R help - Sep 2014

Tuesday September 30 2014
11:00PM 0 uninstalled and reinstalled R, now cannot install packages
9:04PM 0 Reading text file with fortran format
7:50PM 0 Best Distribution
5:54PM 0 Converting factor data into Date-time format
5:31PM 0 Inverse Student t-value
4:39PM 0 Course Halifax: Introduction to Linear mixed effects models, GLMM and MCMC with R
1:17PM 0 Using "survey" package with ACS PUMS
12:54PM 0 Loop does not work: Error in else statement (II)
11:58AM 0 Regarding R package spatstat
10:33AM 0 coplot: extract regression output
9:41AM 0 Obtain 00Index.html
8:13AM 0 ..nlme: start values necessary even though using self-start function?..
1:07AM 0 Custom Function Not Completely working
12:03AM 0 Issue with a function
Monday September 29 2014
11:05PM 0 If statement not working in a for loop when making it independent
10:38PM 0 fitting distribution
7:17PM 0 Loop does not work: Error in else statement
5:53PM 0 Package 'compositions', function acomp() With Missing Data
5:42PM 0 Chen.Deo test
3:59PM 0 hadley's book
1:17PM 0 Univariate results from MANOVA with Adonis?
10:11AM 0 residuals of glm
9:59AM 0 How to get rid of my for loop
9:47AM 0 "timeDate" package: Read dates from xls or txt
9:05AM 0 Could someone recommend a package for time series?
Sunday September 28 2014
11:15PM 0 How do I install a Windows package built from source?
10:10PM 0 draw piecharts or histograms at the points of a scatterplot
9:26PM 0 optim for maximization
7:26PM 0 Plotting Categorical/Numerical Data?
7:13PM 0 if else statement in loop
1:41PM 0 help with splitting parts of data frame
11:47AM 0 Robust Standard Error in R
4:49AM 0 Ifelse statement on a factor level data frame
Saturday September 27 2014
8:50AM 0 Re: [ESS] package loadable in R 3.1.1 Rterm but not in emacs/ESS
8:36AM 0 could not plot my spatial species points on the raster data
2:26AM 0 quadprog::solve.QP sometimes returns NaNs
Friday September 26 2014
10:15PM 0 how to get the rows that satisfy a specific condition
5:59PM 0 question regarding pcalg package
5:57PM 0 Histogram from a single column of a data frame
2:38PM 0 package loadable in R 3.1.1 Rterm but not in emacs/ESS
11:55AM 0 [rJava] RJavaClassLoader and system classloader
10:21AM 0 Help with conversion of variable labels (Hmisc and Epicalc)
7:32AM 0 Savitzky-Golay Smoother
3:25AM 0 Can't seem to get lapply to work.
Thursday September 25 2014
11:53PM 0 Unique values in dataframe columns
7:50PM 0 adding rows
6:30PM 0 Performance (speed) of ggplot
6:21PM 0 modify function in a package
6:08PM 0 writeRaster dataType changes
6:02PM 0 Error : '.path.package' is defunct.
10:48AM 0 scaling of Amat still recommended for quadprog::solve.QP ?
9:45AM 0 subset ffdf does not accept bit vector anymore (package ffbase)
9:00AM 0 Agreement accuracy
Wednesday September 24 2014
9:00PM 0 Writing .csv file
6:58PM 0 ubuntu 14.04
6:56PM 0 How do I really, I mean really, unload a package?
6:22PM 0 Masked from package
3:26PM 0 Help with continuous color plot
2:13PM 0 Cluster -- Agnes function
12:00PM 0 Rép : ANOVA and permutation tests : beware of traps
11:30AM 0 Text Mining in Non English Speaking Countries
5:31AM 0 Median of streaming data
2:20AM 0 Need help with R in Boston area this Friday-Sunday paid gig
12:36AM 0 Error Reading from Connection
Tuesday September 23 2014
9:50PM 0 Optometrists and Ophthalmologists dataset
6:29PM 0 Is there a log file on Window keeping track of the history of package installation (when was a package installed and what package was installed)?
3:50PM 0 R Inter Process Communication tools/packages ?
