Rails - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
11:39PM 7 site redirection
11:36PM 0 Testing issue with creating a view/layout
11:27PM 12 Page.insert_html using element select instead of id?
10:43PM 2 Triggering Javascript after AJAX
9:08PM 1 Integration test receives HTTP 200 response when it should be a redirect
9:04PM 3 Rake db Fixtures MySql autoincrement problem?
7:34PM 8 Would like include model association in to_xml
7:13PM 2 ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/say/hello" with {:method=>:get}):
7:00PM 43 Error: uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes
6:17PM 1 Non-Image Upload
5:35PM 6 Background daemon
4:35PM 3 Cannot access an object’s attributes in an array
4:03PM 2 Render :partial
3:58PM 1 File upload
3:54PM 1 legacy database, primary key compound with two fields
3:48PM 5 plugin or web service for printing UPS shipping labels
3:31PM 8 Learning some best DB practices
2:46PM 13 Form not working...
1:11PM 3 NoMethodError (undefined method `' for nil:NilClass)
11:22AM 4 Replacing render_component
11:10AM 1 how to ignore case in highlight() function?
8:48AM 5 Trouble understanding Routes
8:16AM 4 Dynamically Restarting a Rails App?
7:39AM 1 how to give the condition between Id field and name field
6:56AM 7 For GIS applications
6:43AM 2 Undefined method updated? for <model object>
12:18AM 2 synchron user-request without reloading the site or the controller
Thursday July 30 2009
11:28PM 0 Problem with implicit multipart emails using ActionMailer in Rails 2.3.3
11:23PM 0 hidden_field with nested attributes problem
10:55PM 4 A newbie question
10:26PM 3 Javascript Menu Positioning - n00b question =)
9:37PM 4 How would you manipulate a column's attributes?
8:33PM 3 How do I stop a browser prompting with past options
8:21PM 3 Problem loading plugin that depends on another plugin
8:17PM 0 request.env.to_hash.to_json breaking
7:38PM 3 Time.now and 1.day.ago style comparison
6:45PM 3 Print UPS labels - Rails plugin or available web service?
6:37PM 3 Routes, sqlite3
6:36PM 3 Problem with adding a new column to table
5:24PM 3 How to structure a database table with arbitrary labels for the columns?
4:56PM 1 Problem with jquery ajax call and js.rjs code
4:51PM 4 Form Tags
4:25PM 9 script/plugin install with github
3:39PM 1 Rails Plugin for swfobject? - swf_fu
3:26PM 5 to_xml
3:26PM 2 Can I turn off config.action_view.cache_template_loading in Production
3:21PM 1 Proxy settings for rails apps
3:21PM 8 Offline documentation for ruby on rails
2:53PM 0 rails, gmail client and mass-emailing failure
2:18PM 0 email client
1:54PM 1 help passing an id from a collection_select to my method
1:51PM 0 How to print data with out rendring page?
1:34PM 2 How to display data in grid format?
1:23PM 6 How can I change member action names on routes?
1:03PM 0 how to use yaml files in the view
12:58PM 0 Problems with Redbox
12:46PM 8 Data Modeling (sorry - sort of long)
11:06AM 0 What is the best way for a board game ?
10:49AM 8 Rails 2.3.x and active_scaffold Installation
10:43AM 1 >= option in config.gem
9:26AM 1 Problem with RJS
7:03AM 3 Store search paramters in database based on the current_user
5:58AM 4 attachment_fu + :path_prefix
5:23AM 0 Help for collection_select
4:46AM 3 dynamic menu/role design
2:29AM 0 Good rails hosting in China?
2:23AM 3 rails beginner training
12:05AM 29 Rails app going nuts at 100% cpu
Wednesday July 29 2009
11:24PM 1 Actionmailer whoes
10:02PM 1 Windows+Apache+FastCGI+Postgres - didn't work
9:57PM 2 LoadError: RubyGem version error: rake-compiler(0.6.0 not
9:55PM 1 Where to require openssl?
9:48PM 3 redirect to_back
9:43PM 0 How to for Ruby 1.9.1 + Mysql and Rails on Ubuntu 9.0.4
9:29PM 1 Complex Finds -- find_by_sql?
8:40PM 9 partials...
8:29PM 1 installed gems
7:24PM 0 Blog App
6:05PM 0 Forms and selects
5:53PM 0 Problem uploading file to database mysql blob field
3:38PM 0 Parse form value in querystring/url
3:37PM 1 find 'joins'
2:35PM 2 threadsafe! & engines
2:34PM 1 Empty result set after migration
2:27PM 3 Save userform data in database
2:09PM 2 table does not exist
1:26PM 7 How secure are sessions?
12:50PM 1 Remember ids in forms (with association)
12:20PM 1 Sharing Gems and Ruby Interpreter among application servers
12:01PM 3 download file located outside rails aaplication folder
11:42AM 2 How to update rails Variable in Javascript
10:47AM 0 GPS Tracking
10:46AM 1 Javascript in a partial
10:13AM 1 auto_complete div remains hidden
9:39AM 4 errorr in sessions/new.html.erb
9:08AM 9 Asociation problems
8:33AM 7 Functional Test Failing
6:51AM 6 Doubt in nil object with ajax
6:05AM 5 [newbie] double relationships in database
5:43AM 3 Use of Ruby Gem and Plugin
4:41AM 1 problem in using sorthelper2
4:40AM 3 flash stopped working
4:32AM 1 Shoud be easy - using hash key as a variable
4:08AM 12 for - next loop
4:00AM 0 WindyCityRails - Early Registration Until Aug 1, 2009
2:15AM 12 model -> model validations
1:23AM 2 Top Senior Level RoR Engineer - Backend
12:48AM 1 new project
Tuesday July 28 2009
11:25PM 1 Could not find RubyGem rack (~> 1.0.0) (Gem::LoadError)
10:25PM 2 has_many :through
9:57PM 4 RobustThread, Postfix, TMail, & Rails app small question
9:43PM 2 Rake Test / PostgreSQL database ownership
9:42PM 2 migrating a column to foreign key and foreign table
9:40PM 0 (off-topic) The recession and you: has the economy changed your IT spending?
