R help - Apr 2001

Monday April 30 2001
10:20PM 2 plotting an expression
8:21PM 2 margin problems?
6:44PM 1 Some loglog density plot
4:08PM 2 Crazy plots of time-series against dates
12:06PM 2 R mode for emacs
7:58AM 1 RExcel, new version
5:16AM 1 R package
Sunday April 29 2001
3:20PM 1 Using R for processing computer performance data
12:01PM 0 weighted clustering
11:52AM 1 R 1.2.3 for Windows available
9:12AM 1 Self-starting nls functions
12:31AM 0 L estimators
Saturday April 28 2001
7:36PM 2 Mantel's randomization test
6:51PM 2 Modulus operator??
4:53PM 1 Rprofile
10:39AM 1 Is there a package for wavelets?
2:51AM 9 two new packages
Friday April 27 2001
7:20PM 0 noise in explanatory variable. Used to be: Regressions with monot onicity constraints
7:02PM 1 gcc version
2:35PM 1 creating expressions inside loop
12:03PM 2 Benchmarking R, why sort() is so slow?
11:56AM 1 INSTALL Problems
9:25AM 3 nls question
9:18AM 0 weithed clustering (was: Re: problems with a large data set)
9:12AM 2 Plotting multiple figures
3:31AM 1 [OT] autoconf - use existing libs or compile own
Thursday April 26 2001
10:23PM 0 problem with sm package
7:47PM 0 how to do java-like hashtables in R, R from a java progra mmer's p onit of view
7:34PM 1 list.files wildcard
7:04PM 1 Is there any function equivalent to Rgui's File--Save to File (menu bar) command ? (R for Windows)
6:39PM 0 random effects algorithm
5:39PM 2 little question
3:07PM 1 How to change Graphics fonts
2:40PM 1 fonts and platforms
12:37PM 1 R-1.2.3 is released
10:53AM 2 Installing R-packages via install.package
9:16AM 3 Installing smooth.spline command
Wednesday April 25 2001
10:52PM 2 Max/Min w/ Non-linear constraints
5:22PM 2 how to do java-like hashtables in R, R from a java programmer's p onit of view
4:57PM 0 Rcmd INSTALL
4:03PM 1 problems with a large data set
1:51PM 1 help stable
12:05PM 2 POSIX revisited
10:09AM 1 manova
Tuesday April 24 2001
6:39PM 0 Mac and Excel
4:43PM 1 ARIMA and GARCH
10:36AM 1 New Package Released: PTAk
8:54AM 2 Reading and writing data
Monday April 23 2001
9:02PM 1 Plot size
6:33PM 1 location of multi-line labels on barplots?
4:53PM 0 No subject
3:32PM 0 Combining data replicates
10:15AM 3 missing ctest and methodological question
9:50AM 4 Time series in R
Saturday April 21 2001
2:15PM 1 quotes in strings
10:33AM 1 within-subject stdized regression w missing data
Friday April 20 2001
10:21PM 1 tapply on a matrix?
6:14PM 1 Mac OS-X port of R?
5:26PM 1 attaching packages
4:34PM 5 map projections
2:06PM 5 Interacting with R
9:40AM 0 Multiple comparison functions
8:14AM 1 layout() and lcm() problem
Thursday April 19 2001
6:17PM 1 arrows or graphics below axes?
2:37PM 2 controlling plot spacing?
2:12PM 2 extraction
9:26AM 2 Multiple linear regression
7:57AM 1 boxplot()
7:14AM 0 All subsets weighted regression in R ?
Wednesday April 18 2001
8:55PM 0 weighted regression
8:28PM 0 Re: R installation with tcltk
11:18AM 0 Out of the office
5:35AM 1 R Novice Question
Tuesday April 17 2001
10:28PM 1 R installation help
9:31PM 3 instaling R
8:38PM 1 expression of '>='
2:17PM 1 Pretty printing of frequency and other tables
2:11PM 1 fastest R platform: follow-up and summary
12:58PM 1 R-1.2.0 for windows crashes
12:43PM 1 Beginner question
12:12PM 1 Analysis of Variance with Random Effects
12:07PM 0 RE: [Rd] converting body of a function to a a character vector
11:36AM 1 tapply using 2 factors
Monday April 16 2001
6:37PM 2 leaps for windows
2:34PM 1 Help with plotting error bars in R
Sunday April 15 2001
9:01PM 2 data manipulation in R
8:59PM 1 contingency tables in R
8:57PM 0 newbie to R but not to stats programming
5:02PM 0 Looking for help
Saturday April 14 2001
8:32PM 0 How to create polygons from voronoi objects in tripack?
