Puppet users - Aug 2014

Saturday August 30 2014
4:23PM 0 Style - hiera/params/puppet/template
10:26AM 0 Hierarchy and Structured Facts
7:14AM 0 PuppetDB 2.2 and pg_trgm extension
Friday August 29 2014
10:05PM 0 creating custom facts - general usage
9:04PM 0 Error when running "puppet agent --test"
9:03PM 0 Puppet Enterprise runonce fails but regularly scheduled agent run succeeds
6:30PM 0 havina an issue regarding puppet agent run
4:50PM 0 Using puppet with Apache mod_disk_cache and passenger over SSL
4:01PM 0 need help in setting up database server for puppet open source
2:59PM 0 Puppet agent loops and taking 100% of one CPU
2:24PM 0 Safe Way to Deploy New Setup?
12:07PM 0 puppet rspec with hiera helper, fails with error when class is parameterized
12:04PM 0 Puppet, HA & Duplicate definitions
11:40AM 0 More than one array passed to a definition
8:27AM 0 Spurious warnings from NetworkManager
Thursday August 28 2014
9:01PM 0 Offline facts
6:31PM 0 Puppet question
2:33PM 0 Using yaml to create custom array fact
9:17AM 0 run script after something changed an env variable (PATH)
Wednesday August 27 2014
9:17PM 0 Report processor failed: wrong status line: "<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN\">"
6:46PM 0 Order preference for defines
5:36PM 0 PuppetDB 2.2.0 final now available
12:31PM 0 Unrecognised escape sequence '\[' in file
12:41AM 0 Trying to install the Dashboard on Ubuntu 14
Tuesday August 26 2014
11:23PM 0 Good PupptMaster/Passenger Guide w OSX 10 .9
8:15PM 0 My Puppet Dashboard Can't Start After Machine Reboot
7:41PM 0 Challenge: who am i and what do i do
5:49PM 0 Testing with rspec-puppet and ripienaar/module_data
5:34PM 0 Puppet logging agent/master
5:23PM 0 simple MCO output filtering?
5:23PM 0 Announce: nightly repos available
1:04PM 0 Puppet Explorer 1.2.0 released
10:55AM 0 puppet cloud provisioner used in module
Monday August 25 2014
11:45PM 0 Announce: Facter 2.2.0
10:06PM 0 About RabbitMQ Puppet Module on the Forge
4:01PM 0 Facts as arrays?
2:35PM 0 how to force a zypper refresh?
9:04AM 0 How can we satisfy goals of having all data in hiera and not modifying the module code?
Sunday August 24 2014
4:38PM 0 "Server configurations require Augeas >= 1.0.0" on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS puppetmaster
6:04AM 0 Monkey patch puppet type
Friday August 22 2014
7:10PM 0 Cisco: No error, but no Applying
3:38PM 0 Puppet on Windows running in no daemon mode...how to handle required reboots?
1:13PM 0 agent needs to get info from another agent (dependency)
12:00PM 0 Could not set 'file on ensure: undefined method `&' for "760"
3:52AM 0 Error 406 while communicating with puppet on port 443
1:26AM 0 Puppet - Managing Clients over Site-To-Site VPN
Thursday August 21 2014
9:45PM 0 Script to track orphaned resources
5:50PM 0 Install local rpm with puppet
2:25PM 0 custom script execution and sending output back to master
7:09AM 0 mco ping is only showing one node i.e. server node
3:45AM 0 User management
Wednesday August 20 2014
10:53PM 0 puppet script/module for 3 environment
5:07PM 0 Encrypting /var/lib/puppet directory on clients
1:13PM 0 Error 400: Could not find declared class (consistently)
12:04PM 0 puppet resource ordering/execution kungfu
11:04AM 0 "require" broken with create_resources() ?
12:09AM 0 augeas and multiple values attribute
Tuesday August 19 2014
4:40PM 0 puppet dashboard not processing reports after https is enabled and shows this error message: Report processor failed: undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass
4:34PM 0 Q: execute a working manifest with modules
3:01PM 0 file_line match with spaces
10:33AM 0 What is wrong with this code?
Monday August 18 2014
9:45PM 0 If else statement if file exists
9:32PM 0 Module with smart class parameter
7:44PM 0 Puppet Live Management/Console not working
6:33PM 0 Puppet over stunnel fileserver issues
1:25PM 0 PuppetDB Catalog Duplication and Multiple Masters
12:05PM 0 How can we find out the directory presence?
5:05AM 0 Install puppetDB on already deployed environment
Saturday August 16 2014
8:57PM 0 How to disable JIRA emails?
7:22AM 0 Cannot parse arrat into defined type
4:53AM 0 On a fresh installation why do I have to run puppet apply twice to install puppetdb
Friday August 15 2014
7:34PM 0 Invalid Option --port=8140
4:10PM 0 exported resources with puppet apply and deprecation of activerecord
1:05PM 0 Support for multiple PHP projects on one server along with the ability to use Vagrant
12:31PM 0 Restart ssh daemon when sshdconfig is modified
7:25AM 0 Failed to connect to PuppetDB. Check settings (hostname does not match the server certificate) but what settings?