3:41PM 0 How to combine character month and year columns into one column
3:10PM 0 division of col by the sum of the col
1:40PM 0 taking daily modes from hourly data
1:04PM 0 Copying tables from R to Excel
7:14AM 0 ANOVA and permutation tests : beware of traps
7:05AM 0 Using factor levels as coordinates with geom_rect
2:59AM 0 Confused by dlnorm - densities do not match histogram
Monday September 22 2014
10:32PM 0 robCompositions: Using impCoda
8:31PM 0 Error in quantile.default(resids) : missing values and NaN's not allowed if 'na.rm' is FALSE
4:13PM 0 error in rownames
3:27PM 0 Plotting boundary lines from shapefiles overtop a map of Canada
1:16PM 0 Dynamic regex/sub changes to function
12:42PM 0 Course Lisbon: Introduction to Linear mixed effects models, GLMM and MCMC with R
9:16AM 0 splm package: Spatial weights matrix of the 103 Italian provinces
6:28AM 0 How to get data from elastic search
2:10AM 0 Help with R solve
12:51AM 0 bivariate ordered probit model
Sunday September 21 2014
1:11PM 0 puzzled by time zone quirk
1:06PM 0 A new environment within the main function
12:56PM 0 About the unit of shapefile and raster
Saturday September 20 2014
10:52AM 0 factor(300000, levels=1:300000) gives NA
6:52AM 0 need help
6:46AM 0 Logging and writing error messages to a dataframe
Friday September 19 2014
9:14PM 0 Help on tidy_source
8:58PM 0 Combining two data frames
8:55PM 0 Converting xy plot arguments into a point argument and fixed x-axis scaling
7:15PM 0 Issue labelling datapoints in xyplot with two Y-axis
6:28PM 0 X11/Intrinsic.h preventing build on rhel
5:15PM 0 To Add a variable from Df1 to Df2 which have a same common variable
5:00PM 0 [R-pkgs] CRAN update: rms 4.2-1
4:56PM 0 [R-pkgs] CRAN submission of Hmisc 3.14-5
3:48PM 0 plot
2:49PM 0 package Parallel - accessing remote cores on Windows using plink (PuTTY)
2:36PM 0 Propensity Score Matching with Restrictions (Matching package)
2:10PM 0 Error in rownames
12:01PM 0 [R-pkgs] RMOA data stream modelling using MOA (Massive Online Analysis)
10:53AM 0 See the numeric codes of a factor
4:55AM 0 optim, L-BFGS-B | constrained bounds on parms?
4:26AM 0 How to plot a similar graph
Thursday September 18 2014
11:48PM 0 read.table() 1Gb text dataframe
3:38PM 0 Using read.csv.sql() to read in specific columns
3:22PM 0 Data frame which includes a non-existent date
3:18PM 0 Failure with .Rprofile on Mac OS X
2:13PM 0 "missings=function(x) x[x==998|x==999]<-NA" doesn't work...
1:33PM 0 Extract model from deriv3 or nls
9:36AM 0 Using R in our commercial business application
6:22AM 0 R2WINBUGS Error message
Wednesday September 17 2014
8:45PM 0 svyby and vcov function problem (Survey Package)
8:34PM 0 plots on log="y" scale with smooths
7:54PM 0 package "ape" read.dna diploid input data
6:25PM 0 Generating unordered, with replacement, samples
6:13PM 0 Pseudo R squared for quantile regression with replicates
1:51PM 0 ANN ARIMA or ANN ES Examples ?
12:28PM 0 column names to row names
11:04AM 0 <NA> from cut.Date
8:53AM 0 Control color palette and legend in filled.contour
7:26AM 0 RGtk2 drawing area as cairo device - no points
6:15AM 0 Training a model using glm
4:34AM 0 How can I create colors correspond to the number of a variable?
3:36AM 0 Unexpected behaviour of plyr::ddply
Tuesday September 16 2014
10:51PM 0 Error in predict.lm() for models without intercept?
10:06PM 0 Error in predict.lm() for models with no intercept?
9:39PM 0 quantile regression with complex survey data
8:17PM 0 Changepoint analysis--is it possible to attribute changpoints to explanatory variables?
8:06PM 0 Problem when estimating through "dlm" package
7:19PM 0 R/Ubuntu, “package ‘stats’ in options(”defaultPackages“) was not found”
2:11PM 0 ReadMM does not support array format
1:24PM 0 R "write" strange behavior in huge file
11:40AM 0 R's memory limitation and Hadoop
Monday September 15 2014
11:20PM 0 ncdf size error
9:20PM 0 Re: CoxME: Family relatedness
7:40PM 0 Efficient frontier
6:17PM 0 Quantile
4:36PM 0 Updates to R Core and R Foundation Membership
4:09PM 0 Using sqldf() to read in .fwf files
3:30PM 0 Bug in rep() function
2:57PM 0 chi-square test
1:47PM 0 the properties of a DATA to run DBSCAN in R
1:30PM 0 Re: [I] Re: Installing nloptr in UNIX environ
10:27AM 0 Fwd: CoxME: Family relatedness
8:52AM 0 apply block of if statements with menu function
8:47AM 0 spatstat rmh problem
Sunday September 14 2014
2:41PM 0 [R-pkgs] Announce: Lahman baseball database archive package, v 3.0
1:56PM 0 simulation data in SEM
12:55AM 0 legend with math (greek letters) symbols
Saturday September 13 2014
7:53PM 0 ggplot y-axis labels are not continuous
1:59PM 0 kripp.alpha - Getting Data into It
Friday September 12 2014
6:12PM 0 cairo_pdf crashing R on Windows
10:03AM 0 Error with RJDBC when trying dbUnloadDriver()
9:26AM 0 8 fast or 4 very fast cores?
8:32AM 0 Lines instead of points in a scatterplot
8:15AM 0 [R-pkgs] New R package ``bvarsv''
4:10AM 0 using pdf(file="") encount a Chinese garbled
3:39AM 0 how to run Fleming-Harrington weighted log-rank test in R
12:49AM 0 mice - undefined columns selected
Thursday September 11 2014
8:42PM 0 weird install package error
8:06PM 0 How to test for open pdf file on Windows before calling cairo_pdf ?