7:39PM 17 Complex finds - part 2
7:11PM 2 Can I specify the rake version?
6:56PM 2 Email forms
6:45PM 1 No Method Error - Active Record
6:22PM 6 problem with polymorphic nested attributes
5:34PM 4 belongs_:to association
5:31PM 1 complex find
5:28PM 1 Rails date conversion
3:59PM 1 Has anyone used file_column to store the upload file in DB?
3:58PM 8 legacy database with column named 'type'
3:48PM 0 how to integrate attachment_fu with tinymce
3:44PM 0 rails search engine without additional running server?
3:37PM 1 remote function: poor performance when erasing a div with lots of elements
3:16PM 1 [PAPERCLIP] How to avoid image crop in paperclip styles
2:37PM 7 paperclip image styles getting cropped
2:18PM 1 Trouble installing mocha
2:09PM 2 send_file
2:07PM 3 FasterCSV
1:29PM 3 Workling's spiraling memory usage
12:20PM 1 File upload problem - blank page after submission
11:43AM 2 has_many through join table - join three tables?
10:57AM 0 'double' nest form fields with accepts_nested_attributes_for
10:42AM 0 Playing with routes Rails 2.3
10:18AM 2 Rails on OS X problem
9:17AM 6 how to set smpt server for our rails applicaion
8:29AM 1 pdf export
7:38AM 3 "rake db:migrate" generates error
6:47AM 4 RJS-Template and link_to_remote
5:04AM 2 Basic question map.root question
3:19AM 0 Routing bug/help
1:38AM 2 NoMethodError: undefined method `' for #<JSON::Ext::Generator::State:0x2407ea8>
1:33AM 2 authenticity_token
1:12AM 4 OS X rails path problem
12:45AM 3 stupid questions about erb
Monday July 27 2009
11:46PM 1 [activerecord]what are the reserved attribute names that become protected attributes
11:34PM 4 Plugin tests not running
10:08PM 2 streaming radios in rails
9:45PM 5 boolean model.column? == true even if value is 0
9:26PM 4 time_select in am/pm format
8:26PM 3 using form values
7:35PM 1 Client local time
6:58PM 2 Can't delete sqlite database
5:30PM 0 document management in ROR
5:28PM 9 varchar size for a blog post
5:26PM 1 set_table_name on the fly
5:17PM 2 ActionMailer task in cron
4:58PM 5 quote_ident
4:49PM 4 Speed comparison between mac/linux and windows
4:26PM 4 Best practice question...
3:12PM 4 Plugin install not installing git plugins
11:44AM 3 Trying to use 301 redirect, but the server does a 302
11:00AM 4 Export to PDF
10:38AM 8 Scalability problem
9:41AM 5 Update collection_select
9:38AM 1 :expires_in not working with memcache/fragment caching?
9:04AM 1 error in new.rhtml
8:17AM 3 how change :foreign_key on :through
7:20AM 2 Google Calendar Interface
7:15AM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Jobs
5:42AM 10 after matching a regexp, how can I modify the pre-match string?
5:09AM 1 how to show price on store list?
4:49AM 3 render syntax has me stumped
4:08AM 1 Displaying Friends Activity
3:21AM 3 attempting ajax file upload
1:38AM 3 Action Placed in Application Controller Doesn't Inherit Down
1:23AM 2 Override a private method on an ActiveRecord submodule
Sunday July 26 2009
9:07PM 5 Nested form is giving me the wrong params
8:33PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 - Early Registration Ending Soon
8:21PM 8 Non-association and pulling data from many models
8:14PM 4 environment.rb GEM_PATH -- problem deploying to shared host
6:35PM 5 How to pass the value from radio button to controller?
3:39PM 3 Multiple collection selects of same data types in view?
1:16PM 3 Is there multilingual support built into Rails?
1:05PM 2 Render html to pic
11:58AM 1 Google Calendar
7:42AM 1 Simple Captcha - Update attributes?
2:16AM 2 How knows my paths in link_to? If I do not defined.
1:47AM 6 64-bit OS and Web Browsers (handling flash content)
Saturday July 25 2009
11:00PM 6 file transfer problem
9:49PM 0 Routing issue
7:16PM 5 3 column :hbtm?
6:34PM 5 Problem understanding scaffolds
5:56PM 2 Rails 2.3.3 script/server problem
3:45PM 2 Consensus on SSL - what's everyone using?
3:43PM 12 page.insert_html does not insert html with link_to_function
12:51PM 1 Haml rendering problem.
4:45AM 1 How to show Category with n childrens in a form
12:41AM 3 Rails Authorization and Security question
Friday July 24 2009
10:35PM 2 mapping parameter in a RESTful route
10:33PM 9 Model with two Value Object associations
9:13PM 5 Creating a View(database) with Migration
6:30PM 3 Client-side javascript question
6:17PM 3 Got the books. Built some examples. Now, how to get "certified"?
5:32PM 1 actionmailer and local i18n
3:31PM 5 Need help viewing my first App
3:05PM 1 Displaying Text_Area values in HTML
2:45PM 0 Alternative to cruisecontrol.rb? here it is...
2:10PM 4 Does anyone know where can I get US zip codes with time zones?
1:43PM 0 Is it possible to omit HTML id attribute when using form helpers?
1:34PM 0 Anything you like for making appointments ?
