Rails - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
8:39PM 1 ActiveRecord finder using :group?
8:13PM 0 Show div on selection from dropdown
6:57PM 4 nil object problem
5:54PM 2 Sinatra: jquery displays ruby code when calling for an update. a little help please.
5:31PM 7 "Missing these required gems: rspec-rails" in ruby 1.9
4:35PM 0 Beginners partials question
4:19PM 1 Paperclip gives an strange error message
4:14PM 0 How to: Reduce nbr of processes (Ruby, Apache, BackgroundRB)
4:13PM 9 Rake migration issue
3:29PM 1 checking something in update action before saving...
2:43PM 3 NameError: undefined local variable or method `testapp' for main:Object
2:09PM 3 Next page after log in
1:28PM 0 Controllers / Helpers from shared Directory outside of application directory
1:07PM 3 Migration - wrong SQL statement is created
12:52PM 7 Running a rake task from cron on a shared webhost (joyent)
12:31PM 4 Java like ear / Cache / Class in Ruby???
11:09AM 5 clearing warning in log
11:08AM 1 Multivariable linear regression
9:11AM 1 logging in using current Windows user information
8:43AM 0 Nested each loops
8:43AM 2 Netsted each loops
8:15AM 8 creating more than 1 child for an already existing parent
7:52AM 16 How to call method declared in one model
7:10AM 3 Getting this error
7:07AM 4 Thumbnails in Rails ..
7:05AM 5 list of installed gems
6:16AM 13 Drop down without a model
5:59AM 3 rake file created not recognized by rake -T
5:46AM 0 Calling same controller method from multiple site in radiant
5:12AM 5 ruby 1.8 & 1.9 problem
4:20AM 4 How to start the ferret server in the production environment?
3:41AM 11 Expected response to be a <:success>,but was <500>
3:29AM 0 Learning
12:17AM 0 Finally a blog post on Ruby on Rail naming conventions for the nuuubs~~
12:09AM 2 My controller seems to have trouble finding the model
Sunday August 30 2009
11:23PM 2 what do these tags do <%- xxxxxx -%>
9:44PM 1 Does paperclip set width and height of images?
7:07PM 0 Instrumenting rails response times with cache-money
5:58PM 9 Should I use Passenger for development?
2:58PM 2 snow leopard + pg gem
12:20PM 6 Snow Leopard advice for Ruby/Rails developers
9:33AM 1 Rails Deployment
9:21AM 1 HAML problem on hosting
6:52AM 0 How to mock block
2:39AM 0 How to use link_to method and :popup with ActiveRecord operation.
Saturday August 29 2009
10:44PM 1 Need version 2.1.0 of SQL Server adapter for Rails
9:46PM 1 Rails Reporting Tools
6:30PM 1 Delayed_Jobs Failed: Where to Check Logs/Errors?
6:13PM 4 How to get the current environement in which app is running
4:51PM 17 Javascript with select in partial
3:14PM 2 Users, Roles and Permissions
3:02PM 5 Background Job
2:06PM 7 Windows --> Linux = KaBoom :-|
10:57AM 0 default_error_messages error with attachment_fu
9:57AM 4 Problems with MySQL Installation
8:51AM 7 error_messages_for help
7:13AM 1 Application error on Host monster server
3:55AM 0 tags with spaces in it issue - acts_as_tagged_on_steriods
2:35AM 1 Status of various RoR releases
2:25AM 13 Has One and Computer Columns
Friday August 28 2009
11:40PM 2 Association extension method
11:38PM 7 has HAML gone "mainstream"?
11:28PM 4 Objects in Views
9:12PM 0 Nil object nightmare
8:56PM 12 Time.today?
8:44PM 3 REPL in a browser.
8:11PM 0 new Ajax.Request + :complete => + javascript
8:06PM 0 Cucmber
7:37PM 0 Error connecting to Sybase (odd)
5:51PM 0 default_scope and scoped_methods in 2.2.2 ?
5:19PM 7 emails - html not rendering
4:56PM 4 Passenger and Parallels running Vista?
3:34PM 9 Routes problem
2:30PM 5 Finding data which, when tweaked, matches.
2:11PM 2 instance variables added in rails helpers are not available
2:01PM 2 Simple question about collections
1:45PM 0 get this error: "A copy of * has been removed from the module tree but is still active!"
1:39PM 2 partials redrawing
12:30PM 1 Render action inside js template
12:20PM 6 *Please Help* Cannot save a new user to the database...
11:17AM 15 A resource named "image" gives problems
11:13AM 1 how to insert value to the extra field in join model
10:42AM 0 How to run rake thinking_sphinx:index in test environment ?
10:31AM 4 InvalidAuthenticityToken
7:51AM 4 1 Form > 2 Models > 2nd Model Requres 1st Model ID
7:43AM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many with default
7:06AM 2 Rmagick issue...
7:02AM 2 No route matches "/%20questions/showans/1" with {:method=>:g
6:53AM 2 Authorize.net CIM(Customer Information Manager)
6:47AM 0 Alert box before Redirecting
6:37AM 10 Help with Select
6:25AM 5 SWF multiple file upload
4:24AM 3 Why can't I post in the JRuby mailing list?
4:23AM 0 How to connect to Tandem SQL/MX database from ruby on rails
12:22AM 0 JQuery + Rails problem retreiving JSON
Thursday August 27 2009
11:14PM 0 mbleigh / acts-as-taggable-on migration error for MySQL
9:31PM 0 HAML/SASS Auto Updater for $2
8:42PM 3 Date precedence validation (ex. Round Trip travel dates)
7:59PM 1 plugin for running a timer based application
7:53PM 5 problem with links
7:46PM 1 render :partial erroring with wrong extension
7:42PM 0 any plugin for admin related tasks
6:58PM 8 Adding New Column
6:50PM 0 adding hashes to array: bad value
6:30PM 0 partials in innerHTML ?