Thursday August 14 2014
5:39PM 0 Puppet 'node data' when using common node_names?
5:24PM 0 Confused Puppet Manifest ... Possible caching issue?
4:44PM 0 How can managed directory be updated after an rpm is upgraded?
4:09PM 0 Host inventory and management application?
12:48PM 0 puppet CLA
12:16PM 0 Remove java from path - Windows
10:25AM 0 is it possible to run agent with negated tag?
8:35AM 0 puppet not respect basemodulepath
Wednesday August 13 2014
5:43PM 0 Submit a talk or attend a Puppet Camp
5:37PM 0 CI manifest Validation when using Jenkins with a Windows node
4:44PM 0 Chocolatey repos
4:26PM 0 Managing multiple hosts in a single service
9:25AM 0 How to get agents ip address in master manifest file
2:37AM 0 puppet can't get the right service status from centos5.3
Tuesday August 12 2014
10:29PM 0 Saucy leaving apt.puppetlabs.com
8:50PM 0 Today's outage on tickets.puppetlabs.com
8:22PM 0 Augeas hates me!!!
7:29PM 0 Problems logging into PE dashboard after inactivity
6:47PM 0 How to make puppetlabs_spec_helper ignore modules inside fixtures
5:49PM 0 Exported resources applied on exporting host - EL7 only
4:18PM 0 Disable firewall using puppetlabs firewall module
10:36AM 0 Verify whether the directory has files or not
8:34AM 0 Very large resource_statuses. reports:prune:orphaned fails with Mysql error
6:57AM 0 How can we add multiple lines to a file ?
5:28AM 0 Wild Card in Augeas
Monday August 11 2014
9:22PM 0 install windows package
6:56PM 0 Mcollective and Bamboo issue
6:09PM 0 puppetlabs-firewall module - purging unmanaged firewall chains?
3:25PM 0 puppet firewall redirection policy
1:50PM 0 puppet slow when ensuring user with groups in combination with winbind auth
11:00AM 0 having some troubles when build the master/agent with puppet
8:01AM 0 windows groups - append
6:30AM 0 variable not being picked up by hiera hierarchy
1:24AM 0 remote command execution from puppet dashboard ?
Sunday August 10 2014
8:14PM 0 PE 3.3 - Could not find class
3:45AM 0 puppet slave start up script
Friday August 8 2014
9:56PM 0 hiera-mysql working with hiera cli but not through puppet agent
7:59PM 0 What is the best way to have puppet send email notification?
1:26PM 0 MCollective Puppet Agent Not Working?
1:23PM 0 NIC Module
11:50AM 0 How to install GIT on puppet Server
6:57AM 0 Newbie Question on Puppet
6:03AM 0 templates and virtual resources query
5:47AM 0 integration with agent-side password management tool
Thursday August 7 2014
8:39PM 0 Any Web Gui for MCollective ?
5:48PM 0 Help with puppetlabs-firewall physdev rule
5:23PM 0 Announce: Puppet Enterprise 3.3.1 is available
4:09PM 0 Puppet Template for controlling puppet nodes puppet.conf file help
2:39PM 0 Install MCollective -- What are the basic components?
2:31PM 0 Puppet/yum fails to install old packages
1:10PM 0 Globally ignore .svn
12:41PM 0 Puppet agent memory usage on the master
11:36AM 0 scheduled_task changes on every puppet run
11:34AM 0 hiera variable problem
10:51AM 0 masterless puppet agent metrics, status reporting via ELK stack
9:02AM 0 Puppetdb query. Search two classes
Wednesday August 6 2014
9:24PM 0 Puppet's yumhelper.py vs. other pythons on the system
7:21PM 0 scripts
6:47PM 0 run bash script from puppet
5:22PM 0 CF3 to PE 3.3 - Hiera Question
4:17PM 0 jenkins workflow
12:50PM 0 File Server through Passenger
10:13AM 0 Autoami module configuration error
9:11AM 0 Access to apt.puppetlabs.com slow for some IP addresses
Tuesday August 5 2014
6:27PM 0 How to parameterize ntp service_ensure on puppet dashboard
4:00PM 0 More admins using the same master
2:52PM 0 Hiera backend and web interface for multiple users
2:45PM 0 Change Hostname on Puppet Master
12:53PM 0 Where can I download Puppet Dashboard 2.0?
Monday August 4 2014
8:21PM 0 OS X - puppet resource user username returns error
4:13PM 0 Create and run .bat
11:36AM 0 Set ACLs on Files Logstash Must Monitor
Saturday August 2 2014
6:57PM 0 Mcollective puppet-agent doesn't execute commands from custom facts
Friday August 1 2014
6:50PM 0 Apt-mirror support on puppetlabs-apt
1:29PM 0 Puppet thinks services are disabled ???
11:58AM 0 Authentication based on IP address is deprecated
8:51AM 0 Extracting Hostname from Hieradata as Manifest Nodenames
7:08AM 0 How to delay the puppet master's call to the agents