with php.
10:15AM 5 convert accentend chars to their base
9:42AM 0 How to get referral (inner) link
9:09AM 2 Find last entry from each category
7:51AM 0 Missing templates problem in tests
7:22AM 0 Type Error , can't dup NilCLASS
4:59AM 3 Ruby on Rails Associations - Practical Applications
2:57AM 0 Rails 3: Get the original filename from file uploads
1:12AM 1 web2py and rails on Windows
Sunday May 9 2010
10:45PM 0 Rails,RSpec,Rcov,Lib
5:52PM 0 Problem using FasterCSV on Import: Can't convert Tempfile to string
5:39PM 2 routing problem with beginner tutorial app
5:27PM 2 console ThreadError ("thread ... tried to join itself")
4:43PM 0 Problem in installing community_engine plugin
4:42PM 0 Problem in installing Community
4:26PM 1 How to prevent query being executed for each row in list
2:19PM 2 how to access variable in 3 level (model,controller,view)
12:35PM 0 Fix for compiling Ruby with VS2010 express compiler
12:22PM 0 Expand TEXT AREA dynamically?
10:06AM 1 how to generate the Generating SSH keys in github?
9:02AM 8 saving a "found_by_sql" AR
6:28AM 4 Decorator pattern in Ruby... what do you think about the implementation?
5:39AM 0 Rails Apps for performance test
5:09AM 1 the view is important
2:42AM 1 current Rails 3 engines
2:39AM 7 "File not found: lib" installing rails-3.0.0.beta3 on my Mac
Saturday May 8 2010
11:24PM 11 Using re to make BidDecimal's more readable using Regexp: problem
10:26PM 1 Sharing model validation code in lib/, how do I do this?
9:59PM 1 ActionMailer Confusion
8:29PM 3 problem loading images and css
8:11PM 1 form_for success and failure callbacks
7:18PM 3 need help about gzip
6:16PM 3 rake
5:40PM 0 script/plugin uhoh..... :O
4:15PM 4 user_id being saved as NULL... but why?
3:42PM 5 how to run a cron file
1:38PM 0 Survey on Web Geo-Spatial Open-Source Technologies: Questionnaire on Ruby On Rails
10:56AM 0 Showing slides using periodically_call_remote in rails 2.3.5
8:55AM 2 uninitialized constant - Please Help Me...
5:11AM 1 strange routing error
4:21AM 0 AR overzealous type conversion
3:21AM 0 how to setup gzip rails application
2:37AM 1 Rail2 and Rails3 beta3 process <%= '<h1>hello</h1>' %> differently
12:37AM 1 Re: dispatch.fcgi issues
Friday May 7 2010
11:52PM 4 Multiple Models in one form
11:42PM 2 Webrick Starts but Page never not loads the first time
9:51PM 0 how to setup gzip on hostmonster
9:39PM 3 test suite assertion: 0 == 1 is true?
9:02PM 1 Change default routing
8:56PM 1 Can't change "filename" attr "after" Create (attachment_fu)
6:32PM 1 Data Display - Calendar View
5:56PM 1 Can't eagerly load a polymorphic association defined in an STI parent class?
5:22PM 0 using "vanilla model" for find_by_sl()
5:18PM 0 (JOBS) Ruby on Rails Developer Wanted in Lake Mary, FL
5:11PM 1 undefined method 'find_by_sql'
3:04PM 2 [JOBS] Ruby Development Opportunities with ideeli.com
2:31PM 6 Server detects change in data
2:22PM 0 HTML tag checker
1:35PM 2 Reject a nested object if all parameters of its own nested object are blank
1:13PM 0 named_scopes in deep relations
1:04PM 0 Internal Server Error
10:41AM 2 Datafeed in rails
10:07AM 0 Where are date_select_tag ?
9:41AM 0 as_json not honouring the options hash
9:36AM 0 to_json returning an incorrect format in rails 2.3.4
9:13AM 2 Redirect depending on where the action has been triggered
8:46AM 2 Codegeneration in Model slow
5:47AM 2 sorting a listing page
5:19AM 0 File.read not working properly for .txt file
1:52AM 10 New to web app development -- ROR pros and cons
Thursday May 6 2010
11:49PM 2 error message of a child object
8:48PM 0 Sr Ruby on Rails Engineer in Silicon Valley (up to 140K)
8:07PM 0 Problems using exception_notification
7:30PM 0 Ajax In place editor to send modifications
7:25PM 1 ActiveRecord::AdapterNotFound - oci8 problems
6:56PM 0 Which version of rmagicks needs to be installed?
5:21PM 2 Git Issue
5:09PM 0 (SystemStackError) Unit Tests Not working
3:29PM 5 Bundler for Rails 3 Engine
3:16PM 0 how to find installed gem is rmagick 2 or rmagick 1?
2:54PM 4 NULL value in CSV fixture, howto?
2:20PM 1 Validating the presence of foreign keys /associated objects
1:34PM 3 Questioning My Design
1:27PM 0 rmagick not working?