12:50PM 0 google map
12:21PM 0 datetime type raises error on assignment – date type don't
12:09PM 6 Routes from raw js (using XMLHttpRequest)
10:26AM 7 number_to_currency not working since 2.1.1
10:09AM 0 Nginx+Passenger 403 Forbidden
9:10AM 1 Modifying ActiveResource classes
9:08AM 2 Number of scaffolds (Controllers)
7:32AM 2 Problems while moving to a new-alike method
7:28AM 2 Something is wrong with my 2.3.3 install
6:50AM 3 replace special chars with new special char
6:04AM 5 padawan seeks advice from jedi masters to create toggle box via ajax/rjs before slitting wrists with ruby powered light-saber.
3:46AM 4 Plugin auto_complete - unable to get it to work at all.
1:50AM 2 About rails_cron this plugin
1:21AM 1 Attachment_fu - watermark tmp file before saved to S3
12:29AM 1 Polymorphic has_many through source problem
12:24AM 0 accepts_nested_attributes_for and ActiveResources
Thursday July 23 2009
10:11PM 0 Problem with touch and autosave options
10:07PM 0 Nested ARes models
9:53PM 1 link_to ...onclick + ondoubleclick
9:33PM 3 CSS Not working (Long Message)
9:02PM 3 Rails Elements for comparison selects
7:53PM 1 Experiences with RAM and CPU Demand of Rails Applications?
7:41PM 3 show a blob image
4:17PM 0 undefined method when redering form (rails 2.3)
3:39PM 2 Radio buttons for arrays
2:16PM 0 Re: Unsubscribe
1:37PM 8 Where does RoR store cache_classes code?
1:23PM 0 Rails Logger::Shifting Problem
1:15PM 0 Logger shifting exception from logger gem
11:54AM 11 Problem with named_scope
11:20AM 1 How can I paginate records find by using find_by_sql
11:01AM 12 gem install - how to link additional library to native library (krb5 to ruby-pg)
8:14AM 0 How does a memcached key look like?
8:07AM 1 when to use raise ? why just redirect_to.
8:01AM 11 Could Rails be used to make a Digg-like site?
7:25AM 1 testing with before_filter
6:51AM 3 problem using rjs, please help
6:30AM 7 Sorting In rails ..
5:19AM 2 Integrating one app into another
5:14AM 1 ROR combo box
3:12AM 0 how to get the value of a text field
2:44AM 3 has_many :through with join table as a has_many FK issue
2:39AM 0 acl_system2 : undefined method `access_control'
12:47AM 5 ruby on rails programmer
12:24AM 0 Ignore Empty File Uploads with attachment_fu (Multiple files)
Wednesday July 22 2009
10:36PM 2 Ajax, javascript_tag and JS Var trouble, help nedded.
10:25PM 0 Moneta::File
10:24PM 2 String as method call?
10:18PM 2 Company Account with Multiple Users
9:09PM 1 helper for ajax field update
9:05PM 3 Singleton Object nil
8:45PM 2 Ruby 1.8.6 + Rails 2.3.2 + ActionMailer + Gmail SMTP
4:58PM 1 How do I mimic Finder/Explorer views with contextual menus, etc?
4:54PM 1 Problem with deploying changes in production.
4:47PM 1 button_to_remote problem "index 115225 out of string"
3:07PM 8 ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
2:51PM 4 Upgrading Ruby - will it affect Rails? - 1.8.6 to 1.9.1
2:41PM 6 code reloading by timer (in development env)
2:17PM 7 how to pass ruby objects to javascript ?
1:16PM 1 Ruby on Rails and prepated statements
12:53PM 1 Problem sending files > ~10KB using Active Resource
12:23PM 9 Hash Problem .. + Urgent
12:18PM 2 How to build scope for count() & has many polymorphic?
11:48AM 0 Logger::ShiftingError
10:34AM 5 radio_button not updating the database
10:14AM 2 Auth / Search / Paging
10:11AM 3 Record Mapping ..
9:47AM 3 Route to static folder (to browse files)
9:39AM 3 Problem when copying files somehow related to REXML
8:49AM 1 Ruby 1.9.x Rails Performance
6:42AM 0 Arrays in Ruby ..
5:30AM 0 Issue with printing doc to default printer without popup dialogue box.
4:54AM 11 Help For Testing ruby on rails?
1:02AM 13 post data help
Tuesday July 21 2009
11:53PM 2 Render a partial that has assosciations with something else
9:26PM 0 [ADV] Black/Kastner Ruby training: for non-beginners?
9:00PM 0 ri_cal 0.7.4 Released
8:24PM 3 Swfobject rails 2.3.2 - get session vars
7:35PM 1 STI include in find
6:33PM 0 prob with address field import using vPim/vCard
5:39PM 1 synatx error while running migration
4:21PM 2 Problems with readonly attributes
4:15PM 0 Some help with metric-fu
3:52PM 4 production and cache
3:50PM 2 Machinist - having problems stubbing an after_create filter
2:57PM 0 'document.observe' and a variable generated in controller
2:47PM 3 Evaluating Ruby code that is in a sting, how do I do it?
2:27PM 6 Waiting for 1 connection to finish
2:19PM 0 backporting C version of Array.combination to ruby 1.86
2:18PM 6 Empty string and nil values help needed
1:24PM 1 Rails nested resource issue
1:10PM 2 Problems with accepts_nested_attributes_for
1:02PM 4 Rails Application Performance...
12:26PM 1 text_fields and habtm
11:32AM 8 aptana RadRails
10:44AM 2 About Error handler
10:41AM 1 ActiveRecord::Errors introspection
9:49AM 2 New to Rails
8:48AM 13 Auto_Complete plugin with results from two tables
4:56AM 2 Routes or .htaccess
4:44AM 3 Is there anyway to get method name in view ?
