Puppet users - Sep 2014

Tuesday September 30 2014
11:17PM 0 Git Repo Strategy
8:38PM 0 Question about Puppet Master Configuration
6:50PM 0 My first module
3:55PM 0 Dependency cycle using tidy with puppet 3
6:21AM 0 resource collectors and rollback question
Monday September 29 2014
11:29PM 0 Announce: Puppet Server 0.2.1 Available [Security Release]
10:28AM 0 err: Could not apply complete catalog: Found 1 dependency cycle:
1:26AM 0 Applying exec only 1x - Dell OMSA setup
1:04AM 0 Trouble extracting raw data from custom fact
12:43AM 0 Puppet 3.7 Directory Environments and Vagrant Configuration
Sunday September 28 2014
9:31PM 0 "Could not find class" - I must have done something incredibly stupid.. But I can't figure out what....
1:13PM 0 puppet resetting password and breaking postgresql
Saturday September 27 2014
9:51PM 0 can't find node definition puppet 3.7.1
3:03PM 0 Basic Pupet Managed Hiearchies
Friday September 26 2014
6:17PM 0 Arbitrary facts - Best practices?
5:25PM 0 Puppet facts uploading to PuppetDB
4:43PM 0 puppetdb - how far back is it supposed to keep data?
2:35PM 0 scaning n/w and finding puppet agent
2:23PM 0 puppetdb and oracle java
Thursday September 25 2014
6:06PM 0 Can Exec notify File?
5:06PM 0 "Appending Assignment" (+=) in 3.7/4.0
1:42PM 0 Issue with rspec-puppet testing of roles/profiles module and class evaluation...
1:16PM 0 puppet as configurator for test farm
11:11AM 0 Count number of (collected) external resources
10:09AM 0 rspec test for augeas resource that also verifies the resulting content of the file?
9:43AM 0 Generate Puppet manifiest from server
Wednesday September 24 2014
5:12PM 0 Based way to exclude systems?
3:10PM 0 puppet certificate generate without host csr
12:16PM 0 facter error message - what does this mean?
10:57AM 0 Cannot set variables via Hiera for a module I've written
7:50AM 0 Facter & IPv6 & fqdn issues
Tuesday September 23 2014
4:11PM 0 Announce: Puppet Server 0.2.0
3:26PM 0 How to make puppet *fail* on "Unable to fetch my node definition, but the agent run will continue" ?
12:30PM 0 Custom facts and environments
2:19AM 0 Puppet 3.6.2 package gem provider unable to update r10k gem
Monday September 22 2014
11:09PM 0 Virtual users and group gids
10:05PM 0 Learn Puppet: Quest Guide, manual install of puppetlabs-apache-0.8.1.tar.gz results in 1 dependency cycle
7:04PM 0 Automatically cleaning up if a class/define is no longer used (related to purging unmanaged resources)
6:48PM 0 Puppet 3.7.1 parse problems with resource overrides.
6:31PM 0 Adding basic user accounts via Puppet to Linux systems (minor problem)
5:07PM 0 Puppet Master Profiles - Crosspost from Puppet-dev
1:53AM 0 Syntax error
Sunday September 21 2014
5:21AM 0 rake edits not showing up in the console
2:44AM 0 Anyone have sample output from Facter on Joyent?
Saturday September 20 2014
5:56PM 0 nodes set to environment 'none'
3:08PM 0 pluginsync errors on client puppet 3.7
7:50AM 0 puppetlabs_mysql fails to import two sql scripts given as an array to the db class
Friday September 19 2014
11:01PM 0 class/subclass relationship ordering and containment
9:09PM 0 Manage a single file (directory) from multiple modules
8:45PM 0 Cross-module variables and mix-and-match with Hiera
5:59PM 0 Resource ordering of Execs not working as expected
5:27PM 0 metadata issue pushing module to forge
8:09AM 0 Globally used parameter
1:19AM 0 Example of how to use require with hiera?
Thursday September 18 2014
9:46PM 0 Locally Written Puppet Module Does Not Dislay Version Number With: puppet module list
9:16PM 0 puppetlabs-* forge modules and 'parser = future'
7:16PM 0 puppet 3.6.2: future parser + extlookup() + environment based selector
7:11PM 0 Using Powershell in facters yields no data
4:37PM 0 Constant "end of file reached"
4:37AM 0 Puppet Dashboard showed "changed" when there is error in exec
Wednesday September 17 2014
8:42PM 0 Can't make it to PuppetConf on 9/23? Watch the Live Stream..
1:48PM 0 Reloading missing gems in a custom provider during the run
1:26PM 0 List of properties in provider
12:00AM 0 About the "params" pattern
Tuesday September 16 2014
6:14PM 0 Sid and Unstable leaving apt.puppetlabs.com
3:42PM 0 CA certificate and private key
9:44AM 0 Trouble with Facter
8:08AM 0 Unmet dependencies: puppetmaster 3.7.0-1puppetlabs1
Monday September 15 2014
11:11PM 0 Announce: Puppet 3.7.1 Released!
9:02PM 0 Proxy configuration for openstack python clients
5:52PM 0 Saucy has been removed from apt.puppetlabs.com
1:26PM 0 puppetlabs-apache n00b question - docroot value for fully proxied virtual host?