3:59PM 2 loess question
Friday April 13 2001
8:59AM 3 batch mode?
Thursday April 12 2001
4:31PM 1 estimates for e in procedure arima0() ?
4:27PM 1 Write to a file
4:11PM 1 Install Packages
Wednesday April 11 2001
3:54PM 1 g77 FFLAGS?
1:42PM 1 Q:Truncated Regression Model
1:20PM 0 test for coeff. differences
8:23AM 3 anybody using R with TextPad?
3:40AM 1 Echoing commands (not using source())
Tuesday April 10 2001
10:26PM 1 function not found
8:55PM 5 Similarity matrix
2:08PM 2 clear R-objects inside a function?
Monday April 9 2001
1:43PM 5 predict problem
12:55PM 1 Support for compartment models / matrix exponential method
2:46AM 4 fastest R platform
1:58AM 1 Julian dates
Sunday April 8 2001
7:48AM 1 Random Number Testing...
Saturday April 7 2001
9:42PM 0 more about ts and NA's
6:12PM 0 S-PLUS and/or R basic course
6:04PM 2 A programming puzzler
11:49AM 0 Ox (was: Using Gauss with R)
6:33AM 1 Hypothesis test
Friday April 6 2001
11:51PM 2 symbolic manipulations
9:58PM 0 annoucement of workshop
4:41PM 2 collaspe into a name
2:32PM 2 thin plate splines
1:35PM 2 wilcoxon test: error not enough (finite) observations
12:54PM 2 automatic levels
11:56AM 2 NA's values and ts
8:41AM 0 Subscript out of bounds- (my) problem with expansion of expression?
7:50AM 1 interpolation in matrix
Thursday April 5 2001
8:29PM 2 Using Gauss with R
6:18PM 0 Procedure for contouring points in a ternary diagram.
5:51PM 3 list with number tags
5:11PM 1 predict.glm
2:31PM 1 Hmisc and Design libraries
9:05AM 0 factors and characters when attaching data...more info.
9:00AM 1 No subject
7:54AM 1 Assign
Wednesday April 4 2001
11:16PM 1 ms function
6:10PM 1 To execute jpeg() under a remotely accessed Linux machine(via non-X-window emulation mode)
3:04PM 2 png file
1:44PM 2 Regression Time Series
11:18AM 1 F tests for glms with binomial error
8:07AM 0 factors and characters when attaching data...
5:20AM 1 anova table
Tuesday April 3 2001
9:35PM 0 PICT output? R plot to word
9:23PM 0 graph from unix into word
8:08PM 2 Parse error in xtabs
7:01PM 0 Rdconv.pm
6:31PM 3 single-pass algorithm for quantile calculation
5:09PM 2 Can't install "e1071"
4:28PM 2 Still need help w/ making a table
4:01PM 0 'arg list too long' error message with 'make check'
12:47PM 1 Exporting from Splus into R
1:29AM 2 No subject
1:24AM 3 R Save As PDF
Monday April 2 2001
9:12PM 0 Constructing a contingency table
9:03PM 1 Run out of memory
8:35PM 0 Re-shaping data
8:26PM 0 Nonparametric Question
8:14PM 2 Is it possible to...
5:29PM 0 degrees of freedom and glm
2:50PM 0 html
2:32PM 2 Censored or truncated Regression Models/Tobit
2:14PM 2 tables of frequencies
1:12PM 0 nlme analysis?
11:12AM 0 PICT files...
10:44AM 1 Multidimensional Scaling
10:29AM 2 standard errors of fitted values are different S-plus survival pa ckage and R
9:03AM 0 Stripplot - multiple plotting characters
Sunday April 1 2001
9:15PM 1 ylab/ expression/ superscript to a bracket
8:43AM 1 "all rows must have the same length" error while using read.table
7:25AM 4 Is this a bug with a simple arithmetic operation with a vector object?
3:18AM 0 adjusting R's graphics display