4:32PM 2 NoMethodError with unexpected nil object in ERB
4:17PM 3 rake db:test:clone_structure and related tasks fail
2:21PM 3 How to Generate Tags from Description (input)?
2:09PM 2 Do a set of records have the same value for one of the fields?
1:40PM 6 How to refactor the following 2 function (4 lines each)
1:02PM 2 Setting @request.env["HTTP_REFERER"] in an integration test
12:54PM 3 routing and has_many
11:26AM 2 Asserting PUT methods
11:24AM 0 forcing selected item in select
10:03AM 1 who is Why? And why he disappeared?
9:03AM 0 What is the best server for RoR ?
7:45AM 0 HABTM for 3 different tables
6:14AM 0 Can't get rcov to work. 0 assertions returned.
4:33AM 2 Best approach to providing app congurations?
3:32AM 1 Picture Slideshow using a database
3:08AM 1 Question regarding routing
2:26AM 0 Hijack for Rails
1:25AM 1 Grab only the latest comment
Wednesday August 26 2009
9:00PM 5 Sum won't seem to add the fields?!
9:00PM 1 automating online banking login & checking for new transactions - what's best approach? (e.g. which gems/libraries etc)
8:36PM 2 Another NoMethodError
8:05PM 4 getting error NoMethodError in Book#new
7:27PM 4 Deleting table data from staging table
7:04PM 4 Deployment Question
7:03PM 8 rails 3.0
6:56PM 1 DB / App Best Practice
6:45PM 3 'ruby script/server' responds with: "Missing the Rails gem. ..." <-- not true. Why?
6:06PM 1 [JOBS]
5:13PM 0 Way to keep ampersand from getting sanitized?
4:56PM 6 newbie question - limiting record view
4:54PM 4 Help - Status: 500 Internal Server Error unknown error
4:53PM 0 validation orders
3:26PM 1 cache_classes = true causes application to fail
3:20PM 2 Should be simple: Get all levels of stack trace from failed server startup
3:02PM 27 How to stop a user submitting the same data more than once.
2:56PM 3 Strange Active::Record behavior, StatementInvalid exception thrown twice?
2:44PM 0 Combining Numerous Models Errors
2:21PM 0 Testing the use of form_for to clone an existing record
1:59PM 0 Compatibility of RedBox with Explorer 7
1:58PM 2 Textbox input for an action: failed attempt
1:13PM 2 how to include module's class in controller?
12:59PM 2 check paramater?
12:48PM 5 Check what is comming in param
12:35PM 4 Alphabetize pagination
12:15PM 4 record saving problem
12:04PM 5 Noob DRY method question
11:54AM 0 has_one and new
11:51AM 0 link_to_remote parameter
11:14AM 3 Goldberg
10:14AM 2 Page loader progress bar
9:40AM 0 rails pagination like twitter more link
9:21AM 1 Integrating one rails application into another
9:14AM 4 How to handle absolute URL that user inputs into a table?
8:46AM 2 Best Practice: Put all fields in a db column or lump some into a serialized hash in a TEXT column?
8:16AM 2 Problem with radio buttons if input required (validates_presence_of)
6:52AM 4 links on page
5:58AM 0 authlogic + validates_uniqueness_of_login_field_options
5:40AM 0 testing thinking_sphinx
5:38AM 2 Deleting Data After Viewing On Page
5:27AM 1 Problem while connecting MS Sql 2000 from linux.
3:11AM 4 Help with abstracting ActiveRecord models
1:58AM 2 Ruby on Rails > test:integration Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <404>
Tuesday August 25 2009
10:15PM 0 form_tag validation
9:15PM 0 active_record has_many, :through and active _resource
8:33PM 5 Finding data in Rails
7:48PM 5 f.select onchange determine other fields in view
7:24PM 2 capistrano error.. can't use sudo
7:10PM 2 Programmatically Finding Model Default Values
6:09PM 1 OFX-parser
5:45PM 8 unable to create record with has_mant :through relationship
5:38PM 3 Functional testing with different data sets
5:30PM 1 Functional Testing with Ajax
5:11PM 3 Implementing Paymo or Boku Payment Gateway
1:55PM 3 Integrate python and Ruby Gem
12:58PM 0 Hijack
12:08PM 2 During Rails install - ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
12:02PM 1 Capistrano and 2.3.2
11:39AM 28 Anything but Aptana
10:56AM 0 How to get payment transaction notification from paypal?
10:53AM 2 Get name from table has many , belong to relationship
10:47AM 1 Variables in URLs. Routes manipulation.
9:58AM 4 Rails 2.3.3 error under Ruby 1.9
9:54AM 5 uninitialized constant
8:53AM 0 ActiveResource Validation Plugin?
8:37AM 0 (JOBS) Ruby on Rails Developer CSS, XHTML Javascript Haml, Sass, Git and Python
8:16AM 0 Spree custom css not working
6:45AM 3 Open flash chart
6:25AM 6 Autocomplete with DB + Urgent ..
6:03AM 3 gem twitter-0.6.15, I need twitter-0.6.11
1:41AM 4 More routing problems
1:36AM 1 how to generate a link like link_to on mailer?
1:29AM 6 backwards compatibility
1:26AM 17 WHy is rails so annoying to deploy?
1:11AM 1 autocomplete partial issue
12:46AM 2 Migration erros when truning on config.threadsafe!
Monday August 24 2009
11:54PM 4 pluralize method
11:49PM 8 overriding .blank? method
10:24PM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many refer to same Model
8:12PM 1 Initializind ID for a Table
6:20PM 4 will_paginate: pagination links are wrong
6:07PM 1 Lightbox in Rails
5:43PM 0 Kestrel Plugin/Gems
5:15PM 8 Stored Procedures MYSQL and Rails 2.3.2
5:12PM 6 [Newb] Adding database fields to get a total
3:30PM 10 XML Data Feeds - Some Questions
3:16PM 1 Scott Hughes is out of the office.