3:52PM 0 incorrect number of dimensions
3:49PM 0 create new column by replacing multiple unique values in existing column
9:08AM 0 How to get JRI package
8:47AM 0 Margins to fill matrix
8:18AM 0 Linkage disequilibrium plot
6:19AM 0 unable to move temporary installation when install some packages
Wednesday September 10 2014
8:20PM 0 How to plot soil moisture data as a contour plot
7:21AM 0 some question about vector[-NULL]
5:56AM 0 multi-threading
Tuesday September 9 2014
8:48PM 0 Import data from Excel to R
4:33PM 0 R, Big Data and books
2:42PM 0 marketing-questionnaire with split-design
9:21AM 0 How to identify outliers with values five times 99th percentile
8:42AM 0 Sentence Splitting using R's openNLP library is not efficient
5:57AM 0 Affinity Analysis at Product Category Level
2:49AM 0 How to use multi paragraph comment like /* and */ in cpp?
Monday September 8 2014
11:57PM 0 KDE routines for data that is aggregated
11:33PM 0 Problems with bstats::white.test()
8:22PM 0 Parliament Seats Graph
7:08PM 0 splitting data
5:39PM 0 Using R to get updated access token on FB Graph API?
5:10PM 0 ggplot - boxplot and points split by two factors
5:05AM 0 Psych package
Sunday September 7 2014
10:40PM 0 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
2:20PM 0 Question about searchTwitter{twitteR}
9:06AM 0 using edit to extract codes from vignette failed
8:54AM 0 Solving equations
Saturday September 6 2014
10:31PM 0 Why does debugging print() change output of function?
2:17AM 0 Testing general hypotheses on regression coefficients
Friday September 5 2014
8:51PM 0 'mv: preserving permissions for `all.R': Operation not supported' when installing R 3.1.0 via compiling source code in CentOS
5:57PM 0 parameterization question
9:40AM 0 sequential input script dataframe process functionality
8:07AM 0 Obtain coefficients of several nlme objects
7:01AM 0 How to get source code of a package
Thursday September 4 2014
9:58PM 0 Subset a column with specific characters
8:10PM 0 calculate Euclidean distances between populations in R with this data structure
6:02PM 0 Built R package with example
5:10PM 0 Revolutions blog roundup: August 2014
3:41PM 0 R for chemistry
3:40PM 0 Help with regression
2:57PM 0 Re: Convert time zone to difference from Coordinated
2:41PM 0 Operator proposal: %between%
1:23PM 0 gplot heatmaps: clustering according to rowsidecolors + key.xtickfun
1:03PM 0 mvpart error in R 3.1.1 "s_to_rp" not available for .C()
10:53AM 0 log likelihood and optimize
8:52AM 0 citation of a task view
2:27AM 0 The newest version of Rstudio Desktop v0.98.1049 couldn't be installed
1:27AM 0 Convert time zone to difference from Coordinated Universal Time
Wednesday September 3 2014
10:25PM 0 snow/Rmpi without MPI.spawn?
8:33PM 0 Four available places on GLMM course in Banff
3:17PM 0 GLM Help
1:15PM 0 predictNLS {propagate} bug for multiple predictors?
12:28PM 0 .C and .Fortran
11:07AM 0 strange date format after extracting calendar data with RSQLite
4:29AM 0 Covariance between two dichotomous variables
1:52AM 0 Simulating from a Weibull distribution
12:54AM 0 wilcox.test - difference between p-values of R and online calculators
Tuesday September 2 2014
6:45PM 0 Overwriting a procedure
5:29PM 0 frequencies of a discrete numeric variable, including zeros
4:59PM 0 shiny datatables column filtering plugin
3:13PM 0 extract GO results in xml format
3:01PM 0 Is there an ID3 implementation in R?
1:54PM 0 Bayesian multivariate linear regression
12:32PM 0 Detect expired RSQLiteConnection?
12:12PM 0 Match beginning and end of string (grepl)
8:34AM 0 Making a table
5:11AM 0 Is it possible to have different animations saved together with the saveSWF command?
Monday September 1 2014
11:40PM 0 depth of labels of axis
8:08PM 0 Adjusted R2 for Multivariate Regression Trees (MRT) (ignore the previous message)
7:52PM 0 Adjusted R2 for Multivariate Regression Trees (MRT)
7:29PM 0 Plot Lines instead of colour bands in R
4:02PM 0 URLdecode problems
3:29PM 0 simulation data with mixed variables
2:25PM 0 SpectrumBackground
12:47PM 0 Correlation Matrix with a Covariate
11:00AM 0 Re: r convert current date format from y-m-d to m/d/y
10:52AM 0 Depth vs Temp graph for different transects
10:27AM 0 Linear regression of 0/1 response ElemStatLearn (Fig. 2.1 the elements of statistical learning)
3:12AM 0 rgl zooming to an arbitrary location