4:24AM 2 Sending "flags" with link_to
2:18AM 2 Why page.replace_html can send only one collections ?
2:08AM 9 my first app with RoR problem.
12:57AM 1 AJAX/Javascript Question
12:42AM 5 model attached to model validation
12:05AM 0 get member and collection actions of a given controller
Monday July 20 2009
11:17PM 1 Warning: Gem::SourceIndex#search
10:36PM 4 2.3.3 update broke my test suite
9:55PM 2 Associations problem
9:54PM 2 noob syntax question
8:32PM 6 getting mysql gem to work with WAMP's MySQL
7:55PM 3 AJAX "render :partial" does not update if specified view matches current view
7:25PM 2 Hitting unknown error with "can't dup NilClass"
7:00PM 5 form_for syntax?
6:10PM 0 Is flickr plugin that slow in rails?
6:06PM 3 help
5:50PM 1 flickr-fu group search
5:22PM 3 Strange Passenger behavior on OS X
5:16PM 1 Print disabling dialog box
3:28PM 4 Project Code Decision
3:19PM 7 Simple Search Methode - newbie question.
2:59PM 1 Date format issue: Empty (NULL) date is getting save in mysql DB
2:11PM 3 Adding a view (newby question)
12:52PM 2 hello
12:40PM 1 Unexpected 'nil' in rails upload application
11:47AM 1 CSS issue when using SubUri and Passenger
10:19AM 3 pagination
10:18AM 2 render :file in another window
9:36AM 2 Testing: be_new_record
9:31AM 0 Polymorphic Comment notification to Users?
9:31AM 0 Emails + Delete from Inbox
7:59AM 2 Model.destroy(array of ids) Bug
6:52AM 0 how to use view_paths() and why you need to use.
6:18AM 0 Testing a custom mime type
5:56AM 9 rake error
5:53AM 1 Easiest User autentification
5:35AM 6 How to call model that belongs to that controller
4:19AM 3 Ruby 1.9.1 One-Click Installer for Windows
2:28AM 0 [JOBS] Ruby Developer Needed in Columbus, Ohio
12:01AM 14 make setter private
Sunday July 19 2009
11:59PM 0 Code Quality Tool Initiative
11:26PM 13 Concerns about multiple model queries and array management
9:34PM 2 redefined accessor and return value
9:26PM 9 Equipment_URL Failed to Generate (new_equipment_path)
7:53PM 1 admin rounting
5:30PM 4 SSI on ruby on rails
3:50PM 3 how to search for a speciel file extension
9:40AM 1 Runing Rake Error
7:40AM 3 Edit function now outputs HTML only
7:36AM 5 Rails vs PHP in resource usage
7:16AM 0 Load model with Ajax and jQuery to load a form
4:07AM 17 Routing Error
4:04AM 3 authentication and authorization
Saturday July 18 2009
10:37PM 2 Intermittent routing problem
9:17PM 2 Rails and Qooxdoo
8:46PM 2 Using a different xml format for REST
7:17PM 1 Help needed regarding Scaffolding
6:38PM 2 Sharing controllers/models within a view
6:22PM 0 get 302 error while trying to deploy a ror site.
6:09PM 2 downloadable docs?
5:59PM 1 select dropdown for belongs_to field
5:11PM 8 Need Help! after upgrade rails to 2.3.2 it show empty page
5:01PM 1 No line break between text and auto complete
4:50PM 8 How to sum returned rows from a model using inject?
4:28PM 4 rails 2.3.2.not working working with cgi - How to revert
4:14PM 2 Best Books and Tutorials on Rails?
1:07PM 0 Engine classes don't auto load in production environment (Rails 2.3.2 + smerf plugin)
12:36PM 5 Kii, a Rails based wiki with a sensible code base
12:24PM 4 [OT] Becoming incorporated? Few quick questions, S-Corp fine, etc?
8:15AM 7 CMS in Rails
8:00AM 3 create 1000 items in DB
7:24AM 9 How to Disable Pluralization
5:56AM 1 session in the model
5:47AM 0 HappyMapper
Friday July 17 2009
11:46PM 2 long arsd problem
10:53PM 1 Issue rendering past a certain point with partials
10:50PM 0 Scott Hughes is out of the office.
9:05PM 2 [JOBS] Senior Ruby Developer Needed in Columbus, Ohio
7:14PM 2 compare pinax and rails
5:59PM 1 zlib-devel without root privilage
3:48PM 3 Rails adds send! method to Object?
3:38PM 1 Mongrel Server error - newbie question.
3:09PM 19 I need help saving table data from a rake task
1:58PM 1 SSL signed by unknown and slow browsing
1:54PM 1 Yield, content_for and Ajax actions?!
10:55AM 3 how to get "www.site.com/user1" address
9:21AM 1 100% CPU usage with Mongrel dev server on Windows
6:50AM 1 ActiveRecord validations ignore SQLite3 timeout configuration
6:16AM 2 Will RoR3 be so "merbist" as Merb ?
5:47AM 0 record is not store in DB & session.delete('key') not workin
5:20AM 1 attachment_fu :partition => lamda {}
2:52AM 6 :Partial and :locals question
2:38AM 0 Plugin classes won't load
2:35AM 6 Button to trigger mailer?
Thursday July 16 2009
11:47PM 5 Why does this output to the console?
11:08PM 2 Bizarre issue with form builders (merging options and *args).
11:02PM 4 strategy for storing/accessing custom attributes?
8:25PM 9 Please help me understand how arrays are translated in rails
7:51PM 5 "me" route
6:43PM 3 Help with gsub
6:27PM 14 rake db:migrate issue 'No migration with version number 3'
6:23PM 0 Merge error in collection_select when trying to access another model
3:16PM 8 Same has_many and has_one?