2:13PM 2 Best way to store 'global variable' hash?
2:12PM 5 Forcing a DB transaction to go through
1:33PM 7 Redirect to domain from subdomain
11:41AM 4 Does link_to_remote degrade to an HTML request?
11:27AM 0 Re: Ruby on Rails course ... looking for hint and people
11:25AM 0 is there any plugin can do this -- dynamic view from hash object
11:22AM 0 flickr gem ?
10:57AM 1 Re: add symbol in collection_select helper
7:14AM 3 ActivRecord APIs for DB transactions
6:46AM 0 model validation
5:51AM 3 Convert text to image...
5:00AM 2 Rails Server's case sense dilemma
3:44AM 1 Authlogic Forgot Password
1:29AM 6 Rails and Databases
12:55AM 5 extract keywords from string
Sunday August 23 2009
9:41PM 6 Can non-ActiveRecord variables be temporarily stored in a class?
9:01PM 4 Routing problems for different formats
8:22PM 1 HTML in error messages
6:40PM 0 Best way of moving some jQuery from a view helper
5:43PM 2 Find unused items
4:41PM 0 domain list for Google Custom search engine
3:53PM 5 Upgrading to 2.3 from 2.1
11:54AM 8 Geographical Services?
8:07AM 1 Install Aptana Radrails into Eclipse Galileo - Simple Tutorial
7:00AM 0 Interesting rails blogs
6:45AM 2 Calculate Last Day of Week
5:15AM 5 Array Manupulation
3:35AM 2 Googlebot keeps throwing MethodNotAllowed errors in Application#index
3:01AM 11 Changes to erb files not being noticed by server
2:47AM 3 tinymce problem
2:33AM 1 Version control database config without exposing passwords
Saturday August 22 2009
10:13PM 1 Rails params-hash. jQuery have this?
9:27PM 3 javascript_include_tag helper No route...
8:35PM 1 validate custom
8:10PM 8 Noob learning DRY
7:44PM 0 Edge Rails
6:31PM 1 Using link_to and :host
5:22PM 3 Model Attributes
4:05PM 2 Conection
3:58PM 8 Shopping Cart for my Application
3:49PM 1 Adding products from multiple views in multiple controllers
11:01AM 0 Text_field with options (youtube style)
9:38AM 0 Position for Senior Web Developer - 204846
9:34AM 8 Store data from one form in two separate mysql tables?
6:35AM 2 how to access index of my collection object?
2:46AM 10 Passing Parameters to a Re-Rendered View
1:39AM 1 libxml-ruby question
Friday August 21 2009
11:47PM 1 Generate Email with Link
11:40PM 0 Decentralizing _why's projects (aka the ruby community is awesome)
10:52PM 2 2 autocompleters
8:44PM 8 tiny_mce plugin
6:45PM 3 MD5 digest doesn't match digest from md5sum in shell
6:25PM 6 Quick questions on extensions/overrides
6:22PM 6 Passing Values to Views
6:02PM 2 Mongrel and mimetype?
5:33PM 1 Remote Data - Best Approach?
5:16PM 0 no marshal_dump is defined for class
4:37PM 0 Getting :accepts_nested_attributes_for to work with a :belongs_to relationship
3:38PM 1 Using URL path in REST app as ID
3:33PM 4 Building a social Networking site...
1:55PM 0 New version 1.5.0 of the ibm_db gem is now available
1:45PM 1 MySQL "Closed Stream"
12:59PM 1 lightbox or slimbox with ruby on rails
12:29PM 2 HOw to use javascript in rails?
11:51AM 4 Encoding issue with file upload
11:36AM 2 Rails installation does not work on windows
10:43AM 0 Rmagick find_similar_region
10:19AM 8 Unnecessary queries
10:06AM 2 doubt with helper
9:47AM 0 Problem with array
9:15AM 12 What to do before launching v1.0?
9:12AM 2 text_field_with_auto_complete
9:06AM 1 Domain Pointers - Subdomain + ruby on rails
6:21AM 0 Ruby on Rails Position
5:43AM 7 validation problem
4:20AM 3 URL-Based Thumbnail Generation
4:14AM 3 Route Problem
4:07AM 2 Requesting a remote ip in plugin
3:58AM 1 has_many through but with one table?
3:13AM 0 How to work on Timing and Scheduling for a game?
2:33AM 1 Routing Error with Rails 2.3.3
12:43AM 23 My first rails project completed
12:02AM 1 Install onto server?
Thursday August 20 2009
11:16PM 8 custom associations
10:37PM 1 XML tags being converted to lowercase
9:45PM 4 Simple RJS question--toggling the text of a link_to_function link
9:18PM 0 update method is not working
8:51PM 7 bulk email solutions
8:28PM 2 Refactoring into Model...need help
7:08PM 2 Display variable as method in an activerecord call?
6:46PM 0 [JOBS] Platform for hyperlocal content
5:51PM 6 HELP -- I'm missing something
4:52PM 0 habtm and accepts_nested_attributes_for
4:46PM 1 params becoming mangled after failed form validation and resubmit...
4:33PM 2 Passenger and 403s
3:13PM 6 what should be server-side and what should be client-side
2:53PM 1 Juggernaut question
12:42PM 0 How write the excel with formula
11:18AM 3 Select tags
9:16AM 3 In IE there is delay in loading png images
8:56AM 0 Delay in loading png images in IE
7:44AM 1 Best InPace editing plugin / method
7:23AM 3 Fields when entered needs to be validated
7:01AM 5 Can :conditions use an array and a dictionary together?