1:03PM 1 Validate depending on action
1:01PM 0 rails running on local host but not showing code
11:21AM 2 Performance Issue
10:58AM 6 Rails fails to find models in subfolders
9:10AM 7 Facebook, authlogic, and OAuth2
8:44AM 6 Input/output error
8:23AM 1 Multiple has_many through join table appears multiple times
7:05AM 0 CAS Authentication
Wednesday May 5 2010
9:41PM 4 Authenticate, THEN redirect
9:23PM 3 new rails project with legacy DB (sort of)
7:21PM 10 Using self. Can you newbify this for me?
6:27PM 1 anybody have slow transaction/commits running under Xen?
4:47PM 0 Help! Fetch xml from an external source, then pass it into a form.
3:06PM 1 undefined method
2:57PM 8 Need help getting environment setup
1:04PM 6 form remote tag :before=> function problem
12:17PM 1 generating html
12:03PM 3 Weird generate path...
10:26AM 2 mp3 recorder in rails
10:00AM 1 Passing a variable to a javascript function from a helper function
9:43AM 0 Auto_complete with has_one association
9:23AM 2 Which Database to choose when?
8:49AM 8 memcache/interlock problem (i think?)
6:36AM 2 uninitialized constant when trying to migrate files
6:23AM 6 file.exists not working
4:16AM 5 MySQL Constraints - Active Record
3:21AM 5 Advice on recruiting rails developers
12:26AM 0 Project not serving static pages in production mode (ror3.beta3)
Tuesday May 4 2010
10:24PM 1 fields_for inserts 2 identical rows to the connecting table (has_many :through)
9:16PM 3 Check if the there is no records found
7:02PM 2 Encoding problems, applying a patch, how to???
6:30PM 3 Dynamic Selects - Dynamic View
5:58PM 0 Avoiding unnecessary queries in javascript/erb views
5:24PM 0 Ruby Developers needed in SF
4:42PM 2 Joining multiple tables ActiveRecord
4:25PM 0 How to Test Web Services (tip: Don't just hit the danged wire!)
3:50PM 4 AR: dynamic accessors don't always work?
2:13PM 4 Applying a patch
1:43PM 2 Setting values in nested objects
1:13PM 2 Session Store Issues on Production Server
11:38AM 3 Run query on IRB
11:03AM 2 logging events app?
10:01AM 0 db:migrate do not run correctly
8:20AM 0 Action web services
6:16AM 0 upgraing rails 1.2.5 to 2.3.5
6:06AM 1 Ruby CAS & Restful Authentication Plugin
5:42AM 1 Couldn’t get bounced email id in “Failure delivery notice”
4:32AM 6 What version of Ruby does/will Rails 3 require?
4:19AM 6 Integrating hardware with browser
2:39AM 1 Help: Rephrasing an English statement into questions.
1:57AM 5 Getting class in /lib folder to see a model (const_missing)?
12:58AM 4 OneLogin releases SAML for Ruby
12:31AM 0 select tag with unique values from db
12:18AM 1 STI helper/model mapper
Monday May 3 2010
11:20PM 0 Helper module not included on subsequent requests form engine gem in development from passenger
10:44PM 10 Best HOST and web server
10:25PM 1 mongrel issue dev vs. prod
9:11PM 0 How to read config on rails?
9:06PM 0 install ing rails
8:11PM 0 Integration with two rails applications
8:00PM 0 Nested Form - Not Posting... HELP!?!?!
7:52PM 0 duplicate inserts with field_for and has_many :through
6:08PM 3 how-to display an image living outside the public directory
5:43PM 1 mysql adapter & 2 statments
5:02PM 0 logger with backgrounDrb
5:01PM 0 Netbeans error?
4:11PM 7 rendering images dynamically
4:08PM 0 How to judge whether SSL has been applied?
2:49PM 0 Displaying Errors with Code 500 as 200 in Rails3
1:41PM 1 How to set default cookie domain in Rails3
1:41PM 1 how to access serialized attributes in my views?
1:11PM 0 Ruby Midwest Conference Early Bird Pricing
12:15PM 3 "rake TEST=test/unit/whatever_test.rb" is executed 3 times.
10:50AM 0 local Ruby on rails events in Gurgaon,Delhi India...?
5:52AM 3 Having trouble with Validatable
4:35AM 2 Need Some Help in Configuring Webrick Server
2:47AM 1 Need Help on "Virtual Timer Expired" issue
2:01AM 0 Sluggish Webrick?
1:28AM 0 Scriptaculous, snap draggable to droppable or revert
12:49AM 0 Scriptaculous Problems
Sunday May 2 2010
9:48PM 1 Mephisto status?
9:45PM 0 Rail's App structure in Gem?
9:27PM 7 struggling with accepts_nested_attributes_for
8:39PM 8 dev tool
1:12PM 3 Rails Authorization plugins
12:29PM 29 Finding the next item, in a group of items.
9:54AM 5 validation message in other module
6:58AM 0 Problems with _path and _url helpers using namespaced controller
6:32AM 1 Drop down menu and ajax calls
4:40AM 4 DB structure of a translation Web service
2:38AM 5 rails ROUTING map.root
12:23AM 1 cannot grok form_for
Saturday May 1 2010
11:09PM 0 Users Uploading Files To An asset_host
6:51PM 1 Passenger Processes Users
7:45AM 1 tamil unicode support rails with mysql
5:18AM 3 rails3 console : how to get actual sql statements
4:09AM 1 Getting an error while running activerecord test suite
1:13AM 7 Updating an Application