2:42PM 3 Associations over 37 different tables with has_one
2:37PM 1 http basic authentication and restful authentication
1:40PM 1 Multi check box insertion
1:36PM 1 Controllers reuse or the way to reuse code along with views
12:40PM 1 expire_action confusion
11:58AM 3 Remove 12002 from http://www.projectbidding.com:12002/account/index
11:25AM 1 Problem with rails and AJAX
10:30AM 1 Find_all_by and select boxes??
10:26AM 3 How to make something like IN (1,3,4) in the :conditions
10:01AM 3 instance variable life span in controller
9:29AM 12 Find_all_by and find(:all) to only select certain values for a selection box
9:14AM 2 many-to-many relationships between model using different db
8:49AM 1 mongrel issue.
7:46AM 0 With rails thread safe, is mongrel multi-threaded now?
6:44AM 2 getting routing errors
6:38AM 3 Plz hlp :-( Link is not directing to function in controller
6:36AM 0 pdf::writer inserting images horizontally
6:10AM 1 ActiveResource timeout not functioning?
4:22AM 2 Time calculate method in rails
12:45AM 4 Problem with routes.rb in rails 2.3.2
12:17AM 3 Snail, a plugin for international mailing addresses
Wednesday July 15 2009
11:14PM 3 Serialization problem
10:19PM 2 Using multiple SMTP servers with Rails - avoiding blacklisting
10:18PM 1 cheap hack way to clear a form ?
5:59PM 2 Will_paginate with more than one table
5:41PM 1 rake db:migrate failing in production in 2.3.2
4:40PM 1 script/runner and backgroundrb caching and performance
3:40PM 0 Many to many polymorphic relationships...
3:04PM 2 linking many to one id column
2:53PM 2 odd Ruby difficulties
2:53PM 4 Small problem in RoR Webservices
2:28PM 6 [JOBS]
1:49PM 2 undefined method empty? when find first invoked on db
12:36PM 13 How to dynamically change stylesheets globally?
10:19AM 6 Single Sign-on for two rails app
10:12AM 5 has_and_belongs_to_many - help?
9:24AM 0 Aloha on Rails, Hawaii Rails Conf, Last Day for Proposals
8:29AM 3 Rails time triggered actions
8:07AM 1 attachment_fu problem:
7:50AM 0 ar_sendmail and gchart
7:14AM 27 Basics of Capistrano
7:03AM 1 Database table restore.
6:43AM 2 Handle incoming mails in ruby on rails
6:21AM 6 More on Symbols
6:09AM 2 Reading AR validations at runtime
5:38AM 0 invalid binding information
4:50AM 2 generating a view from a controller.
4:24AM 6 I have a big problem
3:31AM 0 has_many and has_one ... and nested form
Tuesday July 14 2009
10:20PM 0 Diacritics automatically transformed to ASCII?
9:04PM 8 undefined method `paginate'
8:43PM 0 ANN: RuPy '09 Conference
8:30PM 0 Re: Auto_link into _blank window
7:00PM 5 Working Depot app? (not AWDWR-related)
6:21PM 3 getting the response body
5:26PM 3 how to make a picture a linked picture
3:53PM 3 Redbox
3:13PM 4 [ActiveRecord::Base].collect {|a,b| ...} weirdness
3:07PM 1 select or select_tag
1:06PM 2 Sharing session between 1.2.3 and 2.3.2 apps
11:19AM 10 Complete Beginner…
9:07AM 4 error while testing validatesformatof
8:50AM 8 Proper API doc for rails erb objects?
8:49AM 8 Execute Ruby Script
8:13AM 1 How to add after_filter-style render
7:41AM 0 variable embedded on a string
7:24AM 0 problem with ar-extensions import
1:32AM 1 Protecting code and licensing for independently deployed Rails applications...?
12:09AM 0 External Search Sources Rails Engine
Monday July 13 2009
10:16PM 0 Looking for a rack middleware to dump http request response traces
9:03PM 2 What's your favorite IDE or Editor for Rails?
5:31PM 1 Replicating link_to_remote in raw js
5:26PM 0 Framework/templating language performance: Ruby vs. Rack vs. Sinatra and ERB vs. Builder vs. HAML
4:17PM 0 Passing a DB connection between scripts
3:57PM 1 Database Diagram Advice needed plus Normalization
3:35PM 6 first app on Dreamhost with Passenger : "rails needs to know your username and password" ?
3:34PM 2 Help with loading data with sequential id
2:20PM 2 Starting up with Ruby on Rails..
2:15PM 3 test problem
1:51PM 0 mysql error with named_scope and any?
1:10PM 3 Conditions don't work
12:45PM 3 Can we call php function in Rails ?
12:45PM 3 how to integrate svn with rails
12:18PM 2 Just a matter of taste or the need of a formal approach?
11:22AM 1 Running a single fixture.
11:13AM 0 What is dispatch.rb?
11:11AM 1 How to manage Tab & Comma separated filds form single text f
10:26AM 0 Disable session cookie during a request
10:04AM 3 Controller calling .. ?
9:40AM 3 How to add default value to text_field_with_auto_complete
9:27AM 0 Rails Beacon
9:11AM 0 mailbox model
8:19AM 2 Data-only migrations when User model does not store plain text passwords
7:55AM 12 .html/.html.erb/.rhtml to PDF
7:22AM 0 custom error pages
6:36AM 0 new gem: renshi - a templating language
3:01AM 4 named_scope and its :order function.
2:36AM 0 expire action in different subdomain
1:39AM 0 Can ActiveResource use ActiveRecord::Dirty?