6:24AM 2 integrate *own* ruby on rails chat application, is there a gem for that?
5:55AM 2 rails messaging system
4:20AM 12 find in model
4:09AM 4 Render a file
12:56AM 2 Starter DB's (general web app question) Where to get them?
Wednesday August 19 2009
11:21PM 5 RESTful routing, in-place editing, and creating new resource obj - design question
10:21PM 4 rails _x.x.x_ <appname> doesn't work on ubuntu
9:22PM 2 Re: sync list of files in DB vs. list of files in folder
7:58PM 11 How to freeze v 2.3.2?
6:54PM 0 Can't create/write to file '/usr/local/mysql/data/
6:00PM 0 regarding class_inheritable_accessor
5:19PM 1 LAMP Developers
4:22PM 3 How to validate checkboxes
4:18PM 1 will_paginate with ajax
4:04PM 6 Mongrel in development
3:47PM 6 bad git pull
3:35PM 11 How to get current time including milliseconds for div id?
3:30PM 1 RJS: Button to set style to visible
3:00PM 1 Problem with Selenium RC with Rails
2:40PM 0 How do you set session variables inside an integration test?
2:24PM 1 Detecting if a render or redirect_to has been called
2:23PM 1 Issue while installing mysql gem
2:07PM 1 help with libxml
2:02PM 0 extending models with statistic capabilities
2:00PM 2 Create! Syntax
1:19PM 10 acts_as_list / acts_as_tree / acts_as_nested_set - which one
1:00PM 2 page.replace_html
10:26AM 0 paging error
9:47AM 5 Secure Form question
7:03AM 11 Rails demo not showing up.
6:01AM 4 file include error
5:43AM 3 Attaching files through attachment_fu
4:27AM 2 how to insert a new record in to table
4:13AM 2 Method not found > Error page
3:40AM 2 Find ActiveRecord Session by session_id
3:28AM 4 Restful_authentication as a web service?
2:35AM 5 Quick json question..
12:39AM 27 First App- Error 500
12:01AM 4 Postgres defaults to ID DESC, MySQL defaults to ID ASC
Tuesday August 18 2009
9:56PM 1 Stubborn 403 trying to use gems with proxy on windows cygwin
8:25PM 4 Storing a value of an enum in the ActiveRecord model
8:17PM 3 Rendering different views for a given action
8:07PM 0 caching in controller pre rails 2.05
8:04PM 4 Capistrano deploy:web:disable doesn't work
7:13PM 2 malformed XML
6:43PM 7 ** Removing all instances of mysql on mac osx **
5:46PM 4 database structuring
5:18PM 5 Master/Slave database setup with Rails?
5:02PM 5 Authlogic Administration
4:36PM 4 Will_paginate
4:35PM 0 [ADV/REMINDER] Ruby language training in September, w/ Black & Kastner!
4:23PM 1 Cross domain sessions
3:07PM 1 Possible BUG on rails 2.2.3 with ruby 1.8.7 patchlevel 174
2:45PM 2 DBI: connect succeeds in IRB, fails in Rails
2:35PM 1 Error when output has a period (".") in the name
2:23PM 0 will_paginate with :select
2:18PM 0 Comatose with application controller and authlogic
2:01PM 0 unable to download the latest release 1.9.1
1:59PM 12 Descending into associations
1:45PM 0 ri_cal 0.8.1 Released
1:31PM 0 logging errors with Rails logger
12:12PM 8 ActionMailer - Problem
12:10PM 3 WARNING: Can't mass-assign these protected attributes:
11:23AM 5 paging usign ajax
10:46AM 4 Rendered as needed
8:41AM 1 link_to with span
7:17AM 0 Actionmailer ignores return-path setting
6:46AM 0 insert record in mysql
6:23AM 4 pagination problem....
3:24AM 5 Increment counter on download
12:58AM 3 ActionMailer method level layouts
12:44AM 10 Active Record Associations and application outline advice
12:26AM 5 Error while installing Rails using gem install rails
Monday August 17 2009
11:56PM 12 Potential concurrency issues with a global hash to reduce DB
11:45PM 0 [JOBS} In need of an experienced Ruby On Rails and Ecommerce Developer
9:24PM 4 Using observe_field on an field inside a fields_for
9:00PM 2 passenger - bignum too big to convert into `long'
8:13PM 1 Receiving emails?
7:38PM 7 Picture upload
6:31PM 6 Check if error_messages_for is set
5:55PM 1 Flash object to execute RJS?
5:42PM 1 private instant messenger service
5:22PM 8 Condition in validation
4:06PM 2 Gem PATH Correction
3:14PM 0 LovdbyLess- Getting Started HELP
2:05PM 0 Paperclip: processor proc not firing
1:55PM 1 How to get the lat and lng from Google MAPS
1:25PM 0 Plugin to kill N+1 queries
12:13PM 3 Difference Between ROR and Django...
10:54AM 1 Problem with setter override on ActiveRecord
10:42AM 3 paperclip - when validation fails, hold onto attachments
10:13AM 3 ScITE Question
10:05AM 5 Monitor Size Problem ..
9:50AM 1 ajax with will_paginate
8:08AM 3 Method to display sql queries
8:04AM 4 Resources, controllers and models mapping
3:12AM 1 Creating a view through a migration
1:58AM 5 RoR performance analyis
12:42AM 4 how to Action Controller
Sunday August 16 2009
11:55PM 0 Problems with TextMate Rails Bundle
11:09PM 0 Mobile iPhone plugin
10:01PM 5 any help with captcha in my comments ?
9:35PM 1 how to include a gem if server dont suport it!