12:28PM 0 puppet + passenger issue
9:19AM 0 New Powershell Desired Configuration Module
Sunday September 14 2014
4:52PM 0 puppet is not reading my nodes manifest
Friday September 12 2014
5:49PM 0 Beaker-rspec problems using shared_examples
5:11PM 0 Custom Fact to Foreman
3:43PM 0 How to use 'commands' method in ruby code outside of puppet?
3:19PM 0 Puppet Explorer 1.3.0
12:57PM 0 [Error after after upgrading to 3.7] Evaluation Error: Illegal Resource Type expression, expected result to be a type name, or untitled Resource, got Type[Class]
8:15AM 0 Puppet Manifest Involving Multiple Nodes
6:34AM 0 pluginsync not working with 3.7.0 on RHEL6
1:36AM 0 hiera - default parameter values and design questions
1:27AM 0 hiera - default values must be specified?
Thursday September 11 2014
9:49PM 0 [security] GPG signing key collision
6:48PM 0 mcollective module - hiera integration
3:38PM 0 Need help understanding puppet output
2:26PM 0 hiera_array() overriden when used as default class parameter
2:11PM 0 Sending facts out-of-band natively
12:46PM 0 Permission Denied with concatfragments.sh
7:52AM 0 Need help un andderstanding puppet output
5:37AM 0 Problem with Directory Environments
Wednesday September 10 2014
7:55PM 0 Data from Hiera
7:37PM 0 Unable to do "puppet apply nodes.pp"
2:42PM 0 new to puppet - simple ordering question
1:16PM 0 Puppet generated cron job needs manual reload
11:01AM 0 Information about puppet
10:46AM 0 How can I trace "comparison of String with Array failed" error to actual values?
Tuesday September 9 2014
10:49PM 0 Using exported resources as data containers?
6:30PM 0 What do you use the 'group' attribute for when using the acl module?
5:25PM 0 Announce: Puppet Enterprise 3.3.2 is available
5:25PM 0 Announce: Puppet Enterprise 2.8.8 is available
12:57PM 0 Type inheritance
9:34AM 0 Best method to query role specific data when using roles/profiles + hiera as an ENC
Monday September 8 2014
11:07PM 0 Issue with puppet 3.3 evaluation - puppet agent install curl command is failing
9:20PM 0 .fixtures.yml functionality in spec helper
4:12PM 0 Windows ACL - multiple account permission -Example
12:31PM 0 Duplicate Declarations - Puppet
9:31AM 0 Split domain and tld from domainname
Sunday September 7 2014
3:41PM 0 Custom fact ( complete fail )
10:12AM 0 requires meta-parameter has no effect
Friday September 5 2014
8:39PM 0 Could not evaluate: Could not retrieve file metadata
6:46PM 0 MCollective puppet runonce and puppet agent daemon conflict?
5:22PM 0 inline template variable access
4:42PM 0 puppet (3.7.0) module install fails with a specific module that worked on puppet 3.6.2
3:28PM 0 Moving away from Puppet Enterrpize piecemeal?
2:19PM 0 How to use Puppet Dashboard Group in MCollective?
1:53PM 0 --configprint
4:27AM 0 roles? paramaters? facts? with somebodys hacked puppet modules...
Thursday September 4 2014
8:19PM 0 suppress notice for file resource recursive
7:58PM 0 beaker & vCloud
7:28PM 0 client not seeing changes made on puppetmaster
6:49PM 0 Announce: Puppet 3.7.0 released!
6:06PM 0 simple module logic help
10:15AM 0 New Puppet Meeting Group in Delhi NCR
Wednesday September 3 2014
9:40PM 0 custom fact syntax
7:23PM 0 Very large Hiera File
7:20PM 0 Could not find terminus puppetdb for indirection facts
6:42PM 0 Setting modulepath is deprecated in puppet.conf. See http://links.puppetlabs.com/env-settings-deprecations (at /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/puppet/settings.rb:1095:in `issue_deprecations')
6:09PM 0 Call call multiple times
4:23PM 0 foo::bar problem?
2:17PM 0 PuppetDB throwing tons of exceptions
12:58PM 0 'inherits' in a defined type
12:08PM 0 mysqld: unrecognized service
9:30AM 0 hashes not hashes ?
9:30AM 0 command to variable
Tuesday September 2 2014
11:09PM 0 Theory deployment of puppet master
8:31PM 0 How best to accomplish geographic location of clients?
7:22PM 0 30 days left before Puppet 2.7 end-of-life
7:20PM 0 custom facter fact not available from client
5:48PM 0 rspec-puppet and testing custom facts
2:50PM 0 Puppet server getting closed source?
2:47PM 0 puppet dead but pid file exists
1:55PM 0 not able to sign the certificate of puppet master
12:42PM 0 Query with use of recurse
7:26AM 0 Subscribe a kickstarted server to groups in PE dashboard
Monday September 1 2014
10:57PM 0 Why does my Puppet Master randomly revoke my Agent's certificate?
5:35PM 0 Permission problems on Windows
5:00PM 0 windows mount points
1:52PM 0 Remote Puppet-dashboard ENC
9:54AM 0 create_resources with default parameters on top of yaml for onetime usage
9:46AM 0 erb tempate issue
9:28AM 0 Switching modules files dynamicaly