1:12AM 3 undefined method error from atom builder
12:11AM 4 Ideas why this rake task isn't saving one of my models?
12:04AM 4 Locking, and How to Test it
Sunday July 12 2009
11:36PM 14 Use of self in a class
10:47PM 11 get DB data to rhtml file
7:34PM 1 SVN checkout
7:08PM 1 Search in database
7:02PM 2 Testing javascript
6:58PM 1 errors.add don't work
5:44PM 3 Installing mysql with macports
5:33PM 3 RESTful Authentication Plugin Not Found
2:43PM 9 Associations - Better solution?
2:36PM 10 observe_field on text_field
12:15PM 3 DRY way of updating flash in AJAX
11:37AM 4 How to use Find with conditions?
9:39AM 2 Correct regexp for Apache Expires headers
9:17AM 5 Rails problem
9:09AM 0 localized templates in rails 2.1
7:06AM 3 RJS render errors when user clicks away before render completes
7:00AM 1 `require_frameworks': no such file to load -- openssl
6:38AM 1 Odd problem with templates
5:50AM 0 URL structure ( example.com/~user/file )
5:15AM 1 fresh MSI installation prlblems
3:09AM 19 Time Converstions Issues
Saturday July 11 2009
10:19PM 4 Models as "views" on another model
8:27PM 0 Surveying SMS gateway APIs for use with Rails
8:05PM 8 Filter out or not showing event records that are in the past
8:00PM 1 benifits of ror over other technologies
7:57PM 1 devekop cms
5:46PM 3 Error on custom_require.rb when rspec executed.
4:58PM 3 Migration in Multiple Database
4:20PM 1 Unicode question - will it work?
3:55PM 2 offeride :limit named_scope default_scope
2:16PM 21 Need some help with a model query
2:03PM 0 Solaris MySQL Timeouts
12:42PM 12 Time parsing issue
11:48AM 0 Integrating a wiki (built in rails) into a rails application
10:33AM 0 error while making a feedback form
9:04AM 14 Ways to chart data in Rails?
8:20AM 1 why I can't post new message?
6:05AM 1 using jQuery for remote_for
2:38AM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete with regular expression
1:02AM 6 conditional link_to_remote not re-rendering
12:52AM 3 ActionController::RoutingError (Recognition failed for "/dis
Friday July 10 2009
10:17PM 7 dynamic paths
9:56PM 1 Rendering from a filter class
9:30PM 6 Seed fu and restful_authentication
9:19PM 1 How to use remote_function??
9:13PM 5 LogIn Button using remote_function
8:31PM 5 accessing model attribute name dynamically
8:02PM 7 ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL question
7:34PM 3 text_field_with_auto_complete
7:14PM 7 Quick simple check: Very simple relationship setup (newbish for sure.)
4:59PM 0 vote on my project what you want me to work on
4:55PM 2 What's the most RESTful approach here?
4:05PM 1 newbie: rake db:migrate
3:53PM 12 How to check if a table is empty ?
3:04PM 1 get email address as param and send email
12:25PM 3 ./script/about with ruby 1.9.1
12:11PM 0 (Jobs) Technical Ruby Engineers/Developers - Would you like to be recognized for your contributions and take your career to the next level?
12:09PM 3 wiki built on rails
11:51AM 3 Controller Method .. ?
10:36AM 3 Render a whole HTML page after an Ajax request: possible?
10:32AM 2 replace the default home page
10:04AM 1 An implementation question
9:49AM 1 How to use partition
8:59AM 1 Can I pass parameter in redirect_to
8:36AM 2 Problem installing system_timer in windows
7:02AM 0 problems delete record using attachment_fu
6:37AM 5 Problem deploying app on bluehost
5:56AM 5 Database saving empty records
2:49AM 6 How to remove ^M at the end of each line?
1:34AM 1 observe_field on select
Thursday July 9 2009
11:24PM 7 Skinny Controller, Fat View?
10:42PM 2 has_many :through habtm
8:56PM 1 Managing and presenting large amounts of up-to-date data...?
8:38PM 1 got the problam in installation
7:43PM 2 observe_field value in controller
7:20PM 1 seeking optimization help - overridden to_xml()
6:59PM 0 [JOBS] RoR Developer for full-time contract work
5:49PM 0 BDD / Rails Workshop
5:14PM 24 New to Rails? Read This
4:37PM 8 Puts just work on Controllers
4:11PM 0 Nested forms, dynamic elements and valid xhtml/DOM ids
3:49PM 4 A Mongrel of an Error
3:44PM 8 submit_to_remote with image
3:31PM 1 Nested link_to_function with partial
3:27PM 1 Modal dialog box
2:25PM 0 Using ffmpeg to downsize mp3s
2:24PM 1 link_to_unless_current fails when processing forms with error messages in it with restful routes
1:25PM 2 Getting ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken error Please help tried to run thru the solutions searched via google but no luck
1:18PM 9 Question on attr_protected and attr_accessible
1:14PM 8 Only One Controller + Urgent
12:56PM 3 AJAX: getting a label to act like its field
12:55PM 7 Change default view path for an ActionController
12:55PM 7 Problems installing mongrel in Ruby 1.9.1 on Mac OS
12:19PM 9 How to validate with validates_associated
11:20AM 1 generating random odd integer
11:17AM 3 button_to_remote and control values
10:37AM 0 Cache expiration with format not working as expected
10:19AM 1 escaping special characters.
10:09AM 2 rake db:migrate confusion following Cucumber upgrade
9:01AM 0 Can't run method on scaffold index
7:04AM 6 rdiscount Deadlock !
3:06AM 1 Rails/Ruby Style Guideline?
1:52AM 2 Upgrading from Rails 1.2.6
12:11AM 3 Curious why copying an array element by element fails when using strip!