6:28PM 5 Display of image name when loading
3:13PM 0 Problems with testing, foxy fixtures and polymorphism
2:41PM 1 New job description: Ruby trainner in Shanghai
1:30PM 0 Free Ruby on Rails Video Tutorial
10:31AM 0 Can't upload pictures using Paperclip due to weird error
8:08AM 1 new method to controller being recognized as parameter instead
5:45AM 34 JRuby vs Ruby: why would you ever use ruby?
4:39AM 0 Active Record and multiple database
4:25AM 4 How show validation errors in form_remote_tag?
3:49AM 2 rails form_for submit button
3:03AM 3 Rails without a database
1:46AM 1 Application caching in the browser?
1:41AM 2 How to close a window when using EJS?
1:22AM 2 querying multiple rows from db in my simple search
12:45AM 11 best "Rails on the cloud" solution?
Saturday August 15 2009
10:30PM 0 [RoR - Spreadsheet] Number_format invalid
9:35PM 0 Rails Metal POST parameters
8:59PM 1 call back issues with twitter integration
8:44PM 30 railslist.com - an opensource craigslist!
7:49PM 5 Following the Simply Rails 2 pdf - should I use rails 2.3.3?
7:14PM 6 Can't Save Integer Zero to SQLite3 DB
6:20PM 0 Foxy Fixtures and Polymorphism not running properly
4:42PM 3 problam when installing rails
12:52PM 7 ActionController::UrlWriter bug -- need help URGENTLY, thanks!
12:29PM 10 ** PLEASE HELP A NEWBIE ** Status: 500 Internal Server Error no such file to load -- mysql
11:55AM 0 has any one tried 'craigslist' type application in rails?
10:09AM 2 will_paginate limit my RSS feeds too.. Any help ?
10:08AM 4 Isn't there any performance issue when saving serialized attributes every time?
10:01AM 1 Passenger error on Acts_as_attachment_fu
8:59AM 2 CSS Books
4:54AM 7 Image Files
12:44AM 0 Rails Developer Wanted - Houston, TX
12:32AM 2 Overriding model's save method
Friday August 14 2009
7:54PM 1 starting up server
6:22PM 2 Installation Issue
5:38PM 3 EC2 -> EBS -> S3 ?
5:37PM 6 How to search from Flex 3 (NEWBIE)
5:21PM 0 Chat application
5:15PM 4 Default Page
4:59PM 1 accepts_nested_attributes_for - objects are ignored:
4:33PM 6 Expires Headers with Rails
4:13PM 9 Holy Crap, My Rails Site is Slow
3:13PM 9 Rescuing from REXML::ParseException
3:05PM 2 SSH Magic and Rails Development
2:07PM 3 Plugin and YAML configuration file
1:44PM 1 how to use :popup with remote_function
1:38PM 5 due date default to n days from now in migration
11:23AM 1 Problem passing parameters to webservice from rails
10:46AM 17 Efficient way to prune a table
10:14AM 3 Mailer related query
10:09AM 7 "sudo gem install rails" not able to install thin dependency
9:16AM 3 Template is missing
9:04AM 2 How to: Handle javascript_include_tag in production mode
8:26AM 1 How to avoid special characters errors on uploading csv file
8:19AM 2 Scalability of ruby on rails application
6:59AM 1 HELP ...Is it Posible for partial file
6:48AM 1 :only option in route 2.2.2
5:56AM 2 search form: field list in a drop down
5:16AM 1 Changing stylesheet by using a selection list
3:19AM 1 how to disable select menu
2:07AM 0 country select with i18n
1:44AM 1 any suggesstions on "user interface"
1:17AM 8 Help with an App Architecture question
12:11AM 5 how to ignore errors in migration - Suppose a column exist
Thursday August 13 2009
10:29PM 26 multiple models questions
10:17PM 1 a few quick newbie questions
9:45PM 2 Semicolons in request parameter in Rails 2.3
8:55PM 0 Search form directly to results
8:46PM 0 Paperclip - gen'd thumbnails are fin in dev, but blurry in production
8:13PM 0 Ruby on Rails Opportunity in New York
7:46PM 3 validates_associated
6:48PM 1 please help - configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
6:14PM 10 default value if textfield is empty
6:11PM 2 self.id returning an array in 2.3?
5:02PM 1 Question about ruby script/generate controller
4:36PM 2 Problem with Leopard Ruby and OpenSSL version
4:18PM 0 Service can not start
3:50PM 0 Rails Forms Not Working With Recursive Nested Models?
3:34PM 1 CSS and JS won't display
3:14PM 6 unit tests and fixtures
3:10PM 2 Jobs
2:43PM 6 Strange Routing
2:41PM 4 getting an average of a column per day
1:59PM 1 On Close Application Event Action
1:35PM 1 List of localized months
1:11PM 3 subdomainfu
11:03AM 2 ajax with will_paginate problem
10:35AM 0 Multiple selection with drag drop in rails
9:13AM 0 ajax asd will paginate
8:51AM 12 Very Urgent + Javascript Include tag .
8:22AM 4 Testing controller
8:01AM 6 db folder is empty. how to regenerate?
7:45AM 1 Models more than Databases
4:13AM 4 Implementing a user activity log with STI. (?)
4:00AM 9 Restricting Multiple Logins
2:52AM 1 Caching Model Constants
2:38AM 1 JSON output format
2:38AM 1 Logging Plugin
1:30AM 3 issues with ajax requests and user session
12:22AM 5 First hit on app takes a long time
12:04AM 2 errors.each_key throws undefined method error
Wednesday August 12 2009
10:37PM 0 SSH Tunnelling and Rails Development
10:30PM 3 Commands I will need to know in production
10:18PM 2 link_to_remote question
10:14PM 3 How did you start with open source?
8:26PM 1 Schema Dump
7:47PM 0 JOBS: looking for RoR guru for high profile startup
7:28PM 0 Bliptv ruby gem
6:16PM 0 Deploying with Capistrano - scaling up
6:06PM 1 password + salt
5:57PM 4 using attachment_fu to store mp3
5:38PM 7 Mapping a virtual route to phpmyadmin with rails
5:25PM 0 autocomplete after update
4:55PM 3 Problem with Mephisto blog and Passenger
4:27PM 0 Like Google tasks
4:14PM 0 Deploying Controller Actions
4:04PM 0 Routes and Forms
3:16PM 0 rake gems:install doesn't install gems listed on environments/development.rb
2:47PM 3 In-place editing of attributes via an “index” page...?
2:37PM 21 I am very overwhelmed going to production and need help
1:55PM 5 different titles
1:24PM 1 Dynamic Table Row
12:48PM 1 rails .2.1 and before versions
11:21AM 0 tinymce // problem with underline and strikethrough
10:06AM 6 Joining tables but not on the default ID field
9:56AM 5 Challenge for object_id, Garbage Value
9:33AM 1 STI with legacy table
9:09AM 6 ruby with ajax problem
8:47AM 5 how to create when attr_protected?
8:31AM 1 Read error: #<Errno::ECONNABORTED: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.>
7:23AM 2 Search words and sessions
7:12AM 0 lightbox ajax problem
6:45AM 1 pagination counting upwards
5:09AM 2 Creating a new record without uploading an image- paperclip
3:31AM 2 Getting Error with a plugin in Production
3:17AM 5 telnet from link_to
2:38AM 5 sessions between http and https
2:31AM 7 form_for help needed
1:41AM 0 Subject: ri_cal 0.8.0 Released
Tuesday August 11 2009
11:54PM 4 weird problem after deploy: application.html.erb does not lo
11:23PM 1 [JOBS] Part time / Full time programmer wanted
11:08PM 2 limiting who and see/update which record
9:23PM 14 Assignment with << ?
9:10PM 3 How to Access a Callback Return Value
9:02PM 1 Best Practicies: Combining Polymorphic Results?
8:53PM 5 Hiding views before using toggle
8:53PM 1 activerecord-sqlserver-adapter nvarchar datatype length
8:11PM 2 Any good places to look for offsite Rails work?
8:07PM 0 Passing option to helper
7:39PM 8 Form validation/errors not working.
7:08PM 3 CSV upload to database
5:33PM 3 Problem with method that performs a rake
5:24PM 1 problem with deploying (can't activate rails)
3:55PM 10 Git, Capistrano, Passenger, and Apache Questions
3:25PM 3 Different gem locations: reasons?
3:20PM 1 Routes and RJS
3:05PM 1 unable to store data in database
2:48PM 1 Commenting / Blog gem or plugin?
2:13PM 2 use observe_field within form_tag
1:23PM 4 Destroy problem
1:20PM 1 Submit Link
12:57PM 0 Nested object form existing values not displayed
12:46PM 2 presenting data in 2 styles - 2 action/views or 1?
12:24PM 0 mysql away after sending email
12:17PM 1 Testing subdomains as account keys
11:46AM 1 Dynamic Views
11:18AM 1 Svn Integration with Rails application
10:48AM 0 Windows federated login and the action parameter
10:46AM 2 Thinking_sphinx
10:24AM 1 paginate in rails 2.3.3
10:16AM 2 Full Lineup Announced for Aloha on Rails, the Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference
9:43AM 7 Dynamic Fields (attributes)
9:23AM 3 update record problem
5:37AM 5 i got this error when creating data bases with rake command
5:35AM 13 fixtures, factories and the standard testing framework.
4:49AM 9 Doubt in joins condition?
4:31AM 3 rake db:schema:load insists on querying my database for data I haven't loaded.
4:29AM 3 Doubt in retrieving data to html?
3:55AM 13 I've decided to use Rails... (I hope I made the right decision).
2:56AM 1 how to backup VPS?
2:48AM 3 assert_recognizes example throws syntax error
2:46AM 2 Show validation error messages from a nested model?
1:50AM 5 Dynamic drop-downs in a form_for using AJAX remote_function - Help
12:31AM 4 overriding std nested resources route
Monday August 10 2009
9:46PM 0 LDAP - binding and selection lists
9:02PM 4 ActiveRecord to_json encoding
8:37PM 0 QA & testingtools jobs
6:36PM 1 Using Net::HTTP::Proxy Object
6:35PM 2 Best way to copy a table using ActiveRecord
6:31PM 2 A copy of ApplicationController has been removed from the module tree but is still active!
6:07PM 10 A big paginate plugin problem
6:05PM 2 testing exception notification plugin with rspec
2:34PM 5 insert record in table error
2:16PM 0 Default route + URL
2:00PM 4 Why can't I run a Rake task inside my migration?
1:08PM 4 ruby include in the plugin 'init' works only in console mode
12:35PM 2 Relationships on a non ID field
12:20PM 1 how (and where) is implemented validation errors in forms
12:00PM 1 Rails: Flush HTML head
11:46AM 0 Using Haml with Edge Rails
9:31AM 2 Scaffolding w/ existing DB Tables
9:27AM 3 paging in ror
9:27AM 3 query
9:23AM 6 how to delete record from two table
8:53AM 1 how to pass a checkbox list values to controller
7:25AM 0 rake db:create
6:53AM 2 Doubt in submit_to_remote?
3:40AM 1 Call AR belongs_to association accessor ID method on object assignment
3:22AM 0 REST and confirmation page routing
1:37AM 0 A rails sitemap plugin
Sunday August 9 2009
11:38PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 - 18 More Days till Showdown
11:21PM 1 Options in command line in scaffold generations
10:10PM 2 CDN for Rails - any recommendations?
9:40PM 2 Relationships not working...
8:46PM 1 Deploying Rails book
7:48PM 0 Formhelper somehow?