Wednesday July 8 2009
11:43PM 2 RuntimeError (JPEG marker not found!):
9:15PM 14 Different version of RoR on server
8:53PM 0 date as textfield, virtual attribute can't be empty?
6:59PM 7 running a unit test over and over in script/console
6:40PM 3 Button that doesn't submit
6:10PM 0 calling content_for from a controller
5:01PM 0 accepts_nested_attributes_for and has_one
4:13PM 3 Rails apps. with Microsoft Access as a back end?
2:28PM 1 ActiveSupport::TestCase does not respond to "get" or "post"
1:56PM 1 A lot of postgresql database users authenticating and connecting from an enterprise rails application
1:22PM 1 transaction is not working in mysql database
12:53PM 0 Editable Combobox
12:30PM 0 Complex relations
12:19PM 0 mysql gem error on solaris 10 sparc
11:33AM 0 Rails Connection Pool With Firewall
9:32AM 1 Search within Search Result set
8:46AM 4 rerouting between controller's actions *WITHOUT REDIRECT_TO*
8:41AM 0 a helper to DRY-up internationalized <title>'s (http://github.com/lwe/page_title_helper)
6:55AM 3 Tricky find on associated conditions
6:46AM 2 How to Trigger 'onclick' or 'onchange' on <select>
6:35AM 1 Pagination url problem
6:07AM 16 Deployment on Dreamhost - Application Error
3:40AM 1 'ruby script/server' fails. 'No such file to load' Not sure what the issue is.
12:44AM 9 ActiveRecord HABTM finds with "AND"
12:13AM 2 can't return a result set in the given context:
Tuesday July 7 2009
11:00PM 3 find(:all) problem
10:28PM 0 Combining Polymorphic Results from Related Records?
9:47PM 0 Route generator using incorrect host
9:09PM 0 Determining which tables are available (oracle)
8:53PM 5 Storing Images in Database or File System?
8:52PM 3 Excessive use of CPU
8:40PM 6 Problems running rake test (possibly gem/debian issues)
8:29PM 0 Permalink_fu on using Rails 1.2.6
7:12PM 10 link_to, how do you combine url options and html_options?
5:47PM 0 Setting up routes with formats and parameters that are domain names
4:38PM 1 HttpMock Post Parameters
3:13PM 1 Senior Ror,Mysql
2:40PM 3 Quicktime Movie from Hard Disk
1:35PM 1 question on railfrog
1:13PM 7 Upgrading on Unix
1:07PM 1 Symbol[int] not working as expected.
1:02PM 1 Adding data in two tables simul;taneously with Validations
12:25PM 1 RoR alternative to mod_deflate
11:25AM 0 Problem with acts_as_taggable and :uniq option.
11:10AM 0 Ruby on Rails opportunity in the online gaming industry
10:26AM 3 rake db:create:all error
10:20AM 5 Data exists in table? Checkbox Problem
10:12AM 1 scope_out plugin
10:12AM 1 like "observe_field"
9:59AM 2 paperclip unit testing
9:22AM 6 programmatically add a route
8:55AM 4 conentent management system in ROR
8:48AM 2 compare ror vs php vs .net
8:46AM 6 transaction in controller
2:36AM 3 Testing has_many
2:00AM 4 How to use different key than :id in route?
1:24AM 0 ri_cal 0.7.2 Released
Monday July 6 2009
11:40PM 12 Executing js when a partial loads
8:46PM 3 Rails/Rake wrongly interpreting command-line???
6:54PM 1 Curiosity about syntax for multi-line statements
6:26PM 3 Generating M$ Word documents from RoR apps?
6:16PM 5 multiple associated records
5:54PM 8 how to make ZenTest autotest run whenever my tests change
5:45PM 2 Newbie Qn re Basic Google Maps Mashup How To?
5:40PM 4 Problem with switching rails 2.2.2. application to production
5:15PM 3 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Rails App - http://bit.ly/jtpK4
4:33PM 3 Getting email replies with Net::IMAP
4:24PM 0 Routing via regexp with map.resources?
4:19PM 6 Retrieving Count (*)
3:56PM 4 Rendering partials with ajax checkbox/observer
3:38PM 4 Using the model to insert records without a running rails application
3:36PM 0 Help with regular expression
3:08PM 1 Build a table with content_tag's
3:05PM 0 uninitialized constant ActiveRecord::VERSION
3:00PM 1 authlogic and updateing a user without changing password
2:35PM 0 Rails Documentation of hash options
2:15PM 0 scope out plugin
1:26PM 2 find where association model count=0 ?
12:48PM 0 Ferret Shared Index Issue
11:29AM 1 How to install rail from source
10:07AM 2 Default text_field size
9:51AM 2 Versioning of objects. Best practice?
8:53AM 0 WiceGrid Plugin version 0.4
8:04AM 0 MemCache::MemCacheError: No connection to server
7:56AM 2 Read email in ruby
5:31AM 1 script/server stopped working after deployment
1:53AM 1 ajax update of a table
12:30AM 4 Authentication and Wiki
Sunday July 5 2009
11:52PM 2 No route matches for public directory
11:23PM 3 If storing duration as integer seconds... question on building a helper
9:57PM 3 Modular website with XML-based backend in Rails?
9:12PM 2 has_many relationship - specify how quantity (how many)
7:33PM 8 Help kill ghost request
7:06PM 2 JSON data not decoded in Rails
6:39PM 1 gem update --system not updating....
5:26PM 2 sanitize() AND escapeHTML()/h() ?
3:46PM 1 repeated conditions in sql queries
3:42PM 2 How can I DRY this up?
2:12PM 4 Deploying without capistrano, using git pull?