4:39PM 2 how to use ‘constantize’ in custom controller module
3:42PM 1 Error while installing ruby-postgres gem
3:04PM 2 Controller in subfolder help
2:17PM 5 active record multiple table inheritance with abstract parent
10:22AM 2 AR finder with include only specific value
Saturday August 8 2009
10:12PM 9 why partial doesn't work ?
9:53PM 2 proxy recommendations?
8:41PM 1 Date_select - Specifying an id for each selector fails
3:00PM 2 set only one observer to be active in a test
2:58PM 2 How do I report a Rails bug?
12:49PM 15 xml-containing models
12:28PM 12 validates_format_of
11:30AM 1 Start contributing to open source
11:20AM 2 Re-initialising page after validation fails
10:06AM 0 Postgresql schema support
9:45AM 3 formating date and time
9:16AM 4 how to get id of other table
8:17AM 7 Open source rails 2 books
7:41AM 2 Doubt retrieving data?
2:56AM 1 why associations get error when defined in abstract_class model
2:48AM 7 RichTextEditor
1:48AM 0 ActiveResource and inheritance
Friday August 7 2009
11:29PM 5 Question on the latest rails book
11:11PM 0 How to specify ActiveRecord's to_json encoding
11:02PM 5 Wamp doesn't work after installing with InstantRails
10:46PM 1 Email templates not updating
10:06PM 3 A weird database association
9:03PM 2 Moving Permission Logic to the Model
8:55PM 8 ajax file upload question
6:36PM 0 2nd call, PostgreSQL Conference
6:09PM 1 Where to put generic classes
5:49PM 1 Yaml for jqgrid
5:47PM 2 Polymorphic belongs_to with :class_name => abstract class
4:23PM 2 rjs works but gives some error
4:07PM 0 fastercsv of zip code and time zone made into hash
2:36PM 1 Uploading a file and working with 2 models
1:24PM 2 render views from outside of controller for example in my modules in Lib directory
1:19PM 7 count of child model in Model.find
1:11PM 2 paperclip model fails while when updating with no attachment
11:36AM 2 calling a jQuery function from RJS/onclick
10:16AM 2 Simple insert_html RJS working in FF not in Safari
9:35AM 1 can no more POST after update 2.3.3
8:10AM 4 ActionController::UnknownAction (No action responded to 22.
7:30AM 4 rails pagination like twitter more button
7:27AM 0 Acts_as_ferret with :conditions
7:05AM 0 Add extra depth to input field in form_for
6:41AM 3 Newbie Confusion re underscores / camel case
6:01AM 1 inner joins and outer joins
5:36AM 1 update partial after submit need Help
5:20AM 0 thx
5:19AM 0 change that as onclick
4:34AM 1 LOGIN
4:21AM 0 Overriding save_with_validation and alias_method_chain error
4:08AM 3 Simple Syntax error
3:56AM 6 has_many :through, multi model form unable to save new child
1:34AM 22 ActiveRecord - <%= and <% yielding different records
Thursday August 6 2009
11:07PM 6 Maddening error: "marshal data too short"
9:56PM 0 ri_cal 0.7.7 Released
9:10PM 20 Changing from database sqlite3 to mysql - windows
8:36PM 27 Speeding up ActiveRecord Querying on very large joins?
8:24PM 4 Scaffolding in a sub-directory on Rails 2.x
7:22PM 4 split an array of hashes into an array of arrays of hashes
7:20PM 0 acts_as_versioned small question
7:09PM 3 Strange View Problem
7:06PM 3 Ajax - Updating Field with Selection
6:46PM 2 submite_to_remote not works for me
6:27PM 0 Rails 2.3.2 way to do "Item.find( :all, :select => 'DISTINCT fieldname' )"
5:58PM 0 drop_receiving_element - how to get ID of droppable?
3:27PM 2 Renamed Table, Test Failing
2:43PM 18 Best Practices Question
2:40PM 3 XSL FO to PDF Conversion
2:21PM 0 RESTful Rails + Collections...
11:51AM 6 2 onchange functions - 1 jquery, 1 prototype - not working in safari
10:38AM 2 Shared partial working with controller
10:22AM 0 Initialising has_many through joins
10:04AM 1 Ajax
9:15AM 13 Redirect after login
9:03AM 2 gem install
8:30AM 11 counting a users adverts and then doing stuff
8:28AM 2 I'm new
8:15AM 1 Separate App an DB servers , Scabality and rails
7:36AM 0 http://admin.webapp.con
6:54AM 1 Dynamic path to store images using attachment_fu
6:13AM 6 initializers
5:03AM 2 duplicate model object with associations ?
4:32AM 2 Rails fails to find the CSS
4:31AM 6 About joinTable
4:19AM 3 Relacionamento com campos diferentes de id
3:13AM 2 How can I configure rails server connection number?
2:28AM 0 Yahoo OAuth Ruby + Yahoo Social API
2:25AM 2 i want new Enumerable Methods, "includes, anies"
1:12AM 7 Glove.class_name => 'Glofe'
12:21AM 0 Continue to use assets functions on a different host and path ?
12:11AM 2 Installation difficulites
Wednesday August 5 2009
11:38PM 1 home path not working in routes.rb
11:26PM 1 nomethoderror : undefined method post
9:31PM 2 using a link conditionally in the view
9:00PM 1 is using script/runner to run a daemon a good idea ?
7:05PM 5 Logging out with Rake:Auth:Basic
6:50PM 1 error in authentasaurus
6:50PM 2 nested has_many :through
5:39PM 7 how do you access params that are both model based and non model based?
5:33PM 2 Weird problem - some hidden process ?
4:17PM 1 How do I use fastercsv to just read the header row and not the whole file?
3:58PM 4 Ruby 1.9.1
3:55PM 1 rjs template: reload div
3:50PM 1 Ruby 1.9.1p0 (2009-01-30 revision 21907)
3:48PM 1 ActiveRecord boolean false returning Nil
2:51PM 0 Question about creating migrations from plugins
2:46PM 0 Very strange problem with Gettext and Haml / rake updatepo
2:36PM 1 Change row font on click
2:03PM 11 acts_as_tree -- how to create new child
1:38PM 0 Nested Hash Problem
1:35PM 1 calendardateselect + observe_form ?
1:27PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 - One more week before Late Registration Begins
1:05PM 9 acts_as_tree
12:17PM 4 Strange problem with Rails and Tomcat
12:10PM 11 Best place to host ROR website
11:55AM 0 Override ActiveRecord:Base.destroy
11:09AM 0 Doubt in retrievind data from habtm?
11:08AM 2 send_file, pdf and inline option. Can't display in browser
10:49AM 1 ERROR: While generating documentation for mysql-2.7.3-x86-m
9:21AM 1 Anyone used acts_as_flying_saucer? problem with pdf_file
8:57AM 6 How can I pass Ruby object to another action?
8:36AM 0 authentication problam
7:44AM 2 Faild to update sqlite database using activerecord
3:32AM 1 Problem embedding images in rss feed via builder?
3:32AM 2 MySQL noob question: Where can I find the database when I create one?
1:23AM 0 [JOB] - Contract Work
12:49AM 0 Dynamic session domain using Rack
Tuesday August 4 2009
11:44PM 3 cant find method in application_helper from layout
11:08PM 3 Recording errors
9:42PM 1 Output XML to File
9:36PM 3 Return encryption non-ssl or https - is it necessary?
9:27PM 1 Integration Testing Posting Problem
9:20PM 0 don't show XML attributes if they ar eblank or nil
8:46PM 0 Active record sessions 2.3.3
8:39PM 4 Admin section and public site
7:44PM 0 admin subdirectory and "No action responded to observations." error
6:38PM 1 form_tag changes for 2.0?
6:26PM 1 Homepage 404 error - HELP!
4:43PM 15 Best book to learn RoR??
4:25PM 14 f.check_box help
4:23PM 6 forms, javascript and ajax - hopefully an easy question
3:54PM 5 Receiving Authentication Error
2:21PM 11 rake gems (in /opt/SDK/domains/domain1/autodeploy/jruby_deploy_test) rake aborted! Please install the jdbcmysql adapter: `gem install activerecord-jdbcmysql-adapter` (no such file to load -- java)
1:18PM 1 Rows Affected ..
1:18PM 7 Windows users? - Can I run multiple clients of one client-rails-server?
12:54PM 0 Looking for real-life Rails devel. stories for a book
11:38AM 6 form_for
9:02AM 0 Performance hit from disabling template caching?
8:30AM 0 Problem with parsing excel file using spreadsheet
8:23AM 0 Mysql::Error: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE)
8:01AM 1 Problem in loading images from external site
6:40AM 0 nicEdit image upload
6:07AM 12 Help for Functional Testing?
4:35AM 1 [Job] Rails expert programmers needed for Canadian company
4:30AM 10 Rails sites
4:26AM 2 Passenger, switching from development to production
3:06AM 0 Authlogic::How to access current user from within a cache sweeper?
1:07AM 0 Correctly upgrading ruby on MS Windows
Monday August 3 2009
9:53PM 0 ri_cal 0.7.5 Released
8:17PM 5 I'm not sure what happened with my app - ActiveRecord Query
7:57PM 2 Rails Database Query
7:45PM 10 Best Practice: Automatic session timeout/cleanup?
6:25PM 1 Using Select Helper
5:14PM 3 Json views
4:56PM 2 error loading rubygems from vendor_gem_source_index
4:40PM 4 object.collections.include? a
2:04PM 0 Plugins / libraries for user-specific CSS?
11:56AM 5 Activity Log - messages with links - Strategy?
11:31AM 2 Correct format for errors returned from a REST server?
10:36AM 5 webcam image capturing
10:01AM 3 Updating attribute based on radio selection
9:37AM 5 Decimal datatype and trailing zeros
8:13AM 0 How to modify authentication to use against a bespoke database schema
Sunday August 2 2009
11:04PM 6 Checking whether or not scripting is enabled or disabled
10:03PM 2 How to upload video to my Flash Media Server ?
8:13PM 2 Cannot seem to include my own module & classes into Rails ap
6:52PM 0 Using 'get' in rspec controller test, doesn't work with array value for parameter
6:25PM 1 File import/export: what is the best practice?
5:52PM 1 Provide missing image
5:01PM 13 NoMethodError in User sessionsController#create - Authlogic
3:22PM 2 Multiple app directories
1:36PM 1 Ajax request render from RJS and handling Flash notices
11:56AM 1 Is there a way to support moneybookers in activemerchant
9:22AM 6 Refactoring and Improving my Rake Task
2:52AM 2 Sessions or Hidden fields?
12:31AM 3 redirect_to or send_file and AWS S3
Saturday August 1 2009
11:23PM 10 Missing mislav-will_paginate
9:04PM 2 Active Record Equivalent to SQL Aggregate Query?
8:54PM 5 IDE - asp.net v. RoR for new programmer?
6:21PM 1 Associations Question
5:59PM 1 Needed proper structure for a controller null response
5:24PM 8 Doh! Two versions of Ruby installed!
4:42PM 0 Nested forms and deleting/removing has_many associations
1:01PM 13 select helper
10:47AM 2 jasperreport and rails
7:45AM 23 Hi doubt in unit testing
6:35AM 4 how to invoke javascript in the controller?
5:46AM 10 ActiveResource xml element ordering
1:09AM 4 Form problem with three layer deep "accepts_nested_attributes_for"
12:43AM 1 SOAP Call from behind proxy