12:59PM 4 reassignement TCPSocket::new
12:33PM 2 RESTFUL routes strange behavior
6:28AM 2 tell me how to rectify this error
5:02AM 3 distance_of_time_in_words fails in test
4:00AM 3 How do I generate dynamic items dynamically?
3:45AM 1 RJS error ("Can't find variable: point") not providing sufficient information.
2:12AM 3 php => rails (JSON)
Saturday July 4 2009
11:55PM 0 add a new locale using raul's translate_routes plug-in
10:29PM 1 CMS action & "/cms" subfolder for each controller
9:55PM 1 Ajax request and redirection
9:35PM 1 Msdd update
12:37PM 0 problem for authorize.net in service merchant plugin
10:16AM 3 scaffolding
9:57AM 12 save! not allowed after validates_uniqueness
8:54AM 1 IOError while rendering and redirecting
8:45AM 9 prevent orphan records
8:27AM 1 Password needed to view atom feed
4:59AM 3 Eager loading with find_by_sql
3:27AM 2 conditions either null or real value
3:06AM 2 find Composite Primary Keys
2:20AM 5 I'm stumped by this stupid newbie error I'm seeing... trying to figure out where to "look" next... (undefined method xxx_path )
1:50AM 1 Composite Primary Keys and validates_uniqueness_of
Friday July 3 2009
10:53PM 1 generate model Test stats:hash/array? Is it possible?
10:13PM 1 routing URL REST or not REST
7:51PM 0 Drag and Drop with Scriptaculous
7:38PM 3 :all or noop operator for find_all_by_*?
6:05PM 0 Results from Model.connection.execute
6:04PM 7 How to dynamically load plugin files on every request?
5:32PM 11 Trouble with email delivery
3:47PM 6 JavaScript validation
2:23PM 1 ActionWebService - omit backtrace in error response
2:15PM 4 Error Messages while entering data in 2 tables with one form
1:28PM 5 Can't install RMagick due to MagickWand problems
1:21PM 1 how to route localhost:3000/redirect/www.google.com ?
12:45PM 8 problem with acts_as_versioned
12:44PM 7 Jruby + SQLServer
11:16AM 3 Rails and Git: Rails code to serve git repositories?
10:40AM 9 What's the best way to protect images from the public?
7:50AM 0 Calendar for the week(yep, even for hour)
7:26AM 1 Plugin for personal messages system?
7:18AM 2 search in scaffold
5:24AM 1 Load script in console
4:56AM 3 Tracking website sections
4:45AM 0 All apps on server giving a silent 500 error page
4:33AM 2 wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) in
4:23AM 4 HABTM - primary key problem
12:57AM 2 A copy of ApplicationController has been removed from the module tree but is still active
Thursday July 2 2009
11:36PM 0 actionmailer and i18n
10:01PM 0 Can ActiveRecord use native database functions?
9:42PM 7 Not sure how to do this
9:19PM 5 Simple hopefully, newbish question, but how come it's saying starting in Rails 2.2.2 when I'm using 2.3.2 ?
8:25PM 0 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken in UserController
8:19PM 1 Prevent attribute from being changed with "attr_readonly"
8:14PM 0 validates_uniqueness_of and attr_readonly
8:09PM 9 rake db:create == Protocol error
8:06PM 1 How can I disable the memcache client in ActiveSupport
7:59PM 1 has_many through problem
7:48PM 7 Params Merge and URL sorting/pagination
7:48PM 1 Question about Capistrano file
6:39PM 2 Database Update Outside of Rails
5:46PM 10 Is it safe to use Ruby 1.9 yet?
5:18PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Training: Intro to Ruby, with Black & Kastner, Sept. 14-17
3:25PM 3 how can i use ruby 1.8.4 when my host has 1.8.6 installed?
3:20PM 2 Ldap authentication in ROR
3:10PM 8 How to Synchronize?
3:07PM 7 selected in select
2:55PM 2 Big help with shared subdomains cookies
1:31PM 15 Application doesn't work on two different machines
12:56PM 6 Beginner needs help
12:44PM 2 compose_primary_keys
12:11PM 2 i need some help
12:09PM 0 Plug-ins and naming conflict with application.
11:40AM 2 Apostrophe display issue in view file.
11:36AM 2 ajax based form - render action breaks form
10:46AM 1 Video Chat and Rails
10:26AM 0 Railroad and models without tables
10:01AM 0 WEBrick bugs ?
8:59AM 2 Language Translation
8:34AM 8 rails hyperthreading on Quad core
5:47AM 2 Why!? A strange instance variable in action and view
4:54AM 1 Rails Select Helper
4:39AM 1 config.load_paths
4:26AM 3 Validation failture
2:58AM 1 Why do CacheSweepers listen to the Controller
Wednesday July 1 2009
10:52PM 1 form_for resources with :singular specified
10:04PM 2 Nested Forms - how to displayed the attributes content ?
9:56PM 1 attachement_fu width and height ratio
9:35PM 7 How to access nested params in controller
8:51PM 1 pop up form
8:11PM 2 Paymo {mobile payment integration with} ?
6:57PM 1 ANN: Sortable, searchable, paginated plugin for rails
6:26PM 15 Shared Model Methods
4:33PM 1 has_many having another has_many
4:22PM 7 Nested Forms
2:13PM 7 Cannot install Rails version 1.2.5
1:42PM 1 Compose keys
12:56PM 2 Excellent Opening for ROR Professionals
12:43PM 0 Foreng key, compose keys
12:08PM 2 how to directly use "app.get" in rake?
11:21AM 2 routes.rb -- is it really needed?
8:12AM 1 integration of codaslidr in rails
5:56AM 2 duration of session
4:23AM 0 Data migration using find_by_name
4:21AM 3 session or flash
12:37AM 9 How can I check form input before submit?